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1. Devils & Dust
$13.99 $13.13 list($17.98)
2. What I Really Mean
$13.49 $10.82 list($15.98)
3. Bob Seger - Greatest Hits
$14.99 $14.98 list($19.98)
4. Words & Music: John Mellencamp's
$13.49 $9.87 list($18.98)
5. Greatest Hits
$20.99 $13.99 list($24.98)
6. The Essential Bruce Springsteen
$13.49 list($17.98)
7. Master of Disaster
$13.99 $8.34 list($16.98)
8. Lennon Legend: The Very Best of
$10.99 $8.28 list($11.98)
9. Nebraska
$13.28 $9.32 list($13.98)
10. Born to Run
$13.49 $12.80 list($17.98)
11. Revolution Starts Now
$23.49 $8.45 list($25.98)
12. The Very Best of Jackson Browne
$10.99 $5.30 list($11.98)
13. The Ghost of Tom Joad
$13.98 $3.28
14. The Rising
$9.99 $9.38 list($18.98)
15. The Best of Bonnie Raitt
$13.99 $9.79 list($18.98)
16. Bruce Springsteen - Greatest Hits
$13.98 $7.99
17. Actual Miles: Henley's Greatest
$13.99 $10.87 list($16.98)
18. Greatest Hits 2
$13.98 $9.20
19. Born in the U.S.A.
$20.99 $17.30 list($24.98)
20. All Things Must Pass [DIGI-PAK

1. Devils & Dust
list price: $18.98
our price: $13.49
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B0007WF1WS
Catlog: Music
Sales Rank: 4
Average Customer Review: 3.5 out of 5 stars
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The last time Bruce Springsteen ventured West for inspiration, the result was the desolate Nebraska and its tales of serial killers and used cars. On his first record in three years, Springsteen navigates barren deserts and Old West war fields for a dozen forlorn songs that co-star the artist and his acoustic guitar. Though he's always had a knack for carving out the hooks and melodies that make each journey memorable, this time around Springsteen relies on the lyrics to carry the tune-desperate tales of tragedy, heartbreak, and lust with a Latino twist, like the boxer coming home ("The Hitter"), a distressing border-crossing incident ("Matamoros Banks"), and the Nevada hooker with good intentions ("Reno," which led to the warning sticker Adult Imagery). With no E Street Band in the mix, the album is decorated with horns and strings and Springsteen’s novel falsetto on two his best efforts: "Maria’s Bed," where the narrator comes home to his woman after 40 nights on the road, and the fast-picking "All I’m Thinkin’ About," where he has more than Carolina on his mind. A decade from now this will be an underrated record in the Springsteen chronicles. --Scott Holter

The Best of Bruce
by guest editor Steve Perry
Steve is editor-in-chief of City Pages newspaper in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

TheWild, the Innocent, and the E Street Shuffle(1973)
The Wild, the Innocent, and the E Street ShuffleAftera folk-rockish debut album that bubbled with ideas and dense lyrical play, thisis where Springsteen began to find his voice as a rocker and as a songwriter.The prisoner-of-love romanticism of "Rosalita" and "Incident on 57th Street"hinted at what was coming, and this early version of the E Street Band--jazzierand more spare than later versions, thanks largely to David Sancious's piano--soundsgreat, if a little ragged, these many years later.

Bornto Run (1975) and Darknesson the Edge of Town (1978)
Born to RunDarkness on the Edge of TownThese two records, which belong on any compilation of the top 100 rock albumsof all time, sketched the themes that he would spend his whole career chasing,and defined the expectations fans would bring to his records ever after. Thefirst chords of "Born to Run" sounded like freedom itself the first time I heardthem on the radio, and the album lived up to them. "Thunder Road" is still thegreatest rock & roll love song anyone's ever written. The record soundedso big and impassioned and propulsive it was easy to miss the dread runningunderneath it. Darkness... put the dread front and center. There aremore of his best songs here than anywhere else, even if the sound is muddy andleaden at times.

NebraskaAfterThe River (the best record that didn't make this list) and the ensuingtour answered his rock & roll prayers--he was a big star now, not just aperennial critics' favorite--Springsteen holed up in a rented house on the Jerseyshore, where he wrote these songs and sang them into a four-track recorder inhis living room. The tape was supposed to be a demo for the band, but afterseveral false tries he concluded that the tape he'd been carrying around inhis pocket was the record. Quiet and bleak, Nebraska nonetheless grabbedyou by the collar and made you listen as surely as his rock & roll recordsever had.

Tunnelof Love (1987)
Tunnel of LoveTheglare and hubbub surrounding the Born in the USA tour (the tour wasgreat--the record itself overrated) made him pull back again, this time to writea cycle of songs about love and fear and self-doubt. After this, Springsteen'sfirst marriage broke up, and he started a family with Patti Scialfa, disappearingfor the better part of 10 years, notwithstanding the pair of not bad, just disappointingalbums he released in 1992, Human Touch and Lucky Town.

TheGhost of Tom Joad (1995)
The Ghost of Tom JoadSome call it Nebraska II, but his second acoustic album was not a repeatof his first--the characters and settings had changed, and their circumstanceswere more expressly desperate, and social--though it did share the same interestin what happens to people whose isolation or marginal status renders them invisible.

TheRising (2002)
The RisingEverybody--including Springsteen himself--seemed to think it was a record about 9/11, but the subjectwas broader: death and loss as seen from more than halfway down life's road.Dave Marsh nailed it: "A middle-aged man confronts death and chooses life."Brendan O'Brien's production sounds great.

... Read more

Reviews (173)

1-0 out of 5 stars Unfortunately for Bruce's fans- it's over...
I have not bought this cd but have heard several tracks from it and will save myself some money. I honestly don't know how anyone can give this cd 5 stars...what are they smoking?? Bruce has NO voice its place is some kind of forced muttering from someone who sounds like they ingested a large amount of rat poisen. The lyrics are uncreative and boring...nothing resembling his past brilliance. And the music...all I can do is shake my head and feel sorry for a great artist that has overstayed his welcome among the musical elite.I have loved Bruce's music and genius my whole life which makes it really hard to see him tarnish such a great career with such a woeful attempt at singing and songwriting.Please give it up Bruce- this is one fan who will never buy another one of your albums but instead will break out something from many years ago that will stay great forever.

5-0 out of 5 stars The Essential Bruce Springsteen
This is one of Bruce's best! Pared down.
It takes several listens beforeyou can fully appreciate some songs - Read the Lyrics. You will appreciate his songwriting abilities even more.

5-0 out of 5 stars Out'neath the arms of Cassiopeia
One of Springsteen's finest albums, "Devils and Dust" shows that as an artist Springsteen continues to grow. "Devils and Dust" sounds terrific on this dual sided CD/DVD. The CD side has all 12 songs. The DVD side has all 12 songs with lyrics displayed on the screen in time to the song. There's also a number of strong video performances from the album including "Devils and Dust", "Long Time Comin'", "Reno", "All I'm Thinkin' About" and "Matamoros Banks". The rustic home its shot in capture the feeling of the album perfectly. One could argue that Springsteen is "putting on airs" since he's a rich man shooting in this rural home that consist of performances about people that are far from wealthy. However, like a lot of artists Springsteen is trying to capture the anguish, despair and distant sense of hope that frequently occupies the lives of the downtrodden and desperate. It's a dark album as Springsteen notes, these are the stories of people in danger or down on their luck due to circumstance.

The video portion features Springsteen primarily performing the songs in their original incarnation; as acoustic tunes with just guitar and harmonica complimenting his singing. Just a note about the DVD--you can listen to the 5.1 Surround in 2.0 and it will sound fine if you set up your DVD player or receiver to play it back that way. Springsteen does an introduction for each song discussing a bit about his past as a performer and a bit about each song prior to performing them. I don't have a 5.1 set up on my computer and wanted to watch the performances as well as listen to the album while I was working. Unlike, say, the DVD releases of Crowded House's first album or Richard Thompson's DVD release on Capitol, it sounds just fine in the 2.0 format.

Just a warning for parents that listen to Springsteen with their kids around--"Reno" has some adult content in it (and it's noted on the DVD/CD as well). I was concerned after Springsteen's fine album "The Rising" that we might have seen a one-shot return to form due to the subject matter. I'm happy to be proven wrong. This is one of my favorite albums by Springsteen. I particularly like the way his voice has matured over the years and listening to him sing the material is a real highlight here particularly on the title tune and "Long Time Comin'". An excellent album.

4-0 out of 5 stars Subdued, broken down, haunting
I admit I really didn't like this album much when I got it on impulse figuring 'surely the boss can't give us dross'. But on repeated listenings it's really a grower. Nebraska style, acoustic tracks about all manner of subjects, with a huge deal of lyrical integrity. It's not gonna be to everyone's tastes that's for sure, but don't give up on it. To be honest I would pay the money for 'Reno' alone. Such an astounding song, lie back close your eyes and let it wash over you, nothing's ever captured something so beautifully and hauntingly.

1-0 out of 5 stars Sad sequel to a great career!
A longtime fan painfully admits: THIS IS FRIGHTFULLY BAD MUSIC. gotta know when to fold 'em. ... Read more

2. What I Really Mean
list price: $17.98
our price: $13.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B0007Y8A74
Catlog: Music
Sales Rank: 164
Average Customer Review: 5.0 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Few songwriters are as cinematic as Robert Earl Keen. In the tradition of Keen's classic "The Road Goes on Forever" and "Merry Christmas from the Family," his eleventh album finds the Texas troubadour transforming indelible characters, vivid description, and narrative drive into movies for the ear. He delves into the surreal with "The Great Hank," a spoken-word barroom vignette that features Hank Williams in a time warp (and in drag). He turns a fable about animals into a tale as dark and twisted as film noir in "Mr. Wolf and Mama Bear," and enlists a vocal cameo from Ray Price and a serenade from Mariachi Estrella to provide the soundtrack for the droll story of cantina overindulgence in "A Border Tragedy." Even the tender title song, about the touring musician missing his wife, shows his eye for evocative detail, with one of Keen's warmest vocals to date. Produced by his bandleader/guitarist Rich Brotherton, the album's musically expansive arrangements match the ambition of the storytelling, with guest banjo from the Bad Livers' Danny Barnes, a lovely soprano sax by John Mills on the title cut, and Celtic pipes from E.J. Jones on "The Traveling Storm." Keen may well expand his audience along with his musical range, as the uptempo "The Wild Ones" could pass as a John Hiatt cut, while "Broken End of Love" has an echo of Tom Petty. --Don McLeese ... Read more

Reviews (5)

5-0 out of 5 stars A Great American Songwriter, Singer and Performer
I bought this cd at a recent live show by REK that I attended and have to say this one's a good one.He performed some of the songs on the cd at the show and everyone there was very accepting, especially when he sang the Hank song.REK is one of America's treasures, a great songwriter, performer and vocalist.Get this one, you will not be disappointed.

5-0 out of 5 stars A MUST HAVE
This is REK's finest album yet.Some instant classics that will be must plays at all of his concerts - For Love, What I Really Mean and Broken End of Love.The whole album from start to end is a winner.Buy it now!You will not want to take it out of your cd player.

5-0 out of 5 stars REK returns to form
I cant tell you how happy I was when I first listened to this CD.
REK is back in good form. good songs and good production. Highly recommend it.
This is a very happy surprise after his last 2 releases.
Gravitational Forces had BAD production and decent songs.
Farm Fresh Onions had BAD production AND Bad songs.

yeeehaahes back and Im loving it

5-0 out of 5 stars REK you did it!!!!!!!!!!!
FANTASTIC!!!! BUY THIS ALBUM!! Ever sInce Gringo Honeymoon REK has been working. Searching. Trying different things. I applaud his efforts and have always loved the music, but let me say Robert Earl Keen has finally done it. This album is fantastic. This is the first album I have listened to each track TWICE before moving on to the next song. His songwriting is superb. This CD has the old school REK that we all fell in love with but with that twist he has been working towards for nearly 10 years. He is NOT the pluck pluck yuk yuk performer that he was afraid of becoming. Superb. You just gotta buy this CD. Sit back with a cold one and enjoy. What I really mean is this possibly the best REK album yet!

5-0 out of 5 stars What I Really Mean is Buy This CD
I have been listening to an advance copy of this album for almost two months. I have played it so often that my wife wants me to leave the house. She thinks I have a weird sickness for REK music, which I probably do. That said, I can tell you that this is an amazing CD and probably the best effort of Robert's long career. I think it could be the break out album for the premier singer songwriter from Texas.

Although I liked Farm Fresh Onions, I am really a bigger fan of some of his earlier stuff. Several songs off Bigger Piece of Sky, especially Paint the Town Beige and Crazy Cowboy Dream have always been my favorite REK tunes. I still listen to Picnic often. My favorite songs on it are: Over The Waterfall, Running With The Night and 4th of July.

If you share my love for those early songs, you are really going to like What I Really Mean. The song writing is vintage REK, and the band is excellent. Rich Brotherton may be the most under rated guitar player in the world. The rhythm section is as solid (game) as always on every song. The addition of Danny Barnes on banjo adds nicely to the sound of several tracks.

My favorite cuts on the CD are the title track with its catchy sax, banjo and wonderfully descriptive lyrics. I also love Broken End of Love. Even Bob Dylan hasn't written a song that uses the word metamorphosis. I also like the last cut, Ride, with its bouncy kind of rhythm and great lyrics.My 3-year-old daughter, who is a huge REK fan, likes Ride the best, along with Mama Bear.

If you are already a fan or just curious about Robert's music, you need to buy this CD. You will not be disappointed. Buy it and tell a friend. ... Read more

3. Bob Seger - Greatest Hits
list price: $15.98
our price: $13.49
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B000002TSS
Catlog: Music
Sales Rank: 437
Average Customer Review: 4.03 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Bob Seger has racked up a lot of worthy tracks over the years, but it took until 1994 for a greatest hits package to appear. Voilà. The bad news: We're missing an awful lot of songs here. Night Moves is Seger's crit-pick album, and a great place to start if you don't have any Seger at all. Next in the rankings is Stranger in Town. Otherwise, his highs are pretty scattered, which would make any best-of package a worthy investment. But if you want to get comprehensive, "Rock & Roll Never Forgets," "Fire Down Below," "Horizontal Bop," "Her Strut," "Betty Lou's Getting Out Tonight," and "Katmandu" aren't on this CD--and you'll have to go to the original albums to secure them. --Gavin McNett ... Read more

Reviews (95)

5-0 out of 5 stars Awesome CD But Not Complete
This is an awesome Cd. Bob Seger is one of the best singers ever.
Roll Me Away-Awesome hard rocker
Night Moves-Awesome soft ballad
Turn The Page-Great song that Metallica ruined
You'll Accomp'ny Me- acoustic rock
Hollywood Nights- Hard rocker
Still The Same- Great Love song
Old Time Rock & Roll- Up-beat song. best Bob Seger Song
We've Got Tonight- Awesome Love Song
Against The Wind- One of his best
Mainstreet- blues guitar and rock drum and Bob Seger singing. How can it not be great?
The Fire Inside- Up-beat mainstream rocker
Like A Rock- Awesome
You Never Can Tell (C'est La Vie)- 1 of 2 new songs on the CD. A Chuck Berry song
In Your Time- New song about his son
This is a great CD and there is not a bad song on it but the real Bob Seger Greatest Hits should be a 2-CD Set and have all the songs on this CD and:
The Lonely One (First Song)
East Side Story
Heavy Music
Ramblin' Gamblin' Man
2 Plus 2=?

If I Were a Carpenter
Bo Diddley
U.M.C. (Upper Middle Class)
Turn On Your Love Light
Beautiful Loser
Travelin' Man
Nutbush City Limits
Rock and Roll Never Forgets
The Fire Down Below
Mary Lou
Come to Poppa
Feel Like a Number
Nine Tonight
Tryin' to Live My Life Without You
Shame On The Moon (Top 10 hit)
Fire Lake
Shakedown (Number 1 hit)
Betty Lou's Getting' Out Tonight
The Horizontal Bop
Her Strut
Let It Rock
Even Now
American Storm
Ship Of Fools

Sunspot Baby
Jody Girl
I've Been Working
Lookin' Back
Get Out of Denver
Tales Of Lucy Blue
The Ballad of the Yellow Beret

5-0 out of 5 stars The best of Bob Seger,in his opinion
Fourteen tracks on this album,12 previously released and 2 new ones. Bob tells a short story regarding each song. There are photos of Bob and the Silver Bullet Band as family men with their children. Bob had more hits than those contained in this album. He left off FIRE LAKE,SHAME ON THE MOON,THE REAL LOVE,SHAKEDOWN,UNDERSTANDING,AMERICAN STORM,EVEN NOW and TRYIN' TO LIVE MY LIFE WITHOUT YOU(live from NINE TONIGHT). Not so smart,Bob! This album features a live version of TURN THE PAGE from LIVE BULLET. That's the oldest recording on this album(recorded September 1975). The songs that Bob left off were Top 20 hits according to Norm N. Nite's Rock On Almanac. C'EST LA VIE is one of the new tracks on the album which is a cover of Chuck Berry's composition and personal recording. The other is IN YOUR TIME written by Bob for his son Cole. NIGHT MOVES tracks include,the title track and MAINSTREET. From STRANGER IN TOWN are HOLLYWOOD NIGHTS,STILL THE SAME,OLD TIME ROCK AND ROLL and WE'VE GOT TONIGHT. From AGAINST THE WIND are the title track and YOU'LL ACCOMP'NY ME. ROLL ME AWAY is from THE DISTANCE. From LIKE A ROCK is the title track and from THE FIRE INSIDE,the title track. One year after the relase of this album,Bob released his IT'S A MYSTERY album which is today,his most recent.

4-0 out of 5 stars Now this is some "Old Time Rock & Roll".
I can see how a fanatic might be missing some tracks here, but for casual fans this is just about perfect. Anyone who listens to radio should know most of this collection, even if not by title. Included is "Night Moves", "Still The Same", "Against The Wind", and the classic "Turn The Page". Plus you get the excellent song "Mainstreet", and the anthem for all Chevy truck drivers "Like A Rock". I also really like the closer "In Your Time". "Bob Seger" seems like one of those guys that everybody can like, and this collection is a classic rock must.

4-0 out of 5 stars Apollo finally calls to Selene In His Own Voice
Seger is surely the reincarnation of the sweet lyrical voice of Apollo who charmed all around him. His songs call out to the lovely Selene who hears but doesn't realize that his call is for her alone. Roll Me Away, Night Moves, You'll Accom'ny Me, Against the Wind, Mainstreet, and Like A Rock call out and make her dance and the reality starts to settle in. But he is tired and disgruntled with her and the world in some of the tracts and it shows. But it's worth every dime since it causes those of us who have been without his song to sing again to the top of our lungs and keep 'running against the wind' 'like a rock'. And Selene has heard and will one day soon 'Accomp'ny' him.

2-0 out of 5 stars "Someday"
Capitol, you know these are not Bob Seger's Greatest Hits. Why are you giving us this condensed compilation, then following up with yet another scattershot effort (Greatest Hits II)? Where is our box set, featuring ALL of these songs and ALL the fan favorites from the early years? When it comes, in 20 years, it will be one of the best selling boxes ever, causing these two albums to be deleted. Too bad the "suits" have their sophisticated money making schemes all fleshed out, at the listener's expense. These CD's are not cheap. That box set certainly won't be, either. Why don't you treat the fans right and give us what we really want? We want "Ramblin' Gamblin' Man", "Innervenus Eyes", "Lucifer", "Bo Diddley", "Midnight Rider", "Cross of Gold", "UMC", and ANYTHING from "Brand New Morning". Where are these songs?? You released them, and you're sitting on them. The fans can't even FIND these early tracks. Where are the even earlier ones, like the full- length "Heavy Music"?

Not recommended. Just turn on the classic rock station instead and save the money for gas. Great songs featured and misrepresented on a pair of crap comps. They did the same to Steve Miller. Sorry, Bob, but congrats on the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. ... Read more

4. Words & Music: John Mellencamp's Greatest Hits
list price: $19.98
our price: $14.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B0002XL252
Catlog: Music
Sales Rank: 37
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Compare this to John Mellencamp's previous hits set, The Best That I Could Do 1978-1988, and it quickly becomes apparent how much the artist formerly known as Cougar has grown in the second phase of his career. Following a 1994 heart attack, the songwriter transformed from cocky jukebox hero to compassionate everyman, trading in big pop riffs for sublime, politically charged songs that echo the outspoken work of Bruce Springsteen and Neil Young. Spanning 25 years, this 35-track set incorporates most of the last collection alongside more recent hits over two discs in non-chronological order. --Aidin Vaziri ... Read more

5. Greatest Hits
list price: $18.98
our price: $13.49
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B00063EMJ6
Catlog: Music
Sales Rank: 6
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

One question would be: What took him so long? After all, a contemporary like Van Morrison has sold boatloads of his single-disc best-of set to buyers wary of diving into that deep catalog without a primer to get them started. So three and a half decades into his solo career, Neil Young finally delivers his version of that most modest of albums--the pre-holiday "hits" overview. What's surprising, coming from such a proud maverick, is its conventionality. Granted, the original master mixes are a boon for fans, but otherwise, there's not much here for loyalists who quite likely already possess the original "Like a Hurricane" on a couple of albums, as well as a handful of live interpretations scanning the years. Since Young cracked the Top 10 only once (1972's "Heart of Gold"), this set is built around concert staples as "Cinnamon Girl," "Rockin' in the Free World," and "Hey, Hey, My My" rather than chart favorites. Despite Young's honorable standing as a still-vital graybeard, the disc is skewed heavily toward his early work, shortchanging some mighty productive recent years. Peripheral fans may find this set of interest, but faithful followers are better advised to investigate the DVD version, which, at least, includes videos, photos, lyrics, and Web links. --Steven Stolder ... Read more

6. The Essential Bruce Springsteen
list price: $24.98
our price: $20.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B0000E1ALR
Catlog: Music
Sales Rank: 573
Average Customer Review: 3.78 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Vastly expanding 1995's single disc Greatest Hits, The Essential Bruce Springsteen easily surpasses the earlier best-of set by serving up all its true essentials and tossing in less appreciated treats and a full disc of rarities. Disc one spans the first decade of Springsteen's recording career, serving up at least two tracks each from the six albums that laid the groundwork for his '80s burst into superstardom. Disc two picks up with his mainstream breakthrough, 1984's Born in the U.S.A., and carries on through 2002's The Rising, tossing in live recordings of "American Skin" and "Land of Hope and Dreams" for good measure. The selections and sequencing surpass those made on Greatest Hits, though there's not too much in the way of surprises, other than that it appears that Born in the U.S.A. hasn't aged all that well for the Boss; here, he selects only three songs from the hit-laden smash, one fewer than is found on the skimpy Greatest Hits. Disc three is where the fun really starts for all but neophytes. The live "Held Up Without a Gun" is as gutsy a one minute and 20 seconds as Springsteen as one could ask for, and the likes of "Trapped," "Countin' on a Miracle," and a cover of "Viva Las Vegas" rank with his signature songs. --Steven Stolder ... Read more

Reviews (117)

4-0 out of 5 stars One man's coffee...
In any body of work there are obvious high points, says Bruce Springsteen in his foreword to the "Essential" booklet. The rest depends on who's doing the listening. You know..."one man's coffe is another man's tea, one man's whiskey..."

No doubt Springsteen has had a hard time choosing these thirty songs, and his choices won't please everybody. Why "Tunnel Of Love" is chosen to represent the album of the same name instead of the much better "Tougher Than The Rest" is a mystery, as is the omission of "Waiting On A Sunny Day", "You Can Look (but you better not touch)", and the criminally underrated rocker "Sherry Darling". The nine-minute live rendition of the good-but-not-great "Land Of Hope And Dreams" could certainly have been sacrificed in favour of one or two better songs.

If you're a casual fan, and just want one Springsteen disc in your collection, "The Essential Bruce Springsteen" is a fine choice, since it manages to include most of the highlights from his twelve studio albums.
So should you get this one rather than the single-disc "Greatest Hits"? Well, depending on what it is you are looking for, "The Essential Bruce Springsteen" is a better career summary in the sense that it is much more comprehensive, and also includes songs from his first two albums. But if you just want the radio hits, "Greatest Hits" is probably more your thing.

The "free" rarities disc includes some great songs, some good ones, and some utterly forgettable ones as well, particularly "Missing" and "Lift Me Up". But I was certainly happy to see that the glorious three-chord rocker "From Small Things (big things one day come)" finally available in an official Springsteen version, and the acoustic rockabilly of "The Big Payback" and the live "Trapped" and "Held Up Without A Gun" are very nice as well.

Hard core Springsteen fans will want this collection for the rarities disc, and newcomers and casual admirers will find "The Essential Bruce Springsteen" to be a comprehensive, if not exhaustive, career overview. The sound is excellent (some remastering and revision has been done by former Bryan Adams and AC/DC-associate Bob Ludwig), and even though the omission of "Waiting On A Sunny Day" and "Tougher Than The Rest" really bugs me, almost all of the thirty songs on the first two discs are excellent examples of the talent and versatility of Bruce Springsteen.
And the fact that only a few songs from "The River" and "Born In The USA" are included means that you can get those two as well without too many overlaps :o)

4-0 out of 5 stars One man's coffee....
In any body of work there are obvious high points, says Bruce Springsteen in his foreword to the "Essential" booklet. The rest depends on who's doing the listening. You know..."one man's coffe is another man's tea..."

No doubt Springsteen has had a hard time choosing these thirty songs, and his choices won't please everybody. Why "Tunnel Of Love" is chosen to represent the album of the same name instead of the much better "Tougher Than The Rest" is a mystery, as is the omission of "Waiting On A Sunny Day", "You Can Look (but you better not touch)", and the criminally underrated rocker "Sherry Darling". The nine-minute live rendition of the good-but-not-great "Land Of Hope And Dreams" could certainly have been sacrificed in favour of a couple of better songs.

If you're a casual fan, and just want one Springsteen disc in your collection, "The Essential Bruce Springsteen" is a fine choice, since it manages to include most of the highlights from his twelve studio albums.
So should you get this one rather than the single-disc "Greatest Hits"? Well, depending on what it is you are looking for, "The Essential Bruce Springsteen" is a much better career summary in the sense that it is much more comprehensive, and also includes songs from his first two albums. But if you just want the radio hits, "Greatest Hits" is probably more your thing.

The "free" rarities disc includes some great songs, some good ones, and some utterly forgettable ones as well, particularly "Missing" and "Lift Me Up". But I was certainly happy to see that the glorious three-chord rocker "From Small Things (big things one day come)" finally available in an official Bruce Springsteen version, and the mean, punchy little rockabilly tune "The Big Payback", the grand rocker "None But The Brave", and the live "Trapped" and "Held Up Without A Gun" are very nice as well. (The tune of "None But The Brave" is at times very similar to "I Wanna Marry You", a song from "The River", which may be why it was cut from "Born In The USA", the album for which it was recorded.)

Hard core Springsteen fans will want this collection for the rarities disc, and newcomers and casual admirers will find "The Essential Bruce Springsteen" to be a comprehensive, if not truly exhaustive, career overview.
The sound is excellent (some remastering and revision has been done by former Bryan Adams and AC/DC-associate Bob Ludwig), and even though the omission of "Waiting On A Sunny Day" and "Tougher Than The Rest" really bugs me, almost all of the thirty songs on the first two discs are excellent examples of the talent and versatility of Bruce Springsteen.
The booklet is nice, too, by the way, featuring the lyrics to every song, including the ones on the bonus disc.
4 1/2 stars.

1-0 out of 5 stars Beware!!! Corporate Sellout!
I'll have to admit that I don't know much about Bruce Springsteen. So when I saw this for sale at Walmart, I put the "Essential Linda Ronstadt" down that i was going to buy my mom for mother's day and grabbed this for myself instead. From the first track I was loving it! I thought this man is truly a talent and couldn't wait to see how he had matured as a songwriter by the third disc. Sadly I didn't get that far, and by the second half of disc one I realized that "The Boss" had done like so many other....he sold out! Just like Pink Floyd had done with "Dark Side Of The Moon," Springcan'tsing was making generic bottom-line-only music. Its sad to think what he could have been.

5-0 out of 5 stars Best Compilation Yet.
This compilation is first rate. It includes much of the essential Bruce. In the past, many of the offerings were far from being as thorough as this one. I picked it up for less than twenty dollars which is pretty amazing when you consider how much is included. A "can't go wrong" selection.

5-0 out of 5 stars Great set for the unbruced or for the fanatic
After reading all the comments by hardcore fans complaining about what should or shouldn't be on this set I have one thing to say to them: The first 2 CD's are not for you! Everbody has their own favorite Bruce songs. Pull out your couple dozen Springsteen cd's and burn your own 2,3 or 5 cd best-of set. This set is for the person who doesn't have all the albums and wants a simple 2 cd's of Bruce's best. Yes, it will have to contain Glory Days, Dancing In The Dark and Hungry Heart. Not my idea of his best work but these songs sell cd's. If you like some of the more serious songs on here go out and get Born To Run, The Wild The Innocent and Tunnel of Love and be truly inspired. And for the longtime listener who owns everything - Bruce has kindly included a bonus cd of great unreleased songs. So you have to pay $21 to get it? Not a big deal. You used to pay more for a bootleg not that many years ago. And you can give the first 2 cd's to your kids to teach them about good music. ... Read more

7. Master of Disaster
list price: $17.98
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Asin: B0009F79NW
Catlog: Music
Sales Rank: 280
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Album Description

John Hiatt recorded Master Of Disaster with the North Mississippi All Stars as his backing band. The CD is being released as a Hybrid Super Audio CD. This CD plays on all CD players, including CD players with SAC/5.1 Surround Sound. ... Read more

8. Lennon Legend: The Very Best of John Lennon
list price: $16.98
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Asin: B00000634J
Catlog: Music
Sales Rank: 593
Average Customer Review: 4.47 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

John Lennon's solo work has been anthologized so many times that it's hard to believe there wasn't a definitive compilation before this one. And, depending on your particular take, you might not find Lennon Legend quite hitting the mark. However, since it does contain the brilliantly scathing "Working Class Hero," doesn't ignore the woefully underrated Rock 'n' Roll album, and catches the hopeful renewal that came toward the end of his foreshortened life, it's probably about as close as anyone's going to come. His great songs shine, meditations like "Imagine" and his rockers had form and content, as in "Whatever Gets You Through the Night." He was an icon, and this does him justice. --Chris Nickson ... Read more

Reviews (125)

5-0 out of 5 stars Seventies classics from former Beatle
Ultimately, John's reputation rests primarily on the songs he wrote and the music he recorded as a member of the Beatles, but he also recorded some great music after the Beatles split up and this collection includes the best of it.

Of the tracks here, the most famous of all is the truly brilliant song Imagine, but the lyrics demonstrate the difficulty of achieving world peace. John asks us to imagine there's no countries, no religion, no possessions - of course, these are the things that are the cause of all the wars.

There are several other well-known songs here, including Power to the people, Just like starting over, Woman, Give peace a chance (this song was recorded and released as a single while John was still with the Beatles) and the Christmas classic Happy Xmas War is over. All these songs were big hits from John in Britain and elsewhere.

Also included here is John's original version of Jealous guy, a song that he wrote but which eventually became a British number one hit for Bryan Ferry. John showed that he could also record other people's songs - his version of Ben E King's sixties classic is included here.

Even though the overall standard does not match what he did as a Beatle, there is plenty of great music here - easily enough to justify five stars. All fans of seventies pop and rock should have some of John's solo music and this collection provides all the essentials.

3-0 out of 5 stars How Many "Love & Peace" Anthems Do We Need?
First of all, it must be said that John Lennon is a bonafide musical giant. His work with the Beatles remains a cornerstone by which everything else in popular music should be judged. But his solo career has recieved an overabundance of praise for what has amounted to a repeated mantra of "Make Love, Not War". This message would've been fine if it was restricted to a few classic songs such as "Imagine". But Lennon rewrote "Give Peace a Chance" several times hereafter in the forms of "Happy X-Mas", "Mind Games", "Love" and "Power to the People". Even "Instant Karma!", one of his best solo songs, is a variation on this theme. Stressing "love and peace" tenfold over five albums does not make for a riveting career (even Bob Dylan moved away from straight protest songs after two albums). It doesn't help that Phil Spector's stark arrangements lack the subtle charms of George Martin's Beatles production.

Even when Lennon began to break out of his simpistic political agenda, he began recording very slick pop singles with only "Watching the Wheels" (a peak into Lennon's genius for introspective songwriting) holding its own with his finest songs. The music on this collection isn't bad, it's merely misguided and highly overrated. For people who want a better taste of Lennon's enormous talent, pick up a copy of any later-day Beatles album and simply listen.

5-0 out of 5 stars Beginner to Lennon - Dream, Imagine, love, make peace!
WOW..just WOW! I dont know how to describe the genius of Lennon. First off, I wanna call myself new to Lennon's solo works. I bought this CD for "Imagine" and "the hype". But only now I realize "the hype = Brilliance" of John Lennon. I am a young adult, who loves alternative and rock like so many other kids out there. I never thought I would buy into an old man music and his philosophies. But this is pure genius! This is the best mix of music and lyrics I have EVER heard.

Stand out tracks (although every track has its own merit):
1. Imagine - THE BEST song ever written. The simplest of melodies with such relevant lyrics.
2. Mother - I miss my mom now!
3. Jealous Guy - Such a cool melody..a very sweet song.
4. Cold Turkey - Rocks!
5. Dream - My favorite track after Imagine.. Lennon shows his genius again in simple harmonies with such nice lyrics!
6. Stand By Me - Really good acoustic track.
7. Beautiful Boy - Really sweet song.
8. Watching the wheels - About Lennon.
9. Happy Xmas - The Best Christmas song. ever.

Well these are my fave tracks. Ofcourse, you will have yours! This album is a MUST buy for any music lover. This is the epitome of music. You can't get better melodies and lyrics for your money's worth.

5-0 out of 5 stars Amazing
Well i bought this cd about a month ago and it truly is amazing. the songs that really satnd out are IMAGINE, #9 DREAM, MOTHER, WORKING CLASS HERO,and GIVE PEACE A CHANCE

5-0 out of 5 stars Great Compilation!
Okay so if you WANT to be unadventurous and just go for John
Lennon's greatest hits this is the place to get them!And yes-
this will even please the true fan who,while probably having all of his albums already,will need songs like "Instant Karma",
"Cold Turkey" and "Give Peace A Chance" which never appeared on
an album.The mastering is fine and it runs in chronological order from the highly unsettling "Mother" to his buyount final
hits "Nobody Told Me" and "Borrowed Time".So classic rock compilation lovers this ones for YOU!!! ... Read more

9. Nebraska
list price: $11.98
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Asin: B0000025T6
Catlog: Music
Sales Rank: 4115
Average Customer Review: 4.61 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan essential recording

Hot on the heels of The River, his commercial breakthrough, Springsteen's decision to release the stark, demo-quality Nebraska seems downright perverse. But the genius of the album is unmistakable--with just an acoustic guitar and his howling harmonica to back him, Springsteen tells the stories of characters walking on both sides of the law, some of them directly on the line in between. The effect is that of a powerful series of black-and-white photographs--the details are bleak in and of themselves, but they ignite the imagination in ways that are more satisfying than full-color shots would be. "Mansion on the Hill," "Highway Patrolman," "Atlantic City," and the frightening "Nebraska" are among the most sharply rendered and memorable works of Springsteen's career. --Daniel Durchholz ... Read more

Reviews (95)

5-0 out of 5 stars Bruce's Finest
I always preferred when artists go acoustic, and record a low-quality album. Albums like Nebraska capture an artist at their most intimate. This was Bruce Springsteen's stark, low-key acoustic record. It was very dreary, as it was beautiful. His tales of suffering and being on the wrong side of the law was profound and you can feel it in his howl and his singing. He already had the reputation of being a high-energy, bombastic satdium act but Nebraska captured him in a whole new light. It was more reserved than Born to Run, and it had more personality than many of his albums. Songs like "Atlantic City," "State Trooper," and "Highway Patrolman" send chills down my spine, whereas other songs like "Nebraska," "My Father's House" and "Used Cars" express Springsteen in a more vulnerable, yet very striking voice, particularly Nebraska's tale of a serial killer. Even non-fans of The Boss can appreciate this album for its sense of intimacy and depth. Springsteen would never be this bare after this album, although certain subsequent works do show his profound side (particularly Tunnel of Love and the Rising).

5-0 out of 5 stars Not for Everyone
"You wanna know why I did what I did; well, sir, I guess there's just a meanness in this world." So ends the first and title track of this album. The song 'Nebraska' is based, like Terrence Malick's 1973 movie 'Badlands', on the story of the 1950's killer, Charles Starkweather. As with all the songs here, Springsteen sings in the first person, becoming the characters he breathes to life. The first song, chilling and nihilistic, sets the tone for the rest of the album, which portrays the stark working class existance of small town life.

Here we meet people living on the edge. People with a thin sense of hope running on empty. Yet out of the initial depression and bleakness of his landscape, Springsteen can find a humanity in many of his people, still shining just beneath the surface.

This is not an album for everyone. Certainly, it is different from most of Bruce Springsteen's music, perhaps finding it's closest echo in 'The River'. The sound is raw, apparently recorded in Springsteen's own basement, and features a solo performance with only guitar and harmonica. It's tone and sometimes despair recalls the desperation of the dust bowl blues; the lyrics resonate like Raymond Carver stories put to music. Never before or since has Springsteen created such evocative slices of life with such an economy of words.

All in all, an extraordinary album. Unique, wild, raw, and beautiful. Deceptive in its simplicity, and disturbing too. A great album.

4-0 out of 5 stars Shows his true artistry and ability
Bruce decided he had to make this album to further himself as an artist, as to not get stuck in a routine of writing typical pop songs. It took a lot of guts to do, especially because he knew that it wouldn't be an immediate big smash, and because he also knew that he could have easily remained in the same vein he had been in and sold more records at the time. In the book "Howling At The Moon," Walter Yetnikoff, who was President of CBS Records when Nebraska came out, described the first time he listened to it with Bruce. He said Bruce was very nervous, because he knew it wasn't a commercial album, and so Yetnikoff, who was drunk at the time, listened to it, and responded by calling the album the wrong name, "Yeah, I really like 'Omaha,' Bruce." A mistake in the name, but it was not a mistake to release this album. It allowed Bruce to explore darker and different areas of his craft, and to master them, while showing people that he is not the one-dimensional caricature that many make him out to be. Highlights on this album include: Nebraska (very scary), Atlantic City (it's interesting to listen to the original version and compare it to the version on the Live in NYC DVD; really one of his best songs ever), Highway Patrolman, State Trooper (his visceral screams are the highlight of the album), and Open All Night. You can really hear his influences on this one, including Dylan, Orbison, and Buddy Holly. It paved the way for him in the future by opening up his creativity, and for fans of typical "Born in the USA" Bruce, this is a realy eye-opener, and it might take a while to grow on you, but believe me it will!

5-0 out of 5 stars "Deliver me from nowhere..."
Raw and unrelenting, Nebraska is a shock to the casual Bruce fan's system. Alike nothing he had created before, it was a true testament of Bruce's artistry. He rarely gets enough credit for the chances he took musically through the years--Nebraska being probably his biggest one. This album could have been awful. It could have cemented the notion that Bruce could never be anything close to "Dylanesque." This could have done to him what going electric did to Dylan. didn't. Not only does Nebraska prove Bruce's lyrical talent, but it also proves that he is not just the electric guitar wielding, theatric stage performer that we all know and love.

Recorded on his own tape recorder, in his bedroom, it's just Bruce and his acoustic guitar yearning for redemption, deliverance, and a reason to believe. The lyrics on this album will get inside you immediately, within the first few lines of the title track. They will pull you into the desolate world of his disparaged and lonely characters. Bruce is a master at painting portraits of life in his words by creating characters you can feel, see, and love. On 'Nebraska', he creates antiheroes for the common man. In "Johnny 99" you start to empathize with the main character as he descends toward madness after losing his job at the plant in Mahwah late last month. In "Highway Patrolman" Bruce displays the moral ambiguity of an honest man torn between his duty as a law officer and his own flesh and blood. Others like "Used Car" and "Mansion on the Hill" are Bruce's retelling of his childhood memories. They will leave you feeling lost in time, like you are looking into the soul of an old black and white portrait.

"State Trooper" is a song like no other. Bruce himself wasn't sure if it could be even called a song, but he threw it on the record anyway. I wouldn't recommend listening to it while driving alone, especially after midnight, because it might scare the s*** out of you. Either that, or you will go mad and drive endlessly trying to escape from nowhere.

'Nebraska' is one of those albums that takes on a whole new persona depending on when you listen to it. In the daytime, it is a realistic journey into the past, a walk with each character down the street of hopelessness towards a meaningful existence. At night, however, it turns into a descent into loneliness, desperation and uncertain fear. Listening to this record will definitely take you somewhere. It may be somewhere unpleasant, somewhere to close for comfort, to real to discern. It may take you to a place where everything you've ever known in life fails you. And it may strike you kind of funny...but at the end you'll somehow be left with more of a reason to believe.

4-0 out of 5 stars Taped it off the radio in 1982
Maybe it's got something to do with my frame of mind at the time, but I really found myself able to enjoy Nebraska while not having much use for The Ghost Of Tom Joad past "Youngstown". My original tape of Nebraska came directly from radio when it first came out. I had to sacrifice one of my precious Beatles tapes for Nebraska, but I considered it a good trade. I was about to leave work as it was starting and wasn't going to make it home in time to tape it there, so I stuck the Beatles tape in and let it record on my boom box while I listened in the car on the trip home. I wound up sitting in the car and listening to the whole thing, then went to work to retrieve the tape the next day. I know people who absolutely hate Nebraska because it "depresses" them, (these people also consider BITUSA his best work,) but I've always just considered it moody. It's perfect for late night drives on dark and lonely highways, and that's where I was back in 1982. It always reminded me of a Johnny Cash album, something that hit home years later when Johnny recorded "Johnny 99". ... Read more

10. Born to Run
list price: $13.98
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Asin: B00000255F
Catlog: Music
Sales Rank: 1778
Average Customer Review: 4.85 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan essential recording

Few albums are as fueled by hope, possibility, and the lure of the open road as Born to Run, a virtual concept album about small-town Jerseyites in search of a better life via hot-rodding out on the turnpike, scoring some small-time hustle, or blowing out of town altogether, either across the river to New York City or west for parts unknown. Songs like "Jungleland," "Thunder Road," "Backstreets," and the title track are epic productions, both sonically and lyrically, borrowing from Phil Spector, Bob Dylan, Elvis Presley, and West Side Story. When Born to Run was released in 1975, it earned then-unknown Springsteen the rare honor of simultaneous covers on both Time and Newsweek. The attention was warranted then, and it still is now. --Daniel Durchholz ... Read more

Reviews (176)

4-0 out of 5 stars Born to Run is tops!
Bruce Springsteen's albums preceding Born to Run suffered poor commerical success despite rave critical reviews, partly because of poor sound quality from the recording studio. At the time Born to Run was produced, Bruce Springsteen knew that if he did not create a great album, Columbia records were going to show him the door: the pressure was on! During the production of this album, there were various changes in personel: rock critic Jon Landau offered his help in producing the album, which caused a fall out with Springsteen's previous producer Mike Appel (a court battle on the matter of who could produce Springsteen's music raged after the success of Born to Run, causing the next album, Darkness on the Edge of Town, to be kept back for 3 years). One production arguement was on the capabilities of the recording studio Appel used. Landau acused Appel of using the studio for financial reasons only. This lead to Born to Run (the song), being the only song recorded away from the Record Plant, New York, a studio which had better facilities leading to a richer, clearer sound. The musicians were also changed; Vini Lopez, Springsteen's previous drummer was fired, replaced by Ernest Carter who, after the title track, left with David Sancious (keyboards) to form Tone. The space of drummer was replaced by Broadway drummer Max Weinberg and pianist Roy Bittan, also escaping from Broadway, which meant that Springsteen had a lot more professional lineup. The album starts with the soft twinkling piano of Roy Bittan and Bruce Springsteen's gravelly voice before breaking into the full band chorus of Thunder Road. The sound from this album has been likened to the crystal clear Wall of Sound of producer Phil Spector. The album continues through Tenth Avenue Freezeout, which has a distinct beat, not found on earlier Springsteen songs. This is probably due to the better technical capabilities of Max Weinberg. Some find that the song is too jerky, but I disagree. Night, the next track highlights Clarence Clemmons saxaphone work, but I feel it is a mediocre song compared to the first two. Backstreets begins with an extended piano introduction by the great Roy Bittan and his pounding Yamaha C3 grand piano. This is one of Springsteen's epic songs which lasts a long time and features Springsteen's poetic visions of teenage life on the boardwalks of New Jersey, however its messages are universal- anyone can relate to his songs, which is part of the reason for his success. Born to Run thunders in. This is probably one of Springsteen's best known songs, besides Born in the USA. It lives up to its reputation as possibly the song which saved Springsteen's career as a rock star. Everything Springsteen was in it. Poetic visions, thundering drums, layers of lush keyboards (notice that the keyboards are mainly electric pianos, which David Sancious seemed to prefer to play compared to the better (in my books) Yamaha C3 grand pianos of Roy Bittan), and electric guitars glistening in the background. Again, we find the next track is basically filler. Bittan thunders through the piano part of She's the one, the band play well but the song isn't up to the standard. Next is the film noir style Meeting across the River. It slowly works its way along with a hushed piano, acoutic bass, and a trumpet played by famous session musician Michael Brecker. This song creates the mood for Jungleland, probably the best Springsteen tune around. The two songs are usually played together live, just like they are on the album and they go together well to slower the pace from the franetic She's the One to the majestic Jungleland. It starts with strings and piano in a marvelous musical way opening up to Springsteen's epic tale of a street fight between a fleeing villain and the police. About halfway in the build up of tempo and tension is released by Clarence Clemmons massively powerful saxaphone breaking into an instrumental passage. The band are playing as backup to showcase Clarence's sax instrumental before it fades and Bittan plays a beautiful sweet piano solo. This culminates into an up tempo full band close of the song, the album, and Springsteen's image of a struggling artist under the label of a new Dylan. This is probably the best Springsteen album to date despite having one quarter of the tracks being mediocre. The rest of the album is superb and well worth investing in!

5-0 out of 5 stars I love Bruce more than I love my dad
Born to Run is not his greatest album (that description should be reserved for "The Wild, the Innocent, and the E Street Shuffle"), but it's definitely where we see Bruce's poetry at its peak. Starting with the amazing "Thunder Road", the album charts his departure from the small towns in New Jerset to seek a larger audience in New York City.

The album is amazing. Thunder Road is an absolute classic. That song might be his best-written work. "Tenth Avenue Freeze Out" takes him into the city where he puts together his band. "Night" is amazing - every working man's anthem. I must say I'm not a fan of "Backstreets", but "Born to Run" was almost literally an anthem. Then, to close, "Meeting Across The River" serves as a metaphoric gathering of resources to prove his hometown detractors wrong. And finally, "Jungleland" takes the daunting task of taking over the NYC music scene by the short hairs and cements Bruce's standing as the king of music.

Can you tell I like Bruce Springsteen? I grew up with this music, but didn't buy my first Springsteen album until December 2003 at age 32. The music and poetry is staggeringly heart-felt, and this particular album makes the best use of Springsteen's empathetic narrative skills and shows his fans who's Boss.

5-0 out of 5 stars Heady 70'sRock
This album is fantastic because it brings back to life those wonderful heady, heavenly, tranquil sunny 1970's days.
It is a real masterpiece released in 1975, but still popular today, with sound that is both timeless and rooted in those wonderful 1970's days.
My personal favorites are the rock n roll' exploration of frustrated loneliness and desire for excitement and life - Thunder Road, the bluesy reminiscence of a summer romance that went wrong in Backstreets, the pumping American biker title track Born to Run and the heady Jungleland.

A fantastic tribute to great music and a time of real meaning.

5-0 out of 5 stars An epic masterpiece that will never die
Up until about 9 months ago I didn't know much of Bruce Springsteen outside of Born in the USA which is a great album but then I had his greatest hits album for about two years the only tracks I listened to were Born in the USA and dancing in the dark but then one day I decided to listen to the whole album I was amazed. I now own almost every album he's released. This one here stands above the rest. It has the power to get you through the hard times in life it's grabs you and never let's go some call this an overated album but their probaly jealous of the power this album has. I wished people now days would listen to something of this nature.In the past few years music has turned into an endless pursuit of sex and money. With Britney, Chrisina and Justin out their using sex to sell albums makes me wonder where is the heart that music once had. On tour the Boss makes a lot more than all of them because he's a descent human being who sings about the important things in life. A great example of a real American hero.

5-0 out of 5 stars RUNNING SCARED
Springsteen is that rarest of characters. He's scared but hopeful, indignant but steadfast. How else to explain contradictions like "maybe we ain't that young anymore" with "we gotta get out while we're young" or "you ain't a beauty but hey you're alright." He can't reconcile these contradictions, but in the grand tradition of rock-n-roll that doesn't stop him from trying. And it is the trying that we see the angst of his soul. From the title track to "Jungle Land" the album reeks of a confused man in search of answers, who can't stand still long enough to find them. Like most rebels with a cause, his mission is righteous. Here's hoping when he solves the riddles he still has something significant to say. A ... Read more

11. Revolution Starts Now
list price: $17.98
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(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B0002IQHV6
Catlog: Music
Sales Rank: 423
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Earle rushed The Revolution Starts ... Now to stores ahead of the 2004 presidential election, and given that timing and the songwriter's righteous lefty stance, the disc's topical content should surprise exactly no one. Even still, it's light on invective, allowing Earle's deftly drawn characters to make his points for him. Plainspoken people swept up by larger events, they include the truck-driving protagonist of rig-rocker "Home to Houston," who dodges rockets while running supplies in Iraq, the disaffected vet in "The Gringo's Tale," and the American soldiers and Palestinian boys whose lives run parallel in "Rich Man's War." At times, Earle is less artful, and the going gets patchy: the title cut is a guitars-blazing call to arms, but "Warrior" (a ponderous spoken-word piece that apes Shakespeare), "F the CC" (a ragged denunciation of culture cops), and "Condi, Condi" (a faux-reggae mash note to Condoleezza Rice) don't hold up as well. Interestingly, the less-pointed material finds the cantankerous crusader at his best, as on the aching Emmylou Harris duet "Comin' Around," a late-night barroom blues called "I Thought You Should Know," and the hopeful closer "The Seeker." There, Earle slips in one last, subtle message: "There's a new day tomorrow and maybe I'll hold, something brighter than gold to a seeker." --Anders Smith Lindall ... Read more

12. The Very Best of Jackson Browne
list price: $25.98
our price: $23.49
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B0001GOH98
Catlog: Music
Sales Rank: 503
Average Customer Review: 4.28 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Though Jackson Browne's albums are not plentiful--in a career that stretches 32 years, he's released just over a dozen--they're filled with songs that serve as resilient touchstones for millions who passed through those decades. Originally forging a way for himself as a songwriter, his debut, Saturate Before Using, placed him at the forefront of the southern California rock scene. His contemporaries and compatriots, the Eagles, even took his "Take It Easy" to the top of the charts. Even at his most anthemic, his songs resonate with small details that keep the proceedings human-scaled. The sympathetic accompaniment buoys a voice that's remarkable for its lack of idiosyncrasies. His unmannered singing voice is an essential component in making songs like "These Days," "Fountain of Sorrow," and "Running on Empty" flow with a casual ease that belies the high level of craftsmanship throughout. --David Greenberger ... Read more

Reviews (40)

5-0 out of 5 stars A great compilation for both new and old fans
One of the best singer-songwriters of the rock era finally gets a career-spanning compilation that does justice to his long and influential career in music. It hearkens back to his early days when, along with The Eagles and Linda Ronstadt, he was one of the voices of the "California Sound," effectively blending rock and country-western into a seamless, laid-back style. Also represented are his recent efforts, which are more politcal and populist in tone, but are just as well-written as his early works and show a substantial amount of depth and maturity. This compilation contains 32 songs on 2 discs, all remastered and sounding wonderful. Most of his hits are here, including "Doctor My Eyes," "Somebody's Baby," "The Pretender," "The Load-Out/Stay," "Tender is the Night," and my all-time favorite, "Running on Empty" (also my favorite album). Other notable songs include his version of the Eagles' standard "Take it Easy" and the subtly sexually subversive "Red Neck Friend." (The chorus of that song always gives me a guilty grin). "I am a Patriot"--recorded many years ago--reminds those of us living in the post-9/11 world of what patriotism can mean. He sings of loyalty to neither Democrats or Republicans: "I only know one party/And it is freedom." Other great songs on this set include "Jamaica Say You Will," "Late for the Sky," "Lives in the Balance," the populist anthem "For Everyman" and "I'm Alive" (from the album of the same name, which may rank as his most mature work).

This set does have a couple of drawbacks though: Where's "Lawyers in Love?" Come on. That's one of his best, and best-known, songs. There had better be a very good reason for its exclusion. Though represented, we don't see as many of his more politically/socially conscious songs from recent years, perhaps due to a desire to make this album more accessible to casual fans of his Top 40 hits. This libertarian may disagree with some of his leftist political views, but that's a moot point; Jackson's politics are as much a part of him as anything else and should be better represented. Also missing is the Top 20 song from 1986, "For America," and his duet with Clarence Clemons, "You're a Friend of Mine." (Since that song was from Clemons' solo effort, it may not have been available due to contractual reasons). It also would have been nice to see "The Rebel Jesus," with the Chieftains included, but that's really about all that's missing. This is the perfect way to get to know Jackson and his work, and for people like myself, a chance to get reacquainted with one of my favorite artists. Highly recommended.

5-0 out of 5 stars Vastly Improved Over Previous "Hits" Collection
First of all, I would give this a 4.5; I am curving it up because I took Browne's previous collection to task for missing songs like "Here Come Those Tears Again" and numerous other classic hit staples. This collection is wonderful as it stands, including such gems as "Redneck Friend," "The Load Out" and "Lawyers in Love".

As other reviewers have noted, "That Girl Could Sing" is missing from this set. The only other song I wish had made it would be "The Crow on the Cradle" which was the B side of the single "Somebody's Baby". Still, these are minor complaints. This is a wonderful career-spanning collection and the sound quality is magnificent.

3-0 out of 5 stars Better than "The Next Voice You Hear", but....
Jackson Browne's first compilation effort was such a disappointment that this two-disk effort almost had to be better. However, as several other reviewers have noted, "The Very Best Of Jackson Browne" still falls short.

Frankly, Browne's early albums are over-represented here (14 of the 32 songs are from the first 4 albums), causing many wonderful mid-career songs to be omitted (including "Chasing You Into The Light", "For America" [US #30], "That Girl Could Sing" [US #22], and "My Problem Is You").

One and two-disk compilations are meant for the more casual fans. There's really no excuse for such an expansive collection to leave out so many charting singles and oft-played album tracks (particularly when a number of fairly mediocre 70's-era songs are included in the first third of the album). I suggest people keep waiting for Jackson Browne's definitive collection...

3-0 out of 5 stars Early Stuff Is Well Represented
The early period Jackson Browne is well represented but where is "That Girl Could Sing". "For a Rocker", "World In Motion" and "The Rebel Jesus"? Rhino could've done a much better job mining the post "Runnin' On Empty" period in my opinion

5-0 out of 5 stars Finally!
I can't speak highly enough about this collection. The selection of songs. The digital remastering. This CD has it all -- or as much as any one can possibly expect from 32 songs.
Besides, after seeing him perform it live, "I Am a Patriot" gives me chills. This collection is worth twice the price.

I hope Browne puts out a concert DVD from his last acoustic tour. ... Read more

13. The Ghost of Tom Joad
list price: $11.98
our price: $10.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B000002BFL
Catlog: Music
Sales Rank: 9365
Average Customer Review: 4.14 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Bruce Springsteen followed his muse on this haunting 1995 release. Perhaps that's why it barely made a dent in the marketplace, even while it thrilled the faithful who were willing to take another dark, Nebraska-like journey with him. It's abundantly clear that Springsteen had been soaking himself in the work of John Steinbeck and Woody Guthrie during the writing of The Ghost of Tom Joad, but their combined influence is found on more than just the title track. It's all over these windblown songs (including the haunting "Dry Lightning" and "the seminal "Youngstown") and their hard-scrabble protagonists. Not the Boss's biggest record, but certainly one of his best. --Michael Ruby ... Read more

Reviews (83)

5-0 out of 5 stars A Stunning American Classic
Don't get me wrong, I am primarily a maniacal fan of Bruce's rock 'n' roll masterpieces and his stupendous live shows, but his acoustic work shows equally important facets of his genius as a songwriter/musician/poet. These "Tom Joad" recordings have the haunting quality of Appalachian folk songs with the lyric depth of the poems of Federico Garcia Lorca or Dylan Thomas. I honestly can't think of another musical artist that has captured the heartbreak, complexity and hope of the American experience in the way that Springsteen has. "Galveston Bay" talks with quiet irony of way in which our nation of immigrants tends tragically to discriminate against each latest wave newcomers. And yet, by the end of the song, the antagonists finally relent and allow new blood to reinvigorate and replenish the American dream. "Across the Border" captures the mix of hope and illusion that draws so many to "El Norte." "Youngstown" speaks achingly of the betrayal of the American working man and woman. "Dry Lightening" paints a word picture of the itchy, discomforting freedom promised by true love and the unending horizons of western plains. I could go on and on. I never tire of this album. It still has the ability to change my life just a tiny bit for the better each time I hear it. If you don't love "Tom Joad" on first bounce, play it again and let its power seep into your soul. You'll never be sorry.

5-0 out of 5 stars There won't ever be another CD like this
When 'The Rising' came out I went back and bought all of Springsteen's past collection. I came across 'The Ghost Of Tom Joad' and sat down to listen to it, not really knowing what is was about. It really blew me away, and for the first time I actually felt like I was pulled in to the album, thanks to Bruce's brilliant song writing. You listen to an album like this, which is so beautifully crafted, and then listen to basically any song from pop bands, you will be put into a new light. This is how music is suposed to sound, intimate, fun, and emotional. I can honestly say, if you buy this record you won't be sorry.

5-0 out of 5 stars Out on a limb? It's artistic genius!
Bruce Springsteen's a reliable rocker. His lyrics aren't always the best, and his voice could use a little touchup, but people love him anyway. Why? He sings about the common man. And he's talented as hell.

On "The Ghost of Tom Joad," Springsteen finds himself at his peak--even if he had to leave the rock arena to do it. Sure, his electric guitar-fueled rockers are superb (find one rocker who's had a more lasting impression on various generations, past and present, than the Boss; and if you say McCartney, I'm gonna hit you). However, these gentle (mostly) acoustic numbers are sublime--graceful folk/country songs that sound the bells for the downtrodden (and Springsteen's multi-instrumental talent).

"Straight Time," for example, deals with a former criminal who can't seem to live a decent life; "Highway 29", about a fateful Bonnie and Clyde couple; "Youngstown," about a factory worker who needs a reprieve; "The Line," about a border guard who falls in love with a refugee; "My Best Was Never Good Enough," a darkly humorous tune about a man who just can't win, no matter what advice he's been given; and several other songs, most about immigrants and their troubles.

Yeah, it's a little opressing at first. Springsteen can be that way, when he's writing from his soul. And the album never really picks up, tempo-wise. It's not something you're gonna party to; but if you want good quality music, that'll make you think about yourself and the world, and shine a better light on your relations with others, then "The Ghost of Tom Joad" is your album.

5-0 out of 5 stars A Masterpiece
As far as I am concerned, this is the best album Bruce has ever made. As I own practically every album he has released, I am speaking with some knowledge.

5-0 out of 5 stars An amazing sequel to Nebraska
The Ghost of Tom Joad is one of the most haunting albums I have ever listened to. It was in fact listening to this album that I noticed the tremendous influence he has had on so many of our great singer/songwriters. The music on Ghost is tremendously affecting. It is Springsteen without his pop-enthusiasm. The songs are bare, and his tremendous talents as a songwriter really stand out for all to see. Ghost is a great album that showcases the considerable talents of one of our great songwriters. ... Read more

14. The Rising
list price: $13.98
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Asin: B000069HKH
Catlog: Music
Sales Rank: 2063
Average Customer Review: 4.27 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Although it seemed the Boss had put writing rock anthems behind him after Born in the U.S.A., his longtime fans knew if any artist could write anthems addressing September 11, 2001, and not make them sound jingoistic, it would be Bruce Springsteen. The numerous anthems on his much-anticipated first full-length album with the E Street Band in 18 years are subtler than those of the Born to Run era. But the elements are all there: the joyous rocking strains of "Countin' on a Miracle," "Mary's Place," and "Waitin' on a Sunny Day"; the dark overtones of "Further on Up the Road"; the stunning guitar solo that closes "Worlds Apart," a dramatic Arabic-tinged piece detailing star-crossed love between a Muslim and an "infidel." Although most of these songs deal with death and tragedy, they still inspire. But while the lyrics are intriguing, what's more remarkable is how well The Rising works as epic rock & roll as it draws from rockabilly, soul, doo-wop hard rock, country, and even industrial. To skewer a cliché, when The Rising is good, it's great. And even when it's not great, it's still awfully good. --Bill Holdship ... Read more

Reviews (539)

5-0 out of 5 stars Everything's All Right
Bruce is one of only a few artists who could pull off a collection of songs inspired by 9/11 - and do it without draping himself in an American flag and shouting "We're number one!" (Bono is another who comes to mind- at least he put the American flag inside his jacket.)

What we have here, plain and simple, is a masterpiece. A soulful, soul-filled opus, which may very well be the defining work of Mr. Springsteen's career. On one level, it sounds great. Pop this baby in the car CD player, roll the top down and you're cruisin' - just like a real like rock album is supposed to do.
From the opening riffs of Lonesome Day, to the Li Li Li's of The Rising, the hip-hop beat of The Fuse, and the exuberance of Mary's Place, Bruce and his E-Streeters have re-created the lexicon of American rock music, paying homage to familiar sounds, while keeping it identifiably E Street.

I want to hear Van Morrison sing My City in Ruins, and Smokey Robinson do Let's be Friends - these songs seem to be written for them. On the other hand, Mary's Place could have been found from the missing tapes of the Born to Run sessions. The gospel revival choir of My City in Ruins, the Middle Eastern chants of Worlds Apart, the twangs of Into the Fire, - all rich chocolate candy for the ears. I wonder how much of the credit for this goes to Brendan O'Brien - a wise choice, Bruce.

And the lyrics... Bruce has masterfully found the delicate balance between standing face to face with the deep, desperate, ultimate despair that's still hanging in the air, and hoping that things can, and will, get better. "Things are bad," he is saying, "as bad as they have ever been." And he puts it right out there for us...

"Hell's brewin' dark sun's on the rise..."

"Sky falling, streaked with blood,"

"It's raining, but there ain't a cloud in the sky"

"Can't see nothin' in front of me, ... nothing coming up from behind..."

"Can hear the organ, but the congregation's gone"

What Bruce also does here, is get to the poignant specificity of personal loss...

"Coffee cups on the counter, jackets on the chair
paper's on the doorstep, but you're not there"

"I heard you calling me,
then you disappeared into the dust"

"Without you,
I'm workin' with the rain falling down"

Bruce is telling us it's OK to grieve, we have to grieve. He is helping wade through the darkness.

But there is hope. There is light. We will be alright...

"I'm gonna find my way
through this lonesome day"

"Meet me at Mary's Place,
We're gonna have a party"

"Let's take the good times as they go
and I'll meet you further on up the road"

You can here him lifting us up on his back...

"Come on up for the rising"

"Come on Rise up!
Come on RISE UP!"

In classic Bruce lyrical style, recurrent themes appear throughout the songs, a la Nebraska. Seems fascinating to me, though, that the song that sums it most up succinctly, My City in Ruins, is the one was written before the tragic
events that inspired the rest of the album. Not sure what that means - a testament to the genius of Bruce?

Hardly - just evidence that the themes that Bruce writes about are universal and iconic: Love, Hate, Despair, Fear, Grief, and Hope. But in the end, with a little Rock and Roll to help along the way, it's gonna be alright.

4-0 out of 5 stars THE BOSS IS STILL A BOSS!!!
Bruce Springsteen is getting older...and what about his music? It's always the best! Just listen to "The Rising" and tell if I'm wrong...
As you hear this song for the first time, your attention will probably focus on the contrast between the cheerful melody and the sad events it talks about. It may be difficult to accepte the fact that the collapse of the Twin Towers, and the death of thousands people from all over the world, are sung on such an happy rhythm and with such "lalala"...
Nevertheless I think that Bruce Springsteen has found a very good way to talk seriuosly about a difficult situation, because he also manages to give hope and faith in a better future to his nation: That's his mission, his responsibility towards his nation! And that's why, like the fireman of the song, Springsteen wears "the cross of (his) calling", too.
The message of the song is a very positive one, also because it doesn't mention neither anger nor will to revenge. "The Boss" tell us that terrorists have not won, that America could "rise up" and overcome this tragedy if its people will be UNITED, if they will stay "together as one". Through the music and the lyrics of "The Rising", we can only perceive the amazement and the sorrow of a shocked nation, that has now the need to be encouraged.
Furthermore this text is an important tribute to many unknown heroes who have lost their lives to rescue other people: the firemen.
To sum up, "The Boss" has given us, with this song, a further demonstration of his ability. And I can only say, once again, that


4-0 out of 5 stars It's great for young fans, but only good for old fans
The reason I say this is only great for young fans is because it's a typical rock and roll record that you can play in the car and sing along to. The likes of which we rarely see these days. But if youre an old fan and you were excited about The Boss bringing out new material (finally) then you could be disappointed by a couple of tracks. Y'see there isn't any room on an eagerly awaited album for 'filler tracks' yet 'The Rising' does have 'em. The title track is the strongest one on there and other favourites of mine are 'The Fuse' and 'Waiting On A Sunny Day.' You should buy it anyway, simply because I wouldn't be surprised if this isn't Springsteen's final record. He has the talent but just doesn't push himself. Sorry Bruce.

1-0 out of 5 stars Born To Run.....................& HIDE!
There's a reason this CD is $1.00 right here on Amazon or maybe $0.25 on ebay; it's just not very good. In fact as we approach the summer of 2004 it will mark the 20th anniversary of Born In the USA and it's time to face the musical hard facts: For the past 20 years Springsteen's music has not improved. By all measures it has devolved into a downward spiral morass of meaningless political ideals and lightweight pseudo rock and roll. If this sounds harsh simply listen to everything from Greetings through Born in the USA and then listen to everything after that up until the Rising. If that's not deterioration I don't know what is. It will not be easy for fans to admit this because of the love affair we have with his live performances. However, if you are truthful you have to admit the thrill of seeing him isn't quite what it use to be. Because of age and his lackluster new material this is a trend that will continue on to his next album and tour. The early rumor is that his next CD will be an angry rant against conservatives, George W. Bush in particular. If that's true then Bruce is not getting the best possible advice. The idea that he or any other rock star will have a cultural impact in a concert hall to an audience that is predisposed to liking him is just foolishness. Think this through for a moment before getting steamed, isn't it the epitome of arrogance to preach socialism from a stage made possible from capitalist cash? What he's saying is that capitalism is okay for him, but the rest of us are too stupid to achieve success independently. I don't buy that and neither should you.

3-0 out of 5 stars An Admirable Attempt that Could be Stronger
It's very difficult to write a commentary on tangible reflections of human tragedy without ruffling a few feathers. I live in PA, so while I wasn't directly hit by the 9/11 chaos, I wasn't too far removed from it and all of the ramifications. Soon comes Bruce with his legitimate offering to the American people of the best thing he has to offer: music.

Knowing that Bruce has close ties (to say the least) with the areas hit hard by the tragedy, combined with the experiences of seeing him perform these songs live on his subsequent tour, the first task is easy - that is to state definitively that "The Rising" was not merely a financial cash in, as some critics inevitably propose. The whole purpose of what Bruce Springsteen is all about can be simply summed up by one raspy snarl of his voice, or one look at his stretched and twisted face as he draws in a breath of passion at the mic. That purpose is one of the best, most honorable purposes there is: to reach out and connect and relate on an emotional level with other flesh and blood.

Look at some of these lyrics. "Into the Fire," "Nowhere Man," and "You're Missing" are all very sensitive, poignant, touching bits of poetry that function very well as writing alone. The problem comes in with Bruce The Musician. I suppose many who find this review disagreeable are those who have so much respect for the message, the simple chug-chug-chug-along chords The Boss employs on his guitar to accompany his anthems are only bonus feathers in the cap, and they find it satisfying enough. Don't get me wrong, I find the CONCEPT of what he has done worthy of the highest respect, but it can't hit a homerun in the execution department unless all elements are at a high level - and musically, The Rising is lacking.

So I guess I'd better start explaining myself - well, look no further than album opener "Lonesome Day." The message of hope is stirring, but it falls somewhat flat against the bland melodies and chord progressions. The music is directionless, and while all of the songs on this album have moments to shine, the main meat-and-potatoes of the songwriting is definitely lacking in creativity. This opening song plods along at a boring 4/4 tempo that sounds like minutes of monotony. If it weren't for the lyrics, I would think it completely not worth my time. Again, there are some interesting guitar climaxes and whatnot, but far from enough.

Later songs like "Waitin' on a Sunny Day" and "Let's Be Friends" continue the theme of Bruce strumming benign and repetitive guitar chords under heartfelt words. It's just off balance. This is further evidenced by the near absence of the E-Street Band. Where's the Big Man? Where's Roy Bittan? They're there, but horrendously underplayed and undermixed. There's nothing wrong with a violin, (which gets much more time than Clarence's Sax) but if the heart and soul of all of those talented players were more in the forefront, this album might project much more spirit.

That leads me perfectly to the next issue; the RECORDING. Produced by Brendan O'Brien, more from "alternative" fame than straight up rock and roll, the album tries unnecessarily to have the "sound" of a boyband record. Keep in mind - I'm not talking about the music here, but the actual mixing techniques. Don't believe me again? For a real obvious example of the butchering, go directly to the tacit parts in "The Fuse" (where it's only Bruce). Hear that? That's the result of Mr. Springsteen's mighty vocal cords being squashed through compressors and sounding dead and lifeless. Reverb was the trend of the 80's and now it's all about smacking the levels up as high as modern technology will take them without blowing up the console. A BIG no-no for an album that SHOULD be produced to stand the test of time.

Alright, you've been patient, so here's the exceptions to the dominant musical mediocrity of the album: "Worlds Apart" and "Further Up the Road." There's nothing to say other than that it's worth buying the album for these two songs alone. The groove, the drive, the heaviness - the latter which gives much more help to lyrics that are heavy themselves - it's all there. They rock as good rock should, and just make you explode with profound energy. I give some points to Bruce just for being as diverse as he is, or else we wouldn't have some of the truly remarkable moments he's given us over the years.

If a simple beat and simple melody is all you need to accompany your songs, you'll appreciate this album much more. In fact, I really wish I was like that as well, as I don't like having to criticize good intentions. But in a time where you're guaranteed to get millions sold and all the press attention you could want, why not put some more thought into that other half of songwriting - the music? ... Read more

15. The Best of Bonnie Raitt
list price: $18.98
our price: $9.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B0000C6FI7
Catlog: Music
Average Customer Review: 4.18 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Reviews (11)

4-0 out of 5 stars A terrific collection for mild fans!
I have enjoyed Bonnie Raitt's work since I first heard her on the radio in 1990, but I have never been a HUGE fan. And I think this is a great CD for anyone who has even mildly enjoyed Raitt's music. It has all the great hits ("I Can't Make You Love Me," "Have A Heart," etc.), and it omits the ones of questionable integrity ("Rock Steady" and "You Got It").

The CD blends her best hits with some great lesser-known material, like the shocking but great "Spit Of Love" and the gorgeous, tear-jerking ballad "You." (My only complaint with this CD is that it left off "I Ain't Gonna Let you Break My Heart Again," which is my favorite Bonnie Raitt song. But the CD is still an extraordinary listening experience without taht song.)

I don't know what hardcore fans think about this collection, but I think it's one of the best "hits" albums I have heard in a long time. So if you've had a passing flirtation with Bonnie Raitt's infectous blend of blues and rock, pick this CD up. You won't be sorry. It's terrific!

5-0 out of 5 stars Awesome collection!!

I picked this collection up when I saw it in the store, I have always been a 'kinda' Bonnie Raitt fan and this is a good way to get all the songs I like in one place, along with some I didn't know before. My favorites include the almost island vibe of "Have a Heart", the sassy "Something to Talk About" and the melancholy "I can't Make You Love Me". I have been playing this in my car non-stop and love it, love it!! There are so many emotions displayed throughout and Miss Raitt's longevity is nothing to sneeze at either. If you are a 'kinda' fan like I was, pick up this CD!!

4-0 out of 5 stars Some of her best.
Overall this is a pretty good collection from "Bonnie Raitt". It's missing a few tracks of course, but most of the good stuff is here. The first 4 songs are off her huge "Nick Of Time" album, and are some of her best known. Plus this also includes "Something To Talk About" and "I Can't Make You Love Me", which is one of my favorites, as well as many other great, but lesser known songs. I really wish this also had "Cry On My Shoulder", but with 18 tracks it's hard to complain. This should please most casual fans of this redhead, and of soft rock/blues.

2-0 out of 5 stars Please, no more!
I'm sorry, I know a lot of people love her, but some of her songs are the most unredeeming maudlin depressing garbage I've ever heard. Truly depressing! "love is gonna make you bleed"??
"i can't make you love me"? All sung in that lifeless prozac voice. I can't listen to it. She should just stick to old blues, the stuff she does best. Great guitar player, but keep the singer songwriter stuff to James Taylor... PLEASE!

5-0 out of 5 stars A Pure Pleasure
Not only is Bonnie Raitt an attractive woman, she can play a mean guitar and her singing is nothing to sneeze at. This compilation is a great introduction to those who are interested in hearing more of her, and a great add to those who only have an album or two by her. The CD shows off her bluesy side, her rockabilly and her somber moods and the songs are perfect for showing off her talents. ... Read more

16. Bruce Springsteen - Greatest Hits
list price: $18.98
our price: $13.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B000002B30
Catlog: Music
Sales Rank: 1762
Average Customer Review: 3.95 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

About as complete a selection of fan and artist favorites as any single-disc Bruce collection could be, this is a surprisingly coherent listen given the many stylistic and attitudinal shifts it charts. The inclusion of only four of Born in the U.S.A.'s seven Top 10 entries leaves space for less obvious choices like "Atlantic City" and four new cuts, among them songs recorded by a briefly reunited E Street Band. The pace lags a bit near the end--"Secret Garden" is turgid enough to take its place on a Sting album--but Greatest Hits earns its place in the car CD player with stuff like "Born to Run," "The River" and "Dancing in the Dark." --Rickey Wright ... Read more

Reviews (125)

5-0 out of 5 stars 20 years,14 hits and 4 new songs
Here are fourteen of Bruce Springsteen's GREATEST HITS with 4 new songs. They are entitled SECRET GARDEN,MURDER INCORPORATED,BLOOD BROTHERS and THIS HARD LAND. This album was released in 1995,spanning two decades of Springsteen's career. He and Columbia Records labelmate Billy Joel are just two of the biggest-selling artists of all time. They both wrote almost every song they ever recorded. Now for the songs: BORN TO RUN and THUNDER ROAD are from 1975's BORN TO RUN,the album that drove Springsteen to superstardom. BADLANDS is from 1978's DARKNESS ON THE EDGE OF TOWN. From 1980's THE RIVER,Springsteen's first megahit,come THE RIVER and HUNGRY HEART. From 1982's NEBRASKA comes ATLANTIC CITY,which tells about the New Jersey town,famous for its gambling facilities. From BORN IN THE U.S.A.,Springsteen's second megahit released in 1984 come BORN IN THE U.S.A.,GLORY DAYS,DANCING IN THE DARK and MY HOMETOWN. From TUNNEL OF LOVE,his third megahit released in 1987,is BRILLIANT DISGUISE. From HUMAN TOUCH and LUCKY TOWN,simultaneously released in 1992,are HUMAN TOUCH and BETTER DAYS,respectively. STREETS OF PHILADELPHIA is from the movie "Philadelphia" starring Tom Hanks,released in December '93 or January '94. The rhythm of that song inspired Natalie Merchant's 1998 hit,KIND & GENEROUS(Springsteen and Merchant are both managed by Jon Landau). I would suggest Springsteen release a Greatest Hits 2 with songs like,TENTH AVENUE FREEZE-OUT,PROVE IT ALL NIGHT,ADAM RAISED A CAIN,ROSALITA,FADE AWAY,RAMROD,THE TIES THAT BIND,COVER ME,I'M ON FIRE,I'M GOIN' DOWN,TUNNEL OF LOVE,ONE STEP UP,LUCKY TOWN,57 CHANNELS(AND NOTHIN' ON),YOUNGSTOWN and any hits from his most recent album,THE RISING.

4-0 out of 5 stars Will Never Satisfy All Fans But OK For New Ones
As much as I love Bruce, this CD is just very unsatisfying. You really can't go by Top 40 performance as it leaves out many far better tracks.

That being said, this compilation does cover the basics ("Born To Run", "Glory Days", "Hungry Heart", etc.). If the hits are all you need, this is the disc to buy. The sound is terrific as well.

Personally, I've never been a fan of "Dancing In The Dark" and several hits (like "Hungry Heart", "My Hometown" & "Born In the USA") are just way too played out for me.

Really, do yourself a favor and buy the original albums and burn something MUCH better. Here's what I threw together. Have to say it flows together great and these songs just have more durability than several of the songs on "Greatest Hits":
1. Thunder Road
2. The Promised Land
3. Tougher Than The Rest
4. Out In The Street
5. Tenth Avenue Freeze Out
6. Downbound Train
7. Sherry Darling
8. Tunnel of Love
9. Darkness on the Edge of Town
10. Candy's Room
11. Brilliant Disguise
12. The Ties That Bind
13. Born To Run
14. One Step Up
15. Spare Parts
16. Prove It All Night
17. Badlands
18. Racing In The Street

Yeah, I know it leans a bit on "Darkness On the Edge of Town", but let me just wrap this up by saying you are FAR better off with at least "Born To Run", "Darkness...", "The River" and "Tunnel of Love" than this CD. Seriously, every time you play it, it will frustrate you when you think about what's missing.

5-0 out of 5 stars These are Better Days
Bruce Springsteen (if he authorized this album) has outdone himself. Not only is this a great collectable for diehards, but if you've never heard the Boss, this will turn you on to his music in a second.....the second it begins......

1. Born To Run - ***** - Classified under one word: Classic! Absolutely brilliant desperation track that made everybody love Springsteen in the seventies - and why not?

2. Thunder Road - ***** - Intro to the "Born To Run" album with harmonica that somehow became the centerpoint of the entire song

3. Badlands - ***** - Began the record "Darkness On The Edge Of Town," and anyone can say it is still the best track after twenty years. The first time I heard it, Bill Murray was singing it on Saturday Night Live as Nick Thinblood! But the Boss did it WAY better

4. The River - ****1/2 - A song that (lyricly) slightly sounds like Led Zeppelin (only because they wrote a lot of story songs). Sort-of country track

5. Hungry Heart - ***** - Definitely one of my favorites. A tale about a husband and father that left his family (sort of) and Springsteen originally wrote it for the Ramones

6. Atlantic City - ***1/2 - Not one of my favorites, but another good acoustic story about gangsterism in Jersey

7. Dancing In The Dark - ***** - The second track I ever heard from Springsteen and remains as one of his best, in my opinion. A great song to sing along to

8. Born In The USA - ***** - His greatest anthem. Period. There has never been a better patriotic/painful jam in E-Street history. The primary reason that immortalized the album and defines why he's called "THE BOSS"

9. My Hometown - ***1/2 - I don't really listen to this song to much, but it's a good song that makes you appreciate where you were raised

10. Glory Days - ***** - The very first track I heard from him. It's, of course, about his high-school glory days. It's also the couch-potato's anthem. There's so much thickness (musically) in this song that you can't pick what your favorite musical "part" is, from the vocals to the keyboards to the percussion to.....anything! But my favorite part of the song is at the end when Boss and the backing singer are exchanging "exclaimations", like "Alright!"s and "Ooh-Yeah!"s

11. Brilliant Disguise - *** - The song is better than the video

12. Human Touch - **** - Pretty cool song that somehow also reminds you of where you grew up (musically), that is, if you were raised in a small town, like me

13. Better Days - **** - The title says it all. Bruce hasn't been this good since '84 (Born In The USA)

14. Streets of Philadelphia - **** - The key change in this song is immortal. Everybody knows it. As soon as they hear it, even if their not a fan, they'll remember this key change.

15. Murder Incorporated - ***** - This is, without a doubt, his greatest triumph since Born In The USA. A very Richie Sambora sounding track, possibly because of the telecaster sound....

16. Secret Garden - *** - Another track that I don't listen to very much

17. Blood Brothers - **** - Sounds a lot like MY HOMETOWN in a different key

18. This Hard Land - **** - Okay song that also sounds a lot like Richie Sambora, this time probably because of the vocals and organ

But then of course, most greatest hits compilations leave off at least one, if not several, of the artist's best. Several top ten hits, even number ones, were missing from this one. For this album those missing include:
1. I'm On Fire - "Born In The USA" 1984
2. Cover Me - "Born In The USA" 1984
3. Rosalita (Come Out Tonight) - "The Wild, The Innocent, and The E-Street Shuffle" 1973
4. No Surrender - "Born In The USA" 1984
5. Fade Away - "The River" 1980
6. Point Blank - "The River" 1980
7. Tunnel of Love - "Tunnel of Love" 1987
8. One Step Up - "Tunnel of Love" 1987
9. Roll of the Dice - "Human Touch" 1992
10. Trapped - "We Are The World (Various Artists)" 1985
11. I'm Goin' Down - "Born In The USA" 1984
12. 57 Channels - "Human Touch" 1992
Plus More
Anyway, If you don't have this album, GET IT. There are few reasons not to: 1. You can't pay for it 2. You don't have a CD/Tape player 3. You just don't like music. Now, what was your excuse?

1-0 out of 5 stars Abysmal collection from a great artist
That someone actually had the "cajones" to put the title "Greatest Hits" on this mess is still mind-boggling. It is missing so many "great hits" that the title is truly insulting. For example, where is "Tunnel of Love," "One Step Up," "Rosalita Come Out Tonight," "Pink Cadillac," "I'm On Fire," "Prove It All Night," and "Cover Me"? That's just to name a few of the MIA's from this travesty. So finally the 2-disc "Essential" comes out and all is well, right? Guess again. It too is an uneven, incomplete collection. Will someone please help us casual Boss fans with a single or 2-disc set that "contains all the hits" career retrospective of this man? There are a variety of "box sets of B-sides" and other esoterica from this artist, why not a decent hits collection? Don't buy this, it just isn't worth it.

4-0 out of 5 stars Songs from his "Glory Days".
With an artist the caliber of "Bruce Springsteen" it would be difficult to narrow his career down to 18 tracks, but mostly I think these are good picks. This is also a good time to point out that this is a "Greatest Hits", not a "Best Of", therefore his most popular material was selected. Of course I'll still ask where's "Tunnel Of Love", "Tenth Avenue Freeze Out", "I'm On Fire", and my personal fave "Pink Cadillac"? But, it does include "Born To Run", "Dancing In The Dark", "Human Touch", and "Secret Garden", and that should please most casual fans, which this collection is for anyway. If you would like twice as much, check out "The Essential Bruce Springsteen". ... Read more

17. Actual Miles: Henley's Greatest Hits
list price: $13.98
our price: $13.98
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Asin: B000000OUU
Catlog: Music
Average Customer Review: 4.21 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Just as Don Henley's work with the Eagles in the 1970s chronicled a culture that was rapidly spinning out of control, his '80s output cataloged and criticized a decade of greed, cruelty, and prurient interest in the misfortune of others. But this is music, not journalism, and despite the overt seriousness of such songs as "Dirty Laundry," "All She Wants to Do Is Dance," "The Boys of Summer," and especially the somber, elegiac "The End of the Innocence," Henley's field reports were tuneful in the extreme. The two new tracks on Actual Miles--"The Garden of Allah" and "You Don't Know Me at All"--didn't quite click, but otherwise this greatest-hits package couldn't be more solid. --Daniel Durchholz ... Read more

Reviews (52)

2-0 out of 5 stars Where's Johnny?
When Mr Don Henley left the Eagles most of us sighed - no more over blown pomp rock (critics called it "the Southern California sound" - they must sleep a lot there). His first solo single, at least in Australia, actually made me take interest, it was an electronic and therefore adventurous (at least by Eagles standards) pop song titled 'Johnny Can't Read'. Like all Henley songs there was an unsubtle underlying message, but who cares? It had a melody most song writers would kill for. So, from there I followed (at a safe distance) Mr Henley as solo artist. I heard 'Dirty Laundry'. Actually bought the single 'Boys of Summer' (the b-side 'A Month of Sundays' was a better song). 'All She Wants to Do is Dance' aroused suspicisions that a full length album of Henley's would be too much to take. This was confirmed by 'The End of the Innocence' (despite a couple of good singles), which I bought while drunk in Germany. So, after three albums and four or five good songs I decided Mr Henley's best-of hits would be bought (and the CD player would be programmed appropriately). Here it is and not only is there no 'Month of Sundays', there's no 'Johnny Can't Read'!! What the hey?

4-0 out of 5 stars Solid Collection From the Eagles' Solo Star
The Eagles' reunion, welcomed by most, shortcircuited the solo career Don Henley had to that point. With the Eagles, Henley played southern California's John Lennon to Glenn Frey's poppy Paul McCartney; solo, he delivered pointed observations on decaying morals and lifestyles while Frey delivered drive-tape raveups like "The Heat Is On." (If the call-girl expose' "You'll Never Make Love In This Town Again" is to be believed, Henley knew that decadence first-hand.)

With stellar backup including members of Tom Petty's Heartbreakers, Toto, Bruce Hornsby (on the gorgeous "End of the Innocence")Sheryl Crow (her backup vocals on the preposterous "Garden of Allah") Take 6 and even ex-Eagles, Henley guides us through a decade gone wrong. He spotlights ugly Americans overseas ("All She Wants To Do Is Dance"), street crime ("New York Minute"), insensitivity personal ("The Last Worthless Evening," "Heart of the Matter") and media-generated ("Dirty Laundry,"). Throughout, Henley writes with character detail and empathy missing from Eagles' chestnuts like "Desperado" and "Life In The Fast Lane." The two new songs notwithstanding, "Actual Miles" serves as an audio photo album through the decade of Gordon Gekko and Ollie North, and establishes Henley in front of the drum kit as a first-rate singer-songwriter.

4-0 out of 5 stars Classic Hits 4.5 stars
Don Henley is a great singer/songwriter and was in one of best bands of all time. This is great cd to chronicle some classic hits.
1. Dirty Laundry- 4 stars-catchy pop rock song
2. The boys of summer- great ballad and seems to touch alot of people hearts and remind them on memories in the past- seems to be favorite among the fans- 5 out of 5 stars
3.All she wants to is dance- 4 stars
4.Not enough love in the world- 3.5 stars
5.Sunset Grill- 4 stars
6.The end of the innocence- Great song , brings back memories for me- 5 out of 5 stars
7.The last worthless evening- another great ballad- 4.5 stars
8.Newyork Minute- 4 stars
9.I will not go quietly- 3.5 stars
10.The heart of the matter- 4 stars
11.The garden of allah- 3 stars
12.You dont know me at all- 4 stars
13.Everybody knows- 3 stars
Overall good album/ worth purchasing

1-0 out of 5 stars I got this as a gift...
and it was probably pre owned by someone who realised they had done a horrible mistake in buying this cd. Anyone want to trade?

5-0 out of 5 stars Concert Memories
Purchased this CD after seeing the Eagles in concert. Love this music. ... Read more

18. Greatest Hits 2
list price: $16.98
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(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B0000DG05T
Catlog: Music
Sales Rank: 1112
Average Customer Review: 3.81 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Reviews (63)

5-0 out of 5 stars Thank you Bob Seger !
Okay....some of you guys are being a bit too picky on your reviews here...but that's what makes doing this fun ! Bob Seger "Greatest Hits 2" fills some gaps in the first hits set ... it also has some gems from movie soundtracks...and some great album cuts ! Yes...there are STILL many great songs missing...but it's smart business...there probably will be a "Greatest Hits 3"...and Capitol...all of you...and myself know we will definitely buy it won't we ?

The gems include "Shame On The Moon"....the origional studio versions of "Katmandu" and "Beautiful Loser"... they belong here...if you like them live...there's "Live Bullet" ! Also here..."Sunspot Baby"..."New Coat Of Paint...and "Manhattan". Of course three movie soundtrack songs that aren't on any of Bob's albums are here. Although "Shakedown" isn't one of my has grown on me a bit ! The two new songs are average...but if you're a Bob Seger fan...this is great stuff ! Chill a 12 in the fridge...put both "hits" cd's in your player...program what you want in the order you want...and enjoy !

For those yearning for a boxed set...I'm in radio...and there WAS supposed to be one relesed several years ago or so called "Silver Seger" if I remember correctly.I have the "sample" disc featuring 5 songs...but for whatever didn't happen...not yet at least ! Order this one right now...enjoy it...and don't let missing cuts get you down...I reiterate that a third hits compilation is probably a good bet...Bob Seger has recorded so much GREAT music !

5-0 out of 5 stars Wow! Another set of Seger's best!
Today I finally bought the sequel to 1994's GREATEST HITS. But there is one flaw:the last two of the sixteen tracks are not listed on the CD. This album features showtunes. SHAKEDOWN from the movie Beverly Hills Cop 2,UNDERSTANDING from Teachers, and CHANCES ARE with Martina McBride from Hope Floats. There are 2 new songs,TOMORROW and SATISFIED. TRYIN' TO LIVE MY LIFE WITHOUT YOU is a live track from NINE TONIGHT recorded at Boston Garden on October 6,1980. All the other tracks were previously released on Bob Seger albums(this includes the track from NINE TONIGHT). Anybody who owns GREATEST HITS will eventually buy a copy of GREATEST HITS 2. The CD also offers a bonus: the music video for TURN THE PAGE.

As with his first collection of Greatest Hits, I find myself thinking that this album just does not do Bob Seger justice. Yes, a lot of great stuff is here-but somehow the greatness of the man is missed.

Bob Seger is one of our own here in the Midwest. For years he toured extensively putting on one hell of a show; but he could not break out nationally. Then he came very close with BEAUTIFUL LOSER. Having got the scent of becoming known across the country in a big way, Seger then released LIVE BULLET and NIGHT MOVES. Suddenly Seger was the hot ticket with a deep back catalogue of records in the past. Several of those albums were cleaned up and re-released where an eager audience quickly snapped them up.

Unfortunately, Seger's last good album was LIKE A ROCK back in 1986. He released a few more albums that didn't quite hit it and then he went home to raise his children for a while. This collection seems to sew up some loose ends. Some of the remaining classic songs that were not on the first collection are presented here along with some non-album songs done for movies. Along with these are two new songs made especially for this collection.

Don't get me wrong: this is a very fine collection. If you don't know Bob Seger, then by all means get this CD along with his first GREATEST HITS. But if you want to get a better flavor of this great rock artist, I would recommend any of the following:

LIVE BULLET (1976)---Seger's first "live" album and in many regards his best.
NIGHT MOVES (1976)-The classic Bob Seger album of all time.
AGAINST THE WIND (1980)-Many overlook this album but it contains many of Seger's most memorable songs.
LIKE A ROCK (1986)-Seger's last great album. Really rocks. Remembered mostly for its title song but the rest of the album is just as good.

If you're like me, these four CDs will make you hunger for more and so you might end up getting the rest of Seger's CDs. If not, you still will have an excellent CD or two for your record collection. But maybe you're not that interested in getting that deep into the "ancient rock cannon". Short of getting an actual Bob Seger album, there is nothing wrong and everything right in getting this CD and the first GREATEST HITS. Bob will understand.

4-0 out of 5 stars Helping round out first hits volume
In an review I wrote a couple of years ago about Bob Seger's first "Greatest Hits" CD, I of course applauded the music there but lamented the fact that certain songs were missing. Specifically, here is what I said about songs I would like to see on a "volume 2":

"...For starters, I would like to see the movie songs "Understanding" and the # 1 "Shakedown" included, as they aren't anywhere else besides their respective sound tracks. As for other album songs, I'd like to see most if not all of the following: "Katmandu" (live version), "Travellin' Man", "Beautiful Loser", "Rock And Roll Never Forgets", "The Fire Down Below", "Feel Like A Number", "The Horizontal Bop", "Her Strut", "Fire Lake", "Let It Rock", "Even Now", "Shame On The Moon", "American Storm", and maybe even "The Real Love" and "Lock And Load" off of his two '90's albums of all new material...."

Based on this, how should I grade the actual volume 2 release? In all, 8 of the 17 songs I recommended in the version I specified are on this collection. Another "half a song" credit can go to the classic "Katmandu"; while I prefer the live version, at least it was put on here. So I guess you could say that in my opinion of two years ago they got it exactly half right (8 1/2 of 17 songs "requested" made it to this compilation).

In reality, much of the best of what I hoped for is here. First of all, I was foolish to leave the tracks "Sunspot Baby" and the live "Tryin' To Live My Life Without You" off of my list two years ago--they are both great tracks included on this collection. The two movie songs I mentioned, plus a third relatively recent one that I didn't even know about ("Chances Are"--a nice, if generic, duet pop ballad), are here. I was really happy to see rockers like "The Fire Down Below", "Her Strut", and of course "Rock And Roll Never Forgets" included. "Beautiful Loser" is a worthy classic from right before Bob became really big on the pop charts. "Shame On The Moon" and "Fire Lake" are great top 10 hits to include. The later material is misrepresented, as "New Coat Of Paint" and "Manhattan" should be replaced with "The Real Love" and "Lock And Load" off of the two 1990's albums the former tracks were taken from (as stated in my review of two years ago). The two new tracks at the end, "Satisifed" and "Tomorrow" are both surprisingly solid rock tracks--not ballads, proving that Bob may still have a bit of rock left in him.

If you have volume 1, get this for a more complete picture of the legendary Bob Seger. It's not perfect, but--as at least one other reviewer said--what compilation is for someone with this long a career? Enjoy it for what it is--and if you need more Bob buy his old original albums. Most if not all of his material is highly recommended for true classic rock fans. This collection is recommended to "round out" the first Greatest Hits CD. Throw in a video for the classic "Turn The Page" on the enhanced CD, and my overall grade of this album is actually closer to 4 1/2 stars.

5-0 out of 5 stars Contains a lot of rare material
I'm so pleased this CD has been released. This disc contains all the songs that were missing, obviously, from Greatest Hits 1. Most noteably here are the 2 soundtrack songs that Bob did that were absent from GH1. You'll get the track from "Teachers" and the killer song "Shakedown" from Beverly Hills Cop II. Bottom line, an excellent collection containing not only great music, but a lot of music making it's CD debut.
This is one of my favorite CDs out right now along with Mr.Deviant's "Techno Obsession" which is a mix of power rock and hard dance music to make some killer instrumentals. ... Read more

19. Born in the U.S.A.
list price: $13.98
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Asin: B0000025UW
Catlog: Music
Sales Rank: 3080
Average Customer Review: 4.3 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan essential recording

Born in the U.S.A. is an album painted in big, broad strokes. But it was still too subtle for some--namely politicians who tried to tap the title track as a jingoistic anthem when it is in fact a bitter diatribe by a Vietnam War vet whose country forgot him. The rest of the album is a glorious grab bag of radio-ready populist anthems--his best display of pure pop songwriting ever--including "No Surrender," "Dancing in the Dark," "Bobby Jean," and "Glory Days" alongside more circumspect numbers such as "My Hometown" and "I'm On Fire." It's not true that there's no arguing with success, but in this case Springsteen's widespread acclaim was warranted. With Born in the U.S.A., all those predictions from a decade earlier--that Springsteen was the future of rock--had come true. --Daniel Durchholz ... Read more

Reviews (105)

4-0 out of 5 stars One of the most succesful rock 'n' roll records of all time
This album has sold over ten million copies, and threw off no fewer than seven (!) top ten hits - more than half of its twelve tracks.

That many record buyers can't be wrong, eh?
Well, they're not. For the most part, anyway, although I suppose the hype surrounding the "Born In The USA" album was to some degree the result of a lot of people (Ronald Reagan's witless campaign staff among them) believing that the title song was a statement of patriotism when it was in fact a bitter indictment of the "system", and they simply had to get "that album with that song on it".

"Born In The USA" is indeed a glorious, catchy rocker, though, and the remaining six hit songs ("Cover Me", "No Surrender", "I'm On Fire", "I'm Going Down", "Dancing In The Dark" and the only #1, "My Hometown") are all fine songs as well. But the album does contain its share of mediocrities, and song for song it doesn't quite measure up to Springsteen's finest moment, the double-disc "The River" from 1980, which to me stands proudly as his single greatest work.

That's not to say that you should avoid "Born In The USA". It has some of Springsteen's most accessible and fun songs, first and foremost the straigh-ahead rocker "Dancing In The Dark", the rollicking "Cover Me" and the anthemic "Glory Days"..
If you're only going to buy a handful of Bruce Springsteen's twelve studio and three live albums (four if you count "Chimes Of Freedom"), make this one of them, along with "The River", "Born To Run", "Darkness On The Edge Of Town" and "18 Tracks".

4-0 out of 5 stars Albums don't get much bigger than this....
"Born in the U.S.A." is an amazingly popular album, one of the biggest ever recorded: it has 6 huge radio hits, plus another song ("I'm Goin' Down") which was also ocassionally heard on the radio, and is one of the album's best tunes. Everything about this album is big; "Born in the U.S.A.," "Cover Me," and "Darlington County" are arena-ready anthems that lead everything off with a big bang. In fact, the first four songs are rollicking and loud, Springsteen and his band in top songwriting form, playing their hearts out with gusto. The beautiful, mid-tempo, more laid-back "Downbound Train" finally lets the album breathe a little, and showcases Springsteen at his most poignant. Other poignant songs include the mesmerizing and well-known "I'm On Fire," and the album's closer, "My Hometown."

In its entirety, this album is a snapshot synopsis of working-class America in the late 20th century. It's well known by now Springsteen's disfavor with Ronald Reagan using "Born in the U.S.A." as the signature song for his 1984 re-election campaign, but that's just half the story. In my opinion, other songs on this record sybolize American patriotism in much more quaint but larger ways.

What else can be said about this larger-than-life album? It's 12 very tuneful songs that are at times personally introspective, while at other times they showcase Springsteen's grand sense of fighting for the common man through his lyrics and music.

5-0 out of 5 stars Best purchase I have made in a long time
Thank you, Bruce, for leaving your song "I'm on Fire" off your Greatest Hits collection! If you hadn't done that, I would probably never have bought one of the best albums I've heard in a long, long time...even if I did make that discovery about twenty years after the rest of the world.

This CD is great from start to finish, and as soon as you listen to it all the way through once, you realize why it's an American classic. There is not a bad song on here--surprisingly, the weakest songs are the singles "Dancing in the Dark" and "Glory Days." Songs that were never released as singles are the ones that sound the most original, the least commercial, and are the ones that rock the hardest. What amazes me about this CD is its ability to make me feel like I'm actually in Jersey in the mid-eighties--a fantastic trick, since during the mid-eighties I was about five years old and living in Ohio.

The album opens with the title song, which everyone knows, and promptly goes into a few that I had never heard before and immediately fell in love with. Although "I'm on Fire" is the reason I bought the album, now I can honestly say that I could not pick an absolute favorite song. The CD is just that good. Bruce's snarling vocals are great--I think that he more than anyone else owes much of his singing style to Elvis, although he most definitely made his own adjustments and tweaked it to be pure Springsteen.

I am only sorry that I can't give this album more than five stars, because that seems inadequate. This is a great one to start a Springsteen collection with.

5-0 out of 5 stars terrific
this is my favourite springsteen cd containing great songs like dancing in the dark and born in the usa.five stars.very highly recommended

5-0 out of 5 stars NO SURRENDER
In which the prodigal son finally stops running and comes home to stay. At 35 he is comfortable in his skin, reassured in his vision of America and not afraid to tell the world about it. Compare this to "Born To Run" and you can see the evolution. He's tackled every conceivable issue here: friendships - "No Surrender"; realtionships - "Bobby Jean"; aging - "Glory Days"; and family - "My Hometown." Even the misunderstood title cut (you should really listen to it, Ronnie) cries out to be taken seriously. He is a popster in the mold of Michael Jackson, but with the spirit of every poet from Dylan on out who came before him. Easily his best effort and among the best of all time! A+ ... Read more

20. All Things Must Pass [DIGI-PAK EDITION]
list price: $24.98
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Asin: B00005UKE0
Catlog: Music
Sales Rank: 337
Average Customer Review: 4.78 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Reviews (290)

4-0 out of 5 stars Good album, but...
Not a great one. The inclusion of "The Original Jam" (originally titled 'Apple Jam') simply does not warrant this. Any musician can get his friends together in the studio and jam, record and release it. But George does this and it inflates the cost of his 2 disc set. For what? As it is, the orignal 2-disc set (with some exceptions) more than stands on its own. "I'd Have You Anytime" has George starting out his first solo disc with a slow, almost dreamy, country sounding (The Band comes to mind) song. Super tune with a beautiful guitar solo near the end. "My Sweet Lord", despite the lawsuits with this song, when I hear those big acoustic guitars and that chanting, I remember that this was THE song of late 1970. "Wah-Wah" is one the few songs hurt by the big Phil Spector production employed on this disc. Being that it is such a good song, it simply doesn't need it. However, Ringo excels on drums. "Isn't It A Pity" is a superb song. Nice arrangment by John Barham with the strings and good counter melody played by George on guitar but the song goes on too long. "What Is Life" is George's pop song--and a darn good one too. Catchy, with stinging guitar and good horns. More country leanings with Dylan's "If Not For You." This song benefits from an uncluttered arrangement. Kudos here to steel pedal guitarist Pete Drake who performs magnificently on this song as well as others on this disc. "Behind That Locked Door" is another fairly sparse countryish production, although not as good as the previous song. "Let It Down" has Harrison going back to the big production and succeeding. Cannon drum shots cut through the reverb to highlight one of Harrison's more thoughtful songs. "Run of the Mill" boasts George singing (very well) a gorgeous tune. A definite highlight of this disc. "Beware of Darkness," lyrically could be the high point for Harrison on this set. A very interesting and moody piece. "Apple Scuffs" is just an ode to the fans who hung around the Apple offices. Simple and to the point, and it works. "Sir Frankie Crisp" a piano driven piece of no real consequence. "Awaiting On You All" is another bloated production that is today, almost unlistenable. Besides, its too preachy. "All Things Must Pass" was debuted during the "Let It Be" sessions. This song could be the jewel of the set. Passionately mournful, expertly sung with beautiful words. Harrison outdoes himself. "I Dig Love" is a dud. Filler. Did he forget all of a sudden how to write words? "Art Of Dying." Can there be a religious, up tempo pop song about dying? Sure, but does anyone want to hear about it, that is the real question. "Isn't It A Pity (version 2)". There is no need for this. Version one sufficed well enough, thank you. And finally we have "Hear Me Lord" which closes out the set. It's not a bad song but by now the overall preachiness of the set has worn in and another song about religion is overkill. This is unfortunate as the backing for the song is tremendous. The only redeemable features for me regarding the bonus materials were "I Live For You" featuring more superb playing by Pete Drake and the alternate backing track of "What Is Life," which has the different arrangement which I enjoyed. The 2 demos ("Beware of Darkness" and "Let It Down") didn't peak my curiosity much. The re-do of the hit "My Sweet Lord" was just awful. It's interesting that Harrison would never again use the big Spector production approach again for his material (for the most part). By cheapening the album with a 'jam' that had no relevance to the rest of the set, Harrison hurt the overall feel of the disc. However, the disc was a success because of the good songwriting, superb musicianship and crafting of each song.

5-0 out of 5 stars The First And The Greatest Solo Record By An Ex-Beatle
What can I say that hasn't already been said? Well, nothing, but oh well. This record easily beats out any of the other records put out by the other Beatles at this time. Also, after being shut up for so many years, George was finally able to freely write, record, and release his own work. Sure, Phil Spector's production seems overblown today, and I'll admit that I'm not a huge fan of his "wall of sound" technique, but "All Things Must Pass Naked" would be a terrible travesty and an insult to the music that George Harrison made. It also stands as a testament to the times. Almost every song on this record is excellent, and even the songs that aren't as good are still WAY better than anything released today. My personal favorites are "My Sweet Lord", "Wah-Wah", "Isn't It A Pity" (The version from side 1), "What Is Life", "Let It Down", "Beware Of Darkness", "All Things Must Pass", and "Art Of Dying". I've seen several complaints that George is too preachy on some songs (i.e. "Awaiting On You All"). Well, George was a religious person, and he wrote good enough lyrics, so it doesn't matter if it's too preachy. The bonus tracks are pretty good, although I prefer the original "My Sweet Lord" to the reworked version, but that one's also pretty good. Also, I think that Phil Spector should have used the backing track of "What Is Life" offered in the bonus tracks, instead of the original, but that's just a small detail. I'm also glad that the Apple Jam was preserved, instead of left off, because you can't blame them for jamming, especially when you have an all-star team like they did on this record. My only beef is that the Apple Jam is out of order. Overall, this is definitely an essential record to any rock music collection, and if you're a guitar player, you'd like the Apple Jam.

5-0 out of 5 stars My Sweet Lord.
this is one of the greatest thing ever recorded by human kind. I CAN'T SAY MORE. love ya george!

5-0 out of 5 stars The Best Of George Harrison!
When The Beatles were a group Harrison was the least noticed of
the "Fab Four".When the Beatles decided to break up and go out on their own he rocked the world with this album.This album
became a best seller and an instant hit.When you would turn on the radio during the 1970's you would hear a song off of this album.Not only was the album a best seller,Harrison also had two
singles that were also big.One of the songs was "What Is Life".
The other song that turned into a megahit was "My Sweet Lord".
You can still turn on the radio today(30 years later) and still
hear this song being played.Another song that I still remember
from this album was "If Not For You".George Harrison had struck
it big on his own.He recently died and will be sorely missed.If
you want to hear good music and own a piece of history purchase
this CD.You will never forget it.

2-0 out of 5 stars I should have passed
I like the Beatles, and I thought George's were the best Beatle songs. I like Concert for George and I like other people playing his music. After watching/listening to Concert for George, I decided to get a George CD to round out my music a bit.

Read all the glowing great 5-star reviews for ATMP, and recognized a couple of the popular songs, so I figured I was in for a treat. However, as much as I hate to say it, I can't even give it an average rating. I've listened to it enough times on the way to work (and once at home during an exercise in music appreciation) to be caught by any catchy tunes or inspired songs, and I'm afraid there aren't very many. Yes, there is My Sweet Lord, Isn't It a Pity, What Is Life, If Not For You (isn't it a Dylan song) - and that's about it. I try to get into Wah-Wah (though somewhat muddled) and try to like some of Beware of Darkness. Beyond that it is a struggle to listen to, I'm sorry to say. ... Read more

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