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$14.99 $13.30 list($18.98)
141. Surrender to Love
$10.99 $8.00 list($11.98)
142. Love Story
$13.98 $8.84
143. All World-Greatest Hits
$13.99 $7.41 list($17.98)
144. Floetic
$13.98 $10.78
145. Don't Give Up on Me
$13.98 $9.31
146. Off the Wall [Bonus Tracks]
$9.99 list($18.98)
147. Aretha's Best
$10.99 $8.80 list($11.98)
148. Boney M - The Greatest Hits
$10.99 $7.40 list($11.98)
149. If I Ever Fall in Love
$24.99 $12.40
150. Anastacia
$13.98 $9.99
151. Every Great Motown Hit
$13.98 $8.35
152. Design of a Decade 1986/1996
$26.99 $19.60 list($29.98)
153. Stevie Wonder - Song Review: Greatest
$13.98 $7.99
154. Survivor
$13.98 $8.50
155. Boyz II Men - Legacy: Greatest
$13.98 $9.32
156. Luther Vandross: Greatest Hits
$10.99 $8.53 list($11.98)
157. Love Jones: The Music (1997 Film)
$14.99 $5.96 list($18.98)
158. Kevin Lyttle
$14.99 $4.99 list($18.98)
159. Chocolate Factory
$10.99 $1.99 list($11.98)
160. Daydream

141. Surrender to Love
list price: $18.98
our price: $14.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B00008BXJL
Catlog: Music
Sales Rank: 7350
Average Customer Review: 4.69 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Reviews (85)

5-0 out of 5 stars kindred puts real meaning back into music
When I first heard "Far Away" last spring, I had only heard it ONE time!! I never forgot the song. I searched and asked everywhere, but no one knew what I was talking about. Then, by chance, last summer, I was watching VH1 Soul videos, and there they were. I made it a point to remember the name of the group and immediately went to the music store. Lo and behold I found the CD and I havent stop playing it yet. Every song, EVERY song is beautiful!!! The melodies, lyrics, rhythms, everything is tight! I've turned plenty people onto Kindred, but the true test was my mother. She refuses to listen to most of today's music. When i played KIndred in the car on our way to New Orleans, she fell in love. She bought her own copy as soon as we got there. I'm thirty years old and my tolerance for a lot of today's music is dwindling. And, like others, I've been searching for real music for our generation. Thank you, Kindred, for putting meaning back into music.

4-0 out of 5 stars 4-1/2 stars -- Surrender to Kindred
Jill Scott went to a local club one night and saw a performance by Aquil Diya and Aja Fatin, a husband-and-wife duo. She was so impressed with them that she immediately signed them to her record label, Hidden Beach, under the name Kindred the Family Soul. I'm not sure whether or not they had that name to begin with, but regardless, Surrender To Love is definitely worth your time.

What's the best song? Pick one: "Stars", "Meant To Be", "What Happens Now", and the list goes on. The music is great, and the lyrics ain't bad either. There's the woman's anthem "I Am", the creative title track, and, of course, "Far Away". And although I love "Rhythm Of Life", the remix blows the original out the water, particularly because of the extra flava (and I didn't say flavor, I said FLAVA). Even guest raps work well on this album, as evidenced by "Party's Over".

If only this album weren't so long (74 minutes), I could give it five stars. Oh well, Surrender To Love is still classic in every sense of the word.

Anthony Rupert

5-0 out of 5 stars Exceptional Grown Folk's Music
There is no complement too great for Kindred. This album is incredible from beginning to end. It's hard to name a favorite, but I will: It's the track " If I". Oh my God it's the truth. See for yourself.

5-0 out of 5 stars Surrender To Buy This Album
Yet again, Hidden Beach finds an eccentric talent. Kindred is just an adding of fresh air to Soul and R&B music. From the crowd-waker "Surrender To Love", the passionate "Stars", the jazzmotion of "If I", the heartfelt "Weather The Storm", and the down-hop "Party's Over", the album is just totally great and a MUST LISTEN TO for all generations and ages.

It's really rare to hear genuine Soul and R&B music. With Kindred, Musiq, J. Scott, I. Arie, E. Badu, and other others in their equivalent, it's about allowing human ears and emotions to feel good. That's what music should always be about.

Buy the album as if it's a treasure. Because when listening to it, you will have a treasure.

5-0 out of 5 stars Dont Let This Album Slip Pass You...
I had this album for about a month now, but never got around to listen to it, I was going through my tons of CDs and said to myself, that me listen to this album and get a true feel for Kindred, I could kick myself in the behind for letting music this good get pass me for so long...The lyrics, the sound, the LOVE coming from this album, now I can't stop playing Kindred, I haven't felt this free and spiritual and so much emotion since India Arie's last album...Trust me, and I'm very critical about music (you have to be, nowadays), you can't go wrong...BUY THIS ALBUM NOW, or miss out forever.....Don't let this album slip pass u.... ... Read more

142. Love Story
list price: $11.98
our price: $10.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B00006LWQI
Catlog: Music
Sales Rank: 8507
Average Customer Review: 4.36 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

When Philly soul sister and onetime Jill Scott backing singer Vivian Green nails a jazzy supper club vibe--as she does on songs like "What Is Love?" and the impossibly sad "No Sittin' by the Phone" from her lovely Love Story debut--you feel more elegant just listening to her. Green has one up on her hero, Barbra Streisand--she writes her own songs, credibly draws on the rich tapestry of gospel and R&B, and she can play. "24 Hour Blue" is equal parts funk and soul; "Superwoman" is a fluid, string-boosted call-to-arms for unappreciated women everywhere; and "Music" is an impossibly hip midnight-hour declaration of love for her craft. Manicured but never bloodless, slick but not austere, A Love Story stands as one of the most confident, accomplished, and sexy urban debuts in memory. --Kim Hughes ... Read more

Reviews (115)

5-0 out of 5 stars G'on Girl
You know how you get all hyped up to buy a CD and you get it and only like 4 songs on it? It is very rare that buy a CD and not skip through to avoid the "garbage" tracks. The last CD I was able to do that with was Tweets "Southern Hummingbird".

That was until I heard "Emotional Rollercoaster" on the radio one day and I listened to the dj to find out who this girl is. Soon after, I got her CD "A Love Story". It gives me a little bit of everything. The songs are simple, honest and overall refreshing. And this child can SANG!

I also liked the style of the music accompanying the lyrics, it was very well chosen, and highlights for her voice. Very adult, very contemporary, very (truly) R&B in rare form. I probably won't hear any of it in the club, but that's fine.

I just hope no one has the bright idea to hook her up with (For Example) Murda INC and put Ja Rule in a remix, that would just ruin it for me.

In short, a well deserved 5 stars. This girl is off the hook.

4-0 out of 5 stars Excellent debut
I bought VG's cd mainly out of support - knowing that she was one of Jill Scott's former back-up singers & was not disappointed. It's good to see that some companies still try to roll out artists who are original & genuinely talented singer/songwriters. Viv's songs are deep & soulful with a jazzy bent which I love and I agree that she & Heather Headley along with groups like Floetry & Kindred are breaths of fresh air to the music world.

That being said on an initial listen, I felt that the songs melded one into the other seamlessly - there is a great balance of mid-tempo and slow love songs on this disc and it is definitely worth a listen. Out of 14 tracks there were only 2 that I really cannot get into (No Sittin By The Phone & Complete).

The tracks that stand out to me are: 24 Hour Blue, What Is Love?,
Emotional Rollercoaster, Affected, Fanatic & Ain't Nothin But Love

It's amazing to me that this album did not get any kind of Grammy consideration.

4-0 out of 5 stars A Strong Debut
I bought this CD when I heard Emotional Rollercoaster playing on the promo for some TV show. The song really stood out and I went out and bought the CD. I was a little worried that would be the only good song on the album. Turns out I was wrong! This CD is very personal and very good. It's a very relaxing CD, but that doesn't make it boring. Her voice is very unique and simple. She doesn't oversing on any of the songs. The sequencing of the songs is also very good. All the songs flow well together and you can tell she really feels the songs. Off the top of my head, the standout songs are Emotional Rollercoaster, What is Love, Affected, No Sitting By the Phone, and Fanatic. All the songs are good, though. It's a shame this album wasn't more popular. If anyone deserves mainstream success, it's Vivian Green.

4-0 out of 5 stars Enjoyable Listen
I really enjoyed listening to this album the first time around! Usually it takes a while for music to grow on me. I particularly liked her lyrics even though sometimes they were a little different from the average love song. Her songs are so relatable. Buy it! You'll be happy, I know I am! I'm looking forward to her new CD.

2-0 out of 5 stars Nice Voice but she should sing someone elses material
I don't get it. The first song has to have the lamest lyrics I've ever heard in any pop song. "I wanna laugh until tears fall down my face and my abs are aching" or how about "I hope the children I sponsor down in Chile get the money I send and I wanna fly to Paris...with my husband"

Achh!! Please hire a song writer. Almost all of the R&B divas of past sang professional songwriters compositions. Now we expect them to write their own and this is how we pay for it. ... Read more

143. All World-Greatest Hits
list price: $13.98
our price: $13.98
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B0000024LZ
Catlog: Music
Sales Rank: 3664
Average Customer Review: 4.49 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan essential recording

The very epitome of "been there, done that," LL Cool J also has the distinction of having originated (or, at least, being the most proficient at) half a dozen rap styles. On the hits collection All World, all the phases are represented: he was "hard as hell" on 1986's "Rock the Bells" and again on 1991's "Mama Said Knock You Out"; on 1987's "I Need Love," he was the painfully sappy precursor to Boyz II Men, but he had the formula down pat for 1990's "Around the Way Girl" (and then he went sappy again on 1995's "Hey Lover," a collaboration with the Boyz); and 1988's "Going Back to Cali" found him stylin'. He's had his ups and downs and managed to produce only a couple of truly killer albums, but LL's first dozen years show that he's left his stamp on nearly every facet of the hip-hop world. --Randy Silver ... Read more

Reviews (37)

5-0 out of 5 stars This album will "crush you like a jelly bean".
In receiving this album you'll be blessed with 16 classic rap tracks from probably the greatest of all time. It starts off with "I Can't Live Without My Radio", the first track off LL's debut "Radio". THEN you get the most famous line of old school rap:"LL Cool J is hard as HELL!" It really takes you back. LL goes hard on tracks like "I'm Bad", and on 1990's "Mama Said Knock You Out". He takes on Kool Moe Dee with the diss-fest "Jack the Ripper" and "Jinglin', Baby", where he tells Dee to "pass the wine cooler you big black....". Of course, no LL album is complete without the slow, affectionate songs dedicated to the ladies. The first is "I Need Love", his first hit to top the charts, then comes "Around the Way Girl", which is possibly the best hip-hop ballad of all time. Then, big L chills with the classic "Going Back to Cali" and then on the upbeat "Boomin' System", all jams full of life today. This album will be played over and over again, mainly for the variety you get. The only downside is that 1989's "I'm That Type of Guy" is missing, and it is sorely missed. But songs like "Big Ole' Butt" and "Back Seat" make up for the egotism displayed on that track. Don't miss it. Crank "Mama Said Knock You Out" and then decide who's the G.O.A.T. LL's been through more bull than any other rapper, and "All World" is just a start of what is to come.

5-0 out of 5 stars GOAT? Maybe.
In 1987, I was nine years old and this older kid that I knew gave me a bunch of 45s that he had. One of them changed my life forever. The record was by this guy named LL Cool J and the song was "I'm Bad." It was the first time I'd ever heard a hip hop record and I've been hooked (obsessed?) for the past 15 years.

Uncle L has gone through several incarnations and I really don't like anything that he's done since MAMA SAID KNOCK YOU OUT (except for the brief period when the lion was re-awakened by Canibus) but fortunately all the classics are here: "Radio," "Rock the Bells," "Mama Said Knock You Out," and of course "I'm Bad" showcase the self-proclaimed baddest rapper in the history of rap itself, while he still speaks to the ladies with "I Need Love," "Jingling Baby," "Around the Way Girl" and depending on how you look at it, "Big Ole..."

Yeah, LL Cool J in 2002 isn't the same that was LL Cool J in 1991, but nothing great lasts forever. But his work changed my life and I can always relive that with this.

3-0 out of 5 stars Pretty Good......But
One of LL's strongest suits is that he could take on all comers in the rap game, step his game up whenever and crush 'em (see Canibus). However, one diss record in particular got left of this compilation which was more deserving than "Jack The Ripper", and that was "Till The Break of Dawn" originally on the House Party 2 soundtrack. That record pretty muched sealed Kool Moe Dee's fate and put Ice-T in his place for even thinking he had enough lyrical skill to battle LL. Of course, since this LP came out in '97, I guess we'll have to wait for the song 4,3,2,1 as well as the ultimate diss that ruined Canibus's brief career on his G.O.A.T. LP. However, the remix for "Rock the Bells" is one of the most vicious singles ever released in hip hop and should have been put on this cd as well as the remix for "Doin it". I guess you can't have everything I suppose. But it's an okay compilation.

5-0 out of 5 stars DYNAMITE ALBUM OF LL's HITS!!!!!
I went and got this album when it came out in '96! Very dynamic album of his hits! He was RUN-D.M.C's stiff competition from 1985-1988, but he had his own agenda in rap. The '85 songs are still raw, the '87 music is still mesmerizing, the one '88 offering is still blistering, the '90s songs were all unique. He proved that rappers could do ballads and still keep their uptempo hardness with I Need Love. I saw him in concert last year and he really tore it up. Excellent revolving lights swirling behind him and his DJ was hot. He had the crowd on its feet too! He is a testament to longevity in rap and most of today's competition needs to use him as a model for their ongoing success. His songs are diverse and he's always challenging himself too with his songs. This is a dynamite album for its 73 minutes--he selected the right and best songs for this collection!!!!!

5-0 out of 5 stars THE WORLD OF LL.COOL J.


144. Floetic
list price: $17.98
our price: $13.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B00006JO3X
Catlog: Music
Sales Rank: 8044
Average Customer Review: 4.6 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

It's hard to imagine two more talented hipsters than Floetry singer Marsha Ambrosius and emcee Natalie Stewart, a.k.a. the Songstress and Floacist. The U.K. duo's Floetic debut has it all--smooth R&B, soulful jazz, hip-hop, spoken word, supple ballads and a warmth that cradles the listener from beginning to end. In short, it's exquisitely, decidedly feminine. The pair occasional raise the roof with sizzling rhymes and beats, but they clearly place a premium on vibe, evident in Floetic's mostly chilled, after-dark feel. Jill Scott and Michael Jackson have already benefited from Floetry's deft songwriting; Jacko covered Floetry's "Butterflies" on his Invincible disc. A demo version of that song is included here, but that's the least of the bounty. "Hello" is pure honey with the women's silky voices braided in harmony while the dreamy, gently gurgling "Sunshine" is like a soundtrack to a daydream. Comparisons abound (Lauryn Hill-meets-Dionne Warwick as scored by a blunted De La Soul maybe?) but perhaps the best description of Floetic yet unearthed is "sass and soul." And, at almost 70 minutes long, it's a steal. --Kim Hughes ... Read more

Reviews (134)

5-0 out of 5 stars Best debut I've ever heard!
I must say I was very impressed wit this album from the very talented Floetry - quite frankly I was blown away, even after I dismissed the first single "Floetic". Every track is brilliantly prepared, and the 2 bonus tracks (Butterflies demo and Now You're Gone) are excellent. Even if you are not a fan of Natalie's spoken flows (which are very good), Marsha's voice is enough to keep anyone listening, Here is my analysis on each song:

1. Big Ben - hypnotic intro, but you'd prefer to skip it after the first few listens
2. Floetic - i was NOT feeling this song. i do not like it at all. its sound is not very catching, especially for a 1st single
3. Ms. Stress - wonderful! nat and marsha work very well 2gether on this song.
4. Fun - upbeat, nice song. it doesnt knock you off ur feet but still a nice song
5. Sunshine - this song makes you think. very relaxing
6. Headache - also very good. not too mch to say about this record, but its good
7. Possibilities - kinda like the intro, you'd prefer 2 skip it over after the first few listens. not that its a bad song, yo'd just be in a hurry 2 hear the better songs after it. emotional song, inspiring
8. Say Yes - hypnotic! this should've been the 1st single. very sexy song and its a definite "cut jam"
9. Hello - not much 2 say about this song. its wonderful tho
10. Getting Late - another cut jam... its got a innocence to it. very pure, but still sexy
11. Hey You - everyone can relate to this song. its another floetry slow jam, and its wonderful
12. If I Was A Bird - very pretty. almost predictable lyrics, but the way marsha sings makes it seem all brand new
13. Opera - ok song... u have to be in the mood for it, but if u are then its grade a quality
14. Mr. Messed Up - faster song where marsha takes the lead. nice song
15. Butterflies (bonus track, demo version) - if u heard the micheal jackson version, you heard this. they sung the hook on mj's version and aside from a lil difference in the vocals. still good tho
16. Now You're Gone (bonus track) - one of the best songs on the album. THERE IS SO MUCH EMOTION IN THIS SONG! Its my personal favorite. i cried the first tyme I heard it


3-0 out of 5 stars Positive Lyrics & Uplifting Messages Welcomed
The Philly females that make up Neo-Soul RnB/Rap group Floetry are very talented women, women who still have positive insights on political issues, love & the world. If you pop this into your cd player, you won't hear no drug dealing, no sexual encounters, and absolutely no bullets flying through the air. Just inspirational lyrics over smooth instrumentals that would be right at home in smokey underground jazz clubs that open their doors at midnight. As usual though, the true musicians in the industry today will be overlooked for artists that sell strictly on their look alone, and its a shame, for this album should not be slept on.

The ground-breaking special effects in the video for the album's first single "Floetic" was a very smart move. Without these, the video most likely would not even get noticed, because the women that make up Floetry actually keep their clothes on in the video, something rare in the world today. The album is very diverse, the topics range from many different issues, however songs are still enjoyable instead of feeling like your in school. Tracks like "Fun", "Sunshine", "Headache" & "Possibilites" are all hot as hell and will definetly keep the attention of fans of Erykah Badu or D'Angelo.

The album is also laced with gorgeous ballads such as "Say Yes", "Hey You" & "If I Was a Bird". Fans who don't understand the metaphors & poetic invisions imbedded in the Neo-Soul music will think these girls are insane and speaking some form of gibberish, but for those who can, they will find themselves agreeing with their opinions & spiritual offerings.

The debut album from these women is very impressive and I hope to hear a great deal more from them in the future. Its rare today in this industry to find artists that can keep it real, by speaking of topics that affect everyone's lives. No matter what age you are, listening to this album will benefit you. These soul sistas are doing something truly amazing and I can't wait for them to hit us hard again. Keep an eye on Floetry because they are doing their thing, while also advancing the Neo-Soul movement.

5-0 out of 5 stars The reviewer that said the CD is ok is crazy
The CD is excellent!!!! This is grown folks music. Turn off the lights and light a candle to listen to this CD. I will buy anything they release.

5-0 out of 5 stars You need to release stress....
I love this CD, the beats are mellow and so soothing. You won't be disappointed.

4-0 out of 5 stars actually not that good - but the six songs that are are...
AMAZING. Many songs on this album are a drag, and are extremely boring. But the six good songs are catchy, meaninful, with a soulful beat - great hip hop. I absolutely love "Floetic" "Big Ben" "Ms Stress" "Say Yes" "Hello" and "If I Was A Bird". I especially love "Floetic" and "Say Yes". Little drops of sweet heaven. All in all, quite a bland album with some genius songs, though. I guess it is worth buying for those songs. ... Read more

145. Don't Give Up on Me
list price: $13.98
our price: $13.98
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B000068CTE
Catlog: Music
Sales Rank: 4671
Average Customer Review: 4.41 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Of all the great male '60s soul singers--a short list that includes Sam Cooke, Otis Redding, and James Brown--only Solomon Burke still actively records. More amazing, he's produced his best full-length album with Don't Give Up on Me. It's easy to give some credit to the album's star songwriters, who include Burke fans Tom Waits, Elvis Costello, Van Morrison, Brian Wilson, and Bob Dylan. But really it's the quality of the songs and Burke himself, one of the most versatile and charismatic singers around, that make this album so special.

The 11 songs range from the lazy, seductive plea of the title track and the gravelly gospel of "Diamond in Your Mind" to the country-soul of "Other Side of the Coin" and the civil-rights-era urgency of "None of Us Are Free." Joe Henry's production is suitably subdued, and the instrumentation--generally guitar, bass, drums, organ, and piano--is sympathetic throughout. And if you doubt that Burke is the real star in a room crowded with those folks, consider this: the two slightest tracks here were written by Wilson and Costello, while one of the best, the album-closing "Sit This One Out," was written by someone named Pick Purnell. A great album not fixed in the past or fully of this decade, Don't Give Up is a crowning achievement of an R&B pioneer who has returned to reclaim his self-bestowed title from the '60s: "The King of Rock and Soul."--Keith Moerer ... Read more

Reviews (41)

5-0 out of 5 stars Ear Candy
What do you get when you combine the voice of Solomon Burke with the songwriting abilities of Van Morrison, Bob Dylan, Tom Waits, Nick Lowe, Brian Wilson, Barry Mann, and Elvis Costello? The best ear candy of 2002. The songs run from down and out blues, thru gospel, and contains some of the best soul singing since (fill in the blank).

4-0 out of 5 stars Never Gonna Give Up On You
Solomon Burke sounds as good as he did in the last century. Maybe even better. The title track, "Don't Give Up on Me", is an excellent example of the timelessness of great Soul Music. This song is also a perfect venue to showcase Burke's formidable vocal range. I was hooked early on, when during his pleadin' & beggin' he slips into an effortless falsetto worthy of singers less than half his age.

The tunes from Van Morrison, "Fast Train" and "Only a Dream" also provide Burke with ample opportunity to sing from his soul.
"Flesh and Blood" is an interesting Dark Blues psychedellica. Like something right out of the late 60's at The Fillmore with a light show in the background. On "Diamond In Your Mind", Burke does Tom Waits better than Waits himself.

Brian Wilson's "Soul Searchin'" is a catchy tune, but a bit too lite for my taste. Nevertheless, Burke seems to have some fun with it--as he did with the Dylan song, "Stepchild". "The Judgement" by Elvis Costello is a terrible song that Solomon Burke couldn't even resurrect. I edited it right out and wondered why Joe Henry didn't do the same.

"None of Us Are Free" is a powerful song with a message that most who rule the world still don't get. With help from the Blind Boys of Alabama, Burke is just the person to send it out again.

Joe Henry has succeded in producing an album of Real Music and I appreciate the no-frills live session. Critics of the mix should listen to some of the later Stax Volt sessions for an example of how it sounds when you turn up the music at the expense of the vocals.

Finally, with all due respect to the songwriters who have contibuted to this album, the masterful Solomon Burke certainly doesn't need their celebrity to sell his albums. Solomon Burke's singing is reason enough to buy this cd.

5-0 out of 5 stars All beautiful songs by sincere musicians
This cd has two "sunny" sides.
- All the material is performed with an uncommon soulfull sincerity.
- The songs are in fact beautifully produced with very gifted musicians.
There are no drawbacks with this cd. Just press "play" and "repeat".
I saw Solomon Burke live at the North Sea Jazz Festival. It was an impressive first encounter with this remarkable man.
I recommend the DVD of his concert at the NSJ festival to everyone.

5-0 out of 5 stars none of us are free!

5-0 out of 5 stars Soul Music at its Best
One of the best records i have ever heard hands down. This one ranks up there with some of the best ever. As for Solomon's voice it is better than ever, and the songs are all top notch. ... Read more

146. Off the Wall [Bonus Tracks]
list price: $13.98
our price: $13.98
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B00005QGAT
Catlog: Music
Sales Rank: 2568
Average Customer Review: 4.81 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan essential recording

Given the pace of Michael Jackson's post-Thriller release schedule, it's striking that Off the Wall appeared between two albums with his brothers, Destiny (1978) and Triumph (1980), on which the twentysomething phenomenon was also fully engaged. Aided by richly detailed but not overdone production, Off the Wall redefined how much Michael might do.

Tracks like "Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough," "Rock with You," the title cut (all Top 10 singles), and "Burn this Disco Out" not only consolidated his dance-floor power, but showed just how soulful and varied his vocals could get on uptempo material. Artistic role models like James Brown and Jackie Wilson echo through the mixes, but these were Jackson's leaps forward. The addition of pure pop confection--Paul McCartney's "Girlfriend," Stevie Wonder's "I Can't Help It"--further fleshed out the star's young-adult persona and helped make Off the Wall among the most fondly remembered of all his solo work. This special edition features two magic home demos and entertaining, insightful interviews of producer Quincy Jones and "Rock with You" composer Rod Temperton. --Rickey Wright ... Read more

Reviews (79)

5-0 out of 5 stars Off The Hook!!
Michael Jackson's first solo album as an adult tops many peoples list as his best yet. It's an incredibly strong and innovative album that set the mold for the greatness to come. This special edition reveals the album as it's never been heard before.

The clarity of sound presented here is astounding! Especially when you go back and listen to the original release. From the swirling cackles in the title track, to the bass on Burn This Disco Out, to the layered voices in Don't Stop, the sound enveopes you in it's crispness and rishness. It's pure aural candy!

The special edition includes a booklet with 4 new photos (one featuring Paul McCartney), a brick design on the cd itself, and 18 minutes of bonus material including, interviews with Quincy Jones and Rod Temperton and, the best treat, two demo recordings.

Both demo's run about 4:30 and feature Randy and Janet on rhythm and sound efects. There is a hillarious spat between Randy and Janet at the begenning of the Don't Stop demo that had me roaring in laughter. These demos really give a sense of the Jackson family as a whole, fun, musically inventive, talented and wanting to help each other out. They also showcase Michael's strong song writing skills. The rhythms and arrangements are completely fleshed out but the lyrics are barely there. What you can hear of lyrics is very different from the final recordings and seems like MJ made it up as he went along in the song (Is he really singing 'Keep on with you hot dog' in Don't Stop Til You Get Enough?). The demo's highlight his talent as a rhythm arragner and song builder rather than a lyricist.

On the down side, the interviews aren't that enlightening and I can't imagine wanting to listen to them more than once or twice. Also nowhere in the booklet or on the jewel case is the bonus material given track numbers. There are a total of 19 tracks here with an announcer, interviews and demos. A track listing would''ve made it alot easier to find the demo's later. One final nitpick, I would've liked to have seen a picture underneath the cd's clear tray in the jewel case. Instead all we get is black. Oh well, it hardly detracts from all the great things about this sepcial edition.

If you're a MJ fan or have an older copy of Off The Wall, then you have to have this for the incredible restoration done, it's historical value and the insightful demo recordings. For the rest of you, don't miss out on this strong, innovative, fun and moving album. The sepcial edition is the one to have!

5-0 out of 5 stars off the wall is off the chain!
this is such a groovy, soulful, dance/r&b album. It was huge in the late 70's, early 80's and it remains a timeless classic with unforgettable hits like Don't Stop Till You Get Enough, which was michael's first #1 to have been written by himself; and the sweet, soulful rock with you. As great as these 2 songs are, the rest of the album is really underrated. Tracks like Working Day and Night and Get On the Floor were also written by michael and are extremely catchy in melody, in fact I think I like them better than 'Don't Stop' and 'Rock' Off the Wall and Girlfriend are soothing disco songs you can relax too. She's Out of My Life is a sweet ballad. I Can't Help it was written by Stevie Wonder and michael does an awesome job singing it. It's the Falling in Love and Burn this Disco Out are also good. Buy this album today! If you don't, you're wacko! ;)

5-0 out of 5 stars Off the Wall [Bonus Tracks] [ORIGINAL RECORDING REMASTERED]
Off the Wall [Bonus Tracks] [ORIGINAL RECORDING REMASTERED] [EXTRA TRACKS]~ Michael Jackson is my favorite Jackson album. I love disco muisc and this is awesome disco music that can be compared to the likes of ABBA and Bee Gees. I love it.

5-0 out of 5 stars A SOUL CLASSIC
Back in the day this record was all over the clubs. A SOUL CLASSIC and Michael's best dance record. So why does EPIC have to gum it up with commentaries? Put that kind of stuff on a separate disc if it must be included. This kind of stuff is all too prevalent in remastered reissues. Record companies should just LEAVE IT ALONE. Put out the reissues the way they were intended. I just wanna hear the music, man.

5-0 out of 5 stars so fresh, so carefree and so creative
Off the Wall just has great disco numbers with great musical production, yet they don't sound overproduced in a way that gives you a headache. Pure brilliance. Also there are chill r&b and soul jams with hints of disco and even a little jazz, and the best part is that there is live instrumentation and michael's vocals are great on this album. Definitely a must buy, and a great way to relieve stress. Enjoy. ... Read more

147. Aretha's Best
list price: $18.98
our price: $9.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B00005BC9B
Catlog: Music
Sales Rank: 2773
Average Customer Review: 3.62 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Reviews (8)

4-0 out of 5 stars Casual Fans Only
In my opinion, this collection was made only for the casual fan who only wants one CD of Aretha Franklin. This is the only CD you can have both the major highlights of her Atlantic years and Arista years. Maybe that was what the purpose is for this collection.

Having stated that, I only recommend this album to the casual fan. Aretha fans should get her box set or if you only want the hits, get the "Best Of..." 2 CDs or her "30 greatest hits".

4-0 out of 5 stars The Aretha Franklin Beginner
There are many Aretha Franklin collections out there. Some might say that the Queen Of Soul box set is the most brief and detailed overview for the one and only Aretha Franklin, but when Aretha's Best was issued in 2001, it was turning out to be a best-of collection. For some people, Aretha's Best is the inexpensive collection, but there a couple of flaws here. First of all, the tracklisting is weak but, remember this is just the beginner. Songs like Respect, Rock Steady, & You Make Me Feel Like A Natural Woman is on this collection. This collection doesn't go that far, maybe from 1967 to 1984. Unlike this collection, the Queen Of Soul collection has a lot of songs for the total of 86 classics, which is way too much for the beginner, like me. So I would buy Aretha's Best or 30 Greatest Hits because I'm not a casual Aretha Franklin collector or fan. You might not feel comfortable listening to this collection, but this is for the beginner. So, enjoy and listen to the Queen Of Soul.

3-0 out of 5 stars Aretha Deserves Better!
I am not what you would call a "huge" Aretha fan, but I must say I love all of her big hits!

Well when I found this collection and saw that all of her essentials were on here and also noticed that this was from Rhino, I went out and bought it. Well Rhino, for the first time, you have me really dissapointed.

This CD's main problem is sound quality; now I'm not a professional on dropouts and mono and stereo and things like that, but I know when something does not sound right. Is it just me or does the instrumental section on "The House That Jack Built" really sound very distorted? And "Chain of Fools" has seen better days.

An artist like Aretha deserves much better than this. I really must say from a great company like Rhino, I cannot believe they couldn't make a better collection.

This is great music, but not a great collection.

3-0 out of 5 stars You Can Do Better Than This Collection
This is a so-so collection of Arthea's Greatest Hits. The only virtue of this particular collection is that it's inexpensive. The double CD "30 Greatest Hits" is a far better snapshot of Aretha in her prime. If you really want a comprehensive collection of Aretha, the 4 CD "Queen of Soul" is the gold standard of Aretha's work. The problem with "Aretha's Best" and "30 Greatest Hits" is that they cover Aretha's radio hits, some of which have been played to death. Quite a few people are unaware of Aretha's jewels like underrated "Spirit In the Dark", the Curtis Mayfield collaboration, "Sparkle" or "Amazing Grace" a brilliant gospel album she did with the Southern California Community Choir. Indeed, much of Aretha's most heartfelt and soulful music is omitted from these less comprehensive collections. There are two buying strategies for obtaining a great Aretha collection: 1) Buy the 4 CD "Queen of Soul" collection or; 2) Buy a half a dozen or so orginal releases like, "Never Loved A Man", "Spirit In the Dark", "Amazing Grace", "Sparkle", "Aretha Arrives" and "Young Gifted and Black". If you purchase "Aretha's Best", you are cheating yourself of most of Aretha's Franklin's amazing legacy. She deserves a closer listening than this collection, because she is after all the first and the best of the so called "divas", and has more soul in her little finger than the whole lot of the bloodless, octave swooping singers of today. Hail to the Queen of Soul...

5-0 out of 5 stars Best Collection Of The Best
This is the best collection of Aretha. If you are a serious collector of soul, she deserves multiple purchases of her releases. If you are trying to give some depth to your CD collection, then this one will probably make you the happiest and give you a full range of what made her the best there will ever be. ... Read more

148. Boney M - The Greatest Hits
list price: $11.98
our price: $10.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B00006311M
Catlog: Music
Sales Rank: 1225
Average Customer Review: 4.75 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

The brainchild of producer/songwriter Frank Farian--best known for later coming up with Milli Vanilli--Germany's '70s hit machine Boney M scored a string of disco singles with a strong Caribbean flavor. Granted, it takes an iron will to stomach upbeat numbers about the troubles in "Belfast" or such endearing figures as "Ma Baker" and "Rasputin," but at their best, Farian and the four West Indian session singers he recruited made a great dance-music outfit that was able to give an over-the-top Euro-disco spin to pop nuggets ("Sunny") and infectious originals ("Gotta Go Home"). If you want to send your next '70s-themed party into overdrive, give this 18-track hits collection a try. --Elisabeth Vincentelli ... Read more

Reviews (8)

5-0 out of 5 stars Danceable to anyone
When I was a high school student,I liked disco music
very much.And I like their S&M taste album jacket so much.In the 21st century they still shines like a big star in the sky.I liked SILVERS,HEATWAVE,KOOL&THE GANG.The GOLDEN DISCO AGE is here.The songs are very up tempo and easy to kepp pace with.So I used to dance till dawn.My mother always told me not to kick the wall of my room many times.I was a dance craze.This is worth listen.Don't judge a book by its cover.This album is a lot of fun.

4-0 out of 5 stars Good even in 2004; will there be a comeback due to a movie?
I am inspired, late, to review this album after seeing "Touching the Void" on the big screen recently and being reminded of a great album.
This CD and this band were never given full appreciation in the US - - the band and their music were better known in the Caribbean and Canada and Europe.
"Rasputin" was probably the biggest hit they had here in the US, which is surprisingly on one hand, but not so surprisingly, as it is a great song!
Nowadays, this music is often considered "too retro" or "too disco", but anyone who hears this should enjoy the music for what it is - - good FUN!

4-0 out of 5 stars why didn't the reviews mention this?...
This is a great album and should have been given a 5 star grading. However, the only flaw, and the greatest unforgivable flaw to me, is that 'Rasputin' faded out long before it really should have ended. (in other words, you will not hear the sarcastic moaning of "OH, those Russians" at the end of the song)I just could'nt figure out why this song, which is probably the best of the best of boney m's masterpieces, received such cruel treatment and nobody cares to point it out. Maybe many will think the version now existed on this album is long enough and the deleted part is just repetition. Well, God bless these so-called boney m 'fans'...

5-0 out of 5 stars How bout getting all their songs out on CD?
After listening to the CD, I had to dig out my old Boney M Records
I bought while in Spain in the 70's and listen to them on a borrowed "hi-fi" and try to get someone to put them on CD!

5-0 out of 5 stars Why didn't I discover this sooner???
Yes, I was one of those late 1970s adolescents who, upon discovering cool artists like Elvis Costello and Tom Waits, thought himself just way too hep for music that made the rounds in discos. And every now and then, I come across an artist or band that fit that discotech mode, and I learn that I missed out on some great music because my pride got in the way.

Boney M is one of those groups. After hearing "Rasputin" blaring on somebody else's stereo, I hit the nearest music store and took a chance on this greatest hits CD. After spinning the entire CD, I found that a greatest hits compilation is not enough Boney M for my collection. Boney M explodes style, music and kinetic energy all it's own!

Seriously, this music perked me up from track #1 and did not let up. As this group was a creation by a man named Frank Farian,I have read several groups comparing Boney M to Milli Vanilli. NOT EVEN CLOSE! There is no guise of down-to-earthiness here, this music just makes you want to move. When I find photos of Boney M on the web, when I listen to their music, I drink in a creation meant to be loud, over-the-top, bright and as kitschy as neon! The singers' voices are passionate, and even the lyrics voicing concern (Belfast) are empowering. This is pure unapologetic dance music!

Boney M, and Boney M specifically, makes me confess what I have resisted confessing for over twenty years: I want to dance to "Rasputin" and "Daddy Cool" in the loudest and gaudiest disco I can find!

Best wake-up song: Daddy Cool... Best Workout Song: Rasputin... Best "In the Present Moment" Song: Sunny ... Read more

149. If I Ever Fall in Love
list price: $11.98
our price: $10.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B000002ONA
Catlog: Music
Sales Rank: 3117
Average Customer Review: 4.77 out of 5 stars
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Reviews (22)

5-0 out of 5 stars Take A Trip Straight Through Memory Lane
Shai is a four man collective who were one of many harmonizing young men's groups of the early 90's. This particular group had a strong sense of harmony and were one of the better singing groups to come out during that time. The title track 'If I Ever Fall In Love" is a classic unforgettable ode to broken relationships. Definitely one the best R&B songs of my generation that I have ever heard, if not THE best. You know they also add some more hits off this cd as well. They weren't like H-Town, Intro, Hi-Five, or the Rude Boyz; one hit and that's it. "Comforter" is another one of their essential love songs and "Baby I'm Yours", a song about staying truthful to their partners, is also great. "Sexual" became an underground baby making hit, 'Waiting For THe Day' is a smooth with a moving groove. The whole cd is amazing. This album took me down memory lane. Albums like these are the reason many people say that R&B has fallen off. ( I don't think so though!). People my age hold this album close to their heart because it is symbolic of the times, and mostly childhood memories pop into your mind. Enough of my rambling...this is a must have! Get It any way possible.

4-0 out of 5 stars A great debut album
This album is an excellent album, and I recommend it to any r&b fan. While some of the songs are just ok, the great songs are excellent. Most people will recognize the acapella version of "If i ever fall in love" or another of their singles "Comforter". In my opinion, Shai has the some of the best harmony of any group I've ever heard, rivaling if not surpassing even Boyz II Men. This group should have went on to become huge stars, but I don't know if it was from poor marketing or whatnot, it didn't happen. For anyone who likes slowjams or soul music, this cd is a classic and a musthave.

5-0 out of 5 stars Back From The Mystery System......The Love Cycle
New Shai Album: Back From the Mystery System

Created by Curveous on Fri, Apr 30, 2004 @ 21:53 EST

To The True Shai Fans: They have released their fifth album entitled Back From The Mystery System....The Love Cycle. I heard about three songs and I am hooked already. This album is independant and available for pre-order at Step Up, Step Up !!! Warning: Grown Folks Only! Support these talent, elegant brothers. Peace

4-0 out of 5 stars Shai Is Your "Comforter"
When people think of Shai (Carl Martin, Marc Gay, Darnell VanRensalier, Garfield Bright, Carl "Groove" Martin), they think of the smooth silkiness of their voices, which usually makes such weaknesses, on their debut, easy to ignore.

At the close of 1992, the urban contemporary vocal quartet missled to the top of the pop and R&B charts with their extremely, harmony-rich, successful debut album, ...If I Ever Fall in Love, not to mention the number one, gorgeous, title track. Though, the single isn't the only flat-out impressive track here. The new jack swing numbers, "Free," (which the foursome only raps on) and "Waiting For The Day," are as good as anything the genre had ever offered, with the second having a hook similar to the Janet Jackson/Luther Vandross duet, "The Best Things In Life Are Free." There are more signs of promise on the Jodeci sound-a like tracks, "Don't Wanna Play," and the catchy "Changes," but the highlight moment on the second half of the album is the huge hit "Baby I'm Yours" (No. 10 Billboard, No. 19 R&B). It's a captivating number, thats shows-off the vocal quartets vocal talents, in terms of seductive vocal-harmonizing. The Whistle influenced piano ballad, "Together Forever," is absolutely beautiful as is the enticing hit "Comforter" (No. 10 Billboard, No. 4 R&B).

Most of the material doesn't match Shai's vocal talents, but they do not lack quality material like most early-90 group's.

5-0 out of 5 stars This Is History
I was in high school when Shai came out. A classmate asked me have I ever heard of them and I told him no. Man, I watched Video Soul that night and "If I Ever" came on. I was completely blown away by the beat and then I saw Garfield Bright and he took it to another level. I was bait,hook,line and sinker. As I grew older, I got more into their lyrics and the overall message they were trying to send. It was about Love,Life,Education,Poverty,Happiness,Sadness,etc.
I love these guys. All of them and it has been a life long dream just to meet them and vibe with them. I just hate that the industry they're in is showing them no love whatsoever.

But as I read the reviews here, I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels that way. Who could ever forget "Together Forever".That is like the ultimate wedding song. Can you imagine walking down the aisle to eternity to a song of that magnitude? These fellas need their fans. I heard through the grapevine they supposed to have a new album coming out sans Carl Martin. A part of me still hopes he will rejoin the group,but who knows?

They have a fan in me for life
Peace ... Read more

150. Anastacia
list price: $24.99
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Asin: B0001VWP8I
Catlog: Music
Sales Rank: 2942
Average Customer Review: 4.85 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Anastacia, the self-titled third album from the former wedding singer picks up where Freak of Nature left off, completing her transformation from disco-pop diva to full-on rock goddess. "Seasons Change" opens the album with a nu-metal guitar riff and pretty much sets the tone for the other 11 songs. Lead single "Left Outside Alone" demonstrates the diversity of Anastacia's voice: she starts off very pronounced in an Evanescence style before going back to her old self. Sadly, the vocals are more restrained than usual, with only a few songs showing off her range. The ballad "Heavy On My Heart" builds to some dynamic choruses, reminiscent of Joe Cocker's screaming rendition of "With a Little Help from My Friends" but the only time Anastacia really lets loose is on "Sexy Single," where her distinctive nasal vibrato loosens up and puts a real feel into the music. It's a shame there are none of the funk or disco numbers that made her debut so explosive but with such a unique voice, Anastacia could sing anything and it would sound great. --David Trueman ... Read more

Reviews (27)

5-0 out of 5 stars Her Diva Fabulousness keeps getting better!
Her Diva Fabulousness Anastacia has moved to a more rock sound than her previous albums, which had more of an R&B flavour. Her collaborations this time are primarily with Glen Ballard, the man credited with working with such giants as Alanis Morissette and more recently Dave Matthews. And as long as I was waiting for this album, let me say that every second was worth it. Written primarily during her ordeal with breast cancer, Anastacia has crafted an album which is far more personal and touching than her previous two masterworks, and listening to her talk about the writing process and how painful it was, how she could write a single verse before being completely exhausted, it makes the end result that much more incredible. The album opens with "Seasons Change," heavy with the guitar riffs and gives us a taste of what's to come. "Left Outside Alone" is the second track, and astute listeners will notice that there this is a different mix than the single version, which mixes things up a little. "Time" may contain a few trite phrases about the way we perceive time, but she weaves it fabulously in the melody and it's a fantastic track when she's finished with it. "Sick and Tired" is one of the strengths of this album, where she details some of her ordeal lyrically, but the song's hook is infections, and I could put it on repeat without tiring of it. "Heavy On My Heart" is slower, but much more intimate about what she faced during her illness. "I Do" is a much more angry song, and features the vocals of Sonny Sandoval from P.O.D., though his contributions are minimal. Having read the lyrics, I'm tempted to say that the song is a critique of current American policy, but I'm not entirely sure. Being as she currently lives in London, it could easily be... "Welcome To My Truth" is about still retaining the capacity to love after all of the disillusionment and heartbreak and pain that she's faced, which is fantastic. Infectious is the rhythm of "Pretty Little Dum Dum," a tale about a woman and a bastardly guy, with great lines like "He says that you're the one one / But that's eleven in his eyes." Fantastic. "Sexy Single" was Her Diva Fabulousness' collaboration with Dave Stewart of Eurythmics fame, and it details being okay with not having a man around-great to hear. "Rearview" is a great song about meaning to come back to someone to find that that they're gone, but accepting change. "Where Do I Belong" slows things down a bit, and the track is quite raw and emotional. "Maybe Today" is a fitting final track and the second collaboration with Dave Stewart, slowing things down even more, and it mellows the sounds with a piano and strings, and the lyrics are just fantastic. It's official-Anastacia is an absolutely amazing album. I'd go so far as to give it an 11/10.

5-0 out of 5 stars The Artist That Is Anastacia
Madonna had Ray Of Light. Mariah had Butterfly. Janet had Velvet Rope. Now it is Anastacia's turn to show the world how much she has grown as a person and artist through all the hardships that she has been through. When I first listened to the album, I was in complete shock by the talent that this incredible woman portrayed. She has grown emensely as a writer and singer since Freak Of Nature. The best track of the album is Heavy On My Heart. Other fantastic songs are Left Outside Alone, Welcome To My Truth, Seasons Change, and Where Do I Belong. I also love the rest of the songs - except Sexy Single.

5-0 out of 5 stars VERY GOOD
i cant belive it she got in rock this album is mix of everyrhythm from :left outside alone a poopp rhythm to time or i do a rock . in totall really worth to buy.

5-0 out of 5 stars Wow!
I first heard Anastacia on MTV in Germany, and returned to the US to seek out her CD.

Her voice is fabulous.

5-0 out of 5 stars VERY GREAT CD!
America is a great place for music an d all, but so is the rest of the world.

While most of America is in the Hip-Hop and Dance stuf (which isnt a bad thing AT ALL), i really do feel that we do miss some great artists: thus the case with Anastacia

Anastacia has been around for quite some time now, but she is popular overseas and not in her native US of A. "America" really doesnt know what they are missing.

ANASTACIA is her 3rd album, and third luck DOES have its charm!

Anastaica shows some more "grown-up" sound and all in this one. Not That Kind and Freak of Nature are not bad albums AT all, but ANASTACIA (her new self titled album) is extremely different than ANYTHING she has put out in the past years.

Standout songs in my opinion include:

Seasons Change
Left Outside Alone
Sexy Single

But all in all, this is one ROCKING album and all.

If you havent heard of Anastacia before, go GET THIS ONE!! It is something different and DEFINITELY a breath of fresh air.

Isnt it time for a change anyhow? Chage is ALWAYS good! ... Read more

151. Every Great Motown Hit
list price: $13.98
our price: $13.98
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B00004T9UK
Catlog: Music
Sales Rank: 6502
Average Customer Review: 4.94 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Reviews (17)

5-0 out of 5 stars Like The Man Says: "Ain't Nothing Like The Real Thing"
There are several Marvin Gaye compilations available--both single-disc and box set. So it simply becomes a matter of finances which one you choose. For the budget-minded this collection is ideal. Not only do you get every Top 10 Motown hit (except for the inexplicable omission of his first--"Pride and Joy"), you also get his four Top 10 hits with Tammi Terrell: "Your Precious Love," "If I Could Build My Whole World Around You," "Ain't Nothing Like the Real Thing" and "You're All I Need To Get By." [Before anyone gripes about the absence of 1982's "Sexual Healing," you need to remember that Gaye had switched labels to Columbia by then.]

Like labelmate Stevie Wonder, Gaye's Sixties hits were smart pop songs with catchy hooks and fairly safe subjects--love and romance being the principal. Like Wonder, Gaye too would eventually wrest creative control from the powers that be at Motown and by the early Seventies was creating socially conscious songs like "What's Going On," "Mercy Mercy Me (The Ecology)" and "Inner City Blues (Make Me Wanna Holler)."

This is a terrific, if concise, overview of the genius of Marvin Gaye. Originally released in 1983, these tracks have been remastered and sound simply amazing. If your record library doesn't already include these songs, this is a great place to start. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

5-0 out of 5 stars One of the best Singers and Song Writers ever....
To any person who likes music, the name of Marvin Gaye is filled with pleasure and pain. Pleasure for the great music he created, pain for the fact he is no longer with us. When I die, and if I go to heaven, I am going to look for Marvin and hope he is still composing and singing. People, you have to own at least one Marvin Gaye album to call yourself a person who likes music. Let's get down to it:
THE GOOD: 1) SONG SELECTION. Some of these tracks I had not heard of before, but that does not matter. I bought this one on name recognition alone and I was not sorry. Every track is a classic and you do not have to be a fan of this type of music to enjoy this one. Tracks like "Mercy Mercy Me" and "What's Goin' On" are classics. On top of that, it is nice to explore tracks you might not have listend to otherwise. 2) SOUND. Classic, rich, and full of passion are just three of the words that I would use to describe his sound. There are many more of course, but that would take more space then I am allowed. 3) EMOTIONAL. Each track is so full of emotion that I could not help but swing with it. When the song was up-beat and happy I found that I had a smile on my face, when the track was a downer, then I frownd. Whatever the emotion instilled within the track I found myself feeling the same way.
THE BAD: 1) PRICE. I know that I should expect to pay more for a collection CD, but 29 bucks is way over the top. Shame on the person that though 29.99 was a good idea.
THE BOTTOM LINE: Just like Black Sabbath is the founding fathers of modern rock, Marvin Gaye is one of the founding fathers of Rap/Hip-Hop/Pop. Sure, preformers before him where writing and singing of the samethings that he was, that was what the jazz/blues movement is all about. Marvin Gaye gave mainstream acceptance to a sound that might have never come to light without him. I miss you Marvin! This album, although a classic and priceless, does not get a "must have" status simply because there are better albums containing better selections.

5-0 out of 5 stars Marvin makes you happy
I love this CD, it too is one of my favorites. As Marvin sings his heart out on songs with Tammy Terrell (You all I need to survive) and on the hit "I heard it through the Grapevine" I am blown away. I love how it ends with the song of my childhood, "Got to Give it Up" which was played at block parties and would get everybody up and off of their feet. This is a must buy.

5-0 out of 5 stars Absolutely Amazing
I was never a Marvin Gaye fan before I bought this album. He was honestly a little before my time. As a teenager who's brought up in an age of crappy pop & rap, I recently went out looking for some real musicians. This was one of the artists I sought out, & man I am glad I found him. I found it incredibly refreshing album, this guy is an exquisite artist. Buy this album.

5-0 out of 5 stars essential listening
Marvin Gaye was one of the greatest if not the greatest soul singer ever and if you need proof of this, I sugguest buying this compilation. While there is other great Marvin Gaye material out there(check out "What's Going On" and "Sexual Healing"), these Motown Hits were his greatest work. This is the best Marvin Gaye compilation on one disc out there. ... Read more

152. Design of a Decade 1986/1996
list price: $13.98
our price: $13.98
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B000002G43
Catlog: Music
Sales Rank: 8359
Average Customer Review: 4.38 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

This decade-spanning compilation charts the singer-dancer-actress's transformation from rebellious teenager to sexy diva, along the way check-listing major hits like "Nasty," "Miss You Much," "What Have You Done for Me Lately?" and "Rhythm Nation." Two new tracks bookend the set, but even the older material--most of it helmed by writer-producers Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis--holds up remarkably well. --Courtney Kemp ... Read more

Reviews (93)

4-0 out of 5 stars Decent Compilation
DESIGN OF A DECADE from 1996 is just that- a compilation from the Jackson who truly emerged from her brothers shadow to be a superstar in her own right.

Since the earliest tracks are culled from her breakout 1986 album CONTROL, this means previous charting singles from her 2 previous albums are not here. This shouldn't be too big a gripe except to completists. Essentially, these are the hits from CONTROL and RHYTHM NATION 1814, with 2 new tracks included. There is only one track from her smash JANET album, "Thats the Way Love Goes", but since that release is on the Virgin label (and this is A&M, her previous label), its fortunate that even that track is included.

The old hits hold up well- tight, catchy dance-pop and R&B, along with a few ballads. The two new songs are also worthy of consideration- the bright, exotic "Runaway" (which did become a hit single), and the dreamy, sensuous "Twenty-Fourplay", which is good despite an abrupt about-face mid song...

overall, worthwhile- just be forwarned that her hits for Virgin are NOT here...

5-0 out of 5 stars Essential listening
When Madonna released "The Immaculate Collection", she made the mistake of remixing most of the tracks, which seem to miss the freshness of the originals. With Michael Jackson's "HIStory" the classics got buried underneath the hype of lackluster new material. Seems like Janet is the only modern pop legend to get it right. She leaves the 14 original hits the way they were originally released, and gives them the finest remastering job the record industry has ever seen. These classics still sound as incredible as they did more then a decade ago. What makes the album even more impressive are the 2 new songs; "Runaway", the hit indian-themed dance single, and "Twenty Foreplay", a sexually explicit ballad explaining the joys of real love. They aren't merely just filler tacked on to make the album sell better, these tracks are so professionally made that they actually deserve to be on a "greatest hits album". "Design Of A Decade 1986/1996" shows why Janet is considered the talented artist she is. One-third well produced grooves, one-third deep lyrics, and one-third innocent voice equal the most exciting compilation of the nineties!

4-0 out of 5 stars Janet's best
This is a good overview of Janet's early career. On DESIGN OF A DECADE, you get all the hits from her first breakthrough albums CONTROL and RHYTHM NATION 1814. Because she was with A&M on those albums, and this album is on A&M, there is only one song from her "janet." album ("That's The Way Love Goes") since that album was on Virgin. There's two new tracks as well. "Runaway" is a nice uptempo song about being with someone and traveling the world. "Twenty Foreplay" is a sexy rompy ballad that sounds great. They are worth having. However, if you have her albums, there's no need really for this album other than to have all the hits on one CD.

5-0 out of 5 stars Great Compilation From Janet
"Design of a Decade 1986-1996" is a compilation of most of Janet Jackson's hits within that time span. Every song plays a great role in music history. This presents listeners how she evolved as an artist within that time. Through strong independence, fighting against discrimination, and sex, she became more than a musician and a dancer. She's influenced a generation of pop musicians that came after her. The variety of music genres give listeners the added pleasure: pop, R&B, rock, and funk. Her great talents prove that she greatly deserves the recognition she's received.

Janet Jackson took her tracks from her previous three albums: "Control" (1986), "Rhythm Nation 1814" (1989), and "Janet" (1993). All three albums reached #1 on the Billboard Top 200 Albums Charts. Despite the long time span between albums, the quality proves worth the wait. Every track through her career tells a story and gives listeners the amazing emotional pleasure. Therefore, they take them on a musical journey through her life, trials, and beliefs. Through every release, she amazed fans with her changed style, attitude, and looks. Within 1986-1996, she won four Grammys and several other awards.

Before 1986, she starred in two sitcoms briefly: "Good Times" (1978-1980) and "Diff'rent Strokes" (1981-1982). She also released two albums: self-titled (1982) and "Dream Street" (1984). Unfortunately, both albums flopped. "Control" is when her career lauched to enormous levels. She released six hit singles from this album, starting with "What Have You Done For Me Lately", all which are featured on "Design of a Decade". These tracks define her strong-willed independence. She fired her father manager before recording began. Her lyrics are accompanied by wonderful funky pop backgrounds. With the help of longtime producers Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, the dance beats give listeners great dancing pleasure. Through the dancing, she expresses her more sensative side on the ballad "Let's Wait a While". Such quality proves that her success is only the beginning.

Her album "Rhythm Nation 1814" expresses her strong political beliefs, namely racism. This launched seven hit singles, all which are featured on "Design of a Decade". Musically, she explores more pop/dance rather than pop/funk. The occasional various genres keep listeners interested. The dance beats continue to attract audiences. She performs every track expressively and beautiful, offering a deeper look through her words. Through the signature dance music, she manages to record a rock song "Black Cat". Her final single from this album "Love Will Never Do Without You" readies listeners for her next album.

Janet Jackson's biggest selling album "Janet" surprises listeners most. Her previous well-known conservative look transforms to a sexually charged image. She launched six hit singles from this album. Due to record company contracts, "That's the Way Love Goes" is the only one featured on "Design of a Decade". This calm, groovy R&B song partially introduces listeners to the album's theme. This remains her most successful single to date. This was written and performed beautifully. Her voice perfectly matched with the intimate theme.

Through the career journey on "Design of a Decade", Janet Jackson rooms two new singles: "Runaway" and "Twenty Foreplay". The musical quality proves that she continues to evolve as an artist with this album release. "Runaway" is a great pop single that explores her career times. She quotes that through all of her success, her then-husband (in secret) was missing. The ballad "Twenty Foreplay" is a great song to relax to.

"Design of a Decade 1986-1996" is a great album for all Janet Jackson fans. This is sure to please listeners for a long time. Every song featured will become classics in the following years. Her successes after this prove that "part two" will come shortly. Go Janet!

Janet Jackson's albums after "Design of a Decade" (all recommended):
---"The Velvet Rope" (1997)
---"All For You" (2001)
---"Damita Jo" (2004)

5-0 out of 5 stars HERstory,Past,Present and Future
In 1995,when Janet Jackson's King of Pop brother Michael released his HISTORY album,she released her first greatest hits package with a few new tracks. A decade earlier,Janet recorded her second album CONTROL which went multi-platinum. Also in 1995,she and Michael recorded SCREAM for HISTORY. Man,that was an awesome video! Quite a few of the CONTROL tracks appear in this collection. Those include WHAT HAVE YOU DONE FOR ME LATELY?,the title track,LET'S WAIT AWHILE,WHEN I THINK OF YOU and NASTY. There are hits from 1989's 1814 RHYTHM NATION and 1993's JANET. This album could have used SCREAM although it's on HISTORY. Those who are fans of Janet Jackson's are also fans of Michael,The Jackson 5 and The Jacksons. ... Read more

153. Stevie Wonder - Song Review: Greatest Hits
list price: $29.98
our price: $26.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B000001ABD
Catlog: Music
Sales Rank: 2927
Average Customer Review: 4.07 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Thirty or so of Stevie Wonder's biggest hits--many of themenduring classics--make up this double disc. That's the good news. Thebad news is that they're sequenced here about as well (or maybe not) asyour CD player's "random" function might do it. Leading off with"Part-Time Lover"--a major chart record, no doubt, but hardly therouser you'd expect for an opener--is puzzling enough. It's when theprogramming starts veering from highlights of his self-produced period("Sir Duke") to Motown assembly-line pieces ("My Cherie Amour") thatthe head-scratching really begins. And don't try to count the greatmoments that are missing. This will do in a pinch, but if you own noStevie, be advised that better overviews of Wonder's career (the finestby far being the four-CD box At the Close of aCentury) are available. --Rickey Wright ... Read more

Reviews (55)

4-0 out of 5 stars Nice Try
Stevie Wonder is one of the most spectacular artists still living today. I understand how hard it is to try to consolidate ALL of the major hits of such an artist. The task is mind-blowing. Yet you would think the people who put this together would at least start in a particular order (chronological maybe). Starting with square one is usually important, especially for new fans. After we're past that fact, then we see that they are missing some very important milestone songs. You might want to put an artist's first major hit on the album (FINGERTIPS)! Other songs were not nearly as important: "Love's Light in Flight", "Hold On to Your Dreams", and "Hey Love" to name a few could have easily been replaced with hits like: "For Once In My Life", "Knocks Me Off MY Feet" or even "Isn't She Lovely".

To 2 CD set's credit, there are some very commendable liner notes by someone obviously pretty educated (from Stanford). There are also rare songs like "Ebony and Ivory", "The Redemption Song", and quiet hits like "That Girl", "All I Do", and "Kiss Lonely Goodbye" which is not on the box set. This is a good CD if you just want to hear some Stevie Wonder (nothing wrong with that). For true fans, you may want to get a more extensive album (Looking Back, Essential, and At the Close of a Century). Although this CD set does not have everything, it has enough for me to say that I wouldn't trade it for the world. The rare tracks and selective arrangement make this an album to take into consideration.

4-0 out of 5 stars Different versions the world over
A single disc version of SONG REVIEW is available which I bought in 1998. As you can expect, the track listing is extremely tight to fit the most essential tracks in. But they have missed some very important tracks (eg. Boogie on Reggae Woman, Higher Ground). Not long after I noticed that a friend had also bought this CD. Her copy was also a single disc edition but a different track listing to mine. For pete's sake I thought. The record company really stuffed up with this release. While I am happy with my tracklisting, her tracklisting is much more definitive. I have looked at the American double CD release and it is missing tracks than are on my single CD.

The solution is to buy Stevie's wonderful studio albums. I bought Song Review simply to have a compilation but it in no way does the man justice. if you have ever wanted a Stevie album look no further than "Songs in the Key of Life" or "Innervisions".

When will record companies release compilations correctly?

3-0 out of 5 stars Good But Not Great
Stevie Wonder is an excellent artist because he has had so many memorable songs during his career. However, this 2-CD compilation is not good enough because I don't know who would want this (not to mention certain hits missing). If you are a Stevie Wonder fan, then you probably have his 4-CD "At The Close Of A Century" so you don't need this. If you are a casual fan, then the "Definitive Collection" is your best choice since it's one CD and enough songs to justify buying. This collection is just too much for a casual fan.

5-0 out of 5 stars Stevie Wonder
Stevie is the best.Plain and simple.If you love get the At The Close Of A Century Disc set. If you like him so-so get The Definitive Collection.Or if you dont know him that well get Songs in the Key of Life which has all the hits but not as many as the other two.

4-0 out of 5 stars Song Preview: Greatest Bits
This collection suffers from the same problem that afflicted Pat Benatar's "All Fired Up: The Best of ..." and David Bowie's "Singles Collection" -- if the record company could find a shorter version, they used it. What follows is the time for some of my favorite songs (not a complete list), with the version found on "At the Close of the Century" versus "Song Preview":

Superstition 4:26 > 4:02
Living For The City 7:23 > 3:41
Higher Ground 3:42 > 3:09
Boogie On Reggae Woman 5:13 > 4:09
Master Blaster (Jammin') 5:09 > 4:49
Part Time Lover 4:12 > 3:43

Here are some of the bigger songs missing from Song Preview that you'll find on Century:

Until You Come Back To Me
For Once In My Life
Yester-Me, Yester-You, Yesterday
We Can Work It Out
If You Really Love Me
Isn't She Lovely
You Haven't Done Nothin'
...and a few others (Century is 4 CDs)

Don't fool around with this package -- get Century. Century also supplants "Original Musiquarium", which also had the full-length versions but is missing many tracks included on Century. ... Read more

154. Survivor
list price: $13.98
our price: $13.98
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B00005B5ZU
Catlog: Music
Sales Rank: 2825
Average Customer Review: 3.76 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

One listen to the eagerly anticipated third CD from the world'sbiggest girl group and it's clear there is one child with the mostdestiny. To paraphrase the hip-hop legends, "Who's house?" Beyoncé'shouse, and with the lead vocalist producing or cowriting all of the 14tracks, it's hard to imagine what those other two chicks even do (otherthan act grateful to still have a gig). Seizing creative control is abold move for Miss Knowles, and anytime an R&B act eschews the beat ofthe week, they have to be commended. But the problem is that Beyoncé,even with her ambition, has yet to suss out that the key to a pop-R&Bsmash is hook and melody. With the exception of the now-played-outtitle track (Can we all take a moratorium on this mighty goddess themefor a second, please?) and the equally you-go-girlish "IndependentWoman Part 1," most of the tracks here lack a strong core. Beyoncécrams a litany of thoughts and motifs into her mini-anthems, withsamples ranging from Stevie Nicks to Tarzan Boy, but though the cutssizzle and sparkle and throw off much attitude, Survivor is waytoo frenetic. Even with some strong singing and songs (most notably thelaid back "Fancy"), Survivor lacks real emotion. --AmyLinden ... Read more

Reviews (523)

5-0 out of 5 stars bootylicious . . .
this is the third effort from r&b superstars, destiny's child. there are many stand-out tracks on this cd, and it's apparent why they are so huge right now. if u order this cd from a foreign country, u will get four extra tracks: perfect man, dance with me, survivor remix, and my heart still beats. but it might be costly. the stand out tracks are:

-INDEPENDENT WOMEN PART 1: this song is what kept the ladies on the top after the release of "say my name." good beat, catchy chorus, clear lyrics.

-SURVIVOR: one of the hottest r&b songs of this year 2k1. extremley catchy chorus and clever lyrics to go along with a great video.

-BOOTYLICIOUS: this song sums up destiny's child whole vibe. has the same guitar riff from stevie nick's "edge of seventeen." a tyte chorus that goes ...." and a verse containing "....." smooth and sexy r&b fun.

-APPLE PIE A LA MODE: starts out with a surprisingly cool hip hop beat that's sounds like sumthin from methodman. in case yur wondering, this song is about.... great chorus too.

-SEXY DADDY: the song could be summed up in this excerpt "...."

-INDEPENDENT WOMEN PART 2: ten times bettter than part one! great beat and great hip hop elements added to this. the chorus is ten times catchier and better than the original. the song changes moods alot too, gives it some good variety.

-HAPPY FACE: really motivational song ... reminds me of tlc's "unpretty"

-EMOTION: a beautiful ballad and cover of the bee gee's disco hit. indescribably beautiful chorus and verses. this track really shines and focuses on destiny's child's vocal abilities. in my opinion, the best track on this cd.

-THE STORY OF BEAUTY: this song has a great message.....

u can listen to how everyone says that destiny's child isn't talented, or u can pick this up and decide for yurself. i am not the type to just go along and let the majority form MY opinion, so i picked up this album for myself.

5-0 out of 5 stars STILL SURVIVORS!


5-0 out of 5 stars DC, the pop version
Well, they did it again, and with a loud (...). First off on the cd, is the hit Independent Woman I. Then here comes the title track, Survivor. I love the interlude after the song ends. Bootylicious!!!! my favorite song by DC, is hot, infectious, and down right danceable. The remix was good, but they shouldn't have slowed down the pace. Nasty Girl is a club banger. Independent Woman II sounds better than the first to me. Happy Face is the most poppy song in my opinion they have made, I love it but still. Emotion is my favorite ballad on here, not Dangerously In Love. I don't see why everyone loves that song, it doesn't sound all that great to me. The rest of the songs are filler besides Gospel Medley. They sound good without music. This is the pop friendly DC album. Must have for die hard fans only!

3-0 out of 5 stars Average Album
This one is definitely the weakest of the three DC albums. It has its moments like "Bootylicious" (the remix is better though), Apple Pie A La Mode (sounds like something out of the Prince playbook) and Emotions. The rest is average.

2-0 out of 5 stars Um...wellll
This would NOT be a CD I'd hurry out to buy, in fact, my Dad gave it to me. I don't really listen to this very often, but, well, I guess you'll see what I think about it.

1. Independent Women Part I- I think that this song is a little stupid but hey, it's a good song to dance to. 6/10

2. Survivor- I hate this song. Always did, always will. 3/10

3. Bootylicious-Here is where the album gets a bit better. This song is really cool. 8/10

4. Nasty Girl- I like the lyrics, but I think that the lyrics go terribly with the beat. 4/10

5. Fancy- I LOOOOVE this song. I can totally relate. 10/10

6. Apple Pie A La Mode- Well this song is a bit out of place, but I like it! 9/10

7. Sexy Daddy- Love this song as well, it has a great beat. 10/10

8. Independent Womene Part II-This is really stupid, it makes me cringe. 6/10

9.Happy Face- One word:Cheesy.2/10

10. Emotion- This song is a bit better. 5/10

11.Dangerously In Love- Beautiful. This song is the one that everybody loves, and I understand why. Personaly, I like the one on Beyonce Knowles' album better, but I love both versions. 10/10

12.Brown Eyes- This song is really sweet! 10/10

13.The Story Of Bauty-This song makes me cry, it's really sad. 9/10

14. Gospel Medley- Hmmmm 1/10

15. Outro [DC-3] Thank You- This is really weird. 4/10

97/150= 2 stars (I probably did the math wrong. ... Read more

155. Boyz II Men - Legacy: Greatest Hits Collection
list price: $13.98
our price: $13.98
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B00005QZ1S
Catlog: Music
Sales Rank: 4368
Average Customer Review: 4.24 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Legacy is the right title for this album. Boyz II Men were the original, modern-day boy band, predating both 'N Sync and the Backstreet Boys. Heavily influenced by doo-wop groups such as the Platters and the Dells and developed by ex-New Edition member Michael Bivins, Boyz II Men quickly rose to heavyweight status after the foursome's 1991 debut, Cooleyhighharmony, their success based on romantic ballads and strong vocals. However, they lacked the charisma and looks to really make an impact on the world, and they're perhaps the only group that could be described as "quietly" selling 35 million records. This collection of their best moments concentrates on their strengths as crooning Cupids, exemplified by their massive hit and classic ballad "End of the Road" (taken from the Boomerang soundtrack). "Hey Lover," featuring LL Cool J, is as energetic as the album gets. Legacy is unabashedly assembled for lovers of slow, romantic bedroom soul. --Jake Barnes ... Read more

Reviews (25)

5-0 out of 5 stars Excellent Retrospective
I find it strange how quickly Boyz II Men have seemed to fade. They had some of the best 90's pop and R&B and some of the biggest hits of that decade. Most are represented here. Their first album was a smash and included some of their best songs "Motownphilly," "It's So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday", and "In the Still of the Nite." They also had a huge hit with "End of the Road" in 1992 from the Boomerang soundtrack. Their 2nd album is their undisputed "super album" and launched one of the biggest singles of all time, the fantastic "I'll Make Love To You" along with "Water Runs Dry" and one of my personal favorites "On Bended Knee." Then Boyz II Men reached their peak as they along with Mariah Carey *another fantastic pop artist* contributed to the biggest single of all time "One Sweet Day." Then, that's when things started to fade for the supergroup. Their 3rd album launched the beautiful #1 hit "4 Seasons of Loneliness" along with another equally good song "Doin Just Fine" but it had nowhere near the success of their previous albums. Then their 4th album did lesser still and is only represented here by "Pass You By" which is still a good song. It's a shame that Boyz II Men aren't getting the attention they once did. They offer some good material and deserved all the success they got in their prime which was the mid-90's. This is a definite first rate purchase for anyone who wants to experience their music that might have missed it the first time around. Also, if you like this, I recommend the Backstreet Boys. Another very talented group.

5-0 out of 5 stars There Legacy
This is a great collection 0f Boyz II Men hits and I will give you a review by review of this album this is a great one.
1.Motownphilly-This is there 1st song R&B/Hip Hop 10/10
2.Its so hard to say good bye to yesterday-For Daryl Kile 10/10
3.End of the Road-Broke a 38 year record #1(13)weeks 10/10
4.In the still of the night-Great singing 9/10
5.Hey Lover-A nice smooth love rap song for ya 10/10
6.Ill make love to you-Probally there best song solo 10/10
7.On Bended Knee-sounds like Incomplete by Sisqo 10/10
8.Water Runs Dry-song beautifully 10/10
9.One Sweet Day-My #1 or #2 song of all time #1(16weeks)10/10
10.Doin just fine-I guess it is OK 8/10
11.4 Seasons of Loneliness-There last #1 Hit this is great 10/10
12.A Song for mama-This was also a great song 9/10
13.Passin me by-Should have been a big hit but its great 10/10
Lyrics 10 Production 10 Music 10 Style 10 Voice 10
Overall=50/50 This album is perfect for Boyz II Men fans

This simply a must buy in R&B or pop music get it now.

5-0 out of 5 stars 5 stars
this c.d. can't not be a 5 star album.

5-0 out of 5 stars The second best R&B album I have ever heard
this album is the second best R&B album I have ever heard. the voises of these guys are amazin. they are like an american choir. absolutely amazin. no song on this album is a bad one... trust me. although some are better than others. for example:
the best song on this album are....... sh*t, i cant decide. the ones a enjoy listenin to the most are........ sh*t, i cant decide again.. they are just ALL absolutely class. i wud recomend this album to any one. even the little 2 minute interludes are summit to be proud of. this solid album by these five guys have earned a place in my hall of fame right below ...... JOE - All That I Am

4-0 out of 5 stars Skip Legacy - Get the Millennium Collection
As of October 2003, you will be better off getting the cheaper and better Boyz II Men Millennium Collection. Search Amazon for B0000CERLF - it'll take you right there.

You lose two tracks from Legacy: Hey Lover with LL Cool J, and One Sweet Day with Mariah Carey, but there are plenty of Carey collections with the latter song.

But you gain the #1 song "Thank You", plus "Uhh Ahh" and the gorgeous acapella track "It's So Hard To Say Goodbye to Yesterday".

And you save a coupla bucks. ... Read more

156. Luther Vandross: Greatest Hits
list price: $13.98
our price: $13.98
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B000034CX9
Catlog: Music
Sales Rank: 4819
Average Customer Review: 4.4 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

The best-of-Luther thing has been done a couple of times before, but Greatest Hits lays it down well. The single-disc format means that one of your favorites might not be here, but among the well-chosen gems present are "Never Too Much," "A House Is Not a Home," "So Amazing," and "Any Love." Vandross, of course, was the reigning king of '80s R&B romance; while he was never as troubled as Marvin Gaye or as downright eccentric as Al Green, he did have that voice. Before hip-hop split the audience generationally, it was the favored accompaniment to seduction for many fans, whose number grew even greater when 1986's "Stop to Love" pushed him through the pop-crossover barrier once and for all. Greatest Hits summarizes the days when he ruled the world. --Rickey Wright ... Read more

Reviews (15)

3-0 out of 5 stars A Nice Collection
Luther Vandross' "Luther Vandross: Greatest Hits" is a good album filled with many of the Luther's best songs. The songs talk about love, loss, desire, and sensuality. Luther Vandross' voice is so velvety smooth that you instantly become engrossed in the songs.

Of course there are some songs that could have been left off of this CD, and others that should have been added, but overall, this is a pretty good CD, especially for a Luther fan. I would suggest this CD to fan of Luther as well as people who want to hear good music by one of the greatest singers of our time.

4-0 out of 5 stars A decent album of his music from 1981 to 1994/
Why he has so many 'Greatest Hits' CDs out is beyond me. Many of these songs were on several of his previous hits CDs.

The selections on here are rather decent however and are among some of his most popular songs of his career.

My favorite songs on here are Never Too Much, Give Me The Reason, Power Of Love, & So Amazing. The rest of this CD is enjoyable too.

However I have to complain about the excessive hits CDs that his record labels have put out over the years. Power Of Love, Here & Now, & Always & Forever are on so many CDs, both Greatest Hits as well as on various artists albums too. It diminishes the power that the songs on here have.

I just wish that Luthers works weren't so excessivly marketed on so many hits CDs because to me the punch that some of his best works had back in their day has been weakened.

I for one would have to say that it is best to just get all of Luther Vandross' parent albums but if you decide to get one of his hits collections I suggest getting this one. Leave the rest of his other hits CD alone except maybe his 1997 release with that contains The Best Things In Life Are Free, his 1992 duet with Janet Jackson & When You Call On Me/Baby That's When I Come Running because at least that album offers a rare song from Janet and the new(at the time) song.

Avoid The Ultimate Luther Vandross collection that was released last year because it offers nothing new. Just more of the same songs that the previous collections offered.

5-0 out of 5 stars THE WELL-WEEDED GARDEN
See my comments re DANCE WITH MY FATHER.

5-0 out of 5 stars Pure Heaven
Luther's voice just does it for me. Calms my nerves, relaxes my soul and adjusts my attitude!

4-0 out of 5 stars good stuff
This a great cd to put on when you want to unwind. Luther has a great soulful voice. ... Read more

157. Love Jones: The Music (1997 Film)
list price: $11.98
our price: $10.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B000002BT5
Catlog: Music
Sales Rank: 9142
Average Customer Review: 4.53 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Reviews (43)

3-0 out of 5 stars Soulful relaxing music
This was a pretty laid back, jazz kinda, funky hip-hop collection of artist/music. My favorite cuts are Melky & Day's "I got a love jones for you", "Hopeless" (I love this song), and "The sweetest thing" by Lauryn Hill. Larenz Tate's The brother of the night poem is also included in this cd. I have listened to this CD for the past couple of years and I'm not that big on it. I actually was hoping the soundtrack would be as good as the movie.

4-0 out of 5 stars I didn't even see the movie (yet)...
...and this CD is still played very often! My mom got this one around when the movie was released and we still listen to it. It's what got me into less commericial R&B (Ie: Jesse Powell, etc). The better part of the CD however occurs in the first half, and after that it kinda sounds the same throught it...just long slowish predictable R&B Numbers (Good background music for partys or dinner). Dionne Farris opens up after a wierd poem thingy with a song Called "Hopeless" which is cool and mellow, with catchy refrain ("They say you're hopeless like a penny with a hole in it"). The standout track has got to be "The Sweetest Thing" by Lauryn Hill and the Refugee Camp (Fugee's). It has to be her best single solo-wise since "Killing Me Softly." It's also a nice and mellow dance jam. "I've Got A Love Jones For You" is also another cool number and could also be called the Movie's theme. The other one's I like are "Sumthin' Sumthin': Mellowsmothe [Cut]" by male R&B Sensation Maxwell as well as XScape's "In The Rain." The rest I could take or leave but as I said earlier are good for using background party music. Definatly Reccomended to any Lauryn Hill/Fugee's and lite R&B Fan.

5-0 out of 5 stars Great Collaboration of Talent
I think it's a great collaboration of talent on one CD. I saw the movie and enjoyed the love story, which provoked me to go out and buy the CD. I'm truly a no doubt die-hard old school junky and jazz fan. I find myself reaching for this CD quite often when I'm kicked back chilling. I had a cocktail party a couple weeks ago and most of my friends love the way I can mix Jazz and Old School so smoothly but were asking about a couple of the songs they heard off the CD and because I'm not a selfish person I shared with them the name of the CD and each one of them went out and purchase and said that they like the entire CD. It's definitely a great piece to add to your collection of music.

5-0 out of 5 stars Love Jones for This CD
This disc, is an extremely entertaining winner. The price was the sheer factor for me. I could have been my usual self and burned a copy. At 11.99 it won me. All I had to do was hear the track by Cassandra Wilson to make me want to seek this disc out. I love all of the songs except "Hopeless" by Dionne Ferris. It was never a good song, but I could probably get used to it. In A Sentimental Mood, got me excited...I remember watching a classic episode of Cosby and he had been feeding her some fruit. He put this on his trusty record player and i had been looking hard for this song. I couldn't get over how awesome it was then and to hear it now, gave me chills all over. This disc is something to be treasured for a long long time. Get it before it's gone...Now all i have to do is see the movie!!

5-0 out of 5 stars The Best Movie & Soundtrack
This is my favorite soundtrack. All of the songs are great. And the movie is great too. This is a must have in your collection. Nice mellow music. ... Read more

158. Kevin Lyttle
list price: $18.98
our price: $14.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B0001WGO2U
Catlog: Music
Sales Rank: 2696
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Even as dancehall further installs itself as a sellable pop/R&B sound in the U.S., St. Vincent native Kevin Lyttle arrives with a sexy, party-ready variant on soca (soul-calypso). "Turn Me On," the single that ensured this album's release in the States, is a three-years-in-the-making hit that pushes the singer's lithesome voice into an irresistible organic-electronic track (the CD also offers a remix with reggae hard man Spragga Benz and a video for the song). The rest of the album keeps the groove up, making for one of the most likeable, boundary-breaking successes in recent memory; a cover of Terence Trent D'Arby's "Sign Your Name" is a timely reminder of that singer's late-'80s heyday. An even more likely follow-up smash, though, is the bumping "My Lady." Don't be surprised if Lyttle has kicked off a welcome new sound-fad in America, with more soca stars arriving quickly. --Rickey Wright ... Read more

159. Chocolate Factory
list price: $18.98
our price: $14.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B00007E8J1
Catlog: Music
Sales Rank: 4145
Average Customer Review: 4.36 out of 5 stars
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Perhaps R. Kelly's brushes with the law have caused him to turn down his love light, since his seventh album Chocolate Factory takes scrupulous pains to show an idealized high-minded face of love, eschewing his usual steamy cocktail of raunchy lust and replacing it with a sweet, winsome romanticism. "I'll Never Leave," is a wistful valentine, while "The Heart of a Woman," is embarrassingly empathetic to the plight of the feminine kind and is hardly the kind of fare that one expects from Marvin Gaye's heir apparent. Despite his real life racy escapades, Kelly is at his best musically when he's an unrepentant bad boy but he doesn't even show any grit until "Been Around the World," his confessional duet with a rasping Ja Rule, the fretfulbluesy "You Made Me Love You," and "Ignition," a paean to parking.Despite "Ignition"’s first line, "Girl, please let me stick my key in your ignition, babe" it's rather tame by the standards Kelly has set on his earlier discs. "Chocolate Factory" also includes 6 bonus tracks from Loveland the album that was slated for a 2002 release, but was ostensibly shelved after it was rampantly bootlegged on the Internet. Despite the disc's soft focus, Kelly is at the height of his vocal powers, and once he weans himself from the gooey sentimentality and returns to his persona of a smooth seductive operator he'll once again be an artist to be reckoned with. --Jaan Uhelszki ... Read more

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5-0 out of 5 stars A Classic R&B Grammy Type Material !!!!
Just like his HUGE UNFIRE CLASSIC "TP-2.COM" Album, R.Kelly still have so much love, harmonies and soul coming from his mind and his heart and create another DIAMOND PEARL GEM PIECE OF WORK. With this beautiful package gift of awesome smooth grooves from old School and Modern Era he has himself the most inspirational work (along with TP-2 and his Self Titled Album)of any other male ever made. All the Tracks are OFF THE CHAIN. Of course, PRODUCED, WRITTEN AND ARRANGED BY THE R&B KING HIMSELF. It just proves one more time that True Genius Artists and Musicians don`t die ever. And R.Kelly as Legend that will never ever dissapeared from our hearts and minds.

My Top 10
(Not in Order):
1)Heart Of A Woman
3)Ignition Remix
5)Forever More
6)Dream Girl
7)Step In the Name Of Love
8)Step In the Name Of Love(Remix)
10)I`ll Never Leave

Dammit, Go and Buy it Now and all of his past albums too!!!

5-0 out of 5 stars Pied Piper Struck Again
This teflon superstar has been giving us some of his best music lately and hasn't slowed down a bit. He has just gave Twista a hit single intitled So Sexy and it is hotttttt. This album is no different From start to finish this album is a masterpiece.

1. chocolate factory-4 stars(beginning of a new era)
2. Step In the Name Of Love-5 stars(Loved it on Loveland)
3. Heart of a woman-5(A classic R. kelly song)
4.I'll Never Leave-5(What more can I say)
5.Been Around The World-4.5(Catchy Song)
6.You Made Me Love You-3.5(Kinda Annoying)
7.Forever-5(Marry meeeee)
8.Dream Girl-5(Fellas u know we Have 1)
9.Ignition-5(should have made a video)
10.Ignition(remix)-5 (Too-to,Beep Beep)
11.Forever More-5 (Great wedding Song)
12.You Knock Me Out-4 (not his style but good song)
13.Step In The Name Of Love(Remix)-5 (Great Remix)
14.Imagine That-5(Strawberries and whipped cream)
15.Showdown-5(R&B Thug at it again)
16.Snake-5(Big Tigger First Song)Crazy!!!
17.Who's That(Ft. Fat Joe)-5(R&B cats can't phase him)

I leave u with this
-I know i need a hug but yall need a hug 2 cuz god gon judge me tha same day he judge u-Kellz

4-0 out of 5 stars Not bad, but....
...Has anyone considered the definition of "irony" being the title of this album?

5-0 out of 5 stars Incredible
Wow! This album totally blew me away. This is one of those albums where almost every song is really sheer ecstacy. In my opinion, Chocolate Factory is better than R. Kelly's other albums, and I say this even though I absolutely loved most of his other albums, particularly 12 Play and, whcih are both among my favorite of all time.

Say what you want about R. as far as his legal problems are concerned, but I think everyone needs to acknowledge that his music is blazing, and he is really the Master. On this album, he really brings the heat.

My favorite song include:

Chocolate Factory
Step in the Name of Love
Been Around the World f/ Ja Rule
You Made Me Love You
Ignition Remix
You Knock Me Out
Step in the Name of Love [Remix]
Imagine That
Showdown f/ Ronald Isley

1-0 out of 5 stars sorry R
i dont have much love for CHILD MOLESTERS and RAPISTS

ur voice aint bad tho, its a real shame ... Read more

160. Daydream
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"Fantasy" provides the only real transcendent chapter on this album. Reinterpreting Tom Tom Club's "Genius of Love" with a percolating dance beat, the single emphasizes everything that makes Mariah Carey great. Her voice swoops, squeals, and careens over the seductive rhythm, while the words capture just the right amount of vulnerability and determination. Unfortunately, the thrill is short-lived, as the multiplatinum singer soon falls back into typical adult-contemporary schlock and pointless vocal gymnastics, particularly on "Melt Away" and the bombastic cover of Journey's "Open Arms." --Aidin Vaziri ... Read more

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5-0 out of 5 stars Listening To This Album "Forever" Is My Personal "Fantasy".
Mariah's 4th studio album,Daydream,is easily tied with Butterfly for her best album to date.She slowly but surely shows that she's going to be using a lot more hip-hop and a lot more sexuality on her later album.The song&video that show both of those sides is the 1st single&video off the album,"Fantasy".Oh yeah...that video was's my usual review of each song:

1.Fantasy(5/5*)-The best song off the album and one of my favorite Mariah songs.And that VIDEO!
2.Underneath The Stars(5/5*)-Probably the most romanitic song on the album.And guys,if you're looking to get a date,get Daydream for this song only.
3.One Sweet Day(4/5*)-I don't really get why this was Mariah's biggest hit,she's had WAY better songs.But it's still a really good song,and Mariah and Boyz II Men sound great together.
4.Open Arms(5/5*)-I love the original version by Journey,and I love the remake by Mariah.
5.Always Be My Baby(4/5*)-I usually love this song,but ocassionally I get kind of sick of it.
6.I Am Free(5/5*)-It shows Mariah singing some gospel-based music,and I like it.
7.When I Saw You(3/5*)-I like it half the time,but sometimes the music and lyrics are so lovey-dovey that it makes you sick to your stomach.
8.Long Ago(5/5*)-One of Mariah's first hip-hop flavored songs,and in my opinion,one of her best.
9.Melt Away(5/5*)-Like "Bliss(from Rainbow)",it's a Sade freakin' time song,but its shorter and better.
10.Forever(5/5*)-The second best song on the album,and the best ballad off the album.Has sort of a 50's feel to it.
11.Daydream Interlude(5/5*)-I don't usually do interludes,but this should have been a song.
12.Looking In(5/5*)-Some of the best lyrics Mariah has ever written.

Daydream is a pretty much a win-win for Mariah.She slighty changes her sound and her image and sells 10 million copies of this album while doing it.So,if you buy it,you won't be disappointed.

5-0 out of 5 stars DAYDREAM #1 Mariah Carey Album!
From start to finish, DAYDREAM is possible the #1 BEST Mariah Carey Album TO DATE! She's never sounded so pure or great, her voice is powerful, and her writing skills are at it's best!

FANTASY - is one of Mariah's best singles and made a record when it DEBUTED at #1! The remix version (although not on the CD is equally as good)
UNDERNEATH THE STARS - is a great pop-ballad that is 'oh-so dreamy'
ONE SWEET DAY - a duet with Boyz II Men and another #1 hit for MC
OPEN ARMS - her 2nd best cover to date! She sounds great!
ALWAYS BE MY BABY - another #1 for Mariah and a great R&B-pop song!
I AM FREE - is one of Mariah's great inspirational ballads.
WHEN I SAW YOU - is one of Mariah's great love ballabds.
LONG AGO - Mariah's first step into R&B/HipHop
MELT AWAY - co-written by Babyface it's another great pop-ballad
FOREVER - is another great song by Mariah with a 40's feel to it

This album is BY FAR one of Carey's best! Right up there next to MUSIC BOX and BUTTERFLY! A DEFINTE MUST FOR ALL MC FANS OR JUST GREAT MUSIC LOVERS!!!

5-0 out of 5 stars The BEST Mariah Carey album until now!
I have always and ever shall be a BIG fan of the diva named Ms. Mariah Carey. I own 3 of her CD's namely "#1's", "Greatest Hits", and of course, "Daydream". Why am I saying that Daydream is the BEST album that she ever recorded? Due to the fact that the songs in this album are all HITS and there were some #1's in this album here like the songs "One Sweet Day", "Always be my Baby", and "Fantasy". There are also top 40 hits like the songs "Open Arms", "Underneath the Stars", and "Forever". See that almost all of her songs in this album reached the hits destinction. That's quite a feat, right? I didn't have any second thoughts in buying this CD, because I knew then that this album will become her BEST among the rest of her albums. I always adored her music, because she can sing in such a very melodious way that will even make my hair stand at attention everytime she gives us that very high-pitched climactic note. Just like on her duet with Whitney Houston for the soundtrack of the animated feature film,"Prince of Egypt", the song "When You Believe", wherein she did one of her hair-raising high-pitched note for the word "believe" in the ending of the said song. WOW! That really sent my soul to another dimension! No other artist has ever made my hair stand stiff due to their voice. Only Ms. Carey did and I salute you for your masterpiece of an album which is the BEST Mariah Carey album to date "DAYDREAM". All hail the eternal diva, Ms. Mariah Carey!

5-0 out of 5 stars I Daydream About This CD
"I'm Breaking Free!" screams this album. Mariah's sixth album (and sixth year on the music scene) was where we first heard her experiment with Hip Hop flavors. She was married to Tommy Mattola for this one (it would be her last one as a married woman) and it reflects that. 'Tommy' is in the 'thank-yous' and his style is still seen in the song 'When I Saw You'. 'Fantasy' is a great song to treadmill to, and 'Forever' reminds me of New York City everytime I hear it. This is her most emotional recording, and it truly says that. 'One Sweet Day' and 'Always Be My Baby' are two chart-toppers. And one more underrated song, 'Long Ago', should have been a single but wasn't. Great listen by a great artist.

4-0 out of 5 stars Probably the last of her best work thus far
By this point, Mariah Carey has become one of the biggest acts in the music industry. This collection, however, shows the beginnings of teh dowfall of Mariah. The Diva attitude started to come through. The mix of several producers starts to show the disjoint theme and arrangements through the CD. Her first 2 albums had a cohesiveness that this CD doesn't have.

However, there were some stand-out performances on this CD. "Fantasy" was a great revival of an obscure 80s song. Mariah's version is better than the 80s song. ONE SWEET DAY was a great collaboration wwith Boys II Men. Open Arms was a cover of an 80s ballad but this version doesn't have the type of umph found in the original. ... Read more

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