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$42.99 list($59.98)
1. With The Lights Out [3CD Box Set
$11.99 $9.09 list($13.98)
2. Nevermind
$13.99 $11.69 list($19.98)
3. rearviewmirror (Greatest Hits
$12.99 $7.50 list($13.98)
4. MTV Unplugged in New York
$12.99 $8.15 list($13.98)
5. Ten
$13.98 $10.84
6. Temple of the Dog
$12.99 $9.11 list($13.98)
7. Superunknown
$13.99 $5.00 list($18.98)
8. Thank You
$13.99 $11.99 list($17.98)
9. Sixteen Stone
$9.99 $9.17 list($17.98)
10. Colour & The Shape
$10.99 $7.99 list($11.98)
11. Dirt
$10.99 $7.04 list($11.98)
12. In Utero
$13.98 $8.09
13. Core
$12.99 $8.28 list($13.98)
14. Nirvana
$10.99 $4.99 list($11.98)
15. Jar of Flies
$10.99 $8.57 list($11.98)
16. Above
$10.99 $8.49 list($11.98)
17. Singles: Original Motion Picture
$13.98 $9.92
18. Candlebox
$10.99 $6.99 list($11.98)
19. Badmotorfinger
$10.99 $7.98 list($11.98)
20. Alice in Chains - Greatest Hits

1. With The Lights Out [3CD Box Set + DVD]
list price: $59.98
our price: $42.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B00065XJ4S
Catlog: Music
Sales Rank: 4
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Nirvana may have been the biggest thing in the music world in the early '90s, but the trio maintained an uncommon devotion to core fans who knew them when they were still sleeping in a van. Fending off the adoration of punk-rock dabblers in the media and their audience while simultaneously welcoming stalwart underground-music supporters, Kurt Cobain did things on his own terms--until it all came crashing down. A decade after Cobain's 1994 suicide and the band's demise, With the Lights Out remains true to the ethos that defined the band and the alt-rock revolution that rose and fell with them.

Eschewing the standard hits-sprinkled-with-rarities mix, this lovingly compiled three-CD, one-DVD collection is made up almost entirely of previously unreleased selections. The handful of previously heard tracks are obscurities along the lines of the group's cover of "Here She Comes Now," recorded for a 1990 indie-rock tribute to the Velvet Underground. But it's not the B-sides and compilation oddities that define this idiosyncratic set; rather, its spirit is captured in the bedroom demos, radio performances, and sloppy amateur video recordings that catch Cobain and cohorts developing from just another punk- and metal-inspired bunch of grunge rockers pounding away in the bass player's mom's living room into a band that defined an era. --Steven Stolder ... Read more

2. Nevermind
list price: $13.98
our price: $11.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B000003TA4
Catlog: Music
Sales Rank: 343
Average Customer Review: 4.21 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

If Nevermind's sound is familiar now, it's only because thousands of rock records that followed itwere trying very hard to cop its style. It tears out of the speakers like a cannonball, from the punk-turbo-charged riff of "Smells Like Teen Spirit" onward, magnifying and distilling the wounded rage of 15 years of the rock underground into a single impassioned roar. Few albums have occupied the cultural consciousness like this one; of its 12 songs, roughly 10 are now standards. The record's historical weight can make it hard to hear now with fresh ears, but the monumental urgency of Kurt Cobain's screams is still shocking. --Douglas Wolk ... Read more

Reviews (1198)

5-0 out of 5 stars Classic
Enter David Grohl on drums, exit Chad Channing, say hello to Geffen records. Nirvana signed to Geffen because of Sonic Youth, that's it. If they had to sign to a major, Geffen seemed ok for Sonic Youth, so Nirvana reason it should be OK for them. The production team of Butch Vig and Andy Wallace 'tidied' up the sound of the early Nirvana circa 'Bleach', but new drummer Dave Grohl was a far better, louder and more dynamic performer than Chad Channing. Nirvana live concerts had attracted Geffen Records attention in the first place. Kurt wanted the group to be popular, and could see them maybe selling as many records as Sonic Youth. 'Territorial Pissings' was considered for a single release, but it was put to them 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' might make for a better choice. The rest was, as they say, history. 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' transformed the underground scene, groups like Mudhoney, even Tad were suddenly being signed by major labels, 'Grunge' was well and truly born and 'Nevermind' eventually knocked Michael Jackson off the top of the album charts. That was seen as slightly significant..... 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' itself is actually nothing other similar groups hadn't done before. Kurt himself was actually unsure about the song, considering it's structure too similar the songs by The Pixies in particular. For whatever reason though, it was Nirvana not The Pixies who would make the breakthrough. 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' was huge, but never the best song on this album. 'In Bloom' is better, clever lyrically certainly. And then we have the guitar that runs through 'Come As You Are' and it's great stuff, especially Kurt's guitar solo.

'Breed' is as raw and thrilling as anything from 'Bleach' in terms of sound, the bass groove is fabulous, everything is fast and Kurt screams as if his life depended on it. We still have a melodic chorus, the melody thing had been with Nirvana right from the start though, witness 'About A Girl'. 'Lithium' became another big single, with a great 'yeah, yeah, yeaaeahahh' chorus. 'Polly' revealed a previously unimagined softer side of the group, just Kurt and acoustic guitar for the most part. A lovely song, though. 'Territorial Pissings' is back to the more demented Nirvana sound of their earlier work with fuzzy, distorted guitars, absolutely amazing drumming, fabulous throat splitting vocals from Kurt. A wonderful song. 'Drain You' is one of my own personal favourites on the album, certainly a less celebrated song than much of the first half, but there is something simple about this, certainly it's a more straightforward song production and mixing wise. I like the melody, I love Kurt's vocal. It's as simple as that. 'Lounge Act' is a weaker song on the record, 'Stay Away' back to the furious drumming and groovy bass parts. More Kurt Cobain screaming, and this is an enjoyable song. 'On A Plain' does nothing the rest of the album already hasn't, and can get trying at times although the chorus still has a mighty big hook stuck all through it. Perhaps the most remarkable song on 'Nevermind' isn't 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' although that was certainly the most important song here. The closing 'Something In The Way' has a semi-mumbled, weary Kurt vocal, a lovely, beautiful melody notable for a haunting Cello running through the chorus. It's a great song, simple as that.

A great album, not as great as some would have you believe, not as BAD as those complaining that the singles from this record are played on MTV and the radio so often as to reach the point of throwing up if you hear 'In Bloom' just one more time. This is now an omni-present all time classic of rock in terms of status. It's never going to go away.

5-0 out of 5 stars A truly revolutionary album
Nirvana may not have been the first alternative rock band ever. In fact, Nevermind, their biggest album, may not be the best alternative rock album ever (Ten by Pearl Jam and Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness by Smashing Pumpkins give it some tough competition). But one thing can't be denied: Nevermind was the album that made it all possible. Anyone who enjoys the music that sprang from alt-rock's "golden age" (1991-about 1996) owes something to this album. Even listening to it today is an experience. Its music bombards your ears with an assault of punk energy, tempered by just enough pop sensibility to make it extremely enjoyable and tremendously good at the same time. "Smells Like Teen Spirit" can rightfully be regarded as the first real grunge rock hit, and it is the album's most popular song. "In Bloom" is probably the best track on Nevermind, thundering out of the speakers with truck loads of hard, melodic force. "Lithium" and "Come As You Are" are also two very good and very big hits from the album. "Breed", though it didn't become a megahit, is probably the second best song on the album, thrashing forth with superspeed punk velocity (it's one of those songs you just can't get out of your head). Overall, this album was truly groundbreaking, and deserves a 5 just for its originality and influence. But it is also incredibly enjoyable, and it sounds just as monumental today as it did ten years ago.

1-0 out of 5 stars I've never listened to this album, but...
A friend of bought this album four months ago after repeatedly reading how utterly fantastic it was,how it was probably the greatest album ever. Today he uses it as a coaster for cups of coffee.

5-0 out of 5 stars 13 years and still kicking
well, depending on what u grew up with all changes the aspect of what you all opinions are welcomed, but in my opinion nirvana has qualities that some bands could only dream to master, instand fame, and kurt's ability to write lyrics, just listen to what he has to say before you criticize his voice, everyone is born with a different vocal talent. And then there's my man Dave Grohl on drums where he belongs, not on guitar with the foo fighters, anyways, nirvana had the attitude needed for this decade and if not for today would not be the same, you can't deny it...

5-0 out of 5 stars DIS ALBUM ROX
this album is by far the best album of the 90's! anyone who doesn't have dis album has 2 get it. with a song like, smells like teen spirit, who could go wrong? everytime i listen to this album, it just blows me away. Kurt is the ultimate, and if u dont have dis album, u r totally missin out! get it! it rox! ... Read more

3. rearviewmirror (Greatest Hits 1991-2003)
list price: $19.98
our price: $13.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B000669GAI
Catlog: Music
Sales Rank: 52
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

In an era when pop nihilism fulfilled its dark promise all too regularly, Pearl Jam not only survived, but thrived to become one of rock's greatest bands. This 33-track double-disc career retrospective documents the arc of a career that went from arena and radio triumphs in the early 90's (while Nirvana's promise imploded in the wake of hype, Pearl Jam's crowd-pleasing fame only burgeoned) to the uncompromising, core audience-focused tack that carried the band into the 21st century. Shrewdly compiled by the band into an "Up" disc that chronicles the band's driving, Stone Gossard-Mike McReady fueled hard rock dramatics (including such early career landmarks as "Jeremy," "Alive" and "Even Flow" alongside more aggressive fare like "I Got the Shit Down" and "Spin the Black Circle") and a "Down" side that focuses more on Eddie Vedder's brooding, often darkballads ("Old Woman..," "Yellow Ledbetter," their unlikely hit cover of the oldie "Last Kiss"), it's a collection that underscores both the band's range and musical integrity. Though centered on the band's pre-Vitalogy studio era and containing no new material, longtime producer/collaborator Brendan O'Brien contributes remixes of "Once," "Alive" and "Black" that offer new insights on the familiar, while non-album tracks like "Man of the Hour" and "State of Love and Trust" considerably enhance the overall listening perspective here.--Jerry McCulley ... Read more

4. MTV Unplugged in New York
list price: $13.98
our price: $12.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B000003TB9
Catlog: Music
Sales Rank: 715
Average Customer Review: 4.79 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan essential recording

The last Nirvana collection recorded before the untimely death of Kurt Cobain, Unplugged caught many by surprise with its stripped down, neo-acoustic offerings with a bridled fury. When Cobain sings, "I swear I don't have a gun, I don't have a gun" with clenched teeth (instead of an open howl) and when the haunting strains of "About a Girl"--from their earliest LP--chills even with quieted guitars, you discover a new appreciation for the nuances of one of the greatest bands of recent times. Highlights include covers of three Meat Puppets tracks (featuring special guests Curt and Kris Kirkwood of that influential "college rock" band), the weepy cello on the Vaselines' "Jesus Doesn't Want Me for a Sunbeam," and their cover of David Bowie's "The Man Who Sold the World." --Lorry Fleming ... Read more

Reviews (320)

5-0 out of 5 stars God, how i wish i could've been there...
This is one of the weridest albums i own, in a way. Nirvana, a band which set the whole grunge scene going, and arguably one of the best in the genre, decided to make a live unplugged show for MTV. Nirvana, you know. Fat distortions, atonal riffs, raging vocals, powerful shows. Nirvana.

That they did *THIS* good is a surprise, and should change more than one peoples' mind about the artistic merits of the band (and Kurt Cobain in particular). Forget what you thought of this Nirvana; the way they morphed their songs (and others too) into mellow accoustic tunes is remarkable, and against all odds, worked great. I mean, my dad, who can't stand 99.9% of grunge, loves this record. It's easy to listen, but not because the songs are cheezy, it's just the complete album is incredibly good.

From start to finish, it transports you first row to this (unique) performance. Like i said, the whole record is excellent, but tracks like "Plateau", "Oh me", "On a plain", "Jesus don't want me for a sunbeam", "Where did you sleep last night?", and "All apologies" are so deeply moving i prefer to listen them by myself, wearing headphones. I can only imagine, closing my eyes, what have it felt to be there.

This is hands down one of the best albums of the 90's, and easily one of the top 10 live recordings of all history. It's hard to say this things without sounding like a fanboy, but the truth is that it simply is. Whatever your musical cup-of-tea is, you deserve to give this record a listen. People argue about how much they like this album - i dare you find someone who doesn't.

5-0 out of 5 stars Live albums don't get any better than this!
It's ironic how a band who is mainly known for rocking hard pulled something like this off- an UNPLUGGED record, to top it off, a live one at that. Kurt showcased his musical capabilities even further, and proved a versatility that changed people's perception of what Nirvana was all about. Listening to this CD or watching the accompanying TV special is most fans' most intimate encounter with the band we'll ever get. Not just the performance of the songs, but the dialogue in between the songs- Kurt may have been depressed in some aspects, but he still had a good heart, modesty, charisma, and a great sense of humour. Sadly, this was the last album recorded before his untimely death. Even people with a strict taste of music who normally wouldn't consider listening to Nirvana should be able to rethink things and make room to enjoy Nirvana Unplugged, because this is simply good music that transcends any genre. Acoustic interpretations of the following songs- a collection of Nirvana originals and covers were performed:

1. "About A Girl" From their debut record Bleach.
2. "Come As You Are" From their legendary sophomore release Nevermind. This version is outstanding, I think I may like it even more than the original!
3. "Jesus Doesn't Want Me For A Sunbeam" Nice pop-rock renendition of an old Christian folk song.
4. "The Man Who Sold The World" Cover of David Bowie song.
5. "Pennyroyal Tea" Taken from their final studio record "In Utero". This one sounds way less dark and not quite as extended as the studio version.
6. "Dumb" The studio version from In Utero was already acoustic-sounding so there is not much of a difference here. Still sounds great the second time around.
7. "Polly" My favourite Nevermind song next to "Come As You Are".
8. "On A Plain" Taken from Nevermind. What I didn't like about this unplugged version was that it somewhat defeated the purpose of why I love "On A Plain" so much- it rocks! Kurt still pulled it off and it sounded almost as pleasing.
9. "Something In The Way" A quiet, even darker-sounding version than the already melancholy-toned tune from Nevermind.
10. "Plateau" I love to sing along to this song; it's penned by another famous Kurt- Curt Kirkwood of the Meat Puppets.
11. "Oh Me" What do you know, another Meat Puppets cover! And there's more where that came from...
12. My favourite track on the whole record- a cover of the Meat Puppets' already-awesome hit "Lake Of Fire", which I cannot describe other than dyn-o-MITE! Only Nirvana can make even an acoustic recording ROCK!
13. "All Apologies" Performance of the In Utero hit, without a doubt the highest-rated song on this CD- it even replaced the original on the Nirvana hits compilation.
14. "Where Did You Sleep Last Night" Huddie Ledbetter-penned song; if I'm not mistaken I think it's an old Kentucky folk song, an unlikely encore.

5-0 out of 5 stars NIRVANA
If u love nirvana u should check this band out all their influences include nirvana their name is cannibal garden their site is you should spread the word around about them.

5-0 out of 5 stars Wow!!!! I wish i could of seen this in person.
Ok Hi. my name is alyssa and i love nirvana. This is my favorite cd. I love how the acustic guitar is used instead of the normal electric guitar. Kurt Cobain's vocals fall nothing short of amazing. If u do get this or u already have this, then listen to the last song, "Where Did You Sleep Last Night", Kurts voice goes from sad, dreary, weak, then all the way to screaming. I can always feel his emotions every time i hear this album. Dave Grohl.....he is awesome on this cd. The drums are phenominal.Krist bass is sooo good too.well, i hope that u will be open minded when u listen to this. It definetly gives me the chills at how u can imagine yourself sitting in the audience, being captivated by this miraculous group.

5-0 out of 5 stars Kurt Cobain is a musical genius.
Kurt Cobain is a legend.You know why?Because his lyrics,his music,his everything.This is musical perfection.Enough said just buy it. ... Read more

5. Ten
list price: $13.98
our price: $12.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B0000027RL
Catlog: Music
Sales Rank: 1649
Average Customer Review: 4.55 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan essential recording

Part of the '90s Seattle grunge triumvirate completed by Nirvana and Soundgarden, Pearl Jam debuted with Ten, their most accessible, least self-conscious album. Over time, PJ's rep as a politically correct band just a little too above it all to prostitute its music on MTV has nearly superseded the music. But before that, they were a simply an in-your-face, in-your-head, loud, melodic rock band. And lead singer Eddie Vedder was known for his possessed stage presence and a primal growl that sounded like it required three vocal chords. The personal, narrative singles "Alive," "Jeremy," and "Even Flow" catapulted the reluctant band into the 10-million-plus-sales division. Subsequent albums are more intricate, subtle, thematically complex, and, in many ways, better than Ten. But the band may never repeat the stampede caused by this debut. --Beth Bessmer ... Read more

Reviews (538)

5-0 out of 5 stars The beginnings of greatness
This album is the one that anyone knows no matter how big of a Pearl Jam fan they are (even if they aren't one at all). That is a little unfortunate, as they have since surpassed this all time great album with more incredible albums of diverse music. But Ten is where it began. This album went to #1 after Nirvana's Nevermind but spent more time there (just stating a fact, I like both bands and they shouldn't be compared). It has their radio staples Alive, Even Flow, and the smash Jeremy. But don't overlook any song on this album. Their classic rock influences and modern touches give Ten a unified sound all its own. The songwriting puts it over the top; the emotional eruption of Black, the catharsis of the closer Release, and just high quality throughout the album. You can hear the Clapton and Zeppelin influences in the guitar work (which Stone and Mike shred up awesomely), and Eddie Vedder's awe-inspiring vocals set them apart from anything else at the time. One of the all-time greatest singers in rock history, Eddie's emotions are left bare here in the lyrics (such as the dysfunctional family issues of Alive) and he delivers them passionately, providing ear-peeling screams when the music demands it but also sounding great when the singing is barely more than a whisper (the opening of Black). All in all, this is a seminal album from one of the greatest and most challenging (both to music and the music business) bands in history, and the results are ours to enjoy forever.

5-0 out of 5 stars A great example of early Seattle rock
I tried Pearl Jam a few years ago when "No Code" was released, and I wasn't really impressed. But when I heard "Ten" from a friend last week, I immediately went out and bought it. This is an amazing album that combines great riffs with melodic tunes and is always characterized by Ed Vedder's anguished yet strangely touching lyrics. While "Jeremy" was the moneymaker, as well as the album's masterpiece, "Alive" is truly a spectacle, with that incredible two-minute ending guitar solo and the chorus that everyone wants to sing along to. One of the best lines is on "Black," where Vedder sings "I know someday you'll have a beautiful life/I know you'll be a star in somebody else's sky/But why, why, why, can't it be, can't it be mine?" Really well-conceived metaphor. Vedder is enchanting to listen to; he always sounds like he can't decide between killing himself and finishing the song. Other great cuts include "Once," "Even Flow," and "Why Go," showcasing Pearl Jam's louder, faster sound, which fades into the slower melodies as the album progresses. This album is less grunge than Nirvana or Soundgarden, with a cleaner sound that makes it that much more enjoyable. While their popularity may have waned with time as well as their self-imposed lack of MTV play, this album really shows why they were once America's most popular rock band, and deservedly so.

5-0 out of 5 stars Fantastic music, great debut album
Not so often, have I seen and heard so much good music on one record. I got the album two years after it was released and it was like an explosion, literally, at least for me. I was a little bit sceptical at the beginning, especially not liking Nirvana, but so surprised after hearing it. It was nothing like anything I heard before. The music is absolutely absorbing, breathtaking and soulful at the same time, great guitar playing, good rock with still enough rhythm to be listened to by the crowd. Not to talk about Eddie Vedder's voice and his way of singing. The first time I heard Alive I couldn't believe anybody can have a voice like that and can sing a great and said story like Jeremy or deeply personal lyrics like Alive or Black so well. Truly amazing. I would recommend this album to absolutely everybody who appreciates good music, good lyrics, and great voice. Probaly the best voice....

4-0 out of 5 stars Too Much Hype, BUT good Debut
Ten, is to me, by far, WAYYY overrated. WIth that said, I CAN say it was a great debut. I mean, the releases were awesome, and Once, and MAYBE Black, which I am sure was NOT a release is great too. The other songs didnt seem to approach me as good as the listed ones here. Yet, if they had to put Yellow Ledbetter and Footsteps on here, and took off some of the filler towards the end. Not bad, I wouldnt pay anything over $15.00 for it,
Try "VS" instead. Their Masterpiece

5-0 out of 5 stars Great Album!
this album is the *&^% jeremy is an awesome song it's the best song in the world! This album is the ****ing best album ever! This album is totally the @#$in &%*! No #$%! I love this album! I recomend it! ... Read more

6. Temple of the Dog
list price: $13.98
our price: $13.98
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B000002GJH
Catlog: Music
Sales Rank: 3976
Average Customer Review: 4.68 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

This 1991 Seattle supergroup brought together Chris Cornell and Matt Cameron of Soundgarden with the surviving members of Mother Love Bone (Jeff Ament, Stone Gossard) and Eddie Vedder, later of Pearl Jam. The experiment worked. Cornell shines, seeming more comfortable here on this tribute to his former roommate and deceased MLB lead singer Andrew Wood than with his own band. "Hunger Strike" and "Say Hello 2 Heaven" combine glam and grunge better than anything in Love Bone's catalog, while "Wooden Jesus" is less didactic than anything in Pearl Jam's oeuvre. Most of the songs may be about loss and addiction, but this is compelling music for black days. --Charles R. Cross ... Read more

Reviews (87)

4-0 out of 5 stars Cornell aint that bad
When I first heard the Vedder/Cornell colaboration on the song "Hunger Strike" I was quite enamered with the album. Im a huge Pearl Jam fan and not having heard any of the other tracks I made the assumption that Eddie Vedder did the vocals for the entire album. After I purchased the cd and listened to it all the way through I was upset to find that Cornell did the singing on the remainder of the album. Disheartened, I put the album on the shelf and forgot about it. Months later, bored, i put the cd in for another listen. After hearing the tracks a second time they didnt sound as bad. After the third listen they sounded pretty good and after the fourth try i actually enjoyed the c.d. My respect began to grow for Chris Cornell and the album spawned my future love for Soundgarden. Something about his screaming, impassioned vocals coupled with the heavy looping guitar work of the boys from PJ appealed to me. The cd is now one of my favorites from the alternative era. Check out the catchy hook from "Reach Down" and the off key guitar riffs from "Four Walled World." They will take you straight back to 1991.

5-0 out of 5 stars Salvation
"Now I'm warm from the candle/ But I feel too cold to burn/ He came from an island/ And he died from the street/ He hurt so bad like a soul breaking/ But he never said nothing to me/ Say hello to heaven..."

Understand, Temple of the Dog was not meant to be a commodity. IT was a one time collaboration of several talented musicians to honor the memory of Andrew Wood, the late lead singer of Mother Love Bone. Chris Cornell, Mike McCready, Matt Cameron, Jeff Ament, and Stone Gossard joined their efforts to create this album. Eddie Vedder's voice is present in certain songs. All in all, this is an amazing collection of emotion-driven ballads, mellow yet powerful, representing a tough time.

The most recognizable song on here would probably be "Hunger Strike", in which Cornell and Vedder sing separately, then together. If you are a fan of Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, or Mother Love Bone, this should interest you. I think that anyone who appreciates the mellow side of grunge rock will like TOTD. Remember it was only meant to be a one-time thing and enjoy it for all it's worth.

5-0 out of 5 stars Quite Possibly The Best Single Rock Album Ever Recorded
And I say that without the slightest shred of pretense or hype. I bought this CD the day it came out in 1991, and through the ensuing 13+ years it has just kept getting better.

I find it frankly mindboggling that anyone lacking the musical sense to appreciate this album would bother reviewing anything but their own reasons for continuing to live. Every single note is deeply emotive and powerful; I can't think of a single album I liked more since, and prior...I'd have to go back to Zeppelin at least, and maybe even to Sgt. Pepper.

Knowing the backstory of the album just makes it even more powerful. Those who dismiss it as pretentious or self-absorbed can be no more than emotionally crippled automatons living in a dull gray world of banality and mediocrity; nothing else could explain such an attitude toward this wonderful 55 minutes.

When the Stainds and Nicklebacks and Days of the News and Limp Bizkits and Creeds (*spit*) of the world are nothing more than long-forgotten and painful memories of a bad parody of real music, this genuine, heartfelt, quality rock, played from the soul and with ridiculous levels of talent to boot, will remain as the little unheard-of album that set the standard for decades to come.

Today's crop of corporate-constructed, mass-produced dreck don't even possess the presence of mind to know that they should pray to whatever diety they hold dear that maybe someday they might get lucky and create something with a thousandth of the power, talent, and value of this incredible album.

5-0 out of 5 stars Cornell, Vedder, MLB.
they dont make em like this anymore. If you gave this classic cd anythin less than 4 stars youre a flaming homosexual (unless you really are a homosexual, then your just an idiot)

5-0 out of 5 stars Wow, I can't believe no one reviewed it
This CD is a bit underground but definately a classic. Even if you don't like 'grunge' this CD still works. It's got a touch of emotion that is often lacking in SG. The melodies are beautiful, the lyrics match. This CD is better than most, if not all, PJ and SG CDs. It's just magical. Suggested tracks: All Night Long, Wooden Jesus, Say Hello 2 Heaven, Call Me a Dog. Solo fans will also like Reach Down. DO NOT BASE THE WHOLE CD ON HUNGER STRIKE! It's no where near the best song on here, it's one of my least favorites. It's practically the only song with Eddie. Actually, I think it the only song with him. Either way, in general, good CD to have. ... Read more

7. Superunknown
list price: $13.98
our price: $12.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B000002G2B
Catlog: Music
Sales Rank: 1899
Average Customer Review: 4.76 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

"Fell on Black Days," indeed. Seattle sludge slingers Soundgarden made a living out of cathartic, woe-is-me wailing (we're talking the banshee vocals of Chris Cornell and the crypt-creaking guitar of Kim Thayil), but this wallowing in grim depression ironically proved to be the band's most uplifting career effort. When the reclusive Cornell ventures out of his shy-guy shell, it's typically via a primal scream of cathartic emotion--he might camp it up with a sophomoric "Spoon Man," but most of this vicious disc leaps straight for your jugular. Generations in the post-millennial future will one day refer to this record to discover exactly how 1990s rock & roll was done. --Tom Lanham ... Read more

Reviews (202)

5-0 out of 5 stars I Like Surprises
In my eyes, Nirvana were never the true stars of the early nineties grunge scene. I always preferred Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains and this band; Soundgarden.

Their 1995 album Superunknown is a massive, sprawling, epic piece of work, clocking in at 71 minutes and 24 seconds... with... wait for it.... no fillers whatsoever.

Opener Let Me Drown explodes out of its' cage as if it were the last song on earth. It screams towards the finish line in flurry of fury and rage. A fantastic, adrenaline-fuelled ride.

There are a few other tracks as vicious as Let Me Drown on Superunknown, such as the thundering Kickstand, and Spoonman (complete with spoons by Artis the spoonman). Most of the album is far more complex than most grunge/metal however, such as Head Down, the now famous Black Hole Sun, and 4th of July (which happens to have the lowest tuned guitar I've ever heard, and a monolithic riff that sounds like the world is falling apart around your ears).

The Day I Tried To Live is superb. Imagine Led Zeppelin transported to the nineties and really depressed, (minus the annoying, dragging blues parts).

My Wave is pop metal with a twist. Fell on Black Days and Mailman are great, slow stoner style songs with a hint of bluesy metal.

Th album finishes up with a great little extra number, She Likes Surprises. One of my favourites, and a superb tale of sexual gratification with enough power and control to close an album of this quality in perfect style.

Don't miss out on this journey into the very heart of nineties metal. This album is a classic.

5-0 out of 5 stars Mindblowing
From the minute the first dischordant strains of 'Let me drown' kick in, you know something has changed. The sound may be gloomier, heavier in places, and the vocals may essentially discard the frantic histrionics of previous years, yet this is a motre mature, polished and wonderfully varied release than anything previous. Clearly, Soundgarden have evolved since they recorded 'Badmotorfinger', which we must note was a near flawless album in its own right. Superunknown signals Soundgarden's ascent into a new musical dimension.
In short, this album is phenomenal. There is simply not a single sub-standard track included (with the possible exception of the mellow, Ben Shepherd penned 'Half'). The hit singles ('Black hole sun', 'The day I tried to live', 'Fell on black days' ) are unbelivably strong material, although every song is worthy in its own right. Every band member contributes to the song-writing process, resulting in some severe variation in style. And did I mention the album is dark, cathartic and powerfully emotive to boot, along with exhibiting some of the most technically accomplished musicianship, vocals and lyrics this side of, well, anyone? 'Let me drown', with its 'Drown me in you' refrain, along with tracks like 'Fell on black days' or 'Like suicide' all reek of emotions like pain and loss in Chris Cornell's life, yet the songs are not harsh aurally. Instead, the sensations evoked by the combination of head spinning playing and lyrics which make little sense on the written page yet come into their own on the record are infinitely pleasurable.
Personally I favour the crushingly heavy, doom laden 'Fourth of July', but it must be reiterated that each song shines, and for a fifteen track album that is no mean feat.
Superunknown is a testament to the talent of soundgarden, a jaw dropping masterpiece hailing from a Seattle scene that delivered consistently and in such varied, prolific and profoundly astonishing fashion. Supreme value for money (whatever you pay), one of the few truly great albums of the 90's.
Utterly indispensable.

5-0 out of 5 stars One of Best Grunge Album and Band in the 90's
I dont know how to explain on how this album was one of the best albums in the 90's fellowed by Badmotorfinger. It's obvious that Superunknown was consciously styled as a masterwork, and it fulfills every ambition.

5-0 out of 5 stars a grunge masterpiece
rhis cd along with ten,facelift and core from stp were the defining alternative albums of the eighties.songs like spoonman,the day i tried to live and black hole sun are what made this cd great.very highly recommended.

5-0 out of 5 stars One of the best albums of 94 and the rest of the 90s.
I know I must be offending people by saying this but Soundgarden isnt my favorite grunge band.I think they were a great band no doubt about that but Chris Cornells voice can be a little too unsettling at times such as on Limo Wreck but I think this was a great album.From the opening Let Me Drown to the closing track Like Suicide every song on here is done with style,grace and talent.My favorite song on here is Black Hole Sun but Fresh Tendrils comes in a close second with Fell On Black Days coming in a mean third.I think the riffs on here are great and Chris Cornell has a very talented singing voice no doubt about that. ... Read more

8. Thank You
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Asin: B0000CDLBR
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Average Customer Review: 4.4 out of 5 stars
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Album Description

From their arrival in 1992 with the 8x-platinum "CORE," Stone Temple Pilots have consistently been among the forefront of modern rock ‘n’ roll artists. With each album, the California-based quartet - Scott Weiland, Dean DeLeo, Robert DeLeo, and Eric Kretz - has pursued their own unique musical vision, an inspired sonic approach merging metallic riffs and baroque pop melodies with a punk-fuelled energy and a gift for psychedelic experimentation.As a result, Stone Temple Pilots have sold more than 20 million albums worldwide, and they rank among the top three most successful bands to emerge in the 1990s (along with Nirvana and Pearl Jam). Among their many accolades, Stone Temple Pilots received a "Best Hard Rock Performance with Vocal" Grammy Award for their #1 rock smash, "Plush."Other honors bestowed upon the band over the years include two American Music Awards, one Billboard Music Award, two Billboard Video Awards, and an MTV Video Music Award.In 2001, the band received a Grammy Award nomination in the "Best Hard Rock Performance" category for "Down" (from "No. 4"). ... Read more

Reviews (42)

5-0 out of 5 stars A great wrap up of the band's last five albums
In the early 90s the grunge-rock scene was alive with bands such as Nirvana, Pearl Jam, and Sound Garden. Among these great bands included the Stone Temples Pilots. Although they may have been called Nirvana poseurs, they developed a truly great sound. From their debut allbum Core to the 2001 release of Shangri-la-di-da, Thank You collects all the hits singles and includes the new song "All in the suit that you where." A great buy for new time listeners who are getting their first taste of the band. If you already have all the other STP albums it probably isn't worth it for only 1 new song which isn't even up too classic STP quality. Its a shame that lead singer Scott Weiland has so many drug problems. Hopefully we'll hear some new stuff from them soon.

5-0 out of 5 stars Excellent Compliation for Casual Fans
This new greatest hits collection from the Stone Temple Pilots is excellent. You get all of their biggest songs (Big Bang Baby, Plush, Creep, Interstate Love Song etc.) plus a new track (All in the Suit That You Wear) and an Acoustic version of Plush (which is excellent). If you are just a casual fan of STP, then I urge you to buy this album right now. I can assure you that you will not be disapointed. For hardcore STP fans who have all of STP's albums, you might want to pick this up for the Acoustic Plush and the new track. All in All, an excellent hits collection that really shows how great STP is.

Note: If you can pick up the version with the DVD, then I would get that. For 12 bucks more you get a lot of their great music videos and some other footage.

5-0 out of 5 stars Best STP Album
The reason that I first bought Thank You is because I had heard "All in the Suit That You Wear" on the radio. I had never been a fan of Stone Temple Pilots before and I was not familiar with any of their songs. I knew that Core had sold over 8 million copies and thought this would be a good place to start. STP made many good songs over their career and they are all included here. "Vasoline" is short but great and "Plush" is the song that put them in the spotlight (and fortunately this includes the unedited version). "Interstate Love Song" is possibly the best single released by any band formed in the 90's and shows how amazing Weiland is (Don't forget "Sex Type Thing" and "Down"). After this I bought each of the rest of their albums over a span of four months and found that, apart from the songs that were included on Thank You, it was all weak material. Stone Temple Pilots is best described as a singles band, which is what makes Thank You so great. The album is not perfect, however. "All in the Suit that You Wear" is a good song but doesn't rank in their top five of all time. Songs like "Days of the Week" are terrible and have no place on a disc that also has "Big Empty" on it. An acoustic "Plush" seems unneccessary to all but acoustic fans and diehards.

Weiland is an amazing vocalist and songwriter and has been an easy target for critics who call him a rip-off of Eddie from Pearl Jam or make fun of him for his drug problems. It is terrible that they do this for drug addiction is a disease and all those stupid people who ask him to his face pointless and (in some cases) hypocritical questions like "What is it like to ride in the back of a policecar?" should beat themselves, because Weiland is now refusing to speak to the media. I want everyone who listens to Weiland sing to not judge him nor his songs as no good just because of his drug past.

I would strongly recommend people to just buy Thank You and save their money. If you have bought and enjoyed STP albums then I would recommend Contraband by Velvet Revolver because, like Stevem Tyler of Aerosmith, Weiland is at his peak when he is off of the drugs.

3-0 out of 5 stars Not the best, but not bad
I had already had Core about a year before Thank You came out, but I didn't really give it any time. I had downloaded "All In the Suit that You Wear" and thought it was pretty cool. And being anal like I am, I had to have the CD because it's more 'official' to me. After I got Thank You, I slowly got the other 4 STP CDs I didn't have. After hearing those other CDs, I can say that Thank You left out a lot of good songs. Some of them are probably just favorites of mine, but I was really suprised "Dead & Bloated" was omitted. Some of these songs are really good, like "Down", "Wicked Garden", "Plush", "Creep", "Trippin' On A Hole In A Paper Heart", "Sex Type Thing", and "Sour Girl", but like I said, it's not perfect. Greatest Hits albums are always risky because it's impossible to please everyone. Songs I would liked to have seen were "Dead & Bloated", "Still Remains", "Kitchenware & Candybars", "No Way Out", "Atlanta", "Coma", and "Wonderful". That's how it goes though, so in short, if you're new to STP, this is a good introduction, if you've got all of their CDs, it's a matter of liking all of these songs on one CD enough to buy it.

5-0 out of 5 stars stp rocks
The selection is almost too predictable for any fan, b/c it puts almost every single they had on it. Some loyal fans might wanted a few of the lesser known songs on the album, but then would it really be a "greatest hits" album?? Personally, I wish they could have added another song, if not two, from Shangri-la Dee Da. Even though most agree its the weakest album, I absolutely love it. It's cool to show everyone that they wearn't just some washed up band who only had 2 good albums.

4 from Core, 3 from Purple, 3 from Tiny Music..., 2 from No. 4, and 1 from Shangri-la, plus a new song and the acoustic plush. I'd have added Hollywood Bitch or Wonderful, and Heaven and Hot Rods to the album to give it a better career spanning hit list. However, they put the appropriate songs for fan base.

What pains me more than anything is that they needed to release another album to end their contract w/ Atlantic. All in the Suit That You Wear is a kick ass song, and just disappoints me to see that it might be the last song by the group w/ Scott going to Velvet Revolver. Hopefully they can get back together and make some music. No offense to VR, b/c I own that album and it rocks, but w/o the DeLeos and Kretz, it just isn't the same. If Maynard Keenan can have two bands w/ Tool and A Perfect Circle, then maybe Scott can. Unfortunately Scott is probably the most unpredictable frontman of any great rock band.

If the last ever STP album is Thank You, then it should go as one of the best greatest hits album of all time. STP may fade, but the music will be here forever. Thank you STP for making music that didn't suck! ... Read more

9. Sixteen Stone
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Asin: B00004UALO
Catlog: Music
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Average Customer Review: 4.27 out of 5 stars
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If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, Nirvana should've been quite flattered by Sixteen Stone. The English quartet perfectly mimics the early '90s grunge sound with this '94 release. As for Kurt Cobain comparisons, singer Gavin Rossdale has a captivating voice, but lyrics are not his forte, as the splintered ramblings of "Everything Zen" indicates. (Gotta do better than "There's no sex in your violence.") The players meanwhile produce a perfectly competent approximation of their Northwestern heroes. "Little Things" is a successful rewrite of "Smells Like Teen Spirit" while "Machinehead" crunches like Pearl Jam and Soundgarden. In fact, the whole album feels like a throwback to 1992. Sixteen Stone may be derivative, but it's catchy as hell, too. --Rob O'Connor ... Read more

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4-0 out of 5 stars Original And Ear-Catching.
Many have pointed out Bush as a Nirvana rip-off. To be honest, they don't really sound much like Nirvana and the only comparison is that they're both in the grunge genre. But grunge is dead and Bush feels more like a rich European group with some catchy licks, weird but interesting lyrics and overall just a band that delivers some good rock songs. "Everything Zen" is the best song in the album, the most enthralling song and it calls you back for repetitive listens. The slide guitar is mind-blowing and the lyrics which at first sound strange do have some meaning to them, if you're one for interesting words you'll get the brilliant phrase "everything zen, everything zen, I don't think so." "Swim" has a rich, almost Eastern feel to it in the instrumentals. Frontman Gavin Rossdale is one of those singers who has a voice for this kind of edgy, strangely elegant rock. "Sixteen Stone" is Bush's best album, probably always will be if they can surpass this or deliver something better than "Golden State" (although "Superman" was a great song). What we have here is a band that knows how to play. Some may complain about the lack of clear meaning in the lyrics, but you have to admit, listening to Bush and the lyrics is a guilty pleasure as was Rossdale's duet with girlfriend Gwen Stefani in "Spacetravel" from "The Science Of Things." Compare "Sixteen Stone" with Nirvana's "Nevermind" and you'll see that if Bush is grunge, they're more the European taste of it than a Nirvana knock-off. Lately they don't even sound grunge mind you. "Sixteen Stone" is an enjoyable album and maybe even, contains one or two timeless pieces.

5-0 out of 5 stars Absolutely Awesome
This is an absolutely awesome CD by an awesome band. Probably one of the best bands to come out of England in the past 10 years. It's very hard to understand why this album wasn't an instant hit when it came out. I remember it became a huge success when the Machinehead video started to get airplay on MTV in 1996.

1. Everything Zen: Very good song, one of my favorites, and a good way to start off the CD. Very contagious chorus. It also has a very cool guitar intro. (5/5)

2. Swim: A much darker song, it maintains a slow pace throughout the whole song. Similar in some ways to Greedy Fly. It blows up at the ending. (4.5/5)

3. Bomb: It begins pretty much like a Nirvana song, I see some resemblance to Something in the Way in the slow parts. (4/5)

4. Little Things: Very good and very catchy song. Probably my favorite song on this CD. Can't get tired of listening to it. There is some strong resemblance to Smells Like Teen Spirit. A homage perhaps. You can notice it more in the beginning (just when he starts to sing) and at the chorus. (5/5)

5. Comedown: A very, very good song. It's slow but it rocks. It's one of the best songs on the CD. (5/5)

6. Body: Another great song. The guitar intro is very cool. The chorus is really cool as well. Another one of my favorites.

7. Machinehead: Everybody knows this one, so I don't think I need to say anything. Kick ass song. (5/5)

8. Testosterone: Probably not a bad song, but after listening to Machinehead, it sends it to a lower level. "Got a big old gun" (4/5)

9. Monkey: Another one of those Bush songs that starts slow and gains pace as the song develops. (4/5)

10. Glycerine: Another one of the singles and big hits. I absolutely love this one for it's simplicity. The guitar sounds perfect and the string arrangements make it a real masterpiece. (5/5)

11. Alien: Yet another progressive song. It starts really slow, almost acoustic, and at parts it rocks, and then mellow again. Then it rocks, and gets mellow again. The acoustic guitar that sounds during the slow parts is really cool. (5/5)

12. X-Girlfriend: This song is nothing like the rest of the songs on the CD. It feels like Green Day. It only lasts 45 seconds.

1-0 out of 5 stars Boycott Bush (take that anyway you want)!
Why did a band with so any decent singles yet so many pathetic non-singles have to name itself after such an incompetent president? Maybe because Gavin is such an incopetent guitarist. Boycott Bush (take that anyway you want to)!

4-0 out of 5 stars Great CD from a good band
Great CD! Everything Zen, Comedown, Machinehead, and Glycerine are all great songs..

4-0 out of 5 stars lots of singles
Let's see, there's "Glycerine", "Everything Zen", "Machinehead", "Little Things", and "Comedown" all which still have rotation spots in many rock stations today. Something you don't see very often. Without a doubt, the best commercial album Bush made. I'm still partial to Science of Things as a better overall record, but there's no doubt to anyone this is a rock classic.

Those five songs automattically give the album 4 stars, but it's the rest that leaves room to argue.

"Swim" although, a nice start eventually turns into repeating cycle of generic lyrics. It's not a bad song, just not a good Bush song.

Now, "Bomb" does show promise of not being a filler. I'd have picked this to be a single rather than Machinehead, b/c I think it's better. But yeah, "Bomb" is a great song, an excuse from the other fillers.

There's just something I dont really see in "Body." Reminds me of "Swim" for which both do sound similar in some parts. I think this could be better if more guitars were used to de-silence the awkwardness of each verse. However, there is a good solo somewhere in there.

"Testosterone" is just yapping how a gun makes someone a badass. Not bad if you like songs like that.

"Monkey" is a fast hard hitting song, but again, the lyrics don't really grab your attention. A monkey? Could have used something more scarier.

The last song, "Alien" follows up "Glycerine" nicely. It's the only other slow song. Somewhat sappy, but can't really expect perfection from a debut.

"X-girlfriend" finishes the album off w/ a short 40 second "You are coming down" repeat fest of a pretty good guitar tune. Maybe could have been made in a good song, but we'll never know.

Great rock anthems and great hard pounding music, but only four stars for the weak lyrics. Gavin gets better later on, which is a good thing. However, this album is a must have. A perfect fit for the 90's grunge movement. ... Read more

10. Colour & The Shape
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Asin: B0000CAXIC
Catlog: Music
Sales Rank: 1362
Average Customer Review: 4.71 out of 5 stars
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Reviews (21)

5-0 out of 5 stars The Foo Fighters at their peak
Probably the best album to ever be released by the Foo Fighters, "The Colour & The Shape" further solidified Dave Grohl stepping out of grunge's shadow and making peace with the ghost of Kurt Cobain. Just about all the songs here on this album are catchy and seem made for radio friendly, but underneath that surface is a demonically comical feel combined with a lot of emotion. On songs like the short opener "Doll", "February Stars", and the classic single "Everlong" you can hear the raw emotion in Grohl's voice, and that is something that no one can fake. "Monkey Wrench" is still a great song, no matter how much it got overplayed, although another session of "My Hero" may prove nerve wracking considering it can be heard just about anywhere. Other great songs like "Hey! Johnny Park", "My Poor Brain", "See You", and "Walking After You" (featured on the X-Files film soundtrack) are all great songs as well, and the band's tight musicianship rounds out this excellent package. All in all, "The Colour & The Shape" is in my opinion the best Foo Fighters album yet, and is undoubtadly one of the finest albums of the 90's.

This CD Is Awesome! I borrowed this CD from my guitar teacher.And I must say it's the best alternative rock album i've heard in my entire life.the best songs are "Doll" "Monkey Wrench" "Hey Johnny Park" "Up In Arms" "My Hero" "See You" And "Everlong".May i also add the video for "Everlong" is absolutely hilarious! Here's what i think!

1.Doll-GREAT START! A soft mellow guitar with Dave's soft whispering voice..but don't get to used to that voice
2.Monkey Wrench-WONDERFUL!I Knew it'd be good when i seen the name of the song
3.Hey Johnny Park-Awesome followup to "Monkey Wrench"
4.My Poor Brain-Good After The Intro
5.Wind Up-Disturbing Intro but then gets good,kinda like #4
6.Up In Arms-I LOVE THIS SONG! It's sorta like "doll" only better
7.My Hero-Another Single,GREAT SONG
8.See You-GREAT! Listening to it makes you think of them performing by a warm fireplace in a cozy cottage (?!)
10.Febuary Stars-too slow to even get me into it
11.Everlong-The Best Foo Fighters Song Ever! HILARIOUS VIDEO
12.Walking After You-Stupid
13.New Way Home-AWESOME SONG! Sorta Like "Hey Johnny Park" Only Longer


5-0 out of 5 stars This is the best Foo Fighters of them all
"The Colour and the Shape" is the best Foo Fighters album, and that's saying a lot as they're all pretty good.

What sets it apart and above the rest is the depth of the album. For instance, while "There is Nothing Left to Lose" begins with three great songs it sort of tapers off as the album progresses. Not so with "The Colour and the Shape."

Songs like "Monkey Wrench", "My Hero", "Everlong", and "Walking After You" are well-known (and maybe slighly overplayed when it comes to the first two) but all 13 songs are quality listens. Moreover, the album grows on you with each spin -- I remember liking some songs but not others at first but now really like the whole thing. I really doubt this is an album you would grow tired of or only hear a lot at first and then let collect dust.

I think the Foo Fighters are one of the coolest bands around and this represents the coolest of their work. Each song is pretty good; the guitar on this album is rugged and hard-charging without ever devolving into headache-inducing noise.

5-0 out of 5 stars Awsome, one of their best
This cd's for sure one of the Foo Fighter's best albums. All the songs are really original and a breath of fresh air. Lyrics are great, sound is great, I can't say anything bad about this album, all the songs are awsome.

5-0 out of 5 stars This is a given
How can anyone out there claim to be a rock fan without owning or experiencing this album. Everlong is one of the best written and produced songs, just listen to it. ... Read more

11. Dirt
list price: $11.98
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Asin: B0000028M7
Catlog: Music
Sales Rank: 2913
Average Customer Review: 4.74 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan essential recording

Alice in Chains were initially tagged with the "grunge" moniker, when in fact their haunting, ponderous sound was far closer to the progressive rock of Queensryche. Their second album, Dirt, is a moody, portentous affair, filled with occasionally inspired riffing from guitarist Jerry Cantrell and hair-tossed wailing from singer Layne Staley. Perhaps the band got lumped in with Generation X because their lyrics focused upon depression, death, and drugs. Certainly, titles such as "Down in a Hole," "Junkhead," and "Hate to Feel" didn't leave much room for doubt as to Cantrell's perspective. The quartet did have a slightly lighter, almost poppy side to them, though, as "God Smack" and "Hate to Feel" indicate. Ultimately, Dirt is classic angst rock. --Everett True ... Read more

Reviews (245)

5-0 out of 5 stars One of the masterpieces of the grunge era
Alice In Chains' seminal 1993 work Dirt is one of those engrossing albums that like all truly great works of literature, music, or film lets the listener enter and see a world that they would otherwise not have known about. Most of the album's dark lyrics chronicle frontman Layne Staley's ongoing heroin addiction and the downfalls of it. Staley's amazing voice and haunting vocal melodies along with Jerry Cantrell's awesome guitar work make this album worth buying alone, but the songwriting is excellent with the thunderous rhythm section of Mike Starr and Sean Kinney backing Staley and Cantrell, who both sing and play guitar here. Cantrell wrote most of the music, and his tunes build a huge, multi-faceted atmosphere with flourishes and touches of classic rock influences and some truly great guitar work. The songs are all excellent, with Cantrell writing lyrics to a few songs, like the Vietnam War ballad "Rooster" and the great tracks "Would?" and "Down In A Hole," with its expansive lanscape, but it is Staley's strong "Angry Chair" which is perhaps the album's most powerful song. If you don't check out this album, you'll only have yourself to blame.

3-0 out of 5 stars I wish I liked it better.
This is what happens when you are barraged with imitations before you hear the original. "Dirt" was no doubt groundbreaking when it was originally released, as evidenced by the current bands who imitate Alice In Chains' style (Creed, Godsmack). Unfortunately, the album has not aged well over the last decade.

Don't get me wrong, I understand that this is one of the most important albums of the grunge era, and I do appreciate the emotional quality in both the lyrics and Layne Staley's vocal delivery, and Jerry Cantrell's guitar simply rocks. However, I missed the grunge revolution by about 5 years, and by the time I became interested in music, all that was left of the movement was post-grunge fallout. It is perhaps a testament to this album's influence that 10 years later, there are still so many bands playing in this style that I was sick of the music before I even had a chance to hear it.

I honestly wish I could convince myself to like this album, but I've listened to it 5 times, and it still sounds mediocre. A classic that was ruined by its imitators

5-0 out of 5 stars brilliant
dirt was one of the best alternative rock albums from this great band from seattle and was one of the most succesful grunge albums ever along with ten by pj and superunknown by soundgarden and nevermind by nirvana.this album was succesful due to the presence of classics like them bones,rain when i die,rooster and the titanic down in a hole.go and buy this great cd.very very highly recommended.

5-0 out of 5 stars Beyond belief! Every song is outstanding!
When I first heard Alice in Chains songs, I thought their music was creepy and depressing, but there was also something about it that was fascinating. So after a while, I finally decided to get this album. All I can say is I'm glad I did. This masterpiece contains twelve songs of the darkest, most haunting music of the grunge era with really amazing songwriting. Layne Staley and Jerry Cantrell's deep, personal lyrics about loneliness, anger, and despair are perfectly expressed by Layne's powerful, emotional voice. Every song on the album is very strong - none sound like filler, and "Would?" is definitely one of the greatest songs of all time. Buy this album! It will change your life!

5-0 out of 5 stars To Music Fan
Nirvana was not the greatest band to come out of seattle (not even close)
they were the worst of the seattle four, Alice in Chains was the greatest and heaviest band that came out of the seattle, they made better music, better guitar playing, and better songwriting
unlike kurt nobrain who ruined rock by detuning guitar (the same detuning guitar s*** that you see in today's crappy rock), and he commited suicide (for good reason because he was a loser)
Alice in chains and this album is one of the best examples of music that came out in the 1990's and it was a masterpiece.
Nerdvana was a joke and became the vanilla ice of grunge. ... Read more

12. In Utero
list price: $11.98
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Asin: B000003TAR
Catlog: Music
Sales Rank: 1349
Average Customer Review: 4.57 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan essential recording

Overwhelmed by sudden success, Nirvana promised to take a harsher, more abrasive route on their second major-label release. Enlisting Chicago-based noise maven Steve Albini (of Big Black fame), Kurt Cobain and company succeeded in producing a record that was violent, disillusioned, and deeply moving. Every song reads like a commentary on the cost of fame ("Serve the Servants") and the unhealthy relationship between performer and fan ("Milk It"). Of course, they might all simply be about Courtney Love. Gossip aside, there is no denying the sheer power of Cobain's songwriting, his singing, and the band's amazing, visceral power. Cobain even manages a John Lennon-like mantra at the end of the heart-wrenching "All Apologies." "All in all is all we are," he intones repeatedly, only for Cobain that's no consolation. --Percy Keegan ... Read more

Reviews (458)

5-0 out of 5 stars Moderate Rock...
When compared to its accessible 'Nevermind' counterpart, 'In Utero' seems like an almost heinous concept. Many parts of 'In Utero' have an almost demo-like quality to them, with a lot louder textures and much darker lyrics. Infact, the only hits off of the album, 'Heart-Shaped Box,' and 'All Apologies' had to be remixed by R.E.M.'s producer before release.

This record has a totally different vibe to it when compared to 'Nevermind' or even 'Bleach.' You won't find joyous songs like 'Sliver' or 'On A Plain' here, but you'll find much superior song-writing and darker qualities. The album starts out very rough with 'Serve the Servants' and 'Scentless Apprentice' whereas 'Nevermind' started off with 'Teen Spirit' and 'In Bloom,' two big singles. Right there we know this is a different album all to itself. Tracks such as 'Milk It' and 'Tourette's' are loud freak-outs meant surely to offend 'Nevermind' listeners, while 'Heart-Shaped Box' and 'All Apologies' scored hits on a different, more emotional level. The music speaks volumes on how distressed Kurt was over his new-found fame while this album is a much harder affair, there are its soft moments like the muted, gentle 'Dumb.'

All in all this might prove as a difficult listen on the first spin, or even subsequent listens, but it is a much more satisfying album than 'Bleach' (which is somewhat inconsistent but still very fun) and 'Nevermind' (which is a great album without a bad song, but still falls short of 'In Utero'). It's such a shame that Kurt's morale fell so low and it was obvious that his guitar playing and songwriting was going so high. Also check out their video 'Live! Tonight! Sold Out!' though it doesn't feature any songs from 'In Utero' on it, it is still a very fun and insightful video about Nirvana with some great live performances.

5-0 out of 5 stars Like Fine Wine - It Improves with Age
"I miss the comfort in being sad," Kurt Cobain harshly grovels on the excellent rocker, "Frances Farmer.....," a sparse and raw tune that typifies the entirety of "In Utero." Cobain and co. waste no time in establishing a rougher-edged sound than the previous "Nevermind," though it's not so raw as their debut, "Bleach," perhaps somewhere inbetween. The chorus to "Serve the Servants" is as catchy as any previous Nirvana work, just somewhat more plodding. Inescapable from this great disc is the slower, thicker sound to Nirvana that won't grab hold of listeners like the previous album so overwhelmingly did.

Future Foo Fighter Dave Grohl contributes the over-the-top, Sabbathesque riff to "Scentless Apprentice," as Cobain howls the chorus meant to scare all his fans away. This is not a happy album. The lyrics are self-depracating, cynical, isolated, and sad. The dark feel to "In Utero" was obviously meant to counteract "Nevermind's" sparkling, rip-roaring introduction into the 90's that sounds comparatively fan-friendly. For instance, the slow "Dumb" probably could have been a radio hit, but the lyrics are simply too depressing, probably best left for true Nirvana fans; the same holds true for the "Polly" - like "PennyRoyal Tea."

On the faster side of things, "Very Ape" is a catchy and fast rocker that reveals Cobain's intense belief in reincarnation. "Milk It" has the formula that Cobain made famous and classic - start soft then later knock listeners over with a wall-of-noise that includes hearty screaming no one else could replicate or match, though too many tried. For my money, "Radio Friendly Unit Shifter" is the album's best song; listening to Cobain grovel over and over, "what is wrong with me" seems to fit the overall tone to "In Utero." As punkish as it gets is the quick "Tourette's," a very properly named ditty that comes and goes before you know what hit you.

Kurt Cobain was simply incapable of writing bad songs or screwing around with fluffy music. He left this world a winner, making "In Utero" on his own terms. It's truly a guitar, bass, and drums rock album - no extra frills like backup singers, keyboards, overly used strings, or a backup rhythm guitar to enhance Cobain's lead; there's no trappings of the rich and famous rock band overdoing it in the studio. As far as the recording, Steve Albini did a great job getting the sound Cobain requested, rough and raw, as put on tape, with no spicy juice added to the vocals. By the way, Dave Grohl's drum kick to the record sounds thumping and fantastic throughout.

Not to be disrespectful, but the author of this album was far from a man at peace with himself and the world. "In Utero" is not for the faint of heart or for people who want Nirvana spoon fed to them. Yet, if you want to hear truly genuine, no-nonsense music that is literally more riveting each time you sink your teeth into it, give "In Utero" a try.

"Find your place/speak the truth." - Kurt Cobain on "Radio Friendly Unit Shifter"

1-0 out of 5 stars I`ve never listened to this album, but...
A friend of mine bought this album four months ago after repeatedly reading how utterly fantastic it was,how it was probably the greatest album ever. Today he uses it as a coaster for cups of coffee.

5-0 out of 5 stars Perfection is Rare, In Utero is Bliss
When 'Nevermind' hit the charts in 1991, 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' was already the anthem to a lost generation as many would say. The greatest thing about 'Nevermind' was that it brought the band onto the main stage and allowed the inevitable, 'In Utero.'

Like Hollywood sequels, the good are rare. In this case, 'In Utero' takes good and throws it out of the ballpark. It's everything the first album was and wasn't, all at the same time. In this case, you have the action figure packed riffs that hook you and entice each listener to each song. Don't tell me 'Heart Shaped Box' doesn't send volts down your spine! Needless to say, lyrically, the album sheds away from changing youth, to just talking about it. There are several kep points in the album, that always amaze me.

'Serve the Servants', arguably one of their greatests songs, makes a joke upon themselves and the culture following. It's extraordinary to find one song that culminates everything the band is. From the raw sound, to the campy yet intricate lyrics of Cobain, and to the mood, we come to view Nirvana more than a band, but as a social phenomenon.

'All Apologies' and 'Pennyroyal Tea', both quiet and timid in nature, but far from peaceful. It's this confusing, albeit tricky choice of songwriting that has everyone go, 'Oh...' and then finally realize the meaning leaving them with, 'Oh!' Listen to the tracks and then really listen to them! See the images you see and the ones meant to be seen. It's a trip.

'Rape Me' and 'Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge On Seattle' are a darker 'Date Rape' and a historic horror fest, respectively. On one hand we see the terrors we read about and on the other, we see a story we never really knew. It's bold and it's sound takes on different dimensions, something bands use a lot today. The low verse, heavy distortion choruses...very formulaic, and surprisingly, very original then.

The album surprises me to this day, even after ten years or so have passed. Besides maybe 'Unplugged', this is the real way to see Nirvana as honest as they were meant to be. If you catch even a glimpse of it, then you're already hooked. If you even like rock, art, or anything that makes, then buy this. I shouldn't even be suggesting this, this is an imperative buy.

It's so perfect, but it's not...and that's what makes it what it is.

1-0 out of 5 stars It's only cool to be different when it's convenient
I never liked Nirvana. Just what kind of a revolution was Kurt Cobain trying to start? Surely he couldn't have tried to start a revolution of peace and importance, because the only thing he succeeded in sparking was a revolution of trend-following, flannel-wearing, faux-suicidal couch potatoes. And I mean that. Just take a look at your teenage son or daughter, and if they're anything near the mainstream, typical teen, they're up in their room pretending to mope and whine about how "bad" their life is because they didn't get their $20 allowance this week. It's sad to realize that all the kids out there with potential are the ones who are outcast. In the youth society that supposedly says being different is OK, it's sad to see that it's all a lie. The main thing teens have learned from Kurt's drug-addled, self-absorbed "teachings": It's only cool to be different when it's convenient, and also when it's temporary and you can change back to what's considered "normal" in mainstream society. ... Read more

13. Core
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Average Customer Review: 4.54 out of 5 stars
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Reviews (153)

5-0 out of 5 stars This is killer!
This is one of the very best albums I have ever heard. Its by far the best from the Stone Temple Pilots! STP are the best band out of the grunge movement. This album was the first and best. Scotts voice, performance and lyrics are all amazing. Deans guitar is killer and Robert and Erics rythm is tighter then it ever was again.

This album is full of most of the Stone Temple Pilots biggest hits. The album starts off with the classic 'Dead & Bloated' which is the perfect track to open with. Then its right into the absolutly killer 'Sex Type Thing' which is just classic. 'Whicked Garden' Is another killer classic . 'No Memory' is a not so good instrumental. 'Sin' is a great hard rock song. 'Naked Sunday' is different but its still pretty good for a almost funk song. 'Creep' is just a great acoustic song that still played on the radio today. 'Piece Of Pie' is one of the best songs on the album its hard, heavy and fast. 'Plush' is probly the reason your looking at this album its a pure classic. 'Wet My Bed' sucks there is no nice way to put it. 'Crackerman' is another STP classic that is still all over ther radio. 'Where The River Goes' is a perfect song that goes in so many differnt directions, and then ends wear it began.

If you love rock then you will love this album, like I said before this is one of the very best albums I have ever heard, its easily in the top twenty albums of all time.

5-0 out of 5 stars great debut
I had to change my review on this album, b/c I bashed some of the greatness incorporated on it.

Core is quite possibly one of the best rock albums of the early 90's. As early labeled spin-offs of Pearl Jam, they rightly proved any doubters of their longevity, and Core is the glue that will put stp in rock history.

Hits such as "Creep", "Sex Type Thing", "Wicked Garden", and "Plush" are found here. Any fan can appreciate these songs as they are still played on most rock stations across the country.

STP is at it's rawest and most powerful on Core. "Sin", "Piece of Pie", "Dead and Bloated" are more examples of this.

"Wet My Bed" although somewhat strange, and perhaps meaningless at first, it sort of grows on you. It's as if this album isn't complete w/o that filler.

"Where the River Goes" an over 8 minute epic ends the album w/ great passion. Grunge at it's best.

You really can't go wrong w/ Core. STP wouldn't be great w/o it. Core is in the hearts of every die hard grunge fan out there, and will forever be one of the greatest debut albums of all times. Hands down!

3-0 out of 5 stars STP's worst, but a solid foundation
This is a good album, but it's hard to listen to after listening to the following four STP albums. Weiland's voice lacks the vocal quality that it has on the next four albums, the songwriting lacks the melodic and artistic qualities that the next four albums have, and Core simply lacks the diversity that the next four albums have.

It's certainly a very good album to rock to, but it pales in comparison to the STP of the future. Purple was already several times more melodic than Core. Tiny Music expanded upon that with new vocals and several directions. No.4 combined Core and Purple with Tiny Music, and pumped out some nice power-ballads. Shangri-La was simply a beautiful artistic album. Core seems like a generic rocker compared to those.

Standouts here are Creep (the only different sounding song on the album, aside from the pointless "Wet My Bed" and "No Memory.") and Plush (a classic). The rest of the album is just a collection of good/decent rock songs, that could be best described as filler. As I said, not a bad album, but a good rock album and a good start. But it has nothing on the STP that would develop over the rest of the decade.

4-0 out of 5 stars Scott Walton sounds real good
Scott Walton sounds real good on this CD, and Slash sounds good too, even though his playing is better on the last STP album. This is before Walton ever drank or did drugs, same for Slash. The results are real good grunge.

If you like grunge, this is the way to go.

5-0 out of 5 stars A hard-rockin' debut of the age
Stone Temple Pilots first emerged when Nirvana provided the genesis for a new age of rock which is still felt to this day, despite the oftentimes muddied offshoots, but those expecting Core to sound like Nevermind are in for a big surprise. It still escapes me why critics dismissed this album, because in my personal opinion Core was very disciplined for a debut album let alone for its time. The tracks never lose their edge. Wicked Garden is probably their best song, although Sex Type Thing, Creep, Plush, and even Naked Sunday have appeared on the radio alot as well, making this stand out as a commercial success. Many consider Purple to be better, but I think Core was special in the fact that it gave the band a face, and for most it takes many albums to do that, so I heavily recommend anyone to purchase this album if they have any remote interest in STP, and even if not, give it an honest listen, it might possibly change your perspective. ... Read more

14. Nirvana
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Average Customer Review: 3.81 out of 5 stars
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Essentially a greatest-hits collection with one previously unreleased song, "You Know You're Right," and producer Scott Litt's 1994 remix of "Pennyroyal Tea," Nirvana the album is nevertheless a welcome addition to the band's canon. Crisp, elegant liner notes by Rolling Stone writer David Fricke put us squarely in Kurt Cobain's mindset as he entered a Seattle studio in January 1994--a full two days later than expected--to record what would be his final session with Nirvana. The resulting "You Know You're Right" locates Cobain at the apogee of his disenfranchisement with tongue nevertheless planted firmly in cheek. Bawdy, raucous, and venomous, "You Know You're Right" could have been lifted from Nevermind. A mix of tracks from that album ("Smells Like Teen Spirit," "Come as You Are," "Lithium," and "In Bloom") sits opposite stuff from early EPs and the Bleach disc ("About a Girl," "Been a Son," and "Sliver"), plus two from the MTV Unplugged sessions and several more from In Utero. Not the Nirvana treasure chest we hoped for, but solid nonetheless. --Kim Hughes ... Read more

Reviews (402)

5-0 out of 5 stars Grunge Gold
Nirvana burst onto the music scene in late 1991 with "Smells Like Teen Spirit" which was taken from their second album Nevermind. The song became more than just a top ten hit, it became the anthem for Generation X. It captured the apathy the youth (especially twenty somethings) were feeling and it crystallized the Seattle grunge sound. Lead singer and guitarist Kurt Cobain became the posterboy for the grunge movement and it was a label he would have a tough time dealing with. Mr. Cobain experienced much pain in his short life and it is his pain that drives his music. Nirvana's first greatest hits album collects the band's classics like "Rape Me", "Lithium", "Come As You Are" and "Pennyroyal Tea", but its main draw to long time Nirvana fans is the new song "You Know You're Right" which was the last song the group ever recorded. Due to legal hassles between Krist Novoselic & Dave Grohl and Mr. Cobain's widow Courtney Love, song has been in limbo, but it finally has seen the light of day. The song fits right in among the well known Nirvana songs, but its value comes from the haunting fact that this was the last song ever laid down by the group that became the Beatles of their generation.

2-0 out of 5 stars terrible compilation
This is the worst excuse for a greatest hits album I have ever seen (except, possibly, the one from Alice in Chains). Only ONE track from Bleach, ONE from Incesticide, ONE from Unplugged (two on foreign releases), and an alternate version of an Incesticide track (Been a Son), plus You Know You're Right, the leak of which on the internet caused the hurried release of this collection. The tracks on this album were "remastered", which usually means made to sound better, but all of these songs were recorded less than 15 years ago and Bleach has already been remastered before. The sharp, biting guitar tone of Nevermind has been compressed and "warmed" to the point where it sounds like trash, and the rest is (fortunately) mostly unnoticeable. To add insult to injury, this compilation only has 14 tracks, not even hitting the one hour point...this time could have been used to include such staples as Dive, Floyd the Barber, Drain You, On a Plain, Negative Creep, Blew, Aneurysm, Lounge Act, Radio Friendly Unit Shifter, Sappy, etc. etc. etc. Inexcusable. This is on par with the bargain bin $8.99 releases at the CD store, but costs the same as a full album.

In closing, there are three reasons I give it two stars:

1) I can't give it 0 stars.

2) It's Nirvana, and despite the shortcomings listed above, the songs that do appear are great.

3) There is SOME value to the collector, as it is the only official release (as of writing) with You Know You're Right, and you also get the version of Been a Son from the long out of print Blew EP, and finally the remixed Pennyroyal Tea, which only appears on the censored Wal-Mart/K-Mart copies of In Utero and the mega-rare Pennyroyal Tea single.

So if you're a new Nirvana fan, just buy Nevermind instead, you'll be much happier. Then if so inclined, get In Utero, Unplugged, Incesticide, and Bleach in that order. If you're a this used, not new. Don't reward Courtney Love for this kind of tripe.

1-0 out of 5 stars "Listening to it makes me like it" attests one Nirvana fan
I don't think anyone over the age of 16 likes (or can relate to) Nirvana or Kurt Cobain unless they are unemployed (playing gigs in a band doesn't count). Once you become become of that age, the most important things are to aquire a decent-paying job and graduating high school. Clearly, the people here are the pre-teen target audience. Look at the misspellings, look at the abbreviations of even simple words, and look how poorly they try to communicate themselves. They'd do anything for "Kurdt" and are easily-lead. Just look at the how they say "listening to it makes me like it". If you were accustomed to hearing a blender turned on at full speed with metal pellets in it every day, would you enjoy THAT? Same concept with these songs. People like cody confuse familiarity with enjoyment. Just because you've heard something before isn't necessarily grounds for you to like it.

4-0 out of 5 stars Nirvana... with a new single
well these are my thoughts about the tracks..

You Know You're Right 10/10 very good song.

About a Girl 8 1/2/10 Good Song. just to short.

Been a Song 7/10 It's okay. not something you want to listen and listen to over and over again

Sliver 10/10 hell yeah. this is one of my favorites.

Smells Like Teen Spirit 10/10 probably my most favorite song on this album.

Come as You Are 10/10 Very nice song. love it.

Lithium 9/10 another good song.

In Bloom 9/10 Good.

Heart Shaped Box 10/10 this would be my second favorite song on this album. Very Nice.

Pennyroyal Tea 8/10 didn't like it at all at first. but listening to it made me like it.

Rape Me 10/10 i love this song. especially at the end when Kurt screams Rape Me.

Dumb 8/10 this one is a fair song. i like it.

All Apologies 91/2/10 i really like the live version of this.

The Man Who Sold the World 10/10 i love this song.

theres my opinions about the songs i give it 4 stars its a pretty good album to go out and buy if you see this album i recommend you pick it up. pretty sure youll like it if you like AC/DC, Led Zeppelin and bands like that.

1-0 out of 5 stars Kurt has the worst karma I've ever seen
Ever heard of karma? It has to do with how quick a person attains nirvana. It's dealt with in many religions (in some form or another), but is known best as pertaining to Buddhist and Hindu religions. Karma is basically the cosmos' way of proving "What goes around comes around". There are many types of karma, including the well known type that deals with an individual's karma. Then, there is collective karma. Collective karma is based on who you know and hang out with. So, for instance, if you hang out with drug dealers, thieves, liars, and other less than savory characters, their bad karma rubs off on you. It's basically guilt by association, but since it's portioned out by the cosmos, what're ya gonna do? Anyway, I must say, if ever there was bad collective karma, nobody has it much worse than the Cobain clan. Many of Kurt's relatives (obviously, him included) committed suicide. Nearly all of his relatives, close relatives, and friends were addicted to either booze or drugs. Kurt's wife, the insane Courtney Love was once again recently committed to a mental institution ... after constantly being in and out of them throughout her teenage years. Apparently, her recent trip to the loony bin was because of a suicide attempt she made. She now has a "legal guardian" (AKA a state-appointed mental health monitor) to make her decisions and speak on her behalf because she isn't competent to make her own choices or talk on her own will. It sounds like she'll be in there for a while. Don't like the concept of karma just explained? Well, sucks for you, because this is what Kurt believed in and named Nirvana after. ... Read more

15. Jar of Flies
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Asin: B0000029F8
Catlog: Music
Sales Rank: 5759
Average Customer Review: 4.76 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

While not their most definitive album (that honor belongs to 1992's Dirt), Jar of Flies represents an important step in Alice in Chains' recording career. Witness "I Stay Away," which is made up of equal portions of hummable guitar riffs and the spookier, scarier, more grinding elements that most fans associate with Alice in Chains. This song most clearly delineates the dichotomy that was a highlight of the band's sound--Jerry Cantrell's listenable tunes and often gorgeous arrangements (just listen to what he does with "Whale & Wasp"!) and Layne Staley's growling vocals, which are just the teeniest bit flat. The collection as a whole, brief as it is, has an elegance that's unusual for metal. --Genevieve Williams ... Read more

Reviews (150)

4-0 out of 5 stars The True Heroes of Grundge
Of all the bands that can be classified grundge, Alice in Chains is my favorite. I don't own all their music and I don't like all their music unlike the Stone Temple Pilots. But AIC has a different attitude. They are a take it or leave it band. They disappeared and left a legacy now that seems scarred and lacking too many explanations. Even VH1 doesn't want to find them.

This album marks their best work. It is light, traipsing, heavy metal. Brimmed with metal attitude yet acoustically set, the album brings Jerry Cantrell's guitar work to a mesmerizing high. Layne Staley working with softer material delves into his lyrics and emotion.

Nutshell is the best song AIC ever did. With other songs like AIC standards I Stay Away and No Excuses, the 7 song album automatically becomes good. Then the harrowingly beautiful instrumental Whale and Wasp clinches the album as a keeper. The following Don't Follow is a beautifully set song about alienation. The EP cries for more at the end, but so does AIC's legacy. This album captures AIC at it's finest, most vulnerable, and most volatile. You won't be disappointed.

5-0 out of 5 stars ALICE IN CHAINS jar of flies EP
This is my personal favorite of all the Alice In Chains' albums. Where their other masterpiece Dirt was bludgeoning heavyness to the extreme this album is almost the direct opposite(along with Sap), but a step in the right direction. Even their heaviest work was melodic, this ep is very experimental, I dont mean in the avant-garde sense, but Alice In Chains take chances and succeed admirably. Rotten Apple features vocoder and spacey guitar solos and effects, I Stay Away has a great lead melody and Layne's voice combined with the string section is truly menacing, No Excuses is mostly acoustic but still rocks and is one of their best tracks(however every song here could be considered their best in my opinion), Whale And Wasp is a big surprise being an nearly progressive rock instrumental, Swing On This closes the record and is the biggest surprise, being a funky blues metal showcase with some slight jazzy touches. All in all this is a very diverse album, with elements of metal, punk, folk, jazz, classical, progressive, blues, funk, space, psychedelic, and even a little avant-garde and the fact that the album is only a half hour in length makes the diversity all the more remarkable.

5-0 out of 5 stars A shame to see them go
Alice in chains was one amazing band. personally, i think they had the potential to be another legendary band like a zeppelin. they just had so many different sounds that it will amaze you! i think every rock fan should have all their albums. jar of flies is awesome too!

5-0 out of 5 stars An important album
Rotten Apple- This is an awesome song, the way Staley sings in this song takes a few listens to get used to but hey, the main riff is bumbling, and the wah intro is very catchy.
Nutshell- Very good song not as good as Rotten Apple, kinda boring but it's fun to sing to.
I Stay Away- Best song on the album, written by both Inez and Cantrell, the very is very pretty, the chours adds a crazy touvh to the song, I love the voilins.
No Excuses- the same as Nutshell, the drums are very fun to listen to.
Whale & Wasp- Although there is no singing, it captures the AIC feel, one of my favorites to play along with.
Don't Follow- Another favorite, it's fun to play and sing with, very pretty, the chorus is catchy and bluesy.
Swing on This- Very bluesy, the bass and drums follow right along with the guitar, the chorus is the best part, and the solo at the end is easy to geoove to.
It's amazing how they wrote one of their best albums in just seven days.

5-0 out of 5 stars Amazing - Off the CHAIN!!
This album is ridiculously amazing, just as is Dirt. Man oh man, it doesn't get much better than Alice in Chains, which in my opinion is the best grunge band of the early 90's (although all of them were stellar!) Fluffdiggity, you have some amazing taste in music... almost identical to mine. Although I would have to replace Nirvana with Tool for the best band of all time, but Nirvana is also freaking amazing.

I suggest any rock fan to get this album for Nutshell, Don't Follow, Whale & Wasp... well, pretty much every song on the album, but those in particular. ... Read more

16. Above
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Asin: B000002B2T
Catlog: Music
Sales Rank: 5428
Average Customer Review: 4.57 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Alice in Chains vocalist Layne Staley teams with Seattle pals Mike McCready (Pearl Jam) and Barrett Martin (Screaming Trees) in the tradition of other part-time grunge aggregations like Brad and Hater.These 10 numbers--mostly somber, acoustic-hued ballads like the single "River of Deceit"--are a therapeutic soul-cleansing for the troubled Staley. Core fans of any of the aforementioned bands will rank this with the solo work of Screaming Tree frontman Mark Lanegan (a guest vocalist here). --Jeff Bateman ... Read more

Reviews (74)

5-0 out of 5 stars As far as "grunge supergroups" go this is awesome...
Mad Season, the so-called "Grunge Supergroup" combines the talents of Alice In Chains' Layne Staley, Pearl Jam's Mike McCready, the Screaming Trees' Barrett Martin and also features blues bassist John Baker Saunders, and Screaming Trees' Mark Lanegan on a couple of tracks. This album is a masterpiece. Instead of serving as a "Layne Staley solo project," which some have referred to it as, it is a group effort all the way. The late Baker Saunders was an amazing, if little-heard bassist, and McCready, who never really got to excercise his songwriting muscles in Pearl Jam, wrote some great riffs here. Staley, as usual, is in fine form, both as an awe-inspiring vocalist and top-of-the-line songwriter and lyricist. As a matter of fact, Staley hadn't really addressed his pathos in song so clearly since his main band's "Dirt" album. Loneliness, depression, addiction and coming to terms with those problems, or attempting to, are the themes addressed in these songs. This is by no means a "feel good" album, but as with most great art, most everything Layne did came from pain. The avowed influence of classic '70's rock shared by both Staley and McCready (who both came up in the Seattle scene playing in 'glam metal' bands early on) is apparent on several tracks, like "I'm Above," which contains a killer guitar riff and a nice McCready acoustic solo. The crunchy "I Don't Know Anything," with Layne and Mike's guitar see-sawing riffs is another great track--simple, but very beautiful. Also, the collaboration with Mark Lanegan ("Long Gone Day") can't be missed, with its eerie, jazzy atmosphere and some guest saxophone by Nagalas Sin-Carne.

5-0 out of 5 stars The lost link
I'll tell you straight out that this is not an easy listen, but for fans of Alice in Chains (and possibly other bands in the grunge era), that this is a necessary purchase. It doesn't sound like any one band, and it doesn't sound like a combination of any. Instead, it has light mellow music put to Layne singing softly and slowly. In truth, this is the other side to Alice In Chains's "Dirt." "Dirt" was loud, hard, and dark. While "Above" is light and still somewhat dark, but optimistic. The lyrics suggest a tangible honest and a hope to survive. "X-ray Mind" seems to be a direct message to a drug dealer, who "Buy and trade men's souls" and whose 'x-ray mind' is "worth no more than pennies." "I'm Above" is clearly showing his belief that he overcame his addicts. (Even though he sadly may have succumbed to it recently.) "Wake Up" is the perfect song on the album. That song was just done right. A few other songs, such as "River of Deceit," come close, but none quite match up. This is essential listening for those who want to see that other side of the artists that made up Mad Season. The album is emotionally exhausting, but you're likely to feel like a better human being after listening to it.

3-0 out of 5 stars It could be better
This album have some very good songs. But just a few are really good songs. I think they would have made this album better cutting off some boring songs like that one Mark Lanegan sings. He is a great singer, but this song is very bored. Of course, Layne is an increadible musician, they made some very interesting riffs, the sadness in the songs are cool... but this album does not make me feel like when I listen to Alice in Chains.

4-0 out of 5 stars Great for chilling out and smoking
I was tempted to give this release 5 stars for reasons I'll get into, but in the end I decided to give it 4 because I think there are some weak tracks, e.g. I Don't Know Anything, and Lifeless Dead. Despite this, I consider this a special cd for a couple of reasons. First, the good tracks are just awesomely good. Wake Up, I'm Above, and November Hotel are enough to carry the album to great heights. The other thing that makes this cd special is that the general sound is rare. There's a lot of ambient space in the music, the tempo is consistently slow and steady, and the musicians fill it out with very tight parts. Mike McCready is absolutely brilliant, especially in November Hotel, and Layne Staley's husky voice adds to the mellowness. This album is particularly conducive to listening with your friends around as it can blend into the overall mood of the room.

5-0 out of 5 stars Wish We Could Have Another Album From Mad Season
When most people think of Mad Season, they think oh Matchbox 20's second album, but only the people with great music taste will tell you that Mad Season was a Seattle Supergroup, featuring the late-great Layne Staley, and Pearl Jam's Mike McCready, and Screaming Tree's John Baker Saunders and Barrett Martin. This album is nothing like you think this line-up would produce, you have the deep moving intrespective "All Alone" which showcases Staley's ablitiy for making one sentence into a powerful statement. The bluesly rocker "Artificial Red" and the hit- you in the head rocker "I Don't Know Anything" to the dark,senaster, and moody "Long Gone Day". Truley a radical departure from anything all the other seattle bands were doing at the time, and nothing done really ever since! Mad Season was truley ahead of their time and unfortunately we will never get to see how or if this band would have really unfolded. A Rock Tragedy!!!!!!!! ... Read more

17. Singles: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
list price: $11.98
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Asin: B0000028MA
Catlog: Music
Sales Rank: 2703
Average Customer Review: 4.62 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

A splendid Seattle-scene overview featuring the likes of Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Screaming Trees, Mudhoney--everyone of note, in fact, save Nirvana Bonus: two songs from Minnesotan Paul Westerberg, his first since folding the Replacements. --Jeff Bateman ... Read more

Reviews (34)

5-0 out of 5 stars Still the greatest soundtrack of all time
Eleven years later, and this is an unequalled achievement: Even post-Tarantino soundtracks and countless other greats, "Singles" stands up as the best soundtrack of all time.

Effortlessly blending all of the all-stars of the early 1990s Seattle scene except Nirvana, recorded JUST before they broke into the international music consciousness, "Singles" is both an amazing snapshot of a point in time and a great companion piece for fans of that music.

Songs unavailable elsewhere from Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Alice in Chains, Chris Cornell, Smashing Pumpkins and Mother Love Bone is something of a dream come true for many music fans, and what's especially nice is that there's no filler anywhere on this album. Even lesser lights like The Lovemongers turn in great tunes, such as the band's rocking cover of Led Zeppelin's "Battle of Evermore."

Sticking out as not being part of the Seattle scene is post-Replacements Paul Westerberg, but his two songs -- the only performer on the album to do two, although Chris Cornell performs both with and without Soundgarden -- are probably the best tunes in the collection.

While this makes a great companion piece to the movie, which features music quite strongly -- one scene even features a character stopping the action so his girlfriend (and the audience) can listen to a good section of Jimi Hendrix's "May This Be Love" (included on the soundtrack) -- it stands alone as simply a great album as well.

My strongest possible recommendation for fans of early 1990s rock music.

5-0 out of 5 stars Seattle Snapshot
Back in the early 90's, Seattle was the hippest place in the country. From grunge music to coffee, Seattle was the center of cool. Cameron Crowe used the city and it's music scene as the backdrop for his second movie, Singles. This soundtrack is made up of mostly Seattle grunge bands and is a true gem. Many of the bands included here are instantly recognizable, but at the time of the movie's release they were young and fresh and just making a dent on the music scene. Pearl Jam, Alice In Chains, Soundgarden & Smashing Pumpkins all released highly successful and notable recordings throughout the 90's and they all contribute excellent songs. Pearl Jam provides two numbers and they are among the band's best. "Breathe" is a classic PJ rocker in the "Alive" vein while "State Of Love & Trust" contains a classic Vedder lyric. Alice In Chains provides the short burst of energy in the pulsating "Would?" and Soundgarden's lead singer Chris Cornell contributes the reflective "Seasons". The two non-Seattle performers, Minnesotan Paul Westerberg & Chicagoans Smashing Pumpkins, give the album two of it's best songs. Westerberg's "Dyslexic Heart" plays throughout the movie and gives it its theme. It is a great piece of pop music and stands in contrast to the grunginess of the rest of the album. The Smashing Pumpkins close the album out with the feedback driven epic "Drown". Other lesser known Seattle bands who never reached the mainstream success of the previously mentioned bands given the album a nice balance. Mudhoney is a Seattle legend and they provide "Overblown" while a band who contained future members of Pearl Jam, Mother Love Bone's "Chloe Dancer" is quite poignant. Seattle godfather Jimi Hendrix is here as is the Lovemongers which is Heart's acoustic forary. All in All the album and movie is a time capsule of Seattle and is worth looking back on.

5-0 out of 5 stars Nostalgia for the '90s
In the course of the two decades I have listened to music, my favorite decade for music was the early '90s when alternative (I hate using this world immensely) music was big thanks to the explosion of Nirvana and grunge (another term I hate using) music. One of the most defining moments in alternative music that particular decade was the Seattle-based film "Singles" (one of the few films I can stomach from Cameron Crowe). Not only did I love the film but the soundtrack was equally good. It had some of the hottest modern rock bands of the decade on one cd. Not only was it the soundtrack to an excellent film but also the soundtrack to generation x (ugh! another term I loathe). One of my personal favorite songs on the cd is by Minneapolis hero Paul Westerberg "Dyslexic Heart", an incredibly infectious song that I could not get out of my head when I first heard the song. The cd kicks off with one of the most premier grunge bands from the '90s, "Would" by Alice in Chains. It is one of my favorite songs by Alice in Chains with its trademark sludge guitars provided by Jerry Cantrell and nihilistic lyrics by Layne Stayley (R.I.P). Ironically enough, Cameron's wife Nancy Wilson (Heart/The Lovemongers) appears on the cd with her side project The Lovemongers. They do a fairly interesting cover of Led Zeppelin's "Battle of Evermore". All the songs are great. I love the Screaming Trees' "Nearly Lost You" and "Seasons" by Chris Cornell. "Singles" is evidence to what great music that came out of the '90s. Too bad the new millenium has proven jacksquat.

5-0 out of 5 stars Those were the great days of Music in the 1990s
The Grundge era of the early 90s was a wonderful time for me, growing up as a teen. The music, album and movie were great. I still love the grunge music from that time period. It's better than what happened musically the rest of the decade and into the new millenium.

5-0 out of 5 stars Nostalgia...
This was one of the first albums (I got it on cassette) which I ever bought, back when I was about 15 or so in 1992. I had been listening to the radio for a year or so, hearing all those "grunge" sounds coming out of Seattle at the time. This became my favorite for 1992, and whenever I hear any of these songs these days it instantly takes me back to my teenage years, as awkward as they may have been, just because of the newness of the whole thing. So far as I can tell this was the last big "scene" in rock, to break at a national level. At the time, everyone was wearing flannels and faded jeans (I was no exception). Not all of the music has held up (I'd cite Alice in Chains as sounding more dated than the rest but maybe I just personally don't like the sound), but much of it sounds even better to me now than it did back then. The Chris Cornell solo track is very passionate and soulful (why didn't he just go solo back then??) and the Pearl Jam songs are better than anything I have heard on their albums. Basically, this is the only early-90s rock compilation you'll ever need, it has everything and as some reviewers pointed out, no filler. Even a throw-back to the best stuff from the 80s, with Paul Westerberg of the Replacements contributing a few great tracks. By the way, as this soundtrack gets so much press on its own, see the movie too! It's great, and now that I'm a few years short of 30 I appreciate it more. ... Read more

18. Candlebox
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Asin: B000002MKO
Catlog: Music
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Average Customer Review: 4.27 out of 5 stars
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Reviews (55)

4-0 out of 5 stars An Excellent Addition to the Seattle Scene
This is an excellent debut album by yet another Seattle band,and holds out to be better than anything the band releasesafterward. It does not break any new ground overall, but it definitely makes for a great rock album. The anti-drug rocker "You" caught a lot of attention on national radio wavs, and it set up nicely the smash success of the power ballad-like "Far Behind." The album is filled with catchy tunes, and the standouts include the two afforementioned, "Change," "Arrow," the soothing ballad "Cover Me," and the album's best surprise "He Calls Home." This closing track harmonizes an excellent acoustic guitar riff with a chorus that you will be humming in your head all day. Candlebox doesn't offer a style of music that hasn't been heard before, but they certainly know how to play some excellent Seattle-brand rock n' roll- and this is the best they have to offer. If you like good '90's rock, then this album is for you.

5-0 out of 5 stars Rock & Roll Through and Through
This is the album that started it all for Candlebox. One listen to Candlebox's debut tells you that this album was crafted from a place of passion, heart and talent. Definitely not grunge as billed but believe it or not, just to clear things up, the band is indeed from Seattle. Kevin, the singer, is the only transplant and he moved to Seattle from San Antonio when he was 14 yrs old...I think that counts. The media just wanted to label them as some sort of bandwagon jumpers. Anyway, back to the music at hand, this album is definitely an amalgamation of hard rock and blues rock. If you delve a bit deeper you will hear latin rhythms and come across some acoustic numbers. The diversity of this album lends to influences such as the Doors, Aerosmith, Santana, and Led Zeppelin. Not that the members of Candlebox didn't appreciate Pearl Jam, Soundgarden or other Seattle acts, but it is clear to me after listening to this album numerous times that these bands were not Candlebox's mentors as otherwise stated.

This album while great, does not have quite the level of maturity of later releases such as Lucy or Happy Pills but if you're in the mood for a great, energetic rock & roll album, You can't go wrong here!

5-0 out of 5 stars When music was good!
Candlebox was one of the many great bands that made the 90's the greatest decade EVER! This album has to be the greatest by Candlebox, the best hit off this album is easily "Far Behind". Treat yourself to the 90's and buy this album.

1-0 out of 5 stars Among the worst of the 90's
A bunch of hair metal rejects who decided to try their luck at "alternative". Horrible, monotone singing with that cheesy fake 90's twang (that is somehow still selling records for Creed and Matchbox 20, who stink also). Weak, weak guitar solos. TERRIBLE lyrics. "Now may-ya-ya-ya-baya, i did-own me-yown to treat you ow so bayad, but I did anyway!" Are you kidding me? People bought this? People give this 5 STARS!?

Anyone who gives this group a positive review is certifiably clueless.

5-0 out of 5 stars Best Album Ever.
Well it's been more than 10 years since this CD was made. I bought it a couple months after that. And since then, I've listened to this CD at least once a week for those 10 years. In my opinion, this is the best album ever, and Far Behind is the best song ever written. The reason why I rate this album so highly is because it's full of emotion. Kevin Martin sings his heart out here, and you can really feel what he's saying in "You" and "Far Behind". The lyrics are great all around on this one. Some of the best guitar solos of the 90's are on this album, on the tracks "No Sense" and "Rain", and the musicianship on this album as a whole is very good. Candlebox is definitely the forgotten band of the whole "grunge" movement, and the most underrated which is a shame. It's a shame because Candlebox didn't quite sound like any other early 90's grunge bands, they were fairly unique. Still, their debut album rocks from the fast paced opener "Don't You" all the way through to the somber acoustic ballad "He Calls Home"; which is a perfect ending to this one, in my opinion. So, in conclusion, if you're looking for a hard rock album with some amazing songs and a pretty unique sound, check this one out. ... Read more

19. Badmotorfinger
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Asin: B000002GK1
Catlog: Music
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Average Customer Review: 4.64 out of 5 stars
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Reviews (86)

4-0 out of 5 stars not for the squeamish
soundgarden are one of the pinnacle bands of the nineties and this album is one amazing trip. an album that is one of the heaviest, noisy gems to sludge its way out of seattle. part sabbath and part zepplin lead to amazing riffs from my least favorite soundgarden member in kim thayil. matt cameron, now in pearl jam, is always a monster drummer especially on songs like jesus christ pose. just listen to the drums. amazing. ben shepard is one amazing grooving bass player. songs like slaves and bulldozers and room 1,000 years wide are where he shines (and two of my favorite songs)
chris cornell's voice is an instrument and he pushes his voice to the limit, sometimes screaming and wailing while other times holding back to let the music do the talking. there are many influences here from metal (in songs like searching with my good eye closed) and punk (in songs like face pollution and drawing flies) the music is complex and can be epic or can be simple. we all know songs like outshined and rusty cage but there is so much more to this album. soundgarden were unique and this album is diverse and briliant. words never truly cpature the greatness. some albums must be felt in order to experience the greatness. this is such an album.

4-0 out of 5 stars Not for the timid
This whole album is exceptional, but you have to really like heavy rock sounds of all types to hear it the whole way through. Soundgarden's breakthrough "Badmotorfinger" album is an hours' worth of some of the heaviest music to explode out of Seattle in the early 90's. The band was completely hungry, musically brash, and exceedingly fluent at either heavy grunge, speed metal, or fast punk. Like their contemporaries, Soundgarden had an integrity about them, a shield that kept the crassness of the music industry biz at bay. Soundgarden stood above hype and silly marketing. Songs like "Rusty Cage," "Outshined," and "Jesus Christ Pose" are well known and vintage early 90's Seattle, vintage rock and roll at that. "Outshined" is phenominal, a dark rock song that conveys singer Chris Cornell's bleak outlook of making it big. It's a big, loud, guitar-driven rock song with screaming vocals, but also soft pipes at certain interludes to give the song sheer melody at times.

The comparison of Led Zeppelin meets Black Sabbath = Soundgarden is pretty accurate. As hard as these guys were on their early albums, the riffs were complex enough to stand out from the headbanging crowd, while Cornell added his own melodic muse to the mix, making for a very interesting band. This album is filled with epic grunge/metal songs built to last. The dirge riffs of "Slaves and Bulldozers" go on for seven minutes, while Cornell sings like a man possessed - God only knows how he hits those high notes. Like Zeppelin, these guys weren't afraid to stretch out their songs. Later Soundgarden would incorporate lighter pop elements into the picture, but "Badmotorfinger" contains none of that. More typical here is repetative riffing, as heard on the awesome "Jesus Christ Pose," a railing tune against glittery, force-fed religion, similar in message to the much more tame "Wooden Jesus," another Cornell tune performed by Temple of the Dog. Another huge tune from this record, one sometimes heard on the radio if you're lucky, is "Searching with my Good Eye Closed," a mid-tempo rocker that blends heavy riffage and Cornell's smooth singing, in this case distorted with a layer of sheen for a cool effect. He also screams wildly in the song.

As good as they were at drawn out epics, Soundgarden were also superstar punk rockers at the drop of a dime; listen to the raging "Face Pollution" and Who-like riffs on "Drawing Flies." The versatility of this band was demonstrated even more keenly on future records, but they also do a good job of varying their sound on this one, though casual listeners might disagree. Because of their musical versatility and talent, Soundgarden were a hard band to categorize. Chris Cornell has a wide singing range, Ben Shepherd played a throbbing base, Kim Thayil is a very diverse guitar player, and Matt Cameron, now of Pearl Jam, is as good as rock drummers get. They played a bit of everything, and everyone in the band contributed to the writing.

Appropritately, "Badmotorfinger" ends with two long, grungy songs that Soundgarden so thrived on during this era. Overall, it's easy to see why so many people were captivated with Soundgarden's music in the early 90's - and why these sounds started a new trend in music. Hundreds of bands have tried to emulate certain elements of this band's sound in the studio, but it's hopeless because Soundgarden were a one in a million band. They were trendsetters who had ideas, a vision, and integrity. Plus, they knew when to quit when the time was right, unlike so many other bands who keep playing only for money and continued fame.

5-0 out of 5 stars Incredible Album....Huge Inspiration
i bought this CD long before i even owned a CD player

1-0 out of 5 stars When is it gonna arrive?
I ordered this a couple weeks ago and still havent recieved it.I think I did everything I was supposed to do in order to order it so why hasnt it arrived?

5-0 out of 5 stars Classic
Man im only 19, so when this album came out i was like 7 or 8, this cd was played daily in my house, i remember playin air guitar and headbanging to this cd. I loved this cd when i was 8 and i love it now. Definately Soundgardens best cd and in my opinion one of the best albums of the 90s no matter what genre. ... Read more

20. Alice in Chains - Greatest Hits
list price: $11.98
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Asin: B00005MKDW
Catlog: Music
Sales Rank: 2837
Average Customer Review: 3.33 out of 5 stars
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From 1999's Music Bank box set and its one-CD compilation offshoot, Nothing Safe: The Best of the Box to a 1996 Unplugged CD, the Alice in Chains titles continue to arrive even while the band--and especially reclusive frontman Layne Staley--stagnates. The quartet's heavy, dirgelike music is aging well, but the 10 songs that comprise Greatest Hits are the basic radio hits. Greatest Hits features no new music, no liner notes, no lyrics, no new photos, and no elaborate packaging. Still, for the rock fan, every song on the disc (five of them penned solely by talented guitarist Jerry Cantrell) is a bona fide hit, from the band's earliest, their 1990 breakthrough "Man in the Box," to the lush orchestration of "I Stay Away" to 1995's dark pop gem "Heaven Beside You." Greatest Hits provides a quick fix for newer fans, but with The Best of the Box boasting 9 of Greatest Hits' 10 songs, plus an additional 5 selections. Skip Hits and go for The Best. --Katherine Turman ... Read more

Reviews (55)

5-0 out of 5 stars Great for the casual fan 9 hits [inexpensively]
Just incase you didn't pick up the 16 track Nothing Safe: Best of the Box, and the Music Bank Boxed Set, the Greatest Hits have been released. For the casual fan of Alice In Chains that hears them on the radio and loves them, this is great, because its at a [low] price and it comes with 9 hits and a filler track... Them Bones. For those who have never heard these songs before, Man In The Box is a slow rocking melody, which centers around one constant guitar riff and the singer's vocals. Them Bones is a hard rocking song that only lasts two minutes, but its worth a listen. Rooster is a slow mellow song with the hook phrase "they come to snuff the rooster, but he ain't gonna die." This song gets very boring once you hear it 3 times. Angry Chair centers around a tranquil drum beat and a quiet guitar riff, which occasionally breaks for the singer to emphasize something. Would comes from several soundtracks and has a nice rolling beat to kick off the song before slowing down into trance like vocals. Unfortunately fans of Alice in Chains are cynical about this release, because there was a 16 song Best of released only 2 years before this.

4-0 out of 5 stars What the hell....
It saddens me that record companies are willing to resort to this kind of marketing. The only difference between this album and "Nothing Safe" released 2 years ago is the name and the fact that it has 5 fewer songs. Nominally, this will be Alice's "Greatest Hits" album though really Nothing Safe has done the job quite well. There is no need for this.

The only reason I'd buy this album is because I love Alice In Chains and I seek to have everything they've made. There's no value in this besides another CD that says "Alice In Chains" on my rack. Instead of resorting to this nonsense, Columbia would have done much better by either releasing a CD of "authorized" bootlegs of live recordings and rare tracks, or released a video of live Alice material. This compilation doesn't come close to filling a CD, and is a stark reminder that maybe Columbia and not Alice is now running the show.

1-0 out of 5 stars Dont waste your money, stick with the studio albums.
Just buy the album's, AIC had no need for a greatest hits. All there albums were greatest hits. This is just a record company ploy to make money. If your looking to start somwhere buy "Dirt".

4-0 out of 5 stars Notable for getting me into AIC, and it will make you a fan!
Although this compilation surely isn't the BEST or the Worst collection of Alice in Chains, it's a good compilation with all of Alice in Chains best-known songs. Although having only 10 songs on the CD, they all are classics which no reviewer would dare question, and are the perfect introduction to Alice in Chains for a casual fan. Thankfully, I picked this CD up at a Garage Sale for 5 Dollars, and I've never looked back since, purchasing all of Alice in Chains excellent albums, and none disappointed. Although reviewers will pan this CD because it's missing a "Lot of songs", it's really only missing 3 songs, the mild radio hits "Down In a Hole" and "Sea of Sorrow", plus the fan-favorite "What the Hell Have I?". Plus, this CD is basically a steal, as you can get it for ONLY 9.99$ at most Record Dealers, while the other Alice in Chains compilations, Best of the Box and Music Bank, can cost you much more. Best of the Box is a good compilation, but it suffers from an over-emphasis on live material, and Alice in Chains Live is simply not as good as the studio recordings. Music Bank is criminally expensive, and there's no reason to buy it unless you want Early Demos of Alice in Chains before they released Facelift. Also, another good thing about this album is it is in Chronological Order so you can see how Alice in Chains improved(Or didn't) as they went along. You get "Man in the Box" from Facelift, "Them Bones","Rooster","Angry Chair", and "Would?" from Dirt(Probably Alice In Chains Best Album!), from the Jar of Flies acoustic EP you get "I Stay Away", and "No Excuses", and from Alice in Chains (Sadly) final Self-Titled (Coined "Tripod" by fans because of the 3-Legged Dog on the front)album you get the songs "Grind", "Heaven Beside You", and "Again". Overall, the only album it doesn't cover is the Sap EP, but that really has no good songs, and was made when Alice in Chains was still trying to find their style. TO ALL POTENTIAL BUYERS, IF YOU HEARD ALICE IN CHAINS WAS GOOD BELIEVE IT! IF YOU BUY THIS AND LOVE IT(Which you will!), GO AHEAD ANY BUY ALL THEIR MATERIAL(Except for maybe SAP), AS YOU WILL LOVE IT ALL! If you like Grunge(Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Soundgarden) or Metal, you will like this! But really, Instead of buying this compilation or any other, I would just go ahead and buy Facelift, Dirt, Tripod, and Jar of Flies as they will only set you back 35 Dollars, which is a very good deal! Overall, a short but sweet compilation that delivers what it says it will, and is a cheaper alternative to Music Bank or Best of the Box. The only reason this compilation gets 4 stars is that it is simply impossible to create the "Definitive" Alice in Chains Compilation, but it does a good job even if it is missing a few songs, or maybe even many songs.


4-0 out of 5 stars Short and sweet
I know that hardcore AIC fans won't stop and dive for the racks just to nab this collection, but I consider myself a casual listener so I picked it up because it contained the essential radio-aired songs that made them famous. Sure this CD doesn't add up to The Best of the Box, and it's not supposed to, but if people love the band so much they'll buy Facelift, Dirt, Jar of Flies, and the final self-titled album instead. This is short and sweet, and that's how I like my music. 4 stars in total. ... Read more

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