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41. Yield
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42. Sap
$9.98 $6.61
43. Sweet Oblivion
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44. Ten Year Super Bonus Special Anniversary
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45. From the Muddy Banks of Wishka
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46. Transnational Speedway League:
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47. The Elephant Riders
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48. Sparkle & Fade
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49. Houdini
50. Down on the Upside
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51. Louder Than Love
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52. Music Bank
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53. Boggy Depot
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54. Thank You (Bonus DVD)
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55. Binaural
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56. Bricks Are Heavy
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57. State College Pa: May 3 2003
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58. No Code
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59. Presidents of the United States
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60. Adrenaline

41. Yield
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Asin: B000002BYD
Catlog: Music
Sales Rank: 8552
Average Customer Review: 4.6 out of 5 stars
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The Seattle band once notable for its arena rock anthems is now remarkable mostly for its hushed melodies. On Pearl Jam's fifth album, the rockers seem slapdash ("Do the Evolution", "Brain of J"), and the arty experiments sound self-conscious (especially the 67-second knockoff, "-"). That leaves the ballads, especially the lovely lilt of "Low Light" and the clear-eyed lament of "Wishlist." On the latter song, Ed Vedder (as he now calls himself) yearns to be many different things, from a neutron bomb to a souvenir key chain. However, the line that sticks out is, "I wish I was as fortunate, as fortunate as me." Instead of considering himself lucky to be a rock star, Vedder sounds relieved to have moved beyond it.--Keith Moerer ... Read more

Reviews (266)

5-0 out of 5 stars Ture Genius
This has to be Pearl Jam's greatest album. Lyrically, I have never heard anything better by any other artist -EVER- !!

A song-by-song review:

1. Brain of J-Thrashy punk rock, fast and hard. This song sounds
a lot like a combination of Spin the Black Circle
and Lukin. 8/10
2. Faithful-True Pop! This song is absolutely beautiful-my second
favorite on this album. The lyrics are odd to
interpret, at times seemingly a sarcastic statement
about religious faith, at others a pledge of faith
to a lover. 10/10
3. No Way-Cool song with a thick, heavy beat. Vocals are a bit
odd, but cool nonetheless. Uniqe among the Pearl Jam
catalogue. 7/10
4. Given to Fly-What can I say but Oh My GOD! This song contains
some of the most beautiful lyrics I've ever heard
wonderful guitar work, and catchy-yet-original
drum work. It's a continuing cycle of
building, building, building and then
EXPLODING. This is my favorite song on
this album and one of my favorite songs of all
time. 11/10
5. Wishlist-Very soothing ballad. Not the verse-chorus-verse
formula most often used. Sarcastic, sedistic,
pessimistic, and optimistic at the same time, it's
a great song for any mood. 10/10
6. Pilate-Weird lyrics but not extremely original, but still a
really good song. 7/10
7. Do the Evolution-Wow! Definitely not Pearl Jam-like. It's a
rock-dance song. Catchy beat, cool guitar
playful (although cynical) lyrics. 9/10
8. *red dot*-funky weird experimental stuff. Funny and cool.
Not ratable.
9. MFC-Nice pop/punk type of song. Almost sounds like a Green Day
song at times. Lyrics are similar to those of RVM. 8/10
10. Low Light-Another soothing ballad. Sounds country-tinged at
times. Eddie's voice sounds great on this one. 9/10
11. In Hiding-Cool guitar solos (not metal solos, almost
classical type solos) make this a good one. Eddie
cries like Neil young on the chorus. Poetic
and intelligent as well. 9/10
12. All Those Yesterdays-You can tell they were using an
electronic drum set on this one. Guitar work is a
bit unoriginal. It's a good song, but my least
favorite on the album. 5/10
Hidden track starts shortly after the end. It
sounds like a Mexican Jig. bugs.

IF you don't own this album, you should get it. If you don't own any Pearl Jam albums, I suggest you get Ten first, so you can see where they've come from, but this is their greatest!

5-0 out of 5 stars I wish I was the verb you'd trust
It wasn't until something like the 100th time that I listened to Pearl Jam's 1998 album "Yield" that I realized how great it was. And it still is. It's almost shocking how complete and fulfilling this album is; it creeps up on you and one day lets you know how excellent it is. I liked it from the first time I listened to it, but suddenly realized HOW much I liked it out of the blue.

For those of you who found "No Code" a little slower and a little less mainstream than what you're accustomed to, "Yield" brings you back into the fold with a very nice blend of in-your-face-rock and ballads that only Pearl Jam can produce. The lyrics are smart, creative, and full of thought. Far too much music these days lacks meaning and lacks a purpose. Too many bands have forgotten that there is supposed to be a reason, a motivation behind a song; Pearl Jam hasn't. Songs on "Yield," like "Faithful," "No Way," "Wishlist," "Do The Evolution," and "Low Light," don't forget that there's a reason.

This is a great album. Tracks like "Given To Fly," "Wishlist," and "All Those Yesterdays" are worth the price tag alone, but you get 10 other great songs to go along.

You should also look for two great b-sides that came from the "Yield" studio sessions; "Leatherman" and "U."

4-0 out of 5 stars Go for "Yield" and don't stop.
In my years of listening to "Pearl Jam", I've enjoyed everything from "Ten" to "Riot Act". If I had to keep just one of their albums, the one I find is the best of all things "Pearl Jam", it would be this one. It's not the straight forward rock record the first two were, but also not quite the experiments that "Vitology" and "No Code" are. It's the perfect middle ground of everything before it. There's a number of grunge/punk rockers like "Brain Of J" and "Do The Evolution", as well as some mellower tracks which I feel they excell at, like "Low Light" and "All Those Yesterdays". Plus bonafide hit material like "Given to Fly" and "Wishlist" both are. Now again, I like most everything they've done, but this is the disc I'm most "Faithful" to.

3-0 out of 5 stars The All-Important Return To Normalcy, Not PJ's best but good
(Actual Rating-3.5 Stars)
Yield(1998). Pearl Jam's Fifth Album.

Throughout the 90's, Pearl Jam was, and still is, an Enigma. Unlike other bands, they despised the spotlight, yet their albums, and the songs off them, became more popular than they could ever imagine. 'Ten', 'Vs.', and 'Vitalogy' were Bona-Fide Grunge classics, and Pearl Jam, instead of embracing their popularity, tried to destroy it. They experimented with New Age in 'No Code', and it was a commercial and critical failure. Then Pearl Jam became embroiled in a Legal battle with Ticketmaster, which put them on hold. So, in an attempt to win back the fans and the critics, Pearl Jam made and produced 'Yield', where they got back to the bare bones of their Early Grunge Days, blending genuine Hard Rock, Punk, and Mellower songs. So, is 'Yield' as good as the Big 3, or is it just another 'No Code' Disaster? Read On To Find Out....

Track Listing-

Brain of J- An ode to JFK, "Brain of J" starts 'Yield'off well as Gossard's Black Sabbath-y riff blows out the speakers, and Vedder's questioning vocals echo throughout the room. A Great Rocker, and Gossard/McCready's Guitar Work is amazing!

Faithfull- Pearl Jam softens up for "Faithfull", focusing on Vedder's vocal talents, but Gossard/McCready(I'll refer too them as the duo from here on out) shell out riffs and solos that make this "Ballad" an intense rocker.

No Way-"No Way" blends Psychadelic Rock with Funk, and by mixing in Vedder's soft-spoken vocals, and "The Duo"'s bluesly guitarwork makes this an interesting experiment.

Given To Fly- "Given To Fly" is a "Pearl Jam" Ballad, which means it can go from Vedder calmly belting out lyrics behind mellow guitars, to him screaming out the chorus behind "The Duo's" chugging guitar. "Given To Fly" is no exception!

Wishlist- "Wishlist" is 'Yield's biggest hit, but it's a very weak song. Vedder's vocals are inspired, but the song never picks up, and basically Vedder's vocals are all the song has to offer.

Pilate- "Pilate" is another "Pearl Jam" Ballad, with slow musical measures being interspersed with energetic choruses. Vedder's vocals are top-notch, and "The Duo"'s riff is enjoyable if a bit dull.

Do The Evolution- "Do The Evolution" is an awesome Hard Rocker, with "The Duo"'s Folk Rock-y riff(It sounds nothing like Folk Rock though) blaring out the speakers behind Vedder's angry vocals.

Untitled(Red Dot)- This nameless song is basically just a weird filler song with "What, Go Crazy" being said over and over.

MFC- "MFC" starts off like "Even Flow" with "The Duo"'s light-hearted riff coming out front and center, with Vedder singing with his usual flair. This is a very "happy" song, and "The Duo"'s guitarwork really makes me happy.

Low Light- Another ballad, "Low Light" contains some great vocals and keyboarding, yet it comes out sounding very boring. A decent song.

In Hiding- "In Hiding" picks up the pace, emphasizing "The Duo"'s skills, creating another light-hearted song. Vedder's brooding vocals and the guitar riff make this a "Pearl Jam" ballad. Awesome Hard Rocker!

Push Me, Pull Me- "Push Me, Pull Me" is very odd, with Vedder talking behind a chugging guitar, and being interrupted by a choir of "Push Me, Pull Me". It's like where Roth talks during "Hot For Teacher", except it's a full song. An okay song.

All Those Yesterdays- "All Those Yesterdays" is a mix between Alt Rock and New Age, very much like the material from 'No Code'. Although it takes awhile to get fully going, Vedder's vocals and "The Duo"'s guitarwork really shine. Unfortuneatly it takes too long to get to the point.

Overall, I found 'Yield' to be a good, yet flawed album. Although I'm glad they went back in a good direction, Pearl Jam still seems like they haven't quite found another Ten or Vs. yet. While the first half of 'Yield' was excellent, minus "Wishlist", the second half seemed rather bland, with "In Hiding" and "MFC" really only standing out. Vedder's vocals were top-notch, and Stone Gossard and Mike McCready's guitar work were also excellent, but that's wasted on filler like "Untitled" and "Push Me, Pull Me", which really saddens me. A Good, Yet Flawed Album.


5-0 out of 5 stars We're Faithfull....
Been years since I purchased this. Brilliant album art.
I wasnt really big on "Brain of J" until recently after completing a few hundred listens of Yield."Faithfull"starts and you hear the most beautiful discreet sound of guitarring And then Eddie's mindblowing lyrics "Plaque on the wall says that no one's slept here/t's rare to come upon a bridge that has not been around/Or Been Stepped On..." What follows is a brilliant power punch of a song that really brings delight and joy to me.

"No Way" is brutally addictive with its lyrics for an insatiable desire for a love one wants. "Given to fly" tests you.....its out there. "Wishlist" was my favourite track on the disc for the first few dozen times. "Do The Evolution" is something that shocked me. Its amazing how this band can be so unpredictable.

Then follows the last few tracks....which are truly the best. "In Hiding" reminds you of the times in your life when you're alone and maybe still are. It truly speaks to my soul and has this amazing ability to leave me expressionless totally overwhelmed. The last track on the disc "All Those Yesterdays" is certainly something the album needed to make it a truly unforgettable experience. Its the perfect full stop. The vibe around the song just raptures me into emotional shockwaves , the kind that words seldom express. Pearl Jam have been my favourite band for a while now and this just might be an album which is not bound by time. It holds its own. It will last forever. Pearl Jam will last forever. ... Read more

42. Sap
list price: $9.98
our price: $9.98
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B000002B2X
Catlog: Music
Sales Rank: 9464
Average Customer Review: 4.49 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Reviews (49)

5-0 out of 5 stars Utter perfection....
Alice In Chains accidently outdid themselves here.... SAP, although only having 4 songs, is MUCH better than Jar Of Flies, Tripod, and ranks near Dirt's level..... each song is nearly perfect.... Brother is chilling, and one of my favorite Alice songs ever.... Got Me Wrong IS the greatest AIC song ever..... Right Turn is awe inspiring, and features Chriss Cornell and Mark Arm... Am I Inside is the most creepy song on this album, but it still rocks. Even Love Song (the most annoying song Chains has, only because after I finish listening to SAP for the sixtieth time, an array of belching, sniffing, and flatulence starts playing....Heeeheeeheeee) is great (because it is HILARIOUS!). I've listened to this FOUR SONG EP pretty close to 1,000 times.... more than I've spinned the rest of ALice In Chains' CDs combined (even Dirt). I don't know WHAT attracts me to SAP, but it's one of the masterpieces of music, and it's worth your 9 dollars! BUY IT OR YOU ARE CRAZY!

3-0 out of 5 stars Good transitional EP... (3 STARS)
Not quite as authoritative as the EP that would be released after it, Alice in Chains' "Sap" is still a worthwhile effort. AIC was now known for their depressing, drug-related lyrics, and Jerry Cantrell's guitar, but something would fill the void between "Dirt's" antipathy and the beauty of "Jar of Flies." Enter: Sap. "Sap" is best known as a necessary transitional piece; the first experimentation with the soft and subtle.

The opener, "Brother," is simply classic Jerry Cantrell; A superb vocal line over open-barre chords. The band even delves into pop-alternative on the fan-favorite "Got Me Wrong." But the album is characterized mostly by the calm and eerie "Am I Inside," a vulnerable, self-questioning ditty that taps into the cerebral. The Alice MudGarden presented "Right Turn" is another nice touch, shining on moments of Chris Cornell's patented vocal stylings, Cantrell's writing, and the two or three notes that Mark Arm hits that aren't flat. The EP ends on "Love Song," one of those numbers that can't be listened to more than a few times, but thinking about always makes you laugh. This is a commodity that will largely be enjoyed by the faithful AIC fans, but shortcomings excluded, could convert a few. Overall: 6 of 10.

2-0 out of 5 stars Equal to the # of songs, 2 stars for 2 GREAT songs out 5!!!!
Straightforwardly, at the very beginning, I'll clarify exactly where this cd, their first EP offering, stands in terms of relevance and approaching Alice In Chains with a fair, sober mind. Even though this little five song EP is by the most revered AIC, I feel that most of the reviewers here are misjudging it completely, romanticizing it with a bias so extreme-because it's their favorite band-that they're disadvantaging any naïve person who'd read their reviews. The reason for this is because most reviewers who review this cd are looking at it with the most discriminatory, rose-colored glasses, dismissing the glaring flaws in this work and, instead, exclusively judge it narrow-mindedly as being up-to-par, due to AIC's reputation for perfection. Right? Well, not entirely, varmints. Everything besides the marginally few Got Me Wrong and Brother aren't just sup-par-they're also beneath what one should expect from the driven ideas behind Alice and beneath what they should've offered their "fans" in between albums, those years ago.

I remember watching an interview from Alice In Chains from November 1991, concerning this cd's release, to be more particular, just with Staley and Cantrell, and in said interview, Staley explained that Sean Kinney had a dream in which he dreamt that the songs for their band's next album were sappy, due to the songs being of a "milder" nature than their normal fare. Tragically, the self-deprecating notion of this EP's title seems to have been taken advantage of monstrously too literally, as the quality of "Right Turn", "Am I Inside" and the Untitled accident all reflect the same nature of disparagement that the title of SAP eludes too. The song "Right Turn" starts of deceitfully promisingly enough-but then something wretchedly unexpected happens. What started out grudgingly decently, with Cantrell singing and two acoustic guitars being strummed in a repentantly regretful invocation, mountingly begins to reveal its true, displeasing nature when it gets to the chorus. By this point, it furiously and absolutely sounds like a truly misused country-cowboy sort of ditty, further dissatisfying because this is practically the opposite of everything that Alice In Chains stands for. Next, this song worsens this foulness by totally falling apart as it progresses to its end, when the out of harmony, discordant voices of Arm, Cornell and Cantrell are fighting each other to be the loudest voice heard. Subsequently, the next pestilence on here is no better. It must be a curse that follows these two songs around, for my complaint's almost exactly identical to why I couldn't stand "Right Turn". "Am I Inside" is afflicted from the same plague that bothers "Right Turn", namely its chorus. The verses of "Am I Inside" start out, again, promising, what with its mysteriously esoteric, thought-provoking dark origins, but then, by now predictably, like "Right Turn", it kills any tolerance one can muster, in its chorus. Not only does the inherent melody seem inconsistent, but it's also made irremediably unsalvageable with the addition of one of the banshee Heart voices of those PMSers, because their wailing screeches are intolerable. Sadly, to keep this cumulative, I've also to cover the last of the wreck, Untitled, which, rightly so, should stay unnamed and unnoticed, seeing as it's just a poorly pitiable alibi to sneak in rotten fart noises, belches and other unsanitary bodily noises and incoherent chaos from AIC's members. To finalize how passionately I can't coexist with these three failures, I would even prefer AIC's demos from before they got a record deal. That's right, not the polished demos from Music Bank, but the low ones from the late 80s, where Alice, at the time, were struggling to decide whether to go legitimate or imitate the countless other ass-shaking bands of that humiliating, hair-swinging dark period in modern history.

If you ferociously jump to conclusions-wait for it-don't get ME wrong. My appreciation for AIC's potential and pure musical gift is so great that it dissatisfies me to see that these boys had squandered it on a track they probably weren't serious with to begin with. If they would have been dedicated to crafting all five of this EP's songs-not just the two-with purposeful determination, instead of shabbily mishandling the last three, then it would be a perfect package like the rest of their creations. More troublesomely for me, someone who never ceases to be impressed by Alice's continuing escalation of achievement in each of their songs, is that this EP undependably almost looks like it was done as an inside joke job by the members of AIC, because, as the last track indicates, they seem to have dilapidated into goofing-off misbehavior at that stage.

This is supposedly the last cd where Staley was licitly clean, right before his heroin habit started checking in on him, and was supposed to tide fans over until the release of the unmatchable DIRT. Like all bad things get counterbalanced with some good, so too does this cd offer gems, restricted to the 1st two songs, and that's it. It is plain to see why Got Me Wrong and Brother stand head and shoulder above the last three. Each of them has above average success with guitar solos (ascendingly remarkable considering the sappy material), infectiously memorable melodies and beats, great feeling and yearning in how either Staley/Cantrell hum and sing the songs, and transitionally sobering themes, such as in Brother. Brother, nonetheless, though using ambiguously disturbing subject matter, retains that classic AIC penchant for scarily and enormously delving into somewhat taboo, grave themes, yet resulting in an outcome that's consistently optimistic, exclusively due to the beauty with which it was composed, written and played. It's a blinding fact that for this EP to have ended in something entirely palatable, they should have nixed the unrelentingly aggravating guest appearances (HEART, HEART, HEART), nixed the unambitiously uninspired approaches to "Right Turn" and "Am I Inside", nixed the staggering withdrawal of solos and should have curbed Cantrell's singing more, leaving more for Staley.

4-0 out of 5 stars Foreshadowing for great changes to come
During Alice in Chains' transition from bluesy metal to grunge metal, they released an EP which raised the standard for beauty in the world of grunge. "Sap" starts off with "Brother", a hauntingly beautiful work of poetry, followed by "Got Me Wrong", a more upbeat tune which stands out prominently on the Clerks soundtrack. "Right Turn" is a good song with a who's who guest list of the Seattle rock scene. "Am I Inside" starts off creepy, but progresses into a great rock song with fantastic backing vocals, and proves itself the benchmark for sublimely dissonant harmonizing. "Sap" is the turning point for one of the greatest bands of the 90's, and proves itself listenable time and time again. There is also an untitled fifth track which is tolerable for only one listen and hardly worth mentioning.

5-0 out of 5 stars Much better than all this new crap!
Sap is definetly one of the best albums ever.It starts out with the melodic but still hard rocking "Brother" in which Layne Staley is backed by Ann Wilson of Heart, and has some seriously good guitar riffs and their signature voice mixing. Next is the classic "Got Me Wrong" (which is also on "Unplugged" and "Nothing Safe: Best of the Box") which is often considered the best song on this album and definetly lives up to the title, with lyrics by Jerry Cantrell such as "I haven't felt like this in so long Wrong, in a sense too far gone from love." The third song is "Right Turn" where Staley sings with Chris Cornell of Soundgarden and Mark Arm of Mudhoney and is one of the best vocal mixings of all time. The last listed track is "Am I Inside" which I think is the best on this album after "Got Me Wrong" because of the guitar and the great vocals. the bonus track is a bizare so called "Love song" that would better fit on Facelift than Sap. Overall this a gret album. ... Read more

43. Sweet Oblivion
list price: $9.98
our price: $9.98
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B000002897
Catlog: Music
Sales Rank: 8978
Average Customer Review: 4.75 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

The Screaming Trees should've had it all, and Sweet Oblivion is the album that should've given it to them. The Ellensburg, Washington, band's second major-label disc is as expert a set of pounding grunge and shifting moods as anything this side of Nirvana. But despite a set of brilliant hooks, intriguing lyrics ("Shadow of the Season," "Julie Paradise"), and Mark Lanegan's attention-getting vocals, it stopped short of going gold. Still, along with its belated follow-up, Dust, this is a masterwork of '90s hard rock. --Rickey Wright ... Read more

Reviews (24)

4-0 out of 5 stars Superunknown.
Everytime I listen to this and "Dust", I wonder why "Screaming Trees" weren't as huge as the other four Seattle grunge bands. They certainly were in the same league at least. This album starts really strong with "Shadow of the Season" and doesn't let up much after. The second song "Nearly lost You" was on the "Singles" soundtrack also. "Mark Lanegan" has a unique and rough voice that fits the music well. Recently he's sung with "Queens of the Stoneage". Overall, if you're a fan of that classic-grunge-rock sound, and don't know "Screaming Trees", get this album. It's sweet.

4-0 out of 5 stars very underrated album
The best way to describe this album is 90's hippy/alternative rock. I liked it a lot. The songs seem like they arent really hard but playful i dont know how to explain but you have to find out. if you buy nirvana or PJ just get this album its a good one. Ive only heard of this band and i got it and it was great. Although i wasnt really impressed with mark lanegan's voice. thats why some of the songs which were mar haevy like 'dollar bill' or 'winter song' werent the greatest

5-0 out of 5 stars Nirvana wasn't the only band from Seattle...
Screaming Tree's is just as good as Pearl Jam or Nirvana, and it's a pity that still no-one has really HEARD their stuff. Sure they've heard the name but this band has yet to grace their ears and probably won't unless you shove it down their throats. :)

5-0 out of 5 stars Flannel Power
I still remember the first time I heard and saw the video to Screaming Tree's "Nearly Lost You:, I was in a Louisville hotel fixing to start some training for a new job. That was a wild time. I was turning 20 and it is a wonder I am still around to tell about it. I found this cd and got to listening to i and man I wish I had got to see them. Grunge rock still is amazing! This cd is an essential to any person who experienced the grundge movement during the 90's. Get it now!!!

5-0 out of 5 stars Sweet The Pain Of Life
I walked out the door about 10 year ago...and told my household
I was going out to find Sweet Oblivion!!!..Well that night I went out to a friends house , drank a bottle of vodka,8 beers and went driving...crashed my car...went to jail...all that...damn...

Now all these years later...Im listening to the cd again...and Im floored...Mark Lanegan sounds like a dying man with some hope,,,,and the band rocks..the death chant...this is not the Grunge band that the papers talked about...this is the real Im glad Im still around to write this...
Rock on... ... Read more

44. Ten Year Super Bonus Special Anniversary Edition (w/ Bonus DVD)
list price: $18.98
our price: $14.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B000654YVA
Catlog: Music
Sales Rank: 5549
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Album Description

The Presidents Of The United States Of America’s 1995 debut went double platinum in the U.S., rocketed all the way to #6 on Billboard’s Top 200, produced three Top 40 hits & a #1 single on Billboard’s Modern Rock Chart, and garnered two Grammy nominations and a gaggle of critical praise. You either loved this record or…you loved it.

The band is back and, believe it or not, they once again own this album. They’ve chosen NAIL to distribute it, which is in line with their renewed esprit de corps and desire to keep things friendly and local this time around. The album is on the band’s own PUSA Music label, headquartered in their hometown of Seattle, just up the road from NAIL’s Portland HQ. Getting the rights to this classic debut back from Sony precipitated the band’s recent much anticipated reunion.

The Presidents played their first show in five years on New Year’s Eve 2002, and in the last year and a half they’ve continued gathering steam. The new songs originally recorded for the re-release of their debut became a whole new album, 'Love Everybody,' which produced the current radio hit "Some Postman." The band has been touring the U.S. this summer and fall in support of that release, and will continue with dates in major markets through the end of 2004. ... Read more

45. From the Muddy Banks of Wishka
list price: $13.98
our price: $13.98
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B000000OVZ
Catlog: Music
Sales Rank: 3201
Average Customer Review: 4.39 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Kurt Cobain's former bandmates Krist Novoselic and Dave Grohl clearly had an agenda in compiling From the Muddy Banks of the Wishkah, the second of what will no doubt be a long line of posthumous Nirvana albums. Because of its somber, intense nature, the first post-Cobain release, MTV Unplugged in New York, was largely perceived as music for a wake--an impression reinforced by MTV's constant airings of the special in the days following Cobain's suicide. But that acoustic detour aside, the Nirvana live experience was always about displaying a lust for life--not a death wish--with all the energy the musicians could muster.Wishkah offers 16 songs spanning the band's career, all delivered in the loudest, most frenzied, and sometimes the sloppiest versions imaginable. In the opening "Intro," a snippet of pre-show noise, Cobain screams his heart out in joyful contrast to the haunted screams on "Where Did You Sleep Last Night." Then the group launches into "School," which ends with the spirited chorus "Don't be sad." Indeed, it's impossible to dwell on the maudlin when listening to these renditions of "Smells Like Teen Spirit," "Sliver," "Heart-Shaped Box," and "Negative Creep"--they're too loud and too full of life. But while it should be applauded, Wishkah isn't the great lost Nirvana album--there are no unheard gems to add to the catalog--and in the end, it isn't nearly as essential as any of the band's studio albums--or even the downbeat but revelatory Unplugged. --Jim Derogatis ... Read more

Reviews (129)

5-0 out of 5 stars An intelligent introduction to Nirvana...
Originally intended to be released as a double cd along with "Unplugged: Live in NY," this album is THE perfect way for anyone interested in Nirvana to start their collection. As Krist says in the liner notes, "Nirvana started as a live band..." This CD is an excellent sampling of Nirvana's canon in their element...the stage. There is an added slice of attitude in these live versions of the songs that solidify what Nirvana was about. Several songs on the album stand shoulder-to-shoulder with their studio versions if not better. Several I enjoy listening to more than the studio cuts. The best part about "Wishka" is the track selection: you can tell that a true fan compiled this cd (instead of say the greatest hits cd)...hits like Lithium and Heart-Shaped Box are found along side Blew and Spank Thru...spanning the band's career from Bleach to Utero. In conclusion, anyone who is genuinely interested in getting into this great band should pick this album up before Nevermind and (definitely) before the greatest hits album and the real Nirvana fans would miss an integral part of what Nirvana was about without it.

3-0 out of 5 stars Ok, could have been much better
Disclaimer - I possess and have listened to almost 200 different Nirvana concerts obtained through tape trading. I am not your run-of-the-mill Nirvana fan!

The good: A lot of the performances chosen for certain songs were very good...anything from the 12/28/91 performance (Drain You, Aneurysm, Smells Like Teen Spirit), Scentless Apprentice from the MTV Live and Loud concert, Tourette's from the famous 1992 Reading Festival, Negative Creep from the famous 1991 Seattle Halloween concert, and the Heart-Shaped Box is a good one.

Also, they only repeated one track from Unplugged, and the screaming intro was a nice addition.

The bad: Some of the performance choices were sub-par, and that's coming from a person who, unlike Krist and Dave, doesn't have access to soundboard recordings of every show...I could name dozens of better performances than the ones chosen for School, Been a Son, Lithium, Blew (suggestion: also should have been culled from Halloween 1991), Sliver (any 1990 or 1991 version would have been better), Milk It (the next night same city and venue was much better), Breed, and Polly (much better in 1991, but even sticking with pre-Nevermind versions as this album did there are way better ones).

Also, though longer than the travesty of a greatest hits album released last year, this only runs about an hour. In the 20 minutes of space left, they should have included other live staples not on Unplugged like Floyd the Barber, Dive, Radio Friendly Unit Shifter, Serve the Servants, and the grand finale should have been a live version of Endless, Nameless (preferrably, again the 1991 Halloween performance), the secret track off Nevermind.

Finally, the dates documented in the liner notes are often incorrect.

The ugly: That has to be the worst performance of Spank Thru I've ever heard. Wow, it's bad.

This is as good of a place to start to get into Nirvana's live performances (since there's nothing else available), but I hope that there will be a better release than this someday, preferrably one that is a full live concert.

4-0 out of 5 stars From the Muddy Banks of Wishka [LIVE]
From the Muddy Banks of Wishka [LIVE]~ Nirvana is an interesting post nirvana album. The treacks vary greatlin quality. Some are really good like other sound terrible. Overall 4/5.

5-0 out of 5 stars NIRVANA
If u love nirvana u should check this band out all their influences include nirvana their name is cannibal garden their site is you should spread the word around about them.

4-0 out of 5 stars Some great picks then some god-awful ones.
Overall this is a good cd to show what nirvana was like live. It gives me some idea since i would have only been 4 when kurt died. I will tell u upfront i love all the bleach songs on this album with david grohl on drums. This is a great album but in the future i hope they will make a better one, along with a new greatest hits(that was a horrible choice of songs on the greatest hits).
1. Intro- Why in the hell include this, ditch it for a song
2.School-sounds awesome with dave at drums

3.Drain You-It is a more hard rock verison of the song but it sounds awful(especially the vocals)
4.Aneyurysm-This sounds great, one of the best songs on the cd
5.Smells Like Teen Spirit-this is a damn emabarrasment a very lazy performance. I have heard way better live versions.
6. Been A SOn-sounds exellent. great choice.
7. Lithium-sounds alright bad vocals at the chorus parts
8. Sliver- Kurt is mumbling the whole time and disotion sounds awful. Damn awful choice.
9. Spank Thru- the beginning sux, but the rest of the song is awesome, it also has an extended guitar solo. Kool song.
10. Scentless Aprrentice- The best song on the cd drums, bass, and guitar are rockin, and Kurt's vocals rock!!
11. Heartshaped Box-Lacks the emotion of the original version, I have also heard great live performances of Heart-Shaped Box on TV why chose this 1?
12. Milk It- This song sounds GREAT the dueling guitars it is just really kool.
13. Negative Creep- SOunds great with dave at drums. Awesome choice.
14.Polly- Thsi more upbeat verison of Polly is great another good song.
15. Breed- God-Awful. They ruined a great song.
16. Tourette's- sounds good but where's the "moderate rock" from IN UTero
17. Blew-Sounds better than studio vertsion great vocals
All in all this album had its ups and downs, but still gets 4 stars from me. If you wanna get Nirvana best live get MTV Unplugged In NEw York, but i am warning u its all on acoustic guitar. ... Read more

46. Transnational Speedway League: Anthems, Anecdotes & Undeniable Truths
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5-0 out of 5 stars The premier hard-core album of the 90's
Clutch is what Metallica could never be and what Sepultura (R.I.P) should have become. This album covers the entire spectrum of hard-core from raging songs of angst (binge and purge) to a slow dirge (effigy) to an almost radio friendly anthem (shogun named marcus, el hefe) Fallon's vocals should be the benchmark for all hard-core "singers". Coarse with melody. Check out track 10 (in the great shinging path of the great monster trucks)which embodies thier musical ability and song writing. Truly one of the only hard-core that you could concievably dance to.

Given the chance a must see live, they will make every other show seem like a wake. (note: I have seen them open up shows and they do not play with nearly half of the energy they show when they headline so beware!)

Also check out Passive Restraints. Phenominal EP.

2-0 out of 5 stars One great song is not enough.
Clutch's _Transnational Speedway League_ starts out with a considerable bang. "A Shogun Named Marcus" is one of the greatest heavy rock songs of the 1990s, and is probably the best song that this admittedly talented band will ever write. One of the great sing-along choruses in the history of the heavy rock and a driving musical force that will not be denied. _TSL_ is probably worth picking up used just for this song alone, IMHO.

The problem is that the rest of this album just does not measure up. It's as uneven as the numbers 7 and 15. While "Marcus" is a stronger song than any of the tunes on their later album _Clutch_, that album, as a complete work of art, absolutely destroys _TSL_. Get that one first.

2 stars only for the formidable "Marcus".

4-0 out of 5 stars Transnational Speedway League
Clutch has evolved a lot over the years. They began as a pretty much straight-up hardcore band with some punk tendencies, writing angry songs and lyrics. Transnational Speedway League is sort of the point where they started to get away from anger, angst, hostility, etc., and move towards their current "weird storytelling." There is still some anger here, both in the vocals and the music, but much less so than on Pitchfork and Passive Restraints.

First off, if you've heard the self-titled release and enjoyed it, don't expect to necessarily love Transnational Speedway League. It is much more a metal/hardcore record than is the eponymous album. There is little to no psychedelia and the songs are generally either speed metal or slow, extremely heavy dirges. For instance, "A Shogun Named Marcus" is probably the fastest song they've ever recorded, with rapid-fire vocals and blistering riffs, bass lines, and drums. On the other hand, "Effigy" is slow and plodding, but still very heavy. Basically, if you like Clutch (the album), give this a shot, but don't necessarily expect to like it as much as the self-titled release or the Elephant Riders -- they are completely different beasts. On the other hand, if you heard and liked Pitchfork or Passive Restraints (or the Impetus re-release), you will probably be thoroughly enthralled with this album.

As I said, this is almost straight-ahead metal in a lot of places, but it is not the typical, "I'll beat the crap out of you 'cuz you're stupid!" metal. Neil Fallon's gruff, barked lyrics are very intelligent and appropriately complement the blistering music laid down by Tim Sult, Dan Maines, and Jean Paul Gaster. A lot of people have said "Binge and Purge" is merely "some guy yelling 'come on, [censored]' repeatedly," but that is not the case; "Binge and Purge" is not meant to be a song that illustrates Neil or any other band member's toughness -- it's a mockery of the usual metal "tough guy" posturing. As I said, there is a lot of intelligence in the lyrics.

I don't give this album 5 stars because it does not match up with Clutch's later releases (Clutch, The Elephant Riders, Jam Room, and Pure Rock Fury). This album has a lot to offer, as I've tried to point out, but it does not have as much depth as the aforementioned later releases. Some of the songs are redundant and unnecessary, and some seem underdeveloped. Clutch is at its metallic best on Pitchfork and Passive Restraints, and at its all-around best on later releases; here they manage to merge the two styles to a moderately successful end.

Still, this is a great record with numerous memorable songs, including "A Shogun Named Marcus," "Milk of Human Kindness," "Earthworm," and "Walking in the Great Shining Path of Monster Trucks." If you have all of Clutch's other albums, pick this one up, as you will likely appreciate it at least marginally. If you are new to Clutch, pick up Clutch, the Elephant Riders, and Pure Rock Fury first, then give this one a try. Either way, you should be pretty pleased.

4-0 out of 5 stars Power Metal For Super Slackers!
Finally something that truly rocks for jaded intllectuals with wierd senses of humour, and an appetite for deconstruction. The lyrics are very original, and hilarious, and music rocks at least as hard as their Rednecky Texas Bretheren, Pantera. If you actually have half a brain in your head, but still like to bang it, buy this! NOW!

4-0 out of 5 stars The oddball of aggro metal
On this debut album, Clutch play Pantera-style power-groove metal with growled vocals. Leadoff track, "A Shogun Named Marcus" is a kickass, propulsive groove, rocking harder than this band ever would again. "Binge and Purge" is also cool, with a mosh-crazy ending that seemingly pokes fun at the macho aggressiveness of this style. Elements of funk are scattered throughout this otherwise pounding mosh album. The lyrics are pretty humorous, engaging in storytelling as opposed to the angst of most other similar bands. ... Read more

47. The Elephant Riders
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5-0 out of 5 stars 4.5 stars
Clutch have had a hard time finding a niche in today's metal market as characterized by bands like Korn and Machine Head, though their sound isn't entirely dissimilar. The difference is that Clutch drops the macho posturing altogether, loses the overdriven distortion in favor of clean, downtuned grooves, and has a lyrical snap that makes dimwits of the rest of the scene without nailing itself down for interpretation. This is both a good and a bad thing. Though the music kicks ass throughout with no lapses in quality, the lyrics and general theme of this album left me quite perplexed about what to make of it all. Now, it's not unusual for a band these days to have nonsensical lyrics, but vocalist Neil Fallon fills the songs with such a sense of earthy descriptiveness that it's hard to believe there's no point underneath it all. For instance, consider this: "Once around the stump then twice around the ceiling/ Now eight times over Miss October is out for me... Once again I'm denied my joy." As it turns out, the band's new home in West Virginia has imbued in them an appreciation for history, and much of the lyrics are based on real-life incidents (though no doubt with a significant poetic license). That aside, it's worth repeating that no weak tracks are to be found on "Elephant Riders", though nothing is as immediately classic as "Spacegrass" or "Binge And Purge". But the fact remains that Clutch just seems like a band outside of all time and place, meaning they're always likely to threaten off any mainstream popularity that could befall them. I'll drink to that. There's also a pretty good multimedia supplement that goes a long way toward clearing up some of the obscure lyrics, although in some cases it adds even more mystique to the songs. The whole thing is set up like a journal, with pages written by vocalist Neil Fallon on each of the songs with accompanying sketches. There is even a magnifying glass feature that, when placed over certain areas on each page, reveal hidden photos and drawings. All of this just adds to the apparent theme that nothing is as it appears. Of course, it wouldn't be multimedia without a couple of videos to go along with it, these being clips of two live songs("Driven" and "The Wheel") from a club gig in 1991.

4-0 out of 5 stars Think they're 'growing' as a band...
I've been listening to Clutch since '93, when Transnational Speedway League came out. I found their stripped-down sound to be great, but what captured my attention was the unbelievably clever lyrics. Granted, I had to follow along via liner notes as Neil Fallon's vocal chords seemed to be shredding on every other track. Clutch is, by far, the most original of bands as far as songwriting goes; they're like a white-trash version of Rush. Now with this album, it's true, much of the aggression is gone and this is far more mellow, but the witty lyrics continue to flow. 'Ship of Gold' and 'The Soapmakers' being good examples of lyrical prowess and also good jams. Lastly, if you think Clutch has taken a mellower tack, hey--I'm down with any band that can work a trombone solo into the mix. Let's see other bands do THAT! So what if they're not as aggro as they were in 1993? Hey, maybe some of 'em got married and had kids! I have since then. Leave us old farts alone!

5-0 out of 5 stars Prison rock!!!
Man do these guys know how to rock! From the offset their relatively clean sounding guitars grip you and pull you around in their own, highly original style of rock.
Clutch have a very bluesy element to their sound, which together with the highly original (and funny!) lyrics, make for a very entertaining listen. They aren't afraid to mix it up with some strange off-beat timing structures either, which make it all the more interesting.
If you're looking for something that your mother will like, go check out Limp Bizkit or Eminem.
On the other hand, if you're looking for a band that sound like nobody else, and who you'll (unfortunately) never hear on the radio, look no further than Clutch.

If I could have given this 6 stars I would have....!!

5-0 out of 5 stars Mo' Bang Fo' Da Buck, Baby!
Clutch is serious jam rock, straight from the gut. This band delivers hard pounding beats and sweet grooves that paint a story reminiscent of Hannible's elephant driven journey across the Alps to destroy Rome. This is Clutch's best musical offering to date and will follow Clutch self titled as one of the rock genre's greatest triumphs. Look over yonder there, I see a ship of gold.

5-0 out of 5 stars One of their Best
I am suprised this album doesn't have higher reviews on here. It's an absolute classic. It may not be as full on heavy as some of the other Clutch albums, but I think it's way more dynamic. Which is saying a lot because Clutch have one of the most dynamic sounds in 'hard rock'. It's still a damn heavy album, but it has an amazing "groove" to it. The track "The Soapmakers" is a perfect example. That track along with worth 10 stars. On a side note, if you ever get a chance to check Clutch out live, do it. They are one of the best bands you will ever see. ... Read more

48. Sparkle & Fade
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The Nirvana Revolution smashed opened the door for countless like-minded bands. Many were second-rate rip-offs, but Everclear was one deserving of the opportunity. Sure, the angst and crunchy post-punk riffs of Sparkle and Fade owe a debt to St. Kurt, but Art Alexakis's own outsider tales--sample titles include "Heroin Girl" and "You Make Me Feel like a Whore"--prove piercing in a woe-is-him sort of way. Featuring the swaggering, strangely euphoric "Santa Monica," itself one of the finer rock singles of '90's, Sparkle burns like a fresh wound. It's an exhilarating, if ultimately long-winded collection, far more accomplished than the band's hit-and-miss debut and not nearly as overtly radio-minded as it successor.--Neal Weiss ... Read more

Reviews (129)

5-0 out of 5 stars fall glimmer Sparkle and fade
this in my opinion would have to be the best cd ever invented in the history of mankind. Sparkle and Fade is the band's second album which combines loud upbeat music (heroin girl) with depressing melodies (strawberry) and throws in probably the fastest (and shortest) song they've ever written (chemical smile). World of Noise, this albums predecesor, was the fall, Sparkle and Fade is the glimmer, So Much For The Afterglow is the sparkle, and the next will start to fade, in the public eye. However, EVERCLEAR IS THE ABSOLUTE BEST THING THAT HAPPENED TO MANKIND SINCE THE INVENTION OF THE CD PLAYER. GO TO YOUR LOCAL STORE OR PUT THIS ON 1 DAY SHIPPING CAUSE YOU NEED THIS, HONESTLY YOU DO! (track rating) electra made me blind : 4 stars heroin girl: 5 stars you make me feel like a whore: 4 1/2 stars santa monica: 5 stars summerland: 5 stars strawberry 5 stars heartspark dollarsign: 3 stars twistinside: 6 STARS (out of 5) her brand new skin: 4 1/2 stars nehalem: 4 3/4 stars queen of the air 5 stars pale green stars look at the sky chemical smile 5 stars my sexual life 5 stars

After about 3 years as a relative indie band from Portland Oregon. Everclear finally made the big time. They released SPARKLE AND FADE not the group's first release (WORLD OF NOISE was released a year earlier) but it was definetly their breakthrough recording. Although this album may not be as developed as their later releases it is considered one of their best and I agree! I mean check out the songs!

ELECTRA MADE ME BLIND opens the album with a bang followed by the interesting HEROIN GIRL. Next comes the rockin' YOU MAKE FEEL LIKE A WHORE. After that is the big radio hit SANTA MONICA an awesome song then comes two other great songs SUMMERLAND and STRAWBERRY. The mayhem continues with HEARTSPARK DOLLAR SIGN followed by the unique THE TWISTINSIDE. HER BRAND NEW SKIN and NEHALEM are two punk-like rock songs followed by a change of pace with THE QUEEN OF AIR a neat alternative love rocker. PALE GREEN STARS is another neat song but the punk rock returns with CHEMICAL SMILE and the cd closes MY SEXUAL LIFE another Everclear gem!

Overall SPARKLE AND FADE is an awesome album! I would say it is one of their best! Their are some great songs here and if newer Everclear fans have not checked it out I suggest they do because this album will always sparkle but it will never fade! Highly recommended!

5-0 out of 5 stars phenomenal
This album is the reason that I am such a big Everclear Fan. This shows the band at their high point in their career. The music is full of grungy guitars and great drum beats, but the lyrics are what drives the album for me. Art Alexakis wrote much better lyrics on this album than anything else that this band has ever created. He just knows how to hit people hard and tackles REAL issues unlike so much mainstream music that I hear today.

4-0 out of 5 stars Memoirs of a Junkie
The first song I heard from this album (or Everclear) was an acoustic version of Heroin Girl. They may not be ground-breaking but I love the band because they sound so solid. When they perform acoustically they abandon their pop sensibilities and really shine, surpassing the album versions of their songs.
Art writes about life in a deceptively simple but touching way. His honest story-telling takes a conversational tone (with the exception of Nehalem- this departure into soap opera doesn't sit well next to the brutally truthful view of life the rest of the album presents). His multi-layered voice, like Sparkle & Fade, brims with personality, sounding lived-in and full of throaty angst.
Country-tinged punk pop sounded like my worst nightmare but Everclear make it work to powerful effect. Sparkle & Fade combines the angst and urgency of punk with the confiding, personal tone of country to make gems like Heroin Girl that you can never tire of because there's so much to hear. It's an album full of hidden subtleties and observations hiding behind the power chords.
It may take a few listens for this album to stand out but its well worth it.

5-0 out of 5 stars Everclear's best album ever, hands down.
I've been an EC fan since the mid 90's and have followed the band all the way through their career and have heard every single track ever made including cut/non released songs. Sparkle & Fade features the best, pure rock songs ever produced by Everclear. Other previous albums such as White Trash Hell and World of Noise come close, but are missing that polished sound that S&F delivers. With this album you get hard hitting songs and slower tracks which all have real-life meaning and grasp you into the world of Art Alexakis. Sparkle & Fade is simply the best Everclear album, and arguably one of the best 90's rock albums of all time. After So Much For The Afterglow, Everclear went too soft and lost their touch as they got away from their early roots and sound which made them such fan favorites. If you like pop get their more recent albums. However if you want true rock sound, get Sparkle & Fade, and you will not be dissapointed what-so-ever! If you're new to EC buy their rough and gritty rock album "World of Noise" and go from there. ... Read more

49. Houdini
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3-0 out of 5 stars Read my stupid review
Hi. I'm not really a Melvins fan. I just like Nirvana so I figured it was about time I'd get a Melvins record being Nirvana basically started out by Kurt Cobain ripping off the Melvins.
Since I'm already talking about Kurt Cobain, I'll just mention now that he plays guitar and drums a bit on this album. Guitar on skypup and I'm not sure which part he plays drums but he's not the only drummer on the track, I don't know if Dale Crover is the only other one ... but anyway, if you're a nirvana fan you won't want to miss that.
Ignoring being a nirvana fan and just judging this record on it's own merrits I don't know if it would be fair for me to give more then 3 stars BUT: the song Going Blind which is a kiss cover has got to be one of the best Heavy songs I've heard in a really long time.
Oh and the song Lizzy on this album which is a really great song was filmed live and played on the movie HYPE so if you enjoyed that song then there's one more reason to check out this record. Gooday.

5-0 out of 5 stars Major label major Melvins
The five stars says it all... This is a very good album. I don't think it's up to the standard of Bullhead (a personal favorite of mine) but every track on this album is worth listening to. "Honey Bucket" deserves a place among the ten most intense songs of all time. I just love the way the guitar tells the speed the rest of the song should move after the intro. The intro itself should be 101 for all the hardcore bands in the world.

3-0 out of 5 stars All You Need To Know
If you've never listened to the Melvins before, look out! Unless you dwell in the type of bizzaro world most Melvins fans live in you probably won't like much of the Melvins' offerings.
Houdini is no exception. Most songs on this album, and all other Melvins albums, sound like a well recorded jam session involving the neighbour kids. If you like that sort of thing then buy this an love it. If you don't then move on brother cause there ain't anything here for you.
That being said, HONEYBUCKET is the BEST, HARDEST, CREATIVE, BILE DISTURBING song ever produced by any band! Ever! Get this song somehow and play it at loud as you can. And if you loved that then get REVOLVE from STONER WITCH. Most other Melvins stuff is too bizzare for the average person but these two songs will blow the veins out of you body.

5-0 out of 5 stars nothing better then the....
i never really listened to the melvins i grew up on kiss and metallica this was around the black album but i knew of the melvins i grew into mudhoney after years of music flowing in my vains when i heard about them being at the melvins 20th anniversry i was there man all three bands where the greatest ive ever heard i bought stoner witch then houdini hands down the best this album any album by the melvins is a masterpiece and if people only pick out negative things about albums like production of the artist choices just means their a fairweather fan i love this album and will never get tired of this or the maggot or stoner witch

5-0 out of 5 stars THE Grunge album, as far as I'm concerned
I'm not much of a Nirvana guy myself, I definetely prefer the Melvins. Some might say that they're not comparable, but if they're both gonna be labeled as Grunge bands, I'll choose to compare them. I'd say Nirvana had a much more organized and structured sound, unlike The melvins... who's songs are often oddly structured and sometimes have a very undistinctive rythmn in their songs. It's also worth mentioning that the Melvins are much heavier and sludgier sounding than Nirvana. I guess what I'm getting at here is that everyone regards Nirvana as the be all, end all band of Grunge music. It all comes down to personal preference for me, and I prefer the Melvins.

This is probably the heaviest of all the Melvins albums, maybe not quite their best, but it's their most focused "Grunge" album I'd say. The first half of the album is mostly just pure heavy sludge riffs, very little melody. The 2nd half gets kind of experimental, not as many riffs but somehow it seems to work well with the rest of the album. I think Kurt Cobain wrote a few of the songs towards the end of the album, which probably has a lot to do with why it sounds more experimental than the rest.

This is the perfect Grunge album for me. All of the key elements that I wanna hear in a Grunge band are present here. This is essential not only if you listen to Grunge, but also if you listen to good rock music. Are you picking up what i'm putting down? Good, so pick this one up and start re-evaluating those Nirvana cd's. ... Read more

50. Down on the Upside
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Asin: B0000073ZB
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Album Details

Same as Us Release. ... Read more

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2-0 out of 5 stars A Major Letdown
One of the most eagerly anticipated releases of 1996 was Soundgarden's Down on The Upside, the last album produced by the Seattle quartet. This recording followed on the heels of Superunknown, the album that truly launched Soundgarden into the rock stratosphere. Superunknown showcased the band at its creative peak and stands as one of the timeless disks of the 1990's. Given the standard Soundgarden had set for itself, it was easy to wonder how Chris Cornell and co. would go about sustaining this level of excellence? Well, six or seven songs into Down on The Upside, it appears that they might have had the answer to this question. The opening cut, Pretty Noose, employs the kind of complex rhythms and time-changes which were trademarks of the band's sound, yet it still manages to provide a catchy hook, which preys on the mind for hours on end. Things progress nicely with songs like Blow up The Outside World, which lulls you into a false sense of peaceful security before kicking in with a truly explosive chorus, which is without a doubt, one of the albums better moments. The album reaches its zenith with Burden in My Hand, a vintage Chris Cornell number, which finds his voice in peak form. However, after Burden in My Hand, which is roughly the mid-point of the album, things take a drastic turn for the worse. Personally, I was never been a big fan of Soundgarden when they traded in their sophisticated riffs and vocal passages for straight ahead, fast-paced numbers. Punk just wasn't becoming of Soundgarden, and songs such as Ty Cobb and Never Named sound like they were tossed-off in a matter of minutes, with little attention paid to mood or song structure. Unfortunately, Cornell simply couldn't wail the way he used to, thus, on the fast-paced songs, his voice sounds strained and is almost painful to listen to. Unlike previous albums such as Badmotorfinger and Superunknown, which each provided memorable closing songs, Down on The Upside kind of stumbles to the finish line with the uninspiring Boot Camp, which evokes about as much mood as a lobotomy. You get the feeling that if Soundgarden took more time with this album and built upon the first half-dozen or so songs, they could have made a worthy successor to Superunknown. Instead, they produced a one-sided album that in reality proved to be nothing more than a footnote to the band's illustrious career.

5-0 out of 5 stars Down on the Upside
At the time of Soundgarden's amicable breakup in 1997, "Down on the Upside" appeared to be their finale, but then "A-Sides" was released later that year. Though "Down on the Upside" is not my favorite Soundgarden CD ("Superunknown" still takes that title), it definitely has its highlights, including such hits as "Pretty Noose," "Blow Up the Outside World," and "Burden in My Hand." Another two of my favorites are "Applebite"--a slow and eerie track with minimal words and great bass--and "Ty Cobb." This latter song (as well as a few others) took awhile for me to enjoy, basically because I was impatient with its deceptively slow beginning. But after 20-odd timid seconds, it erupts into a fierce bluegrass romp complete with mandolin/mandola (played by Chris and Ben) and a catchy f-word chorus. Once I heard it all the way through, it soon become an unexpected favorite.

As usual, Chris Cornell is in charge of most of the singing/songwriting on this CD and does an excellent job of it. Kim Thayil (lead guitarist) and Ben Shepherd (bassist) also try their hand at songwriting with "Never the Machine Forever" and "An Unkind." Lyrics are included in the booklet, though not all of them match the words actually spoken. Still, this a great CD and a must-have for any Soundgarden fan.

5-0 out of 5 stars The Last Goodbye......weeps
When I heard that Down On The Upside was to be the last studio recording from Soundgarden I was obviously upset. And spent days on end sobbing like a hormonal woman (only joking, I was more disappointed than mentally distressed). I was a big fan and loved all their albums. So I had to buy this 'leaving message' from Soundgarden.

What first struck me was the lack of hard rock songs. Songs such as Outshined, Loud Love or Black Hole Sun. Although I'm not disappointed when a rock band goes 'soft', it just takes a while getting used to. And Down On The Upside takes a very long time. The overall atmosphere is more 'southern rock'-esque, many of the guitar intro's are country western style, which shows Soundgarden in a different light. Songs such as Burden In My Hand, Ty Cobb and Zero Chance show this new adopted style. Many of the songs are radio friendly and many people, not really rock fans, liked this album. The heaviest you get is the punk rocker Ty Cobb or No Attention.

But if you look behind the obvious softer music, you find possibly the most sinister and malevolent album Soundgarden have done. The atmosphere is deceptively depressing, most impatient listeners will get bored with the majority of the album and overplay the heaviest songs. For me, the bite from the album comes in the slower, more sadistic songs. Blow Up The Outside World is a classic Soundgarden song, but listen to the lyrics and you'll be surprised just how depressed Cornell is, 'nothing, seems to kill me / no matter how hard I try / I gave you everything you need' Other songs such as Applebite are extremely haunting and reflect the depressed, sinister feel perfectly. Tighter & Tighter is a fantastic song and gravely underrated. Overfloater is among my favourites, the guitar riff played throughout the chorus is possibly a Led Zep copy from No Quarter, but fits perfectly with Cornell's stressed lyrics. The only glimpse of happiness comes in Switch Opens, which has a very feel-good mood.

Down On The Upside is possibly Soundgarden's most sinister album, despite first impressions of it being mainstream. If you loved Badmotorfinger or Superunknown and want more heavy rock music, this is probably not what you want. If you want to expand you're Soundgarden collection, or you prefer the slower paced stuff, buy this album.

Soundgarden last albums were all great, but I love this one almost as much as Superunknown. This album has some of their old hard heavy metalness to it, but also has songs with softer verses like Burden In My Hand. Pretty Noose, and Blow Up the Outside World, two hits, are on this as well. I would definitly recommend this to any Soundgarden, Audioslave, or any rock or metal fan. Chris Cornell has a very soulful voice with a nice roughness to it which makes him an ultimate rock singer.

4-0 out of 5 stars The end of grunge.
I'm a huge fan of "Soundgarden", but I have to admit, this does take a few spins to get into, and it's also their only album that I often skip a few tracks on. Not to say anything here is bad, it's just not front to back flawless like some of their others. Of course besides those few weak points, "Down On The Upside" rocks like you would expect it to. It includes "Pretty Noose", "Blow Up The Outside World", and the excellent "Burden In My Hand". Other tracks that I love just as much would be the aggressive "No Attention", "Switch Opens", and the closer "Boot Camp". While some of their other albums were big parts punk, metal, and psychedelia, this one seems to be all of it together, and possibly the album they always wanted to make. Any real fan of the band should get this, whether as an import or used. Casual fans might just want to get "A-Sides". ... Read more

51. Louder Than Love
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Asin: B000002GIH
Catlog: Music
Sales Rank: 16314
Average Customer Review: 4.45 out of 5 stars
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Reviews (33)

4-0 out of 5 stars Badmotorfinger... take 1
This is Soundgarden before they were big and its a great album. For the time it was released (1989) Louder than Love was way off the mainstream music map and consequently fell out of sight quickly. It was too smart for most heavy metal and too heavy for the pop scene. Although I'm big Soundgarden fan, I don't believe this was their best album. It has its high points (the title track, Ugly Truth, Hands All Over). But the album slows down and the songs don't have too much direction after that. The songs "Full On Kevin's Mom" (and its reprise) and "Big Dumb Sex" (which is big and dumb, even for metal music) are bad and are skipped over frequently in my CD player. All of the great elements of this CD (it has better production than any previous effort from them, great guitar work and Cornell's powerful vocals) are all amplified and perfected on Badmotorfinger and Superunknown. For the neophyte, I would recommend those two albums. But, if you have those and want to explore more of Soundgarden's catalogue than their hits you should start here.

5-0 out of 5 stars Soundgarden's 'Love' Is Strong, Menacing and Gritty...
Many grunge albums of the late 80s had bite and bark, but few made it into the mainstream ears. LOUDER THAN LOVE is one of those beautiful few that managed to encompass the grit of grunge, and was spiced by a 'live' sounding tone. It was one of the best early showcases for Chris Cornell and company. While this was the last album to feature bassist Hiro Yamamoto, it thunders with growl and rolls with urgency.

Consider the opening cascade of "Ugly Truth" which really displays energy, and Matt Cameron's unmistakable drumming. The energy continues on the six-minute "Hands All Over", rocking and rolling with the best of 'em. The pulsing "Get On The Snake" throttles with it's interwoven guitar and pounding rhythm section. And who can forget the title track, with it's ringing guitar intro and thunderous rhythms. From start to finish, though, the album really displays grit and a dirtier feel, perhaps thanks to the memorable "Big Dumb Sex" with its explicit chorus; the dark and menacing tones of "Gun"; and the clever mid-tempo "Full On Kevin's Mom" that kinda sounds darkly comedic, but still rings loud and clear. Not one weak track on this album, but all reminding us that Soundgarden was one of the best grunge-rock pioneers to emerge from the slew of Seattle bands.

LOUDER THAN LOVE was that overlooked underground rock classic, and it displays more grit, more growl and perhaps is looser than any 'Garden release. While SUPERUNKNOWN and BADMOTORFINGER remain the peaks, LOUDER THAN LOVE really had a menace that could grow on you, making it one of the more memorable late 80s albums ever.

5-0 out of 5 stars soundgarden really rocks hard
I never get tired of this album. I listened to it a million times and still get all the raw energy of grunge. I dont have a favorite song of soundgarden, they all kick ass!!!!!!!!!

4-0 out of 5 stars Core (STP) ripped this off...... Who agrees?????
ok.. i know i dont own either the soundgarden louder than love cd, or the stone temple pilot's core (though its coming in the mail), but i can hear a strong similarity in the two, and i know that soundgarden deffinatly had lounder than love out first.. ive only heard 30 second clips from the first 5 songs on both these cd's, so i wanna hear what the people that know what their talking about say.. im sure this cd deserves better than a four but i dont know what it should get so thats what i put.

thanks a lot,

2-0 out of 5 stars Has about 3 songs I like bad production on it
Well, I like the first track, loder than love and get on the snkae but this cd is held back by poor production and Cornell's vocals are losy on this cd. It's a shame because it could have been a really excellent cd but poor production holds it back. Thhe next three cd's, however, would be well produced and put soundgarden on the map. ... Read more

52. Music Bank
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Reviews (38)

5-0 out of 5 stars the mighty Alice in Chains
okay, so if you were wondering, either as an Alice virgin or a veteran, whether this 4-disc behemoth set is worth your time and money, then wonder no more! The Music Bank is a veritable vault, in a box designed to look like a combination safe, comprising a fine mixture of old, rare Alice tracks with original and demo versions of some of their hits on the first 3 discs. The fourth contains some video material and radio interviews as well as a peculiar quest-like computer game to "unlock the box."

As far as the best Alice songs go, some are missing from this collection. Others are here as previously unavailable demo versions. Still others are from various live performances over the years. And there are 2 new ones, as well. Couple this with a very emotive booklet summing up the Alice story with its own mix of subtle humour balanced with plank-upside-the-head bluntness and you have a superb chronicle of the legendary Alice in Chains.

Make no mistake, Alice have been around the Seattle scene easily as long as Soundgarden; long before the rise and fall of Cobain; and from the days when Pearl Jam was still Green River and then Mother Love Bone. While Nirvana may have been the Phoenix of rock , they were by no means the lone bastion of "grunge." Not to say anything bad about the 'garden, or Pearl Jam - both number up there as my all-time favorites. I think, though, at the end of the day, Alice will rise as my all-time #1 - fine musicians and song-writers all, brilliant performers and artists to the bittersweet end.

Vocalist Layne Staley passed away last year, so there will never be another Alice album (although Columbia have released no less than 4 other Alice best-of's - "Live," "Unplugged," "Nothing safe - Best of the Box" and "greatest Hits," which all have essentially the same material on themin some form or another). I see Layne as a man who never ever got over his demons; and while I hate to compare the two (for many reasons), I don't suppose Cobain did either. Regardless, we lost a man who was passionate about the things in his life he chose to put words to; some of those things were positive, and some certainly were not.

Semantics aside, what about the music? Well, in a word, epic. The Alice material has always been lavish, bordering on orchestral in scope and execution. Even the simplest pieces laid down with an old acoustic guitar are woven into an amazingly complex carpet of noises. At times melodic, other times downright buzzy, each track speaks volumes. From the opening new track, Get Born Again, richly layered with Layne and guitarist/vocalist Jerry Cantrell's textured trademark harmony, through the early years of the Alice catalogue (including a rare, comedic, live "country song," penned by Layne) through the seminal, intensely searing Dirt (every track from Dirt is in the set, either as an original or demo version) to the eponymous Alice in Chains (the album with the 3-legged dog on the cover) and the Unplugged acoustic set as well as tracks from their 2 EPs, Sap and Jar of Flies, the set manages to show the many faces of Alice with remarkable ease. The brilliance of Cantrell's effortless riffing, picking and grinding and his own voice perfectly off-set Layne's whine-to-a-howl style of singing; with thumping, rhythmic bass of the Mikes (2 different Mikes - Star and Inez) and the superb drumming of Sean Kinney gluing the pieces together.

Yes, I'm a die-hard Alice fan. Ironically, I don't have all the albums in my collection yet; but I find that the Bank does the job of filling the blanks in magnificently. Thanked in his acceptance speech by Mike McCready of Pearl Jam at the 1996 Grammy awards (Pearl Jam won best hard-rock perfomance for "Spin the Black Circle" over Alice's "Grind"), McCready referred to them as "the mighty Alice in Chains," a tribute from one fine artist to another, and a fitting term to describe a band who personified modern rock as it rose from the ashes of grunge.

5-0 out of 5 stars Very much premature.
Alice in Chains' catalogue, to be honest, can't support a four-CD boxed set. Three studio albums, two EPs and one live album are hardly the stuff of boxed-set collections, but given the fragile state of the band, perhaps it is time Alice in Chains got to release a swansong -- to remind us that the early '90s were an infinitely more interesting time for rock than today. So Music Bank becomes grunge's first real boxed set (Smashing Pumpkins' The Aeroplane Flies High doesn't count, given that it's a B-sides collection).

The music is hardly scrutable aside from the lyrics (AiC's weakest link, always). But Jerry Cantrell and Layne Staley are amazingly melodic and complex songwriters, and Cantrell's sense of song structure was among the best of his day. From the chilling electric-guitar chimes that open the harrowing "Rooster" through "Man in the Box", the savagely beautiful "Down in a Hole", the ferocious "Them Bones", the ear-melting acoustic guitars and vocal harmonies on "No Excuses", the loud-soft dynamics of "Grind", the swelling cellos that duel with electric guitars on "I Stay Away", and then Alice's crowning achievement, "Would?", a strange, brooding and surprising mid-tempo rocker as menacing as it is stylish. Granted, it's not that much more difficult to simply buy the band's whole catalogue, but there are certain strange B-sides and outtakes (the demo version of "Rooster" could've stood its own against the version on Dirt) to reward all those who delve into this collection. Still, the same nagging complaint -- the band's catalogue simply doesn't have enough span so far; so this boxed set ends up including more than half of each album -- not the ideal situation for a boxed set.

That is more of an issue of packaging than artistic merit, however.

Most new rock bands could learn a bundle from Alice in Chains in the songwriting department. Until another revolution comes along to rejuvenate the stagnant rock scene, let's remember one of the aces in the early-'90s deck.

5-0 out of 5 stars Worth the bank
Was there, really, a better band from the early 90's Seattle scene? I love Nirvana and have always felt Kurt's music was more intelligent. For sheer heart-stopping power, though, AIC was the benchmark. That and the fact that every album they released could keep your attention from the first play puts them in the pantheon of grunge-metal bands.

Music Bank contains a trove of rare recordings that any true AIC freak that are in the "must-have" category. The box is not cheap, but well worth it. Layne's cynical humor is revealed in many of the live tracks - a rare glimpse at the live AIC persona.

5-0 out of 5 stars Hands Down...
Even if your not a Alice in Chains fan and your just curious. Pick up this box set. Once you listen to a few tracks off any CD, you'll be listening to them all. RIP Layne Staley, this is a band to go to the Rock & Roll Hall and my favorite. BUY IT!!!

-Man in The Box

3-0 out of 5 stars I can appreciate the effort, but....
If this box set is strictly meant to be a retrospective, than it succeeds on that level, because it largely recycles many of the album tracks, and usually in the same playing order as the albums. The previously unreleased material is where this set unfortunately falls short. It offers up old demos of Chains as a cheese-metal band (albeit, one with a sense of humor), and one great track from the post-Facelift pre-Dirt days, "Lying Season". The rest? Remixes of "What The Hell Have I" and "A Little Bitter", the second of which sounded better with the original, supposedly 'tinny' mix job; also there is a baffling, cacophonic remix of "Again". Why is the great song that I found online, called "Blue", not included here? Or the bands' cover of "Suffragete City" ?(maybe they didn't want to pay Bowie royalties) Of the songs recorded for the box set, the characteristically creepy "Get Born Again" is great, but the song "Died", well, even Jerry writes that he wishes they "had a little more time with that one". I just think the guys were a little to close to this project to produce a proper career retrospective -- maybe that is still to come and I'm wrong. ... Read more

53. Boggy Depot
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Reviews (60)

5-0 out of 5 stars True Rock - A Dying Art
Jerry Cantrell released his solo album around the same time that Scott Weiland released his. Though both albums were fairly well received by the press, the public seemed to pass over each one like a ship on a dark night. It's a shame, too. Scott Weiland focused on off-center creativity, while Jerry Cantrell did what he does best: straight ahead rock and roll, dark and all.

"Boggy Depot" is easily as potent as any Alice in Chains release. Easily. This is a very full album by a hugely talented songwriter, who possesses a surprisingly good and fluent voice throughout. It's obvious this guy was the heart and soul of Alice in Chains, and this album hearkens back to an era of seriously quality music that came from Seattle, Wa.

He begins with a fuzzy in-your-face riff right away on "Dickeye" and never really looks back musically. Lyrically, he does plently of looking back. But "Boggy Depot" is simply looser and less grinding than Alice in Chains, actually a breath of fresh Seattle air. "My Song," with its vibrating guitars and excellent bridge at the chorus, got some well deserved radio play at the time of the album's release. Truthfully, though, Cantrell's solo album had a SLEW of potential radio releases, practically every song. "My Song" also displays a sense of independence in the lyrics that seems to be the order of the day for Cantrell. Other reform songs include "Settling Down," a slower tune with obvious indications toward a different lifestyle.

One of my personal faves on this record is "Break My Back," kind of a lost-in-love song, Jerry Cantrell style. The song features warped vocals that eventually break free for a few lines, before hiding in darkness again. It's the epitome of quiet introspection that is unfailingly sensitive and a little haunting to be honest. Actually, haunting is a key word on many of these songs, although as I said, Cantrell drifts from his former band's grind-fest riffage, except on the dirgey "Jesus Hands" halfway through.

"Keep the Light On" is another gem, a perfect balance between hard, raunchy guitars and a sparkling bridge at the chorus that is shockingly tender and beautiful amid the crunchy guitars that proceed it; that particular section of the song is reminiscent of Soundgarden's tune, "Switch Opens." "Between" is another hidden monster, bleak and fun at the same time; it's a country tune disguised as down-home rock and roll. The 8-minute plus "Cold Piece" gets back to Cantrell style AIC, and it shows in the title and sound. There's despair mixed with hope, and "Boggy Depot" ends with a bold signature imprint of piano and guitar riffage, as well as other surprising instruments.

Unlike Scott Weiland, this guy doesen't necessarily need to be in a surrounding band with others writing. He can do it on his own.

5-0 out of 5 stars I liked this record
When I first bought Boggy Depot, I didn't like it because I was expecting Alice in Chains. I didn't listen to it for a while, then one day I decided to sit down and give it another chance. I listened to the album quite a few times, listening to different instruments each time. I especially like the songs "Jesushands", "Settling Down" and "Keeps the Light on". The vocal effects on "Breaks my Back" were interesting, and the more I listened into the layers of guitars and vocals, the more I appreciated this album. It goes without saying that the drummer is good (Sean Kinney) and the bass playing on the album is also excellent. I find the way Cantrell constructs a song to be as interesting as Kate Bush or Pink Floyd, and the record should not sound like AiC, because it is not AiC (which is my favorite band of the 90's). It's a Cantrell record. Cantrell has alot of talent as a songwriter and musician. I hope he makes another record.

5-0 out of 5 stars Boggy Depot Review
This album is awesome. It is one of a kind and has a very bold and confident style, especially for being Jerry's first on his own. Many of the songs focus on relationships and I've found are easy to relate to. I especially like "Breaks My Back". The song initially was too trippy for me and I didn't care for it, but once I sat and found the pain and sadness that was coated throughout the lyrics I fell in love with song. "Settling Down" and "Between" are also quality songs outside of the obviously popular songs "Cut You In" and "My Song" which most everyone has heard. As a whole the CD isn't one that you can sit down and instantly love if you've never heard it offhand before. It takes a couple times of concentrated listening to start appreciating it, and then you'll love the whole album and won't be able to stop listening to it. Definate recommendation!!!!

5-0 out of 5 stars Its not supposed to be AIC
Jerry Cantrell, while not recording for Alice In Chains(wouldnt again for another year being the last time the band got together) explored his own personal musical talent and recorded Boggy Depot. So many people listen to this CD expecting an Alice in chains replica, Jerry Cantrell is not and does not intend to sound like AIC. Did Mad Season sound like Alice In Chains? of course not, then why would or should this? Repetition in bands or artists is the death of them. Boggy Depot is drastically different from Alice In Chains, but is still a phenominal album. Jerry Cantrell expresses his talent and musical interests so wonderfully and powerfully on this record it succeeds on multiple levels. Even Though this is not an Alice In Chains replica, most AIC fans should buy this, it really shows jerry cantrell in ways alice in chains records couldnt. overall a great cd. Highly reccomended.

5-0 out of 5 stars Enjoyable
I was apprehensive about this CD because solo projects from members of established bands just don't work. However this record proved me wrong. Be warned though, this record is really mellow - like melt in a bong haze mellow. On first listen, about 3 or 4 songs standout so immediately there is some substance to draw you in - then before you know it, the other songs are stuck on your brain. Jerry Cantrell has crafted a fantastic record that provides a soundscape of melody. If you are looking for heavy Alice in Chains you will be disappointed. But if you enjoyed SAP and Jar of Flies - then this record is a natural progression with more arrangements and instruments. Cantrell has a great voice but I do have to confess that on some of these songs, I was wishing for Layne Staley's amazing vocals. RIP Layne ... Read more

54. Thank You (Bonus DVD)
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Asin: B0000DJYQP
Catlog: Music
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Average Customer Review: 4.52 out of 5 stars
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Album Description

The "THANK YOU" CD features 13 of STP’s greatest songs, spanning more than a decade of hits.The compilation also includes a pair of special bonus tracks:the brand-new, previously unreleased "All In The Suit That You Wear" - which is headed to rock radio - along with an acoustic version of "Plush," recorded live on MTV’s Headbanger’s Ball back in 1992.

This version of "THANK YOU" contains a bonus DVD.The 3-hour, 32-song DVD features a dozen of STP’s acclaimed music videos and a collection of brilliant live performances, including a remarkable assortment of "bootlegs" shot by friends and fans of the band.Among the highlights are never-before-seen musical meetings between STP and two of their major influences - a version of "Sweet Emotion" alongside Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler and Joe Perry, and a rendition of "Wichita Lineman" with the legendary Glen Campbell. ... Read more

Reviews (31)

5-0 out of 5 stars YOU MUST BUY THE CD W/ THE SPECIAL DVD!!!
Please dont make the mistake of buying this CD for yourself or as a gift without the DVD. If you are a fan you will NEED to have the DVD in your collection. Even if you alreadsy have all the STP cd's, buy this, you wont be dissapointed. The DVD is AWESOME!!! What i like most about it, most of the live songs they picked to be represented are not the "hits", but songs true STP fans will love to hear live...

The only real problem I have is they didnt include "Revelution" and "Dancing Days", 2 unrealesed songs.

... These are the hits. These are the songs that were released as singles. Thats what a greatest hits is.

Just because i want to, i wanna list my favorite STP cd's in ordr of my favorites...
1 - Purple...every song is killer, not a bad one in the mix. I even like the lounge type song hidden at the end.
2 - Tiny Music...Songs From The Vatican Gift Shop ...Very underrated. Very different from earluer STP cd's. "Adhesive", "Lady Picture Show" "Tumble In The Rough" "Big Bang Baby"...just great great songs.
3 - No. 4...another underrated cd. This one rocks harder than any other STP cd. "Sex and Violence" "Down" and "MC5" dont get any better.
4 - Shangri-La Dee is THE MOST UNDERRATED CD OF ALL TIME..."Days Of The Week" is a very pop rock catchy song. "Wonderful" might be my favorite STP song, and the rest of the cd is a nice mix of hard and loud with poppy and soft.
5 - Core...I'm gonna get the most flack here...I wasnt a big fan when it first came out. Sure, I loved "Sex Type Thing" and "Plush", and with the exception of "Crackerman", and "Dead and Bloated" I'm still not a huge fan of the other songs...
6 - Thank You...only because it has already released songs does it rank last. "Suit That You Wear" is a great song though...

There You have it. I'm gonna miss this band very much.

5-0 out of 5 stars No STP...THANK YOU!!!!!
Finally, an STP best-of and DVD all in the same package!!!!! OK, first of all, the best-of CD is really good, but at 15 tracks and only 58 minutes (in non-chronological order), it could have included more tracks, so here's what I would have put instead:

1. Plush
2. Sex Type Thing
3. Wicked Garden
4. Creep
5. Crackerman
6. Vasoline
7. Interstate Love Song
8. Big Empty
9. Unglued
10. Pretty Penny
11. Dancing Days (Led Zeppelin tribute album cover)
12. Big Bang Baby
13. Lady Picture Show
14. Trippin' On A Hole In A Paper Heart
15. Down
16. Sour Girl
17. Days Of The Week
18. Hollywood B***h
19. Revolution (Beatles cover & 9/11 charity single)
20. All In The Suit That You Wear (new track)
21. Plush (acoustic version)

However, the DVD ROCKS!!!!! With 3 hours worth of music videos, live performances, bootleg footage shot by friends and family of the band and other material, the DVD makes this a 5-star set!!!!!

(P.S. - check out the video for "Sour Girl" has Sarah Michelle Gellar - from TV's 'BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER', for those who don't know - on it!!!!! Mmm, BUFFY!!!!!)

2-0 out of 5 stars No STP, F$%K You!! {replaced word 'thank' with similar one!}
"ABSOLUTELY AMAZING", "FOR ALL ROCK FANS...A MUST HAVE", "YOU'RE WELCOME", and even harsh, nonnegotiable orders like "YOU MUST BUY THE CD W/ THE SPECIAL DVD!!!!!!!!" What the hell was this list representing, you ask? Why, this scandalous list represents nothing but the furiously stoned-cold idiocy of STP fans that haven't forsaken STP after Number Four!!!! All you programmed zombies are really detestable for your undying STP love-though STP's penalized you with back-to-back SUB-PAR CDs, lied about their band's fate, and had the gall to hawk this product to you repugnantly worshipping "fans" while deserting you.

"Thank You..."? For WHAT?!?!??!! This diseased, monstrously peaked band HASN'T been good since Tiny Music. Count, STP-zealots, how long that's been, since STP were even half-viable. 1...2...3...4 years...No, wait...5...6...7, SEVEN YEARS since they've released music worthy to be called theirs. Number Four and Stony-La-Dee-Da were such abysmal debacles, they stumbled to producing the most marginal of decent songs only with irregular sporadicalness. I.E., Number Four had only few digestible offerings, like the comparably unequal-to-the-rest-of-the-crap-on-No.4 "Down", "Heaven & Hot Rods", "Pruno", "Church on Tuesday", "No Way Out", and "Sex & Violence"-even there I'm enormously laxly lenient, because aside from "Down", one of their greatest songs, the others were average!!!! Addressing the bombed-out hole that Shangri-La-Dee-DUH was, it was THE dishonorable epitome of a calamitous failure in all aspects. Possessing only one great song-"Dumb Love"-Stoner-La-Dee-DUH was misguided Weiland's sinfully naïve, and also disdainful try to fraudulently "celebrate" his dysfunctional family's beginning, Weiland having gotten married and fathered a child within the year. Stoner-La-Dee-Da had the abasedly filthiest songs, ranging from feces like the infested rap-rock "Coma" to the derogatory pop-fest "Drugs of the Week", but its absolute violation laid in most songs' weakly euphoric trifle to excessively murderously salute Weiland's accursed wife and son!!!! It grated my nerves how all songs were such affectedly falsified odes to his family, they were unsettlingly effeminate.

You rottenly taken-advantage-of Neanderthals: don't you realize this accosting "greatest hits" compilation is nothing but the basest of labels' strategies, which they zealously, religiously do always at this point in a year to trap only casual fans who aren't willing to buy the band's entire back catalog, part of even larger tactics to force knuckledragging patsies to buy STP's previous CDs, whose hits they don't all include into this compilation???? You suckers are preyed on to part with your, assumingly, hard-earned money, which, in this jobless-soft economy, is unallowable and even more constrictive on your proletariat budgets. Sorrily, you pawns refuse to see you're being used. STP doesn't deserve you saps' money, though you're submissively programmed with STP-zealotry to authorize it. STP's dishonest, unethically pretending they weren't finished-although it was shamelessly blatant due to Velvet Revolver, and STP's longer-than-usual absenteeism in record-making-while aggressively peddling this money-making scheme to purported "fans", tricking them to misbelieving it was still worthy to purchase their good.

That baggage said, STP divulged they'd disassemble just this week, making it offensive that some of the earliest reviewing jerk-offs misconceived STP as disengaging well before the announcement. Actually, STP didn't declare they'd disbanded; it was the shady DeLeos who stunned when they mistreated their announcement in the worst unprofessional way: snide blurbs to GuitarOne. Though the DeLeos are shifty MoFos, Weiland's the one entirely blameworthy for STP's dissolving. Remember when it was cool to have Weiland arrested, back in the early-mid 90s, when STP had their greatest albums Core, Purple and Tiny Music? At least then, it was justified because STP was excelling musically-but now, with Number Four, then the even appallingly worse excrement Druggie-La-Dee-DUH, Weiland's no excuse anymore for his misdemeanors. Since the hatefully received Shangri-Narc-Dee-Da, Weiland's been MORE active in arrests than musicality, with STP's press escalating in heinously unequal fashion for lawbreaking, versus actual music-relatedness. Since 2001, Weiland's been charged with beating his wife, possessing narcotics and, most recently and most accidentally clichéd, slamming into cars and fleeing the scene while drugged-up on his birthday!!!! What the hell have I just said-STP's probably just rehearsing scenes for their infamously ongoing soap opera, just like in 1998, with their falsified split. Since the DeLeos are NOTHING noticeable without Weiland, they'll relapse grovelingly to him, like in 1999, or else the DeLeos are foreshadowed to backslide to Dave Coutts, where the DeLeo-oppressed plan of Talk Show capitulated instantly. Same goes for Kretz. At least Weiland's prognosis is excellent; Velvet Revolver will hopefully play and sound impeccably, with Weiland's voice regenerating to Core and Purple days!!!!

This compilation's disappointing even AFTER STP used it to detestably hawk undeserved sales by concealing they disassembled. The only new song's successful, sounding Core-like, Purple-like, with Weiland's voice the deepest, possessed and growling; DeLeo's smoking riffs harken towards Core and Purple in their sonic murderousness. It's a pestilent insult to scheme "greatest-hits" compilations for bands as consummate as STP because the crushing majority of hits will be excluded. They should've included:

From CORE:

Dead & Bloated


Naked Sunday

Piece Of Pie


Where The River Goes



Lounge Fly

Pretty Penny

Silvergun Superman


Army Ants

Kitchenware & Candybars (The first four minutes)


Tumble In The Rough

Ride The Cliché

Seven Caged Tigers


Heaven & Hot Rods

In conclusion, I'll berate the hinderingly psychotic STP-renegades who misuse extreme compliments towards their "saviors" STP. You vermin are repulsively silly for tripping over yourselves in your irrationally and fiercely excitable franticness to depravedly praise STP. STP's deservedness for praise unraveled since Number Four, and was annihilated decidedly with Junkhead-La-Dee-Smack!!!! You capitulating STP-idolizing psychos are simply enamored with STP out of such handicapped reliance on them-probably formed when STP still earned it, earlier in their tenure-that you're addicted to them, despite their reason for laudability being wiped-out ages ago!!!! You scum wrathfully hype this compilation with the insecurely desperate nervousness of inexperienced teenage fans of "nu-metal"; just witness that psychopath reviewer impersonating "chester bennington"!!!!

4-0 out of 5 stars Mr. Weiland and Company, signing off
this is an excellent way to kick the bucket for STP. The audio cd could've had more tracks, but the dvd is excellent, i love the videos, and the live footage. if you're looking into getting into STP, this is the album to get, a good introduction to a classic band.

5-0 out of 5 stars Almost Greatest
Thats a pretty good listing but "atlanta" and "coma" should have been included.over all its one of the best "greatest hits" albums ive bought. ... Read more

55. Binaural
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Asin: B00004T8RK
Catlog: Music
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Average Customer Review: 4 out of 5 stars
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Pearl Jam lowered its profile after becoming a worldwide musical phenomenon in the early '90s, pulling back from the touring, radio, and press fronts. And this diverse 13-song outing, lacking another "Alive" or "Better Man," isn't the album to thrust Pearl Jam back into the limelight. Binaural kicks out the jams with a grandiosity worthy of the Who, as Pearl Jam roars through the loose, raucous two-minute-plus opener "Breakerfall" and into another brief rave-up, "God's Dice." Quickly, though, the loud MC5-style guitar outpourings that begin PJ's seventh album (and first to feature former Soundgarden drummer Matt Cameron) morph into the edgy, taut "Evacuation" and the midtempo "Light Years." The spare, mournful "Nothing as It Seems" (with lyrics and music by bassist Jeff Ament), "Thin Air," and the lilting "Parting Ways" all reflect romantic introspection. Eddie Vedder's poignant ukulele-accompanied "Soon Forget" is an affecting aside, and the rollicking "Insignificance" and Middle Eastern-tinged "Of the Girl" are all noteworthy. That's a strong lineup, but Binaural nevertheless falls short of the heights this talented group scaled in the past. --Katherine Turman ... Read more

Reviews (433)

5-0 out of 5 stars An Acquired Taste, but Pearl Jam's Best Album
Although I didn't much care for this album the first time I heard it, upon multiple listens this CD grew on me and has become my favorite Pearl Jam album ever. This is the first studio album with former Soundgarden drummer Matt Cameron. As a drummer myself, I love what Matt has added to the band to fill the void of Jack Irons. He wrote Evacuation, a fast-paced time-changing punkish song. His fills are chosen with great precision and it sounds great. Every song on this album is great in its own way, and placed in the perfect order on the CD. The opening track, Breakerfall, is exactly what it should be: A loud, short introduction to the album. After that, the perfect combination of fast and slow songs. Some of my personal favorites are the power-chord heavy Insignificance, a straight-up rock song that gets stuck in your head, and the slower Thin Air. Eddie Vedder's unique sound and incredible lyrics sound better than ever. Although at first listen this album might sound more simple than previous efforts, if you listen carefully you can hear a time-changing, complex, balanced album which takes the band to a level they hadn't reached previously.

3-0 out of 5 stars Pearl Jam proves they're mortal with an average album
By the year 2000 newer younger bands such as Creed had taken the spotlight and for some Pearl Jam had become a distant memory. Like most fans I eagerly awaited this album and was shocked when I didn't like it. Fast forward 3 plus years and I have grown to appreciate and even like this album but not nearly as much as their earlier efforts. Even the songs that rock don't sound as good as those from their previous albums. Overall this is a good album and better than what many bands could come up with. But compared to Pearl Jam of old it is not nearly as good. One of the reasons I grew to like these songs is from hearing them live and from the official bootlegs. In concert these songs take on a new life and energy and are clearly good songs. This album requires patience and is an acquired tasted.

1. Breakerfall 7/10 Good opening song but doesn't grab you like other album openers they've had before.

2. God's Dice 7/10 Another decent rocking song.

3. Evacuation 7/10 Good rock song but sort of boring.

4. Light Years 8/10 Midtempo song that sounds good, but really shines on their live albums.

5. Nothing as it Seems 8/10 Slow bluesy song. Good guitar work.

6. Thin Air 7/10 Slow acoustic song not as good as earlier work.

7. Insignificance 8/10 The best song on the album. This song really shines live.

8. Of the Girl 6/10 Another slow acoustic song that isn't bad but isn't great.

9. Grievance 8/10 They speed things up again to good effect.

10. Rival 6/10 Starts with pig noises then turns into average slow song.

11. Sleight of Hand 6/10 Another slow song that doesn't really stick with you.

12. Soon Forget 8/10 Surprisingly this song works even though it is just Eddie and a ukelelle.

13. Parting Ways 6/10 Another slow song which doesn't close the album with much energy.

Bottom line none of their rocking songs hold up well to other album rockers. Likewise the slow songs don't hold up well to songs like Release or Indifference from previous albums. Most of these songs are forgetable even after multiple listens and don't stick with you like their old songs. Over all this is a good album but casual finds of Pearl Jam might like their older work better. Also I do suggest to geting their many concert CD's to hear these songs really come alive.

5-0 out of 5 stars Pearl Jam Exits the 90's and Enters the New Millenium!
(Actual Rating-4.5 Stars)
Binaural(2000). Pearl Jam's Sixth Album, and the First to Feature Drummer Matt Cameron.

As the 90's came to a close, Pearl Jam was still an anomaly in Popular Music, having their first huge hit single,"Last Kiss", since Ten under their belts, Pearl Jam ignored trends and kept on shelling out albums based on their style. Pearl Jam was the only original Grunge Band left, and despite the music scene dominated by such junky bands as Limp Bizkit and N'Sync, Pearl Jam stuck to their roots and never once strayed from their music, much like Metallica and The Stone Temple Pilots. So, along with the guitar mastery of Stone Gossard and Mike McCready(I will refer to them as "The Duo" in my review), the Undeniable Vocal Talents of Eddie Vedder, the bass talents of Jeff Ament, and Former- Soundgarden Drummer Matt Cameron, Pearl Jam was ready to rock! So, is 'Binaural' a classic album along the lines of Pearl Jam's first three albums, or a decent album by a washed up band? Read My Review To Find Out....

Track Listing-

Breakerfall- "The Duo"'s opening riff clearly shows the influence of The Who, and "Breakerfall" uses Vedder's slightly distorted vocals to his full extent. Good Alt Rock song, but way too short!

God's Dice- "God's Dice" combines stellar drumming from Cameron, the melodic vocals of Vedder, and Reggae-tinged riff to make a short but sweet Alt. Rock song.

Evacuation- "Evacuation" is an odd number, combining influences of Psychadelia, Funk, and Alt. Rock, very much like 'Vs.'s "N.W.A.", and uses Vedder's vocals on the chorus to create an undeniably great and catchy song.

Light Years- "Light Years" is a great ballad, mixing a heartbroken riff from "The Duo" with Vedder's somber vocals to create a melodic yet rocking ballad. Great song!

Nothing As It Seems- "Nothing As It Seems" starts off with a VERY doomy riff, along with Vedder's low and frightening vocals make this a spooky song. The Chorus, the insane solos(note the 's') make this a slow, yet ultimately rewarding song. Horrifyingly good!

Thin Air- "Thin Air" is another ballad, and Pearl Jam mixes a tinge of Country and Folk, yet keeps enough Alt. Rock to still make it a good song. Great vocals and guitarmanship!

Insignificance- "Insignifacance" is a cross between a ballad and Heavy Metal, because "The Duo"'s dark riff mixes with Eddie Vedder's very melodic vocals, making for an excellent experiment. Great guitar work and a killer chorus!

Of The Girl-"Of The Girl" shows Pearl Jam experimenting once more, adding influences of New Age and Jazz onto a ballad. Although Vedder's vocals are great, and the Jazzy Guitarwork from "The Duo" is very good, ultimately "Of The Girl" comes out rather boring. A Decent Song.

Grievance- "Grievance" is a mix between Heavy Metal and Punk, using "The Duo"'s hard as hell and punk influenced riff behind Vedder's melodic, yet angry vocals to make "Grievance" an undeniably good song! Excellent Guitar Work!

Rival- "Rival" is obviously influenced by Led Zeppelin, using "The Duo"'s Jimmy Page-y riff and bluesy solo behind a steady keyboard beat that complements Vedder's sarcastic vocals. Great song!

Sleight Of Hand- "Sleight of Hand" starts off slow, with Vedder softly singing, but soon "The Duo"'s distorted, Heavy, and Dark riff sweeps in. "Sleight of Hand" is slow during interludes, yet it gets VERY hard in some parts. Overall a good song!

Soon Forget- "Soon Forget" is a filler song, yet Vedder's vocals and the almost-not-there ukelele make "Soon Forget" a nice touch to the album, though don't be expecting a song.

Parting Ways- Before Pearl Jam parts ways with us, they dish out "Parting Ways". "Parting Ways" uses "The Duo"'s Middle-Eastern tinged riff with Vedder's comforting vocals to create a very soothing song.

Overall, 'Binaural' is a very good album, and undoubtedly one of Pearl Jam's best! Pearl Jam uses very original techniques here, implementing touches of Folk, Blues, Jazz, New Age, Country, Heavy Metal, and Alternative Rock to show they are one of the most consistently original bands around. I can't give Binaural 5 stars, simply because so many of the songs are short(ex. "Breakerfall", "God's Dice", "Evacuation") and "Of The Girl" and "Soon Forget" aren't all that great, hence the 4.5 Star Rating.


Also Recommended-

Vs.-Pearl Jam
Ten-Pearl Jam
Siamese Dream- Smashing Pumpkins

Thanks For Reading!

4-0 out of 5 stars BINAURAL
Now first of all , I dont understand why people dislike this album. It has some of the best and arguably the best song Pearl Jam have done. I'm not big on Jam sessions so it took me some time to stomach the change. Track 4 "Light Years" is truly the most significant song Pearl Jam have done. It changed my outlook on a whole lot of matters in life. Its sad that music like this is just not made nowadays.

"Light Years" is the sort of song that I can listen to every day of my life and look back and cherish the pain and pleasure of it all. "Nothing As It Seems" is good if not great. Its defenitely a great song to listen to when Light Years ends.

"Thin Air" Now how can I possibly describe this? I mean its just the most perfect song you can sing to your girl. It just mellows into an absolutely rock solid performance by the band. Romantic indeed even if your not a beleiver! "Parting Ways" is another wonder of a track. "Insignificance" is just as calm as anything PJ have done. I salute Vedder for the effects his vocals has on the listener. Typing is ah well, nevermind.

If your a true Pearl Jan like I am and if you think there are no limits to excellence purchase this album.

5-0 out of 5 stars Pearl Jam Will Never Die
I know a lot of people who reviewed this album are saying, "It's not vintage Pearl Jam," or, "The songs suck because they're slow!!!" That's complete and utter BS. Pearl Jam's talent really comes through in this album. Mike McCready's beguiling guitar work will make you gasp in amazement because some of the guitar work is absolutely unbelievable. Eddie Vedder also comes through strongly, offering a top-notch vocal performance. Great all-around effort and it really paid off. Congrats PJ, you've done it again! ... Read more

56. Bricks Are Heavy
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Asin: B000002LRV
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Average Customer Review: 4.6 out of 5 stars
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Somewhat poppier than their previous album, Bricks Are Heavy still features the abrasive guitar riffs and punk inflections that gained L7 their following. "Pretend We're Dead" was the major hit from this album, and is the most commercial song of the lot; songs like "Wargasm&quot, "Everglade", and "Slide" are aggressive, roaring rockers. While "Diet Pill" and "This Ain't Pleasure" emphasize the group's feminist slant, this takes a backseat to their music, which is the main reason to pick up this album. L7 isn't women who play rock and roll; it's a rock and roll band that happens to be made up of women. --Genevieve Williams ... Read more

Reviews (10)

5-0 out of 5 stars Thank you MTV, for the only good thing you ever did for me
The year was 1992, and I had never heard of L7. I was up watching 'Headbanger's Ball' (For those of you who don't know, MTV used to play rock videos, and at midnight on Saturday, heavy metal and hard rock videos were played). I was excited because Dio had just gotton back with Black Sabbath, and they were going to premeir their new video from 'Dehumanizer'. Anyway before they came on Ricky Rachman was talking to two girls in the studio, their names were Jennifer Finch, and Suzi Gardner. They were talking about their new album 'Bricks are Heavy', then they showed the video 'Pretend we're Dead'. From that moment I was hooked.

Eight years later I have all their albums, autographs, and T-shirts. I've seen them in concert four times and can't get enough of them. L7 will blow away most bands that are playing this modern, watered down version of hard rock-n-roll. 'Bricks' is an excellent album, and is highly recommeded for anyone curious about L7 without knowing any of their material. All their albums are great, but I don't have a favorite, they all stand up honorably on their own.

Also catch L7 performing as 'The Camel Lips' on the movie 'Serial Mom'.

4-0 out of 5 stars Smells heavy.
I don't know if I'd call "Bricks Are Heavy" their best album, but it's definitely their most popular. Propelled by the song "Pretend We're Dead", and released when "The Donnas" were still in grade school, this is the album that exposed most people to "L7". It's punk, grunge, metal, and pop all at the same time. I wish alot of guys played this well, and with so much heart. Other awesome songs on here are "One More Thing" and "Diet Pill", which includes my favorite lyrics "Calgon can't take me away". Though all their other albums equally rock, I haven't heard much from them recently. It might be time for a "Best Of". Hopefully they tour again soon, I wanna catch a tampon.

5-0 out of 5 stars grungey, grrly, groovy and just plain amazing
You need this CD!
L7 is set apart from the rest of the grunge and grrl movement. Others can not compare, the style is completely different from Hole, Nirvana and the rest.

Buy it!!!!!

5-0 out of 5 stars One of my most influential cds in the past decade
Courtney Love has nothing on the women of L7 and never had. L7 was the wake up call I needed back in the early '90s when music was still stuck with that godawful glam metal scene. Nirvana never really did anything for me except for killing the careers of Warrant, Poison, and their ilk (thank heavens for that!). Bands like Nirvana and L7 were the antithesis of the overindulgent hair metal scene which had at the time worn out its welcome. I discovered L7 in an issue of Rolling Stone magazine (which ironically had Nirvana on the cover). I don't remember what the two paragraph long article said about L7 but I knew that my curiousity was piqued. I was looking for new music. Music that wasn't wimpy like Warrant and Poison. A few days later, I bought a cassette copy of "Bricks Are Heavy". I was completely blown away by what I heard. The music was equally as loud, abrasive, and intense as Nirvana's but with four talented women. Everything I thought I knew about music went out the door. I immediately embraced L7's music. Little did I knew then that then unknown producer Butch Vig would go on to becoming a member of one of my all time favorite bands Garbage. "Bricks Are Heavy" is a testament to Butch's talents as a record producer. He kept the music raw and unpolished. As heavy and raw as the music is, the songs are incredibly catchy but without being overpolished. I wore out my cassette copy of "Bricks Are Heavy" within a matter of weeks. I played that sucka to death. As I am listening to the album again for the first time in a few years, I am quickly reminded what made me fall in love with the band's music. All the songs are great. I loved every single song. When I saw the band perform live at Lollapalooza '93 (or was it '92?), I immediately got into the mosh pit and went wild to songs like "Everglade" and "Pretend We're Dead". I wish there were more bands like L7 today and less of bands and artists like Limp Bizkit, Creed, and Avril Lavigne.

5-0 out of 5 stars GRRL Rock!
Makes you feel great to be a GRRL! One of their best albums! ... Read more

57. State College Pa: May 3 2003
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Asin: B00009ZYCA
Catlog: Music
Sales Rank: 26875
Average Customer Review: 4.59 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Reviews (27)

5-0 out of 5 stars I was there!!!!!!!!!!!
This concert, at the time, was the longest Pearl Jam show ever. It was an amazing sight and I can relive it every time I listen to it. The Highlight of the show is a flawless cover of John Lennon's Gimme Some Truth, played by just Eddie. The show was just GREAT! I really don't think it's lacking anything. Of all the 2003 shows I've heard, I rank this one at the top. The only other show that even touches it is the 3rd Boston show, which includes an entire acoustic set. Anyway, buy this CD if you are a Pearl Jam fan because you'll definitely enjoy...go PSU!

5-0 out of 5 stars Pearl Jam a pearl of a band.
The is the best live cd of 2003 so far and This is the final show of the first leg of their 2003 North American tour (Live: 05-03-03 - State College, Pennsylvania), Pearl Jam go for broke. They play a marathon three-hour-plus set that includes all their live favorites almost the entire Ten album as well as "Corduroy", "Rearviewmirror", "Daughter", "Betterman", and "Yellow Ledbetter" and they also include a number of surprises. Most notably, Eddie Vedder plays a two-song solo acoustic set of John Lennon songs "You've Got to Hide Your Love Away" and "Gimme Some Truth" and Pearl Jam close the show with a few covers: Victoria Williams' "Crazy Mary", Creedence Clearwater Revival's "Fortunate Son", and Neil Young's "Rockin' in the Free World". Furthermore, the band jams liberally on a number of songs, including a seven-minute "Even Flow," eight-minute "Black" and "Crazy Mary," nine-minute "Rearviewmirror" and "Daughter," and ten-minute "Betterman," "Porch," and "Rockin' in the Free World" all of which boast fiery guitar soloing and occasional improvisation. As at most of the 2003 shows, Vedder infuses his between-song rhetoric with a heavily political slant, not necessarily anti-Bush but certainly liberal, the covers of "Gimme Some Truth" and "Fortunate Son" being quite emblematic of this attitude. This State College show sprawls on and on, becoming increasingly freewheeling toward the show's conclusion, where the song structures loosen and Vedder grows increasingly vocal and charismatic. Pearl Jam fans will undoubtedly love this show, even if it's relatively casual at times and heavily unbalanced, laden with the aforementioned live favorites in favor of latter-day songs. It's a fittingly spirited finale to a spirited trek across America during a spirited time by a spirited band led by an especially spirited frontman.
So if your a fan of Pearl Jam or new to them This cd is a must own for fans of great american rock. But for fans this cd is a no brainer.

4-0 out of 5 stars Beware of other reviews
The five star review by bmaniii is not original and was not written by him. He pulled it off of a website called allmusic. Who knows if he even listened to this thing. You know someone probably did not listen to the CD if they fail to mention that Pearl Jam plays Pink Floyd's Another Brick in the Wall or English Beat's Save it Later, but they are not credited on the cover or song list.

Pearl Jam has almost 80 live albums released. If you read the reviews about each one of them, everyone says that they are the best and they deserve 5 stars. Well, they can't all be the best, and probably none of them deserves 5 stars. Each show has it's ups and downs. What would deserve 5 stars would be a box set that features the best performances from one concert tour. People listen to one show and say how it is the greatest, but they really don't listen with a critical ear and they haven't heard the 76 other albums, so they don't know how it compares.

I admit that I have only heard a few of the Pearl Jam shows. This one is the best one I have heard. It has a lot going for it. But it also has a few downsides.

This is a three plus hour show, from the last concert in the US from the 2003 tour. It is highly energetic, and the band seems to enjoy playing. Since it is near the end of the tour, the band is highly polished, but they don't seem fatigued. Maybe because it is the last show, they really open up. They also seem to keep on playing well beyond what they originally planned. Pearl Jam typcially does two encores and plays a couple of songs at each encore. But here, they extend the encores so they end up playing more than an hour beyond the end of the official show.

The band really opens up on a number of songs. There are 9 songs that are over 7 minutes long. There is a lot of inspired jamming on both guitar and keyboards.

My only complaints are that they do too many old songs and that the sound quality is not great. They do 5 songs from the first album, Ten. For the most part, the old songs are just quickly run through. If you already have other, older live albums from Pearl Jam, then you really don't need to hear these songs again. But, if this is the only Pearl Jam live CD you have, it is nice to have the old hits. One exception is that they do a really nice job on Alive.

The sound quality is mediocre. It's kind of mushy and muted. Also, Vedder's voice seems out of place and too up front.

The only other problem is that almost the whole concert is included. That includes the chearing between songs and all of Vedder's chatter. It is good to hear once, but it gets annoying if you listen to the album more than once. You can go up to 3 minutes between songs. Fortunately, much of the audience cheering was edited out, especially between the encores.

5-0 out of 5 stars This CD ABSOLUTELY ROCKS!!!
I was at this show!!! and what a show it was. This CD is definitely a must have for anyone's cd collection. The Bryce Jordan Center, where the show was played, was packed full of people listening to the rockin' tunes of Eddie and the guys! What a night! You'll be sure to love every single song on this CD. My personal favs were "Ederly Woman...", "Crazy Mary", "Jeremy", oh my gosh! The list could go on and on! In the words of Eddie Vedder from that very night..."If you guys wanna stick around we're willing to make this the longest Pearl Jam show that ever has been played." I'll never forget those words! PJ Rocks and so does this CD.

5-0 out of 5 stars El bootleg más completo, por mucho!!!
Este es un cd esencial para cualquier fan de Pearl Jam o cualquier fan de la buena música. Contiene por lo menos 3 o 4 canciones de cada uno de sus álbumes, más se complementa con lados-b, rarezas y covers de Lennon. El sonido no es de la misma calidad como los bootlegs de los tours del año 2000, pero es aceptable. ... Read more

58. No Code
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Asin: B000002BFZ
Catlog: Music
Sales Rank: 7492
Average Customer Review: 4.32 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Though it contains none of the band's radio staples, No Code may be the one Pearl Jam record that holds up start to finish. Partly this is because of the songs, which like the hypnotic "Who Are You" are unusually straightforward. But it's also because this is the most musically varied effort of the band's career: "Hail, Hail" is a full-tilt firestorm, but the quiet "Sometimes" is a hesitating, slow burn. And while "Smile" has a Crazy Horse roar, the unplugged setting of "Off He Goes" lets the song breathe and the emotions sink in. --David Cantwell ... Read more

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5-0 out of 5 stars PJ cant lose!!
It seems with every Pearl Jam album the band grows more mature and versitile. This can best be proven by No Code. This is completly different from their previous album, the dark and powerful, Vitalogy. This album has a perfect blend of hard riveting songs like "Habit", "Hail,Hail" and "Lukin". These are all hardcore songs that will not dissapoint fans (I really wish "Lukin" was longer though, because it is so cool!!!). It also has great slow songs that work very well at making you think. "Off he goes" and "Present Tense" are proof as this. "Smile" is a great song that is really unique mix of blues and great lyrics(the harmonica is a nice touch as well). "Mankind" is a interesting song, with vocals by Stone Gossard. This is a complete pop song, (it seems only rock bands can pull off a good pop song) but all in all is pretty decent. "In My Tree" has a great meaning to me and and is one of my fav's on the album. "I'm Open" and "Around the Bend" are the last two songs and really should have been left out. They are not good at all. All together this album is worth its price and is very underrated, I think. Maybe only hardcore PJ fans enjoy this piece of artwork.

2-0 out of 5 stars Self Indulgent
After the monster success of their first three albums, Pearl Jam did the time honored tradition of recording a self indulgent, non-commercial album that's more for themselves than their audience. The band is to be applauded for branching out and stretching themselves, but as with most bands, they would have been better off sticking to what they do best. The band is influenced by Neil Young, especially his work with Crazy Horse. The band tries to ape the sound of Mr. Young's work from Rust Never Sleeps on "Red Mosquito" and "Smile" but they come across as bad imitations. They go curiously into a world beat sound on the "Who You Are" (flip flopping the title of another major influence, The Who's "Who Are You") and "In My Tree". The latter song is particular bad. Stone Gossard steps in front of the microphone to sing "Mankind" and he shows why he is the band's lead guitarist. The album is not without its merits. "Hail Hail" ranks as one the band's all-time best songs with its driving guitars and powerful Eddie Vedder vocals and "Lukin" is another strong rocker. Many people love this album for its eclectic nature and the fact that it doesn't sound like anything else the band has ever done. That's the problem No Code suffers from, it doesn't sound like a Pearl Jam record.

5-0 out of 5 stars Grunge? Listen a little closer..
Many people are eager to dismiss Pearl Jam as a thing of the past. After all, the grunge era died out years ago. However, when released in 1996, Pearl Jam's 'No Code' made it clear that they were something more than a grunge band. They were something with lasting appeal and something that was more musically experimental and influential than 'Ten' may have purported.

'No Code' is Pearl Jam's finest. Starting with the laid-back 'Sometimes', the record tears through 'Hail Hail', one of the many highlights of the album. The uplifting 'Who You Are' and the following self-examination in the form of 'In My Tree' are wonderful. Perhaps the only lowpoint of the record is the segue from the gorgeous 'Off He Goes' to the roaring 'Habit'. 'Present Tense' contains some of the best lyrics of the decade. "You can't spend your time alone redigesting past regrets. And you can't come to terms and realize you're the only one who cannot forgive yourself. It makes much more sense to live in the present tense." Lyrics such as those are one of the many elements of this record that make it have such a lasting appeal. Pearl Jam's radio staples like 'Betterman', 'Alive', and 'Jeremy', while all great songs, do not have the lasting appeal that nearly every song on this album does. It is a masterpiece and should be owned by anyone with even the slightest interest in Pearl Jam. Even if you are trying to decide between 'Ten' and 'No Code', choose 'No Code'.

After the dark raging anger of 'Vitalogy', & the aggressive alternative-metal attitude of 'Vs', the last thing music fans across the world who made Pearl Jam the biggest band in the world immeditately in 1992 were expecting was this...

Released on August 27th, 1996 - Exactly 5 years after the pop culture icon known as 'Ten' was released (August 27th 1991) the first single, 'Who You Are' caused many people to blankly stare at their car radios thinking, "Ummm.... this isnt, Pearl Jam, really, is it? must be Eddie singing with some african drum beat band or something" - To everyones amazement, it was Pearl Jam

This album went to number 1 on the billboard charts, yet, quite possibly, is the least commercially successful album to ever be a no.1 album - the album sales today peak at about a million and a half copies sold... funny to think only 5 years before, they released an album that would go on to sell 12 million copies

However... This album is in my top 3 most favorite albums ever made - this, is when Pearl Jam truly broke any strings they felt they had... all creativity & variety in Pearl Jam & Eddie Vedder was released in one big 13 song wave on this album - The variety on this album is unmatched by any other album of the 90s & possibly ever...

When the Velvet Underground released 'Underground & Nico' in 1967, it was very commercially unsuccessful...

Today the album is held in legendary status -
& I believe the same will be in store for 'No Code' many years from now, outside hardcore Pearl Jam culture

This album is a perfect introduction to Pearl Jams ability to perform many styles
This album is the album that hardcore Pearl Jam fans hold as one of PJs top true gems

This, is exactly what a 5 star album is.... personal, creative, diverse, powerful, artistic

One of the best albums of all time, & don't expect to be taken seriously as a Pearl Jam fan until you get it

2-0 out of 5 stars Not that great
This album is ok at best, there are a few good songs, but it just doesn't rock as much as the first 3 albums. This cd lulls you to sleep by the 5th song. I probly won't listen to this album again, unless i can't sleep. Ten is still the best. ... Read more

59. Presidents of the United States of America 2
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It's come to my attention that the Presidents of the United States of America really seem to piss-off some people. Seems the Seattle trio are just not depressing and dour enough for those who have become accustomed to the miserable angst polluting MTV and radio stations nationwide. Well, if the PUSA have their goofy, little way, everyone will loosen up a bit and stop taking everything so seriously. When did music stop being about entertainment?

It hasn't in the Presidents' tweaked, adolescent world. Like their political counterpart, Bill Clinton, these happy-go-lucky boys just want to make everything OK in the world. What better way to do so than the welcome handshake of "Ladies and Gentlemen Pt. 1" to start things off right? "Good evening ladies and gentlemen, are you prepared to rock?" they inquire and then repeat quite definitively, "Let's rock," just so you know they mean business.

And let there be no doubt, the Presidents are dead serious about not being serious. We find the usual assortment of odd character's ("Froggy," "Little Indian Princess," and others) and wacky scenarios ("Tiki God," "Puffy Little Shoes," "Bath of Fire," and "Lunatic to Love"), but the best lyrical webs spun by frontman Chris Ballew are trivial little vignettes turned into irresistible anthemic pop songs.The PUSA are the finest proponents of mindless escapism of the strangest variety. So, leave all your worldly troubles behind when you pop this baby in the CD player, and take a trip to the Presidents' world as they beckon, "This is the show, we are the band, sometimes it just takes you by the hand." --Adem Tepedelen ... Read more

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5-0 out of 5 stars The title 'II' says it all
The name 'II' depicts this album perfectly. This is the Presidents' second CD; and in turn is their second best. And although their self-titled debut may be slightly better than this release, II is still an excellent album. A lot of people criticize it for being too unoriginal or too similar to the first one. But that's the reason the band entitled the CD 'II'. Even though they use the same basis for success, that doesn't mean the songs aren't good. The lyrics are new; the sounds are new, but the band stayed the same. You have to appreciate this album in its entirety; follow-up albums are one of the hardest things to create in music. Especially when they're after a widely successful debut. With that being said, here's a synopsis of the 14 songs:

Part I of the "Ladies And Gentlemen" songs is a great start. It's short, it's sweet, and it's directly to the point: 'this is the show / we are the band / sometimes it just takes you by the hand' says it all. Track two, "Lunatic To Love", has very fast lyrics. And with it the CD has a very fast start. I'd actually say it's one of the CD's best. A single off II was "Volcano", which is an excellent song. The '...happy campers who poop in their pampers' line always makes me laugh. Of the two singles, "Volcano" and "Mach 5", I think "Mach 5" is the better one. The success of the song was similar to the success "Lump" had, but the two are very different. It's more similar to "Lunatic To Love". Next there is "Twig"; which is probably one of the CD's hidden gems. It's one of the more fun songs on the album. The first five songs are excellent, but "Bug City" is more average. It has a creative start, but never really amounts to much; the chorus was a bit weak. Still it's very likable. The opening guitar sound on "Bath Of Fire" is very reminiscing of their debut (mainly "Dune Buggy"), yet it's pretty original and very catchy.

On the album's second half, we start with "Tiki God". The song was another single, but it's definitely the weaker of the three. I like it, but it's rather simplistic. "L.I.P." is a weird track, and I'm not too sure where its origin is from. "L.I.P." stands for Little Indian Princess; which still doesn't say much about the song. It's nothing special, but on the other hand it's not at all bad. "Froggie" is also quite weird, and is sort of a mix between "Body" and "Feather Pluckn". It's good yet a little repetitive. "Toob Amplifier" is another short song, and is also another great song. I love the talk about the bertha driver and the '300 yards!' shout in the background. If there's a second hidden gem on II, this is indeed it. The song "Supermodel" cites some neat names, including anyone from Arnold Schwarzenegger to Darth Vader. It's very good, and probably the most original on the CD. One of my personal favorites is "Puffy Little Shoes". The song is (as far as I know) the band's longest song at five minutes. The highlights of the song are the 'shoe oo oo oo oo oo oo oos' chorus and 'soft shoulder salamander up close and alone' line. It's really an amazing song. As for the album's closer, "Ladies And Gentlemen Part II", it's somewhat weak. It's just a longer version of part I with less lyrics. And nothing can be said about the hidden track; it's utterly unentertaining.

In conclusion, the Presidents' II is an excellent release. Maybe not as good as their debut, but still a very good follow-up release. In fact, it did make my listmania list for the best 25 CDs ever. It's just that good. Songs like "Froggie" are reminders of the debut; whereas songs like "Mach 5" and "Lunatic To Love" offer new sounds with fast-paced music and lyrics that everyone can enjoy. Anyone who finds this album clichéd and unoriginal doesn't understand the Presidents Of The United States Of America or their music. They're funny, they're smart; but most importantly they are rock music missionaries... so to speak.

5-0 out of 5 stars It's Even Better The 'II'-nd Time Around
The wackiness of The Presidents is fairly obvious from the first guitar lick of their second effort, 'II.' With a rousing intro asking us if we are 'prepared to rock,' we are sucked into a chaotic, twisted world of fun punk-rock that the Presidents enjoy so very much. With the clever, dare we call it a love song, "Lunatic To Love," we are introduced to the fast-paced three chord powerhouse we have come to enjoy. Lyrics abound and silly little na-na-na's in the choruses, the Presidents make this record sound amatuerish and hilarious. This could be the most amusing record ever, with songs not about depression or drugs addiction...songs are about dune buggies, tiki gods, supermodels, singing frogs, shoes, volcanoes, crazy lovers, and bug cities. This is not your ordinary album. This is what makes 'II' such a beautiful record. Amusing, touching, and brilliant. This record brings tears to my eyes. Songs like "Bug City," are so funny because the Presidents take it so seriously. Other times you know they're just having fun ("Froggie," "Toob Amplifier"). The songs are nice, short lil ditties, that aren't too long, and aren't too short. This could very well be one of the finest records of all-time. It's short, not-too-serious and very heartfelt with tear-jerking emotion. (That last part was a joke.) But, in actuallity, 'II' is, in fact, a wonderful, fanciful record. It's like the first puppy you get. You get so attached to it and never want to let it go. Sometimes you hate it, but you know that in truth, you love it more than anything.

5-0 out of 5 stars ...
I must have listened to this CD more than 20 times in the past week. The Presidents' music just makes you happy. Most of their songs have no meaning, and it's refreshing to listen to them and let go of all your worries and have a good time. A bonus for Washington residents is that a couple of the songs are about or at least make references to places in Seattle and the state. Excellent music, fun to sing along to, and I can't seem to get tired of it.

5-0 out of 5 stars The Best PUSA Album
This is definately the best PUSA's the lowdown:

1.Ladies & Gentlemen Part 1: 9/10-A great way to welcome the audience to the album!
2.Lunatic To Love: 10/10-A very funny tongue twister song!
3.Volcano: 9/10-Catchy lyrics and great guitar sounds.
4.Mach 5: 8/10-It's okay,but at least the video's pretty funny.
5.Twig: 100/10-In my opinion the best song ever written by PUSA, the lyrics are so funny and the guitar sounds are hillarious!
6.Bug City: 9/10-Another great song....but sometimes i skip it.
7.Bath of Fire: 7/10-Eh, the lyrics are kind of funny.
8.Tiki God: 10/10-Another one of my favorite PUSA songs. Na na na na na na!
9.LIP: 10/10-The chorus to this song is very catchy.
10.Froggie: 8/10-Again the lyrics are clever, but the song gets somewhat boring...this is another one i sometimes skip.
11.Toob Amplifier: 10/10-A short and sweet little song about their equipment!
12.Supermodel: 9/10-I personally like the Supersonics version better.
13.Puffy Little Shoes:9/10:Longest PUSA song ever...and funny...especially when the crowd screams ROCK AND ROLL PLACE!
14.Ladies & Gentlemen Part 2: 10/10-A great way to end a great CD! I like the harmonizing by Dave and Jason.
15.Basketball Dream: 9/10-Clever 15 second bonus track featuring Chris' nephew Tony.

This is definately PUSA's best CD. It features so mant great songs.

4-0 out of 5 stars What wasThe World Thinking!?!
I'm sorry, but I dissagree with just about the rest of the worlds population...This is a great album. Sure I got bored with the first album after it was seriously overplayed, but in 2002 I started listening to Naked and Famious again. I played it on my own show and people began to rave about the Presidence once more. Then I picked up II and it was GREAT. The songs haven't lost their touch, although Puffy Little Shoes isn't that great of a song; if you need an album to just jam to, and you're not looking for anything serious...This is tha album for you! Although you can catch the agony of the one-hit-wonder in Froggie, and sure singing about getting a golf club (Toob Amplifier) is goofy, but this is a good buy! ... Read more

60. Adrenaline
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Catlog: Music
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Average Customer Review: 4.7 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Call it what you want: emo-core, alternative, sneaker metal...the Deftones seemed the most unlikely quartet to come out on Madonna's Maverick Records. The music is agro, abrasive, and damn near primal from the disc's first few seconds. Tool-like whisperings of frontman Chino Moreno can bring the mood from disconcerting to downright dangerous in seconds. Heavy, chunky guitar riffs, mad raps, and testy tempo changes make this a must-have for fans of whisper-to-a-primal-scream alterna-rock. Killer tracks: "Bored" and "7 Words." --Denise Sheppard ... Read more

Reviews (172)

5-0 out of 5 stars Pure ADRENALINE, from start to finish..............
Though many will site "Around The Fur" as their best, I'm gonna have to go with Adrenaline as Deftones' best album to date. Both White Pony and their new, self titled album are amazing, but don't measure up to the rawness and rage that comes seething through your speaker when you pop this s**t in.

1)Bored: AMAZING! Defintely a classic record in the nu-metal genre.

2)Minus Blindfold: Good song. I love the chorus for some reason.

3)One Weak: I like this one aswell. It reminds me of "Minus Blindfold" a little too much though. Great regardless.

4)Nosebleed: HOT!!! This song is off tha hook! It is quite possibly the heaviest, angriest, most agressive song Deftones has ever put out.

5)Lifter: This is another great one. I love the vibe that this song gives off, and the riff is kool.

6)Root: One of the weaker cuts off the album, but this album's so good that it isn't a bad thing.

7)7 Words: Classic. Heavy, agressive, and unadulterated.

8)Birthmark: Luv this one! Everything about it is good.

9)Engine #9: This might be the best song on this entire album. This song is perfect. Chino raps on this one, and shows just how influential they've been when it comes to the genre of nu-metal. Everybody either copies off of Korn or Deftones.

10)Fireal: Good song. Nothing much to say about this one. Not the best on the album, but a great way to finish it off.

This album is tight. While I believe that Adrenaline is their best album, "Be Quiet & Drive", off Around The Fur, is probably the best song ever put out by Deftones. I suggest you check that out, and definitely check this one out also.

4-0 out of 5 stars Deftones- Adrenaline
Deftones is one of my favorite bands right now. This is their debut album and it's not as good as White Pony but it's still good. This album may be a little hard to get into, because it has too much screaming and sometimes you can barely hear Chino's vocals, but once I got into it, it stayed in my CD player for a quite a while. Here's what I think of the songs:

1)Bored (6/10) Maybe the title of this song has something to do with how I feel when I'm listening to it. The riffs aren't very good, and I can't tell what Chino is saying. There really isn't much of a tune. This song is written on the featured label, but it doesn't deserve to be a single.

2)Minus Blindfold (10/10) This is one of the better tracks present on Adrenaline. It has a really catchy riff & chorus with some nice rap-like verses. I still really can't tell what Chino is saying, but I like this song anyway.

3)One Week (9/10) This song opens with a nice base line and is one of the few examples of actual quality song writing they have here. The tune is similar to that of bored, only further developed and more interesting. The loud ear-shattering screaming at the end almost ruins the song, but that is one of the only downsides.

4)Nosebleed (4/10) In short, Nosebleed isn't very good. It has good riffs, but the rhythms they possess don't match up with the vocals at all. The verses have some nice variety to them, but the chorus is just pointless screaming. Not worth a listen.

5)Lifter (10/10) Along with Root, this is my favorite track on the album. The verses have great guitar, and the vocals set a mysterious mood. The awesome chorus of this song shows that Chino Moreno can actually sing. The climax at the end finishes the song in a great way, and there really isn't aren't cons to this tune, just pros.

6)Root (10/10) This song has a very "foreign" sounding tune. I like the riffs but the verses aren't very rhythmic. There's a lot of KoRn-like growling in the chorus, mixed with the familiar Deftones moans. The end of the song shows again that Chino can actually sing. Note: This song reminds me of faraway places.

7) 7 Words (9/10) This song is really ANGRY. It has a bit too much swearing and the lyrics aren't very nice. This song kind of sounds menacing and dangerous. Especially the screeching guitar in the chorus. It also sounds POWERFUL. Chino screams a lot during this but it doesn't sound as bad as it does in nosebleed. Another one of the stand-out songs. I gave 9/10 because of it's topic.

8) Birthmark (7/10)The beginning of this song sounds so much like the beginning of "Passenger" off White Pony. The riff is almost identical! As for the rest of the song, the verses have a nice tune, but there really isn't a chorus. He just sings "Birth" over and over, with the riff from the beginning in the background. As in 7 Words, the topic of this song isn't too nice either, but in a different. Note: I hardly ever listen to this song. Maybe there's a reason for that...

9) Engine No. 9 (9/10) This is the heaviest, most fast paced song on the whole CD. Chino talks so fast yet so quietly for most the song that I haven't the slightest idea what he's saying. The tune and the riffs are catchy and will keep you interested. There really aren't verses or choruses, Just 3 different sections that repeat themselves throughout the song. Overall, this song is good.

10) Fireal (8/10) This song is very melodic and even pretty at times. It's nice and atmospheric. But the screaming interludes shatter the mood and will leave you wondering what happened. They keep this from being it from being the best piece of songwriting on the disc...

11) Fist (5/10) This is a secret track. It's kind of just some whispering with nice guitar interludes. A nice way to end the CD. It isn't listed on the back of the case.

To me, this defines a 4 star CD. Worth a listen, but not the best in the world. PS: This CD has more than enough language and explicit lyrics to have a PARENTAL ADVISORY, and it really should have one. By the way, I'm really 13.

4-0 out of 5 stars Emo-core? No, this is metal. Deftones: Adrenaline review
This is metal. I don't get why some of the reviews call it emo? It isn't, this is real metal at its best. It is raw and unfiltered. It sounds very hard though! Note: This is a debut and not a lot of bands sound the same after their debut CD. So take that warning when you buy this CD!

5-0 out of 5 stars EMOtional Hardcore
WWOOWW... this is pretty awesome. The thing with deftones is that they dont really have a set genre... In my opinion they sound EMo CORE... they borrow styles from Tool, Weezer, Fugazi, and the later Bad Brains. They even have a little punk influence as well. You can't really label this band nu metal. WOW just because they have heavy riffs and some what slow beats they're automatically labeled nu metal. Thats really not the case. and whatever label it what you want. But this CD is very very amazing. Chino's vocals sound the most pure in this album. every deftones cd pretty much rocks. GET THIS ALBUM!!!!!!!

5-0 out of 5 stars The Greatest Metal Album of the 90s
The Deftones are a band who go against the grain,constantly evolve and sound like no other band around.They have been placed in a genre with bands like Korn,Slipknot, Linkin Park etc....this is,to me, a great injustice to a band whos music is far more layered,deep and innovative than all these bands.
'Adrenaline', although i love the other three emensely, is still my favourite Deftones album. The raw aggression of this record is breath taking.Songs like 'seven words','engine no. nine" and "nosebleed" are moshpit classics. The band also illustrate their differences from other "nu-metal",(i hate calling the Deftones this), bands with songs that are as atmospheric,dark and moody as they are aggressive. Songs like "Firreal" and 'Root' indicate the way in which the Deftones were to evolve in the next few records they released. The hidden track 'Fist" , is in my opinion of the most beautiful songs around. Adrenaline is the best album in its genre period.

1.Bored 8/10- the most radio friendly song on the album,great none the less.
2.Minus Blindfold- 9/10 awesome song,Stef displaying song real skills on the guitar.
3.One Weak-9/10 great song, Chinos voice shines on this track
4.Nosebleed-9/10- aggresion,power,anguish, what more can i say?
5.Root- 9/10 -another great song,very infectious chorus,great ending
6.Nosebleed-7/10-probably my least favourite song on the album but decent none the less
7.Seven Words- 10/10-What can i say? you want song to mosh to, here it is,a pure adrenaline rush
8.-Birthmark-10/10- My favourite song on the album ,very melodic at the start bulids up to one of the greatest finales with Stef banging out a superd riff
9-Engine no nine-8/10- another great song oozing raw power
10-Firreal-10/10-a pointer of things to come,and great illustration of what this band is about, atomosphere,power and melody
Fist-10/10- beautiful!!!!! ... Read more

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