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$13.99 $9.53 list($17.98)
1. Mi Sangre
$13.49 list($18.98)
2. Fijacion Oral
$13.49 $8.23 list($18.98)
3. Buena Vista Social Club
$13.99 $12.03 list($14.98)
4. Barrio Fino
$13.99 $8.45 list($16.98)
5. Un Dia Normal
$13.99 $8.98 list($18.98)
6. Lagrimas Negras
$13.99 $12.30 list($16.98)
7. Eco [Bonus Track]
$13.49 $12.38 list($17.98)
8. Bebel Gilberto
$9.98 $7.84
9. Wave
$13.99 $12.37 list($16.98)
10. Tanto Tempo
$14.99 $14.89 list($19.98)
11. Un Viaje [Bonus CD & DVD]
$13.98 $7.50
12. Andrea Echeverri
$13.99 $12.02 list($16.98)
13. Gran Hotel Buenos Aires
$13.99 $12.25 list($16.98)
14. Rive Gauche Rio
$13.99 $11.25 list($14.98)
15. Mas Flow, Vol. 2
$13.98 $9.25
16. Laundry Service
$13.99 $9.69 list($18.98)
17. Roots
$13.98 $10.93
18. God's Project
$10.99 $7.43 list($11.98)
19. Astrud Gilberto's Finest Hour
$13.99 $9.03 list($17.98)
20. Rock De Mi Pueblo

1. Mi Sangre
list price: $17.98
our price: $13.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B0002XVSAG
Catlog: Music
Sales Rank: 543
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Mi Sangre meets--and often exceeds--the glittering standards set by its predecessors. The album fuses the best elements of Juanes' previous works, Un Dia Normal and Fijate Bien, to create a collection that is exciting, energetic and thought-provoking. Lead-off single "Nada Valgo Sin Tu Amor" ("I'm Worthless Without Your Love") is a bittersweet mix of alternately hopeful and sad lyrics ("That's why I want your love, always strong in my mind/Even if we are far, or even if we are near, in the end") that could be a simple declaration of amor or a love letter from a war-time soldier. Social issues are highlighted throughout Mi Sangre, which finds Juanes directly addressing Colombian warfare. "What's happening in the world today," he asks amid the passionate rock rhythms of "Que Pasa," "that in all the dailies I read the same news of horror, lives that fall without reason?" Mi Sangre is a compulsive listen, with surprises at every turn. Juanes gets flirty during "Damelo," which finds him sizing up a potential lover; and "Para Tu Amor" is a swoon-inducing pop ballad that glitters with optimism. Producer Gustavo Santaolalla knows his way around the alt-rock world, having worked with Maldita Vecindad, Café Tacuba, Molotov, and Julieta Venegas. He co-produced Jaunes' previous albums, and the pair's synergy is nothing short of exceptional. "Tu Guardian," the album closer, is a sweet lullaby that seems tailor-made for Jaunes' eight-month-old daughter, Luna. It's here that Juanes' electric display of blood, sweat, and tears proves why Mi Sangre is one of the year's best releases. --Joey Guerra ... Read more

2. Fijacion Oral
list price: $18.98
our price: $13.49
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B00097A5HW
Catlog: Music
Sales Rank: 83
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

It's thrilling--in any language--to hear new music from Colombian superstar Shakira. And it's been a long time coming. Shakira's English crossover opus, Laundry Service, was released in 2001. The Spanish Donde Estan Los Ladrones came three years before that. Fijacion Oral, Volumen 1 is the first of two new discs; an English counterpart is due in November. Shakira's bleating, biting voice is in fine form, and it gives the material an electric urgency. She's girlish and innocent during the glittering "Dia de Enero" and sensual and seductive amid the thundering beats of "Lo Imprescindible." A talented stable of producers, including former Soda Stereo vocalist Gustavo Cerati, has swathed Shakira in rhythm-based arrangements. But the album's best moments come when Shakira channels her inner--and innate--rock goddess. "La Tortura" is a hurts-so-good break-up duet with Alejandro Sanz, and "Escondite Ingles" rides a beach-party guitar groove. --Joey Guerra ... Read more

3. Buena Vista Social Club
list price: $18.98
our price: $13.49
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B000005J56
Catlog: Music
Sales Rank: 435
Average Customer Review: 4.69 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan essential recording

Ry Cooder's name has helped bring attention to this session, but it's the veteran Cuban son musicians who make this album really special. Reminiscent of Ellington in its scope and sense of hushed romanticism, Buena Vista Social Club is that rare meld of quietude and intensity; while the players sound laid-back, they're putting forth very alive music, a reminder that aging doesn't mean taking to bed. Barbarito Torres's laoud solo on "El Cuarto de Tula" is both more blinding and more tasteful than any guitar showcase on any recent rock album; a quote from "Stormy Weather" and some very distinct parallels to Hawaiian styles remind us of why it's called "world music." --Rickey Wright ... Read more

Reviews (277)

5-0 out of 5 stars Full Of Life And Energy.
"Buena Vista Social Club" is a collection of music done with true feeling, talent and spirit. Great music never gets too old and here is evidence the great music from Cuba is still vibrant today as it was 40 years ago. The film based on the group had a special message about how age doesn't matter in the area of the great artists. One of the musicians here is in his 90s and look at how alive and energetic and moving this music is! The vocals, the music, the lyrics are all rich and full of style. These are real musicians playing real music. Like Santana's "Supernatural," "Buena Vista Social Club" is more of an experience than just good music. Songs like "Chan Chan" are really deep and move you in a nice way, others like "Candela" just excite you with the energy and fun feeling of it all. I'm grateful to Ry Cooder for bringing back these incredible musicians who play some of the best Cuban music ever. The only reason other arists like Celia Cruz don't mention them that often is because they still live in their homeland, Cuba. But they deserve praise and more. Recently we remembered Tito Puente who was a great musician and recently passed away, but we should also appreciate those who really brought Latin music to life, the ones who really play it with spirit and feeling. "Buena Vista Social Club" is no less than a masterpiece.

5-0 out of 5 stars A Cuban Masterpiece
I have no words to describe how brilliant this recording is. Buena Vista Social Club bring alive the music that has sustained Cuba as far back as the 1920s. Listening to the likes of Ibrahim Ferrer, Ruben Gonzalez, Eliades Ochoa, Compay Segundo and Omara Portuondo paint a picture of a vibrant and soulful Cuba from the not too distant past. Needless to say, all musicians on this album have such incredible talent, that it is difficult to believe that we've missed out on such a musical extravagance for over 50 years. I have not come across a singer that can deliver such heartfelt passion in their music like Ibrahim Ferrer (83) and Compay Segundo (93), but the person that moved me the most on this recording was the 77 year old pianist Ruben Gonzalez. You just have to listen to PUEBLO NUEVO and MURMULLO to realise this man's incredible talent. It is hard to believe that Ruben virtually had given up playing due to arthritis in his hands, and that he has no piano at home.

It is amazing to think that none of the musicians received recognition at the height of their careers, and seeing their current living conditions is a humbling experience. Nonetheless, I am happy that they achieved fame at last. All songs on this album are masterpieces. This recording is worth ten times its price, and it is one of my most treasured CDs in my music collection. It is a nostalgic, yet brilliant piece of Cuba.

5-0 out of 5 stars I love this cd.
I saw the video on PBS a couple of years ago. I was instantly hooked. I don't speak Spanish but like other reviewers have said, music is a universal language, and the beauty of this music proves that. I highly recommend this cd as a must own.

5-0 out of 5 stars Cuban Music Like Mama Used To Make
I happen to come across this cd by sheer luck. It is the best cd that I have purchased to date. I mixes latin jazz, big band and ballroom music all together. There are several fun songs with a deep routed soul that I thought had been lost. Even if you do not understand spanish this is a wonderful treasure to have in your collection.

5-0 out of 5 stars Absolutely Unbelievable!
Buena Vista Social Club's self titled first album is musical excellence. Focusing predominantly on son, a traditional Cuban musical form, BVSC delivers, and with spectacular results. This collaborative masterpiece between BVSC and Ry Cooder simply must be experienced. From the first chords on the tres on "Chan Chan" to the final notes of "La Bayamesa", BVSC takes the listener on a trip to both Old Havana as well as rural Cuba. BVSC provides an excellent introduction to traditional Cuban music to those who are new to the genre, as well as a more than satisfying offering to even the most discerning Cuban music afficionado. In all honesty, I feel (and I think that most of this album's reviewers would tend to agree with me on this one) that to discredit this album is truly to demonstrate profound ignorance and lack of appreciation for son music, one of Cuba's oldest and most respected musical styles. In short, this album is ablsoutely essential listening and a must-buy, hands down. If you don't already own this album, buy it as soon as possible. You won't be disappointed. ... Read more

4. Barrio Fino
list price: $14.98
our price: $13.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B0002IQBP8
Catlog: Music
Sales Rank: 1948
Average Customer Review: 4 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Reviews (3)

2-0 out of 5 stars Daddy Yankee-Barrio Fino
This album came in with such high vibe that i was very anticipated to listen and buy it, after listening and reviewing all the tracks, i have been very dissapointed. the artist spent 2 years in this project which he would promo every time he was featured on other albums for as long as i can remember. Only about 4 tracks are worth listening 5, 11, 14,15 all the others have fallen short. His previouse album, El was a very huge success which will always overshadow this poor attempt. I am very confused as to find that on albums he was featured on, such as Wisin-el sobreviviente and Mas flow he introduced hotter tracks than on his own album. Now to top it all off there is talk of him retiring due to a large amount of pirate copies of his Album that were released before the release date. I have lost some respect for him, since he is not the only artist affected by that "pirate virus" others don't threathen to "retire" and leave their fans without providing even better music to better their poor effort.

5-0 out of 5 stars HOT AS HELL
This CD is's worth the it.

5-0 out of 5 stars FIRE!! puro FUEGO
This album delivers 18 banging tracks! Definately a bang for your buck! I live in utah and I am definately gonna go see Daddy yankee in concert either in puerto rico or NY ... Buy this album right now you will not be dissapointed. The cd starts off strong with king Daddy produced by luny tunes followed by some production by monserrate and others banging track after track. And ends with a more indept look at the life of the rapper. Banging album , Dope Dope Dope ... Read more

5. Un Dia Normal
list price: $16.98
our price: $13.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B000066EZY
Catlog: Music
Sales Rank: 1017
Average Customer Review: 4.71 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Colombian singer-songwriter Juanes's second solo album is many things:poetic, lyrical, heartfelt, and intelligent. Ordinary, however, would not beamong the list of adjectives. The humble title, Un Dia Normal, is more adescription of the album's overall themes. It's a slicker and catchiercollection than Juanes's politically minded 2000 albumFijate Bien, which earnedseven Latin Grammy nominations and tons of critical attention. Un DiaNormal finds the former member of rock outfit Ekhymosis contemplating anarray of inner emotions--primarily life, love, and loss--all anchored by GustavoSantaolalla's tight, precise production work. "La Unica" is a sweet and tunefullove letter, while "Mala Gente" finds Juanes damning a cruel lover tohell--literally. "A Dios le Pido" is an intoxicating swirl of cumbia,reggae, and folk rhythms, but it's the bittersweet duet "Fotografia" that trulysoars. Juanes's unassuming vocal style is the perfect complement to Canadiansongbird Nelly Furtado'slilting soprano, creating a shining moment among an already impressivecollection of gems. --Joey Guerra ... Read more

Reviews (62)

5-0 out of 5 stars Unico!
The best latin male artist Juanes is now the most popular singer in the whole wide spanish speaking world!!! This CD won a lot of Grammys and other awards! If you want to know more 'bout Juanes, you must listen to this Cd, 'cause it's "his diary' :) I rate it 5/5

1. A Dios le Pido Juanes biggest smash hit!!! 5/5
2. Es Por Ti he won Grammy for this one:) 5/5
3. Un Dia Normal My favorite song:) 5/5
4. La Paga Another hit he sang it with THE BLACK EYED PEAS on Grammy Awards Show 5/5
5. La Unica For his mother:) 5/5
6. Luna sweet:) 5/5
7. Día Lejano My other favorite:D 5/5
8. Mala Gente Song from Soap opera, another hit 5/5
9. Fotografía Duet with Nelly Furtado a BIG SMASH 5/5
10. Desde Que Despierto nice 4,5/5
11. Historia de Juan Just History of Juan Esteban 5/5
12. Noche The fastest song 5/5

5-0 out of 5 stars Juanes es tan talentoso y inteligente! Que viva Colombia!
I was introduced to Juanes' music by a huge fan of his work, dating back to Ekhymosis--his former band. I definitely was pleasantly surprised to find how catchy his tunes were, and also the lyrics are fabulous, thoughtful and intelligent. Even if you don't speak Spanish you will definitely find something to enjoy about his songwriting style. A Dios Le Pido is social commentary relating to the state of the world (I Pray to God). What a timely written during such an uncertain time. The rest of the songs feature Juanes' beautiful guitar strumming. You can tell it comes straight from his heart. Also, the mix of rock, cumbia, vallenato and ballad is versatile and never boring. Guaranteed to get you dancing, or at least tapping your foot as you wait for the traffic light to change.....

Another beautiful cut is La Unica (The Only). This song is dedicated to his mother who passed away. I always love when artists honor loved ones through their work and talent. Juanes tackles all issues on this album---everything from failed love (Mala Gente/Fotografia/La Paga) to broken homes (La Historia de Juan) to social unrest (A Dios Le Pido). He is definitely a gifted artist in a class by himself. Que vive, Juanes!
Check this album out. I guarantee you will want to buy it after you listen to the sample cuts.

5-0 out of 5 stars Perfect?
This comes pretty damn close to being a perfect CD. Juanes has a sexy voice and all the songs are fun to listen to (slow or fast). He make me want to learn Spanish. This is a solid CD with nothing to skip over...although you might want to go back and listen to a song again. My personal favorite is "Luna" and I don't know why. Juanes is the best thing to come out of Colombia since Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

Standout songs: a dios le pide, la paga, la unica, luna, mala gente, photografia, la noche

5-0 out of 5 stars for the record...
...the last track "Noche" on Juanes CD is supposed to sound different than the rest for the fact that the song was originally sang by a Colombian icon, Joe Arroyo. So i'm assuming he still wanted to keep the original beats to it and not change the song that many people know to keep true to his colombian roots but his cd is very good.

5-0 out of 5 stars UnDia Normal- mejor than normal!
This is great, I loved the cd, purchased it Jan '03 and its still in my "listen to often" pile. This Colombian band is great, on cd and live. I would recommend anything by them! ... Read more

6. Lagrimas Negras
list price: $18.98
our price: $13.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B0001EKZOQ
Catlog: Music
Sales Rank: 1086
Average Customer Review: 4.75 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

This album pairs one of the greatest flamenco singers of today, cantaor Diego El Cigala, with one of Cuba's finest Afro-Cuban pianists, Bebo Valdes. With Valdes (father of the great Chucho Valdes) born in 1918, there's a 40-year age difference between the pianist and the singer, but they do a fine job crossing generations and oceans to discover the commonalities between Caribbean and the Iberian music, coming up with a romantic marriage of the two cultures using rumbas, guajira, sons and boleros. All the songs are classics out of the Latin music tradition, using just a handful of players in support. Valdes's fingers are delicate and prone to dramatic flourishes; Cigala's voice is pure flamenco in its hoarse intonation, cadence and emotional outpourings. The two masters make the union work by focusing on the drama of the love songs--"Veinte Años," "Inolvidable" and the title track are just three amazing examples--as fuel for some of the most exquisitely passionate music to come out in ages.--Tad Hendrickson ... Read more

Reviews (4)

5-0 out of 5 stars Sublime
That's pianist Bebo Valdes, one of Cuba's great jam session players of the 1950s (and still a potent force on the music scene) and flamenco vocalist Diego "La Cigala," whose half-croaked, Arabic-tinged inflections offer a fine counterpoint to Valdes's trademark sleek, supple piano runs. Cigala sounds like he, too, must be an ancient old-timer, un viejo, like all those Buena Vista dudes... But in fact he is a youngster, a ponytailed whippersnapper who just happens to channel weight of the the ages... Quite a lot of gravitas, subtlety and artistic firepower is assembled here; just to spice things up, they bring in some highpowered guests, such as jazzman Paquito D'Rivera, Milton Cardona and Brazilian superstar Caetano Veloso, who duets with Cigana on a version of "Coracao Vagabundo," which closes the album. Also included are classic compositions by Miguel Matamoros, Maria Teresa Vera and other Latin American and Iberian legends. Mighty classy material.

5-0 out of 5 stars Master Bebo Valdes, El Maestro...
Bebo Valdés is not only a superb piano player, he is a great composer of Cuban music.
Exile in Switzerland, and great cuban gentleman.
Qué siga la tradición, Bebo!
José Porcell Sr.

4-0 out of 5 stars Musical Paradise for Latin Music
2 Bad Cigala sings . Otherwise is Perfect .

5-0 out of 5 stars Is there anything else?
This is the question I would like to ask to Mr. Valdes if I have the opportunity. And I'm sure that he would answer with a "yes", because music is always changing, because we must be ready for such nice surprises as long as musicians like "Bebo" and "El Cigala" are among us. My grandparents used to listen to some of these boleros, and because of them I like this music. Now, I have the chance to listen to them in a different way. I'm pretty sure that they didn't imagine this deep and marvelous interpretation, and that it's not going to be the last one. ... Read more

7. Eco [Bonus Track]
list price: $16.98
our price: $13.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B0007QS3SI
Catlog: Music
Sales Rank: 2304
Average Customer Review: 5.0 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

For many gringos, Uruguayan singer/songwriter Jorge Drexler’s arrival was announced by his quietly strummed performance of "Al Otro Lado Del Rio" during the closing credits of The Motorcycle Diaries. The song wound up winning an Oscar for Best Original Song, but this kind of acclaim is nothing new for talented Drexler: he's already a major pop star in Latin America. Using South American roots styles for subtle flavor, Drexler's music combines a sophisticated blend of modern production, acoustic guitar-based songs and a myriad of different slightly electronic touches. His voice has the same kind of sensual but thoughtful tone we’ve come to expect from Caetano Veloso. While the title track sounds like it could be one Coldplay's sweeping anthems, Drexler gets verbal for the talk/singing "Guitarra Y Vos," which a real highlight. Longtime fans will consider Eco, his seventh album overall, up to his high standards, but this is a real eye opener for those who are just coming to the table. --Tad Hendrickson ... Read more

Reviews (5)

5-0 out of 5 stars Poetry in Motion
The comparisons I've read here to Caetano Veloso are apt, since they're both tenors and Drexler has that Brazilian vocal style:no vibrato and a soft delivery.And like much of Brazilian music (Veloso is Brazilian -- Drexler is from Uruguay), Drexler's songs are lyric-driven.He has a lot to say, and says it beautifully.I often listen to music in foreign languages and find that it's no impediment if the music and rhythms are compelling enough.The songs on this disk have that special quality.But fortunately, I understand Spanish and therefore can thoroughly enjoy the philosophical musings, quirky insights, and breathtakingly sensual and romantic poetry that accompany these infectious arrangements.

Like most North Americans, I first learned of Drexler through his Academy Award-winning song, written for the wonderful film, The Motorcycle Diaries.The movie is a true account of a cross-continent motorcycle trip taken by a young Che Guevara as a bourgeois medical student. It depicts how his eyes are opened to the injustices suffered by poor people in his native South America.If you find a good translation of the lyrics to Al Otro Lado Del Rio you may be impressed, as I am, by the understated, subtle way in which Drexler speaks for the idealistic young Che, on the verge of becoming a revolutionary.

Drexler is a thoughtful and original composer and lyricist and a very good singer.Eco is worth owning and it gets better with repeated hearings.I recommend it.

5-0 out of 5 stars Exquisite!
I do not understand a word of what this man is singing but frankly, it doesn't matter. This has to be one of the best crafted albums that I have ever heard! From the music to the musicianship to the production values, this is flawless. I will leave it up to those you with an understanding of his lyrics to attest to their merit - all I can say is that this is a very lyrical album. I mean this in the sense that the music of the words is as striking as the playing. I can't help but think that this album would be huge in the US if it were sung in English - but would it sound the same? I tend to think that Drexler's talent would overcome any perceived obstacle.
Oddly enough, my least favorite track is the one that won the Oscar - Al Otro Lado Del Rio. No hooks you see...but there are so many highlights on this album that it is difficult to single them out.
I have seen comparisons to Caetano Veluso whom I like but Drexler is altogether more musical and more pleasing to the ear IMO.

5-0 out of 5 stars The Caetano or David Byrne of Uruguay
A fellow David Byrne fan from Uruguay first posted some comments on DB's bulletin board about Drexler getting snubbed from the Academy Awards because he wasn't "...famous enough..." to sing his own song (reminder to self: just one more reason to never watch that crap).Drexler told Nic Harcourt of KCRW recently he wrote a letter of protest to the Academy Awards, and wasn't happy about it.Even Antonio Banderas didn't feel right about singing it, but relented in the end.Drexler turned out to be the one to laugh last, as he sang a few lines from his song in lieu of an acceptance speech at the Academy Awards.He reminds most immediately of Caetano Veloso's London exile years ("Joia", "Muito", and "Bicho"), and has the seemingly effortless intellectual range of Caetano and David Byrne.Very gentle, intelligent, and intense.His lyrics are nothing short of sublime.It helps if you understand some Spanish, but this is music that can be appreciated for its own sake.Unbelievably talented singer songwriter, who may soon become much more known in the U.S.

4-0 out of 5 stars Motorcycle Diaries Brings Uruguayan Talent to the Fore
Uruguayan singer/composer Jorge Drexler wrapped his delicately warm voice around a gently strummed guitar on "Al Otro Lado del Rio", the yearning song that accompanied the closing credits of Walter Salles' wondrous road movie, "The Motorcycle Diaries". It was a fitting ending to a beatific film, and he won a surprise Oscar for Best Song. It seems inevitable that a solo recording would be released in conjunction with that celebratory moment, although ironically Drexler was denied the opportunity to sing it on the actual Oscar telecast in favor of famed non-singer Antonio Banderas.

Produced by Drexler, along with Juan Campodónico, and Carlos Casacuberta, this disc is certainly good enough to attract new fans to Drexler, whose voice reminds me of a Latin-tinged blend of James Taylor and Michael Franks. Leisurely paced but impeccably produced, the Spanish-language songs are genuinely melodic if a bit monotonous at times. The title track and "Todo Se Tranforma" are nice slices of pop music, the first with a sweeping rhythmic feel and the latter punctuated by electronic percussion and echoing backing vocals. Both seem rather trivial compared to the mostly spoken word anthem, "Guitarra y Vos", a surprisingly affecting song. "Transporte" picks up the pace, and nice syncopated backbeats make "Milonga Del Moro Judío" and "Polvo De Estellas" percolate with calculated abandon. "Se Va, Se Va, Se Fue" has an oddly retro feel with its tick-tock backbeat and overly dramatic string arrangements."Salvapantallas" is a lovely song performed very sweetly, and "Al Otro Lado del Rio" provides an appropriate closer. The overall effect is alternately tranquil and percussive with an insinuating rhythm that is downright irresistible. Highly recommended.

5-0 out of 5 stars Beautiful!
I first knew of Jorge Drexler with 'Al Otro Lado Del Rio' from the Motorcycle Diaries. When I saw this on sale, I couldn't resist and I absolutely love this disc! ... Read more

8. Bebel Gilberto
list price: $17.98
our price: $13.49
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B00024H2OG
Catlog: Music
Sales Rank: 448
Average Customer Review: 4.2 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

With the release of her debut Tanto Tempo in 2000, the Brazilian singerBebel Gilberto and the late DJ Suba redefined the bossa nova sound. Hersophomore effort, produced by Marius de Vries, the soundmeister behindMadonna, Annie Lennox and Bjork, was recorded in Rio, Bahia, London and NewYork. Gilberto's cool contralto sings sweetly oversynths, strings, percussion acoustic piano and horns. Daniel Jobim and PedroBaby contributed compositions. Caetano Veloso's "Baby" features lyrics byOs Mutantes, and Carlinhos Brown's candomblé-cadenced, "Aganju" swings witha nod to Africa. Bebel's hushed vocals reveal the influences of herfather, the legendary Joao Gilberto, and of her mother Miucha on theelectro-bossa beats of "Winter." Ditto the ocean-breezed "O Caminho," withjazzy orchestrations and pianisms provided by Joao Donato. This disc aimsfor the ear rather than the hips, but don't be surprised if future remixescould flip that sonic script. --Eugene Holley, Jr. ... Read more

Reviews (25)

4-0 out of 5 stars Bossa Nova Bliss, Great Summertime Record
It must be in the genes. There is a great swing and summertime glide to this music that I find totally enchanting. As mystifyingly seductive as "The Girl From Ipanema," this CD finds daughter Bebel crafting an incredibly strong follow up to TANTO TEMPO. No sophomore jinx here. The musicians are terrific throughout, and while the lyrics are of no real substance, it is the mood they conjure, be it in Portugese or Bebel's take on English. I'd cut off my arm to have a woman sing to me like that.
The summer heat and the humid waves of a sultry tropical night undulate through this music. This is the stuff for very little clothing and lots of romance. The ballads are uncomplicated paeans to a lover, the sambas are just so swinging as to inspire you to walk in time with the music. This is just a lot of fun.
Gilberto's voice is perfect for all of it. She has assembled such a brilliant cast of musicians that they collectively honour her father's legacy and advance the bossa nova seduction well into the Twenty-first Century. The recording is pristine. You can virtually here fingers touch the nylon strings of the guitars and the percussion percolates as though you were surrounded by the players. Quite an impressive recording! Many's the ostensible chanteuse, particularly the blonde ones, who ought to woodshed with this CD until they get it right (and lose their self absorbed English husbands). In any case, this is what seductive jazz singing sounds like, and I suspect I shall be listening to this through the summers on PEI and well into the frosts of winter. It has a passionately warming effect.

5-0 out of 5 stars Bossa nova heiress takes big step forward
Bebel Gilberto's 2000 debut "Tanto Tempo" was a crossover come true: critics loved it, DJs tweaked the tracks and brought it to club audiences, it became a landmark disc in the chillout movement and it sold well enough to stay on Billboard's World Music Chart for fifty weeks. So what does she do for an encore?

She ups the ante, that's what. Her self-titled sophomore release prove that the fruit didn't fall far from the musical tree (Bebel's father Joao, alongside Antonio Carlos Jobim and Stan Getz, was crucial in the bossa nova movement of the 60's). And not only is the grace and style of her debut still intact, but her singing is more confident and relaxed...her vocals are downright fluid on breezy midtempo numbers like "Baby" and "River Song," and the ballads "All Around" and "Winter" are sweetly heartfelt. And listeners drawn to the electronica elements of her debut have plenty to be happy about; while not high in beats-per-minute, "Aganju" and "Cada Beijo" each sound like something only the hippest after-hours club would spin.

Sophomore slumps prey on even the most promising artists, but Bebel managed to turn a potential curse into an artistic blessing. Emotional, sensual and wickedly listenable, "Bebel Gilberto" is, like its predecessor, a must-own, must-buy, must-love album.

5-0 out of 5 stars Beautiful, buoyant Bebel bossa nova -
Bebel Gilberto's self-titled second cd is the follow-up to her ground-breaking "Tanto Tempo" which was widely accepted in North American sales although her Brazilian pedigree goes back a generation. Bebel is the daughter of Miucha, a well-known Brazilian singer and her father is Joao Gilberto a renowned Brazilian bossa nova musician. I must admit that when it comes to the Bosa Nova I far prefer male voices. Specifically, there is no music that is the definition of Brazilian rhythmic warmth to me like Antonio Carlos Jobim. The lower register voices are more sultry and capture that relaxed loose latin rhythum for me better than female singers - just a personal preference. That said I do like this cd. I especially love her version of Caetano Veloso's "Baby" in the first track. It's subtle but expressive. This cd isn't as "clubby" mixed as her first but it's mature and warm and lovely for a listen. If you like to sway in a Brazilian way - you'll enjoy this cd.

5-0 out of 5 stars sexy, hot, breezy, sunny, wet, intoxicatingly excellent!!
I have waited so impatiently for Bebel's next recording, wondering if it would be as good as Tanto Tempo, worrying the second would not be as good as the first due to the untimely, tragic death of Suba (production is everything!). But my prayers were answered in her second self-titled cd. This collection of songs is every bit as good, if not even better, than Tanto Tempo. And I wore that one out, even had to buy two more. It has a lighter, more playful feel, and I really like the frequent use of flute (my instrument as well). But it can still evoke sexy, warm, smooth, dreamy, even melancholy feelings in even the most stoic of listeners. Bebel does not always have the perfect voice,especially when it comes to pitch, which I happen to like. I think it adds authenticity and emotion to her songs. I am still in that infatuation stage with the new cd, trying to find my favorite tune. I hear one and firmly decide that its my favorite, but then I hear the next and change my mind that it is indeed my favorite...until I hear the next one. I simply love them all right now!
I wonder if anyone knows of more music along these lines. I stumbled upon Bebel by accident (actually, I heard an interview with her on NPR and thought I might like her music given her familial ties)
I grew up on Sergio Mendes and Brazil, and Charlie Byrd Trio Bossa Nova,Antonio Carlos Jobim, and lots of Astrid as well. But I find too much techno a little off-putting to a degree. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
In conclusion, this cd will take you where ever you want to go. A white sand beach, a yacth in the Atlantic, a smokey low lit jazz club, a private picnic in the shade, whatever your pleasure. It is a wonderful piece to add to any fine music connoisseur's collection.

2-0 out of 5 stars Not Tanto Tempo
Well this has been quite a disappointing album. She has such potentional to shy away from the typical jazz sound and Tanto Tempo shows this. I liked one song on the whole cd. I didnt like it... ... Read more

9. Wave
list price: $9.98
our price: $9.98
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B000002G6J
Catlog: Music
Sales Rank: 3544
Average Customer Review: 4.94 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

It's hardly a stretch to say that Antonio Carlos Jobim--the wonderful Brazilian composer almost single-handedly responsible for all things bossa nova--influenced some of past half century's best and most insipid musics, from bossa nova jazz to elevator Muzak. Wave, a collection of 1967 dates featuring keyboardist Jobim backed by an extensive orchestra, straddles that line: it's full of amazing original compositions, but the arrangements have a certain faux suave, late-'60s lounge feel that reeks of stale cheese. The result is actually great, the veneer of kitsch insidiously masking Jobim's trademark immeasurable sadness, which creeps up on you and leaves you unexpectedly affected. --Keven McAlester ... Read more

Reviews (35)

5-0 out of 5 stars The album that defines bossa nova
I first bought WAVE on vinyl, shortly it was released, already being a fan of Jobim. I played the grooves off of it. Now, I have it in CD. It's doubtful anyone in the world has played and listened to this album more than I have over the years. The appeal is threefold: First, Jobim's music is relentlessly upbeat and mood elevating. There is a happiness and joy which never fails to make your outlook on life better. Second, the music is relaxing. It cuts through tension and removes the stress and aggravation of everyday living. Third, it's rhythmic. Brazilian beats are recognized as the most expressive and soul-moving in the world. If these rhythms don't get your body subtly moving, you'll need life supports! If you don't know Jobim or haven't listened to Brazilian Bossa Nova, start here! Jobim is the undisputed, heavyweight champion of the genre and THIS album is at the absolute top of his work. Do NOT miss it!

5-0 out of 5 stars A Must Have
This CD is a classic, no doubt about it. It's a release that I would have to recommend to anyone that's a fan of Bossa Nova and Antonio Carlos Jobim's music. To many, Wave is like the essence of Bossa Nova and a cornerstone in the genre. Simply put, you haven't heard all there is to hear of Bossa Nova if you haven't heard this.

I love this CD - I can put it in no matter the time of day and unwind and relax. It has soothing orchestration, gentle touches of life and the musicianship is stellar, of course, and it's very romantic. It's almost like there's a song for each season of the year and once the music plays, you're taken to another place. Of all the Antonio Carlos Jobim releases, this is certainly an essential - along with Elis and Tom. So many artists have redone works here and it's safe to say that very very few of them capture the magic that the versions here do - with the notable exception of Elis Regina's "Triste" IMO.

Definitely PICK THIS UP! It's worth every penny. But be warned if you're a bit new to Bossa Nova, this isn't so much about Astrud Gilberto, Stan Getz or Joao Gilberto so the versions here are very different from theirs. And if you do pick this up and like it, certainly check out Getz/Gilberto, Elis & Tom, Astrud Gilberto and of course Joao Gilberto and work by Joyce. Oh yeah, and check out "Tide", by Antonio Carlos Jobim too. Enjoy!

4-0 out of 5 stars The Music of Antonio Carlos Hobim
Jobim Music is to float on a cloud of dreams. I have most of his music performed by all the great Brazilian artists including a
a superb rendition by Frank Sinatra {not Brazilian}
Ilove this CD.Although it is Instrumental The music is divine.
Jobim inspires love and romance in me.
From Arti a 24 years GUY

5-0 out of 5 stars The ultimate bossa nova album, and Tom Jobim's best
I just received this album, today, and I can't get enough of it! I had sampled listening to the tracks after being attracted to "Wave"'s unique album cover with the giraffe silhouetted in a 'green sky' background. (The picture on the back with Tom Jobim in silhouette is also nice, adding a haunting, dramatic touch.) I immediately fell in love with this album, and had to order it.

All of the tracks on Tom Jobim's "Wave" are bossa novas - bossa nova being my favorite style of Brazilian music. One can't help imagine being on a Rio beach while listening to the tracks, such as "Wave", "The Red Blouse", "Mojave" and, my ultimate favorite, "Antigua", which reminds one of the beach and sea. When I listen to "Antigua" (at least, just this version), whimsical person that I am, I imagine Alexander Belayev's "Amphibian" Ichthyander romancing his sweetheart, Gutierre on an isolated beach on that Caribbean island. I see them tenderly embracing (and kissing!) at the surf.

Okay, back to reality, and Tom Jobim's "Wave"!

I sampled the tracks on "Tide", Jobim's follow-up album to "Wave". "Tide" is good, but many of the songs veer from the bossa nova sound. Which is why I'm sticking with "Wave". An Amazon reviewer mentioned that "Wave" is the better of the two albums. I agree. For me, it is THE BEST! Antonio Carlos Jobim's "Wave" is a must-have for lovers of standard bossa nova music, and for lovers, in general.

5-0 out of 5 stars Chillout, lounge... this is where it all began
Close your eyes, forget about names and time. If you do that, you can picture "The Red House", the now-legendary "Triste", the 3/4 "Mojave" or "Lamento" being recorded by some of the 21st century's hottest chillout acts... but truth is that it's yet another revival (not implying that today's work lacks value or originality)... quite simply, Tom Jobim did this back 1967, with his new Bossa (Bossa Nova) in this follow through to classics such as "The Girl from Ipanema", "One Note Samba" and "Desafinado".

Digitally mastered and engineered by mega-producer Rudy Van Gelder, this reissue of Jobim's 'Wave' blends in a perfect mix of downtempo, romantic tunes with upbeat tracks that bring out the best in Bossa Nova from the father of the genre himself, for the new generation and those who heard the music back in the days, to enjoy alike. ... Read more

10. Tanto Tempo
list price: $16.98
our price: $13.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B00004SWJX
Catlog: Music
Sales Rank: 834
Average Customer Review: 4.57 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan's Best of 2000

Her father may be the legendary Brazilian guitarist Joao Gilberto, but in 2000 daughter Bebel proved that she understands the bossa nova, too. There's a subtlety throughout this recording that makes Bebel's voice entrancing, as she re-creates the sensual essence of bossa nova before running with it into electronic territory toward the album's end. Tanto Tempo is an even-tempered statement that manages to showcase Bebel's own sexy voice while gracefully remembering the past. --Karen K. Hugg ... Read more

Reviews (92)

4-0 out of 5 stars Close your eyes
I bought "Tanto Tempo" a couple of years ago because I was looking to expand my musical horizons. At the time I was curious to hear what bossa nova was all about so I bought the Bebel Gilberto cd online. I haven't listened to the cd in eons since my musical tastes is constantly changing. On a whim I decided to listen to "Tanto Tempo" recently. For some odd reason, Bebel Gilberto reminds me of last year's break out artist Norah Jones. Her voice is very subtle and never overwhelming (see Celine Dion). The music is very mellow and relaxing to listen to, the perfect soundtrack to hot summer day when all you want to do is lay in the shade and relax with a tall glass of iced tea. Obviously Bebel had to have some influence from her famous father Joao Gilberto, a well known Brazilian guitarist (another similarity to Norah Jones, both have famous fathers). The opening tracks on "Tanto Tempo" really stood out with me. The mellow music and Bebel's gentle vocals totally matched well together and didn't overtake one another. When I first listened to "Tanto Tempo", I really couldn't get into the cd but now that I have been listening to a lot of chill out music, I find myself enjoying Bebel Gilberto's music much more than a couple of years ago. The perfect music to listen to on a lazy Sunday morning while reading the newspaper and drinking a glass of orange juice or a hot steaming cup of coffee.

4-0 out of 5 stars Aural Sunshine
I checked this album out on a whim because I was familiar with her last name and I am mildly acquainted with the work of her father. After listening to the album in its entirety, I was stunned. Bebel has an amazing, soothing voice that floats over the intricate, layered music beautifully. She takes the samba and bossa nova of her father and his contemporaries and adds the subtle touches of trip -hop and groove music, and the result is amazing. The first track is the album's finest, a breezy, seductive little number that I wish was longer. Other standouts are tracks 2, 3, 5, 7, and 10. This is summer music, the aural equivalent of afternoon sunshine and blue skies. The music will sound brilliant coming from your car stereo or if you're listening on headphones. Her voice is really something to be heard, one of the most striking and relaxing I've heard on record, and there are moments when she will absolutely nail you to the wall. I'm definitely very impressed with Ms. Gilberto and I will be listening to this album a great deal in the next few months.

5-0 out of 5 stars Perfect background
I agree with what many previous writers have alluded to: put on Bebel Gilberto's "Tanto Tempo" as the background at any gathering and - before the CD is through - everyone will have asked you what you're playing. The music is infectious and Bebel's voice is lilting, silky and sensuous, a feeling that comes across in either Portuguese or English (the sounds are a mixture of each - sometimes dividing choruses between the two like in the wonderful "August Day Song"). In fact, you'll probably get hooked by the most approachable songs, like the English language "So Nice (Summer Samba)" but then learn to love the Portuguese-penned tunes as well.

5-0 out of 5 stars Tanto Temptress
There is a certain kind of mid- to late-summer day that is characterized by hazy sunshine, warm, languid breezes that seem to carry a whiff of the salty sea and cool, mellow music playing somewhere in the background on a radio. That music has got to be "Tanto Tempo," the official soundtrack of lazy summer afternoons. Bebel Gilberto brings a somewhat more modern sensibility to the samba sounds of her legendary father, Joao Gilberto, but she is no heretic. "Tanto Tempo" is not a tricked up, "pop-ified" version of Brazilian music. It's authentic. But this is the sound of the new samba generation, and it's as bracing and refreshing as a cocktail on the beach. Put this disc on when you have friends over for a summer picnic or an evening martini mixer. I guarantee that by the time the evening is over everyone will have asked you "who is this on the stereo?" and you will have helped Bebel sell a few more copies of this terrific work.

5-0 out of 5 stars Bebel - an unexpected surprise
As a practitioner of the Latin arts, Bebel Gilberto shines.

I first heard her coming through the stereo one summer's afternoon in a small wine bar overlooking the bay.

There's something about the beach, summer and Latin music - it's as though they are part of the same sensuous experience. I had never heard of Bebel Gilberto before (although I knew of her famous father) but I was hooked.

On Tanto Tempo, she recasts the spell of a bygone era with simplicity, elegance and style.

She rediscovers and reinterprets her Brazilian roots with freshness and a new millennium feel.

But yet there's also something familiar and reassuring here - the samba of the 60s with its gentle, romantic nuances and its soft Latin undercurrents.

Tanto Tempo proves that sometimes the more things change the more they remain the same.

FIVE STARS for this beautiful and totally unexpected set. ... Read more

11. Un Viaje [Bonus CD & DVD]
list price: $19.98
our price: $14.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B00080Z5W0
Catlog: Music
Sales Rank: 1835
Average Customer Review: 5.0 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Mexican trio Cafe Tacuba celebrates 15 years of making--and often revolutionizing--Spanish rock with Un Viaje. This lush, luxurious live set includes three discs of music and one electrifying DVD. (Separate versions are also available, but this generous edition is the most satisfying and is moderately priced.) The group has culled the best moments from a two-night stand in Oct. 2004 at the Palacio de los Deportes in Mexico City, and the results are consistently electric. Every song, every rhythm, every guitar lick, every laugh is important, a not-to-be-missed moment. Cafe Tacuba's potent mix of music and message is a powerful thing, and the group thrives in its unflinchingly earnest, sweetly sincere approach to its art. Even during backstage interviews and recording studio hijinks, each member seems wholly pleased to be a part of the process. Throughout the proceedings, Cafe Tacuba's ardent fans thank them with hoots, hollers and constant singalongs to almost every song, making Un Viaje a joyous trip for everyone involved. --Joey Guerra ... Read more

Reviews (10)

5-0 out of 5 stars bueno, k puedo decir!
aun no tengo el cd/dvd en mis manos, pero si he escuchado las rolas, y k mas se podria esperar?? esta excelente, ah y esperen a escuchar el unplugged! a cafe tacvba no se le puede categorizar en ningun estilo musical, ya k el suyo es uniko!ah estoy totalmente de acuerdo, 5 estrellas no bastan..yo les daria 4562398456394756398746509182345703486730948568...y mas y mucho mas

5-0 out of 5 stars proven talent!!
i usually don't by any new artists material
allthough it is tempting to get the latest
craze, the hot song of the moment.
this band has gotten better and better
this i will be proud to collect! so cheap it hurts$
and put it with my beatles,u2,ledzeppelin,soda estereo
and other precious music that i proudly own.

5-0 out of 5 stars ¡Ojalá que los anglosajones conozcan a los Tacubos!
Unos dias antes de la grabación des estos discos en la Ciudad de México yo vi a los Tacubos en el 'Shepherds Bush Empire' (Londres, Inglaterra).Que lástima que los anglosajones no conozcan a los Tacubos. Mi mujer y yo eramos los solos gringos, más o menos.Toda la población mexicana de la capital británica estaba allí.¿Dónde estaban los ingleses? ¡Que vergüenza!

Café Tacuba are the greatest, most original, most intelligent and also the funniest band in the world, bar none.Their post-modernist take on a whole variety of musical genres, be theyrock, mariachi, tango, punk or son, is as addictive as it is refreshing, and until you actually get to hear it, it's almost impossible to describe, but what better introduction than this CD/DVD set.And at $14.99 what a deal!

The concert is beautifully planned.They start with some beautifully melodic quasi Mexican numbers and then we hear those brash synthesizer chords that herald 'cero y uno', and everyone goes wild (as we did here in London, except, sadly, what I mean is that the Mexicans in London went wild, because the Brits were all at home watching TV).Thereafter, the collection never disappoints.I particularly enjoy 'El baile y el salón' - 'Nos besamos bailando.....'It's a lovely lyric and one hell of a tune, but it's hard to single out any one magical moment, because there are so many.

Café Tacuba epitomizes the vibrancy, intelligence and originality of modern Mexican culture.What Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo were to the visual arts the Tacubos are to music, so why are they practically unknown outside their homeland?

5-0 out of 5 stars Amazing box set!
This is the first Cafe Tacuba's live release and it exceeds expectations. The group is amazing performing live, indeed this concert has great video edition and excellent sound. I would not get tired of say that this is the best latin american group. They mix all kind of rhythms and genres in order to create exceptional music. I recomend fully this box set for everyone, even the people have not listened them yet.

5-0 out of 5 stars ¡¡Cinco estrellas no bastan!!
Por lo general lo que oigo es rock pesado, muy pesado.Pero Cafe Tacuba siempre me ha gustado.Cuando leí en la prensa el lanzamiento de su cd en vivo, no dude en irlo a buscar.Y la verdad, vale cada centavo que pagué por él.Claro, como habrán leido en las anteriores opiniones, es una verdadera ganga (tres cds y un dvd por solo 14.99).Y si le añadimos que lo escucharán una y otra vez y otra vez y otra vez, pues... que mas puedo decir.Como dije, cinco estrellas no bastan para describir este grandioso trabajo. ... Read more

12. Andrea Echeverri
list price: $13.98
our price: $13.98
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Asin: B0007CYEXK
Catlog: Music
Sales Rank: 2795
Average Customer Review: 4.0 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Intentionally or not, Andrea Echeverri's self-titled solo disc plays like a natural sequel to Julieta Venegas's Si. It's a comparison that both helps and hinders Echeverri, best-known as the lead vocalist for Colombian rock heroes Aterciopelados. All 12 tracks (and a bonus remix of "A Eme O") ride a mid-tempo, chill-out groove, anchored by Echeverri's thoughtful vocal work. And like Venegas's outing, Echeverri's album is a marked difference from earlier work, leaving behind crunchy rock guitars for lullaby-like arrangements and soulful grooves. But whereas the commercial appeal of Venegas's Si had the taste of a calculated career move, Echeverri's work seems like a natural extension of her musical instincts. In fact, the album touches on Echeverri's recent pregnancy and the joys of motherhood, which gives the album the wistful, personal feel of a love letter.--Joey Guerra ... Read more

Reviews (7)

3-0 out of 5 stars Pleasant...
Maybe 2 1/2 stars, actually.A pleasant album, but disappointing to me.I miss the fire and drive of "Pipa de la Paz", for example.Has motherhood killed her spirit?Why not step up the tempo for at least a couple of cuts?This becomes almost dreary after a while.Maybe the moms will like it.

5-0 out of 5 stars A true artist that sings from the soul...
Unlike the pop quality of Julieta Venegas Si, this album is not like any of her previous albums with Aterciopelados, in that it contains whimsical electronic yet folk-style musical arrangements and isn't saturated with pop-like sounds as in Julieta Venegas Si. Andrea reflects maturity and passion in her lyrics and conveys a much deeper and intimate portrayal of herself as a woman in love with life, her partner, and mainly her new born child. She almost reveals her deepest secrets and is allowing the listener to experience the joy she feels about being in love. Although, it is an album that may cater more for a female listener, as a male, I have to appreciate her voice, her talent, and her artistic proposal, which allows me to enjoy the album and be moved by it.

5-0 out of 5 stars A Beautiful Work To Appreciate (And Respect)
When I saw the "A Eme O" video on MTV Español it was so moving to see a mother with her child on a bicycle singing so sweetly. There is something so pure and beautiful about this entire work. Far from some of the rehashed American pop sounds that sometimes appear in modern latin music, this is original with sensual and happy sounds and intelligent lyrics sometimes humorous sometimes con ganas a llorar, there are only a few artist that can do that to me. Being a man I must say ANYONE who has heart can be very moved by this album and it is easy for me to understand how this great artist could make Latinas Proud, and with good reason. Envié este CD a mi Novia, me encanta!

5-0 out of 5 stars This is the ULTIMATE Latin female album
I had heard a lot about this album and when I got it, I was happy to find that the songs moved me in a way that I cant describe. It made me feel lucky and proud to be a Latina. Andrea's lyrics really hit home and struck a nerve. I look forward to hearing it again and again and also hearing the next Aterciopelados album.

I cant believe what the guy below wrote. It seemed so mean spirited.- had to be a guy (!). I normally dont write in and leave reviews but his comments got me boliing.Buy this album - support proud great music - music that just happens to be made by a Latina.Pa'lante mija !

1-0 out of 5 stars Worst album of the year
This album is horrid, Aterciopelados was a ok band that went from good to worst, in Caribe Atomico they were at their peak creatively, but now this album is nothing more than a shrine to this woman's ego.

I would give it zero stars if possible, please better check other options like Julieta Venegas or Ely Guerra, don't waste your money on this. ... Read more

13. Gran Hotel Buenos Aires
list price: $16.98
our price: $13.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B0001DMUNQ
Catlog: Music
Sales Rank: 2360
Average Customer Review: 4.27 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Young Argentine guitarist Federico Aubele became transfixed with the music of Astor Piazzolla even as he listened to the cool lounge sounds of Thievery Corporation and the Six Degrees label. Incredibly, he put these influences together for an exceptional debut album entitled Gran Hotel Buenos Aires. It's produced by the Thievery guys, but one gets the sense that this really came from Aubele. He surrounds his downtempo beats delicate acoustic guitar figures, an array of sexy women singers (all vocals are in Spanish), and a rich tapestry of sounds and tones. Pushing flamenco and various styles of Latin music to the fore, he also draws upon dub and ambient, and it's the grace of this hip fusion that puts Aubelle up there with such genre benders as Manu Chao and the Gotan Project. Highlights include the upbeat "Ante Tus Ojos" and the rich Latin groove "Esta Noche," but the album is strong from beginning to finish. A truly impressive first effort.--Tad Hendrickson ... Read more

Reviews (11)

4-0 out of 5 stars hypnotic music
Federico Aubele's album on ESL comes as a refreshing twist in the downtempo/international music scene. Taking guitar-rich songs from his native Argentina, packing them onto the thievery-built sonic cruiser and stopping off in Kingston to drench it all in dub.

There are plenty of dub records out there, and plenty more from Argentina, but this may be worth your time if you dig mellow, haunting downtempo songs with both live and sampled vocals. Good music for chillin'.

The one drawback, I guess, is that this music can seem too-much like wallpaper or fashion music. But taken as part of a deep collection of music or for inclusion in mixes - I'd say this record rates as a classic of its genre. B+

4-0 out of 5 stars Great album from ESL
Thievery corp have chosen another winner!

Federico's album is lush - full of downtempo, dubby sounds with a latin flair. Love the guitar work on all the tracks!

1-0 out of 5 stars GOOD CD BUT OVER PRODUCED
The Thievery Corp guys try to steal the album from Federico Aubele whom when left alone to play the guitar is spectacular.
All he songs start off the same and it becomes boring after the second cut, too much going on most of the songs, I bought this cd after listening to Los Amigos Invisibles produced by M.A.W. and was really looking forward to a Thievery produced cd.

5-0 out of 5 stars Check out this CD
I first heard of Federico on the latest ESL compilation Den of Thieves. I loved the track "Postales" by him so I picked up this cd. I was amazed; his tracks really get your attention. It's a mix of groovy guitar, sensuous lyrics, and mellow drums. This cd is at its climax when they throw in a trumpet as well. I strongly believe that fans of most genres will enjoy this cd.

5-0 out of 5 stars Another great album from ESL!
Take 1 part Up, Bustle, & Out....1 part Gotan project...and 1 part Theivery Corp. And you get Federico Aubele! This album is smooth from start to finish! Great beats, & other worldly vocals.
ESL can do no wrong!! ... Read more

14. Rive Gauche Rio
list price: $16.98
our price: $13.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B00080Z76O
Catlog: Music
Sales Rank: 2438
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

While songwriter Celso Fonseca hasn't gotten the same kind of recognition as modern day bossa nova classicist Rosa Passos or electro-modernist Bebel Gilberto, he's truly a bossa nova talent worthy of much wider recognition. His last album, Natural, was a potpourri of tasteful sounds anchored by his guitar playing as well as samba percussion. On Rive Gauche Rio, Fonseca ups the ante with a sound that is more seamless and wholly unified. The heartbeat of the 12 songs here is still Brazilian and the acoustic guitar is ever present, but he gracefully broadens his palette with tasteful touches of flute, multi-tracked vocals, upright bass, electric piano and hand percussion. His voice is as warm and sensual as ever, and equally at home in his native Portuguese or English – he does a lovely samba version of Damien Rice's "Delicate." Opener "O Rio Para Tras" is a stunning example of this album's panoramic elegance; it also emphatically announces the arrival of one of the best Brazilian albums of 2005. –-Tad Hendrickson ... Read more

15. Mas Flow, Vol. 2
list price: $14.98
our price: $13.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B0007DBJNW
Catlog: Music
Sales Rank: 2826
Average Customer Review: 5.0 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

The young duo Francisco Saldana and Victor Cabrera once worked at Harvard University as a chef and a dishwasher, respectively--but that was before they began remixing, redefining, and revolutionizing the burgeoning reggaeton movement. Talk about a Cinderella story: Known collectively as Luny Tunes, the pair has assembled a first-rate posse of stars for Mas Flow 2, the follow-up to 2003's first installment. Luny Tunes have been called reggaeton's answer to hip-pop producers the Neptunes, and Mas Flow 2 goes a long way towards justifying the comparison. High-wattage stars Daddy Yankee, Ivy Queen, Vico-C and Tego Calderon make appearances throughout the two-disc collection, and lesser-known artists are also highlighted. Even Frankie J pops up for a charged-up remix of his pop hit, "Obsession." The jerky beats of reggaeton can get a bit repetitive, but Luny Tunes add enough flavor to keep the hips swaying throughout the disc's 20-plus tracks. --Joey Guerra ... Read more

Reviews (12)

5-0 out of 5 stars AWESOME!!!
Luny Tunes just get better and better!!!!I thought Mas Flow was good, then came Trayectoria which was just as good if not better, and now Mas Flow 2 is their BEST yet!!!They are amazing at what they do.My favorite tracks are Mirame [it's got an indian vibe to it], Rakata, Mayor que Yo, La Killer - trust me the list goes on and on, it's that good!!!Everybody should go out and buy it.

5-0 out of 5 stars L0 m3j0r!!!
3st3 diisc0 3s iincr3iibl3..........ii liist3n t0 iit 3v3ryday.....ii luv iit..........lunny tun3s s0n l0s m3j0r3s and pr0v3d t0 b3 th3 b3st. I abs0lut3ly luv * may0r qu3 y0 * rakata * miiram3 * 3l tiibur0n * 3s m3j0r 0lvidarl0 * tu baiilar * t0rtura * qu3r3r y amar *...y 3l r3st0 d3 las cancii0n3s.....c0mpr3n 3l cd ...ur n0t g0nna r3gr3t iit>>>trust m3!!!

3-0 out of 5 stars lunytunes te trae un tsunami de reggeaton
Este album tiene un numero increible de artistas conocidos del genero, y todos debajo del productor mas famoso de reggeaton.Lunytunes definitivamente prueba que el es el que pone los mejores ritmos y pistas.Baby Ranks y Dadde Yankee especialmente hizieron un buen trabajo.?Pues porque le doy 3 estrellas enconces?

Dos problemas que tiene; temas no terminados, y demasiados artistas.Si hay demasiada gente, y en varias canciones se siente mas como un chinchorro de gatos en vez de un equipo olimpico.Por ejemplo, Mirame(2) tiene a Tego Calderon, ?pero para que?, si ya Mirame estaba de lo mas bien con Daddy Yankee y quien fuese la hembra que ni siquiera mencionan.An~adirle a Tego en este remix dan~a la quimica entre ellos dos.Esto tambien pasa en Mayor Que Yo, la cual tiene como a cinco cantantes, uno se siente bombardeado por los artistas, y se quedan las liricas de un cantante incompletas antes que el proximo salte encima.Es una pena porque el ritmo de merengue bachateao combinado con el reggeaton quedo increible.
Lo otro tambien tiene que ver con lo primero.Muchas canciones son muy cortas, y los ritmos y pistas que te agarran se van de donde vinieron muy pronto, y cuando la cancion ya lo pone a uno en un trance, se acaba.El orden de las canciones no ayuda tampoco porque los ritmos parecidos no estan ordenados en tal forma que vayan corridos unos cuantos, para tener un "flow" mas logico.

En fin, en el tsunami del oceano indico demasiada agua mato a mucha gente, y causo tragicas concecuencias.Igualmente, este album te va a inundar de reggeaton tan fuertemente que satisfaccion completa es dificil conseguir a menos que seas un gran junkie del perreo, o un DJ necesitando canciones cortas para una discoteca.

5-0 out of 5 stars Nada se podra comparar

5-0 out of 5 stars No words can describe it.
I bought this city on April 14 and put it in my CD player and it hasn't left there yet. If you are getting confused on what I am saying then check this. I mean this CD is so hot that I have had it in my portable CD and it hasn't left my side since I bought it. I like just about all of the songs on it. Some of my favorite songs on it are Rakata by Wisin y Yandel, El Tiburon by Alexis y Fido, Mirame by Daddy Yankke featuring Deevani, Es Mejor Olvidario by Zion y Lennox featuring Baby Ranks, Oh Jonny! by Mr. Vegas(wow), Con Rabio by Polaco, Sobale el Pelo by Tony Dize, Verme by Baby Ranks, Tortura by Yaga y Mackie, Accoralandome by Trebol Clan, and Obsession by Frankie J featuring Mr. Phillip. Do you see how many songs that is? Trust me, when you listen to these songs I promise you will see that this CD is hotter than anything you have ever heard! ... Read more

16. Laundry Service
list price: $13.98
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Asin: B00005R2M3
Catlog: Music
Sales Rank: 2073
Average Customer Review: 3.97 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Colombian superstar Shakira's first English-language disc, Laundry Service, carries the pointed credit "Entire Album Produced by Shakira." That might be a signal to U.S. fans who helped two of her previous discs go platinum under the media radar--a sign that this planned breakthrough has more to offer than the input of a score of image makers and outside writers. And it does; even the occasional clunky lyric comes directly from her overflowing heart. Laundry Service's meld of danceable pop and rockier ideas and textures follows the similar path of the singer-songwriter's previous work. Indeed, for all its high-end production values, the record is ultimately one of the least glossy crossover vehicles imaginable. Despite an occasional lean toward Celine Dion territory ("Underneath Your Clothes"), it has a freshness that's sure to win over new listeners even after the first single, the sly "Whenever, Wherever," has reached the saturation point. While still not fully formed as an artist, she's getting close to something of her own--something that may flower after she dumps the vocal Alanis-isms. For now, it's still a pleasure to watch her grow. --Rickey Wright ... Read more

Reviews (572)

5-0 out of 5 stars ONE OF TODAY'S REAL TALENTS
My initial impression BEFORE listening to "Laundry Service was "here we go..yet another girl pop singer to go with Britney, J. Lo, Ashanti, Beyonce, Christina Aguilera etc. etc. etc. and the rest". Don't believe first impressions. I watched her "Unplugged" DVD which is in Spanish (I don't speak it) and was really impressed by her abilities as a performer. Then I heard this CD. Shakira absolutely leaves those other girls for dead in the talent realm. I have heard this album over and over and the thing that strikes me most is the diversity of styles and influences that abound on this album. I'm surprised no one else has mentioned the nod to The B52's "Rock Lobster" during the guitar break in "Objection (Tango)". The opening to "Poem To A Horse" reminds me of U2's "Sunday Bloody Sunday". How cool. The other tracks particularly "Fool", "Underneath Your Clothes", "The One" and the Spanish language tracks are all quite good. The lady obviously is careful with her image and it's refreshing to see such an attractive female performer as Shakira NOT flashing bare body parts in her videos, something her contempories are guilty of as an apparent distraction from any lack of quality in the songs portrayed. She also had the good sense to NOT turn the clip to "The One" into an entry to a wet t-shirt competition. If you've seen the clip you'll know what I mean. The serious, talented girls like Shakira, Norah Jones and Australia's Delta Goodrem will concentrate on the music and not the image because that's what's important. If you want to determine the song's quality, listen with your ears, not your eyes. I recommend "Laundry Service" heartily as an enjoyable album to listen to, something I can't say about the recent boring efforts of her "R&B" contempories.

5-0 out of 5 stars Shakira is one of the best artists...
I totally love her new album! I don't usually buy a single artist cd, because I usually will regret it. So I usually buy various artists albums. But Shakira's new single "Whenever, Wherever" is the reason why I brought her cd...and I haven't stop listening to it! I am now actually finding time almost everyday just to listen to her cd! The music and the lyrics of the songs, are! Track #2 "Underneath your clothes" is my next favourite song on her album. Very touching and emotional. And Track #11 "Eyes like yours (Ojos Asi)" is just great to dance to. Also, some recognition to Track #9 "Poem to a Horse"; very meaningful. Except for the 4 Spanish songs on the album, which I have no clue what the heck the lyrics mean. But even though I don't understand Spanish, I still listen to them because I love the rhythm and the music of these 4 Spanish songs. I actually have tried to sing along with the Spanish lyrics in my hands! It is that good! And I don't know why some people are comparing her to Britney. Britney doesn't write her own songs! Don't compare Shakira to Britney just because Shakira dyed her hair! In my opinon, Shakira is better than her!

1-0 out of 5 stars not so into this...
ok i dont mean anything bad about shakira... i mean its just an opinion about her music im not here to criticize her or talk bad about her. but just like some1 before me said, its really true that her music sounds better in spanish... in all kinda ways... im not even into this kinda genre of music, but i just had to put my review here after seeing a video of hers now on tv (poem)... ive heard her album 'laundry service' too, and honestly it wasnt that nice (for me).......

5-0 out of 5 stars Laundry Service
Laundry Service~ Shakira is one hot and sexy singer. She is so amzingly good looking that it is almost criminal. Her vocal skills are very good. Her lyrics are fun and fancy free. She is one of my favorites...

5-0 out of 5 stars The best break-through act ever
This cd is brilliant, Shak knew how to mix all different kind of styles, and she used her voice with everything it has.
In contradicti to other,s i think the lyrics aren't bad becuz of her 'bad english'. Her english is very well, and the lyrics are just different from those simple Britney-lyrics. Shakira uses metaphors, strange rhymes etc. Very original.
Shakira is brilliant in writing music. She knows every instrument, and she is involved to every instrument used. Whenevr wherever has brazilian drums and a panflute. Underneath your clothes, is a quite acoustic song with instruments like horns and trumpets in it, Objection is a pop/rock/tango song, one of the most original songs on the cd. Rules is kinda 'back to the 70s' song, the one is a beautiful rockballad with strings in it (my fav shaki song). Ready for the good times is an '80s disco song, but with cool guitars, Fool is a quite bluesy rockballad and great lyrics! Te dejo Madrid is a cool rock song, with a cool harmonica, and ik makes you wanna sing and dance... and the lyrics are very funny! Poem to a horse is a rock song with trumpets and greta lyrics. Eyes like yours is an english version of Shakira's Ojos asi (1998). and seurte and te aviso te anuncio are spanish versions of Whenever... and Objection.

Ver original, and totally NO latin Britney! ... Read more

17. Roots
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Asin: B0001ADATW
Catlog: Music
Sales Rank: 1678
Average Customer Review: 5 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

The Gipsy Kings are never going to have the kind of critical acclaim that Paco de Lucia has, but their popularization of poppy rumba flamenca among non-Spanish speakers is nothing to be ashamed of. Nonetheless, here on Roots, the octet turns back to the tradition while making their own imprint on it. Having the band record in an old farm house, producer Craig Street, it seems, simply told them to sit down to play their bittersweet songs. Without electric instruments or a drum set to clutter the mix, brisk acoustic guitars will sweep listeners up in the driving rhythms as lead guitarist Tonino Baliardo soars overhead, particularly on the instrumental songs. When Nicolas, Canut and Patchai Reyes take turns on lead vocals, Street adeptly captures the timbre and nuance of the singers' voices while also delicately balancing the guitar, hand percussion and bass. No pop songs or bombastic rock beats:here's one that purists cannot argue with. --Tad Hendrickson ... Read more

Reviews (6)

5-0 out of 5 stars Gipsy Kings Rule!
I love this album. I wasn't sure if I would like the acoustic style since I am not much into the "unplugged" type of sound but this CD is wonderful. My favorite track is #5. I don't understand a word they sing but this is great music!

5-0 out of 5 stars Roots, Firm & Deep
The concept of this new recording of the Gipsy Kings has been long-awaited... Yes the acclaim they received in the 80s with Bamboleo, etc, and the heavy synth & drums & bass that go along with that sound has boxed them into a pop-flamenco-gypsy-rumba mode, that they own, mind you, and is appealing no matter what, but gives the uninformed & shortsighted critics fuel to chastise & insult them and their vast heritage of talent. It doesn't end there people! and Roots proves it... This recording attempts to hearken back to the days when all one had was one's guitar, one's brothers &/or cousins [hopefully with their guitars] and PURE rhythm & music! add a little campfire, a few dancers & lots of willing listeners/participants with some thunderous & tight palmas [rhythmic clapping] and you've got a party!

The question is, however, are the Gipsy Kings successful in this recent endeavor? YES YES YES! This time around, instead of rushing off stressed to a studio in Paris like they normally have, they chose a sweet little property, Mas de Gourgoubes, in a town not too far from their own homes. The atmosphere was relaxed & loose~ permitting creativity to flow... Tonino Baliardo's bulerias, called "Bolerias" is crisp & masterful [seriously, what else COULD it be?]... and his cover/tribute to Django, 'Nuages' is cool & flowing just LIKE a cloud... although Nicolas' voice is a little broken due to weathering & let's say, 'a bad habit', it triumphs, and nails every note melodically. Canut as well has some wonderful songs~ that man can convey such passion... Patchai's fandango [the first one] although brief, captures the pain of the 'voice' of the subject well, as does Nicolas' fandango later on. My only mild disappointment was that Andre, the youngest brother [and most musical of all his brothers, in my opinion] with the high voice, didn't have a solo this time, but yes he was a-harmonizin'! He does that well too! My GREATEST and most pleasant surprise was the very last song, with an unfamiliar, untrained, sometimes slightly off-key voice leading out~ 'Petite Noya', belonging to none other than: Diego Baliardo, older brother of Tonino!! In the past he has refrained from touring due to some minor health problems, and he's certainly never had a solo, but it seems they saved the BEST for LAST! and I hope during this summer's tour he joins them to perform it! This amazing jam puts you right in the middle of a juerga in the South of France, probably after some yummy paella & vin rouge~ maybe some nice crème brûlée infused with lavender for dessert... [get the picture?] you're instantly UP & working off those calories! go Diegooo!

Although these gentlemen have refrained from adding the heavy presence of a 'band' per se on this recording, as they refreshingly accomplished on the earlier "Allegria", I miss the charming in-between-song french chatter, evident in the older recording. Even though there is some back-up, the instruments used are pure & raw, and don't sound 'plugged-in'... Also, one has to remember they are not *trying* to repeat "Allegria". This is definitely something NEW, while retaining the OLD~ going BACK to those proud, Gitan Roots. Pray that it never ends, and continues with their sons & nephews, and on, and on... OLE!

5-0 out of 5 stars GK Roots ---- Newer than you think
Already a GK fan, I read the reviews before I bought this CD because they haven't recorded for a while. Consequely, and in all honesty, their complex and varied nature are what enticed me to buy the CD and decide for myself. Listening to the album now, I see why there were so many sides to the commentary. Its not an album for musak tekies because its more story than independent works. To my thinking, what is new about the CD is its brave & determined exchange of passion for tenderness. You won't get it if you disect this album track for track. you have to stand back abit. This is really evident in the CD's sequence from legende (a surrender to love) on to Amigo (the friendship of love) and then to petite noya (the product of love) told with departures and returns across connecting and ascending rithyms. Truely a story of....exito. If you're a fan, buy it. If you're not, become one.

5-0 out of 5 stars back to basics!!!!!!
there's not much more than i can add to the previous reviews. this album is what the last two albums have been hinting at, a return to their original acoustic style! This is what their two first albums Allegria and Luna de fuego sounded like, a bunch of guitars, voices, handclaps, and not much else (although they've added a bass guitar now). Although the new album doesn't have the same level of energy that their first ones did, it's still very nice to hear their guitars and handclaps again. If you can find it, there's an import version of this album with a bonus dvd on it with a short documentary of the recording of this album and an interview with the album producer. Although it's not real long, it does provide a glimpse into how this album was made and shows the recording of four tracks from the sessions. Since the dvd is an import, it might not show on you dvd player, although it definitely will play on your computer's dvd-rom.

5-0 out of 5 stars Excellent Cd from one of my all time favorite Flamenco Band
I have always loved the Gipsy Kings, have all their other C.Ds, including the ones that they recorded under the name Los Reyes. My favorite cds honestly have to be their earlier works as, their later cds were becoming a little to "World Pop Music, and it lost much of "El Flamenco." But this cd really picks up where they left off on their earlier works. This has to be the best cd they have recorded in a long time.
This cd has every thing for all styles of Flamenco, some Canto Ondos, Bulerias, and Rumbas.
I have been waiting for a cd like this from these guys for a long time, and yes I am pleased.
The cd starts you of with.
1. Aven Aven, a festive Rumba, beautifully sung buy Nicolas, strong, hand clapping, and very rhythmic.
2. Legends. Very Canto Ondo beautifully memorizing.
3. Fandango. Strong guitar, and solo, a reminder of the Flamenco styles of the early 1920s.
4. Bolerias. Pop Guitar, strong style. Great just awsome.
5. Rythmic. One of my favorite tracks on the cd, the hand clapping, very Gypsi. Everytime I here this track i get goose bumps. One of my all time favorite Gipsy Kings song, buy far.
6. Como Siento Yo. This is one of those romantic songs that the Gipsy Kings are well known for, sure to please those who are romantic at heart.
7. Amigo. Good song, not one of my favorite, but still a good song, none of the songs on these cd, can be concidered bad, they can not go wrong with this cd, although this is not one of my favorite styles, i still like it.
8. Tarantas. I do not know, at least for me and my tastes, I prefer the songs that have words, this is just guitar, soft, very Sevilla mixed with Jazz and pop. This one is okay, although their guitar style is superb.
9. Fandango. Wow, take me to Sevilla please, actually France because this is where they are from. But still, very Sevilla style Flamenco. I love Canto Ondos, and especially the way Nicolas presents them.
10. Boogie. I was a bit worried about this track, because of the title. Do not let the title fool you.
11. Nuages. A little to soft, no singing, soft guitars. Shows the range of style in guitar playing these masters can do. More Pop, flavored than traditional Flamenco but still very good.
12. Como Ayer. They have to add one of their melow pop songs for those fans who like that sort of style. Not one of their strongest tracks, but still good. Very South of the Border style.
13. Soledad. Soft, warm, excellent for just kicking back and relaxing with that special someone.
14. Tampa. Guitar styles, with other interesting instruments. Sure to be a pleaser.
15. Hermanos.
16. Petite Noya. Wow, excellent way to end a really good, although I am not a Samba music fan at all, this is still good.
Although my favorite tracks are in the beggining of the cd, the ones I listen to the most, this is an all around great cd, and if you love the Gipsy Kings, this is a must have. Although I wish they return to their earlier styles, this is as close to it that they have gotten in a long time. ... Read more

18. God's Project
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Asin: B0007X9UXS
Catlog: Music
Sales Rank: 8188
Average Customer Review: 5.0 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Reviews (6)

5-0 out of 5 stars Aventura Never Disappoints...
I was really excited about Aventura's new cd because I had already listened to "La Boda" and "Ciego de Amor" on their website, so I went and bought it the same day it came out. They failed to disappoint their public because this cd is GREAT! Immeadiately I liked "Un Beso" because it's so sweet and romantic. I always like the songs Henry sings and "Voy Malacostumbrado" sounds fantastic, he has a great voice too. My husband's a big reggaeton fan and he said "Ella y Yo" is most definitely a good song. Other songs that are good on this cd is "Angelito", "Our Song", and like I had stated above "La Boda" and "Ciego de Amor". Congratulations Aventura on producing such a successful album and keep it up!

5-0 out of 5 stars I love bachata!!!
Este es un buen cd para bailar y para disfrutar con una mujer.

5-0 out of 5 stars Aventura God's Project
Aventura came a long way, only to reach success in their journey.Since their album debut "Generation Next" they struck stardom with hits such as, "Cuando Volveras" and following their international platinum hit reached #1 in charts around the world with "obsesion" along with "Hermanita" They are inspiring, and a great story how inner city kids living in the Bronx, New York reached fame.Now, with "God's Project" they have again, touched sensitive topics. Their new album projects important messages with love, relationships, child abuse, friendship, marriage, among others.Album features, Don Omar, Nina Sky, Tego Calderon, Anthony Santos "El Mayimbe" I say the major hits are going to be "La Boda, Ella y Yo ft. Don Omar, Ciego de Amor ft. "El Mayimbe. "Overall, "God's Project" in my records should hit platinum, and more by the RIAA. I say they will. This Album has amazing stories you must hear...I have followed their careers...I say it's getting the respect it deserves...and there is more of Aventura to come.

5-0 out of 5 stars EXCELLENT !
Aventura once again has shown the music industry why they are the top bachata artists. You can never get tired of listenin to their tracks. UN BESO, OUR SONG,LA BODAD, LA NINA etc ALL GREAT!

4-0 out of 5 stars Bringing the flava back...
This is good just like I hoped for... Aventura come correct on their fourth full length album. The lil chicos are all grown up now and have all developed tight skills, even Henry who I thought was the least talented of the bunch, every one has come into the music with all they got. The first improvement is the diversification of styles I didn't think they would branch out like they did on here. "Un Beso" uses flamenco and sounds great and non forced style for Aventura, no more phony ish a serious musical exploration here. A sample of oriental riddims by Adnan Sami tip the hat at the Scott Storch/Indian riddim sampling which is so popular these days. Besides Aventura gettin focused and bringing forth good vibes I'd say this is their best effort so far. Every collabo is brillant as well from Don Omar on "Ella y yo" the reggaeton giant sounds right at home on this cut, in fact, he commands it baby it's DON DON reggaeton done right! The Nina Skye honeys( who I actually think are pretty generic n thru with it at dis point but whateva cute honeys doin hooks get that paper mamas!) do they thing thing on "You Lying" which is actually the albums closer, but you wait a few minutos and the TEgo Calde laced "We Got Da Crown Remix" closes out this banger. El Mayimbe de Bachata Antony Santos graces "Ciego de amor." Aventura pays correct homage to bachata by doing a track with Anthony Santos, as well have developed a unique fusion of bachata, bachata/reggaeton, rock, funk, and even a lil hip hop. This album deserves props no doubt, you can take Aventura off the list of being a Hispanic "boy band." I'm glad they decided to furthur explore their music n roots and not let the image and bullish bring them down. The skits are even better and aren't as corny as past, but I'm no fan of skits be it on Aventura or on hip hop mixtapes they are annoying point blank!! The "audition' skit on here is defintely pokin fun at themselves n the hood but goes on for too damn long. The cover art of Aventura as lil kids is the whole thing...Aventura are grown up and gone are the "Generation Next" days...they ready to merge into the music and take the next step for their music. They put it down for "todo la gente" everywhere I'm feelin "God's Project" but The Don Omar cut is the best reggeaton flavad track yet from Aventura, not that I ever consider dem part of the 'ton genre....but that track is truly BANANAS like Romeo says! Very diverse and from el corazon ya tu sabes check the ever funkier bass of mikey and Lenny goin virtuoso on the guitarra's dope!! ... Read more

19. Astrud Gilberto's Finest Hour
list price: $11.98
our price: $10.99
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Asin: B00005A7WY
Catlog: Music
Sales Rank: 4279
Average Customer Review: 3.95 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Reviews (21)

Back in the days of "yore" of the sixties I heard this song "The Girl From Ipanema". It was so different from everything else that was being played on pop radio that you had to take notice. It has become Astrud's identifying theme song. . . she "is" the girl from Ipanema now for all time.
Then I never did "hear" Astrud on the radio again. I found this album and remembered her voice and the "feel" of that first song. I also found a song title on the CD which I had been searching for a long long time: "Wish Me A Rainbow" - this was the musical theme from the Natalie Wood movie, 'This Property Is Condemned"! I had to buy this CD! -- I was not disappointed, in fact I was amazed and enthralled by the song selections and by Astrud's "purrrfect" delivery of each track. She can change from the classic "bossa nova" style she has made her own as on "So Nice" and "Fly Me To The Moon", and "Crickets Sing For Anamaria".
Then she can change to make your eyes tear-up when she sings, "Trains and Boats and Planes" or "I'm Nothing Without You".
She sings a truly marvellous rendition of the Fleetwoods' "Come Softly To Me/Hushabye (she added the Hushabye). Most enjoyable.
Thank you Astrud Gilberto for all the great music you have made and left on recordings for posterity. . . and the music you are still making and recording. This album will be treasured by me and by many for a long long time. Great stuff here!

5-0 out of 5 stars 20 Great songs on 1 CD !
How many compilation c.d.'s by Astrud Gilberto did it take before one can say that this is "The finest hour" by the living legend Bossa Nova singer Astrud Gilberto ? She is "The Girl from Ipanema", and when you ever heard her, you'll never forget her crystal clear and relaxing voice ! This compilation is a very good one, because it contains songs from most of her Verve albums, even her latest one together with James last. The very special thing to this c.d. is that they added 3 rare songs. One of them "Who needs forever" from the movie "The Deadly Affair" has been rereleased already on the soundtrack c.d.", but songs like "Wish me a rainbow" and Come softly to me" only appeared so far on 45rpm vinyl singles or e.p.'s. I can highly recommend this c.d. to Astrud Gilberto collectors as well as admirers who want to have at least one of her c.d.'s in their collection, if that is the case than this one should be added to your collection. No doubt about that !

4-0 out of 5 stars I like Astrud
I love Astrud's voice. In response to:ipanema? written on March 23,2004-The guy sings the song in Portuguese in the beginning of the song. Astrud comes in after that and sings the song in English. Amazon should have linked the sample on Astrud's part.

5-0 out of 5 stars I LOVE her voice
she is the best. there is no other sexy romantic singer like astrud gilberto.

I even listen to her while bbqing. get this cd



3-0 out of 5 stars ipanema?
When I click on the listen sample for 'Girl from Ipanema' I hear Joao Gilberto's version (sung in portugeuese). While I don't want to get into a debate about which is a better (or more politically accepted) version, I just want to get the female sung version of this song that came out in the 60's or 70's. Is that the version on this album and amazon just linked the listen feature to the other version? ... Read more

20. Rock De Mi Pueblo
list price: $17.98
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Asin: B0002PUH10
Catlog: Music
Sales Rank: 2410
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Rock, vallaneto, cumbia, ska, zydeco, and more fuel Colombian singer/songwriter Carlos Vives's latest party, aptly titled Rock de mi Pueblo. From the festive opening track "Como Tu," Vives bounces nonstop among rhythms, music styles, and instruments to keep the celebration running red-hot. On "La Maravilla," Vives sings about a woman who knows how to enjoy life while his band fuses cumbia dance grooves. Heavy percussions drive "Gallito de Caramelo," a rocking tune about willing to go anywhere to wait for the right person. Vives slows the pace on the melancholy ballad "Voy A Olvidarme de mi," with its where-are-you-now lament. While mixing folk vallenato with rock is his specialty, this collection is Vives's most energetic, fusing blues-rock sentiment, more electric guitars and tribal fever for an instant winner. --Ramiro Burr ... Read more

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