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1. Metallica
$13.99 $11.30 list($17.98)
2. Master of Puppets
$13.99 $10.40 list($17.98)
3. Ride the Lightning
$13.99 $10.80 list($17.98)
4. ...And Justice For All
$13.99 $10.05 list($17.98)
5. Kill 'Em All
$13.99 $9.99 list($18.98)
6. System Has Failed
$22.99 $16.72 list($24.98)
7. S&M
$14.99 $8.93 list($17.98)
8. Load
$14.99 $7.49 list($18.98)
9. St. Anger (with Bonus DVD)
$11.99 $9.87 list($12.99)
10. War Within
$22.99 $13.90 list($24.98)
11. Garage, Inc.
$13.99 $10.20 list($17.98)
12. Reload
$13.99 $8.46 list($18.98)
13. Vulgar Display of Power
$12.99 $7.41 list($13.98)
14. Cowboys From Hell
$53.99 $32.65 list($59.98)
15. Live Shit: Binge & Purge (CD
$13.99 $12.77 list($17.98)
16. Reign in Blood
$9.98 $7.91
17. Oncoming Storm
$13.99 $7.85 list($17.98)
18. Far Beyond Driven
$13.99 list($18.98)
19. The Best of Pantera: Far Beyond
$13.98 $9.92
20. Relixiv

1. Metallica
list price: $17.98
our price: $13.49
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Asin: B000002H97
Catlog: Music
Sales Rank: 468
Average Customer Review: 4.28 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan essential recording

Called "the Black Album" by many (due to its monochrome cover), Metallica marks the group's entrance into the mainstream, with shorter songs, simpler song structures, and slower tempos overall. That said, this is an excellent album, featuring some of the best songwriting Metallica has ever done. "Enter Sandman," "Wherever I May Roam," and "God That Failed," despite being slower and more groove-oriented than the band's earlier work, feature the same heavy riffs and heavier rhythms that have always been a feature of Metallica's music. The band goes introspective with "Unforgiven," and proves that they can write a ballad with "Nothing Else Matters," which succeeds better than one might expect. Overall, this is a high-energy album despite its laid-back approach, and is in many ways superior to the previous . . . And Justice for All, which was weakened by overly complicated song structures and mediocre production. -- Genevieve Williams ... Read more

Reviews (849)

4-0 out of 5 stars The last good Metallica album
Although this album is decredited for having brought Metallica into the mainstream, it's still a damn fine album. I'd recommend Ride The Lightning as the best of the bunch, but here is my review of each song on the black album.

1. Enter Sandman - 8.5/10 This song has a great opening. Excellent lyrics combined with some great guitaring, made this song a hit. Good video too.

2. Sad But true 9/10 Superbly powerful guitaring,lyrics, and another great intro, makes this one of the best songs on the album.

3. Holier Than Thou 6.5/10 Although quite good, this song is average by Metallica standards

4. The Unforgiven 10/10 A true classic. This epic tune is one of the greatest ever Metallica songs. Wonderful solo in the middle. Excellently written.

5. Wherever I may Roam 7/10 This is fairly good. Some good guitaring, but doesn't really stand out

6. Don't Tread on Me 8/10 Simple, yet hugely effective. A great intro, and brilliant heavy guitaring throughout.

7. Through the Never 7.5/10 Again, this doesn't really stand out. However, it's decent enough.

8. Nothing Else Matters 8/10 A mellow song, unlike any Metallica song in the past, yet they still put it together excellently.

9. Of Wolf and Man 9.5/10 Superb. Fantastic guitaring and brilliant lyrics. Highly underated

10. The God That failed 6.5/10 Not so great...this one's overated

11. My Friend of Misery 7.5/10 Great verses are let down by the poor chorus. Otherwise, it would score higher.

12. Struggle Within 8/10 Ah, back to the old thrash roots. This is a good way to finish the album. Excellent.

I'd recommend this album to any Metallica fan.

5-0 out of 5 stars The Album for New Metallica Fans
Ok, most of everybody has probably already heard the songs "Enter Sandman," "The Unforgiven" or "Nothing Else Matters." Why? Because they get some radio-play. They are probably the songs that get most listeners into this band and pretty soon they purchase all the albums and become a metallica fan. That's how i became a metallifan because The Black Album was the first studio album i bought. Now i own all the albums and i would have to say that their best are 'Master of Puppets' and 'Ride the Lightning.'
But the Black Album is a great album with a more melodic side compared to the previous album "..And Justice for All." Their songwriting has evolved into a more complex meaning. The rhythm in all the songs are very catchy and well all the solos are strong and powerful because Hammett remains as probably one of the best lead guitarist along with Dimebag Darrell, Kerry King and Marty Friedman.
Here are reviews for the songs:

Enter Sandman: One of their best and most popular songs of all. 5/5

Sad But True: Great song with great drum beats. its too bad kid rock took the rhythm for this song to make 'American Badass.'

Holier Than Thou: Probably one of the heaviest songs in the album. Otherwise a great song.

The Unforgiven: A great slow song that talks about the government controlling weaker peoples' lives.

Wherever I May Roam: The intro is really great. This is one of my favorite songs in the album.

Don't Tread on Me: .."Liberty or Death" this sounds something like from 'Justice for all'. Better than average song.

Through the Never: Another really heavy song. Not as good as Holier Than Thou.

Nothing Else Matters: THE SLOWEST SONG metallica has ever done. It is another radio-played song that is dedicated to loved ones.

Of Wolf And Man: Great intro and a catchy tune. Lars Ulrich does great with this song. some wolf moans and noises make this song be a perfect song for a Werewolf horror movie.

The God That Failed: Great song with a great bass tune in the beginning. This song is mostly about broken promises.

My Friend of Misery: Another of my favorite songs. It is the longest song in the album and has probably the best songwriting.

The Struggle Within: The last and probably the heaviest song in the album along with 'Holier' and 'Through the Never'. AMAZING drumming from Ulrich makes this song a favorite for the heavy-preffered fans.


This album is REALLY GOOD and it's probably the best album to start off from. If you prefer the more heavy-metal style, then 'Master of Puppets' would be the best. But overall, this one and the previous albums are the best.

5-0 out of 5 stars Do the words, "Best CD Ever," mean anything to you?
There is no better hard rock band than Metallica. That issue isn't even up for question. They are amazing musicians who have stood the test of time and will never back down. Getting that out of the way, THE BLACK ALBUM as it is fondly called is specatacular. Although it has a few more slower tracks than fans are used to, it still has the in your face thrash metal that Metallica fans love.

Everybody knows who Kirk Hammet is, and if you don't, you don't know rock music. He is one of the greatest guitarists ever and is a brilliant musician. His bandmate James Hetfield is also amzing. Besides being a great guitar player, he is and excellent frontman. He has a low growling voice that can have it's softer moments too. Lars Ulrich, the drummer and the founder of the band is also a revolutionary rock musician. His drum solos are that of legend. And to think, he was almost going to be a pro-tennis player instead of a drummer for the best band ever.

Introductions done with, let's get to the CD. It starts out with the ever popular ENTER SANDMAN. This is one of Metallica's most famouse songs thanks to the ever present MTV. Besides it's overplay, it is a fantastic song. Next is SAD BUT TRUE, a track that really shows Lars' true abilities. There is nothing "sad" about this song. HOLIER THAN THOUGH comes next with a true Metallica spirit behind it along with good lyrics(like in every song). My favorite track comes next, THE UNFORGIVEN. It is the first of the slow ballads, but it still has it's kick-ass moment, such as Kirk's amazing solo. Following THE UNFORGIVEN, are three hard-hitting metal songs that all have self-explanatory titles. WHEREVER I MAY ROAM, DONT TREAD ON ME, and THROUGH THE NEVER. Another slow song comes next, that is and instant classic. NOTHING ELSE MATTERS. With great lyrics, guitar parts, and vocals, this song has nowhere better to go. All the other songs are great, but you've probably stopped reading this by now, and I'm tired of typing.

All in all, this is a great CD that I recomend for every rock fan out there, no matter what genre you like, you'll like this.

5-0 out of 5 stars not suprising i have alwase loved metallica
this cd didnt suprise me how good they are. i am a metal fan and alwase have been but this cd made me honor metal more. my altime favorite songs are on this cd and they are metallica's enter sandman, the unforgivin which i am listining to right now and metallicas nothing else matters. these songs show not only the band itself but james hetfields best.

5-0 out of 5 stars This time, 15 million copies sold is NOT wrong
That's right. Commerical isn't ALWAYS synonymous with crappy. The Black Album spawned (count 'em) THREE Top 40 hits: "Enter Sandman", "Nothing Else Matters", and my favorite song on the album, "The Unforgiven". "Enter Sandman" has one of the best opening riffs in all of rock music, in the same vein as Deep Purple's "Smoke on the Water". Radio staples "Sad But True" (heavy) and "Wherever I May Roam" (has a Middle East feel to it) are both awesome tracks, while the older thrashier Metallica fans will surely enjoy "Don't Tread on Me", "Through the Never", and "Struggle Within". This album displays some of the finest songwriting ever to come out of James Hetfield. As usual, Kirk's solos are masterful, and thanks to Bob Rock's excellent production, Jason's basslines are clearly audible (esp. on "My Friend of Misery")! Even if you are not a Metallica or heavy metal fan, this CD should still find a home in your collection. Indeed, Metallica changed its sound, but the songs are still of high quality, unlike their subsequent albums :( And for the record, this CD is in every single way (songwriting, musicianship, production) superior to Nirvana's Nevermind. ... Read more

2. Master of Puppets
list price: $17.98
our price: $13.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B000002H33
Catlog: Music
Sales Rank: 589
Average Customer Review: 4.81 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan essential recording

One of the defining albums of thrash metal, Master of Puppets is arguably Metallica's best album (as well as their last with bassist Cliff Burton). Focusing on the concept of power and abuses thereof, this is a collection of complex, intelligent music, played at about a hundred miles an hour. Not that these are short songs; this eight-song album clocks in at over an hour, which makes it all the more impressive that not one moment on this recording is boring. In tackling various approaches to their subject, Metallica is insightful lyrically as well as musically: "Welcome Home (Sanitarium)" is from the point of view of an institutionalized inmate and "Disposable Heroes" is the perspective of a soldier. If all you've heard of Metallica is what's been on the radio recently, check this one out. You're in for a surprise. --Genevieve Williams ... Read more

Reviews (812)

5-0 out of 5 stars "...Blood Will Follow Blood..."
Just how good is "Master Of Puppets"? You could take all of the Metal bands, from hair bands to thrash to Nu-Metal, put them together, and they still wouldn't equal the excellance of this album. These eight songs, all of which clock in at 5-8 minutes, possess a power and beauty that no other band, even the almighty Metallica themselves, will ever hope to match. Like its predecessor, "Ride The Lighting," "Master Of Puppets" has a concept to it: exploring the abuses of power. The opener, "Battery," perfectly sets the tone of the album, both lyrically and musically. The song starts off with a hauntingly beautiful melody on flamenco guitar, the melody is then carried over by an electric guitar, then the melody disappears and out comes the monster. It's like a beast that lures you in with sympathy and then breaks loose from its cage only to attack unmercifully. Lyrically, the song is potent and vicious; it's exactly as the title says, about battery. The title track has been called the best Metal song ever by many. It clocks in at over eight minutes and never ceases to amaze. Dealing with substance abuse, the song is less of a song and more of journey. From James' shouts of "Master!," to the skull-crunching rhythm section, to the absolutely beautiful break in the middle of the song, "Master Of Puppets" is definitely epic Metal at its finest. The slowest song here, "Welcome Home (Sanitarium)," is one of the most haunting songs music has to offer. The haunting melody that runs through the song is amazing, but it's James' lyrics that really haunt the listener. There is no real way to describe it, the songs is just a masterpiece. "Orion" is, in my opinion, the greatest Metal instrumental there is (yes, I believe it's better than "Call Of Ktulu"). "Orion" lasts over eight minutes, and that's why it's so impressive, not one second is boring. Each second has you hanging on to the next, and it's like watching something evolve. Before there was "One," there was "Disposable Heroes." While nowhere near the level of beauty that "One" is, "Disposable Heroes" still manages to impress (and pummel) with anti-war lyrics and brutal music. "Leper Messiah" is, while not as fast as "Battery," a sludging, buzzsaw, Metal masterpiece. James' has always sang about the reality of religion, and this is one of his best. "Marvel at His tricks, need your Sunday fix, blind devotion came, rotting your brain." I just want to shake James' hand for telling it like it is. The only time the abuses of power theme goes off track is with "The Thing That Should Not Be." It's not that the lyrics are all that different, they're just not about the same theme as the others are. Nevertheless, the song is a very strong and flawless track, not unlike "Leper Messiah" in its heaviness. Metallica saves the most brutal track for last. "Damage, Inc." is an absolute monster. The intro to the song is simple, yet completely spellbinding. Then buzzsaw guitars give in and the song lives up to its name. "Master Of Puppets" has got to be the greatest Metal album ever. Lars' drumming is the equivalent of machinegun fire in both power and speed, James' lyrics are bitter and intelligent (not to mention his guitar playing, the guy plays so fast your brain can't even keep up), Kirk's soloing is frenzied (to say the least), and Cliff shows us why he is easily the greatest Metal bassist there is (sadly, this would Cliff's last album, as he died in a tragic bus accident. RIP Cliff.). Not one second of "Master Of Puppets" is boring, all of it is enthralling with beauty, intelligence, and sheer power. Every single riff, drum beat, solo, bass note, and lyric mesmerize and draw the listener in time after time after time. If you have any interest in Metal whatsoever, you owe it to yourself to buy the genre's best album. Consider yourself cheated if you don't own "Master Of Puppets." "Korn"? "Paranoid"? "Back In Black"? Nah. They all fail when compared to this. This isn't just the greatest Metal album ever, this is one of the finest pieces of art I've ever had the pleasure of enjoying. Just perfect.

5-0 out of 5 stars Metallica's best album
"Master Of Puppets" is my pick for Metallica's best album, epitomizing classic heavy metal. All the songs have epic structures, brutal lyrics and riffs and great solos. It starts out innocently enough, with gentle acoustic guitar strums, but a few seconds later, the headbanging ritual begins. "Battery" cooks up a storm of relentless energy and brutality, and begins the "abuse of power" theme present throughout the album. The next track, "Master Of Puppets", seems to sum the entire album up perfectly, with its' lyrics (master of puppets i'm pulling your strings/twisting your mind and smashing your dreams), its' riffing, and complex middle section. "The Thing That Should Not Be" grinds along like the demon character the song was inspired by, and "Welcome Home (Sanitarium)" is the ultimate anthem for the mentally disturbed (no more can they keep us in/listen damn it, we will win), featuring one of Kirk Hammett's finest solos. "Disposable Heroes" is another excellent epic told from a war perspective, and "Leper Messiah" is a booming metal anthem, driven by relentless guitar riffing. The last couple of songs, "Orion" and "Damage, Inc.", brilliantly pay tribute to bass genius Cliff Burton, who sadly was killed in a tour bus accident while the band was on tour for the album. "Orion", an over eight minute long instrumental, has some equally aggressive and inspiring moments, including a middle section where Burton really shows off his talents. A simliar section occurs at the beginning of "Damage, Inc.", before James Hetfield's lyrics and riffing allow the song to go into a ballistic and unstoppable fury, capping an equally unstoppable metal classic.

1-0 out of 5 stars One Word, SUCKY
I can't stand Metallica, they're the absolute worst band ever. Thats right all you old metal lovers, WORST BAND EVER. I don't get what some people see in them, the lead singer has the worst singing voice ever, and the lyrics are all about stupid stuff that stupid bands like Metallica sing about. The songs also are way too long, they can't even make a song under 7 minutes. All that this awful band does is just play guitair solos, cause thats all they can do. I can see why this band was popular 13 years ago, but not now. If there is anything positive about them, if anything. It's their old music when rock actually was played like that. Not now, now rock is good, and Metallica is screwing it up, their newest cd St.Anger and ecpessily that single is the worst cd ever. Look at your calenders all you Metallica fans, it's not the 80's anymore, its freakin 2004. Metallica sucks!

3-0 out of 5 stars Metallica at the top of their game!
Metallica's third album and first gold record, "Master of Puppets" shows Metallica at the height of their powers. "Master of Puppets" is the best that Metallica has to offer. The album starts off very well with the opener Battery, then comes their greatest song of all time and the highlight of the album the title track Master of Puppets. If you must own a Metallica album this is the one to get.

5-0 out of 5 stars Very good CD
Very good CD...I still think AJFA is better, but this one definately rocks. The title track Master of Puppets may be their best song ever, too. Worth owning even just for that. ... Read more

3. Ride the Lightning
list price: $17.98
our price: $13.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B000002H2H
Catlog: Music
Sales Rank: 838
Average Customer Review: 4.76 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan essential recording

Don't let that classical-guitar-ish opening to "Fight Fire with Fire" fool you--Ride the Lightning packs a heavy-metal wallop. While not as ambitious as the subsequent Master of Puppets, this early Metallica album is indubitably one of their best. Thematically, it explores death and dying from myriad points of view: nuclear war ("Fight Fire with Fire"), electric-chair execution (the title track), and drowning ("Trapped Under Ice"). Interestingly, the best track on this album is probably "Fade to Black," a slower, more introspective song about suicide. There's also "Creeping Death," which remains a concert favorite. An excellent mix of rapid-fire guitar riffs, rip-roaring solos, and singer James Hetfield's trademark growl, this is thrash metal at its finest. Very highly recommended. --Genevieve Williams ... Read more

Reviews (517)

5-0 out of 5 stars Lightning Strikes
Ride the Lightning sees Metallica exploring the endless possibilities of song writing as an art form. Complex rhythms and harmonies, fast-paced meter changes and brilliant lyrics mke up this album. "Fight Fire with Fire" foreshadows mans demise at his own hands in nuclear holocaust. The title track deals with a man on death row facing execution pondering how it all came to be. The third song, "For Whom the Bell Tolls" is an epic masterpiece all its own that is a pinnacle in the craft of musical storytelling. AWESOME! "Fade to Black" deals with a dying mans last reflections on his life right before he ends it. "Trapped Under Ice" also looks at death and "Escape" looks into the trappings of life itself. "Creeping Death" is a heavy and thundering tale about the plagues put on Egypt that finishes with Metallica chanting "DIE! DIE! DIE!" in the background which has become a crowd sing along favorite live. And the 8th and final track is an instrumental marvel that evokes an other-worldly atmosphere of dark and stormy nights and fog-ladden graveyards that will have you curling up with "The Best of H.P. Lovecraft." This album is one of Metallica's best and is just one step in their progression towards world domination. A must have.

5-0 out of 5 stars better than their debut
this is almost as good as puppets,i really miss the days when metallica used to write good music.the album starts off with fight fire with fire it acoustic but then it becomes EXTREMLY fast,the title track dude,ride is one of the best songs ever brutal riffs and james screaming on the part "someone help me OH PLEASE GOD HELP ME,they're trying to take it all away,i dont want to die" classic,for whom the bell tolls has a good bass intro by the almighty cliff burton(R.I.P.)and awesome leads too,fade to black is metallicas first ballad its awesome the best track on here, everytime when i feel like i wanna kill myself i listen to this song makes me feel comfortable and better,trapped under ice has nice riffs and i dont know what else to say about this song,escape yeesh least fav on the album but its okay,creeping death dude i loves this a lot it sounds much better when played live,and last but not least the call of ktulu which is metallicas best instrumental.puppets is better than this,but this is another album for you if your startin to become a metallica fan

5-0 out of 5 stars PHENOMENAL THRASH ALBUM...
Just for the record, I am not a Metallica fan (I listen to bands on Nuclear Blast mostly). But I will agree to review this album because this is the only Metallica record I care for. I bought this album a couple years back but it has mostly been sitting on a shelf right now. Nevertheless, this truly is a legend in the annals of speed/thrash metal. This is an exceptional concept album that explores many angles of death and doom:

Fight Fire With Fire- 5/5 Brutal thrasher about nuclear armageddon straight out of the deepest chasms of hell.

Ride The Lightning 5/5 Awesome take on electric-chair execution with one of Kirk Hammett's most outstanding guitar solos.

For Whom The Bell Tolls 5/5 Melodic metal marcher about funerals.

Fade To Black 5/5 Best track on album. Suicide is theme and features great acoustic guitar riffs and hauntingly beautiful intro solo.

Trapped Under Ice 5/5 Great fast number with THREE (gasp!) phenomenal guitar solos! Can't quite figure out what it's about, though.

Escape 3/5 Weakest song on album, but kicks Leper Messiah's ass any day.

Creeping Death 4/5 Good swing-time rocker about Moses bringing the Ten Plagues to Egypt. The middle part ROCKS!

The Call Of Ktulu 5/5 I love instrumentals and this one sets the standard for all future Metallica instrumentals.

If you absolutely MUST have any Metallica albums, just get this one and you will be fine. For better speed/thrash metal, you should check out Nuclear Blast's catalog (two of my favorite NB bands are Dew Scented and Strapping Young Lads).

5-0 out of 5 stars Still fresh after so many years
Metallica's "Ride the Lightning" CD has been in my collection for over eight years and I still listen to it several times a week. This disc is home to my all-time favorite Metallica song: "Fade to Black". The other highlights are the title track, the haunting instrumental "Call of Ktulu", and the concert staples "For Whom the Bell Tolls" and "Creeping Death" (which is about Passover!). But the other tracks, "Fight Fire with Fire", "Trapped Under Ice", and "Escape" are solid tunes as well and are a must for any metalfan along with all the tracks previously mentioned. FWtBT and FtB prove that music need not be fast in order to be heavy. To be sure, this is a first-rate album and it is second only to MoP in Metallica's catalog.

If you like Metallica, don't miss out on Iron Maiden's 80s albums--they're also very good.

5-0 out of 5 stars My Personal Favorite album from Metallica
This was my second Metallica purchase when I first got into them about 7 years ago. I was blown away by how fast but perfect this album actually is. Metallica's 2nd album was monstrous to the metal community and this was a glorious sign of amazing things to come later on in the careers of these Bay-Area Bashers. Metallica eventually became the fastest and most influential metal band ever to come from America.

The opening intro to 'Fight Fire With Fire' goes from happy picking to speeds exceeding 100 miles per hour! The ending fits in perfectly with one of my favorite intro's of all time with the title track, 'Ride the Lightning.' 'For Whom the Bell Tolls' is a timeless classic from this band along with 'Fade to Black,' which is considered by many to be Metallica's best ballad. My favorite song from this album is the song, 'Creeping Death,' with lyrics from the Biblical book of Exodus about the plagues that ravaged Egypt. The song is another name for the Angel of Death, or the 10th and final plague against the ancient Egyptians. This album ends perfectly with a breathtaking instrumental called, 'The Call of Ktulu.' For anyone who is new to Metallica, this is the album to start out with, along with Master of Puppets and the Black Album. These were the glory days for Metallica! Albums like, 'Ride the Lightning' are a rare gem that only Metallica could've ever created, and they did a magnificent job! ... Read more

4. ...And Justice For All
list price: $17.98
our price: $13.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B000002H6C
Catlog: Music
Sales Rank: 913
Average Customer Review: 4.59 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan essential recording

This record has so much good material that it's a shame the production is so shoddy. Songwise, this is probably Metallica's most sophisticated album, exploring the theme of justice and perversions thereof with a vengeance. "One" is one of their best songs ever, building from a slow, edgy beginning into effortless overdrive. The title track is excellent and never boring, despite clocking in at more than nine minutes. It's the epic of the album, but all of the songs are long, displaying impressive chops and songwriting. Metallica took a commercial turn after ...And Justice for All, and it's interesting to speculate on what would have happened to their music had they continued in the direction suggested by this album. --Genevieve Williams ... Read more

Reviews (601)

5-0 out of 5 stars Another fine Metallica offering
Following the release of 1986's epic Master of Puppets, Metallica lost legendary bassist Cliff Burton in a tragic bus accident while touring. Recruited was now-departed thrasher Jason Newsted, and the band entered the studio to follow up on their landmark effort. Despite Justice being slightly under the standard Puppets set, it's nothing short of an outstanding release.
"Blackened", the opener and one of the few 'Tallica tracks actually penned by Newsted, ranks among the band's best songs. It's heavy, wickedly fast, and full of brilliant work by axeman Kirk Hammett and drummer Lars Ulrich. "Eye of the Beholder", though a bit repetitive, is incredibly heavy with a killer groove; frontman James Hetfield's voice sounds outstanding during the bridges. "Harvester of Sorrow", Metallica's most violent offering ever, also has a place among their best tunes. It's heavy, mean, and packed with riffs. "To Live is to Die" is another animal, however. Essentially a compilation of unreleased material written by Burton before his untimely death, it's a ten-minute opus arranged by Hetfield and Ulrich. No less than thirteen different riffs are found. The melodic interlude halfway through is vintage Burton and hearkens back to the Puppets days. "One" is a truly brilliant offering, and many consider it to be Metallica's best song ever. It begins with the sound of machine gun fire, followed by a beautiful crystalline intro. The last four minutes of the song are vintage Metallica, full of blazing speed, heavy riffing, fantastic solos by Hammett, and harmonies. Finally, "Dyers Eve" is genuinely vicious and bears comparison to "Damage Inc.", the closer from Puppets. It's five-plus minutes of pure thrash and will no doubt please fans of Kill 'Em All.
Justice undoubtedly includes Ulrich's finest work, and Hetfield's signature growl is at near perfection throughout. The song structure is incredibly complex nearly everywhere on the album, and the harmonies used by the band on Puppets are set to a meaner, heavier, faster groove here. "The Shortest Straw" is the only track that disappoints. Despite being buried in the middle of the album, "The Frayed Ends of Sanity" is an above-average offering that bests nearly everything Metallica has recently released. The title song, while a bit drawn out at nearly ten minutes, is another fine track. In short, Justice no doubt ranks among the band's top three releases.

5-0 out of 5 stars Tinny sounding but solid as iron
Following the death of Cliff Burton there was a big question mark surrounding Metallica's future. The band wasted no time recruiting former Flotsam & Jetsam bassist Jason Newsted and churning out the covers EP "Garage Days Re-Revisited", but the issue remained just how much of an impact Burton's influence had on Metallica's material.

When "And Justice For All" was finally released in late 1988 it was not only a breath of fresh air but the dawning of a new era as well. "Justice" furthers the sociopolitically charged vision of "Master of Puppets", a bit icier and more distant, but no less potent in either it's intelligent lyrics or the increasingly challenging song structures. "Blackened" is the lead off track, and despite having enough song ideas to fill an entire EP, the melange of riffs works well as a cohesive whole. Metallica weren't the first thrash band to express an environtmental lean, but with lyrics such as "see our Mother [Earth]/put to death/see our Mother die" there weren't many fans who were ready to write them off as born again hippies.

The title track and "Eye of the Beholder" continue to heighten the standards for the rest of the album until we at last arrive at what is perhaps Metallica's all-time magnum opus: "One". When Lars announced in pre-release interviews that the song would be about a guy with no appendages, no sense of sight and sound, and no way of communicating with the outside world it reminded of those old jokes. Ie. what do you call a man with no arms and no legs that hangs on the wall? Art. What do you call a man with no arms and no legs swimming in a pool? Bob. Etc etc.

Of course the end result turned out to be nothing so exploitative, but instead a tone poem set to the theme of the old Dalton Trumbo flick "Johnny Got His Gun". This is not only one of their more complex songs thematically but it's far from aimless art school wankering, building up to a riveting climax and a powerful denouement. As a postscript, "One" has turned into one of those oft-played tunes that has more than worn out it's welcome amongst many rock fans, similar to other songs like "Stairway to Heaven" (or "Highway to Hell" for that matter). However, that in no way detracts from the objective quality of the song, and it's only the radio programmers we have to blame for ruining all of the above examples through unmitigated repetition.

The truth is, "And Justice For All" is equally as compelling as "Master of Puppets" from a songwriting and performance perspective. There is only one reason I can see that it doesn't get the same amount of reverence as its precursor, and that is the infamous production of Fleming Rasmussen. Fleming also produced "Puppets", and this would be his last Metallica production, so he has been given the blame over the years for essentially ruining what should have been a flawless masterpiece. However, with the similarly awful production on "St Anger" I can't help but wonder if the band members didn't push for this sonic experimentation themselves.

Here's hoping that one day the masters will be brushed off and remixed (a la the Beatles' recent "Let It Be: Naked") and "And Justice For All" will be recognized for the landmark that it is.

4-0 out of 5 stars 4.5 *
1. Blackened 5/5
2. ...And Justice for All 6/5
3. Eye of the Beholder 4/5
4. One 100/5
5. Shortest Straw 3/5
6. Harvester of Sorrow 3/5
7. Frayed Ends of Sanity 4/5
8. To Live Is to Die 4.9/5 too long
9. Dyers Eve 4/5

almost every song starts off the same way, but other than that, a very good album.

if you want to download this cd...go to

5-0 out of 5 stars Metallica at their best
In my opinion this is Metallica's best cd. It's one of the greatest heavy metal cd's of all time: no questions asked. I peed my pants listening to it. How does Metallica make such a kick ass album?! Buy this cd and you will be happy forever! I guarantee!

5-0 out of 5 stars One of the best metal has to offer
...And Justice for All is an extremely powerful Metallica album. Released following the death of original bassist Cliff Burton, Metallica finds themselves angrier in this album than perhaps any previous. ...And Justice for all offers up a tapestry of Political violence and Manipulation characterized in amazing riffs and James Hetfield's familar growl. Although the songs are all very long with usually complex structure they still manage to pull you in and keep you listening until the very end. Most Notable for "One," the haunting metal classic about a solider who lost his arms, legs, voice, hearing, and sight, in World War I. The album also offers the Monsters, "Blackend" and "Harvester of Sorrow" and the bands amazing instrumental tribute to Cliff Burton "To live is to Die." ... Read more

5. Kill 'Em All
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Asin: B000002H5E
Catlog: Music
Sales Rank: 1045
Average Customer Review: 4.44 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

While not as timeless as Ride the Lightning or Master Puppets, Metallica's debut album--originally released in 1983--is still a fine piece of thrash metal, and as good a marker as any for the debut of the genre. Fusing the rapid-fire attack of bands like Motorhead with a guitar style reminiscent of such British heavy metal bands as Iron Maiden and Judas Priest, Metallica essentially created a new kind of metal. Several of the songs from this 1983 album have since become classics, including "Seek & Destroy", "The Four Horsemen", and "Jump in the Fire". The songwriting isn't as sophisticated as on Metallica's later releases; still, it's a great listen, and essential for any heavy metal fan. --Genevieve Williams ... Read more

Reviews (355)

4-0 out of 5 stars The start of great things to come for heavy metal music
Kill 'Em All(1983). Metallica's first studio album.

Just when it seemed like the heavy metal scene would be permanently dominated by european nations (namely England), out of nowhere rose an American metal band which defied everyone's perception of how hard heavy metal should sound like. This band came to be known as Metallica. Carrying no desire for MTV fame, money, or commercial popularity whatsoever (at the time), Metallica concentrated exclusively on making the fastest, heaviest, and most frantic metal music ever played. This created a new genre of heavy metal, called thrash.

Here we have Kill 'Em All, the first real display of thrash metal, which delivers all-out raw speed in its ten tracks. James Hetfield is on vocals and rhythm guitar, although his singing leaves a bit to be desired on this album. He hasn't developed the growl quite yet, so when he tries to let it out, his voice comes out in more of a shriek. Lars Ulrich carries fast-paced drumming, though it gets better over time. The true standouts on here are Kirk Hammet and Cliff Burton. The guitar solos played by Kirk are some of the best I've ever heard, while Cliff shows in the bass solo Anesthesia why he is the greatest bass guitar god that ever lived. Most every track on KEA is a fastpaced metal assault, but there are a few standouts. The Four Horsemen is a long track which delivers killer solos, plus it's the closest thing to an epic track on here. Phantom Lord is interesting as well. Hit The Lights is a great opener, while Seek & Destroy and Whiplash are solid fan favorites.

So what's the verdict? I give KEA four stars because although it's a great metal album with excellent guitar riffs, most of the songs repeat the same thrash techniques over and over again, so there's not too much variety here. However, KEA is not a bad album by any means. Every true Metallica fan already owns this one, and those who don't have it, I highly recommend it. It's certainly not as polished or refined as Puppets, Lightning, or Justice, but come in open-minded and you won't be disappointed. RECOMMENDED

5-0 out of 5 stars The First Metallica Album Preludes The Greatness To Come!
To be totally truthful, the first time I heard this album, I didn't think much of it. Kind of ho-hum just another 80s heavy metal album, right? Wrong. The more you listen to this album the more it grows on you. You really begin to appreciate the great musical quality, the riffs, the solos, heck, just about everything! Now for the songs-
1) Hit the Lights: Though this isn't my favorite song on the album, it is good in the fact that it is a perfect intro. 9.0 out of 10.
2)The Four Horsemen: Great song, centering around the four horsemen of the apocalypse. Unfortunately, I'm not fast enough to play it on guitar! 9.7 out of 10.
3) Motorbreath: A good, fast paced song about living life to the fullest. 9.0 out of 10.
4)Jump in the Fire: Though the chorus is pretty simple, this song about Satan really makes a few good points. 9.5 out of 10.
5)(Anesthesia)-Pulling Teeth: Probably the first Metallica instrumental. Even if you like lyrics, you can't help but appreciate the genius that this song must have taken. 8.7 out of 10.
6)Whiplash: This excellent song is about, of all things, what it's like to be in a heavy metal band. With fast paced lyrics and great riffs, this songs really captures the spirit of heavy metal! 9.4 out of 10.
7)Phantom Lord: An eerie (but good) song that takes its name from one of James Hetfield's earlier bands. Nice guitar playing. 9.5 out of 10.
8)No Remorse: A truly great song about war. 9.3 out of 10.
9)Seek & Destroy: This is my favorite song on the album. The riffs are excellent (you'll like them even more if you play guitar), and the lyrics are fabulous. 9.8 out of 10!
10) Metal Militia: Not the best Metallica song ever, probably not even the best of the lower-class songs. The riffs aren't up to par with the rest of the album, neither are the lyrics. Still better than anything thats out today though. 8.5 out of 10.
And that's it folks, enjoy!

4-0 out of 5 stars What a way to get started!
I live in San Jose, CA where Metallica came out of. I saw them with the original line up with Megadeth's Dave Mustaine and the bassist before the late Cliff Burton. These guys were breaking new ground and this album is concrete proof! Of course, their later work is better but what a way to get started!

5-0 out of 5 stars In the beginning...
It's hard to believe that Metallica once sounded so uncompromisingly raw, and without pretension. Almost makes one cry when you hear these guys dissing Napster and praising MTV. It wasn't always like this, you know.Combining the sheer aural assault of Motorhead with more memorable interludes of bands such as Deep Purple and Budgie. Metallica essentially revamped heavy metal and helped spawn genres like thrash, death, and 'speed' metal.

4-0 out of 5 stars Kill 'em All: the first of the best
this is, as I've heard many times and agree, fast and raw. great metal cd, though i wish four horsemen was faster, as I've heard in a live version of it. you gotta love the fast metal music and guitar solos. metal militia & seek and destroy prove this fact. you really should buy this one. ... Read more

6. System Has Failed
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Asin: B0002SPQ1I
Catlog: Music
Sales Rank: 1515
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

7. S&M
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Asin: B00002Z88D
Catlog: Music
Sales Rank: 1950
Average Customer Review: 4.23 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

At a point in their career when most bands would rest their laurels upon a greatest-hits package or live album, Metallica has done both, but with a decidedly loopy twist. They've recorded a double-live greatest-hits package with the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra "sitting in." Rock history and cutout bins are littered with previous attempts at a rock-symphonic fusion, from Emerson, Lake & Palmer to Deep Purple to the Moody Blues and the Siegel-Schwall Blues Band. But while previous efforts at mixing the low-brow with the high-brow have mostly ended up browbeating the intended audience, S&M plays like a precarious joy ride. Set against the shrewd efforts of a team of orchestrators and arrangers (who employ enough taste to keep proceedings from sounding like one long "Live and Let Die" outtake), Metallica plays for their lives, undercutting their general somber tone by ratcheting up their musicianship several notches. The most underrated player here is SFO guest conductor and soundtrack vet Michael Kamen, whose attention to detail and nuance--and intuitive grasp of the Metallica canon--keeps this unlikely meeting of the minds focused and on track. -Jerry McCulley ... Read more

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3-0 out of 5 stars So many brainwashed
Its funny how alot of people think this is so amazing. I mean, they basically just did a show with a symphony playing with them. Metal and classical music combined, very nice. But many bands can have this same exact sound with just keyboards. There are of course loads of flaws on this cd. First off, metallica shouldnt even have a crowd out there, it ruins this beautiful concept. I think if they wanted to make it a live show too then sure, that would be cool, but first off they needed to just make this a live studio album, because it would sound better, when the songs close you dont have to hear the crowd the entire time screaming during the end of each song.

They add two new tracks which one I like. No leaf clover is a cool song. Good melody, an ok solo, excellent drumming, vocals are nice too, bass is missing again as usual, but we get used to that, and it isnt jason's fault because the bass is missing. Its hetfield's and lars who call all the shots, that is yet another reason why he left the band.

Lets face it though, metallica pretty much have ran out of ideas, I mean they havent even made a studio album in almost five years, instead they make the garage inc. album, covering old covers, and now we have this right after. OK, it has talent required yes, but come on, metallica knew that after re-load, anything new and inventive, people would dislike even more, oh but James and Lars, you gotta keep making more and more money then you even need, so you have to remain sell outs, and cant just go back to the real metal style you once had 11 years ago. I once respected metallica when they played better music. Metallica still is metal even though they betrayed the metal scene supporting all these poser nu metal bands, still some bands can mature, these guys failed miserably. I mean what is up with this new vocal style hetfield's got going on, all trying to sound demonic, wake up!!! And Hammet doesnt play really good solos, its just too simple the way his style is, he stole Mustaine's style in the 80's, then found his own on load, not that great.

Ok, I know this review will be hated because im saying metallica is thru, I admit metallica still have talent, but its a waste, time to retire boys, and go on with your lives, maybe do some solo stuff, hell maybe kirk could be Limp Bizkit's new guitarist, and hetfield could play guitar and sing with method man. WHo knows, this album has a beautiful concept, but a tragic waste, it doesnt fit. Your thru guys, its over. Damn traitors of metal!!

5-0 out of 5 stars Another great CD by a great band.
With the possible exception of Ride The Lightning (which I personally just didn't enjoy as much as other Metallica albums), Metallica's first four albums were basically metal masterpieces. Kill'em All was a wonderful first album, even if a bit on the immature side. Master of Puppets was the album where the band really took off, seemlessly blending thoughtful melodies with the speed and aggression that made Metallica famous, producing one fantastic thrash album. While And Justice For All only improved on Puppetz, using mature themes and amazing solos while pioneering the more "riff driven" style of music prominant in Metallica's later albums (listen to Blackened and you'll see what I mean). Then came the Black album, which unfortunately, did not live up to the standards set by the band's previous two albums. It wasn't so much the change in style as it was just the fact that the music didn't really seem as exciting or interesting. Then came Load, where I feel Metallica bounced back and gave me something that ranks next to MOP and Justice as their three best albums ever. I just couldn't force myself to dislike that album the way I feel at least 60% of these so called "Former Fans" do to prove how cool they think they are for listening only to speed/thrash metal. It's a good album to listen to when the sky is blue, there are almost no clouds in the sky, the sun's shining, and you're hanging out at the beach or anywhere in the outdoors. It certainly isn't James Hetfield's favorite Metallica album for nothing, you know. Then came ReLoad which, while good, just didn't have the excitement nor emotion of MOP, Justice, and Load. It was still a great album nonetheless, though. And with all these great albums Metallica released, a greatest hits collection was just what they needed. They "sort of" delivered with S&M, playing some of their best known songs with the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra in the background.

Of course, this album still had its critics who even criticized their covers of "older material" but I have one question in response to that: Did Load's shift from E minor to E Flat Minor have something to do with your problems with new Metallica? I'm amazed nobody else seems to have complained about nor complemented this, especially since it was one of the first things I noticed when listening to Load and is prominant in the band's covers of both their older and newer songs on this CD, giving the older songs in particullar a more "bluesy" sound to them (Which I like). Otherwise, Metallica's covers of their preLoad music still have the raw power and aggression of their originals, while the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra only improves upon them by delivering a whole new sound these songs that is bound to make them sound fresh regardless of the fact that they're really nothing new. The best song cover (both 80's and 90's) IMO is Battery (I guess Metallica wanted to save the best for last on this CD). The amazing aggression and guitar work of one of my all time favorite Metallica songs is in full force here. While the San Francisco Symphony helps to breath new life into an already great song with its own version of the original's tear shedding accoustic intro and its amazing background music. Other excellent covers include Fuel, Nothing Else Matters, Call of Ktulu (which succeeded in turning what I thought was originally a mediocre instrumental into something truely great), and The Thing That Should Not Be.

Unfortunately, two songs (Until It Sleeps and Devil's Dance) somehow just didn't sound right with the symphony orchestra IMO (They just aren't those types of songs that fit such a thing). I think they really should have left those songs off the setlist and played something like Orion, To Live is To Die, Sanitarium, or The God That Failed instead (which I feel would have made great symphonic orchestrations).

The two new songs, Minus Human and No Leaf Clover, are unique in the sense that even without the symphony orchestra they (especially Clover) manage to mix the amazing guitar work of Puppets and Justice with the mood of Load creating two fantastic songs that are sure to have your head banging and hair standing in no time. The Solo in Clover is especially great, somehow sounding very similar to some of the solos in Metallica's preLoad albums.

So overall, I recommend this album to fans of both eighties and nineties Metallica. Most of the song choices are excellent. While the symphony orchestra once again helps to breath new life into what are already great songs.

P.S. Sorry for the rather long review.

4-0 out of 5 stars Metallica's hits live with a Symphony
Metallica's S&M is a live concert with an orchestra. While the idea may scare fans off, the orchestra accompanying Metallica's songs is quite good. The playing from both groups is good, and what makes it even better is that being a live album, it removes the filler that often makes their albums dull and boring.

1-0 out of 5 stars Live with no meaning
I really do like Metallica , also I like live albums and greatest hits albums. But ever since Metallica caused such a stir in the music Industry they have not been putting out very good music . So I guess it is there cheap way to try to make a comeback . I have all of there C-D's so I am not or was not downloading any of they're stuff nor would I old stuff is the thing I think should be alloud. But Metallica is a great band but S&M sounds like a cheap try for a comeback to greatness that they once had.

5-0 out of 5 stars An interpretation of Metallica
No, I don't know much about heavy metal, or any genre for that matter. I know only what I hear on the radio, which these days is pretty pathetic. But I had to buy this album when I heard "No Leaf Clover" on the radio and I've become addicted. I will agree with some of the criticisms of this album, but I have to disagree with those that think this is a distaster, far from it. Metallica and Michael Kamen create a fabulous work, from the reimagining of "Call of Ktulu" (the orchestra turns up the volume on the guitar part that fades in and out of this song), to SFSO horns harmonizing with Metallica's guitars in "The Master of Puppets", to the full accompaniment of the SFSO over the guitar melody in "One". There may be some truth to the idea that Metallica sold out with this album. Since I've heard this album, I've bought "Ride the Lightning" and "Master of Puppets", and I listen to them on a regular basis. This album does have its flaws, but they are few. The only complaint I have about it is that I didn't go to see the concert.

Long live the memory of Michael Kamen and Cliff Burton. ... Read more

8. Load
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Asin: B000002HMH
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Average Customer Review: 3.31 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

With Load, Metallica takes a dramatic left turn with their music, continuing in the direction suggested by Metallica, their previous album. The songs on Load have groove; they're slower, with far fewer of the lightning-fast riffs that have been Metallica's trademark since their inception. While songs like "Ain't My Bitch" and "Wasting My Hate" are up-tempo and full of the vitriol one would expect from the quintessential heavy metal band, "2 X 4" is hard rock with a blues beat, "Hero of the Day" sounds positively mainstream, and "Mama Said" is an actual, honest-to-god ballad. While some diehard fans may find this mix unappealing, there's plenty to like about this album, including its laid-back, rhythmic orientation, and James Hetfield's characteristic growl tempered by his growing maturity as a vocalist. -- Genevieve Williams ... Read more

Reviews (458)

3-0 out of 5 stars the change didn't work
I was put off from buying this when I heard "Until it Sleeps" on the radio, so I waited until a friend got it, and basically the only track reminiscent even of their last album was "King Nothing." There is no "crunch" on any of these songs, no good hooks, and it's been slowed down considerably. Hetfield's voice has matured, but he sounds pretty dull and complacent, as if he thought the only way to demonstrate his improved singing was to sing with no growl at all. The lyrics are a bit embarrassing to listen to at times.

Now don't get me wrong, I love blues and jazz, and I can sometimes stand southern rock, but I don't think Metallica did any of those styles well here. While I find it interesting that Metallica started experimenting away from thrash metal, they also seemed to completely abandon all the compositional skills they showed in their first four or five albums. Before, they had a good feel for musical progression, aided by those furiously fast riffs, so they could write really long songs. By slowing down their music and tossing out changes of loudness and tempo, basically starting and ending songs at arbitrary points, they still sound okay, but Load would be much beter if it had been a good 25-30 minutes shorter. Some of these songs really die midway, and only a couple really work.

I believe that Metallica _did_ "sell out" in a way (they cut their hair, slowed down their music, and the whole band adopted petulant expressions for their album photos), but this wouldn't have mattered if the music itself was as good as their previous stuff. But it isn't. You can't write six or seven minute songs that are so straightforward, especially when they're slowed down. Metallica once knew that (just listen to "One" or "Master of Puppets"), but seem to have forgotten. A pity.

5-0 out of 5 stars True fans care less
Ok Load is a change yea i'll admit that but you got to remember something...If you're a true Metallica fan you would care less about the difference. Theyw ere gone on tour for 5 years for black album no wonde rit's a difference. If I were James I would be like "Yea let's make this album so we can go see our familes."That probably what they were thinking. I've noticed, if you like old metallica and your not a true fan... YOU RAG ON EVERY NEW ALBUM AFTER BLACK ALBUM!!!!! Well that's not the point of this so....
Hero of the day, my girlfriend doesn't like metallica yet thats her favorite song, hmmm whats that tell you? That change is suppose to happen. Haircuts dont make a f***ing difference, if I grew my hair out would I be liek old Metallica? Aint my B**ch is a good song to, the ryhmes and the beat you can't beat it, as goes for Ronnie, story about a guy who kills everyone hmmmm. Overall There are too many good songs to name.
After all the ragging unless you are a die hard metallica fan like me, you will liek this albuma nd if you don't please don't say your a metallica fan please.

2-0 out of 5 stars Mama Said? Metallica Doing Country? I must be asleep........
(Actual Rating-2.5 Stars)
Load(1996). Metallica's Sixth Album.

After the Massive Success of Metallica(AKA The Black Album), Metallica fans were expecting another masterpiece from the Thrash Gods, Metallica. In many ways, Load was the exact opposite of what everyone was expecting. Metallica decided to drop all but a microscopic amount of their Thrash roots, instead blending Heavy Metal, Alternative Rock, and even Blues in many places. Many fans said Metallica's new direction was a good thing, and other people considered it a terrible thing. No Matter what you think, 'Load' was extremely sucessful, reaching Top 5 on the Billboard Charts, and spawning such Modern Rock hits as "Until It Sleeps", "King Nothing", "Hero Of the Day", and "Bleeding Me". So was Load a step in the right direction, or a step in the wrong direction? I would have to agree with the latter, and read on to find out why-

Track Ratings-

'Load' starts off with "Ain't My Bitch" and "2x4", which, while having stormy riffs, confrontational vocals, and bluesy solos from Hammett, seem generic because of sloppy writing and repetitiveness. "The House That Jack Built", starts slow, and unfortuneatly, never picks up, making it seem unfinished. Good lyrics, but there's a horrifying "Noisemaker" solo here! NO! The best stretch of 'Load' starts with "Until It Sleeps", a catchy ballad that gets very hard during the chorus. Musicianship is Top-Notch here! Then comes my favorite song on 'Load', "King Nothing", Metallica at their best! Hammett's dark riff slowly builds up to the insane chorus, where Hetfield's shouts of "And Your Crown Means Nothing!" force you to bang your head! Great musicianship! "Hero Of The Day" and "Bleeding Me" show Metallica's soft side, crafting ballads with Hetfield's soulful vocals and Rhythm Guitar playing, along with Hammett's bluesy solos and hard-hitting riffs make these great songs. Next up is "Cure", which is a bad rip-off of "King Nothing", featuring the EXACT SAME RIFF, CHORUS, AND VOCALS! The only difference is the bad lyrics and solo! "Poor Twisted Me" starts off with a Bluesy Heavy Metal riff, but Hetfield's vocals sound like Dave Mustaine's on "Sweating Bullets", which is not a good thing(He sounds like he's dying). This song gets very repetitive after a while, and Hammett's solo could be better. "Wasting My Hate" is a Fast-Paced Heavy Metal Rocker in the vein of "Holier Than Thou", with Hetfield's pessimistic vocals and Hammett's punishing riff. Unfortuneatly, Too short and no solo! "Mama Said" is a country ballad......Need I say more? I didn't pay for Country! "Thorn Within" starts well, with Hammett's Black Sabbath/Doom-y riff, but overall the repetitiveness turns a hopefull song into a generic Heavy Metal song. Hammett's solo is non-existent! "Ronnie" and "The Outlaw Torn" Finish Up 'Load', with "Ronnie" being a slow, generic, and incredibly repetitive rocker that never gets to the point, and "The Outlaw Torn" Ends well, with a Heavy Metal Ballad, with a decent riff and decent vocals.

Overall, I think 'Load' is a mixed bag, with "Until It Sleeps", "King Nothing", "Hero Of the Day", and "Bleeding Me" being the only standouts, and "Until It Sleeps" and "King Nothing" are the only songs that even COMPARE to Metallica's earlier material. Load's biggest problem is it's sloppy writing and repetitiveness, which ruins most songs on the album. I think it has its strong points, mainly Hetfield's vocals are good, Lars' drumming is spot-on, and Hammett's Bluesy Riffs/Solos are very creative and original. That's all I have to say good about 'Load', but you might just like it. Like I said, a Mixed Bag!



2-0 out of 5 stars Metallica doing Country and Blues? Whoa man....
(Actual Rating-2.5 Stars)
Load(1996). Metallica's Sixth Album.

After the Massive Success of Metallica(AKA The Black Album), Metallica fans were expecting another masterpiece from the Thrash Gods, Metallica. In many ways, Load was the exact opposite of what everyone was expecting. Metallica decided to drop all but a microscopic amount of their Thrash roots, instead blending Heavy Metal, Alternative Rock, and even Blues in many places. Many fans said Metallica's new direction was a good thing, and other people considered it a terrible thing. No Matter what you think, 'Load' was extremely sucessful, reaching Top 5 on the Billboard Charts, and spawning such Modern Rock hits as "Until It Sleeps", "King Nothing", "Hero Of the Day", and "Bleeding Me". So was Load a step in the right direction, or a step in the wrong direction? I would have to agree with the latter, and read on to find out why-

Track Ratings-

'Load' starts off with "Ain't My Bitch" and "2x4", which, while having stormy riffs, confrontational vocals, and bluesy solos from Hammett, seem generic because of sloppy writing and repetitiveness. "The House That Jack Built", starts slow, and unfortuneatly, never picks up, making it seem unfinished. Good lyrics, but there's a horrifying "Noisemaker" solo here! NO! The best stretch of 'Load' starts with "Until It Sleeps", a catchy ballad that gets very hard during the chorus. Musicianship is Top-Notch here! Then comes my favorite song on 'Load', "King Nothing", Metallica at their best! Hammett's dark riff slowly builds up to the insane chorus, where Hetfield's shouts of "And Your Crown Means Nothing!" force you to bang your head! Great musicianship! "Hero Of The Day" and "Bleeding Me" show Metallica's soft side, crafting ballads with Hetfield's soulful vocals and Rhythm Guitar playing, along with Hammett's bluesy solos and hard-hitting riffs make these great songs. Next up is "Cure", which is a bad rip-off of "King Nothing", featuring the EXACT SAME RIFF, CHORUS, AND VOCALS! The only difference is the bad lyrics and solo! "Poor Twisted Me" starts off with a Bluesy Heavy Metal riff, but Hetfield's vocals sound like Dave Mustaine's on "Sweating Bullets", which is not a good thing(He sounds like he's dying). This song gets very repetitive after a while, and Hammett's solo could be better. "Wasting My Hate" is a Fast-Paced Heavy Metal Rocker in the vein of "Holier Than Thou", with Hetfield's pessimistic vocals and Hammett's punishing riff. Unfortuneatly, Too short and no solo! "Mama Said" is a country ballad......Need I say more? I didn't pay for Country! "Thorn Within" starts well, with Hammett's Black Sabbath/Doom-y riff, but overall the repetitiveness turns a hopefull song into a generic Heavy Metal song. Hammett's solo is non-existent! "Ronnie" and "The Outlaw Torn" Finish Up 'Load', with "Ronnie" being a slow,generic, and incredibly repetitive rocker that never gets to the point, and "The Outlaw Torn" Ends well, with a Heavy Metal Ballad, with a decent riff and decent vocals.

Overall, I think 'Load' is a mixed bag, with "Until It Sleeps", "King Nothing", "Hero Of the Day", and "Bleeding Me" being the only standouts, and "Until It Sleeps" and "King Nothing" are the only songs that even COMPARE to Metallica's earlier material. Load's biggest problem is it's sloppy writing and repetitiveness, which ruins most songs on the album. I think it has its strong points, mainly Hetfield's vocals are good, Lars' drumming is spot-on, and Hammett's Bluesy Riffs/Solos are very creative and original. That's all I have to say good about 'Load', but you might just like it. Like I said, a Mixed Bag!


Recommended Instead-

...And Justice For All-Metallica
Rust In Peace-Megadeth
Among The Living-Anthrax

Thanks For Reading!

2-0 out of 5 stars just pretend its not metallica
if this was some other band that wasnt as good as metallica, than this would be a better cd. just pretend songs like masteer of puppets and fade to black and one dont exist. ... Read more

9. St. Anger (with Bonus DVD)
list price: $18.98
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Asin: B00008OWZG
Catlog: Music
Sales Rank: 2614
Average Customer Review: 2.88 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Never underestimate the regenerative powers of Metallica. Following the stripped-down Load and Re-Load, they've returned to the raw, vitriolic savagery of their earlier canon, using 1984's Ride the Lightning as a template for St. Anger. The title track provides the psychic lynchpin of the album by combining the bombast and defiance of the band's earliest high-water marks with more deliberate lyrics and emotional nakedness. Equally cathartic is "Some Kind of Monster," a lumbering beast of a song that declares, "This is the voice of silence no more." Despite that claim, there's an economy to these lyrics; James Hetfield's raw-toothed growl only occasionally punctuates the menacing soundscapes. In fact, "Dirty Windows," the standout track here, is a shimmering five-minute instrumental that's free of the baroque trappings that sometimes clutter the Metallica landscape. --Jaan Uhelszki ... Read more

Reviews (3471)

3-0 out of 5 stars St. Anger - Original, Classic, Sololess
Metallica's 8th studio album (not counting the garage albums or the live recordings) is a definite return to a more undefined genre of hard rock. It also drives, quite powerfully, in a direction unequal to anything they've recorded in past decades. There's no doubt that die-hard fans will be pleased by the heavy, unpolished and at times absolutely unrelenting sound. For more musically inclined fans, "St. Anger" may be a disappointment. The return to a more "masterofpuppetsesque" sound is unfortunately lacking the beautifully harmonious duel guitar solos and musical complexity that makes "Puppets" Metallica's greatest achievement. It's hard to believe, but it's actually difficult to find anything on "St. Anger" that resembles a guitar solo. There were times during songs such as "Invisible Kid" or "Shoot Me Again" that I could have sworn I was listening to a 1980's Metallica...waiting for that guitar solo that only Kirk Hammett could produce...only to be disappointed. James Hetfield's vocals have never sounded better; topping anything found on "Load" or "Garage Inc." Newcomer bassist Rob Trujillo proves himself Metallica-worthy on every song. This album certainly brings any true Metallica fan a longing for a sound virtually silent since the late 80's. Though it could go without the occasional rapping, and is in desperate need of the occasional mouth-dropping guitar solo, this album could easily be a stepping stone for a band on the verge of something truly perfect. Maybe if they can harness that sound we last heard on "Merciful Fate" off "Garage Inc.", Metallica will truly be the undisputed kings of their genre once least I'll keep my fingers crossed.

4-0 out of 5 stars Lashing Out the Action!
At first listen, St. Anger (2003) sounded like a metal-grunge jam session with a tong-sound snare and improvised lyrics albeit an orchestrated continuity of sound and theme. This wasn't the conventional Metallica I was used to with sharp guitars, tight lyrics, meticulous structures, distinct solos and heavy production.

And that's a good thing. Metallica has already created their Master of Puppets (1986) album. Let's face it, St. Anger is different (get over it!); but rocks very hard nonetheless. The guitars waver from thrashy to sludgy, the songs are dynamic with tempo changes, and there are no oustanding Hammett solos. Lyrically, Hetfield's vocal work sounds looser, spontaneous, and more convincing. The music sounds live, heavy, and raw - and flows like one impressive 75-minute drum solo.

This eleven-track canvas carries a mysterious theraputic light-heartedness amid the insanity of anger. The quartet has turned a new page with "Frantic", introducing the album with a guitar-drum duel followed by a psychotic monologue of rhetoric questions. The title track is always the second on a Metallica album - and demonstrates the dynamic drum-patterns while the guitars stay consistent. It's also interesting that songs involving creatures or monsters - "Some Kind of Monster" go on track three. "Dirty Window" offers a hell of a mean guitar hook. "Invisible Kid" unleashes the tormented cries of a repressed, neglected child. "My World" features a gritty folk-type style of rock where guitars respond to foul-mouthed vocals. The album continues with changing rhythms, and Hetfield's vocals show glorious moments of insanity - check out "Purify" as an example.

St. Anger effectively kills with lightning fast guitar and masterful drums while serving justice in a black industry by loading and reloading the collective talent of Metallica and Bob Rock. Great album!

1-0 out of 5 stars If This Dosnt Signal Coming of the Appocolypse, Nothing Will
Thats right, this is the worst cd ever. What a quincidence, its also the worst band ever. But wait, they're not a band they're just a group of guys playing guitair solos. I would rather listen to Brand New by far, then listen to them. St.Anger is the worst song ever. Yep, it can't get any worse then this in the music industry. Who ever signed them is the stupidest man ever, god help him.

5-0 out of 5 stars just give me a cigarette
simply awesome from start to finish metallica has done it again with another great album i would say this album is as great as master of puppets if not better there's atleast 3 minute long solos in each song by kirk Hammet faster that those on kill em' all and ride the lightning awesome bass lines by cliff burton lars does blazing fast double pedal especially on some kind of monster John Hetfeld is probably the best lead guitarist i've ever heard he's way better than Yngwie Malmsteen, Dave Mustaine, Chuck Schuldiner, Marty Friedman, Joe Satriani, and criss oliva put together only thing i can say now is that this is a truly an intriguing album period

5-0 out of 5 stars RECORD THE DVD!!
Here's an idea for those of you who hate the production quality of the CD. Find a device such as a tape recorder or an MP3 player with recording capabilities. If you have a computer with a DVD drive this will work best, put all your speakers together and then put the device in the middle of your speakers, click on the AUDIO menue of the DVD instead of just PLAY, and then click on STEREO DOLBY DIGITAL, this option works best. Then record every song one at a time, not all the way through because then you will get just one huge MP3 file. Hopefully this suggestion will help some of you people better appreciate "St. Anger" as much as I am without that s*hitty quality. ... Read more

10. War Within
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Asin: B0002VAKK2
Catlog: Music
Sales Rank: 2012
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Album Description

This head-banging quintet from Massachusetts hail as today's metal Gods, with their coveted fourth album release, The War Within. Now you can get their fiery new CD release, featuring the singles, "What Drives the Weak" and "The Power of I and I." You will also receive a limited-edition DVD in an embossed double digipak featuring a video for "Stepping Outside the Circle" from The Art of Balance, two live videos, two guitar lessons and a drum lesson. In addition to the bonus DVD, you will get a third disc containing tracks from other like-minded Century Media Artists, plus the standard CD also features enhanced content (IM icons, screen savers, wallpapers and photos)!

The sound of Shadows Fall is reminiscent of early eighties metal, ala Ride the Lightning era Metallica going head-on with a blender, and the throat-ripping voice of Slayer's Tom Araya. Speaking of rock Gods, The War Within was produced by none other than Zuess (Hatebreed, Blood Has Been Shed and Sworn Enemy). Give Shadows Fall a listen and pound your fist to metal's new voice! ... Read more

11. Garage, Inc.
list price: $24.98
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Asin: B00000FCBC
Catlog: Music
Sales Rank: 3040
Average Customer Review: 4.21 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

This double-disc, all-covers release could come to represent a vital turning point for Metallica. While disc 2 is a straightforward collection of every cover the group have recorded in its 16-year history, disc 1 comprises 11 new selections drawn from the oeuvres of such exciting and diverse artists as U.K. punks Discharge and nefarious Australian Nick Cave. The heavier songs, such as the Mercyful Fate medley, Black Sabbath's "Sabbra Cadabra," and the Misfits' "Die Die My Darling," prove that nobody delivers a crunching riff better than these metal veterans. But it is vocalist-guitarist James Hetfields's confident approach toward the likes of Cave's "Loverman" and Bob Seger's "Turn the Page" that delivers the most electricity; here his raw, heartfelt vocals are largely untouched. Given that the recharged group spent only three weeks in the studio recording these tracks, it appears that these guys have remembered the value of studio spontaneity over laborious pontificating. Hopefully, that mindset will resurface in future projects. --Steffan Chirazi ... Read more

Reviews (522)

5-0 out of 5 stars Great!
On this album Metallica manages to cover songs by their heroes and make them sound like their own while still staying true to the original. That's an extremely hard thing to do. This album is comprised of both new and old cover versions of songs. The first disc recorded in 1998 and the second disc containing songs from their ep's Garage Days Re-Revisited, Garage Days Revisited as well as b-sides and 4 Motorhead covers called Motorheadache. I will review each disc seperately. The first disc opens with the Discharge song Free Speech for the Dumb. This song is extremely heavy and James Hetfield's voice fits this song perfectly. The next song It's Electric was originally recorded by one of Metallica's biggest influences Diamond Head. They make this song all their own. The Black Sabbath song Sabbra Cadabra is next. This is a classic Sabbath album track. Though hardly anyone can touch Sabbath Metallica does a fine job of it. Next up is the first single and Bob Seeger classic Turn the Page. This song is proof of Metallica's versatility as a band and musicians. Kirk Hammett's slide guitar is top notch. The next song is the Misfits classic Die Die My Darling, while Metallica's been accused for ruining Misfits songs I think that they do an excellent job with them. Next is the Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds song Loverman. This song begins slow and moody then throughout the song gets heavy. Next is a medly of Mercyful Fate songs such as Satan's Fall, Curse of the Pharoahs, A Corpse Without Soul, Into the Coven, and Evil. This medley is excellent. Kirk Hammett's guitar playing is excellent and James' voice fits these songs perfectly. The Blue Oyster Cult song Astronomy follows, this song has kind of the same format as Loverman. It begins slow then kicks into a metal song. The second single and another one of the strongest songs on the album is Whiskey in the Jar. Metallica remade this Thin Lizzy classic amazingly. The band is extremely solid on this track. The next song surprised many fans of the band, it is a cover of the Lynyrd Skynyrd song Tuesday's Gone. It is nothing like any Metallica song with the exception of Mama Said off of Load. The do however do Tuesday's Gone great. The last song on disc one is another Discharge song called The More I See. This song has a very solid groove and shows how tight a rhythm section Jason Newstead and Lars Ulrich are, it also shows that Metallica is still and will always be the premier heavy metal band. Disc two begins with songs from Garage Days Re revisited which were from 1987. The first song is the Diamond Head classic Helpless. Lars begins the song with a fast drum beat. This is one of my faovrite songs on this compilation. James' voice is also great but very different from the way he sounds now. the Small Hours is a song that was recorded by the band Holocaut. This track begins with a melodic and almost creepy guitar part and a simple drum beat until James' rhythm guitar comes in and then it kicks into a slow heavy song. The Wait was originally recorded by Killing Joke. It like every other song on this album is heavy, there's nothing really special about this. Crash Course in Brain Surgery which was originally recorded by Budgie is a strong point on this album. Last Caress/Green Hell were originally Misfits songs that I think Metallica did amazingly. I personally feel that these songs put the originals to shame. The next two songs are from Garage Days Revisited from 1984. The first of the two in my opinion is the difinitive Metallica cover song, Am I Evil? This Diamond Head song is truly amazing. The whole band is great on this song especially Kirk Hammett. This song is also occasionally performed live. The next song Blitzkrig is also great, it was originally recorded by the band of the same name. This is another really strong point of this album. The next section is called B-Sides and One-Offs which were recorded between 1988 and 1991. the first song is Budgie's Breadfan. This is another fan favorite for Metallica fans. This song is followed by yet another Diamond Head song, The Prince. This song is also fantastic. The Queen classic Stone Cold Crzy follows. This song was recorded at the same time as Metallica was asked to perform the Freddie Mercury Tribute show. This cover is really good and does the original justice. James Hetfield also performed this song live at the Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert with the surviving members of Queen as well as Black Sabbath co founder/guitarist Tony Iommi. Following this song is the Anti-Nowhere League song So What. This song is still a live favorite and is performed at every show. This song also contains some of the most controversial lyrics I've ever head. The last song in this section is Killing Time which was originally recorded by Sweet Savage. There's nothing really that special about this song. It's good but nothing special it does however have a great bridge/solo in it which in my opinion makes the song. The last section of the album is four Motorhead covers recorded in 1995. Theses are really nothing special at all. They are decent at best. Overkill starts it off, not being a big Motorhead fan I really don't even like this song to begin with so it really doesn't do anything for me. Damage Case, the next song, gets better. They do a good job on it and the guitar solo is really good. Jason does a good job on Stone Dead Forever, it's also an alright song. It's a very bass heavy song. The last song in this section is Too Late Too Late. This song isn't really that good either. Metallica does however make the song better than the original. It is a good way to close the album. As I'm sure most of you can tell I really like this album. I think this can stand up to their 90's albums. It is a really great album that I reccommend to anyone.

5-0 out of 5 stars Garage Inc. is a blast! Excellent!
This set is a tribute to Metallica's influences and favorites. The first disk is so much fun. The band sound like they are really enjoying themselves, and the enthusiasm is contageous. The material is a mixed bag of styles with something for everyone. Metallica slams on the Misfits classic "Die Die My Darling, giddily rock on the Diamond Head and Sabbath tracks as well as on "Whiskey in the Jar" an Irish drinking song that gave Thin Lizzy their first hit. "Mercyful Fate" should send old school fans into bliss as Metallica pays tribute to their Danish pals on the 15 minute medley. "Loverman" sounds dark and sleazy, and the band does justice to their interpretations of Blue Oyster Cult's "Astronomy" and Bob Seger's road dog ballad "Turn the Page." Personally I would love to hear Metallica do BOC's "Cities on Flame with Rock and Roll." That would be sweet! Disk 2 features all the rare goodies fans have been clamoring to get for ages. No longer do fans have to hustle and spend a fortune for these gems, Metallica unloads the whole chest for you. All of the Garage Days and B side nuggets such as "So What!", "The Prince," and "Stone Cold Crazy" are here along with the Motorhead covers Metallica recorded while rehearsing for Lemmy's birthday party a couple of years ago.

3-0 out of 5 stars Good for the second disk
If you are a longtime fan of Metallica im sure you've already heard some of the songs on disk two. It is disk one im worried about. It seems im not the only one either, i've seen alot of terrible reviews for disk one. Yes it is true, disk one lacks inspiration making the covers dull and boring. Just look at the track list and compare it to disk two. If you like Metallica and don't have the b-sides on disk two then I reccomend this. If you happen to have these somewhat rare gems then pass this by and never look back.

1-0 out of 5 stars How many ways can you say CRAP!
Metallica has really lost it for good. Both discs are terrible. If possible, I would give it no stars.

4-0 out of 5 stars SO F****** WHAT!
I bought this cd back in 98 when it first came out and still listen to it to this day. my favorite cd is disk 2 and disk 1 is good except for free speech, its electric, loverman, and the more I see. if you take out those songs and insert 4 new ones you have an awesome cd. metallica admits they love playing covers and they do it well. I love that they make the covers their own in a way. I hope they do another cover cd but with better choices. ... Read more

12. Reload
list price: $17.98
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(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B000002HRE
Catlog: Music
Sales Rank: 2093
Average Customer Review: 3.3 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

For many heavy metal fans, Metallica epitomizes the genre, especially for those listeners who remember the band's fast-and-furious 1983 debut, Kill 'Em All. As a result, their continued foray into a more stripped-down, laid-back sound with this album has met a mixed response. However, there's enough innovation and just plain strange stuff on this album to make it worth a listen. The creepy "The Memory Remains" is perfectly accentuated by Marianne Faithfull's backing vocals, and "Where the Wild Things Are" features the multilayered vocals and guitars that Metallica is famous for, albeit at about half their usual speed. The opening ("Fuel") and closing ("Fixxxer") tracks are especially strong, and intermixed with some slower, country-inflected tunes are the obnoxious rockers that made Metallica the long-running success they are. --Genevieve Williams ... Read more

Reviews (529)

5-0 out of 5 stars ...This Album Is GREAT!
... This is one of greatest cds, definately a gem from Metallica. They don't come much better then this one. All of the songs are awesome, and this cd is great! People are saying that the album is bad filler, and Metallica were sell-outs for making this album and Load. Well people, just because you change your sound, it doesn't mean you're selling out. The album may have a much different feel than other works of Metallica, but it is still an awesome record. I am a true cd reviewer becuase I look at the album, and take it for what it IS. Not what it isn't, could have, or should have been. And I know this "ReLoad" IS a great album.

1.Fuel 9.5/10
2.The Memory Remains 10/10
3.Devils Dance 8.5/10
4.The Unforgiven II 10/10
5.Better Than You 8.5/10
6.Slither 8.5/10
7.Carpe Diem Baby 9/10
8.Bad Seed 10/10
9.Where The Wild Things Are 7.5/10
10.Prince Charming 9.5/10
11.Low Man's Lyric 10/10

12.Attitude 10/10
13.Fixxxer 10+ + + +/10

4-0 out of 5 stars Foray into deeper darker alt. rock/metal
'Reload' is one of my favorite Metallica albums though its nothing like old school Metallica. The reason is that I think it is okay for a band to mature, adapt their sound to the times and soften up just a little bit. With 'Load', the four horsemen decided to enter an alternative grungy territory. Most of the songs off this album and Load sound more like something from Alice In Chains or Stone Temple Pilots. Fuel is an awesome opener. The Memory Remains and Devil's Dance kinda remind me of Sad But True..a slow but raging beast. I love Unforgiven II even though its not as good as The Unforgiven cos its very tuneful. Slither and Carpe Diem Baby sound evil and cool. Where the Wild Things Are is probably one of my favorite songs off this album..has an epic/anthemic flavor. Dont care much for Bad Seed, Prince Charming or Attitude. Better Than You is okay. Low Man's Lyric though soft is awesome with Hetfield's bassey voice (can't believe how deep it gets!) and Fixxxer is a perfect sludgy end to an almost perfect album. If it werent for those three songs I mentioned earlier, I would give this 5 stars. Bottomline..very cool stuff by Metallica, go get it now!

4-0 out of 5 stars good but for true metallica fans only
i know i know this is one of their downfall albums but i like a lot of music besides thrash metal and this is one of em.Lots of good songs on here the opener is the best song. the band really can do well at what they do but once they experiment they sometimes can lose a lot of fans same with other bands too.But im a true metallica fan(cause they're my fav band)so this album is for me...others that are in love with the old metallica stuff stay away from this.

5-0 out of 5 stars Reloaded and better than before
Much better than Load in my eyes better solos faster songs...more dark than load HAHAHAHA long live Metallica

1-0 out of 5 stars The songs that weren't good enough for "Load"
This album contains the songs that weren't considered good enough to be included on "Load". Whereas there were a couple of songs on "Load" that I thought were okay, I didn't like a single one of these.

If you're new to Metallica, I recommend "Master Of Puppets" or "Ride The Lightning".

I have to add though: does anyone else find it ironic that a band that supposedly hates being labeled chose to name themselves METALlica? ... Read more

13. Vulgar Display of Power
list price: $18.98
our price: $13.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B000002JOH
Catlog: Music
Sales Rank: 1098
Average Customer Review: 4.36 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Probably the heaviest album ever to debut at No. 1 on the Billboard album chart, Pantera's Vulgar Display of Power proved that, even in an era of alternative rock supremacy, heavy metal fans were still a force to contend with. Blending eerie, surging grooves influenced by Black Sabbath with thrashy speed metal riffs, Pantera created a bleak, oppressive disc that captured both ends of the speed spectrum without resorting to cliché, abrupt tempo shifts. Guitarist Diamond Darrell plays with as much crunch as the best Metallica, while vocalist Phil Anselmo screams loud enough to satisfy any GBH fan. Coupled with Vinnie Paul's insistent, double bass-drum onslaught, you're left with a record that's a dentist's wet dream--an album that'll shake the fillings out of even the strongest teeth. --Jon Wiederhorn ... Read more

Reviews (165)

5-0 out of 5 stars A landmark, and thats an understatement
"REVENGE!!!, I'm screaming revenge again!" From the minute Phil Anselmo screams those words on opening track "Mouth For War", your thrown in head first to what would become Pantera's landmark defining album, "Vulgar Display of Power". "Mouth For War" flows with intensity, Anselmo sounds just so angry it can't even be put into words, and (before he went Dimebag) Diamond Darrell's blazing guitar solo electrifies the song. "A New Level" is a powerful song of determination which you'll find yourself singing along to. "Walk" is Pantera's most recognizeable song and a concert staple. The catchy riff starts it off, and Anselmo's gruff voice carries the even catchier chorus. "Fucking Hostile" is another one of Pantera's most recognized songs and also a concert staple, and the infamous chorus, double bass drumming, and blazing guitar solo make it one of Pantera's best songs ever. If you don't know "Walk" or "Hostile" by heart your not a Pantera fan. "This Love" starts off as a ballad, but ends up becoming heavy as all hell, and is a great anti-love song and proves Anselmo can sing as well as he can scream. The fast paced "Rise" shows off bassist Rex Brown's talent, as well as Vinnie Paul's intense thrash metal drumming. "No Good (Attack the Radical)" is a fast paced tune as well, and it even sounds like Anselmo is rapping, and he does a good job. "Live in a Hole" is a mournful-esque tune, and the ying to "Regular People (Conceit)"'s yang which has boastful lyrics and an uplifting (well, sort of) feel to it. "By Demons Be Driven" is dark and uncommonly heavy, and is a song featuring the band's disdain towards religion. Closing track "Hollow" is mournful as well, and the lyrical content is Anselmo mourning a close friend who is in a coma. Anselmo once again proves his singing voice before the guitars start to crunch and your thrown into one of Pantera's best songs ever, and what makes it excell is you can hear the pain and dispair in Anselmo's voice, you can hear that it's real, not put on like in most of today's "hard rock" bands. A landmark album by no means, "Vulgar Display of Power" would go on to become Pantera's first platinum selling album (and is still their highest selling one to date), and would help inspire bands of today like Godsmack and Korn to carry on Pantera's aggro-angst metal (note I didn't say Godsmack and Korn could do it better, because anyone in their right mind knows they can't). All in all, this is one album that is a crime not to have.

5-0 out of 5 stars They'll be missed......
It's 1992. With hardcore metal becoming more mainstream(mostly due to Metallica; no comment) and the rise of grunge and hip hop(much to my delight), what would be the fate of the genre? Fear not, fellow headbangers! Pantera, who had already relased the delightfully energetic Cowboys From Hell two years earlier, would excrete their measure of revenge on the music world. Vulgar Display Of Power is the best metal and second best rock album of 1992, after Alice In Chains "Dirt".The influences of Metallica,Motorhead, Rush, Lynyrd Skynyrd and even some Bad Brains are prevelant, and the lyrics and musicianship are top notch. Track for track there is no let up on the kick ass Texas rock; I use to listen to "Mouth For War" "F****n Hostile" and "Walk" all the time, because I bought the album for those songs, but my favorite songs are "Rise", "This Love" and "Hollow". What really suprised me was the song "No Good", where the band sounds like a heavier version of Faith No More, and Phil Anselmo's rapping(if that's what he's doing)is pretty good. It's sad that they've broken up, because metal needs them; but never say never.......

5-0 out of 5 stars Great album
I have recently purchased this album, and i dont regret it. It one of the best metal albums of all time. I have also recently discovered this band, this cd got me into them. My favorite songs are mouth for war and walk. Go buy this album right away.

5-0 out of 5 stars VULGAR DISPLAY OF POWER

5-0 out of 5 stars Pantera in thier prime
Pantera's second metal album

On Vulgar Display of Power we see Pantera evolve into the band we all know them now to be. Phil puts aside the high pitched screams for an angrier approach. An the music itself has a heavier feel thanks to Dime, Vinne and Rex. Vulgar Display of Power is Pantera's most recognized album. This is where you would start if you wanted to show someone the best metal of the nineties. Highlights Include; Mouth For War, Walk and Hollow ... Read more

14. Cowboys From Hell
list price: $13.98
our price: $12.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B000002JNJ
Catlog: Music
Sales Rank: 922
Average Customer Review: 4.6 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Even those who scoff at the idea that rock & roll is the devil's music have to think twice when listening to Pantera. The pill-popping, strip-bar-ogling, beer-guzzling Texas combo takes Metallica's speed-metal cues to new heights of brutality and sacrilege.Fortunately, they're extremely good at what they do. The polyrhythmic complexity of Vinnie Paul's drumming in "Psycho Holiday" and guitarist "Dimebag" Darrell's breathtaking solo in "Heresy" are examples of state-of-the-art metal musicianship. Vocalist Phil Anselmo often sounds like Metallica's James Hetfield, but his brooding croon on "Cemetery Gates" and his falsetto screams on the blindingly fast "Shattered" are more like vintage Deep Purple. Released in 1990, Cowboys made Pantera one of metal's top draws during an era in which it was almost eclipsed by alternative rock. --James Rotondi ... Read more

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5-0 out of 5 stars Nearly equal to Vulgar Display of Power
After a few Glam-Rock influenced records, Pantera became the Band we know and love on this album. CFH and VDOP are two milestones on their own that definitely changed the definition of Metal.

Cowboys from Hell isn't as heavy as Vulgar Display, but the trademarks are there: Diambag's guitar power and blues-influenced solos, Vinnie's incredible drumming, and of course, Phil's awsome voice that compares to noone else! Countless singers tried to immitate him, but he is the only one that definitely gets the point across: All the anger, hate and frustration he writes in his lyrics, added with a voice that's also able to deliver those feelings without just screaming along. But there are somethings that make this one different from Vulgar Display : The songwriting is way better and more diverse than on the follow-up. Songs like "Cemetery Gates", "The Sleep", or "Medicine Man" where never heard by Pantera again, they traded those mellow and diverse moments to more heavy and more brutal elements in their songs. In my opinion, Pantera didn't need that change. They made clowns out of themselves with album titles like "the great southern trendkill" or "reinventing the steel". To me, this post-"Far beyond" Pantera aren't the Pantera I know and love, although they are pretty good. But I'd always put "Cowboys" and "Display" over those records.

So here you got it, as I said a small milestone for Metal in general ( Pantera prooved that Metal hasn't to be hair-viking-camp like Manowar or poser-crap like Poison or Bon Jovi ), and an amazing record in it's own right!

5-0 out of 5 stars Cowboys From Hell ~ Pantera
Pantera is the greatest band of all time. Phillip Anselmo is the greatest vocalist of all time. Dimebag Darrell is the greatest guitar player of all time. Rex is the greatest bass player of all time. Vinnie Paul is the greatest drummer of all time... and now for my completely unbiased review:

Cowboys From Hell is the greatest album of all time!

Track 1: Cowboys From Hell - Perfection.
Track 2: Primal Concrete Sledge - Perfection.
Track 3: Psycho Holiday - Perfection.
Track 4: Heresy - Perfection... listen to that guitar solo!
Track 5: Cemetery Gates - Perfection... arguably the best song on the entire album.
Track 6: Domination - Perfection... the entirely instrumental second half of this song is unbelievable.
Track 7: Shattered - Perfection... amazing vocal-work.
Track 8: Clash With Reality - Perfection.
Track 9: Medicine Man - Perfection.
Track 10: Message In Blood - Perfection.
Track 11: The Sleep - Perfection.
Track 12: The Art Of Shredding - Perfection.

Anybody who tells you that Far Beyond Driven is better than this album is out of their mind. Far Beyond Driven is where Pantera began to lose their touch (though they still ruled in a big way and are better than any other band). Vulgar Display of Power rocks big time, and is almost as good as Cowboys From Hell.

5-0 out of 5 stars If not for this landmark album...
...thrash would have died out. That's the honest-to-God truth. I can easily recommend this album for anyone who's looking for a more brawny and hirsute alternative to Metallica. CFH has lots of outstanding tracks. My personal faves are "Cowboys From Hell", "Art Of Shredding", "Heresy", "Domination", and of course, the uber-ballad "Cemetery Gates". Some say that VULGAR is their best album, but I don't believe so. COWBOYS has better songs, better melodies, and it captures Phil, Dime, Rex, and Vinnie at their youthful prime. Especially Phil, though. Too bad he wasted himself; you can't train enough to have the kind of vocal talent Phil had during this time. Both COWBOYS and VULGAR are phenomenal albums, but this album has their most innovative material. Easily kicks Metallica's arses back to their fricking group therapy. Mwahahaha!

4-0 out of 5 stars Better than most people make it out to be.
Most people call this album okay, but cast it in the shadow on Vulgar Display Of Power. But I feel this is one of Pantera's best albums, and is quite underrated. It has a little bit of a power metal sound to it, like some other reviewers said. But it is a lot faster than their later albums, so that makes it sound a little thrashy. My favorite song from the album is 'Cemetary Gates', and I also like 'Cowboys From hell'. The latter song has one of the most memorable riffs of all time in heavy metal. This is just a really good album from a beginning band.

5-0 out of 5 stars Classic Pantera
Pantera's Debut As a Metal Band

Cowboys From Hell is one of the best metal albums of the nineties. On this album Phil Anselmo takes a very different approach to the vocals then on later outings. He uses a higher pitched wail on some of the songs, and he sings alot more on here. Something that is a rarity on later albums. This is a classic metal album. Pantera fans who don't own this album; you will be dissapointed if you are looking for the brutality of the later albums. This is a great place to start to introduce new people to the band. Hightlights Include; Cowboys From Hell, Cemetery Gates and Domination ... Read more

15. Live Shit: Binge & Purge (CD & DVD)
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Average Customer Review: 4.39 out of 5 stars
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Album Description

Convenient new size...Still f***ing huge! Metallica's Live Sh*t: Binge & Purge - the unprecendented box set featuring three complete concerts on three CD's and three VHS tapes, more than eight hours of live Metallica - is now being made available on three CD's and two DVD's at a special price. This colossal box has sold an incredible 613,000 copies since its 1993 release, and this reissue is sure to swell the ranks of those blown away by these shows. Nothing gets left behind -- the complete original 72-page full-color book is even included on DVD 2, and the commemorative backstage pass and scary guy stencil are enclosed as well. It's a one-two-three punch unmatched by any band, before or since, and the perfect gift for that special someone who needs their ass kicked hard by the world's greatest rock & roll band. ... Read more

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5-0 out of 5 stars Awesome
First of all, let me say that the quality of the DVD picture and audio is quite lacking. The picture is fuzzy and the camera angles are not very interesting and the views switch too fast. If you want a good Metallica DVD get Cunning Stunts, it's awesome. The box set gets a five from me because the three Mexico City CDs more than make up for the low quality DVDs. Almost all of my favorite Metallica songs are on them and they sound so much better live. I can't stand recordings that sound so polished that they seem fake. Kirk's guitar tone on these CDs has much more character than the ones on most of Metallica's regular CDs. Fade to Black is probably my favorite track because the intro with Kirk's solo is slowed down and it sounds amazing. Buy this.

4-0 out of 5 stars Good set, great value for money, but questionable sound.
I'd missed out on the chance to see Metallica live during this tour in support of the band's eponymous 'Black Album', so Live Sh*t: Binge & Purge is probably the closest I'll come.

This former boxed set is now available in two formats -- a double-CD case and a DVD-style longbox. As far as I can tell from their descriptions, the contents are the same, and typical of Metallica, they give you loads of material for a pretty good price -- three live CDs and two concert DVDs for only a little more than the price of two DVD movies.

The good points:

- The three live CDs span a broad range of songs from the band's history, rather than obsessively focusing on the Black Album.
- The sound quality of the CDs is quite good.
- The performances, especially James Hetfield's vocals and rhythm guitar, are searing.
- The DVD concerts are pretty well shot, if a little bit rough on the editing front. I'd always had reservations about getting this set because I was worried the concert footage would wear thin very quickly, but the band's fiery performances, the inventive staging (such as when Lars Ulrich runs across the stage in the middle of "The Four Horsemen" and jumps onto another kit at the other end) and multiple cameras helped make the viewing experience engaging.

The bad points:
- No booklet. I think they should have made the package a little bigger, a small boxed set, and included the booklet.
- The sound on the DVDs is horrible. I've never heard a professional music-DVD release with so many volume fluctuations and bad sound cuts. It's like listening to a live CD with the engineer whipping the faders up and down for no reason. The vocals are muddy, the lead guitar mixed too far back, and all of the tracks on the DVD sound like they have foam in front of the speakers.
- The format I'd bought, the double-CD case, is just not enough to hold five discs. They should have designed a special Digipak, or used three double-CD jewel cases.
- The live CD contains far, far too much crowd noise, banter and moments of waiting for the music. In a concert setting this might be okay, but as a listening experience, it's dreary to listen to a solid minute and a half of war sound effects before "One" can begin. They should have been more diligent with editing.
- No bonus materials. The videos from the Black Album, and especially the legendary music video for "One", would have made very enticing bonus materials for this set.

Despite its shortcomings, this was the last major official release from Metallica before it entered its bitterly contested 'Load/Reload' phase, so as a document of the band's history, this set is invaluable.

5-0 out of 5 stars Live WOW
A perfect chance to see Metallica at the height of their career. Hammering out classics like "Master of Puppets" and "Creeping Death", as well as fleshing out newer gems like "The Unforgiven" (rarely played since the Nowhere Else to Roam tour), Live Sh*t is the be-all and end-all of Metallica live albums. Rivaled probably only by S&M, the quality of songs on these music CDs and DVDs is nothing but astounding. Simply stated, an absolute must for a Metallica fan, or someone wanting to get into Metallica. Not recommended for casual fans for fear of serious "whiplash" (heh heh).

3-0 out of 5 stars From someone who had the originals...
Okay, so I just got done reading all 44 previous comments of this box set and I'm amazed that not a single person remembers Metallica's recording techniques when this originally came out. I owned (just sold it used) the original set that came with 3 VHS and yes, 4 CASSETTE tapes... I didn't have a CD player in my car yet, and hey, my girlfriend at the time gave it to me so I couldn't argue with the price.

Anyway, does nobody remeber the 'scandle'... the 'contraversy?' Yes, Metallica brought out all these production crews to capture the Mexico City, Seattle and San Diego performances. They did their job. BUT (and this is a big but to still call it a "LIVE" album), then Metallica took the raw tracks back to the studio and OVERDUBBED any and all flaws they could find. So to TRUELY call this a LIVE album is a lie. It's doctored.

Now with all of that said and done.... if they were willing to compramise it way back then, then WHY I ask, would they not touch it up that much more for 5.1 surround a decade later on the DVD?

5-0 out of 5 stars Awesome Set
This is worth 60 bucks. It has five discs. 3 cd's and 2 dvds. The whole collection is over 8 hours long. It has 177 minutes of music, a 200 minute concert and a 155 minute concert. How can you turn this offer down. I just dont get why the vhs set is 80 bucks and the dvd set is 60 bucks. Stick with what you want more cause its all good. ... Read more

16. Reign in Blood
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Average Customer Review: 4.48 out of 5 stars
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No one has bettered the ferocity, pace, and brutal power of this 28-minute 10-song set. Guitarists Jeff Hanneman and Kerry King fire out of the gate with the infamous "Angel of Death" and don't take a respite until the fifth cut, "Jesus Saves." And that breather lasts all of 30 seconds. Winding like a mutant Paganini piece, "Postmortem"'s hook is so inescapable that even metal neophytes will find it irresistible. Superbly sequenced and wonderfully executed, this favorite of producer Rick Rubin stands as the most extreme album in thrash-metal history. --Steffan Chirazi ... Read more

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5-0 out of 5 stars A pinnacle for heavy metal.
This is without a doubt one of the best and most important heavy metal albums ever. For Slayer fans such as myself, you know that this is the quintessential album of that band, and they have never even come close to topping their performance on this disc. For fans of any type of heavy music, including punk, this album will give you a burst of speed and aggression that will leave you gasping for air. This, along with Metallica's Master of Puppets, defined, and in many ways killed the genre of Thrash/Speed Metal, because this album is just so hard to top. And the speed, riffs, and demonic and gory imagery helped pave the way for the death and black metal of today.
Opening with the pummeling Angel of Death, this album rips through almost 30 minutes of metal at breakneck speed, ending with Raining Blood, an almost unbelievably heavy track. One of my favorites is the blindingly fast Necrophobic, but all the tracks are very strong - no filler here. Anyone who is even considering adding Slayer to their collection, or courting the dark side of heavy metal should get this disc. Slayer is right up there with Sabbath and early Metallica in the pantheon of Heavy Metal Gods.

5-0 out of 5 stars The first "real" Slayer album to get.
Buying the first three albums from Slayer is more a matter of either completing your collection or showing your age/savvy in finding them before they obliterated the scene with this 1986 masterwork.

You'll hear or read that "Master of Puppets" is the finest thrash album ever recorded. No. A fine effort by Metallica, a true high water mark in metal, but all I ask of anyone making the comparison is to do the following: listen to the bridge of "Raining Blood". If that isn't the most incredible, neck-snapping, pure and unadulterated distillation of metal in its highest form, then you are possibly from Hell itself. That bridge is probably the single most powerful riff of the past 20 years of metal. It is the perfect musical phrase to describe this genre. It *is* Metal.

I get chills just thinking about it. And that's a single bridge in a single song off this album. "Angel of Death" opens in a way you could never do in any other band. Tom Araya's scream establishes exactly what you're in for, and when Dave Lombardo is drilling the double-bass into your head, even the most dense listener will get it.

And here's the ultimate tribute: this album holds up in 2002 better than Metallica's last five albums. And Slayer was just getting started with this album, way back in 1986.

If you don't own this, you're only hurting yourself.

3-0 out of 5 stars Reign-in Money
Just looking through my metal collection, trying to decide what to listen to, and I happened upon this acknowledged classic... and I finally decided to sit down and write about what has always bugged me about this album...or at least this particular issue of it, which has held sway in the catalog for many years now.

In violation of Amazon's "review guidelines" (sorry, Amazon, there's no getting around the fact that price is a legitimate factor in an album review) this review has little to do with the music on this album. It has always surprised me that amid all of the raves about this album, it is seldom, if ever, mentioned, what an unbelievable rip-off this issue of it is. It especially surprises me, when you consider how "anti-commercialism" most extreme metal fans profess to be. Who, at the record label, thought it was a reasonable value to issue a 28-minute album with only two insignificant "bonus" tracks that barely get the total playing time to 35 minutes...AND charge full price for it! Does anyone think this is a rip off, or is this album too much of a "sacred cow" in the annals of metal to mention what a lousy value--and what a glaring example of the music industry at it's consumer-screwing worst--this reissue is! If the label is unable to acquire the rights to one of Slayer's previous albums--such as the Haunting the Chapel EP--to pair with RiB, then they need to reduce the price of this album, accordingly, and get rid of these insultingly lame "bonus tracks." This is a classic example of commerce using the "supply and demand theory" as an excuse to screw the consumer: if it weren't such a metal icon, this EP-length "album"--in fact I have several "extreme metal" EP's longer and cheaper (and btw better) than this--would only be about ten bucks...hell, most Van Halen albums are longer than this (even Diver Down--ouch)! Also, shame on the band, to some degree, for allowing this rip-off to be perpetrated on the fans to whom they are supposedly so appreciative.

If you don't already have this album, buy it used, or have someone "burn" it for you. In its current form, it is not worth full price, "classic metal album" or not.

5-0 out of 5 stars An absolute essential
Reign in Blood is without question one of the best and most important metal albums ever released. This album marks the first Slayer album with Rick Rubin at the helm, and his expertise shows. With Rubin's guidance, Slayer was able to make the fastest and most extreme album ever produced. From the unbelievable riffs of the opening track, the infamous Angel of Death, to the progressive assault of Raining Blood, this album is an absolute assault. The talent of Slayer cannot be denied. Lombardo plays the kit with inhuman precision, while King and Hanneman's dual guitar solos speed along with ruthless aggression. Araya is also in fine form, with some of the most convincing vocals I've ever heard. Here's a rundown of the twelve tracks:

1. Angel of Death: An unbelievable way to start the album. Speeds along at over 200 bpm. The dual solo at the end is absolutely jaw-dropping. 10/10

2. Piece by Piece: The important second track doesn't disappoint. While there aren't any solo's, it's a very good track. 8/10

3. Necrophobic: Un ultra-fast song clocking in at under two minutes. One of my favorites, it's a shame Slayer doesn't play this live often. 10/10

4. Altar of Sacrifice: Another amazing track. Very disturbing lyrics. Tom is very convincing as he yells out "Enter to the realm of Satan!" halfway through. (For the record, none of Slayer are Satanists) 10/10

5. Jesus Saves: Marking a change of pace as Slayer slows down for the intro to this song. I love the build-up to the normal ultra-fast pace of the CD. 10/10

6. Criminally Insane: Another slow-starter, Criminally Insane never really manages to reach the pace of the rest of the album. It is not a bad song however. 8/10

7. Reborn: While the guitar work is simple, the vocals are extremely catchy and well-done. Tom Araya does very well here. 8/10

8. Epidemic: The most underrated song on the album. The song is much more complex structure-wise than most other songs on the album, and the guitars mix it up halfway through. An undiscovered classic. 10/10

9. Postmortem: As the Amazon reviewer mentioned before, Postmortem's hook is unescapeable. The beginning is very catchy, but soon falls into a more traditional structure. This all changes when Tom let's out a blood-curdling scream ("await the final Call!") From here on out, Slayer speeds through to the conclusion. Works best as an intro to Raining Blood. 10/10

10. Raining Blood: A total classic. Taking a more progressive approach than other songs on the album, Raining Blood builds to a ferocious conclusion. A great way to end the album. 10/10

11. (Bonus Track #1) Aggressive Perfector (fast version): Wow. Slayer took an old song and made it much better. A bit more accessible than the rest of the album, this is great song to use to get people interested in Slayer. 10/10

12. (Bonus Track #2) Criminally Insane (remix): In my view the weakest track on the album. I think the album would be better without it, but you can't really complain about a bonus track. 7/10

In conclusion, Reign in Blood is an absolute must. Well-worth your money.

5-0 out of 5 stars HAPPY!HAPPY!JOY!JOY!
Simply put, this album is the zenith of heavy metal; it came out in 1986 and everything since then has really just been an afterthought. To say this is a classic death metal album is actually selling it short. More accurately, this is nothing less than a classic ROCK album, period, and anyone with even a passing respect for avant-garde or extreme music should give this one a listen.
To sum it up, Slayer captured the entire spectrum of human misery, aggression, and wickedness and condensed it into its purest form on this album. It's pretty amazing to think about the places the band had to go to in their minds in order to bring this to life (I imagine chronic depression and marathon drug use played a significant role). Basically, this album has it all: mass murder, demonic possession, insanity, cannibalism, necrophilia, witchcraft, mutilation, suicide, ritual sacrifice, heresy and blasphemy, Doomsday-- you name it. And the fact that it is all presented in less than 30 minutes gives you an idea of the inhuman speed in which it all happens. Sure, all of these themes have become obsolete and even the musical style itself is a little outdated (it's still lots of fun, though) but you've gotta realize that to say this music was extreme when it came out in '86 is a huge understatement.
From the heart-stopping opening riffs of 'Angel of Death' to the final, ominous thunderclaps of 'Raining Blood', the music remains raw, gruesome, and vicious, never straying from the relentless, bloodthirsty drive of unchecked animal instinct. This music is not to be taken lightly: its power is intoxicating in that it only serves to instigate the most destructive, inhuman impulses lurking in all of us. Even to this day, the album really tears down the popular definition of 'listening enjoyment'. Psychologically, it can only have one of two effects: a quick, nasty catharsis that allows you to let off some steam or... a negative, emotional shove over the edge that causes you to smash empty bottles on someone's head or go on a crazed killing spree at the shopping mall. Either way, listen at your own risk; anyone that is sensitive, easily-offended, or emotionally unstable would be well-advised to think twice before letting this ghastly beast of an album into your life.
And for all you others adventurous or dumb enough to do so--yeah, just turn it up, push 'play', and PREPARE TO DIE!!!! ... Read more

17. Oncoming Storm
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Album Description

Metal-Core ... Read more

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5-0 out of 5 stars I don't like just giving away 5 star reviews, but...
...this 5 star review is totally earned. The Metal/Hardcore/Metalcore category has always been somewhat of saturated genre, but now it's beginning to fuse and take form. The front runners are Bleeding Through, As I Lay Dying and obviously Unearth. I'll admit I downloaded the album... but I'm blown away enough to actually go out and buy it. The first song I heard from it was "This Lying World", it's not even my favorite track but I was still impressed. I decided to download the whole thing because I kept hearing the name Unearth more and more. And now that I have the full thing, it hasnt left my CD player since. The drum and guitar work is excellent... and I have no problem saying it dwarfs most bands around today. The moment you hear any of the songs from The Oncoming Storm you'll easily be able to see that Unearth is a very guitar driven band. Even the vocals arent like your generic metalcore singer's screaming and yelling. It actually grows on you. Absolutely no filler tracks, get this album.

Stand out tracks: Failure, This Lying World, Zombie Autopilot, Bloodlust of the Human Condition and Black Hearts Now Reign

5-0 out of 5 stars "The Oncoming Storm" Packs a Powerful Thunder
"Whoa." That was my reaction when I first heard Unearth's new CD, "The Oncoming Storm". Words cannot express just how amazing this CD is. Now, I had huge expectations for this album: I was expecting it to be the best CD to come out this year and to be completely perfect. Even with those expectations, I was still blown away when I heard it. Top to bottom, this album simply amazes me and is my pick for Album of the Year so far.

The first thing you will notice when you first pop this in is that Unearth has decided to favor more of the metal sound on this album and focus less on hardcore. However, they still have some of the most punishing breakdowns you will ever hear. There is a great Swedish metal influence on this record, especially on "Zombie Autopilot", which sounds a lot like In Flames.

The guitar work on this album is just absolutely mind-blowing, it gets very complex. This is their first CD with new drummer Mike Justain, and he provides drum fills galore throughout every song. One thing I love about Unearth is that they never take the easy way out. It would be very easy to just throw a record together and use the same formula and make it so that everyone can play their songs along with them. But, they use their talent to the fullest and play what sounds good rather than what is easy to play. Everything here has been given the time to be perfected, this is not some nu-metal record that was written in 20 minutes. Each song on this CD is different and special in its own way. A few ways that separate each song would be a catchy guitar part, a pummeling breakdown, or a guitar solo.

From the opening song, "The Great Dividers", to the closing song, "False Idols", this album is a miracle. It is so amazing, it will bring you to tears when it is over. But then again, you can always go back and listen to it again, which I strongly recommend you do. Everyone into the metal/hardcore scene better get "The Oncoming Storm". If you don't get it, you will regret it.

Standout Tracks: The Great Dividers, Failure, Bloodlust of the Human Condition, Predetermined Sky

5-0 out of 5 stars Fantastic
This is as good as anyone could ever ask for Metal-core. Not only is it aggresive, but the band utilizes some truly great guitar riffs and melodies similar to those heard from the Gothenburg, Sweden melodic death metal bands like In Flames and At the Gates.

Great for head-banging and simply wonderful for driving music because the drums are so intense and the guitar-work so moving. The lyrics may not be anything exceptional, but awe-inspiring lyrics with remarkable profundity are never required for a good metal or metal-core album; for a good metal-core album one only needs catchy guitar hooks, driving drumming that pulls your head up and down with the beat of the double bass drum kicks, and vocals screaming for you to vent your emotions (anger mostly). This Massachusetts band possesses all of these requisites and still manages to make a unique sound about them, a sound heartfelt like a hard-core band, but still with enough of a raw edge to keep their metal standing in good order.

For fans of Bleeding Through, As I Lay Dying, Killswitch Engage, Zao, Underoath, and the like, give this New England band - one of the best in its genre - the attention it deserves.

5-0 out of 5 stars Wow simply wow!
I was never a big fan of Unearth untill I heard this. The guitar work is simply amazing, songs like Zombie Autopilot are loaded with 80's metal harmonies that are haunting yet beautiful. As a guitar player I'm excited to see the guitar hero making a comeback and bringing technique back to metal.

2-0 out of 5 stars sucks
Justain from Red Chord is being wasted here. His talents are made for more original metal than this garbage. There's one or two good songs on this but its ruined by their need to include at least 10 breakdowns per song. ... Read more

18. Far Beyond Driven
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Asin: B000002JR8
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Average Customer Review: 4.35 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

For Pantera, rage flows like water from a faucet. Far Beyond Driven vents the band's animosity in a maelstrom of hateful harangues fueled by thunderous drumbeats, piercing guitar noise, and raw-throated vocals.--Jon Wiederhorn ... Read more

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5-0 out of 5 stars Metal at its best
1994 was a great year for rock in general, with great releases from (among others) Corrosion of Conformity, Oasis, and Soundgarden. However, the year was definitely topped off by the release of Far Beyond Driven, one of the truly great metal albums ever made. This album is notable first of all for Phil Anselmo's amazing voice. How he manages to sing with such brute force without his vocals simply degenerating into incoherent screaming I'll never know. "Strength Beyond Strength" is perhaps the best example of Phil's vocal ability, as he manages to give the song an amazingly heavy sound to go with the dark lyrics about social decay. The brother team of Vinnie Paul and Dimebag Darrell gives the music force and polish at the same time, as they manage to play with both speed and hardness. Dimebag's solos are outstanding, especially on "Five Minutes Alone" and "I'm broken," he is a great innovator of the instrument. Rex's crunching bass rounds out the band's brutal yet refined sound, he gives the music depth and nuance. This album is topped off by some very intelligent and thoughtful (though sometimes scary) lyrics, most notably in "25 Years" and "Hard Lines, Sunken Cheeks." The band fares extremely well in its descriptions of despair and negativity. And as if Pantera's original songs weren't enough, the album is capped off with a very moody and spacy-sounding cover of Black Sabbath's "Planet Caravan" that allows Phil's singing voice to shine.

5-0 out of 5 stars Far beyond vulgar, it's brutal
After tasting commercial success with "Vulgar Display of Power", Pantera went above the grain and crafted one of the most brutal and frenzied albums to ever hit the Billboard Charts. The first four tracks; "Strength Beyond Strength", "Becoming", "5 Minutes Alone", and "I'm Broken" are among Pantera's best and remain concert staples, all of which showcase Vinnie Paul's frantic thrash metal drumming that showcased him as one of the top drummers in metal history, and the rhythm section of Dimebag Darrel's blazing yet brutal guitar solos and Rex Brown's fleet fingered bass blasts combined with Phil Anselmo's raw, deep throated voice make "Far Beyond Driven" unforgettable from the beginning. "Good Friends and A Bottle of Pills" is a three minute dirge of Phil revealing a dirty little deed to someone he knows, and it is darkly humerous until the ear shattering chorus hits: "I'm serving too many masters". "25 Years" is delibrately slow paced until the second half of the song hits with a chorus you can't help but sing along and headbang to. "Slaughtered" showcases Pantera getting even more heavier, while "Use My Third Arm" and a tripped out cover of Black Sabbath's "Planet Caravan" nicely round out the album. All in all, I find "Far Beyond Driven" to be Pantera's best album to date; better than "Vulgar", better than "Cowboys". This is a modern day classic and one of the definitive albums of the 90's, and I doubt anything Pantera puts out now or later can ever match the ferocity and brutality that is displayed here.

5-0 out of 5 stars Inspiring Riffs
I was greatly inspired by this CD to start playing the guitar. The riffs are amazing. I don't think I've ever heard a better metal guitarist than Dimebag. Pantera isn't even my favorite band (Slipknot is, but Pantera is definitely up there). Anyone who says this CD has no talent should slit their wrists and die! Definitely my personal favorite Pantera album. Buy It, you won't be dissapointed!

5-0 out of 5 stars A Perfect Follow Up To Vulgar Display Of Power
Far Beyond Driven is the perfect follow up to Vulgar Display Of Power. This album was much more on the aggressive, and heavier side of Pantera while Vulgar Display Of Power was the album that had pantera perfect there sound and musicianship. Vulgar Display Of Power is known as pantera's finest hour and the best record that they made selling nearly 2 million records. Many fans of pantera were not sure if pantera could make another record that could match up to Vulgar's success, and intensity. Far Beyond Driven matched Vulgar Display Of Power's success, intensity, and more. With such ear shattering songs as "5 Minutes Alone", "I'm Broken", "Shedding Skin", "Slaughtered", and "Thornes Of Rejection" this album definately matches up to Vulgar Display Of Power. If you don't have this album in your cd collection. Get off your lazy butt, get some money and go out and get Pantera's Far Beyond Driven. You will not be dissappointed with this masterpiece.

4-0 out of 5 stars Solid effort from Pantera
Pantera's third metal album (note that my rating is 4.5 stars not just 4)

With Far Beyond Driven Pantera managed to make thier music even heavier. The end result was some of thier best work. The main drawback to the album is the lack of this incredible work. The terrible tracks 25 Years and Good Friends drag this this album down while the mediocre tracks Shedding Skin and Throes of Rejection just add to the problem. The remainder of the songs are Pantera doing what they do best, it is only the aforementioned filler that holds down this album from being as monumental as it could have. Highlights Include; Becoming, 5 Minutes Alone and I'm Broken ... Read more

19. The Best of Pantera: Far Beyond the Great Southern Cowboy's Vulgar Hits (Bonus DVD)
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Asin: B0000C3I4A
Catlog: Music
Sales Rank: 743
Average Customer Review: 3.24 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Reviews (45)

4-0 out of 5 stars A decent compiliation
Pantera-A band that is synonymous with heavy metal. These guys are considered the best heavy metal act of the 90's, and rightly so. This cd has a track listing that is comprised primarily of their singles, lacking some of the gritty hits that we all have come to love."F@#$ing Hostile" is lacking an appearance on this cd, which blows..big time. There is a 12 video DVD packed with the cd, which is a decent bonus.There are a few Black Sabbath songs on here as well as Ted Nugents' "Cat Scratch Fever." The track listing is as follows:

1. Cowboys From Hell*
2. Cemetery Gates*
3. Mouth For War*
4. Walk(My personal favorite Pantera song.)*
5. This Love*
6. I'm Broken*
7. Becoming
8. 5 Minutes Alone*
9. Planet Caravan
10. Drag The Waters*
11. Where You Come From(live)
12. Cat Scratch Fever
13. Revolution Is My Name*
14. I'll Cast A Shadow
15. Goddamn Electric
16. Hole In The Sky

* means on DVD
Also on the DVD:

Psycho Holiday
Primal Concrete Sledge

If you are a newbie to Pantera, this is a great cd to get your feet wet; but I guarantee you, you will be wanting more Pantera.This cd does feel lacking of some of Pantera's better material, but all in all, it is worth the $16.

4-0 out of 5 stars Thrash With This
If you like any kind of metal , the members of Pantera, Philip Anselmo, Dimebag Darrel, Vinnie Paul and Rex have the ultimate Pantera mix.
This cd has baddass songs from Vulgar Display of Power, Far Beyond Driven and more. This cd is great and a must have for any metal fan.
This cd includes screamin vocals, shreddin guitar solos, smashin drums and rummblin bass action

3-0 out of 5 stars It's good, but posesses many flaws
This is, in my opinion, not the true greatest hits from Pantera. It is a good listen, but it has it's share of flaws. These flaws are:
1. This album has too many songs from Reinventing the Steel. It's not that RITS is not a good album, it's awesome. But they could have left more room for Vulgar Display of Power, their best album.
2. ONLY ONE SONG FROM THE GREAT SOUTHERN TRENDKILL! "Drag the Waters" is a great song, but where's "Sandblasted Skin," "Suicide Note Pt. 2," and "War Nerve?"
3. "Where You Come From" is not truly a necessary song to put on.
Overall, this album is good, but the issue I have is that it has too much from RITS and not enough from VDOP. BUY THE STUDIO ALBUMS IF YOU WANT THE REAL "GREATEST HITS."

5-0 out of 5 stars Like they say, very good for us who are new to Pantera.
Don't get me wrong, I knew who Pantera was. And thanks to Beavis and Butthead and Headbanger's Ball I'd even seen some of their videos a few times. Yet I was never motivated to go out and buy their CD's. I wasn't really into metal much at the time of their zenith in popularity (I was more into hard rock than metal). This album has shown me that I was missing out, but I don't have to miss out entirely.

Its neat to hear and read about the progression of the Pantera sound as well. The Cowboys from Hell songs definitely have a different feel than the Vulgar Display of Power songs or the Far Beyond Driven songs. Based on the tunes chosen, they seemed to go from a more melodic metal feel with a definite metallica/megadeth sound in the earlier days to an almost hardcore style with a mix of their own takes on metal that wouldn't be out of place with some of the popular bands of today.

I'm very taken aback by the range of the vocalist, Philip Anselmo. At times he can really croon, and sing very clear and well. Almost comforting. At other times he can growl with the best of them, and sound as menacing as a lunatic. A really good range. I especially enjoy how he can portray the frustrations of life in such ranges, sometimes all in the same song. Color me very impressed by somone who I had originally dismissed as all growls and grunts.

I've always known that Dimebag Darrell was a respected guitar player, and this CD gives a pretty good sample of why that is. Tons of pinch harmonics and wailing solos, and great meaty riffs as well.

As well, their overall recorded sound was very good. The producer and mixer on those things should be commended, and many modern hard rock/metal bands should take some cues from these guys. You can clearly make out the bass, the drums are crisp, and the guitar doesn't drown out the vocals. Really well done, and very "clean" production for a metal band.

Again, this is how it sounds to me, not the super fan who knows all of their stuff inside out. This CD does make me want to see them live...too bad that's not happening.

The hardcore fans on here seem angry at songs left off, or songs included. I guess I can understand that, but for someone like me who was only casually familiar with them, it was definitely a good buy. It was an even better buy considering I got a DVD of videos along with the CD. To get both for less than some CD's cost I thought was a good bargain.

And it has definitely made me want to explore more of Pantera's music.

3-0 out of 5 stars This is a joke, right?
Is it? Well it's O.K., but it's pitiful compared to what it should have been! The REAL best of album should have been:
Cowboys From Hell
F****** Hostile
Dom/Hollow [live]
Strength Beyond Strength
5 Minutes Alone
Revolution Is My Name
A New Level
This Love
Drag The Waters
War Nerve
Suicide Note Pt. 2
Goddamn Electric
Yesterday Don't Mean Sh**
Psycho Holiday
I'll Cast A Shadow
Cemetary Gates

The above compliation would have been perfect... ... Read more

20. Relixiv
list price: $13.98
our price: $13.98
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Asin: B0007OY3MA
Catlog: Music
Sales Rank: 5315
Average Customer Review: 4.0 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Never having the fame of the giants of metal--Metallica, Megadeth, and Slayer--Over Kill nevertheless have been making some of the most consistently driving thrash since their inception. There is a renewed invigoration on this record--a sense of dynamic and focus that other classic thrash bands have lost over the years.Also, like their east-coast cohorts Anthrax, there is a sense of humor not evident on a lot of metal (just listen to the chugging and snickering "Bats in the Bellfry").The flanged guitar on the opener "Within Your Eyes" belies what’s coming up and, once it starts, it doesn’t let up.The punch of "A Pound of Flesh" and "Wheelz" right in the middle are anchored by groovers like "Love" and "The Mark".Closing with the Motorhead-like anthem "Old School", Over Kill give a list of their achievements and state their allegiance in no uncertain terms, and they definitely deliver. --Robert Arambel ... Read more

Reviews (16)

5-0 out of 5 stars I like this
Just heard "Bats in the Belfrie" off of 'MusicNow WMP' and it's a nice change from the norm, excellently done. Overkill was never an ultra serious band hence the name.

5-0 out of 5 stars You people are crazy
First off, Over Kill is considered to be the greatest metal band of all time by many of us. You so called "fans" should be ashamed of yourselves for writing bad reviews that can only hurt metal music. These guys do what they love each day. What do you 45 year olds out there do for a living? This CD rocks.

3-0 out of 5 stars Classic Overkill
Classic Overkill, the sound and style have not changed but that's sometimes a good thing. Some of the late '80s - early '90s thrash bands changed too much and were never able to capture the feeling they started out with. Overkill is consitent. You know what to expect and you get it. They played a great show in Allentown, PA on this tour, playing songs from the new Relixiv CD that fit in the set very nice, and topped off an awesome night that included metal newcomers Beyond Fallen on the bill as openers keeping pace with the mighty Overkill.

1-0 out of 5 stars I wanted to like this album...
but unfortunetly the band does not allow me to.I have been a fan of Overkill for 16 years and have liked every record up until this one.It is uninspired, boring and poorly produced.Come on guy's...give us something worth listening to.dissapointing at best...

2-0 out of 5 stars Last album produced by Colin Richardson,Why didnt he stay?
I think the main problem with this album is that unlike W.F.O which was completely produced and a great effort, this one sounds horid and leaves much to be desired. Also Linsk is the worst guitarist Overkill has ever had, and i hate to leave out Derek(The Skull) because i don't even know how, or what he contributes to the band. These songs are just boring, and very repetitive as stated in another review. Also whats with Blitz's hillbilly heavy metal ho-down vocals on this album? Its hard to say this album sucks, but its even harder to say it doesnt. Get the new Kreator(Enemy Of God) album instead, hopefully Overkill will get out of there slump with the next release. ... Read more

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