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21. Beautifully Human: Words &
$13.99 $5.72 list($18.98)
22. Everything's OK
$7.99 $6.47 list($11.98)
23. The Very Best of Ray Charles [Rhino]
$11.99 $9.90 list($13.98)
24. Stevie Wonder - The Definitive
$14.99 $13.58 list($18.98)
25. Outrun the Sky
$12.99 $9.95 list($13.98)
26. Pleasure and Pain
$13.98 $10.40
27. Kemistry
$13.99 $7.49 list($18.98)
28. The Best of Sade
$12.99 $8.81 list($13.98)
29. Barry White - All-Time Greatest
$11.99 $6.49 list($12.98)
31. Lyfe 268-192
$13.99 $8.99 list($17.98)
32. Livin' the Luxury Brown
$13.49 $7.89 list($18.98)
33. Songs in A Minor
34. It's Me Again
$9.99 $4.88 list($13.98)
35. Dangerously in Love
$13.99 $8.74 list($18.98)
36. The One
$13.98 $8.48
37. The Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill
$13.98 $6.90
38. Get Rich Or Die Tryin
$10.99 $8.61 list($11.98)
39. Lean on Me-Best of Bill Withers
$13.49 $12.35 list($18.98)
40. Turning Point

21. Beautifully Human: Words & Sounds 2
list price: $18.98
our price: $13.49
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B0002S94RK
Catlog: Music
Sales Rank: 289
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

While most neo-soulsters crank out albums like their hip-hop counterparts, Jill Scott takes a more traditional approach to her craft. Four years after the release of her debut, Who Is Jill Scott, Words & Sounds Vol. 1, Scott returns with the masterful Beautifully Human: Words & Sounds Vol. 2. The album features a collection of lush and hypnotic songs that will make you want to fall in love, live life, and be a better person all at the same time. Lead single "Golden" is a prime example of this. Set to a midtempo groove made for the dance floor, "Golden" is a shiny, beautifully-written narrative about living life to its fullest. The old-school R&B ballad vibe of "Petition" is reminiscent of Minnie Ripperton or early Chaka Khan. However, "Bedda at Home" is anything but laid back. Combining elements of jazz, soul, and old-school hip-hop breakbeats, Scott extols the greatness of her man with a swagger that can only be described as cool. Other highlights include "Family Reunion" and the socially conscious "Rasool."

The album's only flaw may be that it ends too soon, but then again it's always better to leave a listener wanting more. For Scott, being "Beautifully Human" means just that--finding the allure in all that life has to offer and that's well worth the wait. --Rashaun Hall ... Read more

22. Everything's OK
list price: $18.98
our price: $13.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B00006I8LO
Catlog: Music
Sales Rank: 2298
Average Customer Review: 4.0 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

The great soul singer made his secular comeback with 2002's I Can't Stop, but Everything's OK is truly Al Green's return to form. Green left the concert stage for the pulpit in 1979, and while his pretty falsetto reading of Joe Cocker's "You Are So Beautiful" could easily be holy praise, he makes it clear in his asides that he's keeping things on a strictly earthly plane this time. Twenty-eight years after "Love and Happiness," these satisfying songs glide on those emotions as Green celebrates joy and carnal desire. He couldn't be clearer than in numbers like "I Wanna Hold You." When he sings about lovemaking his voice seems buoyed by helium, it's so light, high, and soaring. Green and producer Willie Mitchell made magic together at Memphis's Hi Records in the '70s with their mix of Green's buttery tones and ecstatic cries and deep percussion-, horn-, and keyboard-swathed grooves. They do it again here repeatedly, capturing the élan of their heyday on numbers like the title track and "Build Me Up." If Green's new missionary work is putting a little love in our hearts during these turbulent, conflicted times, this reassuringly titled CD is a great start. --Ted Drozdowski ... Read more

Reviews (16)

5-0 out of 5 stars Memphis sound is back!!!
Al Green has always been a favorite of mine.I grew up with soul music as a staple.
I slipped this CD in and I thought I was back in the 70's
His style has not changed at all,I was impressed that he can still(with a little push) hit those same high notes he did when I was a young man.If you want to go back to the better times than this CD is for you.

Everything is more than OK with this stunning collection of unforgettable soulfully charged classics...from the GREAT opening title song, it is clear that Al Green is back in all of his soulful magnificence and more..."You Are So Beautiful" is a ethereal spiritual experience while "Build Me Up" shows that Al Green is at the peak of his wonderous artistic powers! Standouts abound in this awesome collection of original classics and hopefully "The Grammy Awards" and "American Radio" will rise to the occasion of this stellar collection from one of the most brilliant and prolific singer/songwriters ever...this magnificent collection of great songs and tremendous performances define what true greatness is all about in the world of music..."I Wanna Hold You" is a funky jam with a vocal performance beyond compare while "Real Love" defines what great soul singing is all about and is one of the greatest soulful athems ever..."I Can Make Music" is spellbinding while "Be My Baby" is a classic rocking cooker and the soulful trip down the "Magic Road" has the feel of peak Motown at its finest..."Another Day" is totally infectious and contains a wildly passionate vocal that is the ultimate...Bravo Al Green~you are the greatest!!!

"I Can't Stop" brought back Al Green to the forefront of great soul singers and Reverend Green really defines what great soul singing is all about...and "Everything's OK" cements this fact in grand style as it is a stunning set of great originals that find Al Green at the peak of his artistic powers!A masterful vocal with a grand sweeping arrangement make the engaging opening title track a magnificent opener...then on to a deeply heartfelt and sublime "You Are So Beautiful" and any lover of great soulful singing will be in seventh heaven!!!! This incredible collection of originals is all new and complex therefore it takes a few listens to fully appreciate all its nuances and the fastest way to appreciate this masterpiece is to sit down and relax and follow with the provided lyrics-it is a killer collection!!! "Build Me Up" is a great rhythmic love song that has fascinating tempo changes with an exhubertant and great vocal while the deeply soulful "Perfect To Me" contains a smoldering stellar vocal that is perfection...another soul classic "Nobody But You" and its clear that the Reverend is better than ever-those incredible pure highs are awesome to experience and behold and all the vocals on this set are loose, funky and incredibly inventive. Al Green always includes a down and gritty ballad that takes the listener to the heights and depths of soulful bliss and "Real Love" is that masterpiece in this awesome set...can't wait to see Al Green in concert in LA this summer with these classics!!! "I Can Make Music" and can he ever in this wild funky jam that is a sensual soulful delight which includes a really great harmonica by Bobby Rush that makes this one of the real highlights in a set full of them...a hot rocking invitation "Be My Baby" is another winner and any of these with airplay could be huge hits...I hope that American Radio gets it together on this one!A catchy "Magic Road" sounds like another hit as its a great trip down a very soulful lane...Al Green is a creative genius and anyone who gives this set a close listen will agree.A really classic infectious funky jam is the winning "I Wanna Hold You" which is another great defining moment of what great soul singing is all about with its incredibly great complex arrangement and a vocal that is peerless."And I think it'll be alright Another day" laments Al in the inspirational "Another Day" and you can tell he will...closing with the sublime "All The Time" with the hook "But I do my best all the time" and listening to this masterpiece that says it all!!!Bravo Al Green and lets hope that Grammy and American Radio rises to the occasion of your incredible accomplishment...

5-0 out of 5 stars Everything is a Whole Lot Better than OK
This cd is truly Al Green in true form.'Perfect To Me' is my favorite song from the cd and it takes you back to the days when you would hear an Al Green record and no one had to say, "who sings that song" you knew it was Al Green. The same goes for Everything's Ok, this cd sounds like the Al Green I grew up on. It's good to hear some real music. The cd is a must have.

5-0 out of 5 stars My god, what are these people smokin'?
Ok, I confess to being a long-time Rev. Al fanatic.That out of the way, I will confess to being mildly disappointed with the good reverend's last effort, I Can't Stop.It had it's moments as any Al Green CD would, but I didn't think it was up to his earlier classics, which I had worn down to the proverbial nub!I am now listening to Rev's Everything's OK for the first time--and you know what? Everything IS OK!!These people who are dissing this CD either a) aren't long-time fans, b) have some kind of problem with the classic soul genre, or c) are COMPLETE IDIOTS!!Don't waste one minute, buy this fabulous CD and BELIEVE!!! ... Read more

23. The Very Best of Ray Charles [Rhino]
list price: $11.98
our price: $7.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B00004R5ZP
Catlog: Music
Sales Rank: 95
Average Customer Review: 4.7 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Reviews (10)

4-0 out of 5 stars Flawed CD
The VERY BEST of Ray Charles? I don't think so. How can you call it that when you leave off Ray's most beautiful ballad "You Don't Know Me." I'm trying to find a CD by Ray Charles that carries "You Don't Know Me," "Georgia on My Mind," "I Can't Stop Loving You," "Hit the Road Jack," "Unchain My Heart," and "Let's Go Get Stoned." Can ANYBODY help me?

5-0 out of 5 stars It's The Very Best Indeed!
Hats off to Rhino for another winning single disc anthology that more than lives up to its title. There was a time I had about ten Ray Charles CDs and felt that, while all were worthy, it sure would have been great to have all the best key cuts from the length of his career on one convenient disc. it is! Thankfully, Rhino opted to include the full-length version of "What'd I Say". The cool part about this set is the way you go from "I've Got A Woman" to "Georgia On My Mind" to "Hit The Road Jack" to "Unchain My Heart" in one sitting! Solid notes, decent remastering, all the key hits. What more could anyone ask for? The first and best place to get into Brother Ray's genius...

5-0 out of 5 stars The Very Best of Ray Charles [Rhino]
The Very Best of Ray Charles [Rhino]~ Ray Charles is a tremedous singer, musician and entertainer. I loved every song on this stupendous compilation. 5/5.

5-0 out of 5 stars Absolutely Essential
This is the Essential Ray Charles collection. A must have for any fan. It has the best of the best of his recordings.

5-0 out of 5 stars Very Best Of Ray Charles In An 18-track CD? Can't Be Done
I would think that, after putting this together and then releasing it in 2000, the folks at Rhino likely wished they had come up with a better title like, say, "18 Of His Very Best." Because, quite frankly, I don't believe it's possible to squeeze the "very best" of Ray Charles into one 18-track CD.

After all, the man put 76 selections into the Billboard Hot 100 between 1957 and 1989, and from 1949 to 1993 added another 26 that scored only on the R&B Top 100 singles charts [most of the others charted on both].

As another reviewer points out, there are far too many notable omissions which, by any definition, would have to be included in anything labelled his "very best." For example, while track 5 was a solid R&B hit in 1959 [# 5], but a low # 95 on the pop charts, songs like You Don't Know Me [# 2 pop/# 5 R&B], Take These Chains From My Heart [# 7 R&B/# 8 pop], Crying Time [# 5 R&B/# 6 pop], Here We Go Again [# 5 R&B/# 15 pop], and Yesterday [# 9 R&B/# 25 pop] were smash hits on both.

However, if you can get past the title and just accept these as 18 of his very best it is a welcome addition to any Ray Charles collection. Five pages of informative background notes written by Bill Dahl, and several more shots of Ray, are augmented by a complete discography of the contents showing label and chart details and the musicians involved on each track. The sound reproduction is flawless. ... Read more

24. Stevie Wonder - The Definitive Collection
list price: $13.98
our price: $11.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B00006JSS8
Catlog: Music
Sales Rank: 362
Average Customer Review: 4.48 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Like the Beatles' The Beatles 1, this rundown of Stevie Wonder chestnuts is merciless in cutting a huge list of classic tracks down to a single disc's worth of the most recognizable. Anyone who's treasured even one or two of these songs and yet never bought a Wonder record will be more than pleased with the acquisition of The Definitive Collection. These records continue to ring with importance and history, but more important, all except two or three remain fresh and capable of surprising even veteran fans. Those listeners may note, though, that Wonder is among the few performers who could release a retrospective containing 15 No. 1 R&B hits and still invite the complaint that the album felt incomplete--not least in explaining how the man transformed himself from a multitalented teenage hitmaker into the funk-pop visionary of Talking Book, Innervisions, and Songs in the Key of Life.--Rickey Wright ... Read more

Reviews (33)

4-0 out of 5 stars Somewhat Overjoyed
Lots of classic Stevie is packed onto this single disc collection, no doubt about that. It's in chronological order, which means "Fingertips" kicks off the set--dating all the way back to 1962! A small handful of his early work is represented, including "I Was Made To Love Her," but this set really picks up steam in the middle with his brilliant work from the 1970's. Songs like "You Haven't Done Nothing," "Living For The City," "Superstition," "Higher Ground," "Sir Duke" and "Master Blaster" (actually from 1981) are all brilliant and rank among the very best pop and soul music from that period. Wonder's work declined a bit after that, and although "Part Time Lover" and "I Just Called To Say I Love You" were huge hits, they don't hold a candle to the great stuff mentioned earlier. If you're a casual Wonder fan and simply want the biggest hits over the course of his long career, this is for you. But a strong case can be made for the brilliant compilation "Musiquarium." Then go back and find a reasonably priced collection of his 1960's work. There won't be any overlap, and you'll have all the essential Stevie without any of his lesser works.

5-0 out of 5 stars The definitive Steve Wonder htis collection...for now...
The first collection of Stevie Wonder hits came out in 1968, when he was still a teenager. Of course, as a pre-teen "Little" Stevie gave Motown its first #1 album. In retrospect 1968 turned out to be a pivotal year in Wonder's career, which began covering Ray Charles songs and whose first hit "Fingertips, Part 2" actually came as a pre-teen, because that was the year he finally started writing most of the songs on his album (e.g., "My Cherie Amour"). The Wonder years definitively come in the early Seventies when he was putting out albums like "Music of My Mind," "Talking Book," "Innervisions," and "Songs in the Key of Life." This explains why the middle part of this collection is the best. Stevie Wonder is one of those artists where an album like this presenting his best work should give you impetus to go check out his best albums. Certainly there are artists where a good hits collection is all you need to have in your music library, but Stevie Wonder would not be one of those artists whose distinctive blend of odd riffs, incessant modulations and unpredictable melodies take advantage of his three-octave range. Yes, if you have but one Stevie Wonder album "The Definitive Collection" would be the one to get, but you should also explore at least the middle pair of the above referenced quartet.

5-0 out of 5 stars Stevie Wonder - The Definitive Collection
Stevie Wonder - The Definitive Collection~ Stevie Wonder is an amazing collection from a very tallented songwriter and musician. He is intelligent yet not prententious and seems to have great time making his music. A must have...

5-0 out of 5 stars 21 Songs To Adjust Your Mood
This collection is awesome!! Stevie Wonder's music remains timeless. 15 number 1 hits!! Plus 6 more that reigned at the top of the charts! Stevie Wonder's genius cannot be squashed into one CD but they did a GREAT job trying. We all may have our favorites, some have been left out BUT 21 Stevie songs is nothing to complain about. If you grew up with his music, this CD will transport you right back to that time, and leave you overjoyed. A time when EVERYBODY knew all the words to EVERY song, because EVERY cut on the album was great. If you were too young, you still won't be able to keep from groovin' to this CD. Invite some friends & family over. Through the burgers on the grill. Pop in this CD. Feet can't help but move, heads will be boppin', as everyone relaxes to Stevie Wonder's heart and soul he put into his music.

Also, the CD insert is worth reading. A good bit of trivia that they included was how each song rated on the R&B, Pop and Adult Contemporary charts.

5-0 out of 5 stars left out a small number of good songs, but the rest is tight
Love this album, nearly every song is a gem ... Read more

25. Outrun the Sky
list price: $18.98
our price: $14.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B0002ZMJCA
Catlog: Music
Sales Rank: 3826
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

26. Pleasure and Pain
list price: $13.98
our price: $12.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B0007X9TMK
Catlog: Music
Sales Rank: 430
Average Customer Review: 4.0 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Riding an '80s backbeat and their own velvet harmonies, 112—R&B's answer to the pure-pop boy band—sails into Pleasure & Pain with "Let This Go," a hard-edged charmer that works equally well as pound-the-steering-wheel morning commute music or a sophisticated club jam. The rest of the disc follows suit, detouring here and there for ladies-only love songs ("Nowhere," "That's How Close We Are"), a soul interlude ("We Goin' Be Alright"), and sexy toe-dips into hip-hop ("If I Hit" featuring T.I. and "Closing the Club" featuring Three 6 Mafia). More than anything, this fifth album is a measure of the band's musical mettle: Instead of trading entirely on the 1996 sound that earned them a ride up the charts with "Only You," Q, Mike, Slim, and Daron work it out in a way that says they're as done with the last century as the rest of us. Best of all, that baby-don't-break-my-heart wail that could pay the boys' bills by itself works its way into nearly every track.--Tammy La Gorce ... Read more

Reviews (58)

3-0 out of 5 stars Good, just a bit too urban though...
No one can deny that groups like 112, Boyz II Men, Blackstreet, Destiny's Child, En Vogue, and etc. can sing.The members of 112 harmonize very well. The main problem is the tasteful nature of the recording.While supergroup Boyz II Men were an urban group, they were a tasteful urban group.They weren't too urban that they bored or lost fans.I personally think that urban music is wonderful and unique, but I also think you shouldn't spoil a recording with too much "urbaness". There has to be a tasteful degree.

Pleasure and Pain is an urban album.Overall, it is a very "pleasurable" listen, but at times it is just a little too urban.That seperates it from better R&B albums in general (aka Alicia Keys, Beyonce, Luther Vandross, & Usher). All of these artists have their urban quailities, but they don't over compensate trying to be urban.

As with most albums, the intro isn't necessary, but how can you fault an artist for 1:30 tops?No big deal."Let This Go" is the perfect mid-tempo urban selection.But you can't help to compare 112 to Boyz II Men, who were truly the supergroup of the 1990s."What If" is really urban, yet enjoyble and one of the better tracks.

"U Already Know" is surprisingly dirty.Upon my first listen of this CD, I didn't capture the sexual innuendos, but they are all over the place in this raw track.As raw as it is, it is another winner."Damn" is a good track.Another raw venture is "If I Hit" feat. T.I. which I'm sure you can use your imagination a figure out whate they are insinuating.

While the album is good, some of the rest of the tracks venture too far urban to be hits, and it is as I stated earlier, quite raw, yet not as raw as say gangsta rap which doesn't leave anything to the mind. It is an enjoyable listen, nonetheless.

4-0 out of 5 stars Nice RnB album
Now before i start this i must say that i'm not much of an RnB fan, the only thing i listen to is hip-hop, but my brother bought this and he gave it to me tellin me it's really good. at first i didn't pay much attention to it but then one day i just thruw it in my sterio and started checkin out. and i was really surprised how good this album is, i never heard much from this guys before and now i'm gonna have to start checkin out their old materials.
Almost every song is good, and it's not like any of these RnB garbage that comes out these days, these RnB stars need to be more like 112 and make songs like these guys.
my fav song on the album is 'Nowere', i really like tha beat and how good these guys sing, others are 'U Already Know', 'Last to Know' 'My Mistakes' 'That's How Close We Are' 'If I Hit'. other really standout tracks are 'What the Hell Do You Want' and 'God Knows', these two songs are mindblowing, i also like the brilliant 'why can't we get along'.

This album get 8/10 overall. good chillout album.

Peace out.

2-0 out of 5 stars waste of m oney
I was not impressed at all.Same ole, same ole, same ole......Nothing new or original, in some cases it was just raunchy.I enjoy 112's previous work, but this CD was a real disappointment.

4-0 out of 5 stars Pleasure-ful and Pain-less
112's 5th album, Pleasure & Pain falls short of being a 5-star disc. With the majority of R&B releases, it has its share of filler. The first half of the disc is the most exciting while the latter half is sunk down with ballad after ballad. Some albums work well with ballad after ballad if each ballad stands out. Here the ballads don't stand out from each other. It just ends up sounding like one long ass song. I do applaud 112 for being one of the few male R&B groups to make it to a fifth album. My personal highlights include: What If, Damn, and U Already Know.

5-0 out of 5 stars im 16 b****!!
YO THIS 112 CD IS HOTT YALL YOU NEED TO COP IT THESE R MY FAV SO HIT ME UP IF IM WRONG! IntroLet This Go What If U Already Know If I HitWay - Jermaine DupriWhat the Hell Do You Want

Holla at cha gurl! ... Read more

27. Kemistry
list price: $13.98
our price: $13.98
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B00008BNUJ
Catlog: Music
Sales Rank: 9126
Average Customer Review: 4.79 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Reviews (172)

5-0 out of 5 stars Sharing Shoes
I've enjoyed the entire CD from beginning to end. I can relate to the heart that was put into song from many different experiences. I too am a recovering person that went through some things that could be put into song. "Matter of time" is one of my favorites because I use to live in Detroit, I just close my eyes and the song comes alive. The famous saying still goes forth, "A song writer can't reach his best work until goes through life's experiences". God bless the ones who are still alive to write and sing about the experiences, such as Kem. So sit back after a long day and let the vocals tickle your eardrums and ease your mind at the same time. You'll be surprise what this music would do for your peace of mind. You must buy this CD! I wish I could be on the making of this video(Matter of time) if there isn't one already. Putting picture with the words and music would grab even a larger audience. People need to see the stuggles in life from an everyday person. Kem thanks for bringing music back to earth where I can relate.

4-0 out of 5 stars Al Jarreau's Long Lost Progeny?
I first heard Kem at a friend's house. Now, being originally from Detroit, I know good soul music when I hear it and it takes a lot to impress a native. But when this brother's satiny vocals started pouring from the speakers, a part of me just melted. The very first thought that cam to my mind was the warm breeze on a humid Detroit summer day (if you've ever been, ya know what I mean!). I imagined a midnight ride along the Detroit River with my love with Kem's voice as our soundtrack. I know it sounds cliche', but this brotha is smooth. He effortlessly blends jazz and soul, gospel and a little bit of coffeehouse vibe, all with that tinge of Motown flavor that makes it so delicious. "Missing Your Love" is one of my favorites because it reminds me of my long distance lover and its just so damn cool. The songs blend into one another like a seamless line. This is grown folk music, y'all.

And I can't end this review without mentioning the fact that Kem is almost a dead ringer for Al Jarreau in his song stylings and mood. Now for the diehard AJ fans, this may sound like blasphemy, but its true. There is that familiarity and effortless melding of lyrics and melody that make me think young Kem might just be kin to the great Al Jarreau, or at lest one of his greatest admirers. You never know...

5-0 out of 5 stars Pure Pleasure
Alone or with that special someone. Listening or Dancing. No matter where you are, Kem will transport you to another space, timeless and beautiful.

Nothing else matters or exists "in this place".

5-0 out of 5 stars Best CD I've bought in as long as I can remember!!
I can't stop playing it! If you like jazz, R&B or soul you need to hear this and buy it immediately! Incredible vocal range and a rythm you won't be able to turn off.

Great debut album!

5-0 out of 5 stars WONDERFUL!!!!!

28. The Best of Sade
list price: $18.98
our price: $13.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B00005AWMF
Catlog: Music
Sales Rank: 1096
Average Customer Review: 4.72 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

With her exotic beauty and steamy voice, Sade couldn't help but be a star. Taking the more sensuous elements of island beats, smooth jazz, and R&B, Sade scored major hits with the continental feel of "Smooth Operator" and the sultry stylization of "Your Love Is King." Her voice was often criticized for being thin, yet she made it work to her advantage with songs like the haunting "Jezebel," on which her delivery added the vulnerability necessary to the song. Sade sounded best when she stuck to the lower register, and there is nothing thin about her dynamic handling of her torch song "Is It a Crime." "The Sweetest Taboo" was one of her last great moments before years of mediocrity, chronicled here by the lifeless "Stronger Than Pride" and the limp "Nothing Can Come Between Us." "No Ordinary Love" was a return to form with the smoky richness back in her vocals and the urban/island feel of her first release. Best of Sade goes right up to her hit "Pearls," which, remixed, became a dance floor hit. The nicest surprise here is "Please Send Me Someone to Love," with Sade proving that although her range may be limited vocally, she doesn't suffer the same fate artistically.--Steve Gdula ... Read more

Reviews (69)

"The Best of Sade",is an essential of life if you ask me.I'm not just saying that because I'm a mega-fan of Sade
but because you're not going to get music this beautiful,clear,
and pure everyday.
All of Sade albums from "Diamond Life" and "Lovers Rock" are all treasures in my vast,very electic collection and they should be in your collection as well.Whether you're into R&B
or a hip hop head or a metalhead,treat yourself to some Sade.

This best-of is a priceless set.Filled with all of Sade's well-known hits."Your Love Is King","Hang On To Your Love","Smooth
Operator","Sweetest Taboo","Is It A Crime",Paradise"(slighty remixed on here),"Nothing Can Come Between Us","No Ordinary Love","Cherish The Day"...all the classics are here.

"Best Of" also features one new track in the bluesy "Please Send Me Someone To Love".
Some songs that I would've liked to see on here are "When Am I Going To Make A Living" and "Feel No Pain".(Both were released as singles too,that's why I'm surprised they weren't included!)

But before I exit,I have a few issues to raise with Steve Gdula's editorial review(above).First of all,I can't believe he
said Sade's vocal range is "limited".What?! Is he talking about Sade Adu or another Sade that I don't know about 'cause I think
'limited' is one word that most do not associate with Sade's voice.
Also I couldn't believe it when he called "Stronger Than Pride" mediocre.Huh?! That's Mr. Gdula's opinion but I just was not feeling it...

Anyway,there's three things you should have in life:Love,Self-respect,and "The Best Of Sade".:)

5-0 out of 5 stars The Sweetest CD....
I have to admitt, it took time for Sade's work to grow on me. But back in 2000 when "By Your Side" came out, I started to get hooked and after purchasing "Lovers Rock," I went for this. Now, don't be expecting an album full of variety. Sade has always been a consistent artist and her work sticks to the smooth jazz/R&B vein, but at the same time, it's part of what makes her so great. You pretty much know what you're getting.

"Best of Sade" captures her best singles ranging from 1985's "Diamond Life" to 1992's "Love Deluxe." My favorite Sade song and her biggest pop hit is the classic "Smooth Operator" which represents everything that makes her so great. Her other big hit is here also which is the enjoyable "Sweetest Taboo." The other songs are for the most part just as good from the haunting "Jezebel" and "Is It A Crime" to the jazzy "Hang On To Your Love." Sade also had considerable hits with "No Ordinary Love" and "Paradise." Another one of personal Sade favorites is present here also and that's "Please Send Me Someone To Love."

This is a great relaxation album. Sade is definitely a master at her craft. Smooth vocals, mesmerizing songs...a good buy. Give it time and you'll love it. And if you like Sade, I also recommend Enya.

5-0 out of 5 stars There's only one Sade!
Sade is not only beautiful she's also a very unique artist with a wonderful and sensual voice and a very own musical style with influents from soul and jazz. Many diffrent instruments on the song makes the sound very passionate and beautiful.

Her Biggest hits were without a doubt "Smooth Operator" a song that's still played alot on radio. It's a great contemporary soul-pop song but perhaps her most radio friendly too. Don't expect the majority of the songs to sound like that. "Sweetest Taboo" is another beautiful piece of art, emotional and soulish with great lyrics. My favorite is the beautiful ballad "Your Love is king" which also is well known song for music fans. "Never As Good As the First Time" should also be considered among her biggest successes, it's a typical Sade song.

Not all songs were that big on the charts here, but what i like is that all of the songs are equally as beautiful. Hit's or not they are great and made with alot of heart&soul and passion. Not all of them are as meliodic as "Smooth Operator" either, but let her voice, lyrics and the sound of the songs talk for itself. A memorable collection nonetheless. "Jezebel" and "It Is A Crime" are jazz influented. "Cherish the Day" is one of the most sensual, the music fits perfect with the lyrics. "No Ordinary Love" has the mystcial sound of Enigma and is passionate and wonderful to listen to. "Love Is Stronger the Pride" has flutes and percussion and it's unique in it's own way. "Please Send Me Someone" has blues influents.

I love this album for it's orginality, it's probably one of the greatest "Best of albums" to me made, not all songs were big hits but they were all equally great. I don't expect you to get into Sade over a night, but when you have you stuck on her album.

5-0 out of 5 stars A string of pearls!
If I were restricted to review Sade's music in just five words they would be sensual, passionate, feminine, melodious and soulful. Removing one word from the list would not do full justice to her style of music making.

The first time I heard Sade was in the early 90's and the song was Smooth Operator. I guess I was late in discovering her music but I knew this was one singer I should not disregard. Over the years and after so many songs one of my personal favourite remains "Cherish the day". I was floored when I heard this song for the first time and could not really make out what was so magical about this that makes me want to listen to it again and again. Later it dawned on me that the lyrics and the bass line were perfectly synchronised at 1:36 into the song when she sings "Show me how deep love can be" and at this very instant the bass guitar kicks in producing very low and deep bass. It is not powerful as on some other tracks notably "No Ordinary Love", but to me it is deep enough having the capability to penetrate the marrow. Another surprise was the voice of Sade suddenly envelops you from all sides instead of the dead centre when again the lyrics are repeated at 3:48 into the song. The other favourite of mine is "No ordinary Love" which I already mentioned earlier. This song has a very good beat throughout, deep and powerful bass, soulful lyrics, and a melody to match the package.

I would say the overall quality of the album is first class. In fact better than some of the complete albums, let alone compilations. I consider it to be one of the best compilations that I have had the pleasure of laying my hands on. I personally detest compilations, as they never do justice to the sound quality. Why? Basically the engineer has to ensure that all the songs more or less have similar output, meaning, the volume remains same all the way from first to the last track. This actually disturbs the sanctity of the original album's dynamic range. Since this CD is not a complete album but a compilation; I must evaluate it accordingly. The mastering engineer has done a commendable job of making this CD sound like a complete album, surely no sign of compression. I would rate this album very highly as I found the sound quality in general to be exceptionally good. Bass aficionados would certainly not be disappointed.

You come across two types of compilations, one being greatest hits, comprising of songs mainly doing well in the charts, the other being best of, songs that are critically acclaimed but not necessarily the hits. This CD is not just a very good sounding collection of Sade's greatest hits but also happens to be superbly compiled with just the best of what Sade has to offer- A String of Pearls!

4-0 out of 5 stars fluid starting point
THE BEST OF SADE gives an overall earshot of the bands hit discogoraphy.SINCE I ALREADY at the time of this release owned all of the albums this cd offers a chance to hear glimpses of each recording and that is what makes this offering appealing,
in the sense that you get the compact feel of the band instead of the full on touch.HOT SUMMER DAYS COOL CRISP AUTUMN EVENINGS. true quiet solitude or to share intimately.IF YOU ARE A NEWBIE AND CAUTIOUS TO PICK ONE OF THE MANY CHOICES FROM THIS BAND HERE IS A SOLID, FLUID STARTING POINT. ... Read more

29. Barry White - All-Time Greatest Hits
list price: $13.98
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Asin: B000001E58
Catlog: Music
Sales Rank: 741
Average Customer Review: 4.77 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan essential recording

For those music buyers who have enjoyed Barry White's music since the early 1970s but may not be devoted enough for the three-CD box set Just for You, this 20-track compilation brings together all of White's major chart hits between 1973 and 1979, along with a couple of entries from his Love Unlimited Orchestra. White's distinctive vocal style--a deep, resonant baritone-bass that oozes sex appeal--was the icing on the cake for those hits; superlative string arrangements (courtesy of the late Gene Page) encased White in a lush setting, while White's hand-picked rhythm section (which included many of Los Angeles's top session players) created a groove that was hard to beat.The combination was lethal: hits like "Never, Never Gonna Give You Up," "Can't Get Enough of Your Love, Babe," and "You're My First, My Last, My Everything" made White a chart staple and an early king of disco; his skill as a vocal interpreter was fully evident on a 1979 reading of Billy Joel's "Just the Way You Are," another standout on this collection. On the evidence of that track alone, it's hard to believe that, according to legend, White never planned to be a recording artist in his own right and would have been happy to remain in the background as producer and songwriter! --David Nathan ... Read more

Reviews (53)

If you ever feel romantic and decide to fill half your CD changer with recordings that set in the mood, there are three specific recommendations I have: Marvin Gaye's Let's Get It On, Al Green's Greatest Hits, and Barry White's All-Time Greatest Hits. I would suggest three other CD's to fill up the changer and thus make a perfect 6-CD collection, but I'm afraid that nothing else immediately comes to mind.

What makes Barry White's Greatest Hits so great is that the theme of each song is consistent. And that theme is hot romance to the max. Barry White has been able to deliver the message of love as only a true gentleman can. He commands it in a deep baritone voice that can drive the women wild as opposed to those squealing falsetto attempts that never really made it to first base.

Essentially a very thorough compilation of his 20 biggest singles that runs over 75 minutes, Barry White's All-Time Greatest Hits is missing very little. There may be slightly different arrangements in the original LP versions that some listeners might prefer otherwise, but for those who want a definitive collection of Barry White's works, this is about as good as you will ever get.

And some might say that unlike David Lee Roth's A Little Ain't Enough, you definitely can't get enough from this one particular disc. But let's be thankful that we do have this assortment, anyway.

5-0 out of 5 stars The Bard's Best
I have to admit that I'm not a disco fan. As a matter of fact, I pretty much hate it. But there was one singer of this genre who I could always listen to : Barry White.

Covering the years 1973 to 1978, "All Time Greatest Hits" chronicles his career as a solo artist and with his famed Love Unlimited Orchestra. All the hits are here, from the luscious "Love's Theme" to the smooth grooves of "I'm Gonna Love You Just A Little More, Baby" and "Never, Never Gonna Give Up" to the naughty piano intro of "It's Ectasy When You Lay Down Next To Me". Of course, the late Mr. White's two biggest hits are here, the inescapable "Can't Get Enough Of Your Love, Babe" and the ethereal "You're The First, The Last, My Everything". Both sound as crip and original as they did in 1974. White also vocally examines the softer side of love with "Oh, What A Night For Dancing" and an excellent version of Billy Joel's "Just The Way You Are". In fact, this one song alone is worth the price of the cd.

Whether you're a fan of disco or you just love Barry White and you don't have this cd, take my advice and buy it as soon as possible.

5-0 out of 5 stars Who doesn't want to get a "groove" on with Barry!
His vioce is pure electric and his songs will live forever.

5-0 out of 5 stars Best Songs From One CD!
The late Barry White was the one voice easily recognizable during the early 1970s. Just listening to his bedroom lyrics of love would send chills to your spine!

As far as a hits collection goes, it was done correctly. All his Top 40 hits from the 1970s are included along with R & B chart entries. Plus, the songs do work together as a team and even the irony of this collection involes two hits from Love Unlimited Orchestra! This works one of two ways: 1) It will save the buyer (perhaps the casual fan) from buying The Best Of Love Unlimited Orchestra from the same label or 2) on the downside, the fan will complain "Isn't this suppose to be about Barry White, the SOLO artist?" True, and if that's the case, then omitting "Love's Theme" and "Satin Soul" could have been replaced with "I Found Someone" and (maybe the ulimate love intro dialogue) "Love Serenade"!

There are several pictures and liner notes along with song credits and chart entries are included.

4-0 out of 5 stars great cd if you like soul
this msuic sounds dated, and it';s not my cup o' tea, but for the defoted fan, this cd has all the essentials. ... Read more

list price: $18.98
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Asin: B00079GCEC
Catlog: Music
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

31. Lyfe 268-192
list price: $12.98
our price: $11.99
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Asin: B0002JP0M2
Catlog: Music
Sales Rank: 8292
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

32. Livin' the Luxury Brown
list price: $17.98
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Asin: B0007UDCNU
Catlog: Music
Sales Rank: 1650
Average Customer Review: 4.5 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan


The renaissance R&B group from Minneapolis is back with another classic release! Livin' the Luxury Brown is a continuation of the R&B, rock, jazz alternative, hip-hop sound that the band developed in 1989 with their breakthrough album Meant to Be Mint, which included the hit single "Pretty Brown Eyes." Mint Condition continued to grow their loyal fan base with songs like "U Send Me Swingin'" on the album From the Mint Factory and the song "What Kind of Man Would I Be," their platinum single from the gold album Definition Of A Band. Including their last release, Life's Aquarium, Mint Condition has sold over 3.8 million records. ... Read more

Reviews (52)

5-0 out of 5 stars Mint Condition / Living the Luxury Brown
Mint Condition has absolutely out done themselves with their latest release "Living the Luxury Brown". I Love this group for one they're talented enough to have a band they're not a Studio group these guys can play an instrument, where would our music industry be with out instruments? It's not sex, drugs and lifestyles that I'm going to the store to purchase but the soul of music in every form and these guys have it. Smooth listening, to Rock to jazz in one take one song. Ilove you Mint.....

5-0 out of 5 stars Back and better than ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Being a musician. I want to be in Mint Condition when I grow up!!! (OK I'm already grown and it's too late for that but if you sing or play you know what I mean.)They are the last R&B band. (Not to mention they'realso a jazz, rock and latin...bascially WHATEVER THEY WANT TO BE BAND!!) How do you pick favorites when ever song is the bomb in different way!! Luxury Brown is another benchmark album by the band that really SHOULD be setting the standard for R&B. I wish the rest of the Hip Hop and R&B acts out there didn't save all the live instruments for the road. Put some live drums on a uptempo cut.....Nuf Said. The world needs more tastes of the Mint !!!!!
AG in SD

5-0 out of 5 stars The return of "REAL MUSIC"
Mint Condition. The name itself is the personification of excellence. I grew up on the Mint sound and I was somewhat surprised 2 hear the new single "I'm ready" playing on the radio one day while I was in art class. I just couldn't wait until the whole cd dropped and boy was i satisfied.
Mint Condition has always been known 4 their extremely beautiful ballads and they continue 2 create those ballads on "Livin' the Luxury Brown" I've always said that the best ballad Mint had ever done was the song "So Fine", but I think that there has 2 b an adjustment in that category now that "Livin'" has been released. I can truly say that my best song 2 date from Mint has 2 b "Fallin' Apart". This has 2 be the best slow jam that they have ever done. I like the way Mint combined rock with the slow jam enviornment. The song starts off as any other slow jam would and then it suddenly switches 2 the guitar thang and then it calms back down. This was really intresting 2 hear and it solidified itself in my heart as the best slow jam Mint has ever done.
Another 1 of my favorites on "Livin'" is 1 Wish. I kinda think that they included this song as a personal message 2 ex-Mint member Keri Lewis who' 4 some odd reason, decided 2 leave the band. " If I had the chance 2 do it all again, wouldn't have left my friends, wouldn't have left the band that I was in." Hmm.This song also has that rock flavor and Mint performs it so well.
Another favorite would b "Love Your Tears Away." This, again, shows Mint @ it's best.
"My Sista" is another 1 of my favorites. This song really caught my attention. The beat is just perfect and the lyrics r like icing on the cake. Other favorites include "Whoaa", "Half an Hour", especially the song "We got Us", hell, the whole cd is tight.
In this day and age of the garbage I call hip hop/ rap, it's really a relief 2 hear real music again. 1 thing I admire about Mint is that unlike other ole' school artist who combine 2days hip hop scene in2 the songs they create so that they may keep up with the ever-changing atmosphere of music, Mint sticks with what has made them 1 of the best , if not the best live , real music-playing bands out there. All I have 2 say is that I hope they continue 2 create the type of music that has made them the best @ what the do. Yall keep up the good work fellows. It was well worth the wait. And oh, don't make us wait another 6 years again dudes. That,s torture.

5-0 out of 5 stars I'M DOWN WITH THE MINT!!!
Mint Condition is Back!!! These Minneapolis boyz know how to JAM A PARTY! Wow. An eclectic set that runs the gamut of pop, soul, rock, blues, jazz. Whatever your taste, you will find it in this band's latest release.Definitely a better follow up to their previous one-off outing on the Elektra label, independent production is surely the way to go for these cats - brothers with an uncompromising vision for being true to themselves and their unique artistry. Had the pleasure of meeting them at an instore promotion recently, and they are as humble as you'd expect. Very glad that they have had the perserverance to stick it out in a very fickle "flavor of the week" industry. Track picks: "Sista", "Runaway", "Doormat", "Fallin Apart" & "We Got Us."As a bonus, check out the included in-concert dvd featuring the band doing their signature hits as well as cuts from the new cd.Excellent!!!

5-0 out of 5 stars One of the best releases of 2005
This is a tight and strong collection of songs MC put together. The musicianship is excellent. I like the different genres of music that MC covers, particularly the rock sound. I have a feeling that MC will do more rock songs on future releases, which is not a bad thing because songs like Runaway and Falling apart are awesome. My favorites songs are My sista, Love your tears, I'm Ready, Luxury Brown, Fallin apart, Runaway and Sad Girl. If you like real music played by real musicians then go get this cd. ... Read more

33. Songs in A Minor
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Asin: B00005JXS6
Catlog: Music
Sales Rank: 347
Average Customer Review: 3.87 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan's Best of 2001

She may be beautiful, but Alicia Keys is a musician first andforemost. She plants herself firmly behind the piano keys on her debut,unlike many of the booty-waggin' junior divas who are crowding the R&Bvideoscape these days. Though many of the tracks on Songs in AMinor are embellished with adolescent angst, this 20-year-old'ssubstantial, gorgeously soul-drenched alto putties the cracks betweennotes with astonishing ease. "Fallin'," the album's first single,showcases Keys at her best. She wails plaintively and passionately overrolling blues chords, in the tradition of the greats that this youngtalent clearly wants to align herself with--Stevie Wonder,Donny Hathaway,and Aretha Franklin.She swoops and soars over the spicy, flamenco-fueled melody that opens"Mr. Mann," one of the many winning tracks gathered here. And she digsdeep into a remake of the beloved Prince B-side, "HowCome U Don't Call Me Anymore?" packing more heat into her melismaticwails than most singers twice her age. --Sylvia W. Chan ... Read more

Reviews (702)

4-0 out of 5 stars Magazine Music Reviewers Got This One Right
Belive or not, I bought this CD without hearing one song from it. (No, I'm not living under a rock, but where I'm currently stationed in military makes hearing new music difficult.) I read the pre-release album reviews in various magazines and so I was looking forward to hearing it. I've been wanting to hear an album that features an artist with some "real" talent, like "Jill Scott." I'm happy to say that the reviews were correct in describing Alicia Keys and her music. I love her use of the piano in her music. Her CD feature songs with some great beats, just checkout "The Life, Jane Doe, Mr. Man, and Rock Wit U." She does a great job in remaking Prince's "How Come You Don't Call Me." She also has some nice slow tempo songs with "Goodbye, Butterflyz, Troubles, and Why do I feel so sad." (I really like "Why do I feel so sad" even though it's not the strongest song on the CD.) The only reason I give four out of five stars is because I feel the lyrics could of have been a bit better in some songs. Other than that, this is great CD, and I'm glad I wasn't disappointed. I look forward to her second CD, which I hope features even more of her piano playing.

5-0 out of 5 stars Very Impressive.... say the least. This CD is a classic for sure. It has all the right combinations for instant repeat of all the tracks. I don't know where the industry was holding this talent captive but I am one fan who is sure glad she escaped. The entire album is just fabulous. Anyone with an open mind and an ear for music would surely feel as though they've gotten their monies worth. I've even witnessed grade school girls making up routines off of some of the songs I thought were more geared towards the adult audience. I say that to say that there is something for everyone. Anyway, if you like Sade, Lauryn Hill, Jill Scott, and/or Mary J. Blige then buy Alicia Keys 'cause you'll find she is a combination of all these talented women and will certainly blaze a trail herself. 5 stars ***** The CD should be Songs in A++ Minor

1-0 out of 5 stars Great CD! High recommendation!
Great Cd! I do think some of the lyrics could have been better. The profanity in it was not necessary at all. she can express herself better with out it. the top 10 songs on the cd are:

10. Caged Bird
9. Jane Doe
8. Mr. Man
7. Womans Worth
6. Butterflyz
5. How Come U Dont Call Me
4. Girlfriend
3. Fallin'
2. Why Do I Feel So Sad
1. Never Felt This Way

P.S.: this is just from the top of my head and from my point of view. i didnt pick fallin as #1 because i wanted to give all of the other songs to stand out and to kind of come to your attention more. anyway, i think all of the songs are pretty good and i think it would be a great buy for you or a friend!
i also highly recommend her 2nd cd.

5-0 out of 5 stars KEEP LISTENIN 2 IT
wen i 1st bought this cd, i didnt really listen 2 the songs + just skimmed thro them, but wen i actually sat down + listened to it properly and the words, i couldnt believe i had actually even considered this was "rubbish". Alicia talents could not have shined thro more amzazingly + beautifully. Everythin from the lyrics to the beat of the songs themselves, are written so soothingly.
Theres a real calmness 2 this album, so if ur goin thro a stressful time + just wana wind down 2 som calming but cool sounds then this is an album 4 u!


If uve read any of my other stuff, ul know im about to go fru all songs...

1. Piano & I - a beatufil is cheesy piano-opening 2 songs in a minor. 4/5
2. Girflriend - a lovely funky starting song. 4.5/5
3. How Come U Dont Call Me - a gr8 rendition of Prince's song. 4.5/5
4. Fallin' - amazing & soulful. 5/5
5. Troubles - a nice, ballad-type song with gr8 lyrics and vocals. 4/5
6. Rock Wit U - long opening, then gets real gd. 4.5/5
7. A Womans Worth - a nice song about different sexes. 4/5

8. Jane Doe - gr8 funky song. 5/5
9. Goodbye - i like it. 4/5
10. The Life - ditto. 4.5/5
11. Mr Man - worst song. 3/5
12. Never Felt This Way - beautiful cover of brian mckinghtely, also interlude. 5/5
13. Butterlfyz - 1st song she wrote. quite gd. 4/5
14. Why Do I Feel So Sad - im lovin it. 5/5
15. Caged Bird - amazing! 5/5

best songs (top 5)
5. Y Do I Feel So Sad
4.Jane Doe
3.Caged Bird
2.Never Felt This Way
1. Fallin' ... Read more

34. It's Me Again
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Asin: B0000CC6QD
Catlog: Music
Sales Rank: 297349
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

35. Dangerously in Love
list price: $13.98
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(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B000099T2L
Catlog: Music
Sales Rank: 445
Average Customer Review: 3.5 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

The perfect timing of Beyonce Knowles’ career moves continues with the release of her debut solo album. Dangerously in Love’s best music is wildly up-to-date, craftily designed for both maximum street acceptance and positioning as some of the most cutting-edge stuff on current radio. The brash first single, "Crazy in Love," melds Jay-Z with an unstoppable Chi-Lites horn sample, shape-shifting into something brand new. Collaborations with Outkast’s Big Boi and Sean Paul also prick up the ears, while changes of pace like "Be with You" and "Speechless" achieve their aim with credibility. The disc becomes far too ballad heavy in its second half, but the key stuff is the noise she brings.--Rickey Wright ... Read more

Reviews (704)

4-0 out of 5 stars A Force of Nature...
The only mistake Beyonce made with her debut solo album is that trying to pass the first five tracks is a difficult task. Because the dance numbers are lumped at the beginning of the album, and the ballads overtaking the rest of the project, it feels too tiring trying to get through this good but uneven debut. Of course my review comes a little late, seeing as how nobody gives a damn what order the songs appeared in on the album, Beyonce is a bona-fide diva. Having headlined a tour alongside Miss Keys and Missy, it was truly Beyonce's year. For anyone expecting this album NOT to be highly stylized and well made for mainstream listeners, you need look elsewhere, because as much as I love Miss Knowles, she is as mainstream as they come. That's not to say the woman isn't talented. She was at the producers helm, crafting her album and making it her own.

Beyonce knew what sounds were the hottest, as evident on the wildly successful and funky tune 'Crazy in Love.' The classic horns sample, along with Jay-Z's chilled flow skills makes it a great song. Dancehall music was of course the genre of 2003 and continues to dominate 2004 along with crunk. What would a dancehall track be without Sean Paul? 'Babyboy' actually took awhile to appeal to me. Because dancehall riddims were everywhere and anywhere during the single's release, it became quite redundant, but nonetheless it is a great dance tune.

'Hip-Hop Star' and 'Naughty Girl' wear out their welcome quite quick. On 'Naughty Girl', Beyonce tries to hard to be...well... naughty, and while her homage to Donna Summer is appreciated, it doesn't mean the track holds through for a long amount of time.

What would an r&b divas album be without ballads. Most original is Beyonce's female empowering 'Me, Myself, & I', it is a great track with its vintage soul sound and Beyonce's soaring vocals. On the sensual "Gift From Virgo", Beyonce's lush voice fuses with Missy Elliots always innovative melodies. It is another standout track. 'Be With You' is also well done, with it's groovy, vintage beat and Miss Knowles slinky vocals.

All in all, Beyonce is your run of the mill diva. As much as I love her sound and watching her perform live, she is in every way a mainstream songbird. If you like slickly produced, and at times souless r&b, Beyonce fits the bill almost too perfectly. She certainly struck while the iron was hot, and she owned the year. Dangerously in Love is a good CD, but if many music buyers are still wary of its quality, I say buy the singles at your local Media Play, Sam Goody or whatever... because they are the strongest and best cuts from the album.

5-0 out of 5 stars Beyonce Left Me "Speechless"
Beyonce Knowles, 1/3rd of Destinys Child, out did herself on her first solo debut album, entitled Dangerously In Love. This a a wonderful CD, that will be a classic, such as Aaliyah's, Aaliyah. The craftsmanship that she put into the album is evident with the first track, Crazy In Love. Beyonce is a true entertainer, and will be written down in history. Many people say that they dislike her, but I dont believe they really do, its just that she is a beautiful, talented, young woman, who is doin her thing, at such a young age. She has the mind, and vocals of a more mature woman. Her writing skills have improved tremendously, and vocal range has broadened. Every track on DIL, is a track to listen to more than once. My favorite tracks are Gift From A Virgo, Me, Myself, and I, Yes, Speechless, Naughty Girl, Daddy (beautiful ode to her father). Daddy is a change of pace for tributes to parents who have helped artists get where they are. A lot of artists have songs for their mothers, but no fathers. So this is wonderful. Beyonce really outdid herself, on this album, and I enjoy every track on. It was worth the pushbacks, and the money. Go get another copy. And just leave it in the packaging. Cause it will be worth something in the mere future.

5-0 out of 5 stars THIS CD WAS GREAT

3-0 out of 5 stars Nice effort
The album was ok, I thought it was gonna be better. I like a few of the songs and thought they were well written but I expected something huge. She's a great artist,performer,singer,and person. She deserves all the grammys and success that God can bless her with but this album was a little disappointing to me.

2-0 out of 5 stars Wonderful Artist and Person - Horrific Album
Depending on why you were a destiny's child fan to begin with, you will either love this album or hate it.

I became a fan when DC did the survivor album because they had a diverse amount of the background sounds/instruments and lyrical topics (like they really do love each other like family, people need to get their act together, you need to find god, true love is the best, and last but not least you need to party too). DC was also really good at being totally serious on a song and then being really cheesy (but have it still be fun to listen to) on another song.

Before this album came out I was really hyped up for it because Beyonce did a big chunk of producing and writing for the survivor album.

Since the survivor album was the first time she did most of the behind the scenes work I assumed this album would be similar in terms of what kind of vibe you got from it.

Man was I wrong, on most of the singles she is in Foxy Cleopatra mode (what she did in Austin Powers). It was cool to see that routine in the movie (because that was a comedy), but not on here (this wasn't supposed to be a comedy). Another major problem is most of the songs that were not ever on the radio are really bland ballads that are totally forgetable.

The sad thing is whenever you see Beyonce in interviews she is one of the few celebrities that really does come off as smart, kind, sexy, and mature. But if all you knew about her was from this album you wouldn't think this because way too many of the songs don't project that kind of feeling at all. Because of this the songs things sound contrived or really cheesy (in a bad way) most of the time (Naughty Girl is the worst offender, I laugh uncontrolably every time I hear that song).

So here is the final verdict, if all you are looking for is some songs to play at a party or you follow only top 40 stuff then get this or some compilation CD that has her singles (seriously, you will probably love it). If you are looking for a great album that you will continue to play years from now then avoid this and buy DC's Survivor album if you don't already have it. ... Read more

36. The One
list price: $18.98
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Asin: B0007OTWRG
Catlog: Music
Sales Rank: 705
Average Customer Review: 3.5 out of 5 stars
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It's tempting to label ex-Kumbia Kings vocalist Frankie J as Latin pop's answer to Usher. Both have smooth, supple voices; both smartly co-mingle R&B, hip-hop and radio-ready grooves; and both young men have a fondness for hats. But whereas Usher has a penchant for showbiz showboating, Frankie J lets his talent take center stage. The One expands on the rhythmic flavor of Frankie J's 2003 solo debut, What's a Man to Do?, but it also positions him as something of a rarity these days: an un-ironic, legitimate male pop star. Every song on The One seems ripe for radio play. "How to Deal" and "Story of My Life" are alluring ballads; "Without You" and the title track (featuring 3LW) showcase slick urban grooves; and "On the Floor" is an unlikely highlight, beefed up by a smart sampling of Wham's '80s hit "Everything She Wants." Frankie J's regular-guy appeal and boyish charm shine throughout the album. The only misstep is including past hits "Don't Wanna Try" and "Suga Suga"; The One is solid enough to stand on its own. --Joey Guerra ... Read more

Reviews (24)

5-0 out of 5 stars Frankie J Vs Jon Secada
Frankie J, a whining baby? Such an ignorant statement, that perhaps the author needs a hearing aid and just like Amerie, a few well aimed slaps. Frankie J's music is inspired, unique and his voice is incredible, exactly what the music industry needs. Jon Secada on the other hand sounds like a senile old man, on a heavy mix of narcotics, possibly coinciding with the failure of his career. So u can hardly compare Ice Cream and excrement?
And for a person whom enjoys, and i quote 'Nick Cater: Pre Backstreet Boys', and 'Bonnie 'I Need A Hero' Tyler', to insult Frankie J, is somewhat moronic. Heres a piece of advice, maybe Rich King Breakfast Nook should go back to his Barry Manilow and David Hasselhoff and let the big boys/ those with taste in music enjoy PROPER CLASSY material, i.e FRANKIE J and BOYZ II MEN. So be a good boy and cease your verbal diarrhoea, before mummy confiscates your copy of Jason Donovan.

1-0 out of 5 stars What a whiny baby
I'm a huge Jon Secada fan like everyone I know so when someone compared this goof to Secada I figured it was worth a listen. After the first song, Obsession, I about drove into the side of a McDonalds just to make my CD player stop working. He should have just titled the song, "I'm going to whine like a little baby, how much can you take?". It makes the whining Boyz II Men did on "I'll make love to you" look like a mild temper tantrum compared to this onslaught of bawling.

Also, you'd better be Secada if you're going to try to pull off the sing in two languages thing. Secada can do it, this clown can't. If I were a chick, first of all I'd be totally hot. Second, if some latin guy came up whining at this level, I'd slap him and tell him to grow a set. Nothing is more pathetic than a guy who cries like a toddler. Frankie needs to be put in timeout and given a wiggles video to watch until he's ready to be a big boy.

5-0 out of 5 stars Frankie J /The One
I think this was a great title for this album,because it definitely is the one album to have. I am a big fan of Frankie J. I love his passion for music, his determination for people to understand him and his music,and his tremendous talent all around. All of that is reflected in this album his voice, songwriting, and feeling his emotion all at the same time. That's the great thing about this album he can touch and tap into your soul through his vocals and that's what makes him a great artist and he will continue to rise. I don't agree with alot of the reviews for this album posted here. I think you people have no ears for talent and can't rate anything the correct way if your life depended on it. I think you people suck, Frankie J has got it and you little people don't and your very jealous of his success get a life!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He's got the talent, the style, the voice,and especially the looks, he is the sexiest. So he has it all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think my review for this album really does it justice Thank You and I Love YouFrankie J*******************************

1-0 out of 5 stars Mr Frankie Fenner, could I interest you in something?
Me and my mates down at Larkhall think this guy's a complete knobhead! That was my friend Shell Dockley's personal opinion, but many of the other girls such as Maxie Pervis, Denny Blood and Virginia O'Caine agree (though Virginia did claim the healing powers of his voice caused the miracle allowing her to walk again). Not only does this guy look like Jim Fenner, but his manners match to! I met Frankie J once (before I went inside obviously) and he was a naughty Mr Fenner, and looked right up my skirt! He also tried to put his big hands all over me! My friend Darlene Cake insisted on playing this album constantly, and since we share a cell...I mean a room together, I had no choice but to listen to it as well. However, our personal officer, Di Barker, was outraged by this album and furious at the noise it was making and aggressively confiscated it, claiming that us girls should be listening to more culturally enhancing music, such as Turkish belly dancing music, which she claims is good for her health. She also claimed it saved her marriage. I hate this album, the music is awful, but actually it is very good. The songs are easy listening and provide good background music, such as when my friend Julie revealed her name wasn't actually Julie, but Sonia. The songs "How To Deal" and "Story of My Life" helped the 2 Julies recover from the shock. Neil Grayling seems to have a particular liking for Frankie J (I wonder why?), and has often hit me for not liking his music, and has slapped me and Sylvia Bodybag down the staircase once or twice. However, I have been threatened on occassion by the other girls not to buy this album, once being told that if I did the woman would 'cut my t**s off and make curry with them', as well as being warned by another woman that if I did I would have my t**s dipped in the chip pan! Therefore, I do not dare buy it, and I pass these warnings on to you!

5-0 out of 5 stars Obsession (No Es Amor) - I LOVE THIS SONG
There is a Latin radio station in our area and even before I copmpletely understood the lyrics (my Spanish is very shaky) I loved this tune.When I heard it on mainstream radio in English I was screamingly happy.

It's addictive, with the staccato rhythm of the verses going into the long, smooth notes of the girl singing the chorus.In the English verion, the hip hop part throws it off for me.It's like they threw in everything but the kitchen sink but it's enjoyable even for all that, from beginning to end.

I'm definitely going to pick up the CD now that I FINALLY know who this is. ... Read more

37. The Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill
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US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan's Best of 1998

The first solo album by the Fugees' most distinctive voice quickly wipes away the pretensions of so many current hip-hoppers' discs. It does so by both engaging their widescreen ethos--"To Zion," with its martial drums and gospel choir, is as epic a production as has been heard in 1998's pop music--and speaking the plain truth. Miseducation focuses equally on Lauryn Hill's life (especially the birth of her child) and social concerns about the present and future. Its often quiet surface, if anything, lends intensity. --Rickey Wright ... Read more

Reviews (796)

5-0 out of 5 stars This cd has that thing and more
Quite possibly one of the best albums of all time, The Miseducation of lauryn hill is strikingly wonderful. In the midst of so many dopey female artists these days, L. Boogie rises above the crowd to make a personal cd with so much vibe, heart, and feeling that almost anybody could easily love it. Her voice is wonderful, and the songs have a great amount of musicality. The different instruments used in each song add a specialty to the songs as well. I'm very picky about rap and not a very big rap fan, but Lauryn's raps are all so vibrant, meaningful, and, with their catchy choruses, irresistible. You feel like you know Lauryn when she sings, since the songs are so personal. Her faith ignites the entire cd in a somewhat indirect way. She's great in concert too!This is music at its best, whether you're a fan of hip-hop or not. Go buy this album. You're missing out on a lot if you don't own it. and to all u desperate Britney Spears fans: try this girl as a role model instead.

4-0 out of 5 stars The start of commercially acceptable hip-hop
I love Lauryn Hill and I always will. But after listening to her "Unplugged" album and seeing her this year at Smokin' Grooves, I think I wanna stick to living in the past and keep bumping this record, The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill.

In case you didn't realize it, 1998 was when hip-hop/rap was acceptable to EVERYONE. Back then, you didn't deserve to have any friends if you didn't play The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill, Vol. 2 Hard Knock Life or It's Dark and Hell is Hot at your parties. In fact, the inclusion of Lauryn's smash, "Doo Wop (That Thing)", on radio playlists helped get Jay-Z and DMX on the radio and MTV.

Never before have I heard a woman who could sing AND rap great (Mystic would come years later). From the reggae-influenced "Lost Ones" (no, it's not about Wyclef, contrary to popular belief) to the very last bonus track, this album offers us a look into Lauryn's pains, loves, beliefs, and of course, talent. "Every Ghetto, Every City" tells about back-in-the-day situations, "Superstar" criticizes wack emcees, and "To Zion" is a great tribute to her seed. The duet with Mary J. on "I Used to Love Him" is also stellar (check out the subtle sample of Raekwon's "Ice Cream" in that song).

The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill is by no means a perfect album, as evidenced on the unnecessary hip-hop/R&B remake of "Can't Take My Eyes Off of You" and on the lazy sounds of the D'Angelo duet, "Nothing Even Matters". But those flaws are very minor compared to the overall greatness of this album. I don't know if Lauryn will ever be this great again, because now she's an emotional wreck and a certain individual named India Arie Simpson took over her role as "black female singer/songwriter with a guitar". But Lauryn, you have a fan for life.

5-0 out of 5 stars GOOD BETTER BEST ! !
Lauryn is one of the most versatile people in the business. She's amazing in all the categories. She's a songwriter, producer, rapper, poet. I mean this lady truly is wonderful. She always carries a message with her unique rock hard flows and rhymes she gives like no one else. This album is for any fan of music, not only rap, or Rnb. But anyone who wants something good to hear. She talks about the truth of the world and criticizes evil. Go and get it and sleep on it till the entire album sinks in your pulse.

1-0 out of 5 stars Why Has L. Hill's Singing Ever Produced Even a Single Fan?
Why indeed? This will never do -- as one critic, Croaker, said of John Keats. Oh that Ms. Hill was an Emily Dickinson or even a Jennie Lind ... Why the toneless sound, chasing vainly after a melodic line and harmonic consistency? Why the baby-talk intonation? Why the absence of simple voice quality? Can anyone distinguish even a single word -- without cribbing it first from album notes? I see her old CDs are a whopping $2.99. Doubtless that is becuz they have been played down to scratches. (Scatches r better!) It is possible to sing greatly without much voice and a one-octave range, but only if you are Billie Holiday. I knew BH, and Lauryn ... you are no Lady Day!

5-0 out of 5 stars the best album ever
soulful, hip hop-py amd great!!!!!!!!! all the songs shine, so does her voice. She shows such writing and composing skills on this album.

Intro -
Lost Ones - Four Stars
Ex-Factor - Five Stars
To Zion - Five Stars
Doo Wop (That Thing) - Five Stars
Superstar - Four Stars
Final Hour - Four Stars
When It Hurts So Bad - Four Stars
I Used To Love Him - Five Stars
Forgive Them Father - Five Stars
Every Ghetto, Every City - Five Stars
Nothing Even Matters - Five Stars
Everything Is Everything - Five Stars
The Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill - Five Stars ... Read more

38. Get Rich Or Die Tryin
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Asin: B000084T18
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Sales Rank: 1839
Average Customer Review: 3.49 out of 5 stars
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Reviews (886)

2-0 out of 5 stars OVER-RATED, OVER-RATED
This CD is probably the most overrated album in the history of rap. face it people, 50 is not the next Tupac and this album proves it. If I hear 'In the Club' one more time I'm going to kill myself. The only reason there is as much hype behind this album as there is because of Eminem and Dre's production. I liked his first single 'Wanksta' and the Ja Rule diss song was stupid but kinda funny. I'm not a big Ja Rule fan but he's better than 50. In the Club is just straight up retarded (go shorty, it's ya birthday. what the hell is he talking about) The only reason anybody likes '21 Questions' is because Nate Dogg is a bad ... and steals the show. 50 has no range as a rapper. A good rapper can speed up his flow on occasion and slow it down when needed. 50 has one speed and never changes. I support every rapper that disses 50 now, Scarface, Ghostface, Ja, Sticky Fingaz. I really wish people would buy CDs from geniuses like the Wu Tang Clan, Gang Starr, and Sticky Fingaz instead of wasting their money on overhyped trash like this.

4-0 out of 5 stars Get Rich Or Die Trying
50 Cents has poor diction and a drawling rap style, but with the help of clever lyrics, backup artists, and good beats, producers Dr. Dre and Eminem make the album much more than it would have been in lesser hands.

Overall most of the songs on this track are quite entertaining and there are lots of songs on here, including some hidden bonus tracks. On long car trips I don't find myself yearning to skip songs, which in the age of CDs, means I must like the CD overall quite a bit.

Yet, there aren't a lot of great songs here. In Da Club, the most popular, is the best. There are a handful of other really good ones (see below).

I rate this CD a very respectable FOUR stars:

What Up Gangster *
Many Men (Wish Death) *
In Da Club **

Patiently Waiting and 21 Questions are near stars.

I also like P.I.M.P. but the embarrassingly bad performance of this song by 50 Cent and Snoop Dogg at the MTV Music Awards turned me off of this song.

Ratings: CDs are rated simply by how many good songs are on the album. Great songs get two stars, and good songs get one star. Songs that get no stars are those that I might like but not enough to give it a star or ones I find boring or actively dislike. CDs are not penalized for songs that I don't like because they are easy enough to skip over. There is no maximum number of stars a CD can get, but of course the more stars it gets, the better the CD.

5-0 out of 5 stars BIG FAN
This is a really good cd. G-Unit's cd is even better though.

1-0 out of 5 stars Garbage
Now we moved past weak voices to mumbing ones? This fool should have been dismissed a long time ago, but it is amazing what this MTV society will buy into these days.

1-0 out of 5 stars Always about it
Hey everyone, the stupid retard that keeps giving 50 cent 5 stars, his name is "always about it" look for this b***h. He also is the one that keeps giving g-unit, nelly, j-kwon, chingy, ja rule, and cassidy five stars. Amazon should delete this f**ker. ... Read more

39. Lean on Me-Best of Bill Withers
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Asin: B00004THKR
Catlog: Music
Sales Rank: 3966
Average Customer Review: 4.9 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Not to be mistaken with Bill Withers's Greatest Hits or even the 1994 best-of with which it shares its name, Lean on Me nevertheless shares much with those two earlier retrospectives--notably the likes of such '70s soul-pop gems as the title track, "Ain't No Sunshine," "Lovely Day," and "Use Me." Like the earlier Lean on Me, this remastered selection includes 18 tracks, 13 of which overlap with the '94 set. Withers's oeuvre is something less than expansive: he recorded 10 albums for Sussex and Columbia between 1971 and 1985, then gracefully exited the business with three top 10 hits to his credit. The singer's warm vocals and wise lyrics have held up splendidly through the years, making him a likely candidate for periodic rediscovery. This anthology stands as the title of choice for the next wave of soul fans Withers wins over. --Steven Stolder ... Read more

Reviews (41)

5-0 out of 5 stars Let's Not Forget!
I've read all the reviews on this album through Amazon, and I totally agree that the incomparable, upbeat Lovely Day is certainly one of the most joyous, happy songs ever written. And of course Lean On Me. That one was my all-time favorite Bill Withers song, but then on this greatest hits collection, I ran into another gem of a song, " Let Me Be The One You Need". That, to me is one fine piece of beautiful music. I can listen to it over and over again and still get the same vibes as when I first heard it. I love the way Bill puts his heart into the song, the same way he does for Lean On Me. It's funny how I've listened to Bill Withers for most of my life, but I don't recall " Let Me Be The One...." Which is still a good thing, because now in this adult life, I can really appreciate and relate to the words and music even more. Like I said before, everyone really hit home about the other hits on this great album, but I remind you all, let's not forget "Let Me Be The One You Need". Just buy the CD and play it, or if you already have it, listen to this gem. It's what a love song is all about.

5-0 out of 5 stars The Best R&B Soul Artist to ever listen to!
"Lean On Me" was one of my favorite songs I ever listen to. Because it's way cool and it's more good. Just like my others I listen to on the CD like "Lovely Day","Let Me Be The One You Need","I Wan't To Spend The Night","Ain't No Sunshine","Grandma's Hands", "Lovely Day","Use Me"(good one),"Hello Like Before", "Just the Two of Us" (Best hit recorded with the late Grover Washington,Jr.),"Harlem" and "Tender Things" and "Who Is He(And What Is He To You)which was in my first CD I picked out called "Top Bill". The thing I like about this CD is that he make funk and soul on it just like he does his smooth ballads. I like the favorite ballad work he did on "Let Me Be The One You Need" and "Tender Things". Think he did a good job. On "Just the Two of Us ",the song was much more like a funk ballad that features the late Grover Washington,Jr. when he did a great job playing along with him on the tenor saxophone with his band cracking it way down. So Anyway, "Top Bill" and "Lean On Me:The Best of Bill Withers are still my first two favorites I adore listening all the time. I think he's the best! Thanks Mr. Withers. Keep it up.

5-0 out of 5 stars Bill Withers At His Finest
Bill Withers is and always will be a master storyteller. He can really pour his heart and soul into a song and he has a unique gift for writing songs that echo life's most challenging situations. This collection is a must for any fan of his or if you just love sweet soul music this album is a must have for your collection. All of his classics are here including his #1 smash from 1971 "AIN'T NO SUNSHINE" perhaps one of the greatest and most recognazible songs of the Soul/Pop genre. I love this album and I listen to it almost daily when I first bought it. Every track is a hit and better yet a great lesson in modern songwriting for those who aspire to someday write songs. Get this album and listen to this master singer and songwriter who retired from the music scene way too early. Is too bad that he doesn't record or goes on tour anymore, I would've love to have seen him live. Bill Withers is pure soul and has the keen ability to send a love song directly into your heart. We certainly don't have very many artists of the talent and sensitivity for crafting a good song like Mr.Withers. The only other artist that comes to mind who is still going strong and is as soulful and brilliant as Bill is the great Jose Feliciano. Feliciano and Withers wrote a song together back in 1973 entitled "Compartments" for Jose's album of the same name and the two of them worked magic together. Buy LEAN ON ME The Best of Bill Withers, you will love it and you will play it till your heart's content.

5-0 out of 5 stars An underrated singer's remastered gems. A+ review
Bill Withers had a low key career that lasted only 14 years, in which he released some of the most beautiful music ever to grace this earth.

Although the reviewer incorrectly indicates that Bill only had two huge hits, "Ain't No Sunshine" and "Lean on Me", he/she must have not have done his/her due diligence as "Use Me" and "Lovely Day" also were smashes, but Bill is not about his "hits" but about his amazing ability to sing songs that are sexy, smooth, spiritual and does it in an understated manner that does not come off as generic, but serves as an example of a true original.

Listening to this amazing release (which should be the only one to buy if you are in the market as there are at least 3 out there) you get a feeling of all being well with the world. The remastering is amazing and the songs sound even more effortless than ever yet they stick with you for days.

I am amazed at not having discovered a fuller spectrum of Bill's work until now, as all the non-hits sound at catchy and lovely as the hits. Again, I have to express my surprise at how a seemingly low key performer manages to put together songs that stay with you longer than any of the "anthems" or even better known songs and/or performers.

Buy this at once if you love melody and music that is as relevant today as when it was first released. In my opinion, this greatest hits package should appeal to those who are seeking every "neo-soul" artist that puts something out there but, with some exeptions, nothing is better than the real thing.

There is not a dud in this 18-song collection and I can't remember the last time that I have experienced that.

5-0 out of 5 stars Mellow but funky soul music
Bill is actually remembered for very few hits of his own, but his songs are popular among other singers, who record cover versions and sometimes have hits with them. This is one of several compilations that allow you to hear Bill sing his own songs in his own particular style.

Of Bill's songs, Lean on me is the one that is most frequently covered. It is a classic, anthemic song that can be interpreted as a love song or as a gospel song, while its basic simplicity allows it to be adapted to many different musical styles. Nevertheless, among Bill's own hits, the first one that comes to mind is actually Lovely day, partly because others have had a hit with Lean on me (so people who know the song don't always associate it with Bill) and partly because Lovely day is such a fantastic song anyway.

But Bill's great songs don't end with Lean on me and Lovely day - Ain't no sunshine, Just the two of us, Use me and Grandma's hands are just a few of the other great songs here and on other Bill Withers compilations. ... Read more

40. Turning Point
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Asin: B0002X94Z2
Catlog: Music
Sales Rank: 263
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

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