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61. Orange County
$22.99 $15.41 list($24.98)
62. Greatest Hits and Videos (CD &
$13.98 $4.95
63. Skull & Bones
$41.49 $16.18
64. Live & Rare
$10.99 $7.73 list($11.98)
65. Little Nicky (2000 Film)
$14.99 $9.98 list($16.98)
66. Harold & Kumar Go to White
$18.98 $7.25
67. Methods of Mayhem
$11.98 $5.25
68. Royal Highness
$9.98 $6.42
69. State of Euphoria
$14.99 $11.82 list($18.98)
70. Freek Show
$18.98 $0.46
71. New Old Songs
$14.99 $12.47 list($17.98)
72. Hell's Pit - Version 1
$17.98 $4.00
73. Menace to Sobriety
$11.99 $2.50 list($12.98)
74. Schmack
75. The Wraith: Shangri-La [Riviera]
$14.99 $7.97 list($18.98)
76. Bizaar
$1.82 list($16.98)
77. Diet for a New America
$14.99 $9.93 list($18.98)
78. Bizzar
$11.98 $6.95
79. The Family Values Tour '98
$12.98 $9.96
80. Fistful of Metal

61. Orange County
list price: $11.98
our price: $10.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B00005U2LI
Catlog: Music
Sales Rank: 22638
Average Customer Review: 4.54 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

The nouveau Orange County, California, punk legacy kick-starts the soundtrack to Jake Kasdan's updated teen-hell comedy. The Offspring's newly recorded "Defy You" energetically explores their roots, and Social Distortion offer a live version of their trademark "Story of My Life." But that OC focus quickly gives way to a broad, buoyant collection of punk and hip-hop-inflected pop that includes a Green Day-ish new track by Foo Fighters ("The One") and equally hooky cuts by Cake, Lit, Bad Ronald, Quarashi, and Crazy Town. The album's emotional and musical shadings come courtesy of Pete Yorn's subdued "Lose You," the acoustic "Under the Tracks" by Creeper Lagoon, and Phantom Planet's anthemic "California," as well as a welcome pair of tracks ("Lay Down Burden," "Love and Mercy") by original SoCal Sound legend Brian Wilson. First pressings of the album also include a four-track bonus disc with songs by Zebrahead (the appropriate "O.C. Life"), Ill Kidd, the Ataris, and Riddlin' Kids. --Jerry McCulley ... Read more

Reviews (28)

5-0 out of 5 stars ORANGE COUNTY KICKED 'butt'!!!
I just saw the movie, 'Orange County' two days ago on opening night and I heard that the soundtrack kicked 'butt' but as I sat through the movie hearing all these completely kick'butt' songs I decided to buy the amazing soundtrack otherwise I would just die. The CD has awesome songs besides the main titles of 'The One' by the Foo Fighters and so on and so forth. This CD is actually one of those where you don't have to say 'Sorry, let me change that' when you're listening to it in the car with friends and a HORRIBLE MISTAKE of a song comes on. With the ORange County soundtrack it's different, I loved every SINGLE song and I also got tuned in to new bands that kick 'butt'!
Go out and get this CD now!

3-0 out of 5 stars Soundtrack - Orange County Review
Orange County's soundtrack, as mentioned in our movie review, has an elective mix from a number of high profile bands lending new music to the movie. Headlining the effort is a brand-spanking new track from fellow Californian's The Offspring. Their new track "Defy You" does just that. It is an anti-establishment sediment that literally gives the finger to the man, stating that "I am alive."

While The Offspring's new track is leading the CD, don't you think it will stop there. The new Foo Fighter's track "The One" has been getting massive airplay as we await their new disc this summer.

Crazy Town is also featured on the soundtrack with their past hit (read: old) "Butterfly." Also making an appearance is the generally poppy Cake with "Shadow Stabbing" and punksters Bad Ronald with "1st Time." The ladder track feature some generally funny lyrics about a man's first time.

Brian Wilson's new track "Lay Down Burden" is a very mellow track that seems to fit nicely in the middle of the CD. While I was disappointed with the poor quality of Social Distortions live rendition of "Story of my Life," it is always nice to hear from Social D.

Most of the tracks featured on this soundtrack are actually in the film (a rare occurrence these days) so if you see the movie and like the music, you can bet it will be on here. Over all a very good, if not average, soundtrack.

-Erich Becker is defying you.

5-0 out of 5 stars music person
I thought this was an awsome cd. I my self grew up in orange county, and thought the movie was hilarious, and the sound track was even better. one of my favorite songs was 12 rods "glad that its over", depicting much of my teen age years. there are many other wonderful songs on the sound track as well, such as california by Phantom Planet(also one of my favorites. there were even tracks i did not like, but were tolerable because it was such a great sound track. I highly recommend it to anyone who will listen.

4-0 out of 5 stars Sugarbomb Track
That Sugarbomb song "Hello" is excellent, and as an added bonus it is used in the same exact situation in "National Lampoon's Van Wilder." Both movies fade to the credits with this song.

Up there with the song at the end of Hackers for better fade out songs.

5-0 out of 5 stars track 15 of orange county soundtrack
The title of track 15 is "Hello" and it is by Sugarbomb. It is definitely the best song on the CD and simply in general, although I do love the entire CD. Buy it if you haven't already, and for everyone else who was confused about the title of the hidden track, spread the word! Ciao* ... Read more

62. Greatest Hits and Videos (CD & DVD)
list price: $24.98
our price: $22.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B0000DZEA0
Catlog: Music
Sales Rank: 7363
Average Customer Review: 4.21 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Album Description

DVD HIGHLIGHTS : Also heard via their music videos are four more Top 10 Modern Rock hits: "Around The World," "The Zephyr Song," "Can’t Stop" (#1) and "Aeroplane." The directors represented on the DVD are among the most acclaimed in music video history. ... Read more

Reviews (33)

5-0 out of 5 stars Great compilation, but...
...The tracklisting could have been a little better, and the 'play all' feature on the DVD only plays the first two videos and then keeps repeating on the clip for "Suck My Kiss". (Hopefully, this is just a production error that Warner Bros./Warner-Reprise Home Video will correct that error soon.)
Here's what should have been instead:

1. Give It Away
2. Suck My Kiss
3. Breaking The Girl
4. Under The Bridge
5. Soul To Squeeze
6. My Friends
7. Warped
8. Aeroplane
9. Love Rollercoaster
10. Parallel Universe
11. Scar Tissue
12. Otherside
13. Californication
14. By The Way
15. The Zepyhr Song
16. Can't Stop
17. Fortune Faded
18. Save The Population

1. Give It Away
2. Suck My Kiss
3. Under The Bridge
4. Soul To Squeeze
5. My Friends
6. Aeroplane
7. Around The World
8. Scar Tissue
9. Otherside
10. Californication
11. Road Trippin'
12. By The Way
13. Universally Speaking
14. The Zepyhr Song
15. Can't Stop
16. Fortune Faded

3-0 out of 5 stars Good, but unfortunately lacking
Under The Bridge
Give it Away
Scar Tissue
Soul to Squeeze
Suck My Kiss
By The Way
Parallel Universe
Breaking the Girl
My Friends
Higher Ground
Universally Speaking
Road Trippin'
Fortune Faded
Save the population
Higher Ground
Suck My Kiss
Give it Away
Under the Bridge
Soul to Squeeze
My Friends
Around the World
Scar Tissue
Road Trippin'
By The Way
The Zephyr Song
Can't Stop

Universally Speaking

First off, I'm huge Chili Peppers fan, and love all there cd's, and do think this is a good cd, but it is just sadly lacking where it could have been a perfect cd, if it had been complete. Most the songs that were picked were hits that most people have heard, however the cd is missing some big songs, most notably, Zephyr Song, Around the World, and Aeroplane. plus, on a lesser note, Knock Me Down, Magic Johnson, and Love Rollercoaster, plus it would have been cool to have had the Ramones cover of Havana Affair on a Peppers CD. Since the cd is only 66 minutes at least three more songs would have fit, or if anything, why include Parallel Universe or Road Trippin, they were great songs, but not 'hits' like the others.... However, on a good note, all the songs sound great, and it is great having all of them on one cd. ...the new songs are great too.

As forthe DVD, this makes up for the incomplete feeling of the cd. Since it includes the videos to almost all there videos, but not all, it is a great collection, nonetheless. Two are missing one is probably due to Legal Issues and Copyright, that being Love Rollercoaster, the other is the first version to My Friends, though the other version is on the DVD, I always liked the first version, and it would have been nice to have had both, however, if you listen to the commentary on the track, they explain why it was excluded, unfortunately. However, my DVD did seem to have some type of looping problem that didn't let me play all through, and I had to keep hitting the menu to get to the next song, and after any song not on Blood Sugar Sex Magic, it would go back to the video listing for BSSM, I'm assuming it is some pressing mistake, because I traded it in for another and same problem on two DVD players, however, each song has a commentary which is quite insightful, and a couple of behind the scenes, and on tour footage, and other footage. Overall, it is a great album to add to your collection, just to have most the videos on one DVD, and most the songs on one cd.

2-0 out of 5 stars 2 Star CD; 2 Star DVD 2 Star on
I love the Chilis. THey are an amazingly, talented group of musicians who seem to always be in sync musically with lucious harmonies and melodies. But this collection is just bad. I love all the songs but it is very botched.

Here is what I think of this great band's greatest hits and great video collection. I am stating the facts:

Under the Bridge-CD/DVD
Give It Away-CD/DVD
Suck My Kiss-CD/DVD
Breaking the Girl-CD only

Missing: If you Have to Ask(entirely)
Breaking the Girl-DVD

What went wrong: A start to the many flaws, but not entirely awful on this album portion. Of course, If you have to ask was a single. Higher Ground is a great song, and was included on the What Hit's Compilation in 1994. It would have been wonderful to have that song substituted for If you Have to Ask, but I guess the record label needed a trade-off when it would be time for the band to release a greatest hits compilation for Warner Bros., as they did get Under the Bridge on What Hit's from EMI. So a favor for a favor. Lastly, Why oh why, do you not include Breaking the Girl on DVD. That is
by far one of the best ever Chili Peppers videos.

One Hot Minute
My Friends-CD/DVD
Aeroplane-DVD only

Missing: Warped(entirely)

What went wrong: First off, it is no secret John Fruscante discards that One Hot Minute was ever a RHCP album. As side from that, John is truly one of the greatest guitar heroes from the 90's and on (although I strongly disagree with Rolling Stones placing him at # 17 of the all-time top 100). But John, you weren't in the band at this time, and did not play on the album, so if you critize this album, then please support your critism and complain about the albums made prior to you first joining the band. I thought so. As for the actual songs,
Warped and Aeroplane were singles, and although they do include the Aeroplane video on the DVD, I am amazed they didn't follow the pattern for the CD.

Scar Tissue-CD/DVD
Parallel Universe-CD only
Road Trippin'-CD/DVD


Around The World(entirely)
Parallel Universe-DVD

What went wrong: Parallel Universe is a great track and the video is missed. But you missed putting the actual album
single Around The World on the CD/DVD, WTF!@# Again I am puzzled. A great song and an excellent video. Very bad job!

By The Way
By The Way-CD/DVD
Universally Speaking-CD/DVD

The Zephyr Song-DVD only
Can't Stop-DVD only


The Zephyr Song-CD
Can't Stop-CD

What went wrong: I am starting to give up what went wrong, but another case of great songs only presented on this
collection in the video form!

New tracks

Fortune Faded-CD only
Save the Population-CD only


Fortune Faded-DVD

What went wrong: Yes there is a new video, why not included it!!!

The rest (misc. collections)

Soul to Squeeze-CD/DVD


Love Rollercoaster(enitrely)

What went wrong: Well Love Rollercoaster was a great song and was a single, and featured a cool
animated video with Beavis and Butthead, but again what else is new with this collection.

Bottom Line: Hey the results speak for themselves. I love the Chili Peppers, but whoever made this collection botched
the hell out of it. Get it at your own risk!

5-0 out of 5 stars the greatest of greatest hits albums
The Red Hot Chilli Peppers Greatest HIts album is the greatest of greatest hits albums which features 14 of thier greatest hits and two new tracks:Fortune Faded and Save the population.Anthony Kiedis's vocals on every song will amaze listeners.Emotional Ballads such as Suck my kiss are timeless.If you are in the mood to rock out with guitarist john frusciante this is your cd.Drummer Chad Smith captures the vibe on the song By The Way,And bassist Michael"Flea"Balzary hits each beat on Otherside.

5-0 out of 5 stars A great Album for a new Fan
I have only recently becime interested in RHCP. Since then I have heard many of their albums. I had only heard 2 of their songs before buying this album: Californication and Scare Tissue. Sure some good songs are not on this album, most notably around the world and can't stop, but they are on the DVD, so I can Live with that.

Unlike some others, I believe that there is a good mix of songs on the album.
Also unlike other fans I prefer the later music. I believe the latter period has songs with more meaningful lyrics, not just hard heavy music.

My favourite songs from the CD/DVD in order are:

1. Otherside (CD)
2. Universally Speaking (CD)
3. Californicaltion (CD)
4. Can't Stop (DVD)
5. Soul to Squeze (CD)
6. By the Way (CD)
7. Paralled Universe (CD)
8. Under the Bridge (CD)
9. Give it Away (CD)
10. Around the World (DVD)
11. Scare Tissue (CD)

I don't really like the rest but they are still quite good.

The DVD portion of the Album has some great videos. The commentaries, behind the scenes and the By the Way featurette extras are good extras.

In conclusion If you are a looking at this album and don't own any other RHCP CD's (meaning a new fan) This is a good Album. For long time fans, buy this only if you are interested in the videos, as you probabilly already own all the songs on the CD already. If you are a obsessed fan, you will already own the album. For you, you can thank your lucky stars for the 2 new songs and DVD part. In my opinion, buying the same songs over again in new packageing is no fun and a waste of your hard earned green ones (or different colured ones if you are from Australia).

Comparing the album to greatest hits albums from other artists, all the songs are hits, and have been heard by a wide audience.

In short, I recommend this album for purchase. The 5 stars is for the fact that I will probabilly not buy a second pre 2003 RHCP, This has everything. ... Read more

63. Skull & Bones
list price: $13.98
our price: $13.98
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B00004SVJR
Catlog: Music
Sales Rank: 33607
Average Customer Review: 3.9 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

As rap-metal hybrids continue to sell millions, Cypress Hill fills the "Bones Disc" of this two-CD set with a half-dozen hard rockers that keep things loose-limbed enough to incite the dance floor to something other than moshing. The best music the group has released in years, it shows that this decade-old act is still capable of surprise. The accompanying "Skull Disc" hardly delivers the same jolt, but should satisfy hardcore fans of the Hill. While Cypress Hill sound convincing and forceful over the 64 minutes of Skull & Bones, the record's lyrics have little new to say: most of these songs warn off would-be competitors, praise ganja, or complain about the hardships presented by the rappers' celebrity status. Still, the crunching "Bones" tracks and the occasional Spanglish verses show that this crew hasn't run out of spirit yet.--Bob Roget ... Read more

Reviews (77)

5-0 out of 5 stars AwEsOmE
At first I thought these guys were wierd because they put 11 songs on one disc and 6 songs on the other instead of 17 on one disc. Then when I started to listen I realized the Skull disc was all rap and the Bones disc was rap with rock choruses. I liked that. The only bad thing is that a lot of the songs sound the same but I don't mind. I think I like the Bones disc because it's rock and rap but the only drawback is that it has only 6 songs. I wish there were more songs on the Bones disc and actually on the Skull disc too because I liked that one too. Overall I loved this cd and I think you all should buy it. If you have kids I'd buy the edited or kiddie version because this has a lot of swears, especcialy the Skull disc. I'd reccomend Kid Rock if you like this one but personnaly I like Cypress Hill more then Kid Rock. Buy this NOW!

4-0 out of 5 stars Skulls & Bones
Cypress Hill has carved out a pretty good repetition for themselves for the most they have been very consisted with each album release a long the way they had one mistep the forgettable Black Sunday.. They have release their first spanish speaking cd earlier this year.. Now they are back with their most adventureous release of their career.. Productions duties handled by Muggs who is one of the most underrated producers out there in there in hip hop today.. The Skull disc is what we expect from Cypress Hill and should keep long time fans satisfied with tracks like Another Victory, Cuban Necktie, What U Want From Me, Highlife, Certified Bomb.. The Bones Disc take Cypress Hill to another level this is experimental for the most part The Bone disc is 6 track ep of rap-metal tracks that will give Korn, Limp Bizkit, Kid Rock and others of this form of music some competition among the noteworthy Valley Of Chrome, Get Out Of My Head, Superstar( Rock).. All n All good effort what you expect from Cypress Hill should came fans happy..

4-0 out of 5 stars This disc is "Another Victory".
I believe "Cypress Hill" got dissed by some for jumping on the rap-rock bandwagon with this one, but since they were around before most, and do it better, who cares. Disc 1 is the best rap they've released since "Black Sunday", and includes the great tracks "(Rap) Superstar", "Stank Ass Hoe", and "What You Want From Me". Disc 2 is the rock part of it, and includes the cool "Valley Of Chrome", "Can't Get The Best Of Me", and "(Rock) Superstar". In short, it's one of my favorites of theirs, and should satisfy your craving for both genres.

2-0 out of 5 stars A Disaster, A Trite Travesty, etc.
Why did they make this album two discs when it fits on one CD? Anyhow, this was a waste of plastic for the world and money for me personally. Cypress Hill showed that rap CAN take absolutely no skill. The beats are repetitive and are joined by annoying choruses. These gentlemen treat women worse than Ja Rule does in his lyrics, which doesn't say much for their character. Plus, does the world really need any more musicians who sing about their marijuana? Keep it to yourself guys, you're not cool just because you smoke.

4-0 out of 5 stars Lets get this straight_OLd Skool Cypres Hil
Cypress Hill , whatever your opinion on rap and/or hiphop this is old skool stuff , no rubbish to be heard from these guys .Bagging beats , proper hiphop bass lines and drums to bounce to.
Like i said before these guys are the legends of hip/hop rap , and you will love this if you are a avid fan , the first cd is rap , THEIR kind of music , hip hop attitude , swearing drugs and all of that.
The second Cd is a amazing baggin drums and heavy riffs which goes amazingly with their rap. Now before you start to cuss this , all you hip/hop'rs out their , you may be forgetting that Cypress Hill grew up listenin to the rock ledgends such as Led Zep , an Black Sabbath , don't believe me? Look it up , you'l see . Il take 1 star away cos i no these days rockers n' rappers have some stupid tension goin on ,so this is a warning to any rock music haters.
So , the first cd has amazin array of underground hipH , while the second brings in rock attitude , not that its any thing new , old skool fans will no that they hav always been open minded in thier music , done rock covers and entwined their rap with rocky anthems, chek this out , buy it! ... Read more

64. Live & Rare
list price: $41.49
our price: $41.49
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B000006ZMC
Catlog: Music
Sales Rank: 26648
Average Customer Review: 4.63 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Album Description

Japanese 12 track import only collection features the rarecuts 'Darkness Of Greed', 'Clear The Lane' & a live coverof N.W.A.'s 'Fuck Tha Police', plus nine other rare & livetracks. 1997 Sony release. ... Read more

Reviews (54)

5-0 out of 5 stars the Cd Rage fans must get
This cd kicks @$$! It is the best cd I own. There is so much energy in these live tracks its unbeliveable. The guitar solos alone are enough to make you buy this cd; they really show how talented Tom Morrello is. Also, "**** Tha Police" is one of the best songs I have ever heard. It is amazing. The only drawback on the whole cd that I found was on "Bombtrack", where they screw up a little between the chorus and the second verse, but its easily forgivable since so much energy is packed into the rest of the song. Other than that, it shows what Rage is all about. A must buy!

5-0 out of 5 stars Better than Live at the Grand Olympic Auditorium
This "official bootleg" is a telling compilation of various Rage concerts throughout the mid-90s and may represent the final phase of "old school" RATM. What do I mean by old school? From the beginning up until the Evil Empire days, Rage's live concerts emphasized speech and wicked guitar improvisations. Oddly, this sense of adventurism faded out around the time BOLA was released... and it's quite obvious too. The "Bullet in the Head" solo on this disc destroys the one on Grand Olympic Auditorium. "Zapata's Blood" is a recognizable live track to any hardcore Rage fan and this may be the best performance of the song ever. The bonus demo cuts are pretty good, and "F*ck tha Police" is a wild ride. But the real treat is "Hadda be Playing on the Jukebox", an 8 minute poem that tells a story by its guitar work alone.

This CD may not be as accessible to Rage newbies as Grand Olympic Auditorium, but will be an instant classic to true fans.

4-0 out of 5 stars Too bad it isn't better-known
I can imagine that the import price made a few people in the US think twice about buying this album-I know I thought twice. But Rage is the kind of band that makes you think, "well it's expensive, but from this band it is worth it." Their studio albums are more of an excuse to get their message out and raise money for charity, as well as a way to remember their live shows. Because that's where the group really shines, onstage. Bullet in the Head is a great song live, and the guitar on it is impeccable. Get any album with Tom Morello playing guitar, trust me.
Just so you know, the songs on this disc are compiled from various shows which are listed in the liner notes. Other than their usual live songs (all pre-Empire except one) there are other interesting features. Chuck D and the band collaborate on Zapata's Blood and Intro-(just hearing the first part of that sentence should make you want to buy it), and Rage jams to the lyrics of a poem by Allen Ginsberg.
But if you still aren't convinced, you can hear the last two tracks, which are not on any of their other releases. They are good, too, not just throwaways.

5-0 out of 5 stars A Great Live Rage Album Not To Be Missed
A great collection of live and rare songs from Rage Against The Machine, one of the best live acts in modern rock. I still remember Rage's charged performance at Woodstock '99 and how bad they made Metallica, the band going on stage after them, look. The two rare tracks are merely mediocre, although they may be of interest to hardcore fans. One especially noteworthy performance is Rage's cover of NWA's anti-police brutality anthem, F*** The Police. They turned a great old-school gangster rap song into an even better one. Chuck D. of Public Enemy, a large influence on Zack, also makes an appearance on the CD. This album is not to be missed, although it makes you want to kick yourself for not seeing Rage live when you had the chance.

5-0 out of 5 stars great for all rage fans
i am a big fan of rage against the machine, i own all their cds. i bought this one a few days ago. even though its expensive, its worth the money. this cd has songs from their first self titled cd, and other songs not on any other rage cd. they are really good live and this cd is sweet. i recommend it to all fans of them. ... Read more

65. Little Nicky (2000 Film)
list price: $11.98
our price: $10.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B00004Z45J
Catlog: Music
Sales Rank: 36247
Average Customer Review: 3.7 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

An Adam Sandler movie that stars Ozzy Osbourne as himself, Rodney Dangerfield as Satan's dad, and Harvey Keitel as Satan is bound to enlist a similarly high-profile collection of music acts to underscore things. Sure enough, a quick scan of the bands signed on reveals a pretty solid "Who's Who" of late-'90s hard rock. In this context, Cypress Hill are positively old-school. However, their track, "Rock Superstar," sounds perfectly slotted next to the molten screed of P.O.D., the moody murk of Incubus, and the machine head cutting edge of the Deftones (represented twice here, especially revealing in the final acoustic track). Insolence prove the merging of hard rock and hip-hop is something not about to go away. The addition of Muse and Powerman 5000 makes this an especially well-attended gathering. The only real question is, where's Ozzy? --Rob O'Connor ... Read more

Reviews (23)

3-0 out of 5 stars 3 Stars because it's missing key tracks
When I saw Little Nicky in the theatres, I thought to myself, "This movie's got some pretty good music! Maybe I'll buy the soundtrack." I did, but I stupidly forgot to look at the tracklist. Nearly HALF of the songs from the movie aren't on here! Ironically, the songs that were omitted are the BEST ONES OF ALL. Read on to see what you don't get on it.

Ozzy Osbourne - Flying High Again, Mama I'm Coming Home, No More Tears
Stampeders - Sweet City Woman
Chicago - Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is, Saturday In The Park
Scorpions - Rock You Like A Hurricane
Dandy Warhols - Bohemian Like You
Van Halen - Runnin' With The Devil
ACDC - Highway To Hell
Foo Fighters - Everlong
There are also Zebrahead and Lit tracks missing

The omissions of the above tracks is inexcusable, but still, the rest of the soundtrack DOES whip out some pretty good modern rock. The Linkin Park track, Points Of Authority, is a great example of this. Likewise, you get a remix of Disturbed's Stupify you can't get anywhere else (to my knowledge.) This is a good soundtrack overall, but if you plan to buy it, make sure it's got the song(s) you want!

4-0 out of 5 stars Good
This was a pretty good CD. 9 out of 12 tracks are solid. It has P.O.D, Incubus, Deftones, Cypress Hill, Linkin Park, Disturbed, Unloco and Powerman 5000 all have very strong outings on this CD. However the few clunkers were Muse, Filter and Insolence. Overall its a good buy, the few bad ones dont drag it down too much.

4-0 out of 5 stars Great CD, But Missing Some Songs
I bought this soundtrack after seeing the movie Little Nicky a bunch of times, and I thought to myself that it seemed like some songs were missing. After checking on the Internet, I found out that I was right! A bunch of great rock songs from the past (like "Running With The Devil" and "Highway to H*ll") were in the movie, but not on the soundtrack! Also, there are a couple of recent songs from the movie that aren't on the CD either. But, I do like this CD. Linkin Park's "Points of Authority", POD's "School of Hard Knocks" and Cypress Hill's "(Rock) Superstar" are my favorite songs. I also like "Cave" by Muse, "When Worlds Collide" by Powerman 5000 and "Pardon Me" by Incubus are really good. All in all, I recommend this CD to people who like rock/metal and the movie Little Nicky.

4-0 out of 5 stars Great with 1 flaw
This cd was tight! Disturbed, Linkin Park, P.O.D., and Cypress Hill make this a great rock cd. Theres only one problem... Why the heck is Filter on it?!! They aren't a rock band! Other than that, It's 2 big thumbs up

4-0 out of 5 stars De las mejores bandas sonoras que he visto
Excelente disco. Despues de ver la pelicula corri al computador a ver si estba disponible la banda sonora y me encontre con la grata sorpresa de que asi era... pero, en la pelicula aparecen muchas otras canciones tan buenas e incluso algunas mejores que no aparecen.. donde esta Foo Fighters, AC/DC e incluso Ozzy, que pese a aparecer en la pelicula no figura en el disco?? Sin embargo sigue siendo un muy bueno disco para los que gustan del ROCK! ... Read more

66. Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle
list price: $16.98
our price: $14.99
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67. Methods of Mayhem
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As far as the notion of the caveat emptor goes, it's hard to beat what's imprinted right on the Methods of Mayhem CD. "Warning: this CD is nothing but worthless plastic unless played loud as f**k...." OK then. Scenario: Tommy Lee, tattooed wife-slapping bad boy, dives headfirst into the not-so-brave or new world of white-rap road rage and comes up with a pretty smoking CD--even with the volume not cranked up to 11. Joining forces with Lil' Kim, Kid Rock, Mix Master Mike, and obnoxious poseur Fred Durst, Lee kicks out the jams with a thundering hammer-of-the-B-boy-gods glee. With tracks like "Crash" and the skittery assault of "Hypocritical," Methods of Mayhem is loud, snotty, and kinda cool. Even for those of us way too damn old and female to actually play the thing around the house. --Amy Linden ... Read more

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2-0 out of 5 stars Methods of retro
Tommy probably never invented the soup bowl.

Who cares?

Well, for all the while that Motley Crue SUCKED big time, he did make a name for himself.

So what`s this?

This is fun. Fun for him. Not the listener. Injecting hip-hop and funk and loops into metal or hard rock is already old hat, but Tommy and his new "crue" do go at it with some fever. "Get Naked" has it`s charm.

Other than that ? Save your money. Mayhem is old after the second spin, and the straight ahead "rock" (as in New Skin) is toe-crunchingly embarrassing.

There`s a song out there that does it all a hundred times better.

It`s called "Oh My God". (On the End Of Days soundtrack). It`s a mix of industrial thrash, melodic rock n roll, built on top of a spine of soul-wrenching lyrics.

It even has a disco rhythm in it (as in umchi, umchi, umchi). And it works. It is totally amazing.

The band is Guns N` Roses, and they (Axl Rose) have a new CD, Chinese Democracy, coming out in Spring 2000. Remember them? Supposedly 18 songs of this caliber, SO SAVE YOUR MONEY!

4-0 out of 5 stars MOM is not for your mother... just the way we like it
The opening line of "Serve The Servants" on Nirvana's In Utero read: 'teenage angst has paid off well / now I'm bored and old'. What that line did is set the foundation of vulnerability and pain which that entire album possessed. Now, although Tommy Lee is no Cobain, he knows how to make a point. Here, "Who The Hell Cares" starts with: 'this is the operator with a collect call from the LA county jail from Tommy / will you accept the charges?'. So although the two quotes have nothing in common, they work in essentially the same respects. This album is Tommy Lee's way of releasing his anger and disgust towards the press; it also covers his sexual side, his problems with drugs, and the paparazzi. But aside from the lyrical value of this disc, the music is just plain awesome. It's great driving music or equally as good for periods of anger and/or when you want something non-stop and in-your-face.

The two main highlights here are "Get Naked" and "Anger Management". On "Get Naked", it's just so funny to hear what lingo Tommy Lee uses (if I printed it here, they'd ... it out). How they ever made an edited version of it is beyond me. The guest appearances by Lil' Kim, Fred Durst, George Clinton, and Mix Master Mike also add appeal. The title for "Anger Management" pretty much speaks for itself. The line 'people ask me for answers as if I was a pope' is quite fitting. The other single, "New Skin", is decent, but sounds a lot like NIN's "Closer" and the appearance by Kid Rock was somewhat ill-timed. "Hypocritical" is a decent song, though it's hard to make out what they're saying. It doesn't quite outdo its predecessor, "Who The Hell Cares". After the opening, the guitar work hooks you and everything flows perfectly in and out of the chorus. "Crash" is another obvious track. It starts: 'here's some music to crash your car to'. If there's a better driving song out there, I'd like to know. Believe it or not, "Metamorphosis" might actually be the best song on the album. It's a bit more tame, and every time TiLo jumps in with 'times are changing...' one can't help but (want to) sing along. The only truly bad song on MOM is "Proposition Fxck You", which is a straight-up rap song. If you don't like rap, you won't like it (or vice versa). "Mr. Onsomeothershxts" is a pointless, 38-second track from Wu Tang member U-God. Finally, you have "Narcotic" and "Spun". Both of them are more of techno-rock and just act as what resulted from Tommy messing around on turntables and whatnot. "Narcotic" has a few good tidbits of Tommy's life ('forget about rehab') thrown in, whereas "Spun" is more of a basic techno tune.

Overall, this album has five unbelievably excellent songs (tracks 1, 3, 4, 7, 8). "Hypocritical" and "New Skin" are good as well, just not as good. And the remaining four tracks take a few listens for toleration. Although MOM came into the world at rock-meets-rap's musical peak, their music serves it purpose. It's fast, hard, unclothed-and-loving-it FU metal for the car, and NOT your parents. And, believe it or not, underneath Tommy Lee and TiLo's extremely volatile exterior sound, there are decent, respectable lyrics to be had. Like it says on the actual disc: '...take this shxt straight to you head - because after all, it's quiet when your dead'.

3-0 out of 5 stars Dope production and that's about it
Famed Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee decided to form Methods Of Mayhem as an outlet for his interest in the emerging (at the time) rap/rock craze. Although it's hard to tell who else is in the group besides him and Tilo, they do make pretty good music.

I have to admit that Tommy is a better lyricist than I originally thought, although he still isn't the best. The problem with the songs on here is that they don't really make a lot of sense. "Metamorphosis" is pointless, and "Get Naked", despite being very energetic, is a little too gimmicky (you can only milk the sex tape thing for so long). And another thing, a lot of these songs have weak choruses, especially "Who The Hell Cares", where the chorus simply goes: "Who the hell cares/Where the F you come from." They took the words right out of my mouth.

And the guest stars don't really shine either. Snoop Dogg seems distracted on "Who The Hell Cares" because he's not rapping on any kind of tempo, while "Mr. Onsomeothers**ts" is a generic interlude from U-God, of all people. And while things look promising on "New Skin", Kid Rock drops in to talk about the same stuff he always talks about -- how he's been around for ten years and that he mixes rap with rock.

The music on this album is more than good, and if this were simply an instrumental album, it would have easily gotten five stars. But Tommy and Tilo should polish their lyrics a little -- that, or polish the wordplay.

1-0 out of 5 stars It would be funnier if this album was meant to be a joke
Before Tommy Lee jumped on the post grunge sensitive rock bandwagon of today with "Never A Dull Moment", he released this album of his new "band" after he quit Motley Crue in 1999 when rap-metal/nu-metal was the "happenin' thang" (or something among those lines). Methods of Mayhem consists of Lee playing a variety of instruments and attempting to rap (hearing him talk like a thug in interviews ticks me off so bad, he couls talk like a normal person any other time, now he's just trying to cash in on whatever fad is in, and that really gets to me considering this is the guy who made me want to drum) along with numerous guest spots from Lil' Kim, Kid Rock, Fred Durst, and anyone else whose spotlight has since dimmed. The songs are repetitive, dull, boring, and honestly stupid and don't offer any kind of substance or showcase any of the talent that we all know Lee really possesses. All in all, Methods of Mayhem is undoubtadly one of the worst albums I have ever had the displeasure of hearing, and this just goes to show you that no matter what may be "in" at the time, you shouldn't quit your day job.

5-0 out of 5 stars What did YOU listen too? This totally rocks!
This is by far the best thing Tommy Lee has ever done. Motley was terminally bad (Lee was the best thing going for that band)and he should have stayed on the METHODS' hip-hop tip instead of going with the limp alternative rock on NEVER A DULL MOMENT.

"Who the Hell Cares" clearly stands as the best track. Incredible lurching rhythm, crunching guitar. This song shreds and the message is right on ("Who the hell cares/Where the ... you come from?"). Even Snoop delivers with a smooth rap. The other songs on this album are surprizingly well made ("Hypocritical," "New Skin," "Metamorphosis"). I don't know if you'd call "Get Naked" a song, but it sure is crazy - and very dirty. "Proposition ...You" is more like an old school hip-hop trip and an engaging rant against pigalettos. I even like the techno exercises at the end of the album by Scott Kirkland. If you can't vibe to this then you must not like kickin' hip hop metal. ... Read more

68. Royal Highness
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Reviews (137)

5-0 out of 5 stars kottonmouth kings are off the hook!
in my opinion i strongly feel that the kottonmouth kings cd royal highness, is so tight. it's punk rock, rap, reggae, and funk all put together to make a pimped out album. if you haven't tasted kmk's flava, then go check there cd out today. i promises you'll want to be down with the kmk klick as soon as you here one song. and if you like this record, check out there new one, hidden stash. then get kmk's infamous dj bobby b's new cd, 99 rips beyond. also try out too rude self titled album. too rude who is featured on a few songs on the royal highness cd, tears it up with his reggae sounds. i think that kottonmouth kings are the greatest and i really think that you will too. just check it out, and see for yourself!

5-0 out of 5 stars Kottonmouth Kings at their best!
The KMK are one of the few bands that haven't hit the mainstream and remain undeniably original. Of course, with most bands, the first album is the best, and this applies to the KMK as well. Royal Highness is the band at their best. This has absolutely nothing to do with the split with Saint and taking Johnny Richter on board, as many people believe. The reason why this album is their best is not because of Saint, it's because of the entire band. The album has a raw, slightly unhinged feel to it, as heard in Bong Tokin' Alcoholics and Misunderstood. Some bands attempt to fuse musical genres together, and fail miserably. From the reggae feel of Dog's Life and Psychadelic Funk to the punk sound of Spies, it becomes apparent that the Kings are versatile, able to flow from one sound to another seamlessly and perfectly. Daddy X's production outdoes even Dr. Dre's work; he creates such an intricate shotgun of sound that it will make even the most weary hip-hop junkie's eyes widen in surprise.

Opening with Bong Tokin' Alcoholics, the album slaps you across the face in the first minute. 'Gettin bent every night is the thing we do - I get up everyday in the afternoon.'
Flowing effortlessly into Play On, you start to get an idea about what the Kings are all about music-wise. Someone asked me who the Kings sounded like upon mentioning them, and for once in my life, I couldn't compare.

What you get is the Kings finest work, crafted into a 75 minute blast of hip-hop that screams 'not sane'. This is one for the houseparty.

2-0 out of 5 stars Was I really that stoned back then?
Recently re-discovered this album in a dusty old box, and gave it a spin for the first time in about five years. At first I was excited to visit old times, as I had bought this when I was 14-15 or so, and absolutely loved it. I'm 20, and it's just ridiculous garbage to me now. These guys are friggin' dorks. How is this turd of an album getting a higher overall star rating than the likes of De La Soul's "Stakes is High," or Redman's "Whut? Thee Album"? Malarkey.

After all of that, why was I so generous as to grace it with two stars? Because some of the production on one or two of the songs is actually pretty nice, like on Planet Budtron, and maybe a couple of others. If you had some decent emcees who weren't a bunch of jackasses rhyming over the beats, it might be a halfway decent album.

I literally use it as a mirror now, and I'm really not joking about that. I cut it into a smaller disc, and put rubber around the edges for finger comfort. It's a good mirror.

1-0 out of 5 stars oh boy....
Is this a joke band? If so...I don't get it. Nerdy Whiteboys who try(and fail miserably)to rap and wear goth makeup. Oh! and lets not forget the all important messages behind their (and I use this term loosely) "Songs". If you consider yourself a self respecting music fan you will avoid this band like the plague that they are.

1-0 out of 5 stars ho-hum musical love affair with the wacky weed without music
Hee-Hee! When the joke is squarely on you in its eye glaring glory, how long will it take the "band" to catch up and realize how high they rate on the suck-factor level? Boy, oh boy; this musical playground has idiot parks and dummy slides up the ying-yang.It is amazing that a musical unit would delightfully and UNCYNICALLY devote treasure troves of time to the low IQ idiot-denomenator theme of POT!!! While some of the greatest artists of our time made music(arguably) "better" because of drug use, these less then intelligent individuals sport a freakish over-the-top fetish for the herb, and the large gaping hole of interest in the tunes to back it up, shows just how bad and recyclable rap-rock is nowadays. Here's hoping that this class graduates kindergarten: Guys, keep on pulling strong:First grades around the corner! ... Read more

69. State of Euphoria
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Average Customer Review: 4.32 out of 5 stars
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Reviews (19)

4-0 out of 5 stars not anthrax's best
No two Anthrax CDs sound alike... State of Euphoia eschews much of the insane thrash heard on Among the Living for commercially oriented song structures. There are still plenty headbanging moments and every chorus is catchy... the songs stick with you. Any fan of the Belladonna era should have this CD already.

Who Cares Wins and Be All End All (both singles) are the heavier tracks... the former futuring an quality verse/chorus riff and excellent vocalwork by Mr. Belladonna. The other classic on here is Antisocial, their Trust cover (Nick McBrain's old band) and breakout hit. My only problem is that songs like Make Me Laugh and Now It's Dark, however fun they may be, are a little lightweight. The riffs and lyrics are cheesy as hell.. "now it's dark! i can't see! don't you fXXXing look at me! you don't care about anything!". Scott Ian is not exactly Shakespeare but these are really lame.

State of Euphoria is a cool album no doubt, but Persistence of time and Among the Living are better. Get those and White NOise first.

5-0 out of 5 stars VERY UNDERATED!!!!
what a great anthrax album this turned out to be after their classic follow up to among the this album is pretty damn weak....well just the production....but everything else kicks i said before joeys vocals are awsome as usual,guitars shred hear and their all over the place!!!.and lots of other things like more tributes such as stephen king.this album is kinda dumb to me cause it sounded like anthrax was getting into comic books,books,cartoons(maybe),etc..but everything else kicks and the best songs are:be all,end all,out of sight,out of mind,make me laugh,anti socail,now its dark....the only bad song was 13...ugh thank GOD it was short.anyways if your a big fan of anthrax and thrash metal...this is a must have in your collection!!.

5-0 out of 5 stars Another Excellent Album for Anthrax
Following up the thrash masterpiece "Among the Living" would have proven to be difficult by most bands. Anthrax in this case showed that they could produce an album equal to their greatest effort. In some cases I prefer "State of Euphoria" over "Among the Living". The flow of the album appeals to me more I guess. This album contains some of my favorite Anthrax songs ever. "Now it's Dark", "Be All, End All", and "Who Cares Wins" stand out as pure thrashing mayhem. Sadly this would prove to be the last of Anthrax's pure thrash metal albums. The following "Persistence of Time" was brooding and much darker, and also gave hints to the change in musical direction for the band. If you want to expereince fun thrashing metal you can not go wrong with this album.

4-0 out of 5 stars "I drink three six-packs just so I can look at your face."
Anthrax has always been a sentimental favorite of mine. They were the band that was instrumental in seeing me off on my first steps as metalhead. My musical tastes have broadened considerably in the sixteen years (has it been that long?) since I discovered Anthrax, but every now and then I have to return to where I began my journey. 1988's State of Euphoria brings back fond memories of my headbanging salad days. Even though SoE was not the group's best album, it is still mindblowing when put up against the excrementitious butt-rock like Poison and WASP that ruled the charts back in the day. How could it have been their best when they released the groundbreaking Among the Living the year before? Asking them to top AtL would be like asking your geography teacher to find a larger ocean than the Pacific.

A quick song review:

1. Be All, End All - A song that came out at a time when heavy metal was given was given a lot of bad press for driving teenagers to suicide and devil-worshipping. The lyrics are a condemnation of suicide, much like Ozzy Ozbourne's "Suicide Solution". But you were never going to hear something like that from Geraldo Rivera. It starts off with a somber and beautiful cello intro from Carol Freidman before switching into crushing, but upbeat metal.

2. Out of Sight, Out of Mind - An attack on phony bands and political correctness before most of us knew what political correctness was.

3. Make Me Laugh - A seriocomic blasting of televangelists like Jim Bakker and Jimmy Swaggart. Lyrically, it's hilarious. But it's also scary because there are still a lot of gullible people in 2004 who are throwing their life savings away to these charlatans.

4. Antisocial - A catchy remake of the song from the little known, and then disbanded, French band Trust. It was so well-received that Trust reformed and briefly toured with Anthrax.

5. Who Cares Wins - Here they offer their take on the homeless crisis. The musicianship on the first two minutes is striking to point of Megadeth level technicality.

6. Now It's Dark - A haunting track inspired by the 1986 film Blue Velvet. Granted, the lyrics are told from the perspective of Dennis Hopper's character; but the profanity is actually bland from overuse.

7. Schism - Starts off with an amazing drum solo courtesy of Charlie Benante. The lyrics dealt with a certain pet peeve of the band: racism.

8. Misery Loves Company - Inspired by the Stephen King novel Misery, and it's told from the crazy nurse's side of the story. The highlight of the whole album is Dan Spitz's dual soloing effect. This would be their last King song.

9. 13 - The worst thing Anthrax has ever done, and the reason SoE gets a 4-star rating. A bass guitar, chanting, what sounds like a xylophone, and breaking glass with laughing at the end. At least it's short.

10. Finale - A comical, barnstorming ode to marriage with great lyrics like:

"And then you wake, and chew off your own arm,
Or face the only graduate of Satan's School of Charm."

On a final note, Anthrax is the only band left in The Big Four still cranking out worthwhile material. Megadeth's future, if any, appears uncertain. Slayer is now just a shadow of their former selves. And Metallica, don't get me started on them. Yet Anthrax keeps soldiering on and keeping it real.

Overall rating: 4.5 stars.

4-0 out of 5 stars Euphoric
In Joey Belladonna, Anthrax had one of the most distinctive singers in Thrash. The biggest problem with a voice as powerful and clean as Belladonna's was how the hell do you incorporate it into something as rough and ready as thrash? Well, it took the band three albums, but they finally hit the nail on the head with 'State Of Euphoria'.

Often criticised as Anthrax's weakest album, it is easy to see why many fans don't rate it. Production wise, it lacks the bite and punch of 'Spreading The Disease' and 'Among The Living', and is nowhere near as heavy as 'Persistence Of Time'. Scott Ian's signature rhythm guitar crunch has been strangled, and the drums are right up in the mix. It sounds like a bit of a mess, but it actually works, in an odd way.

Instead of the rhythm guitar leading the songs, as is more usual in Thrash, it's the vocals that point the songs in whatever direction they may be heading. Joey Belladonna's melodies shine through, and they are a pleasure to hear. Belladonna has an excellent vocal range and a clear voice, and easily pulls off a number of difficult passages and songs. Few other Thrash singers ever matched him, except perhaps Mark Oseguda from Death Angel.

The odd mix of the album make it far easier to appreciate Charlie Benante's drumming than on other Anthrax albums. While many Thrash fans worship Dave Lombardo and Gene Hoglan, Benante often ends up forgotten, rather unfairly.

Anthrax were called a band with a social conscience after previous songs like "Indians", and that aspect of the band was further developed here. "Who Cares Wins" in particular examines the plight of the homeless, and how easy it is for those living comfortably to ignore. Elsewhere, they take a poke at money grabbing evangelists, on "Make Me Laugh". While it's a tried and true, and clich├ęd, target now, it was innovative in 1988. Racism and prejudice also take a hit, with "Schism".

Anthrax have always had a dark sense of humour. The sarcasm through "Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind", "Finale" and Make Me Laugh" is biting. "Misery Loves Company" is funny in it's own way too, based on the Stephen King novel 'Misery'.

While not as immediately likeable as other Anthrax albums, this does deserve repeated listens. If it's not heavy enough or the production is annoying, mess with your graphic equaliser until it's fixed. It is worth the effort. ... Read more

70. Freek Show
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Average Customer Review: 4.47 out of 5 stars
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Reviews (34)

5-0 out of 5 stars Step aside, ICP...
It takes a lot of talent to make me like ANY kind of rap, so I could tell right off that these guys had something special. They take the horrorcore rap genre one step farther, putting heavy background beats, relentlessly grating vocals, and meaningful lyrics together to create the best underground rap ever made. You just can't help rapping along and banging your head in rhythm to to catchy beat.

This is actually a concept album. The stars, Twiztid, feel labelled by the outside world as "Freek Shows", as shown in songs like "Do You Really Know", "Different", and "All I Ever Wanted". They feel more and more alienated, and finally, the violence ends with the heartfelt "I'm Alright" which is basically a suicide note.

To the narrow minded, Twiztid may seem like heartless bastards who like to sacrifice animals and rape women, but when you listen to the lyrics of this CD, you realize that they are really very intelligent people delivering a new breed of rap to the world.

5-0 out of 5 stars Will Be Long Remembered
This is one of those releases that will rarely leave your cd player. Twiztid have a great talent that can only be appreciated by a small and very fortunate number of people. There is something for everyone on this cd. I'm going to go through and review all of the tracks.

1. Intro: Very good intro. It definately sets the atmosphere for the Freek Show.

2. Mutant X: Probably the creepiest song on the album. The lyrics show that they stand in their place as part of the Freek Show no matter what. The creepy piano in the beat really makes this song.

3. We Don't Die: Another Juggalo anthem. This is a very powerful rock oriented song. It's basically what "Juggaloism" is all about.

4. Fall Apart: A very sad song that points out the fear of death with every living creature. Very dark lyrics.

5. F***onthe1stdate: This song is pretty funny. This is basically Jamie's and Mono's take on what they think dating should be like.

6. Do You Really Know?: Another sad song about how rough life can be for most of us. Great lyrics as usual.

7. Leave Me Alone: Another sad rock song. This is one most of us can relate to.

8. People Are Strange: A remake of The Door's classic. These guys did a great job on this one. There is even a small guitar solo with a really cool effect. Very atmospheric.

9. All I Ever Wanted: Features label mates ICP. They all go great with one another. This is basically a statement on how most people with very little wants in life are normally given the shaft.

10. I Wanna Be...: A Madrox solo song. It's very short and deals with Madrox's obsession with Batman.

11. Bagz: A rap song that talks about Twiztid's love for smoking pot. Good song.

12. Wut Tha Dead Like: Another song that features ICP. They bring up some good points in this one, especially when J is talking during the chorus.

13. Empty: This is one of the most depressing songs on the album. It's very personal, I think, but anyone can still relate to this one. Probably one of the greatest written songs on the album.

14. Where Itz Goin' Down: This one features the Three Six Mafia. It is also the debut of Anybody Killa. Blaze's verse is great as well.

15. Broken Wingz: Great song about how, to their beliefs, if you want to make it to Heaven, it will be a long and hard road.

16. Maniac Killa: Shaggy actually produced the beat to this one, and it's very good. ICP and Blaze are also on this song. This is definately a stand out track.

17. Different: A song about all of the people out there that have it rough because they don't think the way that most people are "supposed to" think. Another classic.

18. I'm Alright: Probably the most depressing song on the album. This song is basically a suicide note. It's very short and deep.

That's some info on the album. I've had this one since it came out in 2000, and I still listen to it religiously. I'm very glad that I was lucky enough to discover and appreciate Twiztid. It would be a shame if anybody had to miss out on this one. I'm really looking forward to their new album "The Green Book" that is supposed to be released later on this year. Until then, pick this up and enjoy it.

5-0 out of 5 stars Great Album
This is one kick ass album. Every song is great. I've listened to it literally for hours on end. Myself and a few friends took this cd on a 4 hour driving trip and it's all we listened to the whole time. If you're thinking of buying it, quit thinking and DO it. You won't be disappointed.

5-0 out of 5 stars Freek Show
This Cd Is awesome My First Twiztid Cd and Now I Have em All This Cd is More Of A Rock Cd than a rap but itz got sumthin for everyone Smokers songs(Bagz) Sex Songs((...)OnThe1stDate and a Solo Song From Jamie Madrox(I Wanna Be...)Guest Aperances include ICP, Blaze Ya Dead Homie, Anybody Killa and The Three 6 Mafia.You Have To Buy This Cd Dont Think twice about it you wont be sorry.


5-0 out of 5 stars If u r a juggalo buy this album
This cd is awesome it is one of twiztids greatest albums if u liked mostasteless u will love this cd i know i do

MMFCL ... Read more

71. New Old Songs
list price: $18.98
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Asin: B00005RTG8
Catlog: Music
Sales Rank: 14989
Average Customer Review: 2.12 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Most remix albums are irrelevant or just plain awful. Fortunately, Limp Bizkit's first remix album is neither. But with high-profile remixers drawn mostly from the hip-hop world, there's not much room for error. Timbaland adds a dark industrial edge to "Take a Look Around," P. Diddy amps up the bass line on "My Way," while Butch Vig's version of "Nookie" has a decidedly 1980s electronic flavor. Best of all, though, is the Neptunes' take on "N2gether Now." Its flowered-up, old-school hip-hop presentation makes it the cheeriest thing Fred Durst's ever been involved with. In fact, the only people who don't seem to have a handle on the remixing task are those in the band: DJ Lethal's efforts--with the exception of an energetic "Counterfeit"--are irrelevant, while Durst's "Faith/Fame" remix is just plain awful. Maybe they should stick to churning out the raw material that's sold millions of albums, and leave the remixing to the professionals. --Ted Kord ... Read more

Reviews (134)

1-0 out of 5 stars Limp Bizkit has nothing on RATM!!
I heard that MTV gave Limp Bizkit the award for rap-metal over Rage Against The Machine. Those judges ought to be thrown into garbage compressors!! Anyway, Limp Bizkit is probably the worst band of all time!! I heard their music and it sounds absolutely terrible!! Die Fred Durst die!!!! Limp Bizkit sucks RATM rules!!!!

5-0 out of 5 stars a real fan
first of all i dont even have the CD but any Cd by Limp Bizkit is good. So for all the people giving it 1 out of 5 stars are really stupid because they say they are one of limp bizkits fans but a REAL FAN would like all of their CD's

1-0 out of 5 stars I've heard better from limp bizkit
If you campare this cd to their other cd's, then this one sounds like a lot of crap. If you don't want to take my word then you can spend 15 dollars on a load of what should have been better.

1-0 out of 5 stars Uh-uh
No. Not even a little bit. No.
Unlike others reviewing this cd, I really liked CSHFW. I'm not ashamed to admit that. Rollin', My Generation, My Way, all good.
Previous cd's, again, all good.
This cd sucks. Really. It just sucks. Next....

1-0 out of 5 stars The Most God Awful Album Ever!!!!
Wow,here we have yet another brilliant album from the genius known as Fred Durst.This is quite a nice follow up to the wonderful Chocolate Starfish And The Hot Dog Flavored Water.Oh please,like anyone would actually believe that.This album is so horrible,that words cannot describe it.But this time,Fred Durst doesn't just torture us by himself,he recruits a bunch of other no talents like P.Diddy and Bubba Sparxxx.I mean,the regular albums were awful enough,but cheesy hip hop remixes of those awful songs!?It all sounds too horrible to be true.But guess what,it is. ... Read more

72. Hell's Pit - Version 1
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Album Description

Contains bonus DVD featuring a 15 minute long 3D short horror film based upon the single "Bowling Balls." The album's packaging will also contain a pair of 3D glasses. ... Read more

73. Menace to Sobriety
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The astonishingly and presumably deliberately inept artwork of this debut from Californian skate punks OPM helps create a carefully contrived image of a bunch of lads intent on loafing about, doing as little as possible. The threesome's modus operandi--which involves sun, sex, tattoos, getting stoned, and traveling the streets on four small wheels--is cemented by the opening tracks "Stash Up" (a paean to smoking grass and not giving a flying one for anything) and "Heaven Is a Halfpipe" (a surprisingly catchy sing-along about the joys of skateboarding). Menace to Sobriety's boisterous, good-time feel sprawls across its 15 tracks like a teenager on a particularly comfortable sofa, its bleach-top college-rock roots (Blink 182, Sugar Ray) regularly spiced up by Latino piano and horns, ska rhythms, hip-hop textures, and noisy raps. --Mike Pattenden ... Read more

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I first heard OPM's song "Heaven Is A Halfpipe"2 weeks ago and i just bought the CD. Its got some cool tracks, they're hip catchy and trendy-reminds me of the reel big fish album"turn the radio off", but not as nerdy. These guys are cool to listen to in the car with your buddies, or to put on when skating or something. This album is NOT special, this type of record has been put out before by other bands, but it's still catchy, and with a skit where a dude is smashing a coke machine, and screaming profanity it's worth 15 bucks. So why not? Sing along to the mindless lyrics, have a good time-in ten years this stuff will seem mindless to you too...

5-0 out of 5 stars MTS Guide
Stash up-This is the song where they use up all their foul language.

Interlude:Punanny-If you listen to Moby's Play album,you will hear stuff like this.

Heaven is a halfpipe-This song is a bit weird.It goes from Thomas the tank engine style music into hard rock.

El captain-This has got a good beat,and is SOOOOOOOOOOOO idealistic to play at a rave.

Undercover freak-A bit of a dirty song,but I don't care because it is a decent song.

Brighter side-This song is a bit like the stuff we get here in England.

Better daze-This makes up for all the swearing they haven't used in the past few songs.

Trucha-There they go again,singing in a foreign language,but still saying Mutha(BLEEP)er.

Dealerman-This sounds like longview,by Greenday.If you don't know what it sounds like,look up Dookie on this web page.

Reality check-Techno rock has never been ceased by anyone from me liking it.

Interlude:Rage against the coke machine-This is so funny.Those of you who haven't laughed at it,get real!

Under-This jam is really revealling their reggae side.

Interlude:15 minutes-Good beat,good rhythm.The only bad thing about this is it's a bit hyper.

Fish out of water-If you feel bad about going back to school or work,this is the song to sooth your feelings.

Sound system-Thunka,baby!

1-0 out of 5 stars kinda crappy
this cd is probably the worst cd of its genre i hated it. it sounded like the were tryin to hard to be original and have no talent

5-0 out of 5 stars Absolutely Amazing
I heard Heaven Is A Halfpipe on the radio one night and I thought it was pretty good. After that I heard a few more of OPM song's on the radio including Stash Up and El Capitan so I thought about buying their album. And I am extremly happy I did!
I'll do a track-by-track review

1.Stash Up
A song about smoking weed and not giving a f**k about anybody.Nice guitar riff with ska/punk feel but hearing "I don't give a F**k" gets tired.Good song if your p***sed off with someone 8/10 2:58

A really weird electronica song(if you listen to the rest of the album then you'll you will think it's weird) but still fun 7.5/10 0:33

3.Heaven Is A Halfpipe
The essential anthem, perfect for any party and one of the catchiest songs ever. A mixture of hip-hop and alternative that works out very well 11/10 4:18

4.El Capitan
Another very catchy song that's good for a party.Not good,not bad. 7.5/10 3:22

5.Undercover Freak
A okay song with a very strong reggae feel.Not all that good 6/10 3:47

6.Brighter Side
A very pop/rocky song that will cheer up when your down and out
9/10 3:30

7.Better Daze
One of the best song on the album talking about money being the energy source for everything and making the world go around. Sounds alot Everlast's "What It's Like" except better
11/10 3:58

Another very weird song sung in Spanish or something like that(i don't know). This song also has a very strong reggae feel.Okay not great
6/10 4:01

A pretty good song ruled by a guitar talking about a guy who isn't appreciated by anyone but gets along with his dealerman well.A good song to listen to if you feel the world hates you
8/10 3:40

10.Reality Check
A very good song with a very nice r&b/hip-hop feel that would be good for a pool party
10/10 3:57

11.Interlude-Rage Against The Coke Machine
One of the funniest things i've ever heard, it's a little skit about a guy trying to get a Coke but failing to so he ends up smashing the living s**t out of the vending machine.if you listen to this and don't laugh, you must be dead!! 11/10 1:04

An very catchy okay song with ska/punk feel to it.Not bad, not bad at all 7.5/10 2:50

13.Interlude-15 Minutes
One of the most fast-paced song i've ever heard and more addictive than herion, this is pretty good
9/10 0:45

14.Fish Out Of Water
A good song to listen to if you don't want to got to work/school.Extremly catchy with pop feel to it 8.5/10 3:32

15.Sound System
A catchy song which is 50/50 with me
6/10 3:46

My Top 5
Better Daze 11/10
Rage Against The Coke Machine 11/10
Heaven Is A Halfpipe 11/10
Reality Check 10/10
Brighter Side 9/10

An extraordinarly good album, this is one of the best albums ever made and the essential album for a party of any kind

5-0 out of 5 stars Creative Mix of Styles
Wonderful CD from start to finish. Starting with "Stash Up" you have an average rock song; go to songs like "Trucha" and "Unda" and you have something new. Trucha is a song with a latin feel but then kicks in with great hip-hop style lyrics. Then with "Unda" you get a cool ska feel. Then take 360 degrees back and listen to "Better Daze" and you have a song resembling that of Everlast. Even though it is a CD mixed with styles, they all seem to flow with each other and all have well written lyrics. A great CD that I would recommend to fans of rock, hip-hop, or punk; all will probably find this to their liking. ... Read more

74. Schmack
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Reviews (12)

5-0 out of 5 stars So different but so good
I had never heard of Steriogram until about 2 months ago when whilst listening to Launchcast, Walkie Talkie Man came on. I was instantly hooked by the intro's fast heavy riffs, followed up by a fusion of speed guitars, hip hop style vocals and smooth chorus. I had to hear more, and now finally i have.
It'd be so easy to hear one song, love it and then be disappointed with the rest of the album. I'm very glad to say this is not the case. From the first track, Roadtrip, i had a smile on my face. What steriogram are doing is so fresh, upbeat and relentlessly cheerful that you can't help but tap your feet and sing along.

Now, as a rule, i dislike hip hop and rap, but when fused so seamlessly with some excellent punk guitar stylings, it just works. There's no attitude, no negative aggression, just a pure fun, energetic band. If you want music to make you think, look elsewhere. If you want music to dance to, sing along to and generally enjoy, this is for you.

The only disappointment on the whole album is the next to last track, Be Good To Me, which is a little slow and plodding for my personal tastes. Having said that, it isn't that bad that i would ever bother skipping it, so it is only a minor critiscism.

The only problem for me is that, over here in Britain we don't even have a release date set for the album yet. I am desperate to see this band live now, and if the live performance lives up to the hype and the quality of this album, they'll be unmissable.

3-0 out of 5 stars eh
Well, some are catchy, some are just annoying. A lot of it sounds the same. There style never varies a all (similarly to Linkin Park), and most of the songs go on for way to long, just when you think its over it starts up again...I can some people liking it, but make sure you listen to most of the songs to see if you'll like it...I didn't do that, stupid me.

5-0 out of 5 stars Great Album, Great Band
I saw this band for the first time months ago at a Smile Empty Soul show and they blew my mind. They have a great sound that mixes street punk with rap. The sound vaugely reminds me of an early Red Hot Chili Peppers. Needless to say every song on this album is exclellent and this is also a great live band so buy the album and go see their show.

4-0 out of 5 stars Most Definitely...
First heard of these guys at a Smile Empty Soul show. They blew my mind as soon as the got on stage. And their CD is everything I anticipated. Its full of humor, catchy beats, and just plain fun. The only thing that was lacking was the need for more Ty rap. Other than that, completely worth the 4 month wait I went through to get it.

5-0 out of 5 stars Excellent CD
Before this CD came out, I got ahold of a 5 song demo from the band and I loved it. Every song on that demo was great! Then finally a few months later, this cd came out, with 3 of the 5 songs on the demo. My first listen, I wasn't sure what to say. The style of the music for the most part wasn't the same. If you heard the demo, and loved the songs with Tyson's rapping, this cd may at first disappoint you, with only a few where Tyson is an integral part of the song (Schmack, and On and On) BUT, the other songs after a few listens grew on me, and now I count this the best CD in my collection. ... Read more

75. The Wraith: Shangri-La [Riviera]
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Average Customer Review: 3.96 out of 5 stars
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Album Description

The 6th Jokers Card is finally here.The Wraith..Shangri-La. NOVEMBER 5TH, 2002!!

Send the E-Card to your friends... ... Read more

Reviews (145)


5-0 out of 5 stars Finally, the 6th Jokers Card
I've been a dedicated ICP fan since their first album "Carnival Of Carnage" and i've heard every album since. "The Wraith: Shangri-La" finally tells everyone the one thing they've been wanting to know: WHAT IS THE SIXTH JOKERS CARD? Now that's its here, it is both good and bad for ICP fans. The good is that we know what the sixth and all the other jokers cards are. The bad is that there will be no more jokers cards, which means no more new ICP albums. I cannot wait till part 2 of the sixth jokers card "The Wraith: Hell's Pit" comes out in November 2003. I'll always be down with the clown...

1. Walk Into The Light (5:09)
2. Welcome To The Show (3:12)
3. Get Ya Wicked On (1:47)
4. Murder Rap (2:32)
5. Birthday B***** (1:18)
6. Blam! (3:39)
7. It Rains Diamonds (5:26)
8. The Staleness (3:58)
9. Hell's Forecast (2:58)
10. Juggalo Homies (4:42)
11. Ain't Yo Bisness (4:49)
12. We Belong (2:44)
13. Cotton Candy and Popsicles (3:42)
14. Crossing The Bridge (4:14)
15. The Raven's Mirror (2:59)
16. The Wraith (3:33)
17. The Unvelling (3:37)
Other ICP albums you should have:

"Vol. 3 Forgotten Freshness"
"Amazing Jeckel Brothers"
"Vol. 1 & 2 Forgotten Freshness"
"Tunnel Of Love (EP)"
"Terror Wheel (EP)"
"Great Milenko"
"Riddle Box"
"Beverly Kills"
"Carnival Of Carnage"

5-0 out of 5 stars KICK ASS!!!

5.BIRTHDAY B******:B-

5-0 out of 5 stars An amazing ending to the saga of the 6 Joker's Cards
This may very well be the most amazing album I've ever heard. Mike P. did an incredible job on the music, possibly better than anything Mike Clark ever did. The songs range from humorous clown raps to the wicked s**t to meaninful songs about the duo's journey to Shangri-La. Almost everything about this album is solid gold. The only problem I have is how the Juggalos reacted to it. Their are some who hate it and believe it is the worst ICP has ever done. And then there are those who like it. However, the latter group acts like they had seen the whole "God" thing coming. Quit fooling yourselves, please. There never were any hidden messages about God in the songs. J and Shaggy have just been trying to tell a story, leaving death as the ultimate ending. As you all know, there are two paths after death: heaven and hell. This album brings forth the path to Shangri-La, but that isn't it. Hell's Pit is going to drop in a few months, and it'll be back to the wicked s*** all over again. So everyone who thinks ICP turned into a bunch of pussies after this album dropped, you're dead wrong. However, you can't blame J and Shags for trying to give off some good vibes. They don't always want to be seen as the psycho clowns that they make themselves out to be.

The most memorable tracks on this album are probably Walk Into Thy Light, Welcome To Thy Show, It's Raining Diamonds, Ain't Yo Bidness, Homies, Crossing Thy Bridge, and Thy Unveiling.

ICP has done an awesome job with The Wraith, and I'm expecting even better from Hell's Pit.

Much Clown luv, peace out.

5-0 out of 5 stars WAITIN 4 THE PIT
Since the beginning juggalos rely heavily on icp 2 release something new 2 give each juggalos lives a meaning without them after all six we aint nothing.
I truly believed shangrila was it.
supposedly bizzar bizzar was it (juggalos felt screwed over an knew without ICP how was one suppose 2 go on?)
So the 2 had 2 end it completely some how right!
The double Wraith ending.

On first hearing I noticed each song 2 end quickly so it could flow str8 2 the point (them telling us all that the carnivall is god and may all of us find him).iM BOTHERED BY THE FACT THAT VIOLENT j's explination of the carnival changed from time 2 time(go over 2 halls of and ull see whut im saying) Completely forgetting that J said in Welcome to thy show song that 'if u really wanna see the devils exsibit the sh*8 is called hells pit run out and get it'The final track leaves u emotionally dry and stale thinking after all that now what am I spose 2 do!

I played it over an over till i got bored of it
now waitin for the real ending WAITIN ON THE PIT ... Read more

76. Bizaar
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Asin: B000050HS3
Catlog: Music
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Average Customer Review: 4.2 out of 5 stars
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Reviews (46)

5-0 out of 5 stars Bizaar
One of ICP's 2 cds 2 come out in October 2000, "Bizaar", along with its sister album, "Bizzar", are both very comical and funny while still bringing the fresh sounds that juggalos want 2 hear. Unlike the other "Bizzar", "Bizaar" has more serious, while still having funny, tracks. This is proven on tracks like "Rainbows & Stuff", "My Homie Baby Mama", and "Please Don't Hate Me". Here's a trak-by-trak review 2 let ya'll know whut i think:

1. Intro - Talks about a dark cloud covering the country.

2. Take Me Away (5/5) - I think this is the freshest song off the album, awesome trak.

3. Fearless (4/5) - Alright, not as good as last 1, but still pretty good.

4. Rainbows & Stuff (5/5) - Funny as [heck], some hilarious verses by Violent J.

5. Whut (5/5) - Awesome song, has J, Shaggy, and Jamie Madrox to make a great juggalo anthem.

6. Still Stabbin' (5/5) - Fresh song which has more of J stabbing people like on the "Amazing Jeckel Bros." trak "I Stab People".

7. Tilt-A-Whirl (4/5) - I don't like it that much, but still fresh.

8. We Gives No... (3/5) - Don't really like it that much.

9. Please Don't Hate Me (5/5) - Hilarious song where J talks about...Eminem's mom.

10. Behind The Paint (5/5) - Excellent trak, one of my favorites off the album, really deep.

11. My Homies Baby Mama (5/5) - Hilarious song.

12. Pendulum's Promise (3/5) - Is this the same thing from after "Please Don't Hate Me" but right before "Behind The Paint"? Some thing off Dark Lotus Family.

13. Sampler (5/5) - This might or might not be on the cd you have, my brother, also known as MUSIQSTAR88. let me borrow his burnt copy, and it has 2 versions of this sampler, it's fresh and talks about the Wraith.

14. Sampler - read #13

15. Bonus Trak (5/5) - ...awesome trak, fresh as [heck]...

5-0 out of 5 stars A great release from ICP...
1. Intro
2. Take Me Away
3. Fearless
4. Rainbows & Stuff
5. Whut
6. Still Stabbin'
7. Tilt-A-Whirl
8. We Gives No ...BR>9. Please Don't Hate Me
10. Behind The Paint
11. My Homies Baby Mama
12. Pendulum's Promise
13. Sampler
14. Sampler
15. Bonus Track

(If i got the track listing wrong then it's because i have a burned copy that i got off a friend which includes the same sampler twice.)

ICP's BIZAAR is a definetily a very good release. It shows the comical side of ICP more than ever on songs like "Rainbows & Stuff" and "My Homies Baby Mama". "Whut" is a great song (it sounds a lot like "Get Ya Wicked On" off of 'The Wraith: Shangri-La'). "Please Don't Hate Me", a stab at rival white rapper Eminem is hilarious but really doesn't harm Em in any way considering he already hates his mother anyway. "Take Me Away" is good and so is the sampler at the end talking about the sixth jokers card album which, by now, is already in stores. So i recommand to you to buy BIZAAR and any other ICP album, all of them are awesome.

The other BIZAAR isn't as good but is still worth buying.

1-0 out of 5 stars Tererible
The Insane Clown posse is so insanely bad they suck and they cant rap buy illmatic instead you diis illmatic you freaks and my Black friends will kick your little High School butts

5-0 out of 5 stars Hell yeah...
This album is the GRETAEST!! You haven't heard great music till you heard this!! I love all the songs on!! I Love you ICP!! Violent J, and Shaggy 2 Dope.... you 2 are my heros in life!!


5-0 out of 5 stars Hellawicked
This is, by far, my all time favorite ICP cd. Starting with track 2, "Take Me Away" I was hooked immediately by the beat, which is thumped in true old school form. ICP first hooked me with their ability to make me laugh my rear end off, then, as I paid attention, I saw that they do, indeed, have something to say. Bizaar keeps me in stitches while still getting their message across. Personal faves of mine are Take Me Away, Tilt a Whirl, Please Don't Hate Me, and My Homie Baby's Mama. I'd have to give Bizaar my highest recommendation. ... Read more

77. Diet for a New America
list price: $16.98
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Asin: B00004T0N4
Catlog: Music
Sales Rank: 18298
Average Customer Review: 4.73 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Reviews (15)

5-0 out of 5 stars Amazing
Diet for a New America is completely amazing. It's a great side project from Nikki Sixx of Motley Crue, which are one of my favorite bands. This album is a work of art. It can't be put into one genre of music nor can it really be described. The only way to get the true effect is to buy it and listen to it. This album also features Dave Darling of the Boxing Gandhis, Steve Gibb, son of Barry Gibb, and session drummer Bucket Baker. The album opens with Don't Laugh (You Might Be Next). It features Dave on vocals like most of the album and the song could be described somewhat as techno rock. El Paso is follows. It is a poem read by Nikki over another techno hip hop beat. Don't let the spoken word part scare you, this song is fantastic and the words are amazing. The next song and first single is Piece of Candy. It is probably the most radio ready song. It is a mellow rock song. It is really good. Shopping Cart Jesus starts with a distorted bass intro, before kicking into a heavy techno beat. Queer is the next song, it is very catchy lyricly and musically. The first song to surface from this project Song to Slit you Wrist By is next. It stays within the same style of the album except this is a lot more techno. Stormy is a song written about Nikki's son. This is also more commercial than the rest of the album. It's like a mid tempo techno ballad. Killing Joke is another uptempo techno influenced song. All of My Heroes are Dead is a slow moody song. It is probably my least favorite track on the record. Alone Again (Naturally) is a great song. It is a rap influenced mellow rock song. It is a really good track. The album closes with Who We Are. This song is really heavy. Not only is there heavy guitar but there is a really heavy techno rap beat, this song is somewhat reminicent of Tommy Lee's Methods of Mayhem album. This album is amazing but it's not reccommended to anyone without an open mind about music. 58 is a great band it's just a shame that radio didn't pick up on this album because I think it would have been really popular on alternative radio.

5-0 out of 5 stars why not 6 stars
Its a great rock CD, and a great projekt band. I hope that Nikki will record more with the 58 pojekt. I do not understand why every review is looking at Methods, this is Nikki and this is something completley different. I think its one of the best relecies this year so far, because to me it sounds sometimes like the rock of Matchbox20 and then also like Motley Crue. (beats) I think a lot of people will like this CD, just to hope, they will play it on the radio.

5-0 out of 5 stars Motley's bassist gets a new crew with an older sound
Anybody expecting to hear Motley Crue music on 58's "Diet for a New America" will have to listen REALLY closely.
This CD sounds more like the stuff that influenced Nikki Sixx-- Mott the Hoople, "Satanic Majesties"-era Rolling Stones, Ziggy Stardust-era Bowie, and of course Iggy Pop. And the Crue? Sometimes. You'll have to listen to the "Motley Crue" CD to get even close.
This is a great breath of fresh air for Nikki. It's too bad that this is the only thing they've released to date.

5-0 out of 5 stars More of this!!
This is a great CD!! It's like nothing you've ever heard before, and then again, not like this anyway. The sound got this leand back feel to it, and the lyrics are great.

Get this CD! You won't be sorry!

5-0 out of 5 stars More of this!!
Now, this is music!! Great lyrics, great sound and a lot different from what you ever heard, though you heard it before, but not like this.
58 make you wanna lean back, lit a cigarette (or whatever)and just listen.
It's like blues, late at night, in a small dirty bar, just...different...and pretty hard to describe. ... Read more

78. Bizzar
list price: $18.98
our price: $14.99
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Asin: B000050HS6
Catlog: Music
Sales Rank: 38427
Average Customer Review: 4.2 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Reviews (30)

4-0 out of 5 stars Unique!
Firstoff, to clear some confusion amongst some Insane Clown Posse fans known as ..., we can look forward to more Insane Clown Posse. Bizzar is thus unique in many ways. Firstly, its design is far removed from those of any Joker's Cards such as The Amazing Jeckel Brothers or The Great Milenko, and so forth. Furthermore, ICP themselves stated in a recent interview that they went into their Dark Carnival studio with the mindset of having never heard another piece of music ever before, as though they were the only band on the planet, and it shows. Moreso than their Joker's Cards, with their now-customary circus sounds and language, Bizzar mixes and manipulates all kinds of noises and special effects, and blends them with ICP lyrics which actually seem somewhat deeper than their usual works. In my humble opinion, Bizzar is actually better than its sister album, Bizaar, with tracks like the jamming Let's Go all The Way, Questions, which is reminiscent of How Many Times?, Mr Happy, which is hauntingly funny, and Radio Stars, in which ICP attempt to "sell-out" their artistic merits in a quest for airtime, a funny parody. Crystal Ball, however, is my favorite, in the tradition of other chilling last-tracks on ICP albums. I urge all my fellow ... to buy this cd, because even though it's not a Joker's Card, it is ICP at their most unique, not to mention hysterical. But, if you've gotta buy only one CD, buy Bizzar. You will not be disappointed.

3-0 out of 5 stars Boy, it feels so good. Everytime I murder, I get happy!
2000's "Bizzar" is a lyrical trashfest that temporarily drifts away from the scary side of the Dark Carnival. Hilariously vulgar and unrestrained, this album is basically a Saturday morning cartoon packed with car crashes, psychotic killers, and razor-sharp stabs at MTV. The CD also features cameo appearances by Twiztid, Blaze, and Esham.
On the album's opening title track, Juggalos are invited to jam on the dance floor. Out to break every funny bone in the U.S., Violent J raps about working at Kinkos and keeping a corpse in his car. He even uses the bathroom in the song's latter half! "Cherry Pie" is a raunchy slice of nymphomaniac porn served a la mode! "Radio Stars" is an audio barrel of laughs! In this scenario, J and Shaggy make many disastrous attempts to make a music video for MTV, zooming from DMX-style rap to Weezer-like alternative to even boy band pop! "Bizzar's" single, "Let's Go All the Way," provides the hope of a better world. It's a dream parade in which everyone is invited, and no one is rejected or harrassed. "Let a Killa" is an unapologetic hip-hop bashing of today's models and celebrities. In "Juggalo Paradise," a tormented J is touched by the Dark Carnival and given the strength to toss icebergs, snatch jewels with Chinese ninjas, and straighten the Tower of Pisa. Finally, the surprisingly gentle "Crystal Ball" predicts a grim future for a Detroit drug dealer.
Unfortunately, "Bizzar's" other tracks make the CD fall short overall. They basically were not as meticulously thought out as the demented duo's Joker Card classics. "Questions" is nothing more than a series of absurd and gruesome phrases. Both "Mr. Happy" and "My Axe" star J as a medicated, 30-year-old murderer who thinks with the mind of a 6-year-old boy. "If" is a silly song that may as well answer questions out of a book at Barnes & Noble.
If you are a new buyer seeking ICP's material, you may want to consider purchasing the Bizzar-Bizarr double release later. You are better off listening to all six Joker Cards, from 1991's "Carnival of Carnage" to 2002's "The Wraith."

5-0 out of 5 stars Bizzar
This is a great cd (but what do u excpt from icp?). Bizaar goes great with this but this is a must have!!! It has a great beat that is addictive. if u listen to it once ull want to buy it no doubt its not a waste of money.

4-0 out of 5 stars Good stuff
I'll run this down song by song as well

1. Intro - It's just a cool intro, nothin special tho

2. Bizzar - Funky ... and kinda weird, but very enjoyable. Not the best song on the album or anything, but a good song to start with

3. Cherry Pie (I Need A Freek) - This is a remake of Too Short (and also remade by Esham). It's got a really cool beat. Nothin too special but not a track I would skip.

4. Questions - A laid back song asking questions, mostly funny things. Esham on the chorus.

5. Mr. Happy - This song is great. The concept, the music, chorus, everything, it's very well done. It kinda reminds me of Dead Body Man in a small way

6. Radio Stars - As you've read, it's a song where they try different styles of music, pretty much doing parodies of each. There's a dirty south section, a Barenaked Ladies type of rock section, and an R&B section of the song. They're actually still fun to listen to even tho they are making fun of this stuff. They then decide to just stick what they do best which is....

7. My Axe - This song. This is like old school ICP, with J talkin about how his Axe is his buddy and everything. Some people love this song and some don't really like it, but I think it's really cool and has a good song structure.

8. If - I'll go ahead and admit this song is pretty [bad]. The beat and most of it isn't even rapping or singing or anything, just kinda talking. But some aspects of it still keep me interested and the chorus for some reason is cool.

9. Let's Go All The Way -THis is a remake of Sly Fox, which originally is a [bad] dance song, but ICP's version is great. They take the song, make it more like a rock song, and change the lyrics to fit more of the whole "Dark Carnival" meaning, and the song is about going to Shangri-La. You'll catch yourself singing this later and you can't deny how good this is.

10. Let a Killa - Hillarious song, funny commentary by J as well as the rapping by J and Shaggy. Shaggy's verse is one of his best. I like the beat and everything about this, I dunno why the other reviewer didn't care for this much

11. Juggalo Paradise - This is pretty cool as well. Unique sounds and stuff in the verse and then a rock chorus with shout outs and stuff.

12. Crystal Ball - How could you not like this song? It features Jamie and Monoxide of Twiztid...not Esham and Myzery as another reviewer said. It's very laid back and has a lot of meaning, then it breaks down into a very peaceful moment with a woman singing and everything. Anybody could like this song

And then there's some bonus stuff you gotta fast forward too. One bonus thing is a short song that is an accoustic guitar with Violent J singin a song about buying bizzar, ... Basically this CD isn't set up like a Joker's card at all, but it's still very enjoyable and is great to see ICP experimenting

5-0 out of 5 stars Bizzar
Here it is, the 2nd of 2 albums from ICP released on Halloween of 2000. "Bizzar", i feel, is better than it's sister album "Bizaar". Both are very different from any earlier ICP releases, in these two, Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope get more of a comical style than any, considering almost every song is full of hilarious moments and comic outakes that make this album not only bizzar, but very funny as well. I gave it a 5-star trak-by-trak review:

1. Intro - 2nd part of the Bizaar/Bizzar intros. Talks more about a strange cloud forming over the U.S and people with painted faces running in happiness, very 'Bizzar'.

2. Bizzar (5/5) - This song is killer. Some awesome production work and some awesome and hilarious raps. Has a killer chorus and a fresh new sound.

3. Cherry Pie (I Need A Freek) (5/5) - Yet another hilarious song. Fresh beats and rhymes from J & Shaggs.

4. Questions (5/5) - Not as upbeat of production as previous 2, but still a hilarious and good song, i love the line from Shaggy, "Why/everytime i swallow a flathead nail/my neck feels stale..", that's fresh as hell!

5. Mr. Happy (5/5) - Awesome song, nice and hilarious. "ooh/it feels so good when i m****r i get happy!".

6. Radio Stars (5/5) - Hilarious! Shaggy & J try to sell out and become radio stars, making pitiful attempts at mainstream airplay.

7. My Axe (4/5) - Alright, the first song i didn't think was as fresh as the others.

8. If (5/5) - This is the most hilarious song i ever heard from ICP. Great references to being things, espically the ones about John Denver and Barry White.

9. Let's Go All The Way (5/5) - Great song, not that comical, but probably my favorite from the album.

10. Let a Killa (3/5) - don't really like it that much.

11. Juggalo Paradise (2/5) - really don't like it at all.

12. Crystal Ball (5/5) - Probably the freshest thing i ever heard. Has Esham & Myzery, making it a killer track.

Check out the other "Bizaar", it's also fresh.

Peace out Juggalos ... Read more

79. The Family Values Tour '98
list price: $11.98
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Asin: B00000ICNX
Catlog: Music
Sales Rank: 38824
Average Customer Review: 4.42 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

If you missed 1998's Family Values tour featuring Incubus, Orgy, Limp Bizkit, Ice Cube, Rammstein, and Korn, fear not: 15 tracks from the aforementioned bands, plus "interludes," add up to well over an hour of neo-metal-angst-rap that can be enjoyed without venturing into a mosh pit. The CD is a cool deal in that it contains the best songs from each lineup, including radio hits such as Orgy's cover of New Order's "Blue Monday," Limp Bizkit's breakthrough version of George Michael's "Faith," and Rammstein's incendiary Germanic ode "Du Hast." Korn's medley of older material and singles from Follow the Leader prove why they're the headliners. In fact, this CD--and the tour itself--was partly based on the accurate assumption that Korn have such a strong influence that any band they tour with must appear Korn-approved kool to the kids. Both Ice Cube and Rammstein seem out of place, though kudos to Korn for including them. Ultimately, Family Values '98 is a great sampler for a metal-rap neophyte. --Katherine Turman ... Read more

Reviews (106)

4-0 out of 5 stars It's All Good Except For Ice Cube
I am a big fan of KoRn and Limp Bizkit, so I thought this cd would be good. First of all I didn't hear of Incubus until this cd. Their song "New Skin" is incredible, and its one of the best on the album. Then it goes to Orgy where they have 3 pretty good songs including the hit-single "Blue Monday". After that Limp Bizkit comes on with 3 awesome songs including one of the best songs of 1998 "Faith" and House Of Pain's song "Jump Around". Then here's the part I skip, Ice Cube I feel shouldn't belong on there. Next, you have 1 song by Rammstein, their single "Du Hast". Last KoRn comes on with their first song being a mix of songs including "Shoots and Ladders",then the 2nd is "Freak On A Leash",3rd is a mix of "Twist" and "Chi", and the last one to end the album is "Got The Life". This is a really good cd for anybody who went to the Family Values Tour or just likes any of these bands, it is a great mix of some of the best bands out there today.

5-0 out of 5 stars Great Rap/Rock/Hardcore
'Family Values Tour 1998' is a great CD. I ranked the tracks:

1. ORGY - "Blue Monday". 9/10. Great chorus, great singing, a excellent song.

2. LIMP BIZKIT - "Faith". 9/10. Great verses, great singing, heaps of DJing.

3. INCUBUS - "New Skin". 8/10. Great guitar work, great chorus, great singing, great song.

4. LIMP BIZKIT - "Jump Around". 8/10. Great singing, great rap.

5. LIMP BIZKIT - "Cambodia". 7/10. Good song, good vocals, good rap, good song.

6. ORGY - "Dissention". 7/10. Great singing, great sound.

7. ORGY - "Gender". 7/10. Good sound, good singing.

8. ICE CUBE - "Check Yo Self". 5/10. Pretty pathetic, electronic sound.

9. ICE CUBE - "Natural Born Killaz". 4/10. Repetitive, stupid.

10. KORN - "Freak on a Leash". 3/10. KoRn's best, but still bad, 'chant' is stupid, vocals are bad.

11. ICE CUBE - "Straight out Compton/ F**k tha Police". 3/10. Rappy, stupid.

12. KORN - "Got the Life". 2/10. OK but pretty bad song.

13. KORN - "Shot Liver Meleody". 2/10. Hurts ears, bad sound, pathetic.

14. RAMMSTEIN - "Du Hast". 1/10. Bad singing, German, electronic, pathetic.

15. KORN - "Twist/ Chi". 0/10. No words, worst track, horrible.

I also ranked the bands:

1. LIMP BIZKIT - Great audience connection, great songs. 8.5/10.

2. INCUBUS - Should have played more, "New Skin" is great. 8/10.

3. ORGY - Great songs, great singing and a great band! 7.5/10.

4. ICE CUBE - Bad Rap, bad songs. 4/10.

5. KORN - Bad vocals, bad songs. 2/10.

6. RAMMSTEIN - Bad song, very, very bad band. 1/10.

Overall, this CD is great. The best bands were Limp Bizkit, Orgy and Incubus. Bands like Rammstein, Ice Cube and KoRn we could do with out. 'Family Values Tour 1998' is a fantastic CD if you like Rap/Rock/Metal.

Fred Durst, Wes Borland, Brandon Boyd, Mike Einzigner, Alex Katunich, Chris Kilmore, Jose' Pasillas, Sam Rivers, John Otter, D.J Leathel, Jay Gordan, Ryan Shuck, Paige Haley, Amir Derakh and Bobby Hewitt are really cool people.

Jonathan Davis, Fieldy, David Silveria, James Shaffer, Brian Welch, W.C, Crazy Toones, Til Linderman, Richard, Kruspe, Paul Landers, Oliver Reidel, Flake Lorenz and Christopher Schneider are not good musicians.

'Family Values Tour 1998' by KoRn, Limp Bizkit, Rammstein, Orgy, Incubus and Ice Cube is a fantastic album. Well produced by Josh Abraham. Five stars for a great album.

5-0 out of 5 stars family Values tour '98
This CD Is The Best Of all The family values tour CD's
If you want to hear the best live performamnces of these bands you will need to buy this CD.

4-0 out of 5 stars few minor problems
great cd. several minor problems- why the intros? take them out, and we could have more Rammstein and Incubus. alternatively, take out the Limp Bizkit song that ISN'T a cover; the other two are much than it. the Korn songs are great (since they are an excellent band you can't expect bad from them). considering I don't like live recordings, you know this one must be good for me to give it such a good rating.
here are 2 other good live "sampler" cds (I call them that because usually they have the hit songs from the artists):
Family Values 99 (various artists)
From the Muddy Banks of the Wishkah (Nirvana)

5-0 out of 5 stars A touch of rock
This cd includes everything I like, everything I have ever listened to! Limp Bizkit, KoRn, everybody. This is a cd you should get whenever you can. Go and buy it! ... Read more

80. Fistful of Metal
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Asin: B000003T8M
Catlog: Music
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Average Customer Review: 4.43 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Reviews (21)

5-0 out of 5 stars The First Anthrax.....
Before Joey, there was Neil Turbin (lead singer). A lot of people talked about this, why? because some people said that Neil Turbin was a Judas Priset rip-off singer. But, despite what those people said, they were wrong. You really can't compare anyone to Neil. On the other hand, Anthrax the band had a style that no other metal band had at that time, speed, a double bass drum and some fast guitars that kicked. Before they were polished and went hardcore. They sounded like something straight out of a heavy metal club with much heavy metal spirit. Favorite songs off this album are "Deathrider" and "Metal Thrashing Mad". This is a heavy metal classic for all headbangers that are true to metal. Remember your roots of metal.

5-0 out of 5 stars A Screamin' Classic
I've listened to Anthrax for years, but it was only recently that I heard FISTFUL OF METAL for the first time. I wasn't expecting much. I had assumed that since the first singer, Neil Turbin, was let go, that he was probably nothing to write home about. How wrong I was. That guy was amazing. His vocals were very Priest-esque, but unique at the same time. I wonder why he didn't go on to become one of the greats. Anyway, this album is full of excitement and power. Anthrax, the band, were already very tight and professional sounding, which is amazing since they were probably just barely out of their teens. Great debut. I love 'Metal Thrashing Mad' the best. Order this today.

4-0 out of 5 stars The Other (forgotten) Anthrax
The only way to put it is there were three Anthrax bands: 1) Fistful of Metal here with Neil Turbin 2) The Belladonna years 1985-1991 3) John Bush Years 1991-current. The point is that all three of these Anthrax's sound different from the others.

The first here is actually better than you might think. Don't expect to pick this up as a regular Anthrax album of the era. The drumming (Benante) is overall a little slower than in later albums and the constant double-bass speed sounds like something off a Motorhead album. The vocals (Turbin) are the most striking feature -VERY HIGH PITCHED. The guy has one of the highest screams that I've ever heard. (Just listen to the 10 second scream on "Metal Thrashing Mad" where he goes from high to higher.) The guitars are rather generic for the time (Exodus like) and the bass (Lilker) sometimes kicks up some cool lines but is otherwise just as ordinary.

This album also contains a classic song that Anthrax still plays at all their shows "Metal Thrashing Mad". This song is definitely of the top five.

In short, what this album sounds like is a mix between 70s style Judas Priest, Motorhead, Exodus (Bonded by Blood), and something else. The album is original nonetheless and if you like Anthrax then you will like this album. Even if you're not a fan of Anthrax but you like stuff such as Slayer's "Show no Mercy", Megadeth's first album, Metallica's first, and other albums of the 1982-1984 period, this is a must have.

4-0 out of 5 stars Awesome Beginnings of True Thrash
This is one of several albums that started the thrash metal genre. Along with Metallica "Kill Em All" Slayer "Show No Mercy" Overkill "Feel the Fire" and Megadeth "Killing is My Business" this was a revolutionary style in 1983-1984. I was in high school at the time of these releases, and they influenced me and millions of others to become diehard followers of this music. This is not Joey Belladonna singing. It is the raw voice of Neil Turbin who gave Anthrax a true edge. Even though I prefer the Belladonna Anthrax, this album deserves a place in metal history. "Deathrider" and "Metal Thrashing Mad" are classics. 20 years later, and I still listen to these songs with the same passion that I had when I first heard them.

4-0 out of 5 stars Classic Thrash in the long hair days
This album is awesome overall. I liked several songs on this album. My favorite was the Alice cooper remake "Im eighteen". Anthrax definitely sped up the song and added more guitar solos in it. theres several good songs on this album i would recommend this album to anyone true to the roots of true metal. ... Read more

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