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41. From Chaos
$14.99 $9.74 list($18.98)
42. The Amazing Jeckel Brothers
$17.98 $5.49
43. Eat at Whitey's
$13.99 $7.99 list($17.98)
44. Transistor
$14.99 $12.70 list($18.98)
45. Evolver
$14.99 $4.98 list($18.98)
46. Double Wide
$14.99 $10.52 list($17.98)
47. The Riddle Box
$17.98 $2.48
48. Transform
$13.98 $8.64
49. Take a Bite Outta Rhyme
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50. Greater of Two Evils
$13.99 $12.96 list($17.98)
51. Music
$10.99 $8.94 list($11.98)
52. Judgment Night: Music From The
$10.99 $3.90 list($11.98)
53. Truthless Heroes
$13.99 $13.60 list($17.98)
54. Grassroots
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55. Persistence of Time
$6.87 list($3.99)
56. Picture
$14.99 $11.80 list($18.98)
57. Carnival of Carnage
$5.50 list($11.98)
58. Sound of White Noise
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59. Enjoy Incubus
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60. Soundsystem

41. From Chaos
list price: $17.98
our price: $13.99
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Asin: B00005KBBL
Catlog: Music
Sales Rank: 8774
Average Customer Review: 4.35 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Reviews (193)

4-0 out of 5 stars the 311 we know and love
Nebraska natives 311, pioneers of the rap-rock fusion sound that swept the country not too long ago, are back with their 6th album, entitled From Chaos. After ruling the airwaves back in '95-'96, with hits like "Down" and "All Mixed Up," 311 slipped back into the shadows for a few years. Since then, they've released two decent albums, sued their record company for lack of promotion, and signed with a new label.

From Chaos is not a huge departure for 311, but it does show signs of the band's maturity. Like 311's five previous albums, From Chaos is fueled by thick, distorted guitars, crashing drums, and irresistible hooks. Tracks like "You Wouldn't Believe" and "I Told Myself" continue in the tradition of hard, catchy 311 tunes with sweet melodies and positive lyrics. In addition, From Chaos showcases some calmer songs, like "Amber," which give this album balance that some of their earlier efforts lacked.

311 has never been known for creating musical masterpieces. The boys from Nebraska just want to play hard, fun music, and spread some good vibes with their lyrics. From Chaos achieves this goal, and shows that they're still the best at what they do. They may not be the band that saves rock, but 311 proves with their latest release that the genre is still alive and kicking.

4-0 out of 5 stars Worth the money
Although this isnt 311's best work, its still a decent release.

You Get Worked 9/10- Great opener reminds me of songs from the blue album, although SA voices gets annoying in the chorus

Sick Tight 10/10- Awsome, fast paced song. Very fun to listen to.

You Wouldnt Believe 4/10- Alright im not gonna front. this song was cool the first few times I heard it but now its got pretty stale. The gutairs are so [weak] in this song. Good bass line though.

Full Ride 9/10- Nice metal intro, cool lyrics, all around good song.

From Chaos 6/10- The song starts off promising but seems dragged out once you get into it, nothing to write home about.

I Told Myself 8/10- Good tune, although not perfect I usually listen to it everytime and never skip.

Champagne 10/10- Outstanding mellow tune. The perfect song to relax to.

Hostle Apostle 8/10- Good opening and closing gutairs, and the raps were good. Overall a good song.

Wake Your Mind Up 9/10- Love listening to this song in the dark ;) the vocals gutairs drums are sweet as hell. One of my fav. 311 songs.

Amber 6/10- Okay, but it is way to overplayed.

Uncalm 9/10- Great song with a mean ... gutair riff.

I am not gonna comment on Ill Be Here Awhile...

5-0 out of 5 stars Exquisite and flawless work
Allow me to express how in awe I am right now. Got the point? I shall begin my review of 'From Chaos'.

Although I've always admired 311 and liked a few of their songs here and there, I never became what you would probably consider a complete "fan" until a few months ago. I got three of their albums ('Evolver', 'Soundsystem', and 'Transistor') last month and was extremely impressed, especially with 'Soundsystem'. I remembered loving "You Wouldn't Believe" and "Amber", and wanted to purchase the 'From Chaos' album.

After a month of looking for it, I found it today...and my CD collection will never be the same.

I don't see what this negativity is about - this is a BEAUTIFUL album. Not only is 311 the most original band out there, this album just flows. I am ecstatic about it. I can see this becoming one of my favorite CDs of all time. I like every song on here (that's rare). Standouts are "Amber" (I still haven't gotten sick of it), "You Wouldn't Believe", "Uncalm", and "Champagne." Tim Mahoney is among the best guitarists I've ever heard and even though many reviews on here proclaimed Nick Hexum's voice to be monotone, I find it to be beautiful and soothing.

All in all, a wonderful album. Amazing. I recommend it to anyone - 311 fan, not 311 fan, someone who's never HEARD of 311 - ANYBODY. This album is perfection and I'm not sure how I've went this long without it.

3-0 out of 5 stars Good, But Not Great
This was a good CD. A couple tracks, such as Champagne, I'll Be Here A While, and Amber, are completley addictive. The rest of the cd is just simply fair, simple electric guitar licks to fair drumming and easy vocals. Like I said earlier, though, the other 3 are REALLY good, musically.

You probably won't notice the musicallity though cuz if you are listening to 311, chances are you are high.

Therefore I suggest this. Buy it used. I wouldnt pay $12 for it though. Because if you like 311, you probably cant afford the $12 anyway cause you blew all of your money on pot.

311 - From Chaos = FSBS, For Stoners By Stoners.

Maybe thats why I dont like the rest of the cd?

5-0 out of 5 stars 311 rules the realm
311 for me is one of very few artists who, when they come out with a CD, I go to the music store the day the CD comes out first thing in the morning and have full confidence that the CD will be fantastic. From Chaos exceeded all expectations when I showed up at the local CD store at 10 AM on Tuesday June 19, 2001. I listened to the album at least six times in a row and still listen to it a minimum of once a week. Nick said in an interview that he wanted to make this album the hardest, 'most moshingest' album they had ever put out, although then they changed their minds and wrote some more chill material. The result, says Nick, is an album that is 'chilly-hard'. Here is a description of the songs:
(1) You Get Worked - This song rocks extremely hard, definitely makes you want to mosh. I would say only Livin' & Rockin' on Soundsystem rocks harder of all the songs they've done.
(2) Sick Tight - I would rate this as their #3 most rocking song. One of the best 311 songs ever. Hard rapping by Nick and SA and a great melodic chorus by Nick. The bass-playing is sick.
(3) You Wouldn't Believe - A song not intended to be as hard as the previous two, this is just a good rock song that is fun to sing along to.
(4) Full Ride - This is a great song, it has a slow heavy guitar riff and great rapping and lyrics by both Nick and SA. The chorus is my second favorite of any 311 song after Other Side of Things on Evolver.
(5) From Chaos - This song basically sums up the album lyrically and musically. SA says to all artists copying 311 (and there are many) 'making hybrid music back in '90 now it's on ya, I hear we were the model for the band you front, we spawned ya, finding it hard to come original? we warned ya.'
(6) I Told Myself - Great bass and guitar riff, I love how this song breaks down in the middle and then builds back up. SA's rapping in this one ranks among his best.
(7) Champagne - The album takes a break from the heavy guitars for some beautiful echo-enhanced clean playing and lovely melodies and lyrics by Nick and SA.
(8) Hostile Apostle - Back to the heavy stuff, this song further expands on one of the main themes of the album which is that too many music artists are negative in their messages 'You don't have to be a prick just to be heavy' sings Nick.
(9) Wake Your Mind Up - My favorite song on the album and one of my top five 311 songs. This song makes you want to jump up and down and the section in the middle is one of the greatest displays of musicianship any rock song has ever had. The bass, drums, and guitar are insane - I sometimes listen to this song several times in a row because it is so good.
(10) Amber - A popular radio hit, this is a beautiful song with a great drum beat and beautiful guitar playing and singing. The bass line is great too. A nice chill song that is a huge contrast to the previous song.
(11) Uncalm - This is many people's favorite song on the album and I don't blame them. This is a great rock song with some of the best singing and harmonizing I have heard Nick and SA do.
(12) I'll Be Here Awhile - Does not sound one bit like any of their other songs but is still a good song. Very 'ska-ish' with a great bass line. Nick originally wrote this song when he was 20 years old and they revised it a bit for this album.
When I read through the lyrics of this album I was amazed at how unique 311 is and how powerful they are when they promote things like positivity and honesty. It's a shame that doing this makes them unique because so few artists do this. Their blend of musical styles is their invention, and many other artists try to imitate 311 or other 311 copies, but 311 is easily the best at it. They have such talented musicians - each one is proficient at each of the styles that they incorporate into their music, which is why they are so good. They aren't trying to do something that they can't do which other bands try and come across sounding fake. 311 really knows how to play all of these styles and they have such a great understanding of music - people who do not like 311 do not understand music and I find that most of these people are not diverse in their musical tastes and/or they like the negativity that 311 is against. Some people only like 311's hard songs and others only like their soft songs but a true music lover (I myself listen to Led Zeppelin, Metallica, Offspring, Bob Marley, Jimi Hendrix, Enya, Classical Music, etc) listens to many differnt types of music and appreciates them, and can appreciate 311's diverse musical tastes and abilities and their originality. ... Read more

42. The Amazing Jeckel Brothers
list price: $18.98
our price: $14.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B00000J2SK
Catlog: Music
Sales Rank: 20378
Average Customer Review: 3.96 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

The rise of the Insane Clown Posse--or a group very much like them--was probably inevitable; somebody had to play the part of Howard Stern in the rap world. That it was two guys in clown makeup who rap--badly--over prerecorded tracks and spray their audiences with soda was a pure accident, brought about when their former record label dropped the act on the eve of the release of The Great Milenko. The Amazing Jeckel Brothers, their first proper follow-up album to Milenko, capitalizes on their notoriety; it features guests like the Jerky Boys and Ol' Dirty Bastard and issues challenges to MTV, Lollapalooza, and Kiss bassist Gene Simmons--whom ICP accuse of stealing their "shit" (though shtick would be a more appropriate word, and it was Simmons's in the first place). ICP stick with the formula on Jeckel Brothers that they've, um, perfected; it's not for everyone, but fans won't be disappointed. --Randy Silver ... Read more

Reviews (175)

4-0 out of 5 stars Hey Jake Jeckel fly...twist and spin to the other side...
Some people negatively critize "The Amazing Jeckyl Bros." as ICP's failed attempt to fit in with the mainstream crowd. They claim that just because there are guest appearances of
Snoop Dogg and The Jerky Boys, the musical content is more rock than rap, and the inside booklet of the cover contains advertisements for toys and merchandise, that the demented duo has sold-out. Okay, maybe the elements I just mentioned are present on this album...SO F*&KING WHAT??!! ICP is MAKING FUN of mainstream popularity, NOT trying to fit into it!
Why, "The Shaggy Show" is the perfect example because the song is a vulgar parody of talk shows. In a way, I almost picture this song being like the Rosie O'Donnel Show, with Shaggy sitting at his own desk and Mike E. Clark conducting his own band! "Mad Professor" is my favorite track, portraying Violent J as (what else!) a mad professor stiching together body parts and bringing FrankenShaggy to life! The rest of the tracks have prank calls, skits and elements from all the previous Joker's Card albums (including the funny FOOKOOF joke from the Riddlebox)But not all of the album is made to be a joke. Loud heavy metal guitars, deafening rap beats and the insane notes of the calliope (put together by the visuals of fire and brimstone) seem to make the rest of the album the most ANGRY Joker's Card of all. ICP is angry at America's love for the tabloids, ("Terrible")Gene Simmons and Michael Eisner of Disney, ("Everybody Rize") and pretty much everything else. ("F*&k the World")With all the drama ICP has been through over the last 10 years, Amazing Jeckyl Bros. was the chance to tell people that they are PISSED OFF! It seems that the end WILL consume us all!

4-0 out of 5 stars The Amazing Jeckel Brothers is fresh like dat!
In the four styles of ICP music (Old Skool Rap,Horrorcore,Rap/Rock,and Almost All Rock) this falls into the Rap/Rock days of ICP, soon after the Great Milenko has been heard I was feeding for more of the true Wicked stuff, but this CD does not dissapoint, ICP feels they needed a change and this CD has brought it. Here is a Track Listing and my view on each song.

Intro: A great way to start the CD basically this carnival room pops outta nowhere and leads a costumer into the action.

Jake Jeckel: Jack throw another Jake catch one more...they'll try to catch all thats in store for you. Yes, Jake is the good guy in this.

Bring It On: ICP always seems to hit each Jokers Card with a funky opening song, this song is if you enjoy crazy background beats and ICP screaming in the lyrics.

I Want My S--t: Ah yes, this song is a fine example of Rap/Rock style, the rhyme itself is pure rap. But the courus is Rocking in the background, kinda catchy, you'll be singing this.

B*tches: Throw ODB in the mix and you get cool rhyme that kicks it hard.

Terrible: Rock is laced all over this, if you are a diehard fan of ICP you'll live with this. But the song makes alot of points about celebs and life itself.

I Stab People: A Prequel to a song on Bizzar/Bizzar this is Violent J's first rap about stabbing. Oh the insanity.

Another Love Song: ICP made this one a pure hit, its a soft smooth song and it really makes you juggalos wanna make this your song for your girlfriends.

Everybody Rize: This song is underated, this coulda been another wicked hit to play on TV but fell short, its a great song, nice how it mixes in right after Another Love Song.

Play With Me: In the eyes of Violent J the ignored toy in the box he vows to get revenge one day.

Jack Jeckel: Similar to Jake the rest of the album gets more Wicked after this.

F*ck The World: ICP says it all in this song 93 Times.

Shaggy Show: Shaggys very own show, famous from thier website, this is the original song itself, pretty cool as Shaggs takes on a talk show form.

Mad Professor: Voilent J the mad man biuld what appears to be Shaggy 2 Dope, Wicked lyrics and background too.

Assassins: Hard Rap that is mad fresh, sounds alot like what most rap today.

Echo Side: A dark song w/ ICP and Twiztid, basically Damian the soul finds his way to hell and hell.

Nothings Left: A song that may shed a tear, as the song says "On the day when the wagons come, I just pray that you let me on"

Overall its a great buy, pick it up.

1-0 out of 5 stars This Band Sucks
I listened to a couple of ICP's songs and they are the worst band or group or what ever you want to call them i have ever heard in my life. Any one who would listen to ICP is a freek and stupid. I mean who in gods name would like a band that has there own wrestling league and wears make up is cool. I for sure think that is childish and is a sack of crap.


5-0 out of 5 stars Some of you "reviewers" are so clueless it's unbelievable
Now, before I review this (awesome) cd, I have to get a few things off of my chest. I am so sick and tired of these damn stereotypes about ICP fans. You say that anyone who likes ICP is dumb. I happen to be a very smart person, smarter than all my friends. And guess what: All my friends hate ICP with a passion! Then you say that people only listen to ICP because they cuss and it makes them seem rebelious. This is complete and utter bullsh*t. I listen to everything from Christian Rock to Ska to Alternative Rock. I couldn't give two sh*ts about being rebelious. And finally, you say that all ICP does is swear. This is ignorrant and false. If you would go further than listening to the first two tracks, you'd realize that ICP is trying to send a message to the world. They want you to know that they don't care what you think about them. So keep writing your poor excuses for "reviews". Now, onto the CD.

The 5th Joker's Card is finally here, in the shape of the Jeckel Brothers. They Juggle your sins in the form of balls. Be warned: if a ball is dropped, you are banished to hell for eternity. However, if you are clear of sins, they will complete their act, and you will be rewarded with an eternity in Shangri-La (heaven). This is the premise of the whole album. It certainly takes some mighty creative minds to come up with this stuff. The songs on this album are quite different than anything ICP has done in previous works. They talk more about government issues, stuck up celebrities, and racism. However, you've still got your token Murder Raps (I Stab People, Another Love Song, Assasins), your devil tale (Echo Side), and your humorous Carnival raps (Bring it On, I Want My Sh*t). The music on this CD is more rock/guitar-driven than the other "Joker's Cards" which is awesome, because I enjoy rock more than rap anyway.

I found this CD to be an amazing effort by ICP, and it's seen much more time in my CD Player than most of my collection.

Final note to you one-star reviewers: Quit trying to force your opinions on everyone else. Just because someone likes different music than you doesn't make them stupid. They just have different musical tastes than you.

Peace out, much Clown luv.

5-0 out of 5 stars Be down with tha clown!
When they said amazing jeckel bros. they werent wrong!
This CD has great beats in F*** the World, Awsome lyrics in Another love song.
This CD is perfect, nothing wrong, Nothing is Left is one of the best songs I have ever heard, Another love song too!
this CD has rock in assasins, wicked stuff in (well in all the songs), some type of love song, in another love song...
Oh! and some scary stuff in the intro and jack and jake jeckel!
Intro: Scary really good!
Jake and jack jeckel: Too bad they are short!
another love song: man, I dont know if this is the best, or nothing is left!
F*** te world: Really good! The frist time I herd this, i loved it!
and the rest are amazing too!
Buy this! buy it!
Eminem sucks! ... Read more

43. Eat at Whitey's
list price: $17.98
our price: $17.98
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B00004XSI1
Catlog: Music
Sales Rank: 53653
Average Customer Review: 4.45 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Everlast continues defying the odds with his sophomore CD. The former House of Pain frontman and Ice-T sidekick defied the odds in 1998 with the chart-topping Whitey Ford Sings the Blues, which moved Everlast beyond his rap roots and deep into a spare, acoustic amalgam of Delta blues, country, and rock--an approach that took critics and fans by storm. Eat at Whitey's finds him beefing up his sound as well as bringing in big names, such as N'dea Davenport (who adds her always welcome vocals on the sexy, R&B-flavored "Love for Real"), Goodie Mob's Cee-Lo, Cypress Hill's B Real, and Carlos Santana, for whom Everlast penned the Grammy-winning "Put Your Lights On." Everlast is still fixated on redemption and regret, but his intensity and passion make up for the narrow focus, as, guitar in hand, he conjures up a nocturnal, sultry world populated with saints, sinners, and homeboys.--Amy Linden ... Read more

Reviews (73)

5-0 out of 5 stars Wow
This is the second crossover release by the former House of Pain frontman Everlast. Now Everlast completely drops his rap roots to pick up his "Whitey Ford Sings the blues persona. The result is great. This is by far the greatest crossover by any rapper, ever (Puff Daddy, Cypress Hill, etc.). Although the guitar work is very average and the crooning voice of Everlast is perhaps not as evident anymore (via Ends, Today, What its Like).

The album starts out with another unnecessary and stupid intro, Whitey (like the White Boy is Back). Next track is the first single, Black Jesus. It takes a southern gospel curve to Everlast's trademarked chanting voice while he adds race to religion feel. I Can't Move is great track that carries a heavy percussion and a mood that brings Today in mind. Black Coffee seems like a last minute addition that combines awful guitar with stupid lyrics and a barely audible voice over by Merry Clayton. The song abruptly ends and when you are looking for more you do not get it. The best song on this album is Babylon Feeling featuring Santana. It is about a man who falls in love with the world. It's incredible. The Santana guitar mixed with Everlast distortion (reminiscent of Put Your Lights On) creates a perfect blend. Deadly Assassins is an Everlast rap joint with BREAL of Cypress Hill, nothing to special about it. Childrens Story featuring Cypress Hill's Rahzel is not particularly special either except for the twangy guitars throughout the song. Love For Real is an R&B track with NDEA Davenport and it is a great mellow song. One and the same is also a great song with NDEA Davenport but seems to mirror Love For Real too much. We're All Gonna Die is rather pointless and Cee Lo is completely wasted here. One of the bottom tracks on this cd is Mercy on my Soul. It just isn't worth it, same with the rap song One Two feturing Kurupt. Graves to Dig is an excellent acoustic guitar and piano way to end an absoulutely excellent album by one of the most influencial musicians of the past couple years. Along with great cameos within his songs (NDEA Davenport, Santana, and BREAL), Everlast has created a great blend of Rock, R&B, and Rap to create a nice sound that will continue to be enjoyed for a long time. He explores so many genres on this album that it is unbelievable. It would be great if Everlast and Santana would collaborate a whole album together because it would be great. The basic fact is that Everlast is fun to listen to and needs to be an essential in any music fans collection!

If you like Everlasts sound be sure to check out: Wyclef Jean, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Santana.

3-0 out of 5 stars Im " whitey's" but the food not so good this time!!
Let me start off by saying im a HUGE EVERLAST fan so this album disapointed me....just a little. After hearing his near perfect creation that is "whitey ford sings the blues" i was dying for more. What i loved about ".....sings the blues" was that it had an even balance of rap tracks and str8 up guitar songs. Unfortunately this time its more than 80% guitar and only 20% rap. Dont get me wrong, the songs are mostly top quality, but some of them i felt were mediocre at best such as "put your lights on", "mercy on my soul", "love for real" and "children's story" (which i never liked anyway). BUT the thing is, when he gets it right, EVERLAST gets it really right!!!! The best on the album are "whitey", "i cant move", "black coffee", "babylon feeling" and "one,two". The others i didnt mention are solid efforts but not standouts.

2-0 out of 5 stars We're All Gonna Die-Not Soon Enough!
OK, that title was a bit radical, but after track five, Eat At Whitey's really is a chore to listen to. Stylistically, Everlast departs even farther from his rap-rock toward country-blues. Unfortunately, Mr. Eric Schrody still is moping about his heart attack, so the blues part of the record truly is BLUES. And we're not talking high quality blues, just blues from a converted Kid Rock/Eminem hybrid. Ouch.

On a more positive note, I actually really enjoy tracks two through five. Santana paid back Everlast for his appearance on the diamond album Supernatural with the guitar in "Babylon Feeling." Also, "Black Coffee" is a bittersweet love song that I can't resist. The same applies to "I Can't Move." Unfortunately, Everlast chose "Black Jesus" as the first single, which basically crucified this album's sales from day one. I actually like the song quite a bit, but just the title seemed to turn off many listeners from the days of Whitey Ford Sings The Blues.

In conclusion, this record is just not worth buying. There are four good songs and a bunch of suicidal filler. Plus, "Children's Story" never was good, so really, why did you have to cover it Everlast?

5-0 out of 5 stars Pushing musical boundaries
Ever since I heard "Black Jesus" on the radio I was hooked. I can hardly name another band that plays this style of music. Everlast left only a small amount of hip-hop in his music, and added a lot of R'N'B, acoustic guitar rock, a touch of soul music, and even a string quartet. The resulting innovative blend appeared to be top-quality music that is suitable for serious listening and appealing to fans of different genres. We can say that Everlast addressed the R'N'B roots of hip-hop, but it also sounds very modern.

The diversity of styles presented here is impressive. "Deadly Assassins" is the closest thing to House of Pain times, while "Black Coffee" is almost a ballad. "Love for Real" has this specific bluesy feel, and "One, Two" is a mellow rapping flow. "Children's Story", a cover song, is impressive. Actually, I like the entire album, and I'm particularly impressed with the integration of cello and violin in a music like this. Carlos Santana's desire to work with Everlast is a quality approval mark, and the result is very good.

If your interests in music are broad, and you are not a "rap-fan-till-I-die", then I can't see how you won't like this record. Everlast is not the best singer, and neither he is a skillful guitar-player. But he is an excellent songwriter, sincere lyricist and emotional performer. This is one of my best purchases of recent years.

4-0 out of 5 stars Not Whitey's best
Though this album has some really great songs, if you want Whitey's best then just pick up Whitey's Ford Sings The Blues , his best album ... Read more

44. Transistor
list price: $17.98
our price: $13.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B00005ABI6
Catlog: Music
Sales Rank: 8856
Average Customer Review: 4.4 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Reviews (137)

5-0 out of 5 stars 311's Best Album
I first got into 311 by picking up this cd about a year and a half ago. I really didn't get it for any specific reason, I remembered hearing the singles a couple years back and decided why not try it out. After the first listen I really liked it and it continued to grow on me. The complexity and originality in the song writing is clear and very infectious. Some regard this album as boring either because of its length or because it has more slow songs on it than other 311 releases, but I wish more bands would make 22 song 65+ minute albums. You just can't go wrong with putting more music on an album than what is usually expected. Everyone has different musical tastes and more tracks results in more music that will fit your specific tastes, especially with a musically fickle band like 311. As for 22 songs, yes there are 22, there is an instrumental (with a phenomenal guitar solo) before the first track (you must rewind to hear it) As for the rest of the album, here is a run down of the songs:

1.Transistor - a great rock start. I enjoy the reggae influenced shift toward the end as well. 2.Prisoner - a reggae-ish laid back song, shows the singing talent of the vocalists. 3.Galaxy - one of the best, fast and heavy with some nice rapping by Martinez. 4.Beautiful Disaster - a rock song with reggae influences, I love the furious post-chorus instrumental part. 5.Inner Light Spectrum - a nice slow one. Shows Martinez's singing skill. 6.Electricity - a nice straight up rock song. 7.What Was I Thinking? - All out fury in this song, you can feel the tension at the beginning with the opening bass line. The distorted vocals are great. 8.Jupiter - Has a cool begginning that shifts to the main rock part. The vibe will make you smile. 9.Use of Time - One of my favorite 311 songs, starts acoustic then builds up to two amazing guitar solos by Mahoney. Shows Hexums vocal talents as well. 10.The Continuous Life - sort of a laid back dark sound to it with Martinez rapping. It picks up into a more rock base in the chorus. 11.No Control - One of the most diverse songs on the album, starts soft with Hexum singing then goes crazy with Martinez rap portion then to the rock chorus. I love it. 12.Running - A laid back one. There's a really cool time shift in the music. The interlude is in 5 and the main portion is in 4. Mahoney has a cool guitar solo in it as well. 13.Color - A short eerie instrumental, makes a nice transition into the next song. 14.Light Years - An eerie song with a really cool main riff. I can't place a finger on exactly what it reminds me of. 15.Creature Feature - The last of the eerie, Pnut uses a fretless bass on this one making a really cool smooth sound. The progression is good as well. 16.Tune In - Sort of reminiscent of Down from their self titled album. 17.Rub a Dub - A nice reggae influenced one. 18.Starshines - Hexum starts the song off making a mellow rap track with a really catchy chorus, the song shifts towards the middle to be less mellow and more rock based where Martinez does his share. 19.Strangers - Sort of a hip hop based song, Hexum raps on it. Got a nice groove to it. 20.Borders - one of my favorites, Hexum and Martinez trade lines to this rap / hard rock combo. 21.Stealing Happy Hours - really laid back, has some nice guitar work in it, And if all of that was not enough, there's an extra part shortly after the last song.

Once again, I love this album, There is a certain feel to it which I don't find in any other album, it is also the perfect music to just chill to. It persuaded me to get 311's other releases, all of which are equally outstanding.

PS- To talk ill of this album is blasphemy, go smoke something.

5-0 out of 5 stars Simply put, an amazing album
Fans who jumped aboard the 311 bandwagon after their mainstream success with the blue album, beware. This, their fourth and by far the longest major label record, sounds nothing like its predecessor. First off, the amount of rapping between Nick Hexum and SA Martinez is not as great in supply; instead the two vocalists dare to show off their true vocal talents by singing the majority of this album. From beginning to end, this CD will make you feel like you're floating somewhere in outer space, especially the outro which features an actual recording of sound in outer space.
There's a hidden intro (as the first song gets ready to begin, rewind the CD about 1:42) that kicks off the album with a sudden blast. The track listing:

Transistor: a great rocker that shifts into a reggae-style beat towards the end and back again.
Prisoner: a reggae-influenced song showing off the vocal talents of Hexum and Martinez.
Galaxy: a hard rockin' one with SA's cool rapping
Beautiful Disaster: a rocker with hints of reggae and a cool opening by Tim Mahoney.
Inner Light Spectrum: a slower, softer song featuring SA's calm, soothing singing.
Electricity: a good song with Hexum on vocals.
What Was I Thinking: an aggressive outburst with a great bass line and Hexum's distorted vocals.
Jupiter: another good one with Hexum and Martinez. I just love the guitars on this one.
Use of Time: starts out acoustic with Hexum's singing, then goes into a pair of Tim Mahoney guitar solos. One of my favorite 311 songs.
The Continuous Life: a spacey opening which shifts into the rapping of Martinez. Great lyrics on this one.
No Control: starts with Hexum singing, then goes right into SA rapping. A cool rocker.
Running: another spacey opening. I just love this song.
Color: an interesting instrumental that makes a great transition into the next song.
Light Years: a spooky, Halloween-ish guitar line with Hexum on vocals.
Creature Feature: starts out lightly with SA singing, then shifts to a dark, tense guitar feel.
Tune In: a great song with SA rapping the verses, then going into Nick on the chorus. Reminiscent of Down.
Rub a Dub: a nice, soft song with Hexum on vocals.
Starshines: starts with Hexum on the first two verses and chorus, then slows a bit for Martinez's part.
Strangers: a cool funky beat with Hexum rapping.
Borders: an awesome, hard-rockin' song with Nick and SA bouncing off each other vocally.
Stealing Happy Hours: a soft, relaxing bit with Hexum on vocals.

I love to listen to this CD at night with all the lights off, all other noises drained out, while staring into the star-filled night sky. Pick up this CD and try it for yourself. You won't regret it.

5-0 out of 5 stars Very GOOD ALBUM
I love this album! It has all of the songs that we have come to know 311 by! FANTASTIC! Good Job Nick!

5-0 out of 5 stars Still hard to top
With a 311 show fast approaching to Milwaukee's Summerfest, I wanted to make sure I was up to date on all their material. I felt compelled write a review of Transistor- 311's best album and one that rarely leaves my CD player after over 6 years. This album brings it all- a few hard tracks, a few reggae, ska, etc. the whole 311 gammit. I really enjoy two of the slower tracks the best- Use of Time and Stealing Happy Hours- perfect just to chill out to. Other standouts are Transistor, Prisoner, Continuous Life, and Rub a Dub- a really fun reggae-fused track that makes me feel like I'm sipping a tropical drink on the beach in the Caribbean. Overall- this is a great album- front to back and to produce something that remains tireless to this day really says something about a group. I highly recommended this CD to anyone.

4-0 out of 5 stars Real Trippy!!!
This Album is quite good!!! At first it's sound like a bit of a mission to get into but in the end it's worth it!!! It's very eclectic which I really like especially the dubness of a lot of the songs. The songs are weird which I like also and it's cool because 311 make pretty original kinda music even though you can compare them to other bands like Incubus. Good music to actually listen to each song adds something interesting and different!!!! ... Read more

45. Evolver
list price: $18.98
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Asin: B00009YFP9
Catlog: Music
Sales Rank: 12053
Average Customer Review: 4.54 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

It takes some nerve nicking an album title from the Beatles, even in a slightly modified state. But since this Omaha, Nebraska band went through so many significant changes leading up to the release of its seventh studio album, at least it's a logical move. The aggressive Woody Woodpecker-style lyrical play and needling funk core of career lows, 1997's Transistor and 1999's Soundsystem, are toned down, replaced by a more sophisticated sound that stretches the group's well-trounced reggae-rap-rock template to include wisps of electronica and soul. The members of 311 still aspire to be half-as-clever as the Red Hot Chili Peppers, but finally seem satisfied in their on skin on tracks such as "Creatures (For a While)" and the emotional "Beyond the Gray Sky." The psychedelic experiment "Seem Uncertain," meanwhile, merely lives up to its title. Producer Ron Saint Germain (Creed, Living Colour) has obviously taken significant strides in shaking the band up. This album points the way forward. --Aidin Vaziri ... Read more

Reviews (386)

4-0 out of 5 stars The New 311 ^_^!
Wow its been a wild ride for the fans of this band. They changed so much over the years you never know what to expect. After purchasing this album I put it in and I for the most part was amazed:
Creatures- It starts off with an awsome riff and has hexum singing at a low volume then all of a sudden WHAM this heavy metal part comes in. The rest of the song goes on with a bunch of different riffs and tempos. 311's most developed song.
Reconsider Everything- Great rocker it has punk edge gutairs mixed with the wah gutair, genious ;)
Crack the Code- Tons of different choruses and are really unique sound that blends rock, dancehall, and reggae.
Same Mistake Twice- Sorta sounds like flowing but with much more harmonies. I love it!
Beyond the Gray Sky- Talk about a great track, this is outstanding. Tons of emotion, as for the music think inner light spectrum meets sweet.
Seems Uncertain- this song is kind of annoying at first but rest assured it gets better after a few listens.
Still Dreaming- A firewater sounding song.
Give Me A Call- A cool reggae jam.
Don't Dwell- An ok song sounds to mainstream but the bass line is killer.
Other Side of Things- I really dont like this song at all, sounds way too radio friendly.
Sometimes Jacks Rule the Realm- Pretty good song lots different styles to it.

Overall great album!!!!!!!

5-0 out of 5 stars As expected 311 never ceases to amaze me!
I got this cd on the 22nd (when it came out) & it's been in my stereo since! This cd is a great balance between mellow tracks & the all out rockers.

1."Creatures (For A While)"- This was their first single & it's a great way to start off the record 9/10
2."Reconsider Everything"- Another rocker w/ a very cool message 9/10
3."Crack The Code"- Nifty little love song; Not my favorite on the cd but it's still a good listen 7/10
4."Same Mistake Twice"- This is just a great head bobbing song; my second favorite on the cd 10/10
5."Beyond The Grey Sky"- Definitely the saddest song on the album about a friends suicide; a nice reggae tune 9/10
6."Seem Uncertain"- Acoustic song w/ the best lyrics on the cd ("In times of trouble everyone joins a team, no one waves a flag for all human beings..." 10/10
7."Still Dreaming"- Weird beggining but one cool song; really relateable lyrics 9/10
8."Give Me A Call"- Didn't really like this love song at first but it grew on me 9/10
9."Don't Dwell"- I never really hear the full song a lot; I'm always busy listening to the awsome bass line at the beggining (P-nut rocks again!)9/10
10."Other Side Of Things"- I really like the versatility in this song & as usual great message 9/10
11."S.J.R.T.W."- Weird name, best song on the cd hands down; really a beautiful song 10/10
Bonus Track- About a 1 minute long bass feature that just blows my mind 10/10

This cd is definitely different than their previous ones (don't get me wrong, those are great as well). There are acoustic tracks & a lot less rap. However this means a lot of the "old school" fans are going to probably pull the whole "These guys are sellouts!" thing which is sad because 311 is definitely trying new things & coming out w/ a more versatile sound. If you enjoy their old stuff, their new stuff, or any stuff pick this cd up & you won't be dissapointed! Excelent cd from an excellent band!

4-0 out of 5 stars Evolver review
"Evolver" is a very, well, evolved sound for 311, and it's a great album, but not quite defined yet. However, it is a great basis for what can be an astounding new sound for this terrific band.

1.Creatures (For A While) - 5/5. Great rocker. Many changes, but all are catchy and goes back to 311's roots.
2.Reconsider Everything - 3.5/5. Good song, not one of the best on the cd, but not bad.
3.Crack the Code - 5/5. GREAT song. One of my personal favorite 311 songs. Great lyrics and awesome vocals from S.A., he shines on this one.
4.Same Mistake Twice - 3/5. Although I like it when they play live, it seems really misplaced on this cd, ok song though.
5.Beyond the Gray Sky - 4/5. Nice song, with great lyrics. Very chill and laid back with a nice guitar solo props to Tim.
6.Seems Uncertain - 4.5/5. Very nice, acousic mellow song, although something missing from making it a GREAT song.
7.Still Dreaming - 3/5. Doesn't fit well with the rest of the album, kinda feels like filler, but ok song
8.Give Me A Call - 4.5/5. I like this song a lot, one of the songs i look forward to hearing when listening to the CD.
9.Don't Dwell - 4/5. Good song, not great, but good.
10.Other Side Of Things - 5/5. AWESOME song. Very oldschool 311, but sounds just gets you pumped out, which 311 does perfectly
11.Sometimes Jacks Rule The Realm - 4.5/5. I've never heard a song quite like this from 311, but it works very well, I'd like to hear more songs like this by them.

So there you have it 45.5/55 (82.7%). A good 311, but not a great one. It is worth your money if you're a fan, go buy!

5-0 out of 5 stars One year and still no gold; A hit in our hearts, nonetheless
It has been one year (effective July 22nd) since 311 have released the 41-minute masterpiece "Evolver" in the United States. Officially, Nielsen Soundscan (tm) reports the album resides in the collections of just over 310 000 souls (a figure that squawks to the record companies the relative success of a record), still failing to score yet another Gold record for a band that currently owns six for its audio recordings.

However, as fans will point out, after a year in the happy clutches of dreamers, thinkers, and the like, Evolver continues to deliver a hit for the soul.

Opening the set are the addictive hooks and shifting time signitures of "Creatures (For A While)," a song that soared and faded fast in the hot August sun last year. I still get pumped to that song when biking to work; it is a arm-pumping shot of funk/rock-rap adrenaline that leaves you asking for an encore. The following track, "Reconsider Everything" is lead singer Nick Hexum's face-value, Orwell-recalling assessment of the demolition of a free-thought society. "Crack The Code" promptly shifts the aura to funk-reggae and exhibits SA Martinez's vocal versatility well in his trademark, spacey lyrical style. The bashing, pre-chorus guitars and effortless [drummer Chad] Sexton rolloffs are perfect summer jam material. The Beatlesque "na-nahs" on "Same Mistake Twice" bridge near-staccato riffs (a la "Flowing" from Soundsystem, for those who know what I mean) of the chorus and a bouncing guitar-wall. Notably, the second single "Beyond The Gray Sky," (which did poorly on the charts) with its soulful dub and exploding solos, remind one of the sun bursting through a wall of cumulonimbi. This is undoubtedly the album's climax.

Next, the acoustic guitars and mellotrons of the "Seems Uncertain" are as beautiful as the track's message of human unity and tolerance, and provide a fine "after-the-rain" melody. "Still Dreaming" opens with some interesting electronic elements before erupting into Hexum's appeals to the audience and a cascade of SA's imagery into a finely-intonated chorus. "Give Me A Call" is meant to be an ironic wordplay on the silly nature of most relationships, but mostly comes off as a fun little light reggae track that, surprisingly, exhibits the only hint of SA's turntabling prowess (why?!). "Don't Dwell" is an uplifting march into the "Evolved" state of mind with a Latin feel to it, and its partner "Other Side Of Things" has "final single" written all over it with its curiously-catchy, Offspring-like chorus and well-played lyrics. Closing the set is the biggest surprise on the album: "Sometimes Jacks Rule The Realm." Although the lyrical focus of this track is somewhat skewed, one is too lost in the folk-rock feel to notice. An added bonus "Coda" completes the song and reaffirms bassist P-Nut his place with an intimate sequence beyond description.

To offer such a detailed portrait without concessions or criticism is not fair, and the very nature thereof serves to further the musical development or "Evolution" of the music. With a work of art such as "Evolver" (both in the album and the cover/lyric book!), I must simply ask the listener to remain open and willing to give it a close listen. My biggest criticism is its length (once again, just over 41 minutes) and the reduced volume level of the recording. Yes, the recorded volume level is a bit lower than that of other albums I have. This is undoubtedly the work of producer Ron St. Germain and his love of analog techniques, meaning you will have to adjust your stereo a little for full effect.

Perhaps after the success of their Greatest Hits album released in June, new fans will spring for "Evolver" and give it the certification it deserves as a creative and commercial success for the band 311.

5-0 out of 5 stars Outstanding!
this is the best cd from 311. every song it awsome. my favorite is seems uncertain its a slower acoustic song. i think the vocals are the best on this album. even if you only like them a litte i am sure you will love this one so go buy it. ... Read more

46. Double Wide
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Asin: B00004R7TD
Catlog: Music
Sales Rank: 23680
Average Customer Review: 3.62 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Reviews (65)

5-0 out of 5 stars Uncle Kracker is one talented guy!
Uncle Kracker can do it all. Not a Kid Rock wannabe, but rather a man who is similar to Kid Rock who contributes to the mellower side of the rap/rock genre without sounding like he's a desperate rip-off trying to follow the latest trend. Great tracks include "Yeah Yeah Yeah," "What Ch'you Lookin' At," "Heaven," "Who's Your Uncle," and my personal favorite, "Follow Me." The whole thing is just a great listening experience. If you have any doubts about Uncle Kracker's ability or his legitimacy, I hope I've put them to rest. Go buy this CD! All fans of rap/rock should love it, especially if you're tired of the furious pounding beats that can sometimes numb your senses. It's a great departure from the heaviest of rap/rock, as it's mellower than the rest without hurting the genre's credibility. I say it's worth the money.

2-0 out of 5 stars Pretty Interesting.
I have to admit my first impression of Uncle Kracker was not good. He came on when I was listening to my new MI2 Soundtrack, and it didn't take long to hit next. The next time I heard him was when the "Follow Me" video came on. It was fun, upbeat, and popish without the backstreet boy persona. I waited to see who sang it and was shocked, thinking that there is no way it's the same person. Well, it was and to say the least I was disappointed. I checked into him and realized he was too much Kid Rock. Now, I like my metal and hard rock, but I'm not a Kid Rock fan at all. This cd has some good points like "Follow Me" and "Better Days". The songs without Kid Rock are decent, but I think he almost sounds like he's trying too hard to rap. In my opinion he'll be like Sugar Ray, if he wants to sell albums the popish way might be better. If he's in it for the music he could stay with rap and do ok, but I don't think great.

5-0 out of 5 stars What a Cd!
Wow! This is one of the best album's ive ever got. I listened to it for the first time and fell in love. Good Rap/Rock/Country Mix. Not Like His Other 2 albums.
1. Intro - Kracker gettin on a train...ready to go to the real world

2.Better Day's - Very good rhymes.Best Song on cd.Not My personal favorate though. 5/5

3.What Chu' Lookin' At? Another hit. 4.8/5

4.Follow Me- 1st single. Different then the rest. 3/5

5.Heaven (feat.Kidrock and Paradime)- My favorate. Kick a** 1,000,000/5

6.Steaks and Shrimp - Greatness. Another Hip-hop Track. 4.6/5

7.Who's Your Uncle - Hip-Hop Track. Good. 4/5

8.Whiskey & Water - A hip-hop/Country track. Could of Been Better. 4/5

9.Yeah Yeah Yeah - 2nd Single.One Of the better Songs. Its More Rock Then Hip-Hop. 5/5

10.Aces & 8's - Very Different. Tells a good story. 4/5

11.You Cant Take Me - Good Song To End The Album.

Overall: Could of been longer but its kick azz.

1-0 out of 5 stars sux
this cd sux there are no good tracks accept follow me but still that ones questionable but other then that the whole things terrible and you should save your money

2-0 out of 5 stars An estranged uncle...
Uncle Kracker's got an identity crisis. Hardcore rapper or smooth-talkin pop singer? His friend/mentor/producer/songwritin buddy Kid Rock has the same problem, but balances it a little better.

Most of Kracker's CD comes off sounding forced. The "Intro," for example, is a pain to listen to (fortunately, it's not very long). And songs such as "Whiskey and Water" and "Who's Your Uncle" try to play Kracker as a tough-talker...which the rest of the album denies.

I really don't care if he's tough or not. He's not that good of a rapper. He's much better at the pop ballads, such as "Better Days" or "You Can't Take Me." "Yeah Yeah Yeah" is downright infectious, while the hit single "Follow Me" is cheasy but incredibly enjoyable.

Yeah, a handful of songs saves Kracker's CD from downright awfulness. I'm not dissing the man's talent--he's got some, I can tell. (In fact, I'm willing to bet he has quite a lot). However, this CD doesn't express it well enough. It's a shame, really.

"Double Wide" promises, but doesn't deliver. Still, maybe it's your cup of tea; you can always try it out, then tell me I'm wrong. (...) ... Read more

47. The Riddle Box
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Asin: B00000057M
Catlog: Music
Sales Rank: 14394
Average Customer Review: 4.56 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Reviews (125)

5-0 out of 5 stars Lyric~ "Just call me Don Knox"
Hey, I just listened to this cd last night and I was blown away. Shaggs and J really put a lot of time and effort it this record. They proved they did not always need to cuss as much to get their point across.{There was a lot though,just not as much}. They had some great songs and hidden tracks: 1. Riddle Box 2. Show Must Go On, The 3. Chicken Huntin' - (slaughter house mix) 4. Toy Box 5. Cemetery Girl 6. 3 Rings 7. Headless Boogie 8. Joker's Wild, The 9. Dead Body Man 10. Lil' Somthin' Somthin' 11. Ol' Evil Eye 12. 12 13. Killing Fields, The 14. I'm Coming Home 15. (untitled) - (hidden track) 16. (untitled) - (hidden track) 17. (untitled) - (hidden track)

I was emersed in the background of most of the songs. It had a feeling of techno and metal rap.

I really suggest it...

Peace and Love Fellow Juggalos and Ninjas!


5-0 out of 5 stars this album saves the best for last
after the edgy work of the ringmaster ICP come back with this: THE RIDDLEBOX, its surely a fantastic listen and while it doesnt hit a hard a impact as great milenko would later on, its still their second or maybe third best album after the amazing jeckel brothers....the most enjoyable songs are, "Lil somthin somthin", "ol' evil eye", "12"(the best), "The killing feilds", "Im coming Home" and "chicken Huntin(slaughter house mix", the songs that simply arent as good as the others are "dead body man" and "The jokers wild"(which is funny but isnt that good of a song as a whole), this album has some dark moments, easily found at the end of the album, and has its funny moments,(see the end of toy box for one of them), this album also has in my opinion the best cover art and colors(purple and green), ICP creates a dark mood with a twist of humour in this album, and Riddle Box is certainly one of their finest efforts to date, go buy this album if ur looking for some dark fun.

5-0 out of 5 stars #1 jokers card
i'm a big ICP fan. out of all six joker cards this one was the best. the songs "Chiken Huntin'" and "The Show Must Go On" are awesome. even if your not a ICP fan you'll love it. it kicks ass! if you bye it you'll won't stop listening to this. The Riddle Box is wicked and the best!!!!!!!!!

5-0 out of 5 stars THIS CD IS SWEET YO!~

3-0 out of 5 stars Good/Bad
This is a really good CD. It has plenty of funny and scary lyrics to entertain you. but the only problem is theres too much about dead bodies. Rapping about a corpse is sick enough but when the whole cd is nothing but that, it boring. and im sure nobody wants to hear about having sex with your deceased girlfriend...nobody (exept a juggalo) ... Read more

48. Transform
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Asin: B000095J90
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Average Customer Review: 3.95 out of 5 stars
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Reviews (85)

5-0 out of 5 stars Transform indeed...
It's true, Powerman 5000 has indeed transformed as the title of their latest CD suggests. It's good to see an established band go out and completely change it's sound so boldly. The biggest change in this album compared to "Mega Kung Fu Radio" and "Tonight The Stars Revolt" is the shedding of their signature sci-fi shenanigans. Hardcore fans need not apply if their determined to get hung up on the lack of obscure laser noise or sonic experiments. Instead the album guides listeners though songs that seeming illustrate narratives of the bands past and future, ('Transform', 'Top Of The World' to name a couple). Personally, no one song really stands out as the one that best reflects their new sound. "Free", the albums first single helps introduce listeners to PM5K's new face very well. Other tracks seem to coax listeners to believe that not EVERY piece of the old Powerman is gone, ('Hey, That's Right'). It's a great album, there's no other way to say it. Listeners who are expecting to hear the same old stuff, I suggest you go off and declare Powerman dead. They have officially transformed and I certainly hope they never look back.

4-0 out of 5 stars Transformed into a new act
PM5K started me into the world of industrial metal and I've never looked back. Their album "Tonight The Stars Revolt" is indeed a trademark album and set the standard for this band.

Yet "Transform" is completely different sound. Of course replacing 2 band members could easily add to the cause. Upon the first song "Theme of a Fake Revolution" I noticed how Spider sounded a lot like his brother Zombie. Then a few seconds later I recognized his voice. (Being brothers they will have a lot of similarities) The first track pulled me in deep. The lyrics are indescribable. And like they stated they are in a new direction.

Many other songs like "That's Entertainment" is definitely a new leap of sound, but does not hurt this cd at all. So what if PM5K is still looking for a new sound or style. For all their albums the band has changed, but isn't that the fun watching your favorite band grow, learn, and produce new music?

All that I have left to say on this band is, as long as I can head bang and get funny looks while driving my Sunfire with PM5K cranked, I will not complain. So flow with the direction music takes you.

3-0 out of 5 stars ok but could've been better
To be honest, I feel that this cd was lacking "powerman 5000." I loved Tonight the Stars Revolt. I could listen to that all day. The album was ok. The first couple songs are really good and then the rest of the album got me kinda bored. Nothing against PM5K but i think they should go back to doing their weirder "spaceman" music...

5-0 out of 5 stars AwEsOmE cD
We all know that Powerman 5000 ROCKS and are hardcore. Sure this cd is not parental Advisor but it is still one of the best of their cds so far! Songs like theme to a fake revolution,free,action,song about nuthin have so much power they just want u 2 Rock there r 13 songs on this cd and they all rock. BUY THIS CD IT IS A MUST HAVE IN YUOR CD COLLECTION!!!!!!!!!!

5-0 out of 5 stars A is for Absouletly Fantastic
Powerman 5k are like an enigizzer battery. If your feeling low and need to recharge, just press play on this cd and you will feel completley re energized and on top of the world.

5k are very similar to Andrew W.K not in the fact that they have the same musical style (because they dont). But in the fact that there songs are just so jam packed full of high energy that it is impossible to listen to their music without moving around the lounge room playing your air guitar.

5k incorporate a lot of electronincs into their sound. A good example of this is the song hey that's right, but instead of it sounding corny it sounds perfect and the lead singers voice perfectly complements the sound.

As soon as you put this cd in get set for a roller coaster ride you will not want to get off. From the pulse pounding anthem of Fake Revolution filled with brillant vocals and guitar work to one of the best songs on the cd Action. If this song does not get your headbanging (something is wrong!) There are so many great songs, another awesome song is Apathey and the best song on the c.d I knew it, you will become an air guitar champion with this brillant rocker. From the first song to the last you will not get bored with this c.d. There are some slower songs like That's entertainment, Song about nuthin and Stereotype but trust me these songs are still great.

5k are a very talented band and are so different from any other bands out there at the moment and that is what makes them so great. With Powerman 5k making music the future of rock is in great hands. ... Read more

49. Take a Bite Outta Rhyme
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Asin: B00004ZEJK
Catlog: Music
Sales Rank: 35649
Average Customer Review: 3.93 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Since many Limp Bizkit, Eminem, and Korn fans aren't hip to the original rap influences that informed the late-1990s rap-metal explosion, Take a Bite Outta Rhyme's intentions are honorable--have rock bands cover tunes by rap luminaries such as Public Enemy, LL Cool J, and Ice-T. But things go astray with Dynamite Hack's intentionally sappy reworking of Eazy-E's "Boys-n-the Hood," followed by weak efforts from the overhyped Insane Clown Posse, Bloodhound Gang, and Dope. Then there are unimpressive entries from Driver, Factory 81, and Mindless Self Indulgence. The best renditions are heavy ones: Staind's "Bring the Noise," Sevendust's "Going Back to Cali," and Nonpoint's "The Tribute," which salutes Slick Rick, Busta Rhymes, and the Wu-TangClan. Rap-rock has come a long way since Aerosmith and Run-D.M.C. did "Walk This Way" and Anthrax performed a duet with Public Enemy, but as this CD indicates, the genre hasn't necessarily arrived at a better place. --Katherine Turman ... Read more

Reviews (15)

4-0 out of 5 stars Tha Tribute...
This album, rare for alot of tribute albums, is actually pretty dope. I downloaded the track "Staind featuring Fred Durst and DJ Lethal of Limp Bizkit - Bring The Noise(Public Enemy/Anthrax cover)" and instantly I wanted this album. That song was only a part of this amazing CD. Dynamite Hack's Eazy-E cover of "Boyz-N-The Hood" is astounding. Its not heavy and loud, but has a nice acoustic guitar throughout the whole song. I guess you could call this a parody, but its my favorite track on the album. Insane Clown Posse(although a rap group) even appears. They do a cover of Sir-Mix-A-Lot's "Posse On Broadway". I'm a huge ICP fan and I think this track is alright but a little out of place on this album. Its still classic though. KMK, also known as the Kotton Mouth Kings, do a cover of the Getto Boys' classic, "Mind Playin' Tricks On Me". This song is awesome and is a great introduction to future KMK fans. Mindless Self Indulgence do a cover of Method Man's "Bring The Pain". This song is totally awesome if you like M.S.I. Factory 81, a band who I've never heard before, does the Cypress Hill hit, "Insane in the Brain". This song is okay, I like the screams but I don't think he has a good rap voice. =)> All in all, this album is awesome. I recommend it to the extreme rap/metal fans and even heavy metal fans. This is a great compilation...

4-0 out of 5 stars A good sample of rock bands doing hip hop songs...
First off, I'll tell you why I only gave this cd 4 stars. I didn't like the Lordz of Brooklyn song and plus, I was disappointed that there wasn't more new material on here. Many of the songs have been previously released, some have even become hits-Dynamite Hack's cover of "Boyz In The Hood" for example. The Staind/Fred Durst cover of "Bring the Noise" is truly great. It's probably the hardest thing Fred's been involved in since $3 Bill. The Sevendust track, "Going Back To Cali" is another great one on here, and Morgan really shows his drumming skills on this. The Kottonmouth Kings song is pretty good, and sounds pretty much just like every other song they do. The song that steals the show here though is Nonpoint's medley of "Children's Story", "Woo Ha!" and "Method Man" - this song is available on their debut album, and it's such a great great cover-the band really makes it their own. If it weren't for the so-so fares of a couple of bands, this cd would've easily been 5 stars. I still say pick it up, because the Staind & Nonpoint songs make the purchase worth it.

5-0 out of 5 stars Mindless Self Indulgence, A+
Mili Vanilli is as punk rock as it gets, Mindless Self Indulgence plays over a cassette.Mili Vanilli is as punk rock as it gets, Mindless Self Indulgence plays over a cassette.Mili Vanilli is as punk rock as it gets, Mindless Self Indulgence plays over a cassette.Mili Vanilli is as punk rock as it gets, Mindless Self Indulgence plays over a cassette.Mili Vanilli is as punk rock as it gets, Mindless Self Indulgence plays over a cassette.Mili Vanilli is as punk rock as it gets, Mindless Self Indulgence plays over a cassette.Mili Vanilli is as punk rock as it gets, Mindless Self Indulgence plays over a cassette.Mili Vanilli is as punk rock as it gets, Mindless Self Indulgence plays over a cassette.Mili Vanilli is as punk rock as it gets, Mindless Self Indulgence plays over a cassette.Mili Vanilli is as punk rock as it gets, Mindless Self Indulgence plays over a cassette.Mili Vanilli is as punk rock as it gets, Mindless Self Indulgence plays over a cassette.Mili Vanilli is as punk rock as it gets, Mindless Self Indulgence plays over a cassette.Mili Vanilli is as punk rock as it gets, Mindless Self Indulgence plays over a cassette.

5-0 out of 5 stars Why is the Emphasis on type of music?
I would have to claim this album to be one of the absolute best albums of all time!! I am about as all around in terms of music as you can get. I grew up on classic rock, rap, metal, classical, regea, oldies, country and even pop. This album is a great taster of some of the little known bands. The thought of taking some of the most classic rap songs and redoing them by these high potential up-and-coming groups is ingenious. This CD was my first experience with MSI, nonpoint, and factory 81. I have since fallen in love with the untapped greatness of each band. I even enjoyed the Staind song on the album and personally don't have much interest in the band. Dynamite Hack pulled off a miracle with Boyz, I didn't think that the song could ever be pulled off by anyone other than a rap group however they did it beautifully. Lets not forget the Clown's, KMKings, and even a little touch from the Jerky Boys, to round out this high quality CD.
I am very happy with the fact that this is a tribute by new rock musicians dedicated to old school rap. This album is proof that good new musicians will always find ways to press out from between the wastefulness of sellouts like Limp Bizkit and PapaRoach.
In finishing I would like to tell each and every one of you who are reading this review that you can't go wrong by buying this CD, you have gotten far enough to see my review you might as well buy it and see for yourself what a great album really sounds like. Since I bought this CD back in early 2001 I have passed it out successfully to more than a dozen friends with no complaints what so ever!! Very few CD's deserve 5 stars and in my opinion this deserves 5.5, but enough talk click buy, or at least find a friend who owns it.

5-0 out of 5 stars Everyone Wants To Be A Hustler
This is a good CD. You don't have to like hip hop/rap to enjoy the remakes of these classic songs. Worth the purchase price? Yes, because Dope does a killer version of New Jack Hustler that will blow your mind. ... Read more

50. Greater of Two Evils
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Asin: B00068CVLW
Catlog: Music
Sales Rank: 3666
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51. Music
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Asin: B00005ABHV
Catlog: Music
Sales Rank: 10298
Average Customer Review: 4.74 out of 5 stars
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Reviews (81)

4-0 out of 5 stars A very strong debut album...
I've read quite a few of the reviews of 311's music posted by fans of the band on Amazon, and first and foremost let me agree with the general consensus: this album is one of the best by this group. It's an exciting, aggressive debut, the definitive 311 primer, and it shows just how hungry these guys were to get out of Omaha. I would recommend listening to this record first to anyone who's interested in 311. Now, to digress just a bit... I think there's a problem out there in the heartland and elsewhere with some of 311's fans. It's mildly disturbing to read insulting comments directed at the group from so-called fans who seem to have forgotten that 311 are young, talented musicians who have a right to branch out, experiment, and grow musically. Okay, okay; Grassroots, 311, Transistor, & Soundsystem all lack the decidedly aggro edge that made Music so appealing--but wait, there's more. Witness Chad Sexton and P-Nut become one of the most solid rhythm sections in modern rock over the space of four albums; sit back and let Tim Mahoney's remarkable guitar prowess amaze as he deftly keeps pace with the mad style-hopping of the band, and sometimes orchestrates it; and enjoy the frenetic call-and-response style of Nick Hexum and SA Martinez. So they play a little reggae or world-beat from time to time... take a break from moshing on the couch with your friends, sit back, and open your mind. There are other styles of music to digest and enjoy, and as a fan of 311, you can literally have it all.

5-0 out of 5 stars The greatest album from the greatest band
Simply put: the greatest band had their greatest album first. Not many artists today can say this. 311 indeed can, because 1993's "Music" encompasses everything that the Omaha-native boys are capable of in the world of music.

Now 10 years later, this album still graces the very foremost of my CD collection. It is, and probably will remain, my favorite album of all time. The incredible diversity of 311 is seen moreso in this record than in any other they have recorded since; therefore, their first recording (which many consider more of an experiment or a let-em-know kind of release) remains their strongest, and the truest to their backgrounds and influences.

From the appropriately-titled "Welcome" all the way through to the final track "Fat Chance" (with perhaps the most famous LIVE 311 song ever, "F**k the Bulls**t," ending the album), "Music" starts strong, stays strong, and ends strong. If you want to hear a diverse band that was (and is) as progressive and as exciting as any band in the world today, I suggest that you give a thorough listen to 311's "Music" with open ears and an open mind, because nothing has ever sounded like this before - and, likely, nothing ever will.

4-0 out of 5 stars "Music's" what I need to keep my sanity.
I have enjoyed all of "311's" albums, but I easily like "Music" the most, and that's saying something. Being their debut, this isn't as experimental as later albums, but the combo of rock-rap and funk on here is very solid. And as you will hear, from the start "311" had great and positive lyrics, delivered perfectly from S.A. and Nick Hexum. I also feel, this is the point that "311" became the new "Chili Peppers", for me anyway. They just had that energy. This album is also actually 12 tracks, the last one being one of the best. Overall, if you get anything other than their "Greatest Hits", make it "Music".

5-0 out of 5 stars Brilliant!!
This has to be one of the best debuts ever. My friend was a huge 311 fan and i wasn't really into them yet and he told me to buy this cd so i went to a used record store looking for from chaos but they didn't have it so i bought this. At first only a few tracks stood out but a few listens later i was addicted. I think this is one of the best albums ever. Every track is awesome, "Welcome", "My Stoney Baby", "Feels so Good", "Freak Out", etc, etc, etc. There's not a weak track to be found. If you buy this (and you should), don't expect the album to sink in after one listen, it's one of those brilliant albums where you have to listen to it a fews times to catch everything on it. For further listening pick up grassroots or from chaos or any other 311 album but those are just my personal favorites. But if your considering getting into 311, I would suggest getting Music first. Definitely Music!!!

5-0 out of 5 stars 311, 1993, still doin you right
Okay, I won't lie to you, I didn't listen to 311, maybe 8 months ago. I've been a black metal and death metal fan for most of my early years. After that phase music essentially encompassed almost every aspect of my life. When all my friends rushed out to go buy "Evolver" the day it came out, I was confused. What was all this rush about? So I'm thinking, okay, go buy that one, let's see what they got...HOLY S*IT, they got it. Ok, this isn't a single-record deal here. Backtrack to a decade earlier, and this is "Music", 311's major-label debut (Ok, so maybe not real major-label but it wasn't independent). It took me a bit to get into it, but as I keep going through, I see that these are where their most solid melodies and beats come through.

Welcome was a rather interesting album-opener, I think that's what stopped me initially. But afterwards, Freak Out just explodes on and keeps moving with the now solid back and forth groove pattern. This is rap-rock's roots, and this is where all the other bands crowding radio and MTV are. All 311 does is groove, and that's all they need. No one else can touch this combination. Flip between Paradise and Unity and yes, that is still the same band. Although Music still isn't my favorite 311 album (Transistor got me good), I recognize it to be the foundation, and a damn good foundation at that. For these guys to be messin with the same musical revolution they started from high school until their mid 30s is amazing. No one can even claim to stand on the musical world as 311. So just chill out, stay clean (311-stylee) and nod your head to this... ... Read more

52. Judgment Night: Music From The Motion Picture
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Asin: B00000297O
Catlog: Music
Sales Rank: 10530
Average Customer Review: 4.69 out of 5 stars
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Reviews (16)

5-0 out of 5 stars best soundtrack of all time
great movie great soundtrack the slayer/ice t song the three exploited songs together and biohazard /onyx masterpeices don't listen to any rap rock after this it all just posed.i highly recomend along with this movie this is one soundtrack from my youth i will never forget

5-0 out of 5 stars Excellent combination of artists
This soundtrack joins rap artists and metal bands you would never expect to join together and they all do an excellent job doing it! The best songs on this cd I would pick would be Disorder, Judgement Night and Come and Die, all featuring great artists, Slayer, Ice-T, Biohazard, Therapy?, etc. If you like either rap or metal, buy this cd and listen to the great combinations of the both. Highly recommended.

5-0 out of 5 stars Feelin' like DeNiro in Taxi Driver...
What PE and Anthrax began with "Bring The Noise", this disc continues and betters.

Over 10 years on and this album is still amazing. Listening to this makes you realize how mediocre many of the current stable of rap/metal bands are.

The pairings were inspired - and for the most part the tracks stay true to both contributors. Cypress and Sonic are amazing on "Mary Jane" - that track was why I sold most of my books and cds back in '95 to afford the trip to see them on the lollapalooza tour that year - but alas, no joint appearance materialized in Toronto. Helmet and House of Pain could blow the speakers off any system with "Just Another Victim"! And Slayer with Ice T makes you forget all about Body Count.

Once this album goes on my system, it never comes off until every track has been played.

Before you go out and waste your money on some of the stuff record companies are packaging lately, go pick this album up and educate yourself.

5-0 out of 5 stars Judgement Night a Must Have Soundtrack
This is a great soundtrack to own. If you liked Anthrax and Public Enemy together you'll love this "various artist" soundtrack. Most of the Rap/Hip Hop/Soul artists work well with the Alternative/Metal/Rock artist with Cypress Hill and Sonic Youth being the high point of the entire album. There was only one that didn't seem like they were even in the same studio when the song was recorded but I gotta leave some suspense find out and wonder why like I have. If you don't have it get it.

5-0 out of 5 stars Buy it before it goes out of print.
This Gem is hard to find. Get it before you can't. Gurnge,Metal and Rap collide. Just get it. You will play it and friends will ask who is this. ICE T and Slayer??? None of these bands will ever play together agin. Not only that it is good. ... Read more

53. Truthless Heroes
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Asin: B00006JICA
Catlog: Music
Sales Rank: 10997
Average Customer Review: 4.49 out of 5 stars
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Album Description

Acclaimed Southern California metal-core combo Project 86make a bold and brilliant leap forward with theirextraordinary third album. Atlantic. 2002. ... Read more

Reviews (65)

5-0 out of 5 stars At last
I myself am not a fan of the nu-metal scene really. Nor am I much of a fan of hardcore, preffering death and black metal. But growing up in the church I was forced to choose, for my music, among the Christian bands. After going through bands that could be likened to gospel with guitar riffs and other such repetitive and unimaginative drivel, I eventually stumbled upon 4 great Christian bands, (the 4 greatest); Extol, Living Sacrifice, Zao, and Project 86.

Project's first 2 cd's were quite hard, with catchy guitars and pounding drums which easily flowed with the up-lifting, depressing, spiritual, or fun lyrics of Andrew. They were delightfully "head-bangable" (now it's a word) but lacked for something to seperate Project 86's obvious talent and emotion from the rest of the crowd.

"Truthless Heroes" is a concept album, and being lighter than the previous two, can be classified within the broad spectrum of nu-metal, although the songs do not all resemble one another or one particular genre. But it's definately not metal. However, this is not to say that all songs are light and catchy, there are some hard tracks, ("Another Boredom Movement" and "Last Meal" being the best). But rest assured, regardless of your musical taste in the rock genre, all these tracks are accessible and very well-done.

The thing that earns this album 5 stars is really the brutal honesty of emotion and thought which Andrew conveys through the lyrics of the songs. They speak of pain, confusion, depression, anger, and loss...and nothing of ex-girlfriends or trivial whims and empty wishes for meaningless things. it should be noted that, although Christian, the band does not preach any in the album. (It being a concept album following the life of a boy from childhood as he grows, searching for meaning and fullfillment).

This album is musically-inviting, catchy, provoking, moving, and deeper than many...or for that matter, most.

Also, my best artwork was created under the frequecies of this album being emmitted from my stereo. After I made room for newer albums by removing it, I have yet to succeed as before in my art, and so, my grade in the class has suffered; let this be a sign. Or not. Buy the album. Au revoir

5-0 out of 5 stars This was my first P86 CD, and I still love it!
Every time I listen to this album, it reminds meof Andrew Schwab's lyrical genius! Every time i take a look at the lyrics, I am puzzled, but after a deeper enquiry, I figure out the meanings, and I'm usually still a bit puzzled. This album shows that Project isn't afraid to slow things down a bit, as demonstrated by songs like SMC, and the little "commercials", as they call them.

My favorite thing about Truthless Heroes is that it's all revolving around a central theme, and it's fun trying to link all the songs together. You won't regret getting this album.

4-0 out of 5 stars The Boy Who Cried "Sell-Out"
Okay, i'll get to my thoughts on the album in a bit, but first I need to address all these cries of Project 86 "selling out" and "going soft." Look, if you know what you like and you like hardcore, in your face rock, good for you. Personally, I like dabbling in a bit of every - well, most every - type of music. Regardless of your openess to more than one type of music, it is UNFAIR, and IGNORANT to expect every album from a band to sound the same. If you don't care for the new sound, ok, don't buy it, but just because you don't doesn't mean other fans won't. And it sure don't mean it sucks. I personally feel that more pathetic than changing one's sound is simply regurgitating what you started with...using the "don't fix what ain't broke" approach, if you will. So they've changed. That means they care about the music!

Ok, PERSONALLY, I think this is an amazing album. The harmonization, and more complex, mellow sound are more fitting with the mature concept and lyrics. I think that because the lyrics here are so important, it makes sense to have more singing than screaming, and mixing the two emphasises different's music, there are crescendos and decrescendos, tempo's melodic, which might be strange for some, but if you are a metal fan looking to expand your tastes without taking a huge leap, this is a great addition to your collection.

Oh, and I think the sell-out of fellow Christian rockers P.O.D. that many people refer to was them expanding on their infulences...they were likely tired of being compared to Limp Bizkit.

5-0 out of 5 stars PROJECT 86 GREATEST BAND!!!
This album I purchased for my b-day last year and man did I love it. Im so far into hard Rock and the lyrics of project86 are awsome! I do really think that project86 should get some attention because I like POD ALOT but Project86 is I beleive better and yet they do not get the attention as does POD! But even though Project86 doesnt get much attention they still rock! find out more about them at

3-0 out of 5 stars Great lyrics, merely adequate music
This is good stuff, not as agressive as Songs To Burn your Bridges, but more progressive. The musik is in reality nothing special, look into tool for some more brilliant stuff in this vein.

Alright, now to the lyrics, in my opinion these are some of best since "The Wall". Also the story is intresting, but hard to pin point anything beyond the character's despair with everything he finds. The only warmth found here is in bottom feeder, and even then, the love present is a hopeless love.

My theory on the story is as follows:

Section 1 (tracks 1-4)
This section seems to be about the character's teenage years. Its all here, desprate self-destructive ambition (little green men, which also serves as a beginning akin to that in Romeo and Juliet foreshadowing the end), also present is identity crisis (salem's suburbs and know what it means) and the failure to get sought approval or perceived neglect (Caught in the middle).

Section 2 (6-8)
This is about the unfufillment in different presuits, in my opinion it is not the main character singing in SMC, but it is his perception of the church's thought process. Team black seems like the realization of the hollow and addictive nature of either violence or lust or both. Finally, your heroes are dead is the realization that the pop culture climate as destroyed all purity in anything.

Section 3 (10-12)
Perhaps, like in the wall, the character is a rock star, perhaps a business exec, either way, the strain of trying to sell to the public is cheifly expressed in another boredom movement. Following that is the only thing that is shown to give the hero comfort with in the album, his wife/girl friend, basically someone who loves him. However the end is near and she is the only consolation he has because she will miss him. In the despair (have you counted how many times this word can be applied?) of his life, he turns to the entertainment world and probably drugs (hard to tell if it is metaphorical) to take away his problems.

Section 4 (14-16)
As what ever he found comfort in wears away or off, he turns his helplessness into focused vengence (last meal). After failing pop culture takes another shot at reshaping him (soma), but he isn't totally gone, and tries to warn others of what he has gone through (hollow again, which almost reads like a confessional). ... Read more

54. Grassroots
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Asin: B00005ABHN
Catlog: Music
Sales Rank: 8486
Average Customer Review: 4.8 out of 5 stars
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Reviews (97)

5-0 out of 5 stars Grassroots is a funky treat for me!
311s Grassroots is an awesome cd. I can endlessly listen to it over and over again and never get tired of it. That's what I think is so great about this cd and of course 311. Each time spent listening, the music keeps getting better, and better, and better. Nick Hexum is such an awesome vocalist, and I personally find him the most beautiful voice I've ever heard in music. The band 311 is already great. But he makes them the best band ever. If you don't believe me, then go see them live...I guarantee your mind will change very quickly. Now, about Grassroots. This disc displays 311 when they were more into funk rock than they are now. My absolute favorite songs on this album(even though I love all of them) are Homebrew, Lucky, 8:16 am, Omaha Stylee, Applied Science, Taiyed, Grassroots, Lose, and 1,2,3. I know, that was a lot of them, but they're so good that, well, if you listen to this cd you'll understand. 311 is my favorite band ever. I can't see myself finding anyone else to listen to in my lifetime, simply because all my time is spent listening to 311 (with this cd being a lot of it). So come to know 311 and Grassroots. You'll feel better, and you'll love your life.

5-0 out of 5 stars 311 has grassroots
This is in my opinion the best album to start with if you're new to 311. So if you're reading reviews trying to decide if you should buy this CD then YES, BUY IT! 311 is my favorite music artist. I could listen to only 311 and be perfectly content. Here is an attempt at describing the songs on this fantastic album:
(1) Homebrew - This song has a great intro riff and has a section with Nick rapping at his best, then a chorus, then SA rapping at his best, and then another chorus. I've seen them play this song live several times and it is amazing live.
(2) Lucky - This song rocks really hard and was written by Chad (drummer). Great guitaring by Tim too.
(3) Nutsymptom - This song comes in hard and fierce with rapping by SA and then Nick, and then P-Nut plays a funky slap bass line and Chad does who-knows-what on the drums while Tim plays a beautiful solo. One of the best 311 songs ever.
(4) 8:16 AM - A nice jazzy chill song.
(5) Omaha Stylee - This song rocks really hard, a definite headbanger and a great song to see live. Great instrument playing by all.
(6) Applied Science - Another standard of their live show, they always expand the drum solo live and bring out more drums so that the whole band is doing these crazy beats that make you want to jump and thrash around.
(7) Taiyed - The only song other than several on Transistor in which SA sings the whole song. Nick plays second guitar while Tim plays the guitar solo parts.
(8) Silver - Another song that rocks hard with great creative guitar riffs and rapping by Nick and SA. The opening verse by Nick may be his best rapping in any song and has a great anti-racism message.
(9) Grassroots - A fun song with wise lyrics 'the roots underground are as big as the tree, can't you see, if not it will fall down'.
(10) Salsa - This album is the most difficult of their albums for me to choose a favorite song, but Salsa may be it. More awesome creative guitar riffs and great rapping by Nick and SA. I love how the guitar riff sounds like it is rising and then falls like a monster opening its mouth and chomping down.
(11) Lose - A nice slow jazzy/bluesy song unlike any others 311 has done. I really like this song, especially the guitar soloing by Tim.
(12) Six - The beginning of this song sounds like it is creeping up on you. This song has a great chorus sung by Nick, and great creative instrumentation in the middle of the song. Yet another fantastic song.
(13) Offbeat Bare Ass - Another contender for favorite song on the album, this song has verses by Nick and SA that are totally unrelated in their content. SA's lyrics are funny about gross pranks, and Nick sings more wisdom such as 'Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law until you violate the right of another, respect the space of your sister and your brother, the war on drugs may be well intentioned but it falls f***ing flat when you stop to mention an overcrowded prison where a rapist get parolled, to make room for a dude who was sold a pound of weed, to me that's a crime, here's to good people doing time'.
(14) 1,2,3 - The closer to this album is a nice chill song with interesting guitar effects. This is the only song on this album I didn't like right away but it has grown on me and now I really like it.
Grassroots is one of my favorite CDs ever but I must admit that my favorite 311 CDs are Transistor and Evolver. I love all of their albums though.

5-0 out of 5 stars Good Lord, Yes...
Listening to GRASSROOTS today, I'm still overwhelmed by the variety of styles on this record. When it came out in 1994, it sounded like nothing else on the pop music radar. Here was a hard rock band that was equally comfortable playing reggae, latin-tinged ballads, "jam band" rock, rap and even a little jazz. Unlike many other versatile groups of the time (Phish, Dave Matthews) 311 rocked harder and very often melded these various styles into one seamless track. It's this type of musical alchemy that propelled 311 to their status as one of the top live bands in the U.S., while at the same time confusing lame critics (Rolling Stone, Entertainment Weekly) who were incapable of accepting a sound so utterly original.

The laugh is squarely on the critics now. 311 have been together for almost 15 years now, and they're as big as they've ever been. Yet GRASSROOTS remains their masterpiece; 45 minutes of essential 311 music.

01. Homebrew 10/10 - The perfect opening salvo with a killer Led Zep guitar riff and lyrics inspired by an acid trip.

02. Lucky 7/10 - Weakest track on the CD. Still salvaged by its percussive groove and funny lyrics.

03. Nutsymtom 9/10 - Heavy intro groove, breaks into a Santana-like jam for the second half with a killer Tim Mahoney guitar solo.

04. 8:16 am 9/10 - Very pretty mellow rocker. Exactly the type of song you wouldn't expect from this sort of band and a great example of their genre-smashing greatness.

05. Omaha Stylee 9/10 - Awesome rap-flavored track is a shoutout to their home town.

06. Applied Science 8/10 - Nice groove, killer Chad Sexton drum solo.

07. Taiyed 8/10 - Another good change-of-pace track. SA handles all the lyrics himself while Nick Hexum sits in on second guitar. Another wicked Tim Mahoney solo (the CD in general is totally loaded with his genius lead guitar work.)

08. Silver 8/10 - One of the heaviest cuts on the disc. Yet another killer groove and more astute lyrics from Hexum.

09. Grassroots 9.5/10 - Title track does a fantastic job of combining 311's many styles into a whole greater than the some of its parts. Total 311 synergy.

10. Salsa 8/10 - Another propulsive headbanger with some great lyrics from SA; "the girl who gave you her sex I heard was homeless..." Priceless!

11. Lose 9/10 - Out of nowhere, a great Caribbean flavored jazz ballad with Hexum coming across like a male Billie Holiday. Guarenteed to impress even the biggest 311 hata.

12. Six 9/10 - Sinewy riff establishes a menacing groove that relents on the ska-infected chorus. The ending on this one is incredible.

13. Offbeat Bare-Ass 9.5/10 - This album is loaded with bad-ass guitar riffs, but this one may take the cake. Lyrics here about being horrassed by the cops for having a Dead sticker on your tour bus are insightful and have a keen sensitivity beyond the grasp of most "alternative rockers".

14. 1-2-3 10/10 - This beautiful slow jam seals the deal for GRASSROOTS as the best 311 album of all time.

Overall, this is an album that-- despite limited commercial success upon its release-- has grown in reputation to be one of the bona-fide classics of the genre. Highly recommended to all fans of great rock music.

5-0 out of 5 stars Led Zeppelin of funk-hop
When I first heard this album, I couldn't understand what it was that i was hearing. It is original in so many ways. The lyrics, the way it was recorded, the flows, the brilliant funk grooves, the off-beat drums, and the groove energy. I didn't know if what I heard was guitars, or programed riffs. It was all so new and original. I have been into this album for years because their is so much to explore. The rhyming is incredible. I can't even flow along with a lot of the lyrics still, and I've heard the album countless times. The subject matter is wise and very interesting. Their are many little hidden messages within the lyrics, but 311 does not preach at all, and convey their message in very colorfull and creative ways - like this lyric about staying grounded and stuctured in your expression- "the roots that grow underground are as big as the tree that you see, if not it will fall down." I could praise so many ways of this album, but if you feel like exploring something successfully experimental and outside of predictable, then pick up Grassroots.

5-0 out of 5 stars Absolutly Amazing
This album defines what in my words is an absolutly amazing album. Every song has its own meaning and beat. I own all of their cd's except the Omaha sessions and i would out this as their best album with transistor in a close second. This cd has a sound to it heared no where else. 311 has such an original sound that you can't think off any other band that sounds like them. Nick has a one of a kind voice that is just awesome. I'm seeing them in concert for the first time in July and can't wait because I'm sure they're awesome live. ... Read more

55. Persistence of Time
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Asin: B000001FYN
Catlog: Music
Sales Rank: 41217
Average Customer Review: 4.27 out of 5 stars
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Reviews (33)

5-0 out of 5 stars The End of an Era for Anthrax
I would actually like toy give this album 4.999999 stars. This is by far Anthrax's best produced effort. The album is a departure from the good time thrashing the band had been known for. Instead we see a more focused and angerer Anthrax, spitting forth venomous social and political commentary and telling the world to wake up. This is what makes this album great. One small, minute problem as far as I am concern, the songs. I am not a huge fan of the direction that Anthrax followed after this album. Unfortunately this album shows the signs of that direction. The thrash like songs on this album are wonderful. I love the instrumental "Intro to Reality" etc... I just could not accept the rap like songs on the album. However, this does not take away the fact that it is still a great album. This is the last of the Joe Belladonna albums, and the last of the thrash for Anthrax. Check this gem out, and listen to the bands last horah.

5-0 out of 5 stars Classic Thrash
When people think of Anthrax, their breakthrough album, Among the Living, always comes to mind as their best. Brilliant though that album is, I feel I got to give this album the edge, and I, personally, feel that it is the best old school thrash album not made by Metallica.(better than Rust In Peace, Peace Sells, and Seasons In the Abyss. Easily.)

After the somewhat disappointing and not terribly innovative follow up to Among the Living, Anthrax got things well back on track with this album. Though it is distinctly an Anthrax album, they still managed to change their signature sound quite a bit with out losing their identity. Time is generally slower than the 2 previous albums, but it's also heavier and much more dense sounding, particularly with the crushing rhythm work from Charlie Benante and Frank Bello, who make up one of the best rhythm sections in all of rock. Ian's riffs are thicker and more staccatto than his previous work, all of which makes the music a quite a bit darker than their previous albums. The lyrics are also darker, largely because they removed all the attempts at humor, as well as pop-culture tributes. Anthrax never wrote great lyrics, but they are generally at least passable on this album. These tend to focus on social problems, all surrounded with a healthy dose of misanthropy. Belladonna's unusual vocal style is the weak point, as it always is, but the music is so good that these don't matter to much. It's too bad this album wasn't recorded several years later with Bush doing the vocals. It would absolutely awesome if it had been.

Song by song this album is extremely consitent. The only real weak spot is H8 Red, which is fairly acceptable, since the songs that follow it are all pretty good, and all the ones preceding it are true classics. Time is a solid opener, with some solid pounding by the band, and some of the better lyrics on the album. The next 4 tracks are all standouts as well. Blood has got an awesome introduction, and Keep It In the Family has got an incredible bassline. Gridlock is faster, as well as more raw and punkier, like some of their earliest stuff. It's quite possibly the single best track. Introduction to Reality is essentially just an intro to Belly of The Beast, which is something of a centerpiece to the album. This is the other main candidate for best song. The rhythm work i simply spectacular, and Ian throws out some of his very best riffs. The rest of the album isn't as good, but still rocks. Got the Time is frequently called the best track, though this couldn't be further from the truth. It's fun, but sort hurts the continuity of the album, and simply doesn't stand up to the great stuff from the beginning of the cd. It gets back on track fully the final 2 tracks. One Man Stands has got another great intro, particularly in the use of the drums, and Discharge is a great closer, similar to the brilliant Imitation of Life from Among the Living, and is another frantic, barely controlled hardcore-like composition.

Anthrax is probably the least readily recognized of the 4 main thrash bands, which is tragic because they stand up well to anything released by any of those other bands. In my opinion, they are easily the better than Megadeth or Slayer. So if you don't have any Anthrax, go pick some up.

5-0 out of 5 stars anthrax's last:(,great album:)!!
what a great way to end the thrash scence with this album along with slayer - seasons in the abyss,death angel - act III,exodus -impact is imminent,vio-lence - oppressing the masses etcc..anyways this album is a close second to among the living(highly recomended).there is so many FANTASTIC tunes on here folks they are:time,in my world,got the time,beely of the beast,H8 red,lots of good ones that will kick your ASS!!!.and sadly this is also their last album with belladonna:'(...hes such a good singer and i dont understand why he left anthrax???.after this album eveything went down with these albums:sound of white noise,stomp 442,the threat is real(even though i dont have those yet lol).so get this if your a HUGE thrash fan.

5-0 out of 5 stars One of ANthrax Finest
Well, as some ppl may have written, the only slight problem with this album is that its really not that catchy and some ppl may not love it at first. When I usually like an album, I keep on hearing it till I get bored of it, and strangely enough, my first two weeks of this album has been pretty much disappointing, but slowly slowly the urge( for lack of a better word :P) to listening this album grew and grew. I'm listening to it right now and I must say I love it! Belladonna's voice is fantastic on this album, along with some excellent drumming and also good guitar work. This album is thrash, not though in the megadeth or slayer type of thrash...but a unique type of thrash, and boy does it rock! This album deserves you money, it really kicks ass, just give it some time till you get used to the songs and then you will love it.

...Well guess I've got about another two weeks of hearing this beauty, undoubtfully one of anthrax's best \m/

1-0 out of 5 stars crap.....
i bought this album and i expect something masterpiece like justice for all,seasons in the abyss
,peace sells, or the new order. and this was a disappointment
anthrax were never in same league with the real big four ( metallica,megadeth, testament and slayer)
scott ian is bitching too much about nu metal while his own band also doing some rap music, their latest 2 album also nu metal sounding not old school. they're not even reliase wht they're doing but saying crap about other
sound of the white noise only sold 120.000 and their new album only 50.000 their next album is going to be 10.000 then they're done. scott should stop bitching about record sales cause he wishing to much today will back to 80 again ... Read more

56. Picture
list price: $3.99
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Asin: B00007BHGG
Catlog: Music
Sales Rank: 44687
Average Customer Review: 3.94 out of 5 stars
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Reviews (36)

5-0 out of 5 stars New Allison Moorer fan
I heard this song featuring Sheryl Crow and I really liked it but I couldnt seem to find the CD single featuring her so I broke down and bought the version featuring Allison Moorer. After hearing Alison Moorer sing, I just want to say that the Sheryl Crow version does not do this song any justice. I think Ms. Moorer has taken this song to a whole new level. She could actually sing this song by herself. To me,her voices just opens up this song. I like Kid Rock, but he is just the back up. I have never heard of Ms. Moorer before, but I will buy Ms. Moorer's work.

3-0 out of 5 stars KID ROCK & SHERYL CROW

4-0 out of 5 stars Don't Underestimate Allison...
Though I still like the version with Sheryl Crow better, I can't deny that Allison Moorer is an awesome singer. Her voice is very different. While Sheryl's singing is bit higher and pop-like, Allison's voice has a more down-home grittiness to it. Which is appropriate because she is a country singer. We've all heard and love the song so you know it's great. Whether you'd like this version as good as the popular one depends on your taste. I love it.

5-0 out of 5 stars One of the best songs I have ever heard
What an excellent song, I have tears in my eyes when I listen to it. One of those songs that sums up life. Can listen to it enough!!!!!

5-0 out of 5 stars The Best of Kid Rock
I can't believe that a 55 year old woman can honestly say she enjoys Kid Rock's music but she does. His duet with Allison Moorer and Sheryl Crow are excellent so I bought both versions. I actually wanted to purchase Kid Rock's clean version of Cocky because I think it is excellent. He is talented and the cussing doesn't bother me but I think the song picture shows his real talent. The song is great even when he sangs alone. Kid should do more songs like picture. ... Read more

57. Carnival of Carnage
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Asin: B00000A6K8
Catlog: Music
Sales Rank: 10382
Average Customer Review: 4.27 out of 5 stars
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Reviews (90)

3-0 out of 5 stars The worst Joker's Card
I love ICP, and I think their earlier stuff is generally better, but this isn't very consistent, and their are only a few songs up to their usual quality. The lyrics are pretty stupid too.

1) Intro (10/10) This is a great intro to their entire legacy/saga/whatever-you-want-to-call-it. It has some chimes and Violent J (Best name ever!) talking about how the Carnival of Carnage is coming to a peaceful little town.

2) Carnival of Carnage (7/10) A usual ICP title track (they just say the title over and over on top of a beat, and sometimes have verses), but this isn't as good Great Milenko or Riddlebox. Kind of boring.

3) The Juggla (6/10) This is pretty stupid. They sucked at rapping when they made this for the most part. I mean come on ("and like I said I'll mug ya, so don't f--k with the juggla!" Tons and tons of cuss words.

4) First Day Out (8/10) Much better than the Juggla. Usual ICP abuse-some-poor-little-girl song. Kind of funny, especially the "I've got a...little piece of chicken for ya" thing. Nice creepy beat.

5) Red Neck Hoe (6/10) Might be good, except theirs this stupid voice saying "f--kin Bigot!" in the background over and over!

6) Wizard of the Hood (8/10) Good story, lame beat.

7) Is that you? (9/10) Best yet on the CD at this point. Not bad, and the beat and rapping is good, but the "play that ass like a bongo!" thing Kid Rock (yes, he's in this song) said is unbearably idiotic.

8) Psychopathic (7/10) Lacks substance. Just a simple boring beat and for about half the song he just says "Psychopachic!" over and over.

9) Guts on the Ceiling (11/10) YAY! Awesome creepy song about trying to find his guts cuz he exploded. Rapping is still bad, but one of my favorites. Ringmaster quality. This has the "Yo, you'll never guess what's up" that's used in Cemetary Girl. Juggalos know what I mean.

10) Never Had it Made (20/10) The best on the CD by far, because there are many different sections and the beat and samples are so creepy. Story of Violent J's life (or at least the one he made up). One of their best songs ever.

11) Your Rebel Flag (?/?) Don't know if I like this, I couldn't find it on Kazaa.

12) Ghetto Freak Show (9/10) Pretty good and not too stupid.

13) Taste (12/10) Great, song about ghetto revenge, lots of guest rappers who are way better than the clowns themselves.

This is worth buying only for Guts on the Ceiling, Never had it Made, and Taste.

5-0 out of 5 stars It's the shxt plain and simple
I think that CARNIVAL OF CARANGE is better then RINGMASTER and RIDDLE BOX(don't get me wrong those joker cards are still da shxt).It's tied with GREAT MILENKO and THE AMAZING JECKEL BROTHERS. The best thing about it is all the song are pure rap! Cause ya know ICP likes to mix rockin roll in a few songs.Every song on here is da bomb my favorite is REBEL FLAG. so go out and buy it, it's well worth the money for eny juggalo or somebody who loves rap! STAY DOWN WIT DA CLOWN 4 LIFE JUGGALOS!

4-0 out of 5 stars Carnival of Carnage
Gr8 cd cant say itz they best but each cd got better and better after this cd

1.Intro-This introduces the Dark Carnival and explains what it is

2.Carnival of carnage-Just a track that says carnival of carnage over & over has a gr8 beat tho

3.The Juggla-The 1st actual song on the cd one of the best on the cd

4.First Day Out-A juggalo classic this song was later remade by twiztid for their album "MoStAsTeLeSs"

5.Red Neck Hoe-anotha classic that was also remade by icp & twiztid for the album "Psychopathics from outer space"

6.Wizard of the hood-Awesome song that was later made into an ep that featured Twiztid blaze and abk

7.Is That you w/ Kid Rock-This song pretty much blows not just because of Kid Rock i just dont like it

8.Psychopathic- Alright song

9.guts on the ceiling-ok song

10.The rest of the songs on this cd are gr8 id review em but im gettin lazy so just take my word forit

Peace ninjaz MCL


5-0 out of 5 stars 1 of the better jokers cards.
This is Insane Clown Posses 1st and 1 of thier best c.d.s. I like this, the amazing jekel brothers, and the wraith tied for the best.I own all 6 jokers cards + bizzar, bizaar, and forgotten freshness vol's 1 and 2, so i know alot about these guys. This along with every other (icp) CD is reccomended.

5-0 out of 5 stars This is UNSPEAKABLY amazing...word's can't describe it...
All of the songs are beautiful, and the best part of that is the fact that they didn't try to make any of the tracks scary. All of the songs, in my opinion, have GREAT beats. That is just my opinion...I don't get what people are saying about wack beats. The beats are perfect for the songs! But, the best beat on the song goes to First Day Out.

Now, I will give you a trakbytrak--

Intro/The best intro I have ever heard. It fits the album perfectly, and introduces the story of the Dark Carnival. 10/10

Carnival of Carnage/Great beat, love the screaming in the background. But, I wish it had some other lyrics. The best title trak by ICP was Riddle Box, because it actually had diverse lyrics. This song would be great with good lyrics. 7/10

The Juggla/It is impossible to sit still while listening to this song...the beat RULES!! This song is so catchy, the lyrics are great, and the rhymes are pretty good for ICP...although they are corny by default. This is one of the album standouts. 111/10

First Day Out/Like I said before, I LOVVVVVVVE the beat in this song, but I wish they would cut out the spoken-word part in the middle. Good song. 10/10

Red Neck Hoe/HILARIOUS SONG, awesome beat, just wish it had more drums. It's hard to get this song out of your head. One of my favorites. 111/10

Wizard of the Hood/THE BEST SONG ON THE ALBUM, PLAIN AND SIMPLE. The skit at the end of the song is hilarious. I love the beat, it has a very old-school feel to it. The ghetto version of Wizard of Oz...and there's a tin man, a scarecrow, a yellow-brick road, and everything! 654165161651654654/10

Is that You? w/Kid Rock/I love the beat, but it's kinda overpowered and overpowering. Kid Rock's part is good, and I am not a fan of Kid Rock. Great song. 100/10

Psychopathic/Not a bad beat, average lyrics, no meaning. It doesn't quite have that classic ICP storyline to it. 9/10

Guts on the Ceiling/A perfect beat to this song, and the opening was used in Cemetary Girl on Riddlebox. Creative. 112/10

Never Had it Made/See Psychopathic

Rebel Flag/This is where things completely turn around. The beat is GRRRRREAT, and the lyrics are sweet too. 321132/10

Ghetto Freak Show/Not a bad song. That's all. 9.5/10

Taste is Great! 10/10 ... Read more

58. Sound of White Noise
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Asin: B000002HC3
Catlog: Music
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Average Customer Review: 4.65 out of 5 stars
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Album Details

Japanese Re-release featuring Four Bonus Tracks: Noise Gate, Cowboy Song, Auf Viderzen, and Looking Down the Barrel of a Gun. ... Read more

Reviews (26)

5-0 out of 5 stars Anthrax do it again!
Anthrax make another great record that should have you screaming for more. When I bought this cd I was thinking that the four bonus tracks would be average at best, boy was I in for a surprise... The second version of Potters Field rocks! Looking down the Barrel O should have made it on to the original disc. Cowboy songs is alright, not great but still good. The final track Auf Wiedersehen is a killer, it also should have made the original. Why don`t they play it live in concert? All around great cd no bad song to be found. The best songs are Hy pro Glo because of the two pounding bass drums make the most effect in this song and Dan Spitz plays the best guitar solo of the album here. I also like Black Lodge it has some great giutar work and is softer wich allows you to cool down after hearing the other heart pounding tracks. The reason this cd will stick in your mind forever is because the band is really tight playing precise but free flowing music. Great solos from Dan Spitz, drums sound live, John Bush writes great lyrics, Guitars riffs are excellent the bass pounds away with robotic precision, its a parents worst nightmare...

5-0 out of 5 stars Monster of an album
All you need to know is this: the album can match any of Anthrax previous records (even Among the Living) in pure heaviness, but beats the rest lyric wise. John Bush wrote some great lyrics, just check out Black Lodge or Only. The solos are here, probably the best Anthrax solo ever is on this very record, featured in the song Hy pro Glow, Dan Spitz left me drooling on the floor after that one, it's just incredible. It's a pretty diverse metal album, sure you have your heavy cuts in here : Potters Field, This is not an Exit and so on, but you've got an acoustic song as well: Black Lodge, that will put you to sleep, for but a moment(the sheer heaviness of the next track will wake you up again ha!). John's voice is not better than Joey's(Anthrax's former singer) it's different, he's not trying to sound like Joey or write songs in his style either. This album, along with Among the living are the best example of Anthrax's huge talent. You want a record that's heavy yet smart and melodic look no further than Sound of White Noise.

4-0 out of 5 stars One of their best albums
Sound Of White Noise is Anthrax's first album with former Armored Saint vocalist John Bush. This was also their first album released after thrash metal hit the mainstream with the release of Metallica's Black Album. Although grunge was in full swing in 1993, real metal bands like Megadeth, Metallica, and Anthrax actually had their biggest successes. In fact, this would be Anthrax's only album to make the Top Ten debuting at No. 7. However, while Metallica and Megadeth toned down their music at this time, Anthrax were getting heavier. While previous vocalist Joey Belladonna had a higher voice that at times didn't gel with their heavier material, Bush's voice was stronger and rougher which gave them a heavier sound. His presence also put the band's flirtation with rap music to rest and as shown here they became a better band.

Most of the tracks here are great and a few of them rank with their best work. The opening track "Potter's Field" is one of their most developed tracks, starting out with a slow grinding riff before gaining momentum during the choruses. The tracks "Invisible", "100 Points Of Hate", and "Burst" are among their heaviest songs and are highlighted by the monstrous drumming of Charlie Benante. The melodic "Black Lodge" is a great track featuring Bush's more understated vocals. The best tracks here are on the album's first half. "Only", "Room For One More", and especially "Hy Pro Glo" are all among their best work and are carried by Bush's mean vocals and Scott Ian and Dan Spitz's killer riffs. The remaining tracks "Packaged Rebellion" and "This Is Not An Exit" are also very good. This is certainly among their best work, probably their best next to Among The Living. It's certainly their best album with John Bush. Definitely worth checking out.

5-0 out of 5 stars Sound of White f**kin noise!
I'll start by saying that this is my first Anthrax album. I decided to give them a go after hearing (and liking) the song madhouse off the spreading the disease. I didn't know when I bought this that it was a different singer, but I don't care because john bush has a great voice. I haven't heard much of the previous singer Joey's voice so I'm not gonna compare the two.
Anyway, this is a great album. The vocals are great, the drumming shines in certain parts of the songs and although most of the riffs aren't that complex the guitars still kick ass and the solos are great.
My personal favorite tracks are Only (the best song on the album IMO) , Room for One More, Hy Pro Glo, Packaged Rebellion, Invisible, This is not an Exit - hell they're all good. The song Black Lodge gave the album more variety and showed a bit more of the band's versatility.
Overall, this is a great album, it doesn't compare to reign in blood or master of puppets, but like those albums this is one of those cds that you can listen to all the way through and enjoy it all.

5-0 out of 5 stars One of my top 5 albumns
I remember turning 16 when this albumn came out, and I was just starting to get into the metal scene. I heard Only on MTV one day, and new I had to get this tape. I think I over played songs like Only, Black Lodge, and Hyper Glow, as evident by the warped sound the tape was starting to produce. Over a decade later, I finally decided that I had to have this CD back in my perminant collection. As I listened to metal morph in a variety of forms (i.e. nu metal), I keep coming back and listening to the aggressive and explosive sounds of groups like Anthrax. And in my opinion, this was their finest work. John Bush's vocals give me goose boomps every time I hear him. And the thunderous and aggressive guitar lyrics give me a pure adrenaline rush. For me, this albumn is something that I can't listen to without accelarating at least 30 miles per hour over the speed limit. Plus, it's nastalgic because it was one of the first metal albumns I purchased, and one that I had to go back to. I highly suggest this albumn - it's one worthy of any collection. ... Read more

59. Enjoy Incubus
list price: $7.98
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Asin: B000002BSF
Catlog: Music
Sales Rank: 18044
Average Customer Review: 4.77 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Reviews (47)

5-0 out of 5 stars Short but Good
First of all, this is not the first recording that Incubus put out. Their first CD that I am aware of was Fungus Amongus. However this was their major label debut and it bridges the gap between Fungus and S.C.I.E.N.C.E.

I found Incubus through Make Yourself and then through Morning View. I liked them so well and they where on heavy rotation in my collection that I decided to start looking earlier in their career. I have to say that picking up their older stuff has been very rewarding.

This is a blend of many different styles of music such as Funk, Rock, and maybe a little Jazz in there too. Sure this CD is short, but there is no filler. If many of bands around right now could put out a CD that's this good beginning to end then there may not be such a fuss over file-sharing. This album is worth every penny just like every other Incubus CD I have picked up so far. This is a fun album to listen to and belongs in the music collection of any fan of Incubus.

5-0 out of 5 stars One Hot Marmaduke
The Incubus boys go back into the studio and re-record a few of the older funky tracks of Fungus (Hot Dancer, Shaft, Take Me To Your Leader, Hilkus), and add a few new ones. This EP is one little gem, everything you've come to love about Incubus remains in this EP. From the beginning track, "You Will Be A Hot Dancer", you know this is some funky stuff. There is a lot of humor present in the album, with a rather lighthearted feel, even though some of the harder riffs, ala Shaft, kick in. If you are a hardcore fan, you most likely already have this album, however, to new Incubus fans, I reccommend this , as long as your musical tastes are fairly open. The 6 songs on this CD are great to listen to over and over, and its fun to pop it in and play "Azwethinkweiz" for a friend. The songs on the album are definitely a bit more amateur than their more recent albums, however, I still HIGHLY recommend this CD. You can snag this CD for a good price too. Get it, you won't regret it.

4-0 out of 5 stars You Will Enjoy Incubus
The first track "You Will Be A Hot Dancer" had me singing along with it's catchy tune and unforgettable chorus. "Shaft" is a great hard rock song with an amazing Primus like sound. "Take Me To Your Leader" grew on me like no other song has done before. It is now one of my favorite songs. It has very unusual lyrics ("What if I had a mustard drenched cucumber tied to my leg and I did not want my pants to get dirty"), but very interesting none the less because some things he sings are actual facts ("What if your brain unexpectedly and suddenly picked out things to flip around and view"). mattcarrot has offended me with his opinion of the song "Version." I believe it is one of the best song's on this album. It happens to be the only Incubus song with a reggae, ska like groove. "Azwethinkweiz" happens to be one of two songs that Incubus released on a hard to find record entitled Let Me Tell Ya 'Bout Root Beer (The other is "New Skin" which is found on the S.C.I.E.N.C.E. album). It's also a very good song. "Hilikus" has a kickin' groove, as any Fungus Amongus fan would know. If you fast forward past the end of the song, you will find a hidden track with different beats and grooves similar to the secret track at the end of S.C.I.E.N.C.E.. Enjoy Incubus is a true title to this album for any hardcore Incubus fan because if you are a hardcore Incubus fan you will enjoy this album and appreciate Incubus' diversity and roots.

5-0 out of 5 stars You'll have to hear it to believe it...
I know Incubus from Make Yourself, their hit album.
Then I started listening to their older CD's and the more I travled back in time, it got better.
Incubus had great sound at start, very diffrent from their music nowdays.
On this CD, which is not their first one, they are taking some tracks from their first record, Fungus Amongus, and record them again with DJ Lyfe, who joined them at that time.
The result is wounderfull. DJ Lyfe additions conribute to the Jazz/Funk/Metal sound of the band and make the songs sound even better then Fungus Amongus.

5-0 out of 5 stars Great intro to incubus
The Enjoy Incubus EP is the first offering from Incubus. It provides a short little introduction into incubus. The songs are homorous mainly such as you will be a hot dancer and take me to your leader. There is a great bonus track at the end of the CD, you just fave to wait 10 minutes for it but it's worth it. Enjoy Incubus provides a more complete understanding of what Incubus can do. Each time they come out wiht an album, it sounds a little bit different. SCIENCE has more of a rap/hip-hop flavoro to it while make yourself has more of a rock flavor while morning view has more of a mellow flavor. Enjoy Incubus provides some funny songs with elemants of rock, funk and rap/hip-hop. ... Read more

60. Soundsystem
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Asin: B00005ABI1
Catlog: Music
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Average Customer Review: 4.51 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

When "Down" shot up the singles charts in 1996, it was the culmination of eight years of hard work for Nebraska-bred, Los Angeles-based 311. Soundsystem ups the ante on the quintet's good-time, never-forced amalgam of hip-hop, rock, funk, and reggae. "Come Original" features Nick Hexum's identifiable talk-singing style, and the tune's lilting dancehall and reggae overtones make it perfect for convertible cruising. From the odd but compelling rhythms in "Freeze Time," to the Santana-influenced stylings and Tim Mahoney's intricate guitar work in "Life's Not a Race," to the almost metallic riffing of "Evolution," 311 have constructed a diverse yet cohesive collection. The band's crisp, edgy sound, well showcased by producer Hugh Padgam (XTC, the Police), is especially winning on the irresistible and rollicking "Mindspin" and the aggro closing cut, "Livin' & Rockin'." It's a good bet that this Soundsystem will find its way onto the sound systems of fans old and new. --Katherine Turman ... Read more

Reviews (248)

5-0 out of 5 stars awesome
Ive had this album for over a year now and its the best album ever. Freeze time is a good intro to the album giving you a sample of everything yet to come. Come Origional is just a great song that tells bands to stop sucking so much i guess. Large in the margin has an awesome chorus. Flowing is freaky when really listened to and relly freaky after seeing the video. Cant fade me is cool an up beat. Lifes not a race has a great gutair riff and changes the mood around a bit. Strong all along seems like it is busting into ska but it keeps the beat just a little different. Sever is one of my faves. Eons is slow and relaxing. Evouloution is good and kind of funny. Leaving Babylon is intresting and im still trying to figure what the hell this damn song is about. Living and Rocking is so cool because the band is like screw you were the best. MINDSPIN, my all time favorite 311 song has the best outro of any song ive ever heard. the music and tone totally change form hardcore to harmonies. Is the Truth so bad?

4-0 out of 5 stars 311 at their finest
This is 311 at their finest, in my opinion. Tim establishes himself as a force to be reckoned with on the guitar. I mean he hinted at his ability on the bands previous record (Transistor), but all of his work of Soundsystem blows his previous stuff right out of the water. The band's ablility to blend music styles, for which they're well known, is also at it's finest on this disc. The styles shift seamlessly and perfectly. The band memebers feeds off of each other to create unique songs that not even they can duplicate (which is why From Chaos isnt as good)

Enough with the tim praise.

Soundsystem is 311's most accessible album. Tracks like "Eons" and the single "Come original" make this an obvious fact. But hidden among the rock songs are "Life's not a race" & "Strong all Along " two more slow, laid back songs that are throw backs to the blue album (the Band's self titled for the unintiated).

The one downfall of Soundsystem is "Leaving Babylon." Its the weakest song on this other wise almost perfect album.

Absolutely perfect songs:
Come Orginal, Large in the margin(Arguably 311's best song), Flowing, Eons, and Livin' and Rockin(the biggest cause for the cd's parental advisory sticker)

Songs that are good(but are skippable):
Freeze time(perfect intro); Strong all Along; Life's Not a Race; Sever, which features an absolutly stunning solo by Tim; and Mindspin.

This is also a good cd to just chill to.

5-0 out of 5 stars 311is all always up for kickin
I am a huge 311 fan! They are awesome in concert. Every fan must own this album. It has the standard great tracks that all true 311 fans love. 311 is the perfect mix between pump you up feel good music, and their signature chillin style that melts away the stress and chaos in our lives. Stay positive and love your life!

5-0 out of 5 stars this cd is so rad
Get this ive listend to this cd over and over again and it doesnt get boaring get it you will not regret It

5-0 out of 5 stars another great 311 album
Every CD that 311 has put out is great, although none of them sound the same. This CD has perhaps the greatest diversity of any of their albums, which is saying a lot because 311 is the most diverse band there is. Here is a description of each track:
(1) Freeze Time - This song has a great palm-muted guitar intro and just rocks really hard all the way through. Although I can't say it is the best first song on any of their albums because how can you say which song is best out of Welcome, Homebrew, Down, Transistor, Freeze Time, You Get Worked, and Creatures?
(2) Come Original - The first song released on the radio from this album, this song tells entertainers to be creative and do something original (like 311 does). I love the 'hawaiian guitar' part.
(3) Large in the Margin - I don't have any idea how they write these songs. Listen to the guitar at the beginning and the melody Nick sings over it and ask yourself how they could have come up with that.
(4) Flowing - A song I probably didn't really appreciate fully until I saw them play it live at the warped tour. Perfect for jumping up and down to it.
(5) Can't Fade Me - This song is hard and fast with great rapping by Nick and SA. Great lyrics.
(6) Life's Not a Race - A song that is impossible for a person to not like. Tim plays three guitar solos in the Santana style.
(7) Strong All Along - My favorite song on the album along with Eons. This song is just really cool.
(8) Sever - A great rock song with an incredible guitar solo at the end to finish it off.
(9) Eons - My favorite song on the album along with Strong All Along. This song has deep low guitar chords and beautiful melodies sung by Nick.
(10) Evolution - The lyrics to this one are hilarious. Nick is singing about the technological advancements of mankind and our potential, and SA sings a verse about his computer acting up 'It'll be the one that pays the price'. Great catchy chorus and heavy guitaring.
(11) Leaving Babylon - A slow chill song, kind of like Amber on From Chaos. Nice echo effects on the guitar. This one is a cover song, the original version by Bad Brains.
(12) Mindspin - The beginning comes in so hard so suddenly it makes you want to thrash around and headbang. Then the song changes totally and toward the end there are beautiful spacy chords with melodic vocals by Nick and SA.
(13) Livin' & Rockin' - The most incredibly hard-rocking song ever. I don't think they play this one live, or at least they haven't in the last two or three years or so, and I think it is because the ensuing mosh pits would be extraordinarily hazardous.
Well, if you are interested in 311 but don't own any of their CDs, this one is good to start with, although be aware that each of their albums sounds different. If you own other 311 albums but don't own this one then stop reading reviews and buy it already! ... Read more

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